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Episode 95: Intelligent and Tasty Cephalopods

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Bushwick Brooklyn in the booth how you guys do it was humans nice congratulations

each each by the way I'm looks like I'm horribly out of shape today on the Williamsburg Bridge Bridge Bridge sympathy what's going on I didn't say I'm late as a result of being out of shape I said I'm horribly out of shape mustache it creates conversations in her head and as soon as they've already taken place and it makes conclusions based on those conversations that she thinks is already taken place I can message me saying I'm late because I'm out of shape instead of leaving early I'm just merely stating the fact that I'm out of weight now continue with my story that has nothing to do with me being late on shape the sky passing me the beginning of the Williamsburg Bridge and he's on the straight away so I figure I'll catch up to him because I very where they could pass because I bike not because I'm in shape or because I'm athletic

matter which is the case but I get extremely angry when I ride the bicycle is this Tasha knows increase my physical abilities the British cannot believe it I'm going to have to go to some sort of training regimen the reason I'm late actually it because I didn't follow my own advice cuz I'm a moron to come here and do my research from her toes instead of doing it from home that's the reason I'm late nastasha for your information anyways because I have a reduced amount of time I promised I'd answer the question was can you use lucuma powder is there a substitute for Luca My Lou, is this a fruit I think some people think of the super food or something I don't know comes from Peru and I said that I thought I'd do something similar to it in Colombia and then we'll come back once I'm back and Columbia which I am now got back on Monday would you know maybe you could use instead or that I try to use of its property to figure out a substitution

turns out I was completely incorrect A Memory my memory was completely wrong when I research my memory when I got back because I didn't see anything similar to it what I remember is that Moustache you have to turn in for this into and out if you're up Zappos a second there it's not to tell and based on that there is a taste component to it is important but seems to me it's mostly the texture of it that's important cuz if it was a texture that egg custard fruit that can install CIA I can stop by the kind of stuff that was so kind of amazing and there is a producer of canistel that ships when it's in season which is I think December through March or may or something like that and they're in Florida if you going local and look up fresh Gardens they will ship fresh canistel anywhere in in the US

I don't think you're going to get a powder it's going to mimic those same things mean you could use it a hydrocolloid next to do it but that thing about the thing about the kind of style and I guess I'll Luc a moute I never use fresh if it's just extremely dense in custody on its own which is probably a combination of high fiber content low water content and I probably a number of strange polysaccharides that contribute to its consistency so you could try to get that texture just by jacking polysaccharides in it for instance locust bean gum or my local think I'm good for that cuz guars expensive now if you already have used to play for free Gwar from TSU gums or some form of thickener the issue when you thicken something is you some people say that you receive an increase of communist which is true the higher the concentration use the more a pound of gummy something is but sometimes that can be pleasurable it's just basically managing expectations what the temperature is going to be in messing around that to get the text right the other issue when you add hydrocolloid

is once you add them in enough the concentration to the truly thicken thicken thicken something your masking flavor and the only way to reduce that masking effective to increase the flavor profile of what your what Your using but I'll try to look into it more interesting problem I wasn't able to I wasn't able to get an answer for a side-by-side reviews of men but you you enjoy the day and Country stuff right delicious and by the way if you believe the the wiki folks can't spell actually taste better than the leukemoid shut they don't happen to go to the Loo, being that kind of stealth and I guess Peru where the pop is we're looking to pop popular how about that stuff we had was actually ship.

next question from response actually two are vegetarian gummy question from says hey guys I just thought I might be able to help with a question about vegetarian gummies and alcohol cause of being the person who wrote in 1 note-taking making alcohol gummy alcohol alcohol Center gummy but the thing is you need a two-shot mobile and you don't know where mobile is cuz that's not how to make sense anyone is the brand name of a n i d i n e d or whatever they're of confectionary machines that use starch molding so it's a it's a whole confectionery line that produces starch moles and then does depositing of candies into starts mold and Nicole mobile you can look up mini Mogul if you want to look up the sink and I D I start depositing look up mini mobile or their other other lines they using for depositing marshmallows Van De Anza jellies all that kind of stuff

so I need to make sure that both your outer gummy and your inner alcohol mixture have close to the same specific gravity does not really possible at home which I take it right for vegetarian chewy texture however I would try messing around with other starts with we talked about or Gum arabic his way to shortening I guess riddles replicated gelatin gummy and I personally don't like the cooling effect that comes with high levels mag'har that's add pectin if my favorite for gels has such a great favor release and texture thanks for everything you do Andrew and the one that you was really easy for you to do at home it's not starch it doesn't require a lot of cooking and I hadn't thought of is the one he mentions which is gum arabic Gum arabic is expensive what's interesting about gum arabic is his has an extremely high solubility so but yet means you have to use a preposterously high amount of gum arabic but that said you have

minimal taste impact with gum arabic on on your flavors so this is an excellent suggestion but I believe and I haven't had time to try this morning to research Arabic face but I'm pretty sure you're going to have to deposit it liquid into the starch mixture and then let it dry for a fairly long. Controlled environment I mentioned I believe starts molding once in the past and there is online available and 18 I think nine years are 19 tens or twenties handbook police in England are confectionery it's like the complete confection or something like that and it has an entire section on starch molding and how to accomplish it with techniques that don't require sophisticated equipment IE you can do it if it's not state-of-the-art because it's from over a hundred years ago but it's doable at home and it goes through the engine out to the molding starts and it's available free on Google books so that's only maybe you should look into

mother questioned several things at once Thanking us for circulation circulator info a jack Joanna session dates I've been really enjoying the show down here in Australia and have a few questions about freezing shelf light and tentacles after learning about rethermalizer which is what we call reheating so that the government doesn't get mad that we didn't reheated to an incredibly high temperature destroying all the flavor and texture but not have to worry about rethermalizer on your show using a thermal circulator has become an everyday part of our cooking it is greatly increase the Yummy House it's another ingredients for more elaborate dishes including wild mushrooms comfy and octopus they are prepared them Shield using good food handling practices including ice baths and flat pan for chilling for chilling then held at 2 degrees C overnight and pack and serve size portions using a chamber vacuum sealer flattening Frozen layer is no greater than 30 mm by the way

did this is kind of a love hearing that we've ever said anything that actually makes people food better write me nuts that to me is that's the best I love that they like that's that's the success that's you know before we had you know a bar any kind of place when we can actually surf things to people too directly take them hopefully make them happy but the only kind of satisfaction we got out of stuff as a people said that the information we didn't help so I like that the freezer set to -19 C which is roughly - 4 Fahrenheit for you guys I hear in Fahrenheit land and using the turbo button but we don't have a fan speeding to increase air circulation on the inside of your freezer which is a good idea I wish all freezers had kind of an increased circulation technique on the inside of the freezer to handle large loads like that when they couldn't is rated to handle 19 kg of freezing / 24 hours is a frost-free model made by mail leave her we would we get me a link between the fridges of here Dewey don't think so.

Europe yeah to minimize the freeze-thaw cycle by sealing the drawers and dehumidify my question is how long can I keep this Frozen stuff online guide say one month for stock 3/4 prepared meals and fish get the snap Frozen wild caught shrimp I have purchased have a shelf life of 18 + months what's the deal actually question what's the deal here's the deal the freezing shelf life that the Frozen shelf life of products and this is a dirty secret that no one tells you when you are looking at the shelf life of refrigerated product most people think what you're talking about is how long can it stay in the refrigerator and still be safe right because bacteria can still grow mold skin grow in the fridge and sew in the fridge shelf life is a safety concern however when someone is reading the shelf life of a product or actually rating two separate things their rating one is it going

safe to consume and to is it going to taste good right so there are plenty things that exceed their shelf life in the fridge or in the freezer but are still safe now in the fridge it actually is dual situation safety and safety and palatability in the freezer it's it's it's almost exclusively shelf I was almost exclusively based on is it going to taste good or cook well once it gets out and the culprits in a freezer R1 freestyle overtime right so they have to assume a general you know a certain kind of level of quality of your of your fridge freezer rather so annoyed freezers thermally cycle quite a bit and go up and down up and down home freezer not a hundred percent of the water in a product is frozen unless you're talking about pure water ice because not all of his Frozen anytime the temperature goes up and down some more of those concentrated basically everything that's in your meat like salt proteins all those things

starting a very concentrated solution they water increases and decreases and when every time it does smaller ice crystals inside of your product tend to grow because the smallest ice crystals typically are going to melt all the way first and then when they when they refreeze the fries back on to larger crystals to Ice Crystal size increases over time in the freezer and as a result of large ice crystals penetrate cell walls and what not and caused from what drip Los what you mean when you thought more of the inside juices of your prior to going to drip out when during your product more crappy to the longer. Of time it spins in a freezer that's open and closed a lot and goes through a lot of stuff freeze thaw Cycles the crap your product isn't so that's a major influence on shelf-life another a problem with shelf life is the things that are exposed to actual atmosphere on the inside of your fridge weather inside of a package or or not tend to what happens if they grow crystals on the outside and in a surface of the meat become dehydrated do is sublimation in recrystallization segments called

freezer burn and so this is a situation that deteriorates overtime right and so this is another reason why certain things have a specific shelf like you minimize this by reducing any opportunity for your Prada products surface to not be covered so if your vacuum bagging this reduces a lot of that or even if your bagging something and you remove most of the are such that all the surfaces in contact with a sling to prevent sublimation of water you're pretending that the third thing is is that because you're actually a concentrated solution and not totally frozen right certain oxidative change that other changes enzymatic can take place in the freezer in city of fats is one that's very well-known fast can become more rancid in the freezer at their story and you're reducing that by vacuuming at a high level of vacuum C1 high high level of vacuum you're doing this and that's going to retire those kinds of things are by increasing the shelf life on the inside of the freezer so the steps that you're taking right should ensure that you have a very long shelf-life right

one thing you should notice that freezing is not a prevention it freezing doesn't kill bacteria necessarily so the safety of a product when you go when it goes into the freezer isn't any better than it is when it comes out the freezer just rests kind of any sort of bacterial degradation during it's freeze time if you actually want to preserve things for a day near Infinity you need a freezer that actually does freeze all the way down to the point where everything in the projects Frozen and for that you need a super deep freeze like a friend to Mark Ladner has over there at the Del posto the keep saying that like - 79 I think Fahrenheit or Celsius I forget Which Wich in French is dang cold and most people can't do it home and then there there's no liquid water left in the substance at all and so in essence it's in suspended animation courses are tender but don't have the funniest case it seems to come out when cook conventionally for a long time and stews

my question is suppliers Victorian and West Australian sources I've worked out the timings in the book Under Pressure book and the modernist cuisine book result in an overcooked Pappy massive Falls to bits or do you laminate Swanson I want of a better word prior to sealing the legs are plans for 45 seconds in a big pot of water and sealed to a medium vacuum besides the octopus doesn't seem to influence the time that much of cooking but the comment about common across any cooking time is the legs seem to lose a lot of fluid it sets and sets in much the same way as a gelatin and they never seem to look like the pictures not that I'm complaining they still taste good and the Octo glue makes a great addition to sauces into and make some mean Ramen doing some tests that work at the timing needs to be reduced 1.1 to 1.5 hours about 25 to 30% of the recommended cooking times by the way under pressure I can sell it and that they're recommended octopus cooking is 77 degrees Celsius for 5 hours

Messiah seems to make these can be big Critters or where I come from with a 410A weighing in it over 1.8 kilograms which is like almost 5 lb for us Americans here besides seems to make little difference I think this is a result of the practice of tenderizing that first down here using a Freestar cycle or small cement mixer but I'm interested in your take on it change Cheers Cheers James from James see if anyone gets it to real food which is a Japanese supplier and which Yu-Gi-Oh haraguchi who now it's working here at Roberta's and has his own Ramen Shop used to be our supplier from True World and he wants got us a giant octopus tentacle before I forget to mention it interesting that no one talks about with octopus cooker

and then it was not used to think about quite a bit and only had a couple times to experiment with is that a McGee talk about we talk about a lot in Magee Magee classes next week at Harbor by the way next week cooking issues going to be harder to see if I got to see if we can do the show from Harvard though

you're insane anyway cuz we're doing the Harvard lecture again next week I'm sorry I got so many diversion started talking about the octopus like the smartest things like the one of the smartest things in the in the ocean they only live for like to like summer even shorter but like a big ones like to three years and then after they either the males after they do their business you don't even with the women they go see Niall and just start wandering around on the floor and let themselves get of the ocean start letting ourselves get eaten by anything that goes around to go it's cuz it's so what happens to males do that right and then eating and taking apart and stuff like that the female octopus whatever they don't give a crap anymore it's like literally like they just wander around on the floor of the ocean drunk and crazy and then get eaten the female octopus hold itself up like doesn't eat anymore and 6/3

it's funnel just a area like you're blowing water over the surface of its eggs to prevent a kind of parasites from attaching in to protect them in case the the poop hits the fan down there then as soon as the eggs hatch she wanders off and dies and stars whatever it's done yet so there's these weird things that are incredibly smart the kind of amazing they have amazing skin amazing abilities except Le pods in general which octopus is my favorite not to eat probably squid is my favorite to eat cephalopod then octopus cuttlefish being dead last in my in my cephalopod ranking of eating there like incredibly smart and if they believe for even like you know twice or three times as long as it's my feeling that we would have octopus Butler's on like in like aquariums on Motors I following us around like doing our work for us because they would have all to that much higher level of thinking and if they live in order of magnitude longer like 30 years

no question that they would have evolved to the point where they'd be out here just kicking our behinds left and right and it would be in little cages maybe marveling at how well we could unscrew a jar with are tentacles that you think they're really amazing creatures but delicious anyway something you might not know is that the different tentacles in octopus taste different right so they have dominant and non-dominant ten of Pentacles so that's an interesting fact about a salad there's no way to know and also the texture of the tentacle is radically different depending on where in the tentacle you get it so we did it compare to tasting with his giant octopus tentacle from the base at 10 all the way to the tips and it's been many years since we did it but I believe The Sweet Spot was somewhere like towards the first third of the of the tenant is not the same part even like the same part right that's the more rubbery Park SMR robbery park at mean like the same texture as the small part of The Lobster Claw you know the small part of a Lobster Claw has that weird texture yeah so the I believe the tip in Temple has that kind of texture

what makes sense if you think about it but you don't want them very base either I think it was that the bait like right around the first third and you could do that in this technical because it was crazy and so did similar to the way you did we did Japanese style we're slowly dip technical Point first of the curls into itself then put in a bag and vacuum and it does indeed release a lot of goo and this is the difference between oven cooking something or pot cooking something and doing it in a bag because the one thing that people always stop don't think about or rarely think about when the cookie in a vacuum bag is there's no reduction inside that bag at all and so what that means is all the juices are excluded from the meat itself and up in the bag that said so you're not going to get that concentration which is where that this is coming from that you get if it's kind of reducing and its own people overtime in an oven that said that I could go is delicious but I don't think there's any way that you can get around get around that as for the other problem you had which is the shorter cooking time

Madonna compared to study I know about freestyle which talking about before it's basically ice crystals rupturing the flesh so that when it thaws out it it it's going to drip but then also be more tender that works at it and so does that technically called beating the hell out of which is also practice buy some people but I myself have never won a comparative study of the non Frozen versus fresh octopus and I've never run a comparative study of a beating the hell out of her son not to beat the hell out of an octopus so I can't really speak to whether or not you are octopus a different from are octopus and by that I mean whether you are octopus a different from Nathan myhrvold octopus and Thomas Keller's octopus which of the two sources that excited that said some people like their octopus to be a Pappy mess which I I don't I I like a little more to thin in the octopus and it starts what do you like a mushroom s or more tooth yeah so it could just also be a matter of taste does one person is mush is another person's tender and so I think that's a nice way to say so I don't know if it really matter of taste I didn't time it when we

we literally did it by pulling the bag out of the water and squeezing it we also I believe it at a much higher temperature I don't think when we do our test we did our tests at 77 I think we did a good bit higher like 85 so I can't really speak to it but we did not cook for 5 hours there's no way on God's Earth we cook that thing for 5 hours just kept pulling out of the bag and squeezing it in our opinion the amount of time did make a difference based on size and the reason I say this is because the tips are the tentacles will definitely done for the base of the tentacle so the size didn't make a significant difference in our opinion but that also could be that the different parts of the muscle we're different so we didn't test we didn't basically you were smart switch box we should have done is is taking me octopus tentacle and section get all the way down in exactly the same sized strip all the way down in case it along the length but you can't do that either because octopus muscle the way it's structured it say it's when they call it a hydro stat hydraulic hydrostatic

some like that of the word for the way I can push muscles work and same way that our tongue works our tongues are articulated so we can move them in any direction even though there's no bones and so there's a particular muscular arrangement in a knock the same as an elephant's trunk that allows that to happen and so taking an internal portion of its not going to be the same as taking the external portion so you can't win turns out as usual nastasha you can't win. Did you get the pictures of Piper to did it and as in a shout-out to someone who's going to buy the bannocks clean the band play salsa from dancing down the housing The Blaze going really well and I've used the units are 25 years older still going strong make sure you get a 240-watt for home use that ass power that make some games with my commercial voice with a Class A drivers brake shoes

so you tell Sean to do with your rock and roll

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pressure cooker cooking issues radio show I'll be offline and seriously time delayed by the podcast the question maybe more for David because it's a she doesn't care I've been experimenting with an 8-quart Kuhn rikon pressure cooker I would now like to start making healthy quantities as. I had that means big I'm looking for a cooker between 28 and 30 quarts to date I have been able to find hookers in that size since my stove is induction I need stainless steel cookers are one of the stainless steel bottom plate do you guys know where I might look thanks in advance Co at my house no there is as far as I know no easily purchasable pressure cooker that is that large other than the ones made by American like American pressure cooker American just Wisconsin Foundry they make the large ones in the Starship We have one with the screw down things in the Builder

by the way what you're hearing now is Miss Tasha's I get beaten on by Dave again if you guys heard even 1/12 of what she says to me off are you would have no sympathy I'm just saying that because that's her Ploy Ploy I looked it up this morning because I was like this guy needs it's actually because she she never know what you can take first thing that you're getting better insight into the Lopez mind here by the way folks which I appreciate it but there is a simple solution for you the simple solution is they say you can buy this it's preposterously overpriced but you can look online for the Max Burton 8 in induction interface disk and it's just a slug of stainless steel with a handle on it that you put in between induction burner and your stainless steel or aluminum in a pressure cooker and with that you can then they're also do Ceramics glass you can eat anything because

Dakshin burner is instead of heating your pot directly is heating a steel slug in between your pot and think it's not as efficient or as fast as as abnormal reduction a pot right cuz you're not here in the pot directly but it is still fairly efficient and I haven't tested it myself but should be fairly fast not as fast but fairly fast won't be on obviously I have to go take a long time for the heat to travel through ceramic no matter how supplied but they charge of a hundred bucks for it which is an outrage you can just buy ass like a steel plate like eight by eight or like 12 by 12 you really want the fit the size of your pot you can you buy steel plate online stainless even stainless is nicer and it won't rust but anything like that a slug to put in there but look at so you can get the basic like look at how it looks Max Burton induction interface disk with heat-proof handle and that's your solution if you're worried about putting stuff inside of aluminum cuz you think there's a station you although I cook in aluminum quite often do you know buying certain meal

play whatever you can put a bain-marie on the inside of it a large memory on the inside of one of those pressure cookers and still make a large quantity of stock or you can cook directly in the aluminum one last name if you have a lot of space money and power you can buy a used autoclave which is a medical piece of equipment that functions as a pressure cooker and you can actually use an autoclave as an extremely large pressure cooker but unless you have to keep it in the garage something like that but that's what they used the used Frankie the instrument company sells Auto claims are repurposed for kitchens and also I think I forget who makes him here Market Forge pressure cookers that are basically like autoclave their meant for kitchens but they're not often used outside of industrial institutional cooking here and in Europe they're used it like meals using sweetened on large amounts of potatoes hi Dave an assassin Joe and Jack this is coming in from army Scout and Norway

a few tips for the guy you asked about shrimp cakes and sausages Norwegian in Norway fish cakes are traditional Poppy Way of processing fish commonly made from cod had a component homemade fish-cakes invariably use egg flour and potato starch binder it is said to not using a binder renters and short that is grainy commercially made fish cakes use different binders like Tapioca And contain only from 40 to 60% fish however I've been experimenting on using a different approach wanted use as much as possible for flavor and I've been using a method adopted from research I've done on sausage making I read somewhere I think an article by Lynn can I buy Sochi Professor Ohio state that the meat department that regulates the pH value of meat is a good way of obtaining a good primary by and sausage I lost my computer crash and can't find it again so it's just from memory the article says they're relatively high ph and meet help-side solubilize myosin and meet It also says porch light and can result in me for the low ph value do proper chilling and also for animals that freaked out when they dye the pH can drop quick because they have enough glycogen in the fade away

the water-holding capacity proteins anyway I've used this experiment that uses information to experiment regulating pH of sausage meat and I usually incorporate sodium carbonate and assault about 1% by weight of salt the wonder whether he's actually sodium carbonate over there me to buy card not sure look up Harold McGee on sodium carbonate versus by raising the pH of the meat is greatly improves The Binding capacity the sausage sometimes too much is rubbery in those cases I add vinegar to the sausage meat mix well with loosens the texture again back to shellfish protein I view the same technique with fish cakes with good results and believe it be worth trying to think about this. I experiencing depression to the features important I don't know if it's because of pH what you're talking about there any reason we on the grind and stuffing and says using sausage stuffer but they're expensive because the auger in a meat grinder heats up the meeting and you can buy inexpensive sausage stuffers in this country if you go to like Harbor Freight on Northern Tools are grizzly and buy sausage stuffers are intended for hunters and as well built as the normal kitchen once but the work you can buy a 5 lb sausage stuffer for under

hand crank for under a hundred bucks I think okay so the article he's talking about what you should read is by Lynn Lynn canipe knipe meat export Research Center of Iowa State University which is why you had problems and it's called the use of phosphates and sausage read it and it says a lot about five states with increases the water-holding capacity and also helps fat emulsification by altering the ionic balance in that so go ahead and read it and he will be in New York in February March of next year are there any classes you can take and then have nastasha look into that and we'll talk about it next that I don't know where my glasses are they tell me like a day before another show up and cook them kindly about milk how do you all I love making custard base ice cream I understand it temporarily egg yolks is normal procedure especially for food safety are there other benefits to tempering the Davidsons brand pasteurizing and skip the tempering altogether also I live next door to a dairy farm milk and cream my country living folks tell me that she still pasteurize raw milk so I never bothered going there I've never had raw milk does it really tastes much better

first of all on the custard ice cream there is a difference between like ones that haven't been cooked out and ones that have if you look at a time on glaze base is thicker than if you just blew into the ingredients together so I've never tasted side-by-side same recipe cooked normally versus not cooked okay but they cook taxi to a non glass up like 82 for 15 minutes in a few Celsius for 15 minutes and it and circulator however I'm assuming that you're going to get a faster meltdown in the one that hasn't been cooked out just because there's a higher viscosity in the one that has been cooked that said Sam Mason who's like ice cream genius like you know like it like an ice cream Savannah almost he's crazy ice cream delicious doesn't like the taste of cooked eggs and it's custard and doesn't cook there for the custard and I just start experimenting with low temperature basically pasteurized my ice creams at like 60 degrees Celsius is 62 degrees Celsius in Columbia last and they're great so you know I don't think that there's you can make and

and makes the most delicious ice cream that ever had in my life and that stuff he doesn't he doesn't cook it out so I think it's mainly a safety issue and when I cook for myself Henry I just take the salmonella risk and eat it without pasteurizing but I've been having a good for pregnant people recently so I packed right stuff out now like 60 doesn't taste worse I am going to defer to and mendelsohn who wrote a book on milk and her argument on raw milk vs not raw milk is incredibly well put and she basically says that most people who talk about raw milk vs pasteurized milk come out of from some crazy perspective other than taste and she is a taste worse and she said she's had that most pasteurized milk that you get it's also homogenized pasteurized milk by the way is bad in the supermarket compared to what the best milk can be however I'm just having a few raw doesn't make it better the best milk she's had have been raw milk but they've been from you know very small

Black producer to take a lot of care have the right kind of paused it had the right kind of feed and X Y and Z so her main point which is the best point and in so rarely read food writing where people come out if what I think is the correct point of view which is it's not it's not starting from me a preconceived notion of what's Bashi say hey taste is the notion that I'm shooting for what makes it taste better so she's had horrible raw milk and she said fantastic raw milk and so go read her discussion of it in her book on milk and see what see what you think Chris Young from modernist cuisine you interesting points out that it tastes as a matter of taste in Africa right Everyone likes the taste of what we think is ridiculously overcooked milk and you tried to give them milk at a store close to coming out of the cow is possible they would think it's awful because they prefer the taste of cooked milk so tasteless taste well I was doing this I looked up a website called out real milk which is a chill out for a law firm called Marler Clark and this is love

the deals and food poisoning so they're big on they make they make money based on but suing people as a result of food poisoning That's at tell you it's weight but they have some interesting things in from them I got to the CDC the CDC is on a basically a crusade now to stop people from wanting to ask for raw milk because they see if there's a huge surge in popularity in raw milk now I'm on kind of Health Crunchies and then taste Advocates and so they have a big thing so look up real raw milk and a point to these two cases of kids I would never survive, by the way to like a young kid because if they get an E coli breakout problem with a young kid there's lots of things you wouldn't serve two young kid other than just raw milk because of the possibility of a breakdown kind of fully go through online and it's hard to find is CBD intensive September 28th 29th of this month I don't think they're doing hydrocolloids anymore

but if enough people that are not we're supposed to teach one called cooking issues but like we never never think I'm going to have to go more into this password station. Password station and in health and not next week but I would like to point you to a website before we go. Just when I was researching the stuff came across an. They are NHS which is the National Health Services of Britain by the way I grew up completely frightened of because my you know my parents while you're I grew up my dad Nation among the doctor in my stepfather's doctors I grew up in time of doctor he kind of a household and I'm not going to have time to go into this with basically so that you know when I was a kid they were like you know you think that the Healthcare in Britain is great but if you're over the age of 65 and you need dialysis they like to die this is back in there like 80 sided is probably not the case anymore and any whatever it is I'm going to get some calls on this crap but an interesting websites put out by

NHS is called how to read Health news choices behind the headlines and one of the articles in his how to read the health news by Alicia white and we need a website like this in this country where it's basically they go and they debunk all of the health-related claims that are made in the new so like a big news story hits like gastric bypass surgery surgeons in the UK and then they'll go and they'll be like now it's not actually serves because we're a nation of liking of millions and millions of people and you know it increased from like a thousand to 3000 so yeah it's like three 300% more but that still like a drop in the bucket stuff like that and they they actually break down studies and wider crap and then also say how the news media is misinterpreting scientific studies and not doing the research so anyone involved in healthcare

and health and research in the US should check out how they're doing it in Britain and we'll talk more about that hopefully we'll get a comment on it and it's called behind the headlines on the NHS website out of NHS UK look up how to read Health news by dr. Alicia white and and that maybe we'll talk more about it next week if I'm back next week I might have to skip a week kind of weather we have time when I'm at Harvard I don't think so good night Tuesday night so they may

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