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Episode 99: Fracking & Ice Cream

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Thomas, and I don't know where I'm at from roughly 12 to Eppley 12:45 and hey guys you guys did a cover of no crap really those of you to follow this sort of thing lover of the old kind of cocktail Jazz phenomena Amos Milburn Road a lot of good songs about drinking liquor you know as subjective which I'm fine but we no longer allowed to use his ex not for a long time a lot of Our Lives just I was fishes fishes vodka in fact not the case it's vicious vicious vodka oh you dirty rat because we do not pay

BMI ASCAP fees we can't use the original but so that that covers awesome loving that we can go back to me unless anybody wants to send in something else in one up that track I don't know how you would but I mean that's it that's perfect beautiful Unfortunately today not joined in the studio with nastasha the hammer Lopez airplane should be somewhere over Boston right now she's flying back from Oktoberfest she was in Munich and believe it or not possibly the only human being in Munich right now who doesn't like beer

a crazy like why would you go to Oktoberfest you don't like beer I told her I was like looking up they're not going to serve champagne at Oktoberfest it's not going to happen but luckily we have Jack and Joe in the ass to deal with this as usual and today crew from CNN who's shooting this we'll see we'll see what happens with that by the way you know what this means jack there was actually an opportunity to record on video for all-time that's Tasha's vegan face Channel caused the delay and on the airline so that she would not have to have her vegan face video you don't strike me is kind of Hardcore as mustaches on the dislike of the vegan I accept all people's dietary preferences in that nice

color questions live to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 I would like you to some of the questions on the email Okay Kevin Scott wrote in and you are a suggestions on Center Fusion says thank you very much for answering my questions about centrifuges a couple of shows back based on your advice I've ordered ahead a true account at 460 are we should be delivered in October I'm pretty stoked it will put a bunch of stuff on my block as soon as I start experimenting and cooking with this new Getwell Kevin you decide to buy a pretty sweet little machine that's the same machine that I think that's exact model perhaps at Wiley uses I know you're the are refrigerated cu1 up Wylie Dufresne I think that also might be the one that Tony Conigliaro uses it. 69 colebrooke row good friend of ours good friend of the program so good call Meme expensive a lot more expensive than my you know Buck me a buck ninety-nine centrifuges that are not really I I have a I've spent myself personally at least $200 on a centrifuge

that's about as high as I can go good luck with it I'm sure you'll love it it's a great machine got out of question from Ed who wants to know about ice cream what are Kudos on having a was a curse to kick butt kick butt radio show and not just because it's about cookie related stuff to the ice cream freezer I've been using the Lelo Musso 4080 for 4 years plus and I can't recommend it enough for home ice cream enthusiasts by the way the Lelo is that if the one you seen his kind of higher and it's around six hundred bucks I think it's easy stainless steel hits on a countertop has its own refrigeration unit my only gripe obviously with it is it's batch times are around 30 minutes while I bet you could trick it out by really getting a cold base not reason quite as much passion of 30 minutes not really ideal you really want a batch time me know below about get below 20 definitely November the faster freezes a smaller Crystal size small The Prince of Tides movie

anyway everyone apparently you has the Lelo love it so you're not alone in your love of levelness in fact I went and read a whole bunch of user review sites and I couldn't find anyone who said anything negative about it what in the price range is clearly the best exception being good old-fashioned rock salt and ice ice cream making which is a pain in the butt but make some fantastic ice cream that's that's how I do it at home and I'm not going all checked up on him regarding the little thing takes a beating freezer small batches quickly and isn't too tough to clean up besides and besides a non-removable Bowl which is the bad part I've been looking at used carpet Johnny freezers in the 40 to 50 quart batch range anything to watch out for when I'm buying used and how old is too old what the hell you went from like you're going from Lelo a machine to a 40 quart - machine okay so here's what I'm gathering your opening a professional ice cream business now the problem that they used equipment

is great except if you need to rely on it for your business so if you're going to get a 40 quart machine you probably need that thing to run all of the time you might be able to find a company that bought one has a great brand so I'm not no don't worry about that but you have to make sure that the one that you're buying is I would not buy one that's really really old Because unless you have someone is going to refurbish that thing if you have a professional or a carpigiani you know service person who will stand behind the machine and refurbish it then and you know of course assuming it uses you know that normal meal modern refrigeration or can be swapped a normal modern refrigeration gases it's fine because you have someone's going to stand behind it and the parts are relatively available but you have to make sure and check with other people who have the machine that the particular one that you're looking at isn't a dog right show friends that's even the most loved ice cream small ice cream machine

whatever you know you had pastry cook talk about which was the is a carpigiani coldelite like lab 100 that one has a critical expensive part that keeps breaking the plastic faceplate where the draw a ice cream truck comes out of and with nothing breaks it's a lot of money to fix it and you know in a restaurant you can stop it from breaking but in the school are used to break all the time because students were brutal on it cuz it's not the students they don't care and we're not allowed to yell yell at them you know I too loudly when they do things that are up to the machine but that said all of the parts for most of those carpigiani things are available but it's good to ask other people who use a particular machine to find out what parts fail how much does parts cost to replace and then making sure you can get it serviced if all of those things seem fine then a used machine

can be a great deal and I poked around there are some people around who sell refurbished units that they'll stand behind but if you need to rely on something for your business I wouldn't go buy some cuz yes you're going to save a lot a lot of money the question is can you afford to be wrong so anytime you buy something on eBay I mean I've gotten bitten in the butt before 2 I try and I try to buy something to cost ten Grand new and I'll buy it for you know a couple hundred bucks and I'm hoping I can fix it and sometimes I can write in fact almost all the time I can but sometimes you can't you know the biggest piranha ever got was I wanted a really beautiful in line refractometer and the company straight up said they wouldn't support it anymore so I would definitely not buy anything used at the company doesn't support any more that has specialized Parts versus Electronics boards things go bad you need to buy a whole nother unit to swap out the parts in it and can be it can be difficult

that said you can get a great great deal so it's all up to you it's very very hard to make a recommendation on this question around and experiment with the college in my recipes Lori my egg content adding Lambda carrageenan and locust bean gum can I dispersed my hydro College in a regular blender any other particular Hydro college that you would recommend I can give fried chicken flavored ice-cream may get you punched in the face by one of your friends one of your friends literally punch you in the face when you made in the Fried Chicken ice cream that way what did you tell them it would punch you in the face jackets and extreme right food thing would cause you to punch somebody in the face

don't have to be much more Brands than that I can think of one person's check this out I used to do my distillation and you can literally deodorize without sterilizing by the way you can deal with her eyes the most foul rank disgusting putrid thing you can think of Shirley rip all the aroma off of it right then turn that turn whatever it is your choice into an ice cream right and then you serve him the ice cream and they won't know that it's some vile Ranch computer thing and then you give them the distilled essence of not that you should get punched in the face for

write me not you know punch me cuz you know I should probably be thrown in jail for that that's awful you know what I mean Fried Chicken ice cream maybe the guy doesn't like it but you know why you got to watch out your friends that your friends are too violent your friends to Violet on the carrageenan carrageenans are a class of seaweed-based hydrocolloid polysaccharides and are they have their use quite often and ice cream because they react with milk that a synergistic reaction with milk and what that means is you can use a very small amount of carrageenans to enhance your ice cream now there's three basic styles of carrageenan out there there's Kappa carrageenan which is brittle and you wouldn't you wouldn't want to use Kappa carrageenan because you're not looking for something pretty lights more that's more like more like an agar gel in fact it's very very closely related to a bar although it's heating properties are different Iota carrageenan is a great one

there was a lot of it you're not trying to yell at heart Iota carrageenan it's interesting because it will reform a gel after it set and been sheared it's also very very soft soap mixture of Kappa and Iota are great for things like fake tofu set flavors or puddings right brake Lambda is the third one it doesn't actually gel but it provides a creamy kind of mouth feel so if you're wanting just increase increase or make more creamy the mouthfeel of the melted product land is going to be fine it'll also make it a little thicker which will probably slow the Meltdown characteristics of the ice cream typically include some other carrageenans in it like Iota or Kappa and in fact carrageenans are standardized based on the application so you can probably find a blend of carrageenans from a manufacturer CP Kelco is the one that I usually deal with because I have a very wide range of it it's specifically Blended for a certain set of ice cream proper

now carrageenans and ice cream are typically there to modify the crystal properties to stop it from recrystallizing have the crystals get bigger over time and then make it smoother and to prevent meltdown the secondary thing that you add to it like locust bean gum or guar gum is usually there to prevent within the gel structure of the carrageenan to prevent the water or the way from the water from leaching back out and ruining the text of the ice creams coway off you with a knot way like you know una Botella way way like w like whey protein in milk anyway so that's why they usually used to chew gum systems they used to use guar a lot but as I said on the show many times Gwar is now extremely expensive because the fracking industry wants so much water fracking is that you know where you inject high pressure liquid into rocks to shatter them so that you can get more stuff out like petroleum and Gwar has his school property that it reacts with Borax right when you react with Borax and forms a gel but the gel is PA

independent I can't use this for food because not allowed to use borax and food anymore even though it used to be used for things like caviar and what not anyway so it makes this gel. Why you want to do this right so when your fracking fracking what you want to do is put something like a silica sand which is called the prophet and that's going to keep that when you when you bust open a crack in the Rock and you Frack it you need to keep that fracking fracking crack open so that when the liquids come up right you can get them out so you have to pump into the high-pressure fracking fluid this like like grains of sand on what are silicates profit but you need to carry them so you need something it's thick and so they use guar it's been interacted with Borax so that it will be at the thick gel that can pumping under high pressures they then change the pH when they're done and the Gwar melts away to a liquid that's why they use so much you are when they're when they're fracking around do you know that one Jack and the Jack of course and apparently the network in general anti-fracking

can I have that discussion later but you know like a giant no Frac sticker on the window she walk in so I'm assuming your immuno anti-fracking

do we actually have a pro-fracking, man I'm anti-fracking but I don't even know anything about the environmental issues but I want my car to be cheaper

I'm at I'm at I'm the ice cream loving anti fracker extremely closely related but Gwar has the property that when it's mixed with Lucas when it's mixed with Joanne gum Lewisville jail and gum which is the one I use forms and ice cream that both can be lit on fire which is awesome but also not because it's combustible not big but because you know what it is it's a fluid gel so it won't melt down if it's great for label ice cream and empty I know Jenna every Chef does an ice cream that you can brulee without charcoal gel after the cool thing about the Gwar is when you had Gwar it also gets a stretchy Snappy kind of a characteristic which is characteristic of slept on Derma the Turkish Orchid ice cream which you know for 5 years ago everyone was trying to duplicate anyways so there you are but really cheap bar really tastes terrible two beanie it tastes like a kind of like a black eyed pea flower which I love black eyed

open up flower by other things like Tai Lopez being dumb try doing a fluid gel try adding a little bit of gel in small amounts of jail and will really really really increase the holding time I eat decrease the Meltdown of your ice cream and it makes them absurdly smooth just look up capital F lowercase will Joanne fluid gels how to make a fluid the ridiculous ridiculously smooth smooth as ice creams never made a promise had too many stabilizers and you decrease the flavor release so a lot of people think gelato for instance is this all natural lovey-dovey no blah blah blah stuff in fact it's the most highly stabilize stuff in the world which is why it has that texture and which is why they have to add so much freaking flavor to gelato because otherwise the flavor with the amassed weight exact second answer

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is that you guys with the music what is it like some sort of Hammered Dulcimer thing what is that and what kind of you know inspirational stuff behind her like that crazy nice alright prime rib cooking circulator suggested time temperature is cooked kale should I reheat from room temp or tight from fridge to hear something the question is how are you going to serve this thing I think I probably mentioned this on are I mentioned it never you sous-vide low temp last that ever do the last thing on Earth you want to do is cook an entire prime rib low Temp and then just do a flash here on the outside and carve it and serve it because you have one huge field of pink meet all all the way across I'm sure I've mentioned this before on the air I ruined

Christmas want sat at my mom's house by doing that in my family though if you ruin the prime rib you ruined Christmas and it was perfectly cooked all the way across but nobody wants a perfect field 1 texture of meat all the way across it you can do the whole prime rib low temp if you're going to slice it into steaks and then and then share them off because you trust on each side and then it's beautiful and in fact that's the way I cook rib steaks so for rib steaks at me and I think I'm giving it before but just a rib steak what I would do is optional ecrip before and put it in a ziplock bag with a little bit of melted butter circulated at fifty feet are 55 Celsius or 55.24 couple of hours drop the temperature to 50 Celsius for a half hour to 40 minutes right don't hold it too long because I can't recommend as a safe in a holding temperature 50 pull it out of the bag and put it on a son

hotter hotter than the hottest thing you can find typically the hottest thing you can find in a house unless you have a really butt-kicking grill or a deep fryer or a smoking-hot cast iron pan typically the hottest thing you have is not hot enough some Takis Hot really hot put a fast year without overcooking it and the reason you drop the temperature down to 50 is so you can get that good sear a steak or roast what you should really do is use a technique I call a low temperature for insurance in webi my insurance is cooking insurance so you might want to put an initial see her on the outside of the me just to kill bacteria and start flavor development circulated you could do it in a ziplock bag you could circulate oil if you have one of the old school fryer and do the entire rib rib roast to 55 55 55 to and protest it or use one of the programs like sous-vide toolbox you can get on the internet to figure out how long it's going to take to get it up to temperature and give it a little bit longer than that so it's

all the way through now the entire rib is cooked all the way through okay that's why I call it's now you don't have to worry anymore about the inside of the rib because when you're cooking a rib in a traditional way you have two different problems you're working with your working with getting a good crust on the outside and you're working with making sure that the inside is cooked but not overcooked sets two separate problems so by doing the initial cook step low temperature step you have gotten rid of that first problem you know the inside of the meat is cooked now all you need to do is worry about the crust to take it out of the bag you can refrigerate it all the way down if you want to and cook it on a later day just make sure it stays sealed and whatever you want you don't want a lot of oxygen touching the already cooked fat and meat okay now you could also just drop the temperature by pulling the the roast out and letting it sit for an hour or so before you do your final roast off in the in the oven or any one of these things but once you let it cool down

somewhat now crank your oven so it's screaming hot and just put the roast in and out all you're worried about is developing a delicious Brown crunchy crust the little bit of the overcook stuff on the outside that we all actually love me as much as I talk about low temperature cooking and getting all the cooking stuff right the best part of a hammer or a roast is that like kind of overcooked crackling fat stuff around The Outsiders to be honest as long as there's a whole bunch of Juicy delicious stuff on the inside as well and so you know that technique low temperature for insurance or even sure that you cook the inside properly but then make sure you get a nice delicious crust on the outside is the technique that I Do's did that answer the question Jack I think I answered the question a question in from Andrew I'm here I'm going to mispronounce your name Andrew Andrew janji janji janji janji

I got to write an answer you write and tell me how to pronounce you know what you know who you were one of my favorite to his rights and all the time Robert Ray pause you know why because he knows I can't pronounce anything properly and you put Trey pause pronunciations now I see his name and I just think Trey pause it does it does remind me of cray PA's crepe murkray pause their those like a really kind of like it's like really saturated color oily crayon suckers but can imagine if they were delicious inedible that would betray pause

Creepypasta paper anyway so Andrew Andrew his Twitter handles at Wardlow for tracking pronounce has a question for us I was supposed to get to last week why are highly saturated fats better for frying / Christmas is it just better stability / smoke point or something more thanks okay I love this question I love it because I don't think you can say that there's anyone fat that is the best fat for frying there's for queso look

okay so saturated fats are fats that that we're all of the carbons in the fatty acid or a polysaccharide that are one where all of the carbons are joined by single bonds and unsaturated fatty acid is one where there's double Bonds in the carbon and we are monounsaturated means one double bond and polyunsaturated me multiple double bond now it's saturated fats right are the more plastic more plastic I eat solid fat because the the more saturated something is the higher the melting point right for a given length of fatty acid right because by how many carbons long they are and then after that by how many bought double bonds they have in it and then after that buy where in the chain of double bonds are okay

so it is true that the saturated ones have a higher melting point of a solid fats and the double Bonds in unsaturated fats are much more reactive to oxygen and it's oxidative breakdown the causes rancidity and all sorts of other issues that make oil taste bad so you know in a world where you're going to abuse your fat right theoretically saturated fats are going to last longer it doesn't always work out that way though right what I really want what I really focus on when I'm choosing a fat is not that smoke point really although it's important I have it you know beat the smoke point to be high enough that it's going to break down it's not even how long that is going to last all the again crucially important from an economic standpoint and making sure you can at least make it through tonight's frying The crucial thing you need to First decide is what a my frying and how am I eating it we give me an example Donuts when they're hot

always taste good right meme ever seen this many times on the show that like any any full monkey can make a hot doughnut the taste good right also yeast-raised Donuts are much easier to make taste good than a cake donut any reason is that has to do with oil absorption so take donut absorbs much more oil from the fryer than yeast-raised donut does and so the quality of the oil makes a big difference now hot donuts like most hot fried things as long as the oils are good quality right are delicious Miss be honest frying is God's cooking technique okay but

as they cool if you fry in a liquid fat with a donut it's going to taste greasy and as you eat it you'll get that greasy feeling on your mouth what you want in a cold donut is for the oil to solidify for it to be a fat so when you're frying Donuts you use solid fats right now when you're frying a potato chip you need a liquid fat because what you don't want is the waxy feeling of a solid fat when you crunch on a potato chip so no matter how stable is solid fat is if you're frying a potato chip which is meant to be eaten cold you use a liquid fat right so whether a fat is better or worse depends on the application I'll give you an example of how hardcore this is I don't know what I've ever spoken about this on the air before if I let you know if I have just to turn down Mina whatever stop listening for listen

if you remember wow which is olestra that you know came out I don't know about 20 years ago or something like that it was being licensed by the Frito-Lay Corporation and they were putting it into potato chips now olestra is a fact that you can't digest rights modified fact that you can't digest and they can literally turn any any fat into olestra can modify such that you can no longer digest it now

if you use a liquid-based olestra right so it's so it's an unsaturated it's you know it's a liquid at room temperature or liquid at body temperature actually more importantly he was going to get grow some sorry people but if you eat a lot of olestra that is liquid at body temperature to put it politely it runs straight through you and you can't stop it hopefully you understand what I'm talking about so I don't have to get my graphic with you so the solution and because of that unless we got a really bad name and nobody wanted to eat in the product ended up dying right but the solution to that was they used a fat that had a very high solid fat index SF I've just how you rate fat solid fat index for salt fat content they had one that has a very high SFI at body temperature now the downside of that is at the potato chips that you met with it were extremely waxy so that when you ate them they had a waxy mouth feel it was such a problem

did they built special impingement Ovens that would blow air down on the potato chips as they were coming out of the line and that would blow the surface coating of olestra off of the top of the potato chip so it wouldn't have a waxy mouth feel so everyone who complain about the olestra chips that they can taste your Lester it's not that you could taste your last rights that you don't like potato chips cooked in a solid fat okay so anyway so that's that not complained on the air many times about cooking oils and the fact that what you buy in Supermarket is is basically just a refined bleach to deodorize fat net that's basically it says that's how you know that's how it's turned in the Bears will find bleach deodorize fat and they're not that tweaked out so if you buy a liquid like that in the supermarket they tend to be fairly bad frying oil because they're not that protected against oxidation and they're just they they

write down fairly quickly no matter what the source is on those liquid fast the fact that I used to fry in our super tweaked out so a lot of them are likely hydrogenated which means that they only take the double bond out of the most reactive speeches so as your hydrogenating something you can actually hydrogenate only the most reactive species and therefore increase the oxidative stability of the rest of the oil they also have all sorts of awesome stuff like antioxidants added to them and consequently commercial fry oil isn't like two times better it's like 10 times better from a stability perspective in the crap that you're buying in the supermarket know nothing of people don't think about the freshest and it has nothing to do with the question but I just want to say it the freshest oil isn't the best oil you've all noticed there's a sweet spot in frying and the reason is it as you're frying something a layer of steam forms around your food and there's a water others and also your food has a lot of water in it and oil and water

as you all know don't like to mix and so you actually don't get that good a heat conduction with extremely fresh oil into food once the oil starts breaking down a little bit then the oil can form to tell Anamosa fires and can really stick really get in there and provide a lot more heat to the food show oil that's been used a little bit and you know old school Cooks know this is actually a much better more effective frying medium faster transferring heat energy to your food then brand new oil and so real hardcore commercial people know exactly where that sweet spot is and they adjust the system to stay in a potato chip line so that the potato chips absorb a lot of oil some like 50% of the wait-and-see no oil as they go through the fryer they're absorbing just the right amount of oil so that they're adding fresh soil all the time and never have to drain it and the oil is always staying in the Suite spot how awesome is that it was take one more commercial break

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and welcome back to cooking issues we have a call or call or you're on the air

actually I was calling with question about iced coffee now and she asked brewing coffee and then creative rice afterwards oh yes oh yes Channel experimenting with cold brew techniques but I do know from Brewing kinetics are really complicated and interesting and so a couple of things happen when you're extracting at a higher temperature you shift the different proportions of different things are leaching out of the coffee okay so that if you think about espresso let's just take espresso it's only thing about it is that something I know a lot about that even minor temperature shifts in something like

espresso can radically change how the espresso tastes so if you know anyone who makes a lot of espresso knows that if your temperature is too cold you get a sour shot because it was getting extract that even if it's too hot you get a bitter taste was extracted out so the temperature in the temperature also radically changes how things are infused in general like percolation rates everything is changed my temperature so yes you're definitely extracting different ratios of things when you're doing it hot vs. cold also they what you do extraction coffee isn't stable so when it's extracted at higher temperatures the coffee will go through different a kind of I don't know how you put it like Auto hydrolysis or whatever of the other of the flavor compliments and we'll change differently from one that had never been heated that's what I suspect based on discussions I've had with you know coffee experts like Andrea illy and stuff like that this is

his words not mine so and there are plenty of people who love the cold brew coffee and plenty of people that don't you know and you know what I make an iced coffee I make iced coffee with I don't drink it first of all my wife drinks at every day I like espresso that's what I drink I'm trying trying to get into loving other types of coffee but but I make iced coffee I make it from espresso and that's my wife take butt and there's no right or wrong here but they definitely are different ain't no problem

okay got a question from last week I should address Benjamin petrasek rights in there cooking issues in your Harvard lecture you say that the home Chef should get comfortable with agar agar any starter recipes either for a dish or for a drink okay so if you're using a better Siri Potter I love it that you can get in any grocery store by the powdered agar don't buy the flakes stop play stuff not as predictable and stone. Bye-bye the powder stuff it's just his natural it's not any more you know more or less natural get there powdered agar also get yourself a decent scale when they can do tenths of a gram because you're going to some of the agar recipes are going to be using we're going to go down that low so she starts yelling in about the 0.2% range so that's a 2 grams per kilo and you use agar all the way up to about no point eight or nine all the way sometimes up to 1% by weight so that's the Ranger

I use agar you want to disperse agar and rubber whenever you're using a hydrocolloid or anything you know that that has that has that is a large molecule you want to disperse it I get them all separated so they don't belong together before you try to hydrate it so I already put into cold liquid you disperse it with a whisk or whatever then you heat it up and keep it up to the boil and when it boils simmer for a couple of minutes and then you can let the temperature drop the main things you can do with it or you can set of gel that's a cool gel because it can be reheated all the way up to about 70 75 Celsius before it starts to break down again so that's pretty awesome to you can blend agar gels and I would use about a point eight eight eight grams in a liter in grams in a kilo percent fluids are you set the jail and you blend in a blender and it forms of puree so you could take any liquids you want and form a puree that you can play it out into you know that looks awesome it looks like mashed potato on the plague when you eat it goes to a sauce which is fantastic

the same fluid gel you can make an orange juice fluid gel or 11 juice even fluid gel and then use that to reinforce a whipped cream which is awesome or if you use a very small amount with something like lime juice or lemon juice like 0.2 Chino to grams in a kilo that one when you set that job you can use for clarification so you take your juice you said you can actually boil the egg are in water and temper in the juice if you don't want to heat the juice as long as the numbers balance outright said it break it with a risk risk put it into like a cloth napkin tied with string throat a salad spinner hit the salad spinner a bunch that's like a poor man Center Fusion you'll get clear clarified liquid out so that's just a couple of things you can do with a car you can drop you can make little a gar balls like you would out and about but they're solid by dropping them into cold way over to the technique I don't know Pioneer by Guess Sam Mason 8 bajillion years ago but is just fantastic it works with almost everything I got has weird

directions with gelatin in stock so be careful of that and agar can have weird interactions with things like the seas because of the high tannin levels in it but are just fantastic and if you have any more specific questions on recipe give me a holler looking for a ratio for fluid gel and cream to disburse out of is I that follows up on so what you want is it really depends so if you do just a straight fluid gel agar fluid gel or juice or gel and fluid gel and you're doing about let's say a .8% fluid gel IEP 20% agar by weight or eight grams in a kilo a straight fluid gel is going to kind of look like weird alien slime when it comes out of an isi and whenever you're putting a fluid gel in the IRS I don't forget to put your finger over the tip and and flick your hand down like you are trying to get the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle because of fluid gel is going to be a jail until you put force on it and then

can shoot it down to the bottom of the bottle dispenser it so so then I like to add like about 50% cream usually or thereabouts and pens on the punching to the flavor you want me to just get incredibly dance dance fluid gel out of it okay so you're telling me Jack that I'm running out of time so here's what I'm going to say I had a question in also on fry oil on disposal and this Japanese fry well disposal thing called how to improve and I guess meaning from frying my temper but anyway I know nothing about it the question was from Marc Barger and so what I'm going to do Mark is look that sucker up and then report back to you next week I also got a question to questions in from Joel Gargano about which vacuum machine he's going to buy you narrow it down to to the henkelman and a Samick going to talk to him about also. Cutting boards next week cuz I have a lot to say about vacuum machines and how to pick a good vacuum machine

and also a lot to say about cutting boards cuz as usual I have too much to say about this stuff and that's why Jack tells me I run out of time but I got a tweet in that I just have to answer this week let me on the way out by Dave nastasha Jack and Joe I love apples cherries and peaches who doesn't but ever since I was a kid these fruits fruits cause my mouth and throat to itch I figured out that I suffer from oral allergy syndrome which is an allergy to certain proteins in Fruit particularly in the skin peeling the fruit solve the problem as this cooking the fruit to denature the protein I love eating these fruits fresh and pure me things like cherries is a huge pain do you have any suggestions on how to denature these proteins without actually cooking the fruit thanks for any advice huge family show Greg Greg I feel you I feel you when I was 30 30 or 31 I suddenly develop an allergy to cherries they causes my throat to close when I eat them in large quantities and and and and causes itchiness certain apples also causes to be thankful it hasn't happened with Peach

first of all I don't know if you know this but different Apple varieties have different widely different levels of the allergens in them that cause your throat itch so certain apples you might be okay with and others you don't and there's a scientific paper that was never written your right Susan Brown up at Cornell who's doing the research they know which varieties are more allergenic than the other but I haven't able to find public weiner research on it publicly available research on anywhere but a fresh cherries which I can no longer eat I think our kind of you know possibly the greatest fruit in the world I love them and I can't eat them and Tammy cook cherries are not even cherries it's something else it's like cherry pie filling or something there's nothing like a fresh cherry and I can't have them anymore yeah I do not know anyway but anyone anyone out there who has any solution to this problem some sort of anything that can bind these proteins so they Greg can have the stone

and I can have my cherries again let us know

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