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Episode 90: Live from Tales of the Cocktail

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who's coming to you live from Tales of the cocktail in New Orleans Louisiana the doctor as always back in Bushwick look at Brooklyn her brother's Pizzeria with Jack and Joe and the rest of the Harris radio gang I don't guess he was just telling me how much she likes Brooklyn know I keep saying that or is it more anti history material that I could come

block party when is the block party on Saturday it's a trip if you like going to Brooklyn and you like block parties to things I actually just ask cuz I don't see it being outside in the daytime and Mike large groups of people like I detest when they shut down an offensive people who love it but I detest like street fairs in New York when they shut down hole Avenues send you guys walk up and down and tell the people you hate that to Natasha Wright I can go to a regular store and buy a pair of socks is not what they sell there is pretty good like the corn and butter and chili sauce all the repo. Yeah yeah right by find product bad name on that but yeah

the movie equipment whenever there's one of those things and you hit them and then the traffic is insane and all the sudden and then you would know hey I want like a giant thing of corn dipped in butter with some spice spray that that thing and I can just go to the shop and get that thing you know there's plenty of things that you have to pay rent for the people go and shop for and purchase why not corn how much it how much is one of those ears of corn at the end of $6

$2 for the rest of the year

and I didn't want to move to like a frozen ear of corn situation those things are always disappoint the Frozen ear of corn never had that you buy the Frozen York or in the supermarket and then you try and cook it and you hope it's going to be as good as corn is wano in like a July August but it isn't

at me I'd literally just got here check into the hotel and then you know didn't start doing the research before they shove it smell like you expect hot as hell humid humid in a cocktail people ready to send its ability to don't know every year right around now there's tales of the cocktail which for the cocktail industry is the biggest kind of it's a biggest event of the Year huge chunk of the kind of whatever you want to call them cocktail intelligent are now you want to call him from all over the country track the world flying here to each other and I guess drink a lot and that they had it in New Orleans in the middle of summer because no one else wants to be here and only the cocktail people are dumb enough to come to New York in the company New Orleans right there in the middle of the summer when it's a billion degrees and 100% humidity but advantages hotels are cheap right now in New Orleans right now

Atlanta Falcon Arabic fan

not be sent by the way I to believe we still have an open line to take a color and even though I am using one to call in from my hotel room Fred hey Dave Jack in De Jesus and all the record for the way to say this is like one of those situations is one of those situations like with it with it with the skipper and Mary Ann with it was Gilligan's Island but but they might be on like back podcast and I haven't caught up yet you know so Wright brothers first so you know any Jesus because he Hates Chris Tasha has quit the shift it's on Tuesdays we might have to switch my radio show day to match up by Andy Jesus's

Sunday night I want to go to 503 is it possible to be prying one of those things how good is the temperature control thanks Fred okay so what we talkin about these Ovens that eat what kind of oven day look like giant Crock-Pot this one. I looked it up at the 18 quart which is I think one of the standard sizes this particular model discontinued but they have a pan that you can pull out and wash out you throw the turkey on top of a rack to the pan and you will start working at theoretically it's faster also it's freeze up your oven so that you can on Thanksgiving time use your oven for all the rest of the nonsense that you need your oven for and cook your turkey in this in this kind of basically in quote oven

from the from the sixties or something like that and I bought it at a thrift shop in college I used to bake bread in it and I love this a great smells horrible because there's something wrong with the insides of it but it still works great and it made great bread white bread for for that great but for a dorm room at with that way me and only known great white compared to what I listen to take of the great breadth

will work at a deep fryer it clearly gets hot enough to work at a deep fryer and I looked up the wattage on a representative when I couldn't find the exact one to find the wattage what the wattage is somewhere in the area of 1400 watts and I doubt you're going to find a fryer that plugs into a normal socket that's much higher than that like maybe we'll go up to 1500 watt I may be a little bit higher but none of the electric plug-in fryers really have as many watts as I would want them to have it because the key for frying is of course a fast recovery now the way that these things work is there's a pen that you put in the entry with it with turkey and it left on the plate that actually doing the heating so you're going to have some issue about some heat loss in between the plate and babe and and the pan but I'm mostly worried about stuff falling to the bottom and scorching on the bottom as the heater clicks off and on

the heating controls going to be very accurate at all I but I don't think it's that necessary to have super accurate heat for deep frying but I think your main problem is going to be scorching the particles on the bottom because of the fire that's really really good at job isn't going to be heating the electrical elements not going to be the very bottom of the unit that element will be floating somewhat above the surface of the oil filter particles can fall underneath it and not score trying to think it's actually being heated the food's better way to fry a specially doesn't matter so much if you're doing something like donuts because a lot of little particles but if you're doing something like chicken in a batter and the batter is going to fall off the little bit the flower get burning to get Matthew against the bottom of the pan that said it shouldn't work I do not think anyone will actually recommend that you do it because I'm sure the insurance on a fryer is a lot more and you want to make sure you don't have it overflow and ignite and or burn you or Scorpio or anything like that so I'm not going to make any

safety on it but I mean it should be able to do an okay job now here's the other problem 1400 watts is going to be enough power for a small small prior to get up really hot really fast but 1400 Watts distributed over something besides an 18 quart roasting oven is not going to be that much power and then in the end so even though it's fairly powerful for it be a home fire it's a lot bigger than what a home Pryor would be if I think it's going to be sucking wind when you throw stuff in it so if you were to heat up the temperature and only throw a couple little things and you might be able to get good results but I would bet that if you really loaded it down with like you know like in a whole fried chicken or something like that the temperature would drop drastically and that you have some problems at but that's just my guess if you if you it is powerful enough for you and you just don't think the temperature control is good enough you could buy a simple PID temperature controller and

the thermostat entirely just plug it bother you don't want PID you got to switch it turn it off a PID which is going to be a very accurate temperature control and for deep frying you want on off but most good PID controllers that you buy you can turn them into on off controllers right so PID controller like it's going to slowly get up to temperature and not overshoot you don't care if you overshoot a little bit you just wanted to get up there fast as soon as the temperature do you want to go on full blast but then you can have an external control the can be very accurate and was accurate is an on-off or bang bang thermostat can be and it wouldn't had that much of the car but you might have a power problem we think.

from Colin dear if y'all can you revive this question are pressure cook jammed a good idea if I had to go back a few weeks ago I bought a whole boatload of a kumquat and made marmalade and then they wanted and he want to know could mom later jamming jamming General be prepared in a pressure cooker to prevent the loss of volatile flavors because he realized that the smell that he was that was coming off of the pot was smelled it was being lost right that's the Siri right and so basically said what I understand is happening is that the boiling temperature of the marmalade a jam solution increases as water is being pulled off and it's stopping at a particular temperature in a pressure cooker stopping at a particular temperature when you're cooking a jam is equivalent to stopping at a particular a hydration level or amount of water or you know it was a child's level is in it

recipe because it's a kid needs time to cook and break out and there you have it so the question is can he feel the mixture in a pressure cooker cook ham without losing water or bottles and get an equivalent texture with improved flavor the boiling temperature will increase at the increase increase pressure but do you think that will affect the pectin flat foot on your property to the jam overall I suppose there could be more thermal break down a flavor in pressure cooker despite the decrease lots of follicles one of my thoughts okay here's here's the issue if you knew I have to do some research and maybe during the commercial break I can look it up cuz I forgot to look it up but you need what you need to know is the actual solids level of the jam that you're that you're shooting for if the solid level and the bricks is reasonable like in the on the order of 60%

or there about 70% even then you could probably just add the ingredients to a jar in a pressure cooker even if you had a non venting pressure cooker which I don't like using I like using non venting pressure cookers in general because they could do a better job with whatever but it doesn't make much difference and and pressure cook it at that higher-temperature you could conceivably get a product that will work but you have to know beforehand what the solid level of the fruit pulp is and then there for calculate how much sugar to add to it and you have to get it fairly accurate that is all doable and if I don't know maybe if I'd tracker Joe has the time to research while we're talking the Brix level b r i x level of jammed

love you we could do a ballpark estimate of whether or not it's feasible to just add all the ingredients sugar fruit excetera into a jar and a pressure cook it but it might be possible I don't know it'll be difficult because you have to make sure you got it right every time that make sense

hey Dave hey Jackie Stiles how's it going this is Chicago

I had a question about a low temperature cooking of skirt steak sous-vide with the recipe I found on the web and it was as tough as had I cooked it for you know over flame for hours and I'm going to get any ideas on how to get better results give me a recipe that you used website

how how long did you cook it

she is it seems like maybe 2 hours and so if you're cooking a skirt steak

I like tutu skirt steak low temp but what temperature you cook the skirt steak to is entirely dependent on how long you cook it right so if you're only going to cook the skirt steak for a couple of hours you going to need to go Fairly high like 57 Celsius websites which is a good number 57 Celsius 45 minutes or an hour and a half like that then you have to cool it down and then sear it because skirt steak is so thin that if you if you were to try to sear it directly out of the circulator gets overcooked you might as well not have done low temp at all okay Siri very good you know but

yeah the other way to do it is to cook it down near where you cook a rib-eye so like 55 for a long time like 9 9 10 hours and then let it let it cool down again and then just take it and hard hard cigarettes and that will actually warm up the inside and over could be outside a little bit but that's going to give a really really high quality tender skirt steak alternative right beforehand like it's a normal skirt steak and then just quickly throw it into into until I get a bag and let it let it come up the camping in a circulator the problem is your crust isn't going to be that great afterwards

is it going to rain or is it and what is the second time you see here it's going to color and crushed up really quickly but he might want a problem that he has something goes wrong and you and you and you'd be dried out a little bit I would definitely not on skirt steak pre sear it before you low temp it because it's going to cure through fairly quickly with the salt I would definitely be Pepper's fine whatever or whatever marinade you want but I would not I would not salt it until right before the seconds here

I actually use up lime juice in my marinated it just makes it absolutely delicious and I usually just do it the standard you know it just don't even bother with low cap but I figure I've got a rig in my basement and something that turned out really good but the skirt steak is one thing that did not and I was just curious if you had any thoughts so I appreciate you actually cook skirt steak but I'll do it though I would not here beforehand I would do your do your your marinated whatever else you want to do put it in the bag cook it if you don't have time 57 for like I say like an hour or so or like 55 for longer like six seven whatever hours it's going to get more tender let it cool down and then you can even have it in the fridge

get out and do your hearts here on it just like you were cooking it normally and what you just have if you can focus on that cross and it just have a much more tender skirt steak on the inside than you would with a normal cooking technique

already let us know how work

alright thanks a lot guys will talk to you later alright so I'm a bit of a home Brewer and I've been doing a little shopping on monitor. The modernist pantry and I've been I've been referred you to a solution for a problem that I've been working on making cream liqueur and I've purchased from sodium case in it from modernist pantry and I I was initially under the impression that that might help me to come by and my Dairy with my alcohol that I've been producing and it it it's stable for a little while but I'll let it sit out at room temperature for about 6 hours and I put it next to a very small amount of already store-bought cream liqueur and the store-bought cream liqueur remain stable

however mine it it doesn't split per say the very molecules from the water molecules it just separate into layers as as a sticker I'm doing further research I'm I'm finding out that glycerol and glycerin or glycerol monostearate might help me out gfm but I was wondering if you had any advice as far as to how I would implement the GSM if I were to obtain some and if I may be using the

does sodium caseinate incorrectly

okay well I mean I have a lot of experience with emulsified alcoholic beverages but not making cream Liquors at such what what you eating actual cream but try to use making my own condensed cream and using condensed like you know which one I think I use malt and milk and a little bit of vanilla animes like to condense condense milk and news tried to use that I thought maybe the sugar would be a decent buffer to help find the dairy to the liquor I don't know if maybe my alcohol content is something that might be affecting it I'm at about 22% alcohol contact so

yeah yeah yeah I see you're not curling at all you just getting phase separation

find me I'm guessing that I've never research like Bailey's or anything like that to see like what the fat content of Baileys but if you're getting a phase separation just sounds like you need an emulsifier in there I typically use in in the drinks at Booker and Dax is probably won't work for your application or might is a mixture and his not what the creme de corps people use at all but is a mixture of its Gum arabic which act as an emulsifier and dance and which axis stabilizer now you probably want to go to kind of a more of a hardcore emulsifier when you get when you when you went to face up when you get the phase separation if you just rock it back and forth is it go back together or no

I actually

it does to an extent but I think it's more of like the temperature that it's been sitting out for a while because all the ingredients mixing on sort of like the Darius just from the fridge I haven't gone I have been able to sit down and try to get from letting the dairy sit out at room temperature I also found a heat became a factor in the initial combination it was important that the that the dairy was warm in order to get the emulsification to work initially and then once it cools down and it fits and it settles at room temperature for a while it eventually separate and I can get it to come back together but then once I let it sit for about another half hour after you know sending it back together it'll separate again

write a letter to do. It's an interesting thing I should know I should know this just because of you knows what I do for a living so what what I'm going to do is I'm going to figure out what they do in the industry to make cream liqueurs and whether or not the what the fat level if any is of those things and trying to figure out how they do it and then I'll come back but probably not next week because next week I don't know if I'm able to have the radio show going to be in the air on the way to California I think about the week after that I'm going to come back in and answer that question I'll give you a much more definitive answer okay if by chance are you you are in the city right now right well it would it would you

would you be able to also I mean I know that you say you're going to be going back on the air with these answers but would there be any way you might be able to contact me directly

I forgive that when you when you go out give give Jack your info or maybe we could do that tweeted are some like that already alright thank you very much for your time would you think that they'd if I were to purchase some go through a monastery do you think that that might be a decent Avenue to approach without really doing the research on it thank you very much for Joel I got no rights and by the way is from New Haven which is where does anyone want the Bluto the day the music from my college days and get the first person in says that they like that he what he hears what he writes a few months back about myself and I made some adjustments it turns out that soft tofu coconut milk and stabilizers works great

Titan II but more importantly I want more Bluto this crap is heavy whoever we have a Lincoln NE this anywhere so yeah I don't know Bruno today because it's only on my iPhone and we don't have it actually copy over onto the Heritage Radio computer so we're going to have to go because he also wants pictures of me getting my face smashed in on stage which I don't think I actually exist for unfortunately but he wants like stage diving pics and stuff like that and then he he he suggestion is that we start a band where yeah I guess he's going to come in and start start a band with us where we write about my reactions and agar agar clarification do you want to call it mired in the reactors

you gotta let me have bass solos never saw him but he only wants to do if we can get into Jesus to be the front man what do you think he's in high demand in Jesus's time skills is to be able to get into any any concerts for free with and go back safe without having to perform any sort of all black Skillets like I can shotgun a beer very well also a retired skill of mine I don't go around shotgunning beers anymore if you could remember I was joking joking but they only have Spotify through here and I'll run of Jimmy Fallon show and one of those sponsors is Bud Light Platinum which is basically

headlight where they add some extra boost to it it's like straight up that I could lose me put it in like a blue bottle that looks like kind of like a Saratoga Water a tiny bottle asked them if they had cans so that you could shut it joke come back one more cookie issues

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if we pop is on the air but given both of you front the band

I guess you help me hear over the telephone I can hear everything we got we got we pop to Peapod / damn on the phone yet

what's up how's everything going well so I don't know what's going on we probably should be brought AKA for the rest of the world Dam just got his Kickstarter fully funded and they're making a relatively low-cost simple to use at home immersion circulator and at what the cost is sucker


359 359 and I don't know how do you buy one of these suckers if we order one

what's your ETA for actual units by Christmas

and I have a lot of Demands we going to get priority to the kickstarter people but we're still working that out it should be the same batch I hear that you have something to discuss over the cooking issues are away regarding this


no I didn't I didn't hear you you told me you wanted to speak about Ziploc bags and people being concerned with Ziploc bags and I feel like a lot of people so have fun issues with cooking in plastic

specifically zipper Ziplocs I was supposed to email that you're not getting any calls in with questions about cooking and sous-vide cook chill bags right you have people calling the questions on on the wisdom of using Ziploc bags for cooking low temp bread

right now is the reason I guess is because on your Kickstarter campaign video there is a picture of someone putting food in a Ziploc to to do that the cooking with the with your device what's your device called again

astronomical nannaku start again I was doing the Martha Stewart show and that day they decided to just have like a bunch of like Tech fools on so you know Nathan was on Miracle was on Via you know you wouldn't actually go on date they showed me that she did to her mother Stewart's a tour of his his lab there and they had to Grant Achatz was going on and I was on and I was talking to grab Backpage Green Acres of course Millenia I was talking backstage that he was getting a lot of flak from SC Johnson wax a family company which I believe the people that make a ziplock bag and basically they yelled at him because he had a video on the web where he was using a ziplock to do

3 week low temperature cooking and I think it's really strange that they have a problem with it with anyone has a problem with it because the Ziploc bags are rated for reheating in a nuke right I mean you can reheat stuff in them in a new issue is a ziplock bag and I could be wrong but I'm not is made out of polyethylene and improved poopoo great obviously polyethylene and it's the same stuff that most plastic wrap is made out of polyethylene and what is can't do is get anywhere near the boiling because boiling point of water because it that it gets very very soft there and it's very close to the melting point however it works fine in the 50s and I never really take it above the law

sixties ever cuz I don't have a need to self use that is but in that range they are perfectly fine and I I can't understand any argument against using Ziploc bags for cooking low temp at those temperatures so long as you aren't assuming that you're preserving something for any length of time because you haven't put it back in seal on it too long as you're not heating it up above any other and you know somewhere I can't see any argument whereby cooking in any form of plastic would be okay and not in a ziplock under those circumstances and a lot of side feelers that are on the market are they using the same kind of material and somehow somehow those are being like promoted for use with

screen or whatever

but you can control. Polyethylene is a good choice and I'm having a little trouble hearing of a polyethylene is a good choice for for food applications just because if it doesn't have to have plasticizers in it and it doesn't react with food very much usually those bags that were rated higher temperatures will have multiple multiple plastic layers and so they keep their integrity at at at higher temperatures but again again like most of us is completely moot because we're keeping our temperature is very much lower than it ever going to be a problem when were using low temperature cooking tried to accept the fact that Jonathan SC Johnson wax doesn't believe it does not want to have any sort of liability from saying you can cook in their bags are supposed to you know reheating University way because they don't want us to not lie ability to say you can't do it and then that damn thing you

tattoo it is just getting promulgated on the on the on the web and and by people I bet I don't really understand any of that sort of argument I would love to hear from somebody what that argument is but I haven't heard and heard any good reasons

and also. Thanks for the mention last time I heard it radio so I don't know who is actually 750 watts

and some people have been saying that whatever but then I think I think for the purpose of temperatures I think 750 was way more than enough what do you think of the one question I have when I talked about it on the air was what was the reason you went 7:50 instead of the full thousand that most of the other companies are using the type of using 4/4 the size they were able to get it down to we we've matched up with 750 watts at some 1,000 Watts prototypes however

it doesn't make much of a difference like how fast you can keep the water

regular I think that's exempt

yeah I mean the ones we're like that you know they had that lifts the thousand watt circulators started crapping out anytime you grow above a normal full size Lexus an anime start a start sucking wind so I mean what you're doing but limitation what you're doing is tapping me up or size of the water bath that you can reliably heat within a year also capping the recovery rate of it when you drop a large food load into it so the friend since you know you you simply can't maintain easily any temperature or all the girls that depends on the temperature you're trying to get to it's a lot easier to get a water bath up to 55 Celsius let's say that it is to get away

turn back up to 85 Celsius website because you're a lot more losses to the atmosphere because their water wants to go off a lot more as vapor at those temperatures and so you're having to put a lot more energy and you're getting in o p LPS proportionally higher temperature relative to Ambien and so you have to drive it harder because you have hired he lost it out if you're out of your Your Vessel so a normal thousand watt circulator in a in a large lexan that's no higher than the one that I normally recommend I can't really get it to go above about 55 and I can't have it it doesn't really drive an accurate temperature at those levels you know when you dropping loads into them and so I only recommend using giant bass like that with the circulator for reheat where the temperature is in is accurate at the temperature of the I need for accuracy isn't as high so it mean if you were cooking a smaller and smaller

1/2 lexan that says I'm sure 750 watts is fine but about my question would be is if our 750 perform in a full size less than a thousand why I don't know I've never done never done it you know what I mean so I can't tell you any but those are just my concerns I would bet for the for 90% of the people if you were going to work at home very few people at home need to drive anything bigger than a 1/2 lexan

and that's right that's why I that's why we've designed and I'll be good to work with you know pots of any size from Freeport stand-up we actually that was decided that we had in mind and 750 what is more than adequate for the older one

Emperor / house yeah I mean yeah by the way we pop out right and you're coming here soon yeah yeah I had I might not the product designer but also went to that French Culinary Institute and and work with us what he knows that we can over very easily over stuff a full 5 lexan but this isn't designed for that is designed for people at home right right

when you going to get one for us to play with

as soon as possible. We're about we're about to go into production in China I leave at least Francisco on August 1st and we'll will be in China for a long time what will supervise everything until delivery basically

all right well well lifting congratulations on the new product and I might just miss you I think I fly out when you fly you fly back when you get back in the country or you know Cummins come and say howdy we love we love anyone out there who's never been to Booker and backspace bar in New York City you need to go because not only not only that amazing if you take your dates there it's going to feel the deal is that shred yeah we pop very first caller long time and I from Bangkok by the way and and you know if I go to the bar we have a Thai Basil drink on the menu but I don't know why they call it Thai Basil because you know we're actually going to make a holy basil drink coming up soon because we have a irregular Italian glow style basil drink that we really like we don't want to put

basil drinks on the menu that weird if you put three basil Saint and turned out to Sascha grows a boatload of holy basil in her backyard what about that we pop

that sounds great just going to call the drink holy basil

everybody, push

call Basil all the time anyway

why we can't have a good time and China building your product we can't way congratulations on the new Venture all right thank you so much already

Bushwick block party on Saturday July 28th from noon to midnight

start at a school safety key disco DJ




captured by in Spanish

Greenfield Clothiers

premium Network Draft House created by so short block party possible performance from Showbiz showbiz

can I have some weird thing happened with the phone commercial trial take a right now I'm driving right pin High driving from only for commercial application and where can I get it thanks again Bryant

and said everything I have some grade C maple syrup I know you have it and he said all right don't tell anyone because I put it into a container. Court is on it which was the code for Seagraves and and I bought it at the at the regular price now maple syrup the lightest and kind of least at least consciously try to flavor in it and I like the gray HD but it can be a little weird play nice with other ingredients that beat

cooking at home I use Beyond pancakes I use D and drinks and I think every bartender I know uses B and drinks with a little rough on some of the drinks we try that I like it's really intense but I can almost go metallic in certain in certain applications what is definitely something you should try to have around and hopefully that helps

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