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Episode 96: Circulation and Clarification

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Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn Jack decided not to show up today because we have the fundraiser over the weekend and now he's just too big for us right Joe yeah he's doing presidential things right now I'm guessing this and as always Natasha Tamara Lopez how you doing I apologize we were not able to do the live cooking issues with Harold McGee over at the harbor because I didn't do it yet if we can get that to me that's all there was to it we can do it the class started as a show would have an ending and that would have been that would have been a big poop show that beat

So speaking of McGee and I will be in London and we're going to go have to go maybe

2 years ago and it is welcome

Geneva New York is where all of our when I say our I mean the good old USA where all of our apples are stored and the way you store an apple is by planting trees right now so store seeds in liquid nitrogen like sperm banks but a lot of people don't really believe in that cuz I think that the seed might mutate overtime except about people liked on the freaking trees also if you have the trees you can see how they respond to various ain't the reason they are tax money goes to it isn't because people the people who decide the tax money stuff think that you know we should have a wide variety delicious apples they're more worried that some crazy Apple disease is going to come through and kill every Apple except that one crazy variety that they saved at least that's the original Genesis the reason there's money behind this project and so all of our apples are in Geneva

and it Geneva New York has the greatest collection of apples anywhere in the world but but the brogdale in faversham Kent England an hour outside of London is where they have the largest culinary application to the way they get around this is is there is a crazy guy feel forced line who used to go to Kazakhstan which is where apples come from and he would gather all kind of Kelly smuggle the Seas back into the us or when there was some crazy quarantine situation or whatever because they said huge genetic diversity of different Apple varieties as well as other fruit actually in this thing called attention fruit forest with stretches from China to Kazakhstan and it's a huge kind of apparently incredibly beautiful awesome Place one of the places on Earth actually I really want to go anyway so kind of wild you no malice apple species and planted them in at Cornell up in Geneva and it's it just so that obliterated the broad Tales collection in terms of sheer

the broad Dale has the culinary apple collection to beat in the world however however I'm extremely partial to the flavor of apples as grown in Upstate New York so we've been to the apple collection but we went to the massage night I was sidelined by the fact they also have an incredibly awesome collection of pears and actually know what we missed last time is there should still be a couple plans on the trees in fact we're going to miss the nut Festival mean it'll be the nut Festival Harold and I there but we're going to miss the official nut Festival by a couple of days with me here's what's amazing about the broad Dale and why anyone that lives anywhere near London and doesn't or hasn't been to the brogdale a bunch of time honestly should be incredibly ashamed of themselves they should just be you know you should be I don't know you should wear a hair shirt and a dunce cap and go into the corner and just beat yourself

sticks out of out of you no anguish you've missed this huge portion of your life so close to this amazing resource we haven't gone yet besides accurate

where are pears are in Corvallis Oregon and are berries are in Corvallis Oregon and we have are apples in Geneva New York & R R Collection switch on plasma spread all over the all over the country did the English basically can only grow stuff in can't. No offense but you can take offense if you want their entire collection of stuff is at this one place so it's kind of One-Stop shopping for everything small fruits and you know the English they know gooseberries like the nobody else they have ID Gooseberry collection at the time of year anyway apples pears nuts Plum cherries can to Sherry's know if anyway so my point is is that I'm going to temperate fruit Paradise on Friday my plane lands

train directly to Salishan we're going to throw away old clothes I'm just going to dress myself in Fruit because we're going to our good buddy Tony Conigliaro Andrea's wedding congratulations and I'll do it be the international culinary the international culinary Center

today Tuesday weather today talk to them but we must a she'd Jack and Joe although Jack doesn't care about your question Ron cuz he's not here to listen to it I'm just kidding I'm just messing with you are in turn and the one of the current Founders and designers I'm assuming of the nomico emergence of their own kitchen science website and found out that they now offer also offer a home version called the creative series that's called like yeah it's all like sous-vide and there's a sous vide creative in the suvee professional and then there's the old metal one so it's kind of confusing but you going

take me to look at I think it's live on the website I haven't seen one who's going to have less wattage 750 vs 1100 Phillips is a thousand watch the heater in Sub-2000 I think it's 1104 anyway whatever is more powerful in an acute angle and I have to claim so I can actually get water to a hundred degrees C while the creative goes to 99 degrees C that mean that's a meaningless that though I would even pay attention that you're not going to want to put these into anything other than water anyway to view old metal ones or stainless steel let me finish question as far as I can tell her about the same not sure if you had a chance to play with either. Brad's number to prototype but I'm hoping you can give us your honest opinion on which one you would get I'm not planning on getting one until the holidays so the fact that the number to isn't actually out yet will not affect my purchasing decision

so I'm currently a student at the ICC and I hear you'll be teaching a few classes this month is that true I'm in level 6 which is the last level of the level that the students cooking the restaurant to go to school there are six levels the last two levels are cooking the restaurant so that you know the first to your kind of learning stuff the third one more learning stuff say hi I'll be to get a Chinese guy with sweaty Palms thanks love the show Ron fan so Ron obviously not as if you have sweaty Palms not a good chocolate worker shouldn't work with chocolate don't go into pastry my friend I mean I guess you could buy me to get sweaty Palms can be difficult work in the chocolate pastry correct certain people have warmer palms and they are very difficult to known fact anyway

okay before I even get into this we pop is a friend of mine I love myself we pop and Philipp resta is a friend of mine and I've known him for many many years and he's been very supportive so it's very hard for me to come at you. I almost can't come down with any sort of recommendation won versus the other because it would be crazy for me what you think that's kind of like you feel depressed and I haven't touched touched the the new creative series yet but I sent a note over to fill up and I was like Phillip what should I know about the Creator system as opposed to the other one and his response was is that this new on the 49091 it designed to have a good control very good temperature control just like the the other one have to be quiet ride so I guess it's quieter for a home kind of situation so that pumps not as loud

Nelson. It's not a threat it's a less demanding use right because it's not meant to run all day everyday like ours in which isn't to say you can't do a 72-hour cook but waited singer treated in professional kitchens is crazy to running 20 but almost 24/7 sometimes you know all the time so that all day everyday it's got a lower-cost uniform 99 so I don't really know actually what the name of who is coming in as it really $170 cheaper is it really $320 I don't know it's hard to say so you never know if it will snow but later the retail price and then we have snow is going to give you a deal or something like that so it's very hard to say with the price is going to be the the new polyscience can have the same shift safety system as the old one did plus afloat I wish I never was a big fan of float the flooded people like to the float is basically in there so in case your water runs slow the flow drop and turns off the circulator I've never been a giant fan of floats because

jail as opposed to having the scrap on there's a there's a there's a strap-on thermometer temperature sensor on the heating element South 62 goes over temp it will shut the equipment off so I guess Philip enough people wanted a float plus that safety system for so he put it in and it has a smaller than the $8 one so can I have it reduced capacity capacity

capacity is one of those things that you can't really ever listen to what anybody says unless they're extremely specific about what they mean by capacity so your capacity is going to be limited by the wattage there's two things one is your ability to circulate water that is rarely the limit except for a very large tanks or in viscous fluids like oils which I wouldn't necessarily be circulating that these guys anyway so that the pop output is not usually the limit on your capacity usually the limit under Pasadena is the wattage and that said also when you're judging capacity the question is not how many liters of liquid it's how many liters of liquid plus product at what temperature in a vessel with what kind of insulation so there's so many there so many variables but that the physics are with a physics are and you can figure out

how much wattage roughly wattage you need with some back-of-the-envelope calculations to for me the main the main thing is not talking we pop the the new circulator are the nanako is it has a smaller capacity and it's designed to have a smaller capacity of 750 watts and they're feeling is if it's enough wattage to get away with most of the things are going to want to do in your house but they opted to have a more powerful pump whereas Philip was like I don't care about that but I want to keep the same Waters because I don't actually know why why the namakku why they took the waters down at 7:50 we pop told me once but I can't remember what what is explanation why it is not could have been fitting it into the package because it's very same stick package number who else was very small right to take up less space in your bath is probably a good thing

just because that's basically be cooking products in so that might be an advantage for the nominee but really I hesitate to make any recommendations until I play with him up there with both of them I will say this it is an extremely exciting time to be a cook because now almost anyone you know that look it's still expensive you know even though it's $350 it's not like I'm going to go out going to go out and buy like buying like a potato chips and pretzels but it's it's in the realm of things that many many people buy I think it's a huge huge price difference between eight hundred bucks and ducks for 350 bucks right person one

yes I will leave it at that will leave it will just leave it right there when we get it we will talk when we get it when we get it we will tell the pros and cons of each one if you know me my one of the main problems is is I'm going to find it difficult to lie to teaching a class this week

the next week now two weeks from now is a classical it's good course people who want to learn low temperature in CV I'm proud of what we do in the course because we can't we can do things that are very difficult for you to do in either at home or restaurant kitchen just for time and space reasons anyway so I guess we're teaching that in a couple weeks last week of September so that's why I'll be in there on I'll be in tomorrow but I'll be dealing with a Pepsi people okay looks what books has shoes

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and welcome back okay we have a question in from Paul who says for ethical dietary reasons I've been baking course on with Marc Maron they turn out very nice but I'm wondering if I can get something closer to authentic if I adjust the fat in the end quotes does not butter butter block the two main problems I think I face is one as far as I can tell it's impossible to get unsalted margarine and to I'm guessing margin I am guessing margarine has a higher water content compared to butter secondary issues could include altered melting point of saturated fat or trans fat content cetera I'm wondering if it might be possible to approximates something closer to unsalted butter in water content and reduce alt Levels by making a mixture of margarine and vegetable shortening or possibly find a match the water content by evaporating moisture from margarine but likely increasing the salt levels on a per volume level

if it matters but that was relatively wet moderately and Rich with a small amount of fat and some sugar give me a very quick mix with low gluten development but then spends 12 plus hours in the fridge for a ryzen FL gluten flavor okay so yeah he was at the first of all you know you have to be making sure any way that you're using a margarine that has the butter I'm assuming you don't want and assuming you want Eagan right that's his sunshine and so you know they're there for I'm sure you're aware of the fact that many margarine contain milk actual milk in for flavor milk products in it for flavor summer artificially butter-flavored and I'm sure you can get just a plastic bag without the flavoring but here's the thing

I did some preliminary poking around it's been a long time since I've researched margarine because I do eat dairy and some of margarine I'm a I'm a I'm a hater but the key thing margarine have different different water levels and it would take the keeping about a margarine to butter is what butter is right it's butter fat from cream and the recipes that we have are written around the properties of butter butter is actually less than ideal for certain things for instance if you're going to do going to do puff pastry and you have to keep the dough temperatures relatively proper otherwise that butter gets too high relative to the right because buttered isn't necessarily the best actual physical form for everything you're going to do is win when you making margarine you get to choose a lot of them

Dak properties that make it important for us so there's there's table margarines right and those are meant to spread mostly like butter and the main characteristic that you're looking at other than likes nowadays are much better at it like margarine used to taste really good priced off all because they couldn't deodorizing properly and there it just tasted of awfulness because the way you make margarine is you press any ol crud unless it's specified but you press any Crunch and you extract oil from you extract oil from things like seeds so it means whatever usually with some crazy solvent you know some sort of like light petroleum fraction with you then get rid of your then left with oil plus gum and sludge and oil breakdown products which are one of the things they can do it with them so there's too many free fatty acids in there that you add ly to it and it and I turned it to soap and then they watched soap away so there's definitely Pro

volume. He's and then they'd it usually deodorize it at the end so then you're left with these raw inputs that have various different fatty acid profile and then they hydrogenate them to different levels and different amount in different ways to obtain a different a properties of fat in the most important property of that other than the taste of it and how it crystallizes how a particular that crystallizes cuz that really affects the properties quite severely but you know the other really important thing is called the SFI which is the stand for peace solid fractions and salads what it is is it's a chart and you can see it and how much are they giving that is liquid at any given temperature because because the facts are not one unitary type of thing they don't have a definite melting point

that's why butter get softer as it gets warmer it doesn't just instantly melt it gets off a good goes from hard to soft to melted because there's a range of different in there that have different melting points and so there's that where that curve the melting pervez and then there's the slope of that curve determines over what temperature's fat is is plastic is is workable so good news about margarines is that they can choose that exact profile for baking and the profile that use for baking is different depending on the application that you're going to use so they they make one's called Baker's margarine that are are specifically designed to not be too hard so they don't rip through layers of your of your product but also not to melt at all until you are baking with him so you know there's different ones depending on exactly how to do is supposed to work so you know

in the very industrial-scale will have a different one for a puff pastries and they will for the Danish football song because they work slightly differently so because a lot depends on being not to tear it. When you're when you're rolling it out what you're looking for the most important thing with those margarine is it they not melt out into the dough and cause adhesions of the layers themselves before they're baked out like that's the key thing so it is that in conjunction with the not ripping

on water content I wasn't able to find the app me so sweet so I looked this morning trying to find anyone that sold these varieties of margarine to the public I got left on Amazon for Baker's Marjorie and I couldn't find active Chet Baker the musician had a song called marger and I was able to find that you can download that for 99 cent but I wasn't able to find less than 50 lb Baker's margarine and no one that kind of stoled to you know just do you normally do I so if anyone out there knows a source of Baker's margarine I'd appreciate it and so they're technically highly Superior Products they just you know they also add a lot of other stuff like like oils will not sorry for your question I wasn't able to find the optimum water content for the margin but there's a question as to what the optimum water content is in it

like this because after all it's the water vapor rising in the thing as it melts that is causing the expansion to break the different flaky sections of the dope I in addition to Italy what song This Is Us 11 so yes and I know I've known for years that people want and they love that that low water European butters for instance like in the supermarket to buy blue drive for this kind of thing but I never have actually done to test of how important the water content is I'm loath to suggest adding other Crisco make some flaky freaking stuff when I'm making pie crust with Crisco it's a different kind of flaky and there is a lot of fat melting in cuz I'm not a believer in hyper cold everything when you're making pie crust I followed the kind of Jeffrey steingarten through Marion Cunningham pie crust recipe of hand rubbing and not worrying what temperature do much and no one complains about my pie crust but you do get some bleach out of the fat into the

into the fat it into that flower in that and so and I use lard for that which you get at that you know which is actually more Rings lord it's actually colder because large much more difficult to work with it and it works so you know what it might work if you really want to lower the water content beat some Chris go into the margarine like roll it and like you know whip it and then flatten it and make it into a block it could work I mean most margarine that thing car rocking in the round the 20% water range in that area 1720 and most Butters are also in that same range so I you know I doubt you're going to have I doubt I doubt I doubt you did the water is an issue but maybe it is what I would recommend is not obviously melting them hard rain to try and get the water out of it because then you're breaking me motion right right there anything of use

Michael Mall open right in again and now I feel bad guys Columbia following up on the loo, question from a few weeks ago again I make a cocktail with leucomelas looking for an easier to locate substitute something I can find a local market special emarketer Latin Market you asked me to tell you what I was concerned with taste or feel like something else has to taste eye care about thanks for looking into this and so I don't have a decent I don't have anyone out there please help us out help us out get us a good source of Luke and Leia Endor Luke in the substitute does the closest thing I have is Canada still get an erection work with looking at directly I work with canistel delicious rain that's good products so

I never had two sources of someone help me out help us help us out



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are we back we're back cooking issues

Joe do you remember do we answer the question about raw milk safety last week or two weeks ago Jack and Joe from Kevin Scott in San Jose by the way San Jose Jose where is for the ICC and uke it is almost impossible to find anything to freaking eat in San Jose after midnight and I'm saying you ever go hang out in San Jose. Southern California Stanford how close is that the same as it apparently like somewhere there's like the late night Taco stands there supposed to be good but no no one could point us

so you know I was starving One Night in San Jose so Kevin if you can hook us up with the next time I'm in San Jose where I should get good food after midnight I would appreciate it cuz there's like eight billion people in San Jose right take a giant free considers huge youth real tabletop Center fuse for random mad science food hackery what should I be looking for refrigerated or not any manufacturers to avoid swing bucket or fix rotor I'd like to be able to try out things like making and vegetable butter tomato water and clarifying stocks in juices are tabletop models going to have enough to handle this range of things questions have you ever experimented with Mitch. Clarification centrifuge I can imagine being able to get a beautiful clear stock but is there a flavor lost I don't know if you don't if you don't know I can do that experiment myself once I've acquired my centerpiece okay what should you be looking for

is nice I mean I love having refrigerator on my Center fuse but that said

and there are some products that is very is very helpful to have but it it as if I was going to need more power and it's a lot more space and the unit is a lot heavier so if you know if you don't need Refrigeration if you don't want it you can get a much more compact system without Refrigeration so and their ways to get around the refrigeration for instance putting your buckets in the freezer before you load them so that they're cold x y x y z does heat up quite a bit in a centrifuge as it's spinning and it's because of the incredible friction that's just generated by that but it being distinct spinning around in the area gets quite warm so we're talkin the product that goes in pretty close to room temperature can come out at body temperature really at the end of like a 15-minute Spinners in like that so if you have a product that you where the temperature is critical for instance butter

are spinning cream in into this kind of butter Mass which is Sunday Riley doesn't that the WD 50 or has done then Refrigeration is probably a good idea or thing is because of the immense friction the centrifuge can chill very very rapidly so one of the advantages that I think of having Refrigerated unit is you know we'll do juices when we're doing juices I usually blend in or whatever fruit it is in a bite of prep along with the enzyme until it's slightly above water water body temperature that means the enzyme works almost instantaneously and we can spend right away I don't have to wait for the enzyme to break down stuff at lower Ridge temperatures now if you have a refrigerated centrifuge it chills that product as it's spinning extremely rapidly down to refrigerator temperatures just because they're such good heat transfer because of the immense amount of airflow that you're getting across the buckets when you're when you're spinning so Refrigeration

if you can afford it in terms of space and in terms of money then I would get it mean that's that's that whether or not any manufacturers to avoid I really only have experience with softball larger serve all units and width or Japan which I can't even remember something about that other than the fact it was awesome. Right as we had a Plexi top and there's some American there's some manufacturers here that I forget who likes in traffic on a freeway who makes those but there's a couple cops and they're kind of fun because you can get a strobe pack and shoot on the thing and then you know see the product that is clarifying it's not really necessary but it is fun but it wasn't

Buckethead stainless steel thin inserts it went into it that you can just use over and over and they were really really nice unit and really quiet smooth anyway so I'm most of my experience has been with wands and it's one is nice is a nice unit but it's their older because the companies out of business was bought by Thermo which makes still makes a lot of centrifuges and then and then the company was retired Brandon was retired Wiley uses head itch he seems to enjoy that and I think Tony Conigliaro in England also uses a headache and he likes it he catches out of Germany but you know all these guys at here's what I would I would say I wouldn't avoid a manufacturer in a new center fuse I would avoid certain types so I don't think you need as I look here here's everything so the question is fixed rotor vs. swinging bucket fixed rotor is going to be better

with things like pee butter and what not just because of the way layers are formed in a fixed angle rotor however you know most of the fix angle rotors you first of all you can put a fixed angle router into a 3L benchtop then you're not going to get three out of that you're going to get a much smaller yield and to buy a unit that can do three leaders that fix router it's going to be a much much larger unit and you're talking a lot more money for bang for buck and most useful all around go with the swinging bucket loaders because that's the clarification machine it works fine on nut Butters the countless countless too many nut milks are things of that nature I've never actually done the peanut butter recipe but I think they're dead when maxing Billy came to the school he did it in our Center food and seemed to work fine

but the fixed mangle rotors are good for a certain they're good for certain things and I do some fixed angle work again like my recipes that I work with are built around that Center fuse and its capability so I spend most of my time taking the recipes that that fit within those parameters so there's many things I'm sure that you can do that you know you can't now on stock I've never clarify stock in a in a regular stock in a centrifuge and I'm assuming that to do it you're going to require a lot of G's and let you do things like breakdown the gelatin in it or at other fining agents to it and then I'm assuming you be able to do it but your question is is is that you're not sure if they're going to be flavor lost there is always flavor lost in a clarification step me be clear on this there is always always a flavor loss and a clarification step the center for you by far is the least impactive

technique to clarify that I've ever used so you know a clarification strips out certain things and send a few strips out certain things but things like agar and gelatin clarification strip out a lot more egg whites strip out a lot more and how you clarify also determines how much is a script out so we even within a sling like a centrifuged is what I mean to say so I'll give you the friend since we do Gin and Juice is when the rest we could do at the bar and we clarify I used to clarify a grapefruit juice using freestyle with a Garmin so you know you used to grams per liter vapor juice you satellite agar gel you freeze it for you no tardo night and you let it thaw in the big pants and so you know we used to do you know litres in litres in litres in a time we did like for the MoMA we did a party for like fifteen hundred or more people at the MoMA and we it was just like gallons and gallons we filled all we took every hotel pan in the school and see

play with Frozen grapefruit juice but the grapefruit juice you get from that technique free stuff is extremely clean and sweet because a lot of the bitterness of the grapefruit is stripped out which is I guess they're ancient and it's stripped out in the agar clarification process so when you use when you make gin and juice using agar clarification freestyle or quick you do not need to add any simple syrup at all to the recipe okay when you do a centrifugal clarification on grapefruit juice where we use an enzyme to break down the pectin and then some very light fining agents kieselsol and kind of sandwiches on for wine clarification more of that inherent bitterness remains still script doesn't taste like fresh grapefruit I'd like by ages but much more remains such that I do have to add a small amount of simple syrup to that recipe to get it to work

so yes there is a stripping of Labor and sometimes I stripping a flavor is good for instance I wouldn't want full bitterness of grapefruit juice in My Gin and Juice because I think I'll be overpowering with the gin and with the carbonation soda carbonated so there's always up flavors that are removed sometimes it's a good thing sometimes it's a bad thing with the stock you know whenever I clarify stock I usually am doing a bunch I do regular freestyle clarification on stock is water downstairs not too much gelatin in there but like I said you could use a fining agent in in in conjunction with an enzyme called correlates with breaks down cordless breaks down gelatin the problem with you when we're done Tessa breaking down the gel and using just meet me at Proteus that's basically mia papa even other things does meat tenderizers the problem being that when proteins are broken down into very small fragments some of the fragments can turn bitter and unpleasant the small polypeptides and correlates is an enzyme that

designed specifically to break down gelatin into flavorless polypeptide so it's breaks them down in such a way that they don't cause bitter Or Nah flavors and that stuff is freaking amazing unfortunately but you take jellies. Hardcore jelly stop at a couple of drops of Korra least nothing melts out smelt smelt even if it's cold book gone and then you can reduce. We've been ridiculous things I take a gallon of stock and taking it down to it you know like just like almost until it's so intense doesn't set my cooled off so we use that for like he's incredibly intense kind of beef stock amazing I will get ahold of corlase except for I have not been able to sell Chris you know Chris at modernist Pantry can get his hands on some correlation time I would buy the hell out of him

turn up short hair you think about the same thing I got one more question I got to hit before we eat before we get kicked out of here

confused in Houston Co confusion Houston miles rights and I've been researching a hydrocolloid in particular methylcellulose since there are a bunch of different kinds of this stuff how can one tell which is right for a particular purpose for example if I wanted to make a hot melting jelly which type of methyl cellulose would I use and what about for stabilizing the phone thanks in advance okay great question and a lot a lot of this goes back to some original problems I had with recipes printed online and also with the bronze text Doris Lyon Metal Products in text or if they're all they're all good products are all high-quality products but the problem is is that they don't necessarily tell you what's in them so for instance and Franz

Joanne it just called it it's not just gel and it's a mixture of two different kinds of Joanne Hyattsville John Lennon Lewisville jail in that's I guess I'm sort of compromise that you can use to make fluid jealous but also has a somewhat gelatin characteristic when it's used as a gel and its own right and I'm pretty sure it's been a billion years and I'm used to but I think it's basically 25% of the highest gel and which is the stretchy weird one and 75% of the low-a so which of the brittle of clear you know one that's good for flu just so I'm methyl sell a used to know it one time and I forgotten what is the what they're actually using in that now there are many different producers of methylcellulose methylcellulose is one of the few unnatural hydrocolloid set we use and by that I mean methylcellulose does not occur in nature it's a it's a drive product from cellulose from the manufacturer of cotton thing like this and

so you're not naturally occurring but they're not that doesn't make them evil it just means they don't occur in nature but there are a zillion different kinds there's straight methylcellulose there is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose there's there's a there's a bunch of different ones the ones that and there are several manufacturers of it the ones that I use and have used are manufactured by Dow and Dow Dow was brand name is methocel m e t h o s e s e e l methyl sell those are the ones that most chest right there recipes and run-down methocel the good thing about that is that Dow has online or they've used to it if they don't I can e-mail or put on I think a bunch of technical documents on exactly what they all do so any recipe that you get you should try to convert it into the type of metha cell that you want you just do property that you allude to with a metrocell there has

is that one of very few things that as it's heated becomes a gel gel says it's heated and melted it's cooled this is led to a lot of people including Wiley and ideas in food and you know Nicholas Croce would have if you hadn't died before he figured I would let the cell would try and make things like hot ice cream things that things that are solid when they're hot and then you put it in your mouth and it smells kind of an inverse thing of ice cream the promise I think it's a fundamentally flawed idea making hot ice cream because I can go into it later and I have time to go into why I think I had ice cream is fundamentally flawed idea but so it's very interesting product because of this way that it it says it's because it becomes less soluble agitated drops partially out of solution forms of jail now there's a wide variety of one in the met the cell line and not all of them form good gels but they're arranged in the order of how they gelso the most hardest gelling one but it actually be able to squeeze out a lot of water is the SG series and those are stands for super gelling

does hard jelly ones also gel at the lowest temperature the next series up and it's very very you know not that hot I forget the actual numbers a series so those are the two ones that are mainly used for gels and things like noodles at set when you squeeze him in the brats and all those think that's what those things those things excel at that kind of application and I use for that the other series I don't really use the K series that much better higher than that the Serie other series that I used the E-Series was discontinued the E-Series is good at film-forming people making crackers and biscuits out of the house I don't particularly like metacell E-Series but the one that I used the most is the F-series and that's the one that you use for meringues and for whipping so that's the one that's a good whipping it okay so the SGA series of the ones that you use for gelling and the F-series is the one that you use for like those meringues you dehydrate and and they stay nicely the other thing they're worried about

I'm at the cell the cell is the number that is after it so there's F50 for instance is the one that you want to use for whipping things that 50 is an all of the numbers after meth slrr measure of the viscosity of the product and it's made so 50 is almost an arbitrary units tee times at The Sky City of water at a certain country's bubble but okay so there's F50 but there's friend since you can get one like sg16 em right here's what freaking confusing I'll leave you guys at this because I'm going to kick us out of here in a second but yours was confusing they use a sun combination of Arabic and Roman freaking numerals right so s g 16 n right is actually an SG superjail with a viscosity of 16,000 because the m stands 4000 in in Roman numerals they also have some see ones that are

702 it's very confusing unless you just remember you got to choose the series you want and then after you choose the series you want you got to choose the viscosity that you wanted to be in the viscosity is going to determine also how hard the gel is going to be at the end because it's probably a longer there probably longer be no units of the probably a hard gel and also the viscosity of the stuff as your as you're working I hope that helps

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