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Episode 93: The Role of Plating

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hello and welcome to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold Mustachio the hammer Lopez Imports Jack and Joe in the engineering Booth how you guys doing

good night my phone is trying to find someone who's willing to move the crap out of our studio area in Brooklyn in the back of Milk Bar commissaries to 154 Eldridge Street Which Intel eater actually showed up they did not believe that we were not trying to open Other Bar their name and they showed up for like here's one desk here's another desk look at our test AR test but anyway turns out that movers here in New York unlike when you move it yourself is what does Josh and I had to do last time make you put everything in a box like it's how the hell do you put a big piece of equipment in a box must listen to go get giant like washing machine boxes put Avenue

set up other than I get to destroy the Earth little more they don't want to scratch the inside of a moving truck with stuff that they're moving this is it this is happening in the real life this is what's really happening

okay then pair my quirks and we're doing well and that you were breathing do you know about our fundraising for the shamelessly plug that right now and he's got a whole bunch of stuff September 9th at Roberta's from 5 to 8 p.m. it's our first fundraiser 150 that is Heritage Radio Network. nice and we'll take some of our techniques and put your money where your mouth is with our beverage red shirts and dumb

bunch of other chefs would be really cool nice nice and it's here at at the at the Roberto's Pizzeria in the backyard if you never made the check out to Brooklyn now's your chance. You can't cross that River and maybe in the Jesus may be working here that I'm just putting that out there I don't know yet Mustachio you're going to come to the gate right yeah so you can come see nastasha and like I think everyone should wear their best hipster outfit to come at the Jesus Infinity Jesus actually shows up straight first of all if you re be if you read the

kind of a man are the apocryphal gospels like one of the things Jesus used to get in trouble for all the time with feeling people on the Sabbath to do things like you know cure people on the Sabbath that's one of things I got in trouble for the weekend. And before that I missed a couple weeks ago Berryman Casey Road in something I got this question on Twitter clearly I am over cooking or people are over cooking shrimp in a shrimp boil I didn't talk about this shrimp sausage corn onion potato garlic in Zatarain's spice perfect sous-vide time MSP you like it might have to wait don't cook shrimp sous vide just cook all the parts separately perfectly and then recombine them at the end yeah yeah you're right I did I talked about shrimp shells delicious delicious shrimp shells that's right

all right all right. I got you covered but I know this I did not mention Pavlov at have one love or pad one off on the Twitter sending a picture to us how he cooks 25,000 lobsters in a five-day period at a festival in Maine using something that look like a steam cook giant kind of steam cleaner huge pieces of equipment send his exact word is I felt bad until I ate them hopefully he did not eat all 25,000 the most I've ever eaten in one day is 10 and that was the same day I found out I was allergic to cherries so they thought it was lobsters for a long time that I was allergic to until cherry season came around the next year and sent me to the hospital again crazy right now I need you that I don't know cleaner crafts equipment for a living there used to be in Oshkosh every year in Oshkosh Wisconsin There's what's called a fly and we're all all the kind of experimental aircraft Luna takes from all over everywhere and also the old warbird

nutty's and everything show up and they fly in and Oshkosh airport is for that couple of days the busiest airport in the world and you go there and my dad used to fly seaplanes a lot so we used to go to the seaplane party which is a little off the way because he had a lake and those guys had a giant like brought beer brats in 55 gallon drums and corn that they would cook in the steam cleaners that they would use to steam clean Parks like giant steam cleaned corn that's what I used to think maybe that's part of what influence me to get to use dumb equipment to I cook with what you think now onto current questions hi Dave Anastasia and Jack shout out to Indy Jesus and I'm going to have to add the shout-out to Joe remember guys give the shout out to show he he is a singer in a he's a frontman of some sort of like hardcore punk band true or false true. Heard any of the music on the radio program maybe one of these days

so if you don't give him a shout out he is going here he is going to come find you very much right I'm extremely scary person as well to the arrest me mine on satellite odds are you don't and he's a scary man you'll come find you I'm just telling you how you should give me a shout out that's all okay, free I was free for me not for you anyway a link to the copy of my ebook it's a long time listener and having a ask you a question on the show before I was hoping was okay to ask a question slightly away the tech side of things and more on Aesthetics and subjectivity extent you thought about the presentation of food affect the experience of eating it weather is something you see is critical to a dish and is there any examples or anecdotes you have relating to food either looking horrible and tasting amazing or vice versa beautifully presented but let down in flavor I personally think the setting you're in and the Aesthetics of a dish can potentially have a big psychological influence on your enjoyment of the

call City flavors first and foremost if I can make a delicious dish with nice and great I will but of altering its look compromises flavor I wouldn't I wonder what your thoughts might be and also if there's anything you might favor stylistically in food a presentation question I think there is a very famous Spanish Chef very famous Mercurial Spanish Chef actually that knows and I were doing anything was known I might have been even before nose is it not I think those are there anyway is this huge event we had at the French Culinary Institute years and years ago and I all the bigwigs were coming up for Ron and and one Roca and all these guys have another very famous Mercurial Spanish ship and you didn't know anyone in the man to complete the he's he's very he's a he's a gentleman one will come someday I'll get to go to the restaurant

Android to the brother pastry chef very nice people anyway so this is well-known for kind of like hyper presentation with you know like lots of tweezers and what not you know did Tiny like you're early on adopter of the live like the micro mini micro micro micro green tininess and he literally said during his demonstration and it's stuck in my head forever that it is not only important for the food to look good it must taste good also and this stuck in my brain and I have not been able to pry free because it's exactly backwards it's exactly backwards it is important I like it's not only important that the food tastes good it's important that it looks good to that is a true statement right but I ain't my problem with food it's for presentation only as I think it leaves to especially

what are in an era right now where you know a lot of food work is done on the Internet it's done in books it's done on television programs and it's done in demonstrations and so there's a lot of work that's done that where you can tell that it was done for the look and not necessarily for the for the for the taste if I wanna call it you know cooking for demonstrations like you specifically make it so that it looks good and photos are in books or in in demos and I mean I'm not saying you shy away from the person that's why I like in a demo I think it's important to give taste out so that people actually know that we know what you're focused on is cooking and the flavor now I think that you know look at your cooking at home it's it's one thing if it has to look appetizing I don't really do a lot of plated work at home except for I are you still on special occasions but I don't really do it at home and home it's more about you know something that looks app

Rising but you know in a Homestyle but when you're doing a demo or a dish or a cocktail I think it's a very important to have to have it look enticing an appetizer or in a cocktail scenario that have the print the presentation of making it be something that wets the person's appetite for what you're making and it looks good looks compelling and there are dishes that obviously they your enjoyment of them is incredibly augmented by how they look things can be enchanting captivating just in there look and then that makes it makes an already good tasting thing taste better but nothing is worse than something that they've obviously spend a billion years making it look great and there's no flavor to it or or the flavors clash and they don't work we've had to have a Dodge right do you enjoy that she's nothing

places good guys going to move our stuff so Kudos and there's another side to it which it is also true and you lose to in in your question and that is that I have things that we have made that are freaking delicious like delicious right and yet I won't ever serve them why because they're hideously ugly like a drink that looks like a murky Brown massman and not like brown a good sort of whiskey weigh like just nasty and so yes there are there are situations where you know looks Trump how good something tastes just because I say I won't be able to get it past someone's lips same way like I can make you a piece of chicken that looks like it's still bloody cooked through all the way no one will eat it why because it's visually repellent to them and so I think both both are important but I think you're you're going to steer yourself right if you focus on Flavor first and then after that like you know like how can this presentation be

best best achieved rent and that that's the second thing we have in from Eddie is a new book available I believe it supposed to be on the iPad through your to your iTunes and it's called modernist which modernist vegetarian write me look at the exact title of the book because I downloaded it and it's I read it read it fully because I only got it this morning but I looked through all the recipes and a lot a lot of a lot of interesting recipes from that you can use without a lot of heavy-duty equipment some require a lot of heavy-duty equipment but you know very well very well clean photograph lot of interesting stuff and I think we are one of the first times I seen someone exclusively try to do a modern a modern take on a game strictly vegetarian on the iTunes sent to your iPad and then decide whether you want to pay the poultry meat

699 so it's not a giant when he uses quite a bit I should I haven't used I'm ashamed to say it we haven't experimented with it is pure b790 which is

you know something from National starch and I can use to make like films and letters and glasses and stuff we had already claimed I don't think too much. Maybe I shouldn't I hate it when someone bring something out like this and I should have used anymore. So what will try to get some practice in with the pier code p790 and we appreciate that gave me a shout out on a couple of techniques in the book one thing is on your methylcellulose I'd like to know are you using F50 it looks like you're using a 50 remember to always call out the Brand's the mess of cell that you are using this is a shout out to Michael in Oakland I still have your lucuma pure a problem on my mind but I'm going to wait to answer till I get back from the Columbia because I'm going to mess with leukemia leukemia variance while I'm down there and figure out really good solution for that was my first commercial break call 849-721-2897

add a photo of an embrace you or ask you to listen to I wish I were twins by Buxom lipstick 146 year old multi-generational Family Farm and work in cooperation with nature to produce Artisan Meats food safe healthy nutritious and good to tell you who you do live production practices or economically practical ecologically sustainable and that the animals are always humanely treated remember poultry and I'll determination to conduct our business in an honorable manner more information visit White Oak pastures. Com

I wished I would twin mattress in hey David Stars I recently bought a centrifuge on eBay and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or resources for cool things I can do with it there a few ideas in modernist cuisine but I want to take it further also do I need to buy special bottles for the rotor will a basic mason jar excetra do the trick I see their centerfuse bottles for sale around the web but they are expensive and I hate to lay down that kind of cash if I can go cheaper any thoughts Matt okay. Put a mason jar in there do not put a mason jar into your centrifuge couple of things I need to know before 4 I go on congratulations first of all on the centerpiece purchase

I use a centrifuge every day and we do mainly juice clarification with it you're going to need to go out and buy the enzyme pectinex Ultra SP which is available at modernist Pantry. Com even though it's like a story anyways, and you're going to need that with your centrifuge to do a lot of the clarification work assuming that you have a lower Speed Center fuse remember the guy that modernist cuisine have a center fuse I can easily do like 48,000 times the force of gravity most likely yours doesn't do that if it does do that you definitely shouldn't think about putting a mason jar anywhere near it second thing is is the center for you you need to make sure that the rotor and buckets are in good shape that they're not dented or messed up thirdly you need to clean the hell out of that Center to you if you need to bleach the hell out of that Center fuse I need to take the rotor and pressure cook it to get rid of any sort of biological craziness it might be going on and then

the hell out of it again I think that large amounts of bleach soaking will kill almost everything I need to I need better information on how to properly sanitize something against prions for instance if you don't know what was in the centrifuge you have real problems second of all I don't know what kind of like again what kind of centerfuse you have But the bottles that go into centrifuge rotors are there tough for a reason they're going to go under go a lot of stress I spend directly in my bucket's right although I'm the only guy that does it everyone else is like really spend the night in the Box on Mikey S I spent directly in the buckets

never let detergent touch your pockets because it's at Urgent can negatively affect the aluminum buckets I have purchased expensive centrifuge bottles and I have found plastic bottles that work in Center fuse rotors but they tend to feel somewhat so it's like a back BFDI I had a super speed centrifuge that I could do like 20 mm time is the force of gravity in safely and we used to use ketchup Squeeze Inn in that saying and the ketchup squeeze it worked okay rice does there once in awhile they would collapse and then they would collapse and then guess what they collapsed so it's a matter of be careful go on to cooking issues. Com look at the center for you section specifically related to safety you need to be safe with a centrifuge need to balance a centrifuge before you spend it and don't put anything in there that can break and fly apart and there's a couple things right there's not just like the broken glass in your sanity if you break something in a centrifuge

and then you go on balance Senior Center fees becomes unbalanced which then becomes a secondary danger so you have to really make sure that everything is okay and in Tip-Top shape so here's the thing I think I mentioned this on the radio show couple times is that when I whenever I go to demos there are those like yo I'm through a tech demo and I'm like okay well can you get me can you get me a centrifuge and I was like no unless it's Japan the Park Hyatt Tokyo baller even the Starship by the way the Stars yet does not like basically thinks that everyone is like a useless moron pretty much

right Master say so for her especially people that help us out and demos no offense to those of you to help us out and trucks like the Japanese guys at the Park Hyatt it was the only time I've ever heard of a man like that means you walk on water that's like that's it you know I mean you're like that's it okay so they're expensive and they're not yet in a lot of kitchen so not a lot of kitchen people have access to them now Center fuse I use at the booker and Dax and at the lab and if the school they're all basically the same unit 1 at Wylie has same style unit most people are using your cracked Chad and Christy test on Christy Pope same same time

benchtop does 4000 * the force of gravity right and that's what I've always called The Sweet Spot in center fuchsias now that is unreasonable for most people at home because it's too large and expensive you're not going to use it that much right that's clearly and kind of the divorce / break up with your significant other for bring it into the house kind of range of things to do is to bring a centerfeed like that into the house even I do not have one of those suckers in my house and I have pushed very far with weird crap in my house before there is a centrifuge I just purchased it take with me to Columbia that I'm going to run some tests on this week and see whether or not it's okay it's available Amazon Prime for under two hundred bucks and it it only does adding 1300 * the force of gravity but I've done some initial experiments with pectin Excel Ultra sp-l clarifying AIDS I think I can get it to work at that level not as well and not as fast as the one that I have it at the back but pretty good also

the cool thing when they said if you just very small so it really does a small amount at per spin it does a hundred and twenty milliliters per spin which is a little over 4 oz and this is useless for a bar because please for ounces come on but for testing at home and for making a couple of drinks for you know you and your family at this could be a viable thing to at least let you play with centrifugation and what you can do with it and so I'll be testing this week the $180 you know

120 ml centrifuge weighs 10 lb and is less than a foot on each side so could be good right I'll let you guys know next week whether it works or not I hope it does because otherwise I'm out two hundred bucks so I have her around 7:06 we go to demos yeah

I'll carry the weight you can scrap it to my back I'll carry the world okay okay it's in about a couple things carpano Antica formula vermouth which one of my favorite out of it at the bar even though it's a certain extent capano Antica formula vermouth and I've been enjoying Manhattans with like never before my problem is it by the ounce to take a long time to go through a bottle you should drink more Rob that's the problem I'm not I'm not advocating that okay

the bottle is kept in my refrigerator with a vacuum and stopper but it takes on an oxidized flavor towards the end of the bottle and takes a lot of room how would you recommend I R E Bartlett I have a bottle Capper for glass bottles and a CO2 tank available to other lower proof liquor is like Lele Koke Americano dubonnet or aperol be stored in similar qualities are under refrigeration and intercept equation with does an excellent question vermouth definitely does oxidized and it is a problem we come across in the bar all the time I wouldn't use here's a problem CO2 if you purge out with CO2 your app to get like a light tingling and eventually in in in the bottle what we use in the bar we make about a Manhattan we do about a Manhattan we dilute the vermouth in in the whiskey and ends up being a lower proof when we're done then the vermouth was on its own I think about the same but they thought is that it

guys even more in in a pre diluted Manhattan then it does and its own bottle and so we have to have a way to keep them from oxidizing so all of our low proof things like vermouth in the bottle anything like that not only do we store it very cold actually a little bit below freezing but not below its own freezing point is will drop a little bit of liquid nitrogen into the bottle open liquid nitrogen will then rest the cap on top and you'll see a bunch of vapor coming out of the top of the bottle that's Pershing out the air and then as soon as it stops I actively pushing nitrogen out week appt it right there other commercial systems based on nitrogen that you can buy they're fairly cheap like wine saver and that you can use the purge out the headspace if you prefer to headspace out of your drink and cap it you're good to go here is the problem nitrogen we use it and

connection forms are sitting on top of the drink and getting all the air out nitrogen itself is actually slightly nitrogen is slightly lighter than air force going to float out of the bottle and so you can't actually just don't liquid nitrogen into it and then I'll wait a long time and then cap it but you can buy on the internet you can just look it up you can buy argon Bae system so if you look at roughly the the molecular mass average molecular mass of air it's about 28.97 right so oxygen heavier than are in need of Persia. Heavier than the average are nitrogen slightly lighter carbon dioxide heavier so you could actually roll carbon dioxide in there slowly and Purge out the air which is how I make carbonated cocktails but again and that will work I'm just worried that you might have a little residual kind of a pringle thing I looked right it might work you over like just like like snuff some carbon dioxide in there a couple of times The Purge out the headspace and then cap it mean that would technically work but Oregon

is real moneymaker rocking in at 39 39.9 as a molecular weight is heavier carbon dioxide but much heavier than air you can buy fairly cheap little argon cartridges and purging units on the internet on the Amazon and you can use that The Purge out all of your bottles if you want to just do it the way that you said you're doing it mean that you have with carbon dioxide don't want to purchase anything extra I'd be interested to know how that works but we I don't do it to aperol by the way after I was the one thing on that list that I don't really worry about how so don't worry that much about my dubonnet but maybe I should we definitely worried about Coqui Americano we definitely worried about our delay and we definitely definitely definitely worried about our carpano especially after it's been mixed with with with booze and diluted I'll say this we have run tests for a couple of weeks with diluted

Moe's in bottles that have been Ln purged and I would like I say recommend argon perhaps CO2 and then capped with no oxygen demand they are dead stable at least under Refrigeration their dead stable so you can handle it and and it's okay especially you said you had a bottle Capper right yeah you got a bottle cap for glass bottles but you're done I have to remember in my head whether carpano will accept a bottle cap with the cap on a bottle accept a bottle cap champagne bottles except 78497

to remind me something that's free for you and me and the Russian guy

you're listening to Russian Lullaby by Plexus probiotic

go back to cooking issues we have a call or call or you're on the air

hi Dave this is Mom what type of clothing from from Germany had a couple of equipment questions just quit and recommendations I was looking for the first one I was for what we was calling the UK a pop to buy think he was cool in the US at Grill has any have to like listen to them for half an hour about grilling vs. BBQ if you don't want to do it and it was okay I had a long time but I'm getting some need to get a new one basically, I moved countries in the old one behind side Cyclery. Any good ole or Avail much of a muchness

adjust the Cole height effectively in the shape is kind of allowing a pile of coal to radiate out to kind of other side there also relatively inexpensive which I think why a lot of people use them for me with grills I prefer like a nice heavy great that can that can really absorb a lot of energy and then and then give it back but a lot of it about versatility I always want the biggest Grill I can possibly get the flip side of having a giant Grill is that you know you basically need to fire the whole thing or or you lose lose a lot of people out of the grilling I tend to do a lot of super high heat grilling like very fast especially like finishing off sous-vide and stuff like that you note so at any rate like larger grills give you more versatility because if you're going to do a high low situation or have the Kohl's in one side and cook in the other you have more space to do it

but the problem is is they tend to consume a lot of charcoal so if you're only going to be cooking for no more than sort of the absolute Max but usually more like but sometimes have a safe to eat and Grilling for two is it is it is a giant giant difference never used any of the smaller like theoretically more fuel conserving grills like for instance that the egg with a lot of people seem to like yeah I thought I was on that key and Alex's blog

yeah but but I mean like hardwood charcoal how much is that expensive in Germany or no you play the eggs can be up to like five six hundred euros that's quite expensive for a grill is really a lot about how you handle it I would go for one with a big with a nice like I like cast I like the cast iron grates are not necessary but I like him a lot better than those thin wire crafts and I usually go for a larger size just going to give me more flexibility just be willing to suck up a lot of extra charcoal cuz you're going to go through a lot more charcoal than you ordinarily would I have never used a great that has like a grill has a really nice system for adjusting the height of the grill Surface by Bobby Flay told me once that he had one that did that and Stein garden once told me that he had one that that did that which would obviously be you

because it would allow you to get different Heats without having to lifted thing and Shuffle the Kohl's around which is everyone knows is a messy Pan the but yeah you know what like I like so I've used gas assist in everything right I mean like everybody knows that cause great but sometimes just want to fire the sucker up and run right before right for coal and I don't know whether I was legally allowed to go either way or whether I literally just threw an extra great over top of the burners and went went crazy I think it might be the latter so that I could do it I'm a big fan of flexibility

and so you know if you're going to use the grill more often especially in the summer time if you have a gas thing on it you fire it up I mean the one issue with most gas burners is that they just don't have the that you need right and so you know in a few you know as I as I do believe kind of the modernist cuisine Mantra on what's going on which is at the flavor of green isn't really from the call itself but from fat dripping on said Cole vaporizing and coming up then if you have enough power in your burners then you can do something like that lava rocks onto it and then use those lava rocks to get that kind of feeling of the of the stuff hitting it and going out I think that most people's gripe with the gas grills is it did you not hot enough to get that kind of a of a thing to to happen to know what I mean

I don't think you're a bad person for wanting a Skrill action is as my wife broke my emotion blender which isn't too bad because it was crappy but she's she's she's she said she'd buy me that's kind of a combo compensation birthday present I pretty much have what I want what would you go for seeing as I don't think you even tell anyone yet I only have we not crappy ones I don't have really the good ones I don't have a good one either seems to be the one that it's the only one I've heard people say that they everyone loves having an immersion blender but I've never had anyone say that they actually liked the one that they have the exception is the band

the downside of the bannocks is that it it obviously they the shaft doesn't pop off of the band next to clean his kind of the one the one downside and has the upside from I just didn't ever haven't used it is that it's got a lot more clearance around the bell for for fluids to go in and out and one of the main problems for the first main problem with with immersion blenders is splashing in improperly sized cups of 9 of liquid the second main problem with them is cavitation around the bell in thicker products for instance you know I use immersion blenders to do pancake batter you know stabbed is but I do you know what I mean and and you get a lot of cavitation issues with the standard stamped steel bells that are on most kind of consumer-grade immersion blenders and the and the bannocks 4-prong open kind of Blade guard I think it's not going to have as much cavitation problem

as those Michelle if I had to go out and spend my 99 bucks on one I probably get that not have been tested it I might take the jump and get it also like some of the other ones like I haven't had a KitchenAid now and I don't hate it but I don't love it came with a bunch of other attachments which I don't even know where they are I've never used them a price difference between apartments in the KitchenAid that ready isn't going to be one when you buy a half I never seen someone use one of those nothing looks more ridiculous than using that Whisk on the end of an immersion blender crazy and eventually the eventually that the connection starts going Wonky where it clicks in and so now mine makes awful grinding noises when I when I when I'm using it so all set I do like being able it makes

makes me a lot about maybe a lot lazier to just pop off the end of the stick and put it into water so I'm not going to lie to you and say that that is not a benefit but I might go with the BMX the next time around roboku makes an incredibly expensive commercial one where the actual Bell pops off to clean which seems like it would be nice but I believe bamix also has the feature that you can remove the blade is that true

I think so yeah yeah that seems like it's going to be a bad idea because it seems like something's going to break their but the biggest downfall even with the removable stem immersion blenders is trying to clean underneath that blamed for the hassle and so the ability to remove that blade assuming that it's not a failure point for the mechanism which obviously it has a possibility of being would be a huge Boon to cleaning I detest cleaning out the bottom of the blades of immersion blenders that's what I do for a living if you're looking for a small-scale tablet press that the thing you want is Coda Reva VA minipress r i v a mini press the probably be there about 10 if you can pick one up from a pharmaceutical company

ocean and it will probably be pretty clean and I have to have loved books and stuff for when you using them to produce products so I wouldn't worry too much in terms of too much until the contamination as long as you can kind of get ahold visibly clean and then and then why to email clean it with her some some solvent something like isopropyl alcohol or something like that you probably won't be too bad to go washer size smaller

I'm trying to think about something about the life I've probably the size of a floor sanding Apple Mac single phase compressor but it's it's a really really nice piece of company but that one of the standard photo of reception development tablet prices so like if it's not ready ready cost for anything but it's it's because you only need the one punch it's it's pretty much all intensive you don't have to buy stocks in stocks of the tooling for it you only need one fat to get your kids to eat things did you have someone who has responded a very long email I think we're going to get Jack to read the response correct

well I might have to substitute I I mean I can't really tell Jacks Shoes but I have if I have the email here I'm sure you can do a good read job Jose going to read the response to your question on how to get your kids to eat stuff from Geek goddess Gojo Dear Dave the hammer I have all kinds of food issues myself and I was thinking of that family in Germany whose kids have lost their minds will only eat pasta has said father tried Cherie me you know that delightful crab like sea food product that serious chefs loves to hate well my brother Master picky eaters I of course would eat anything anyway by my mother or my brother was getting desperate and found the stuff and brought it home he got to it before she even had a chance to feed it to him and because

and became the default option for and I won't eat anything day so if you try to screw me

will your kids eat the surimi crab

okay how do you spell it s u r i m i n a t really gets the stuff that they put in fake California rolls and what not I mean it is all right that's all right it is a state it is like a crazy like processed food stuff and then and it's like you know they evaluate various fish products for their ability to be pressed into Surrey because it's all about you bleach out any sort of natural flavored has and then you turn them into kind of uniform stick with okay but with your kids would you kids like that maybe that was that was my first text you but we can we can try and we can try it suggested string cheese string cheese to obtain in Germany I believe she insulted Quality Pizza is that true Joe yes that she definitely did condolences

mom said that your kids might not like the quinoa because of they had their the the taste of the quinoa looks kind of scanning through here and that well as she says that there's that it does contain cornea or something I would try yeah but it taste okay actually has horrible corn pasta is like I say it's not pasta but it's it's it's okay but you're you're trying to get away from the the kind of oil starch in general light switch to make you make soba or something like that which I do work I'm working on the stove I don't know if I mentioned that in the air but I hope we are trying to switch to a chance of another kind of a loony moony the thing it's once again didn't she

I yes

there's something about Kangaroo on here

she keeps like I don't know if this is an incredible email by the way it is several Pages as a response to check with the higher-ups but I don't see why not it's going to be the man who will eat almost nothing but will try weird stuff and don't mind like dead animals I think they might pause the kangaroo

yeah I think I believe we we haven't ready go to the link between Ferry things and of Multan the plate yet itinerary for sale with my kitten like a eat your hamburger cat died for that and they're like and then it comes and bites me on the butt because they're like Daddy did a child die from a gas if the past no no I don't want to die for the bus so yeah yeah it to keep on going on today once you make a statement like that you have to live with it for the rest of your life you don't even or at least for the first you know five years whatever anyway so we're going to try and post this on the web and I we hope that helps and thanks for the tablet press info already I got one more and I'm going to handle Rob second question before on my way out he says I also how do you make shelf-stable Mass Keno style or bourbon cherries all the recipes that call for refrigerated storage 4. Weeks and I want to keep them in a Cellar temperature for up to a year

okay first of all Toby cecchini the bartender like better known as the bartender who kind of Neil made the cosmo to drink also writes the New York Times nice gent he has been making cherries for many many years and his recommendations are that you first of all you need a high-proof liquor do you want to last a long time and I use a high-proof liquor the second of all it's the type of cherry you use he tried various different types of cherry happens to have I think marilla's I'm not sure if some type of sour cherry and in his in his garden and those are the ones that he uses our resources he says he's tried to do his cherries with sweet cherries and that their insipid useless things I will tell you this back before I was allergic to cherries when I can test these things I had a cherry once it was 50 or 60 years old that have been stored in like almost straight like

high-proof alcohol that my stepfather is Grandfather kept in the basement and in Connecticut and they were put up in the in the twenties and I was eating them in the in the 90s 80s or 90s and they were still good that number of years later and the secret I think it's the high proof ethanol now if you want to use a little bit of technology to make sure that you're going to be okay just hit his secret was not don't remove the whatever it's like old Italian wives tale but don't remove the stem if you will just have to say that accident because they're from Boston but I can't do a Boston accent but you might want to try if you do want to remove this damn or whatever you might end the issue with it is I don't know how long I need to soak it because it's very hard to get things to permeate the cell walls I mean the skin of things like cherries but you might try a soak in

Novo shape pectin methyl Ester Ace and a little bit of calcium that enzyme along with calcium will firm up the fruit immensely and I've used that enzyme to make French dance raspberries that you could boil without them breaking so really does firm up cell walls quite a bit and it's not readily available but you know it is available it's called Novo shape is the brand name from novozymes and it's a pectin methyl Ester he's now so I don't know how long it would take to soak through a cherry we're going to run some tests are cells at the bar hopefully if we can get around to it but it definitely works on other things then High proof ethanol and you might want to dope a tiny bit of calcium into that high proof ethanol if you can not can be very soluble because calcium it will help also Crosslink the Pac-Man and keep those suckers nice and you know not having a breakdown and turn to Mush good luck with it

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