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Episode 98: Preserving, Smoking & Pig Heads

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that's a little mellow for us that you think

I don't know how my supposed to go from a to Roberta Brooklyn on the Heritage Radio Network joined as usual with nastasha to hammer Lopez in the studio and Jack and Joe in the engineering I'm telling you that I have that the base I haven't practiced enough but you're so I realize like if you don't play bass for like 10 12 years or so you lose your chops you know what I'm saying good night my hands tire out soon and what they what they call it a Assisi still thinking about writing writing the cooking issues based the or I can just do like a Night Court style stupid bass intro thing

yeah she loves you to remember night court next week I'll bring the base by the way speaking of next week on starting on this Sunday is it Starships International Conference does are you happy that you're going to be out of the country that means you're not going to have to help during the day yeah so what that I'm doing a workshop but there is a slot I'm doing a workshop on Monday from I think it's 7 in the afternoon sometime like 2 to 4 or something like that at the international chess Congress and whatever they had a slots are like hay day will you be our sloppy third some guy cancel you do it and like yeah sure what the hell I'll do it I'll do it I'll do it

happy little Centerview just for you guys to play with all those dots not firing up I took it apart so in all fairness to the piece of equipment I took it apart but it's not getting electrical signal is yours at home still working at the center fees pay attention attention ketchup and if you can do a lot of work with what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks for the new bar menu is tannin removal 10 and removal before I can write it but just put that in your head and also some interesting bodying a fax with whey protein so head on down to see Dave Arnold me from Booker and Dax our bar doing a wetland how they call this like a mixing Workshop again

the news of the dear Evan plug I know right aesthetic you're not doing it for a while you're sitting around every time I have a birthday right which is too many too many too many times in the stash and I have shared birthdays together like we still work together what the hell is old and I'm still carrying my own equipment to demos and when you like 19 and you're in a band you like some deer been going to be awesome and so was going to move my big bass rig for me from place to place and have Viking of Roadies no never happened never happens the day did someone actually picks up a piece of equipment for me I will drop dead from shot so I hope it never happens anyway and I we almost died from shock right we showed up all the equipment was moved around and he asked for was there and we almost passed out crazy don't do that to me

seems like that's no good okay I'll ask you a question in on our wedding say the number someone someone ate being a Brooklyn number this being the land of hipsters last week I had a Twitter question come in and I didn't get a chance to answer and I apologize from Landon young ordered a Berkshire hog head and belly bacon cold or hot smoke and head favorite you soak a look the bacon I've only made it like once or twice many many many many years ago and I don't do a lot of smoking in fact there's no smoking question here but I will say what I do what I do know I know the recipes ask for a warm smoking out of coal smell like bacon or supposed to be somewhat cook up in anywhere between 1:30 which is in the low side but really more like 145-150 is typical like 1:40 I would do probably for it after it's been cured in a mixture of salt nitrate

and spices and possibly sugar maple syrup what else you could do dry or wet it doesn't matter but they're almost invariably cooked during the smoking process that said that said I fry it me who the heck cares how much you know if not nothing that cares but like it's not super critical on what temperature you going to cook it up to you so long as you bring it up to the final cooking temp in Aki salt the bejesus out of it and dry it then you don't need to cook it at all right so it is dependent upon what kind of cure you're going to use and how you're going to use the finished product that said that my favorite not just not bacon butt pork belly I've ever had was Wiley my brother Wylie dufresne's original wd-50 opening menu long cooked pork belly and he cured it he cured it and make with nitrites actually and salt for a long. Time and he cooked and extremely low temperature in a circulator he didn't smoke it right so he just took it out of the Cure press it really flat

it's nice and dance and then Crist up the skin side slices been served it or something like that instead of a bacon then what I would do is I would do the cooking procedure as Wily did then I would dry it off at a very low temperature so you're not cooking it and then cold smoking that stuff was delicious oh my God is that stuff and then asked for the head favorite use okay look so if you want to go on this you should definitely cut the I'm assuming the headphones with the chow and Natasha I know that you hate almost everything in the world is delicious but you like one Charlie Wright really

I don't like it as much as I would I don't put it in carbonara I can't have this discussion of the pig is in my mind one of the more delicious things in the world it's perhaps ranks in the top one of my pizza toppings aside from you know whatever cheese inside my little butt like a meat-based topping for a pizza in my absolute favorite to have a delicious pizzas so if there is if a child is left on the pig head I would definitely take that off and carry that separately I like it I like a lot of people who are doing these artisanal guanciale like you're the hell out of them they really saw the ever-loving crap out of them and become a lot drier I actually prefer a more modern wetter what

Josh is like a shock because she's reading something about a drug-resistant gonorrhea I'm in a magazine but one of my favorite things to eat made from Cade is is a test out your head cheese Italian style head cheese there's a decent recipe for it on page 187 of the Neuse movie book by Polson Andrew Minyard pesto sauce

you're not paying attention she actually is trying to find out if any of you guys are tweeting in question so give her a pass on this one for not paying attention but if you the one thing I have done a lot with four kids and I like and I know it's not traditional a tall is making a scrap with him scrapple scrapple for those who don't eat scrapple smack yourself in the face unless you're a vegetarian if you don't eat scrapple smack yourself because it is incredibly delicious polenta plus if you just sold scrapple as polenta + than everyone would order this right so when you're butchering a hog or whatever whatever you got right pawed traditionally this crap will be made from kind of the metals non-metals over the butcher's soup of the whatever's being boiled are in done along with are all the entrails called the pluck and we have a lot of liver and so the liver thing is what kind of I think we gave it a bad rap among certain people but Ma

scrapple don't have to be made with liver don't have to have that Livery taste you just cook the heck out of the head right get a nice strong to Latin hit the keys has to be gelatinous stock pull the head out pick the meat shop it up throw in the corn meal cook it like a plant a last-second throw the meat back into it forming into blocks let that sucker set cut that sucker fry it for maple syrup over could anything possibly be more deliciousness I don't I don't know like the scrapple hits like a chord in my taste memory because give me my grandma actually mine on Pennsylvania Dutch Grandma used to make it for me but you know my have a lot of like Pennsylvania my family going way back although I never live there so scrapple is fantastic and there's many Regional variants Scrabble if you want to read and Incredibly informative but deathly boring book the authoritative book on scrapple is William Lloyd Weaver's book title scrapple another way would tell you so Scrabble scrapple

do you like polenta before another food that has a bad rap like scrapple is freaking haggis haggis have I just had his freaking delicious if you would have just sell haggis as oatmeal plus right which is basically what it is it's like oatmeal and meat stuff stuffed into a sheep sheep stomach and cook that is delicious that is delicious haggis neeps and tatties look there's meat sure there's meat in haggis that some people are squeamish about but you eat that crap everyday if you eat any sort of processed meat and whatever I'm just saying scrapple haggis come back brothers because you were some delicious meat products

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I'll send it over the American West I love that song where the fundraiser he was because we knew that we would get the live performance there is French bread Happy song that's all that's all I wanted and I can't answer should I do the one I can't answer now or just do it at the end if you know the temperature of food will be stored at and that Foods water content in the literature water content is abbreviated a little W by the way meaning water activity to that food to preserve it indefinitely I want to make a variety of salty foods that can be stored indefinitely in the refrigerator and round 5 degrees Celsius I found a few list of water content of common food but I was unable to find information about what salt

percent at what's a percentage is necessary to prevent microbial growth thanks John and I know how messed up is that no there's not first of all salt does a bunch of different things huge quantities assault actually stopped almost everything from growing right which is my mommy's work completely while they're not just salted they're dehydrated right direction that salted maytronics intricate my point is is usually used in conjunction with dehydration for preservation in foods like Pam Franzen now salt also has some other properties in the inhibit many pathogenic bacteria but not certain but not things like lactic acid bacteria so you add salt to things like cabbage to produce sauerkraut kimchi because they will select for lactic acid bacteria to grow the lactic acid bacteria increase the acidity decrease the ph and it's actually the combination

the salt plus the acidity that prevents things from spoiling so but it's sorry but the real issue is it's very hard but water at Water activity and salt are one combination and so if you have a particular system like a meat system then you can know a certain quantity assault plus a certain water activity that are good but it's hard to know because the question is it is you might be safe for the lower salt content if for instance there's acid present so it's very difficult to answer and I looked around for any sort of General guidelines that were applicable to all circumstances by Meats vegetables fruits and I couldn't find anything that I'm willing to quote and so I don't have an answer although this you know that is interested if anyone rides her tweets and her calls and with a source for information like that I'm happy to

should I take an on for the preservation related question for you although what do you actually prefer strong which coffee flavor and full caffeine content as well so you want to pick him up. That's the at the espresso martini and I don't for some reason his name just popped Straight Out of My Head what are the most famous bartenders in London from liking afro long time for your infant His Name lyrics popped out of my head but he invented the espresso martini and the quote that he says is that a model came in and she asked for something it would pick her up and have her up

wow I'm so he invented the espresso Martini good quote yeah okay that's what you want to get the right kind of filter obviously to do the right kind of flavor stripping cold brew coffee with a very good dark chocolate and coffee in the refrigerator overnight filter back into the bottle mix and vanilla simple syrup to flavor is there anything I can do to take this up a notch well yeah okay so look so you're doing cold brew assuming you're doing the kind of concentrated I what's the name of that the one where you basically just stare at the ground so I can sit in contact with the ground for a long time and then filter rent as opposed to the Kyoto style that produces a coffee concentrate so here's the thing cold brew

call Bruce become extremely popular right now I don't really do much of it because I I prefer it when I drink at the boatload of coffee but almost exclusively in the form of espresso I'm trying to Branch out but I'm branching out first into a hot hot coffees right drip drip style in Presque Isle so but I do a lot of work with nitrous infusion and coffee and I don't know what I would do to kick it up is to try to do the coffee extraction directly into the liquor it makes an obscenely coffee flavored thanks see if you like it better and will allow you to have more wiggle room in terms of the other ingredients you at because it's going to put you on your behind as they say with the espresso man in more ways than one so with anyting the the flavors that are extracted in any sort of Brewing situation depend upon what you're trying to extract in coffee there are sitting flavors there are there are bitter flavors are is caffeine there's a hole

change different flavors in there all extracted differently under different regimes I am different pressures different temperatures different times so espresso is brewed under extremely high pressure in very short amount of time to a particular kind of brown and it favors the kind of traction get from espresso colder one they say about having a lot of experimenting like long-term cold cold brew coffee tense produces less acidic coffee extract lesser of the sword may be changes the doesn't alter the coffee to make this more silly things I don't really know but if you were to just mix coffee grounds into liquor you get a certain extraction the longer you let that at that liquor sit the more of the bitter Compliments are extracted and the less of the varietal know you get to the coffee more than just the backbiting bitter if you pressurize that liquor with nitrous oxide in a whippin and I side with bring you can look up rapid infusion on the cooking issues website to check it out there like 2 minutes to get an extremely like you put the

Nespresso related ground in the in the in the liquor pressurized with nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide forces the liquor into the coffee grounds you vented and boils out violently you get a very dark very rich and non bitter coffee that you can do like that and you can have the whole thing done under 3 minutes and we make a lot of drinks with that as a base and it's extremely coffee and extremely Punchy you might like it worse than cold brew you like my like a better than cold brew it is a form of cold brew and and that there's no heat added to it too long extraction with that technique expert is extremely bitter bitter notes you can also change the extraction interest rate Water by doing a nitrous oxide infusion of water into coffee at cold temperatures and test the difference between that kind of extraction and your standard kobu techniques with any of these things there's no better there's no worse it's just what you like better I happen to like a 2-minute infusion of coffee a traffic alert is it and it's roughly 32 grams of ground coffee per liter of prayer leader of

liquor for 2 minutes with to eyesite Chargers in a 1-liter container shaking for about a minute-and-a-half allowed to sit for 2 minutes vented vinyl leave strength that's my favorite but your favorite maybe that's non bitter but if you two and a half at 3 minutes to get more of a bitter bitter note so I would do that if you really want to take up your coffee experience a notch if you are a fan of the creamy mouthfeel of a hot espresso you can read me make some of that buy carbonating not with CO2 which Manhattan Special soda side I'm just not very hard to get a good brew that way nitrous if you actually once you chill the cocktail you carbonated with nitrous and spread out of a foamer it's not the nasary the phone with the creamy aeration you get from the nitrous Bubbles and a slight sweetness it comes from it mimics the body that you get in a hot and a hot Stylz press open in a cold drink and I tend to do that with a good number of coffee drinks at I do that don't contain milk all I could do it

I know why it's because it cost a lot of money to do in a commercial situation to keep pumping those cartridges out what you doing what the hell we just for ourselves with shakerato that's that that coffee liqueur I just told you with so 2 oz of that liquor and just wants to Melo it's a lot mellower because there's there's milk and cream and soda to ounces of that I need a half ounce of simple syrup one to one and an ounce of cream in an ounce of a milkshake in and it gets a bit frothy head and you put it into the glass but we could do that probably with a cartridge and just spray that sucker out just go go Looney bins with it today or tomorrow whatever color you're on the air

hi my name is Jeff from calling from Los Angeles I got a question about Kukui nuts or candlenuts in Indonesian food I know I understand and I guess I wondered what what's the temperature supposed to cook them to you or can you kind of precook them so that way they're not poisonous cuz I don't want to keep them around the house but I'm worried about my young nephew in dogs and cats you want to eat them yourselves I just want to find out how to know you want to keep them as solids around but you want to neutralize them okay I researched this a resource is a couple of months ago and the only thing stuck in my head was I really wanted one because you can burn them straight up a parent if you ever burn one before but apparently it's because they make you can really enough you can use in my candles right that's what I read and I'm always wanted a big would not be awesome like you know instead of a regular candle on table

soccer remember they're there being some I can't remember off the top of my head what the toxic principles in it are and therefore since I can't remember what the toxic principles in our I can't think of a good way to remove them I seen her remember there being some procedures for it are they are they consumed globally or they just burned a thickener for a lot of Curry's Indonesian curries and things like that and do they do more than just a bunch of jokes of water

I guess you could have crushed them up and put them inside of the curry and they create some type of thickening around the house or use them yet just because I'm concerned cuz I have small kids and I was given some poisonous nuts by a friend of mine and some Singapore once I forget the name of them they weren't candlenuts and those ones you had to get to cook them in like 3 boils of water first and then use them for whatever you're going to use them but now there's a lot of nuts that aren't poisonous Acorn friends since that are extraordinarily bitter and so you would extract a bitter components by boiling them a bunch of times and water throwing that water away and then and then crushing and grinding it but I have to I have to look up and seen whether or not there's some there's some poises things that are there destroyed by fermentation and there's some poisonous things that are destroyed by just being heat labile and there's some poisonous things that are destroyed by

leaching my guess with these guys is that it by leeching you're hoping it's bleaching cuz I need to boil it a bunch of times through the water away and be good but I'm going to have to research cuz I don't know if it's not my head or I was I was also wondering I have a circulator if I can just cook it at a certain temperature for x amount of time does pasteurize it and kill it off that way I have actual parasites in and I need to be cooked till you can kill that way but it's all a question of whether or not that whatever they are toxic principal in them is is keep stable if it's not heat stable if it's heat labile then yes you can just cook it away and then it's a question of knowing a time temperature and if you're if you're lucky enough that the that the temperature to destroy the toxin is low enough to not destroy the structure of the night then you can have something that looks like a raw on Dort with nut that you know is it is is okay but

Leandra that are fairly low I would guess I would guess you have to leave the stuff out if you're never going to see if you're never going to eat them you could probably leave some out with something that won't ruin them if I have to I have to research it starts can you put that down as like something for me to look into candlenut preparation and I'll try to get to the next two weeks that sound good so I already answered that the coffee crush yeah I did write whether I answered it said that makes sense because with me for the time or what

oh my God we got to blow this out what I'm going to do jack

from Jonathan what is the best way to smoke a whole chicken I have a pretty good kitchen and includes a low temperature smoker as well as a hot smoker and both have good temperature control I also have a circulator in a cvap yeah that's pretty good

so anyway for the for the two people that listen to this show that don't know what a circular is God bless you for listening to my ramblings without knowing what a circulator is but circulator is a piece of equipment that can hold a temperature very accurately actually there's kind of like the wars between my buddies Wright-Phillips press it now has that $500 circulator what's the chemical going for a wee Pub circulator so it's like 3:50 or 4 anyway so it's the war of the inexpensive circulators and while this may not be a good thing for circular manufacturers it is going to be a great thing for the World At Large cuz I predict it with the circulator dropping below 500 is going to be an explosion of circulators on the market Wheeling

I don't really like to get brain damage or you don't cook anymore because she goes out with Mark Ladner from freaking Del posto and just have him do the goddamn cooking I didn't mean to curse

what occurs when you're talking to your talk radio show me to City pre listen to it he didn't hate us for it that's true that is true is family program okay so Jonathan yes you do have a pretty well I point the kitchen there okay here's the issue with smoked chicken so the question is most people I looked up on the internet to see what the kind of standard answer for this smoked chicken thing is and it seems to me that everyone Cooks the heck out of the chicken they over cook the hell out of it they like it with the with the crap kicked out of it so most people on the internets are smoking it at a temperature between 250 degrees and 300 use Fahrenheit inside of the smoking chamber for a long. Of time so Chic will end up like you know slow cook on any sort of a barbecue this with with smoke

in General de bruyne the the ever-loving whatever out of these Birds because when you're going to viciously over cook the bird because they're they're all cooked up to an internal temperature of like a hundred and seventy which is like Hunter 6570 ^ 70 degrees Celsius is high high temperature like 63 64 65 even 67 Celsius so high so high hurts my feelings to think about it might actually be okay the temperature because there's enough connective tissue breakdown be good but the breast meat is going to be dry it will be dry there will be dry breast meat so they Brian the heck out it was saw the salt media rates at the the proteins like let's have a lot of protein hold on to more water even when I introduced viciously overcooked and then smoke it and they love the smoke flavor so much from the lawn of smoking that they probably tolerate they'll say that it's juicy and I'm sure there's fat present which makes it look juicy especially in the fatter parts of the chicken but I guarantee you that that breast meat is not juicy those temperatures it just isn't unless you really jacked it with phosphates and salt

such a step which I doubt you do hear the important thing to do to take into consideration if you want a smoke to develop on the surface of the chicken you want a real Smoky flavor you're really going to have to dry the skin off let it dry out before you hit the serious smoke with it in the same thing by the way go to the bacon just before I have probably just say before but obviously you want the service to be dry so it helps to let the saying even before you hit heavy smoke on at 2 to get dry but you know there since you already have a smoker they can do low temperatures as well as high temperatures the other thing is is that

NOAA it depends on what you want out of a smoked chicken so if you want to smoke chicken that be pink right to have to take on that pink color then you going to need to make sure that you have an actual wood or like a fact that you're going to need a lot of liquid to call n o x i either and no gas or NO2 gas right now. You got summat water-soluble permeates into the into the chicken reacts with whatever you know myoglobin is present and form the stable pink hair color right which is the I think the best Associated the explanation of why a smoke ring happens and things so for a smoke-free for pinkness you're going to want a low low temperature so that you're not doing a train to myoglobin very quickly because the way my way my love and denatures is the slower it denatures and more resistant than it is to changing its color and turning into cat you know the gray color of totally cooked Brown

why friendships that when you do low temperature cooking air circulator the meat around the bone if it's not cooked quickly like it's insulated and never really gets cooked to what people think is a Dun color I call that have persistent pinking but it's like different pink when you get cured meats and so you should be fine people should like other people do throw away pink smoke chickens and turkeys if they don't know any better that's that's not here they're so this is what these guys are doing if I were you I would cook the sucker through to I would you want to do a whole chicken you said right should whole check and see if you were allowed it if you're if you're going to do it hold that I would Brian it because the breast meat still going to need protection even if you cook it if they were going to see that bit up to an internal temperature of 66 C + a 66 Celsius the bones will still be still be pink there now you gotta remember like if I don't want him thinking around the bone I completely bone it and leave it whole out on my toe

found out crazy aluminum you know Thanksgiving turkey

you want to you want to get to know you can have one what are you doing for Thanksgiving without hot let it flash off so it dries off and then you can do a cold smoke but you will not get a pink ring with that because once you cook the meat it won't pick up from the smoke ring if you want to go more traditional and you want more evenly cooked I would spatchcock it I eat cut the thing open and split open although that's not really a whole bird but that's the way that I do a larger animals like turkeys if I'm going to grill them I don't have accurate temperature control of course you do okay caller you're on the air

hi David Stark from Montreal

are you a few weeks ago you mentioned that he thought the cost that you would once boy stirs in aquarium salt and water so that they would pick up flavors that you were refusing and I water I want to know why I picked up the phone and I just want to know what here's the thing so the first thing you have to figure out is how bryony you like your oysters right what kind of salt level you want in your oysters I like fairly salt oysters like so for instance like Duxbury is out of Massachusetts and things like that I really enjoy that you might like a slightly less say line one and so you got to figure out how much salt you going to want to add per gallon of liquid it's usually it's been awhile since I've done it but I believe it's two 9 or 27 lb of salt per gallon of liquid and I'm sorry I remember if volumetric head I'm sorry

I remember imperial units but that's what it is so and that relates to the that relates to the average salinity of ocean water which is what aquarium salt is kind of calibrated so you're going to want to end up with something like that now the question is what flavors do you want to do and how fine a so what you don't want to do is include anything in the liquid that's going to kill the oysters I either clogged its gills so large particles I forget the exact number is but it's somewhere on the order of particles larger than I think like 10 12 14 microns particles larger than that tend to clog up the gills of oysters and kill them okay so so you don't want a large particles like that so you want everything filtered I use a rotor stator homogenizer that can blend things down to well below that of vital prep just for your and just for mental information can only really get down to about a 20 Micron size I'm not enough to prevent prevent

clocking in at so you want to make sure that everything is filtered so juices are good things like that you also can't be acidic right so pH water when you got to get the pH balance of the water has to be accurate so you can't use a lot of a passage of that will also wipe them out I have had people say that they've had luck with things that are otherwise irritants like smoke and we have done baking in clams but I haven't done it in a Racers because when I was doing a lot of my initial experiments I want to stay away from things that were known irritants I know for instance like cardamom work so I'll tell you that the recipe that we used to do use was weird juice a boatload of carrots I would then take a cardamom and we hit it with the blender we make this carrot cardamom liquid a strain it came with the rotor stator to make sure all the particles are small than we would add sea salt basically to taste but roughly CC water quantity now the trick is to get oysters Fe they can't be too cold so in the fridge temperature

it's not it's not too cold to oysters won't feed so you want to leave it that you want to leave them out for a little bit to let the let the oyster start do you want to be completely undisturbed if they hear rapping or tapping then they won't open up and feed and when we got good at it we were getting something like seventy 75% of the oysters wood would open up and eat now he thinks they won't. You want to make sure it's well oxygenated right so blending right before hand is good because it increases the oxygen level in the in the liquid okay so you don't want to be you want to be not to mourn because that's going to drive off oxygen not too close to they feed the other triggers you don't want to let him go too long because I know Esther physiologist wants told me that there are things that can grow inside of an oyster that are not toxic to it so it won't kill it but will can be toxic to you so I try to keep my infused my oyster eating. In within the safety zone of food so I keep my I usually try to keep my feelings

down to about two and a half hours somewhere in that range two-and-a-half 3 hours to keep him in that in that danger zone their lives still so I don't consider a real dangers of then I ice them down immediately and then shut them to order

okay okay that's that sounds great cuz I tried leaving the Inn in the fridge overnight in can cure carrot juice just just to see and I need to really feed kind of disappointed cuz they didn't it wasn't like visible carrot juice you know replacing their they're not produces inside it was he like a taste them there a bit saltier but that wasn't a cold cold cold and then they're they're good

so you're talkin like say I take my bath and beet juice. Sitting waiting for me at work I probably do not catch this afternoon so I'm going to have that beaches that's almost room temperature basically right yeah I mean it like 50-60 is a good you don't want to go to hire you know or you could be growing things like the Brio and all these other things but yeah like 50 55 60 gets up at like at somewhere between 12 and 18 someone in there

okay okay that's cool and then I'm sure talking about 2 hours at that temperature 2 hours once they're at that temperature like 2 hours to two and a half and then I seem right down

yeah perfect okay I can try out this afternoon at the moment it's a pecan is what I'm doing and it always breaks in the in the world and then I bring it back together a x hand after you have any. It's pointers for for smoothness wait a minute wait a minute breaks what it was he what are the what are the ingredients you adding extra oil to it

I'm adding a little bit of caramel for sweetness and I usually have to add a few drops of oil just to get it to to spin around in the in a robo coupe if is my weapon of choice after you have a champion juicer

I haven't you sure I'm not sure what Market is that the kind of has a masticating like a tube in the stuff comes out because that's great for nut Butters that's what we used to do our pre grind on nut Butters and then if you want to find her we put them in a rubber Cooper vital prep and then after that we put them into a wet grinder if we want to really really really fine arts and used to break that they Stars

I mean not break that although I did break one once but I was doing many many many many many nuts of course we were over here in the robo Cruise while we're doing a lot of work we were making for like we would make like big batches of nut butter and nut oils actually but we did have to ask for some nuts depending if they have low oil content but I don't know I don't know why they're breaking on a water in a a little loving emulsifier for instance less than or something like that would probably buy it to get if I don't know what the emulsifier choices and things like peanut butter I have to look it up we don't we never added any liquid at all to it except for small amounts of liquid in the form of simple syrup right Stars

I figured he's probably a good thing right yeah you know when you process hard you shouldn't you could probably add like a supervisor powder to eventually probably break down me a question with the wet grinder uses for you probably get away with no added and then notice it gets really hot when the Robo runs a long time you flash off a good amount of water you know what I mean like if you run it long enough for it to get hot but we never had a break trying to think I'm going to put that in a list of things to try and try and look into

okay well I look forward to trying to like this afternoon and I'll Le moyen Sasha Dave I want to make Leela's Thai style sriracha sauce from she simmers. Com which is like no one of the good co Ty Ty Ty / American thaimerican boss anyway give it as gifts this Christmas I'm wondering if it is possible to can small amount of this stuff so it will last longer before opening is there a way to figure out if and how this can be safely done I'm assuming I would have to get some PA and probably increase the amount of vinegar and or sugar in the recipe I do have a pressure cooker if that helps and a related question what are some of your favorite food items to make and get away last year we did caramels candied orange peel and Chex Mix this year I'm planning on roasting coffee and trying to do the hot sauce any other ideas roast in coffees to get from Daniel in Illinois a roasting coffee is tough because it doesn't last very long so I'm going to roast and bring it to someone's house that day that that's good

obviously even like vacuum is not quite the same and you could vacuum pack a guess whatever but if the roast of coffee has to go although fun to do I used to let you know that it's been a number of years since I wrote it but I used to only roast my own I love it a question get really interesting coffee someplace like Sweet Maria's on the net and all that stuff I was I used to be an air popcorn roaster guy and then I had that the ones that were made for the purpose and I burnt out three of them and then I went to Whirley Pop anyway nothing coffee roasting cookies with cookies or whatever to the Troops are a number of years ago and you would not believe how hard it is to give cookies to the Troops but I'll leave that for a different life to talk about that stuff so I looked at her recipe and by the way she's also a Linguistics expert so it's not just in time but I'll swing Classics so it's it's not Sriracha as most of us a vit c c Racha Racha

it's one of our favorite spot do I also found out that the one most of us use which I caught the actual name is who he finds a sriracha sauce sriracha sauce is when we called them nicely the rooster or actually the kitchen we called the hot cock sauce is the one with the it's in the bottle with the rooster on the front and bright red to the bottles clear apparently that's not the Thai style that actually the one that she calls out of the two Branch shark I don't know and pine each which is when I know if I'm pronouncing it right but that's the one that I got from my local Thai guy said this is what we actually use upon each and that's that was delicious but not the same as the rooster brand one so her recipe is more like that punish which is delicious if you can get it to her recipe is 24 oz of red jalapenos or Serrano's as she says do not talk to any other type of pepper 8 oz of peeled garlic cloves 4 oz of white vinegar 12 oz of water 16 oz of sugar and six tablespoons of salt so any know if you follow her rescue but that's a basic thing I don't think that that recipe on its own is probably a hundred percent safe what you need to do is get it

take me to check to make sure it has a pH of 4.5 or below do not use your pressure cooker while looking at you need a pH of 4.5 or below to ensure that's what's called a an acidified food I am not a low acid food so just check that I don't count in there is quite a bit of salt that's quite a bit of salt in there but I don't know that it's enough to to preserve it I would go to the National Center for home food preservation and and look at their look at their things here that they had to say so I would I would take it below four point five and then do What's called the boiling water where you actually cover the products in boiling water inside the cans and and and boil them out unfortunately Jack's going to cut me off I don't have enough time to fully explain all of the stuff but I think you're right just get the get the thing below and interesting the reason that they don't recommend small pressure cookers for canning is because all of the recipes that are written by the USDA all the ones have been tested

the Agricultural Extension require the long heat up time and the long cooling time of the larger canning things to get their recipes right and they don't want to give you a recommendation they could but they don't want to give you a recommendation for how long to cook something in a smaller and smaller think some people say although I don't think this is the reason that also the smaller ones they don't trust that the accuracy of the pressure readings because the gauge doesn't go up I know I think that's kind of a load of horse manure the other thing is you need to make sure that if you are going to use a pressure cooker against the recommendations that you open the lid and let it vent Steam for a good ten minutes before you lot of pressure to build up that's going to vent out all the air and get the pressure pressure working up

if you were to get it up when there's a it's not the same size but I read it and really interesting thing about someone who was using fermented pepper sauce has a lot to talk about with the fermentation in Canning and maybe we should talk about the next time because we're running out of time so I'll get back to it I have a question question in that I'm really interested in that got deleted from Andrew about highly saturated fats but since I'm probably going to go on a 10 minute rant about highly saturated fats I should probably leave that till next time same with the Harvard lecture and I'll get you guys next week I promise


now trailer by punch Friday

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