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Episode 9: Indian Food

precious Finch hello you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network. Coming every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 where we answer all of your cooking questions usually Tech related questions but we like any any kind of questions were here live in the studio at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 call and I'm here today of course with cooking issues on nastassia Lopez the hammer and I know she's here to keep me Keep Me honest I guess today's follow at Whole Foods sink or Not NYC at Whole Foods NYC and use the hashtag w

FM NYC bday that's Whole Food Market New York City bday wfm NYC bday to qualifying win prizes from Brooklyn salsa company Rick's picks make good pickles Agosto de Housing Works who's bookstore you should support on Lafayette Street in Manhattan and the New York Botanical Garden in excellent place to visit and more 30th birthday what I say 8030 10th St 30th birthday more power to your Whole Foods may you make a right anyway so today is first question is a follow-up on last week's question from Ryan Santos the first part of this question has to do with nastasha he was the person last week who asked for a date I said don't even try don't bother he still wants to know to Sasha sign it's a Taurus not Sagittarius Taurus

that's his sign I don't know what you do is you take maker and does it take nitrous oxide Chargers you put a I usually just like her but you can use any liquid you put something porous with flavor and herbs like cilantro Thai Basil or basil I guess things like ginger things like cocoa nib anyting poorest basically you put it in with the with the liquor and you charge it with nitrous and you always laughing gas you know most people who turns out a lot of people who use these things use it to get high right they use that the last guy said yeah sure you know anybody in high school and I didn't actually like it so I don't really use it to get high but apparently there's a lot of people out there who don't even cook who have the equipment to do this so that maybe they should try it with with with liquor

you charged with nitrous you swirl it around for about a minute and then when you release the pressure inside the canister basically the pressure is forced all the liquor into your into the food that you're trying to get the flavor out of and when you release it all that stuff up boils back out again and you have a really good very very quick infused liquor you can see it on her blog it's a good technique anyway Ryan wants to know does this also work with solids and the answer is yes I haven't tried it but Alex and a key at a ideas in food go check their blog I did it with mozzarella and there's a bunch of other people out there now who are using this technique to infuse solids with with labor so that answers that question right email question. Remember we will answer your questions live if you call in at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 okay so Sam linkage Dean cause

steinle think I disagree or agree with the following statement made by a fellow by the name of Chris onstad who's the author of a comic book called A webcomic called and he has a cookbook it's like you're no longer available on Amazon and Sam thinks it's a great cookbook I've no idea cuz I've never read it and read any comic book cookbooks actually do you know the author says in the book once you make a potato chewy and he's referring to hash browns on how you should you should never happen to a hash brown once you make a potato chewy you're doing things to it's so wrong that it will be best if you just gave that person the potato and let them take it home and try to make sense of it themselves basically if you make a hash brown that is chewy might as well just hand to do to raw potato and let him go home and work with it because you've done far worse than him and Sam wants to know if I agree

or not well I do agree that a hash brown should not be not be chewy but potatoes can be truly and and be good and so that the first thing I thought of was a potato ice cream right because we make this ice cream and you'll be back on her blog I think I mentioned it on the radio before right blend cooked potatoes do potatoes into ice cream base when you freeze it and what you get is too gooey stretchy potato ice cream I think it is is quite good but I'm assuming that that's not what's name was wondering about so I did some more research on the internet and most people point to potatoes becoming Shoei when you microwave them and other people actually make chewy sweet potatoes buy dehydrated them for dog treats to make you have a dog they like dehydrated sweet potatoes he has kept it to the sweet potatoes up and they turn almost into a rawhide chewy just let me to think well what is it about a microwave that is going to make potatoes chewy and leaves with the answer that those people who making hash browns

probably reheat the potatoes in the microwave right and what's going on in a microwave is you are dehydrating the potato relatively quickly along a fairly large a surface because you're actually heating not just the outside of the other Potato but a good region of the inner portion as well so you're very effectively dehydrating the potato in the microwave so this is chewing this is probably dehydration phenomenon right now just let me think a lot of interesting things one perhaps are especially potato ice cream is actually a dehydration phenomenon because freezing is actually dehydrating so what you're doing is you take a starch it's got a lot of liquid in it that you cooked a potato starch and ice cream talking about and you start freezing it what happens ice crystals are forming in the ice cream and the water is being withdrawn from the starch complex as it's freezing up so maybe the reason the potato ice cream is scratchy and chewy is were partially dehydrating the potato starch as it freezes what are they

that's a good could be totally wrong but it's what I was thinking about was thinking about microwave microwave is a great way to dehydrate some fresh herbs it's also a really good way to make a small quantity of really Chris bread crumbs it works a whole lot better than putting bread in the oven and drying it out you just put in a thin slices of bread in your microwave and you slowly microwave at what happened to get rid of the water but what happens is is that the water heats up and boils off and then the it basically the microwave focus on the area where there's water so the whole thing dries out very very very evenly and you get to credibly crisp bread crumbs croutons whatever very quickly it's very good Technic the problem with it is is it if any area of the bread starts to get warmer because as soon as the water is gone basically there's nothing to stop that red from getting well above

well above the you know the boiling point and what happens if any area starts turning brown the brown area is the burnt areas of the bread absorb microwaves at a ferocious re-insulate tend to grow very very rapidly so if you're not careful your your bread can Scorch need to be brown or do you want to be careful with it but if you if you slowly keep checking as you're microwaving bread it's a great way to make make croutons Miss know this is also why if you go to a place that makes sandwiches that used to happen at this takorea I used to go to could I love Mexican sandwiches tortillas and they're one of my favorite sandwiches anyway they would move their bread to reheat the bread and it was a while they overlooked it and you get a little interior pockets of hard stuff in the braid styles you know I'm talking about something like Google into or some like that you can find it by searching microwave potato chips but they seem to have a nice blog even though there vegans a clogged and they have a technique for basically making

keto chips read a slice of potato chips and you put them in the microwave and you and you microwave them like 30-40 seconds at a time keep checking them to make sure they haven't gone that they haven't turned to Christmas are turning brown and they dehydrate into these potato chip like things are not actually potato chips because they're not fried and God only loves a fried potato chip potato chips or something like like 30 or 40 or even upwards up or do you want other Friday and to me I want my potato chip fried if I don't want a baked potato chip I've never liked baked potato chips I think they're to buy Malaysian but it's an interesting phenomenon they said dehydrated potato chip in it actually works quite well

but if you under dehydrate them they're very very chewy so Sam if you want to experiment very long way of saying if you want to experiment with with making tree potatoes I would recommend something like the microwave or a dehydrator and just partially dehydrate them until they become chewy but not crunchy and like everything else you know what what's the name of the author of The cookbook he didn't like sweet potatoes because they weren't with expected but a lot of times if you know whether something is good or bad it's just a matter of expectations you're expecting french fries and you get something chewy but that's awful but if you want something chewy and you like the flavor of a potato and there's nothing wrong with making sweet potatoes restaurant microwaves we talked about last time because one of our listeners is going to college and basically can only have a microwave while I told her stuff you said that I was injured for suggesting this but I told her to go out and get it

Stone made of a silicon carbide throw it in the microwave and get it super hot to use a searing plate well the good news is I tested it and it works fantastically so go ahead and make your super high heat searing Place using silicon carbide cutting Stones anyway I think we have a caller, are you there you're on the air

this is Don. It's spelled b a k o n and accept bacon infused vodka infused any other ideas of recommendation for using it I've had many bacon infused Liquors are specifically whiskeys did they make sure are you in New York or no I'm actually down in Marietta Georgia hey how you doing

so in here in the city that was number of bars doing a bacon infused liquor and they do it by the technique called fat washing and if that washing you mix the Bacon Fat preferably a real Smokey Bacon Fat like a like Alan Benton's out of a Tennessee makes a really fantastic Smoky bacon and you use the fat from that is that what they use and you mix the fat up with the liquor and then you shouldn't let it solidify you take the fat off the top and you have bacon infused liquor is is fantastic I've never tried it with vodka so I'm not sure exactly what I would do what I would use it for I'll say this though that Lance the guy named Lancers the master distiller over Hangar One was making a serious of meat and other interesting vodka's that we're distilled redistilled them rather than a fuse them and he kept on having a problem with bacon flavored getting rancid is he was just doing it and he could really do a good distilled one at least he hadn't last time I spoke too much is that a year ago or something like that

infusion probably would be good in a Bloody Mary I'm sad to say I'm not done too much experimenting with meat skewers myself with the exception of I did a beef and tomato you're still at once. I thought it wasn't delicious in the sense of what I go out in order that instead of a beer know you know what I mean but it was it was good in the context that we were serving it as a small short shot next to a bunch of grilled tuna seen you so is so it was due is good but this is definitely something that if you like doing this sort of thing you could definitely try to do yourself just save up your Bacon fat or any other fat that has a lot of flavor and then let you know melted starting with your liquor and then let it do you know put it in the freezer let the fat come up to the top and solidified you can probably make your own and really play around it

giving you more recipe ideas I just hadn't thought about it much of that partially answer your question

just a bacon martini and a task of course he'll kind of flat, like you were saying drinking the the meat flavored one with the Tomato all by itself, didn't you know that's kind of what I experienced something that started out either with salt or sugar in it and then that stuff all sudden goes away you kind of miss it mean think about when you eat just Bacon Fat by itself it kind of tastes a little bit a little bit flat little fatty flabby rather not enough fats and Fiona mean at a standstill right so that maybe even like a little bit of sugar even though it's supposed to be a martini not have a lot of sugar into it I think you're going to brighten up that flavor quite a bit you might bring it back to town and where you want it

another color the color are good to talk to you. I finally got your number I was at the restaurant this weekend and pick up on the cards so nice nice

no no no II like I work at the French Culinary Institute we have a great restaurant like call which is like one of the best deals in Manhattan and then I do the radio show here out of Roberto's in Brooklyn which is a fantastic restaurant does a lot of really great work Rose a lot of their own product use a really high Quality Meats including the meats from a Heritage Foods Etc cetera so we're talking about Roberto's restaurant yeah good meal in early in the day went back late that night. You know I I may not be calling the right person but I've been on a diet for about 6 months and I'm trying to figure out what desserts I can have that have no sugar is this a not a calorie diet this is a diet that you can't have sugar or is it just a calorie issue first of all he is not a large man

he does not really need to dye it so you shouldn't worry about it so much that the first thing and sugar doesn't actually have that that many that many calories is not normally going to be this depends on what you're eating but a lot of times it's that the fat and other things in in the item they're going to basically bulk up the the caloric content of it we could do a lot of reduced again nutrition not my necessarily my specialty I'm more of a taste and a tech guy but you can you can focus on obviously fruit-based desserts have a lot of bulk and some fruits have quite a bit of sugar but some don't just a little bit of sugar in a brighten things things like berries you know we've done a lot of stuff it's fairly low in calorie and high in flavor but they use a lot of Technology like we made something that looks and eats like a pumpkin pie but basically Peach puree you put me. It's like not really a Chiva Belen normal kind of resume for choirs liquid nitrogen and a whole bunch of other planets

stop I mean especially now this time of year you know if you're going to focus on I would focus on things that are satisfying but contain a lot of air with a with a little bit of sugar and fat Frances whipped cream is not that bad for you that is primarily are you know what I mean so if you're if you're doing if you're like a kind of person who would go for a bowl of fruit and and cream you know it's you use like a really nice whip cream and get a real luxurious feel and still not going to be that bad on the couch so he's always focus on eating smaller quantities of stuff is truly delicious rather than you know not being satisfied eating an even larger quantity of things that just don't taste as good you know what I mean and the other day and I thought maybe Dave has an answer how to make fat-free meringues boomerangs are often I mean not real meringue is often fat you know fat free if it's made with

actually that that much sugar think about it so if you cook right you're taking it so you take a dozen egg whites and you whip them in in your KitchenAid and you put maybe a cup of sugar in right now you filled your entire kitchen table with you know with meringue and the whole thing only contains a cup of sugar which doesn't have that many that many calories soy pound-for-pound basis meringue is extremely high in sugar butt on a volume basis and you in a lot of times we tend to eat based on the volume of how something looks it doesn't actually have that much in it now that it's sugar is there not just as a sweetener is a structural component you can move two things that have the bulking capabilities of sugar but without the calories but then you're moving into kind of what's the word I'm looking for fake sweeteners and so you can you can do that so if you want me like I tend not to focus on those kinds of problems because like you know where where I use a lot of ingredients that people some people are horrified

buy things like Santan gum carrageenan gum methylcytosine but my whole stick is that I use them to try and make food taste better or be better not to get around not to get around nutritional or economic problems and so the upshot of that is I very rarely get to focus on problems that are primarily related to nutrition or two or things like calorie counting because it goes counter to my mandate at the French culinary which is to focus on on quality first and foremost I know you know but like like I said there are many there are many things that have the structural to it would typically what someone will do is and sometimes I do it for diabetics there they use basically sugars that have the same functional and sweetness of sugar but just don't have the they don't have any problems with it with insulin

but what they tend to do is lay out of bulking agent that has no calories and then they had a high-intensity sweetener that has no calories so they have to use kind of a two-part problem you know when there's people that have invented them into the stuff called lie test which I actually don't remember how it's made but it's a it's a sugar that has no sweetness and no calories but whips and Boomerang just like sugar and I was experimenting with it to make savory marshmallows right but you could also use it in conjunction with a high-intensity sweetener to make a meringue that had kind of 0 0 calories other than the other than the egg white protein hope this is putting honey in the water in such a very very hard to make infections with 100% honey that that don't weep or or suck water out of the air which is what you know certain Confections use honey and they need honey like Tyrone

is a characteristic we had a lot of honey in it but other Confections like when you add honey like if you're making chocolate you can't really use honey as sweetener because it's going to pull water and then ruin the chocolate but I will I will research this more in the next time I see you I will have some decent answers all right your color you're on the air

Indian food growing in popularity and I've had Indian food and I really liked it but I've always been reluctant to prepare stuff like that at home so I'm wondering if you have any advice or tips on specific Indian dishes that might be a good starter American dish to prepare your what kind of Indian dishes do you like

I mean pretty much every Indian dish that I've ever tried I've enjoyed I like stuff like butter chicken or doll things like that shy away from any of the dishes at for their completion require specific pieces of equipment so for instance certain Indian dishes require the use of a dispatch 11 called a Tandoor it's basically shaped like a vahz and and a very high heat and so things like non things like a ten-year-old like typical atypical like 10 Dory chicken or chicken tikka masala things like that to really get the flavor as as just how you would want in a restaurant with choirs a hand or right not imitate those at home but if you really wanna be satisfied make 100% those are going to be difficult so I would I would not do those first secondly I would go get a good Indian cookbook if you don't if you don't have one because that's the best way to get to first is to eat some like you've done but then it really immerse yourself and how

Pacific Cooking System work so if you grow up like I did basically you know where and in the house to go to was some American eyes form of kind of basic Mediterranean Italian style cooking right which that's my upbringing is you know what to do when you put a pan on you know you're going to put in some oil some onions going to go in there you going to sautee and then at the end of onion garlic where about do you know how it flows right so what you need to do is read a couple of cookbooks Indian cookbooks that just get a feeling for the flow of how Indian cooking work so you going to start here similarly with like you know with a probably key which is a melted butter and then you know things like onions and you know maybe gingers whatever spicy things when you're going to probably start a your spices because that's a characteristic part of the Indian cooking is assault a the spices bring out the aroma and then start adding other things right so like I would read a couple of cookbooks a good one that's vegetarian but

Lord krishna's Cuisine I forget was the one that I bought number of years ago I'm sure it's been surpassed I'm sure it's dated but I would get like a like a fairly authoritative Indian cookbook one that has enough recipes for you to try but focus on ones that are more about the mentality of Indian cooking because I think that what you really want to do is immerse yourself in the mentality and I do a lot of Curry's brother really good when vegetarian friends come over because there's so many good Indian vegetarian dishes out there you know it's one it's one of the Cuisines it is based on on vegetarian dishes and so you know Aunt and actually if you ever again I'm not supporting being a vegan but if you have a vegan friends come over a lot of times you know if you substitute if you use dishes like friends answers a dish with I really love to make call navarrete n Curry right and I do my own version of it it's Americanized but basically it's a sauce where you start by sauteing onions and then you put your spices like

Scott coriander it's got cumin it's got its got the ginger it's got some hot pepper in it regular pepper and then not you after you do that you had some tomato paste coconut milk pineapple you blend the whole megillah and then you can toss it with any kind of steamed vegetable you want and it's delicious navarrete 10. Delicious delicious Curry and if you if you use a coconut milk and you use olive oil to saute instead of butter if you have a vegan dish and so you can see if you have if you can coming over and you know it's a really good way to make it and have them hassling you also like another another trip with Indian food is really sourcing the ingredients I think I'd really focus on sourcing some ingredients that are high quality and that you know allow you achieved nothing tastes when you're getting a rice you're going to want to get you know one of the the actual rice is that they would use in a particular dish me often

you going to use a Basmati or something like that and you do it with a little with you know throw some some spices and when you make it but it again the key to anything is the first taste what you've done and so you know whether you hit the target or not right I mean I've never been to India proper it's one of the places on Earth that I'm really dying dying to go I've never been but first I know what American Indian food tastes like it too and I know what the London Indian food taste like I don't know what Indian Indian food taste like but anyway so you have a Target and that's good now figure out that the fundamentals of know what it's like for someone to step into a kitchen in India what they're thinking what is going to go in the pot and then the recipe itself isn't so important it's more understanding the flow of how they cook and how they're going to be doing it to answer your question I hope

does actually end with respect to something you said about the different flavors and the spice mixtures and things that go into Indiana from what I understand there are many different recipes that can make up a garage Fallout 4 for like a curry powder so just looking at the Shelf you know in the grocery store it appears that there's a bunch of different products that you can buy that kind of would help along that way on excited to start trying some of those are all very different eventually if you really get into it you're going to want to make your own spice mixtures because you're just going to be a lot of pressure and you can tailor them to your to your exact needs think about it this way it's in the US we think about it they're kind of variation in something like a garam masala things like that but yeah but if you go to North Carolina right the difference of like 20 miles in North Carolina is enough to cause a fist fight over what you're going to put in your a barbecue sauce okay you don't even and so you know when you think about it that way

and you need to go to India with it which is huge and has so many people in it you know it's it's it's an extremely extremely varied and interesting Cuisine you can spend a whole lifetime doing nothing but Indian food and it would it would repay your efforts know what I mean it's like a huge it's a huge and interesting it a journey that you're embarking on know that that the surface of it just because I haven't had a chance to travel over there yet but I wish you well and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun

so have another email question coming in I would take him take a break and we'll come back with more questions on cooking issues radio

you feel good


hello and welcome back to cooking issues I'm Dave Arnold here with Miss Tosha Lopez the hammer and weird answer your questions for couple more minutes at 718-497-2128 that's +718-497-212-8200 Jesse I emailed and asked do you guys have any advice on slicing meat without turning it black as soft as I try it still ends up turning black interesting question Jesse so what's happening in mint or basil or anything like this is that as you're cutting it you're breaking the cells as you break the cells they they enzymes that cells rupture in the enzymes within the cells can mix with certain compound inside of the of the mint and they form brown brown colors then there's very little you can do to prevent that with the exception of it's not how

soft you cut the sound of soft you cut the mint it's going to cause it's how sharp your knife is so if you use an extremely sharp knife right you're going to rupture as few cells as possible you want to use a very thin very sharp knife and slice it and you're going to get the minimum amount of blackening of the cells right if you even if you come softly with a Dull Knife you're just mashing it right you also don't want to just whack it around on the board you know that's why people they roll their their leaves up and then that's lice not just gently but you know with very sharp knife another technical news is you can blanch the mint briefly in boiling water and what that's going to do is just kill the enzymes Harold McGee the author of on food and cooking had a second book called the Curious cook unfortunately it's not in print name or you can get it on bookfinder but the Curious cook has a along chapter basically on pesto where he deals with just this kind of problem

how to make a pesto which is the same problem is man it's basil but they're in the same family has the same problem of how to keep it bright in an in a pesto in it and it's really interesting interesting chapter read because it really shows what we do in general here when cooking the way we approach it with you is to break it down into a series of variables and then try to figure out what's going on with each one of the variables in the entire book the Curious cook is about that it's really it's a shame it's not in a very good command companion piece to on food and cooking where is on food and cooking is more of an encyclopedic reference with some lore about cooking the Curious cook is more how to become like Harold McGee right how to think like he does like or for that matter it is similar way to think how we do when we're cooking which is to break break things into a series of variables and try to understand what's going on so I can get a copy the Curious cook and read it it would be you it's useful for everyone in a way of figuring out a method of thinking

choke blanching the mint has the problem that you you should you change the flavor is no longer fresh you could cut it under alcohol and that's going to not but it's in alcohol them and that's what I would do under alcohol but you know that's what usually only use for an alcoholic beverage is so it's it's a difficult problem he experimented with using things like ascorbic acid and that doesn't really accidents. So many things from turning brown he didn't get it to have that much unaffected basil probably because it didn't get to where it needed to go fast enough before the brownie happened I bet if you vacuum infused ascorbic acid into the mint leaves he would have been able to get a decent result but alas he did not have a vacuum machine or even an isi whipper to check check it out when he was writing the book but that might be another another way to go but if you're not if it doesn't matter that is not hyper hyper fresh quick Blanche will help otherwise just use an extremely sharp knife and be Ginger about it I'm sorry I didn't have any sort of match

bullet for you Jesse but that's why you chose a tough problem so sew onto a separate and weird phenomenon when I think it's called the impemba sect impemba and Timber what you think in Timber Timber affect what that is is interesting because it just shows how you can be wrong in so many ways it's been known for a long time that if you take and you keep water up vs. water that's cold and you put them in the freezer that is possible for the hot water to freeze first it seems counter-intuitive yes I am so counter-intuitive that you know you would say things like oh that's absurd or ridiculous or impossible or that someone who says that must have accomplished right because I'm a simple on a simple level you know physics you think will look the hot water when you put it in the freezer has to chill down 2-0 right before it freezes and the coal

water starts closer to 0 so it's going to get there first going to freeze first right it just seems physically impossible anything else what happened and yet it does and and it just goes to show this this simple thing it seems impossible but it's true was observed by a school boy in what country was he in some it was a country in Africa in the 60s and he observed this phenomenon as a child and was laughed out of the school and then later you know kept on base me saying look it's true and turns out he's right and now they've named the effect after him his name was mr. impemba right pain but any who so the thing is is how can this possibly be true and it took decades decades for scientist to actually figure out what the heck was going on in Inns in this Inn in the situation and the New Scientist back in March of this year published or talked to reference a paper that was written a 30-page paper written by a guy that had spent 10 years researching this

and he thinks he's finally come up with the answer in the answer is this at least one interesting phenomena the fountain is supercooling so it's super cooling a liquid means that you cool it down below its freezing point before it starts to freeze and the reason is happens because ice in order to form and use that have a nucleation site for a crystal that starts very hard for crystals to start forming in water to become ice Chaney these things called nucleation site so when you super cool sounding you super cool it down to a point where the ice can nucleate and then band whole thing Rises back up in temperature to freezing and starts freezing starts freezing up that's how I swore Works to turns out that by heating a sample you actually alter the nucleation sites such that they can't super cool as much before they freeze up so in fact the mass of ice does freeze faster if it's been 10 freeze faster if it's been heated but it let me think then of the concept of super cooling right so they're super Cooling and there's a superheat

water's pretty interesting if you need to super cool it below zero degrees to get it to start freezing up right you can also superheat it above 100 degrees because same way it's very hard for ice crystals that form it's also hard for bubbles to form right to Bubbles me nucleation site that's why if you have a super clean glassware like hyper analytically clean glassware like you use like a chroma can sulfuric acid melt all of that organic crap out of the inside of a glass don't do that but if you did that and then he filled it with champagne you get no bubbles because there's no place for the bubbles to form so she can superheating what you do is you take something that has no nucleation sites like you boil it wants right you stick in the microwave which keeps it all without a lot of convection currents cause it's heating it around instead of eating it from the bottom and then you pull it out it's well above 100 degrees you throw sugar in it and it instantly boils and splashes boiling water in your face and you get horribly skulls and have to go to the hospital so known phenomenon anyway so super cool and can also be used

Moto in Japan who has a an apparatus to do super cooling is extremely clean glassware I guess and he puts water or water based liquids in any chills and well below zero and then as you add jatate them right you only add jatate Hemi crate little bubbles a little bubbles become nucleation sites and I start to form so he is really cool demos and I believe it's on YouTube where you take supercooled liquid and he Pours and as he pours it turns to ice slushy it's pretty cool and just the impemba that got me thinking about all those unfortunately it's not possible to freeze the entire block of ice solid to freeze entire block like a thing of water solid using supercooling you'd have to super cool it down in -80 Celsius and that's just not possible you can't get really you probably at best only going to get a couple near 1010 20 20 best degrees not even below zero Celsius before it starts a new PA so you can but you can freeze something like a quarter a thorough and Anna problem. They're probably quarter the water in

just left which is pretty cool but my favorite way to do this is actually a multiple effect is when you put soda in a freezer and you pull it out just before she freezes and then you uncap it and then it all the sudden turns to ice right and then I like that because I like super cold while blah blah blah but the reason is happens to fold one carbon dioxide is dissolved in the liquid in which it wants to freeze right it's freezing point depression when you untap it all the sudden carbon dioxide leaves there's less carbon dioxide the freezing points less depressed so now all of a sudden the liquid more super cool than it was before second leave a little bubbles provide nucleation sites crap load of them I call it once I almost cursed on Aaron top August 4th of crap load of these bubbles all at once and so the entire thing basically just turn to a mass of flaky Ice Crystal so I'm still trying to figure out a good way to use this in in the in the kitchen you got anything to stash you think that there's any kind of use for that

probably right which brings me a kind of just meeting us and starch is always right about not really always right about these things because there's many things like I say just in case you meet her right yeah like I say she does many things since she doesn't like for no apparent reason like french fries or you know some reason just like french fries doesn't like potato chips except salt and vinegar is bizarre Bizarre Bazaar so you can't really trust in this case I think she's right just because although supercooling is really really cool well try Nifty write a super coins really Nifty and probably going to end up being just a gimmick and on the topic of just a gimmick I'll mention one last thing before we leave and physical gimmicks if any of you out there have liquid nitrogen and a vacuum machine

but you know you should have both frankly you know what I mean in this was told me by Johnny iuzzini pastry type of John drawers who in turn learned it from Christian was working with Nathan myhrvold on the Miracle book is coming out at the end of the year if you stick liquid nitrogen into a vacuum machine and then you close a vacuum machine let it run for several minutes all of a sudden I start forming on the top of the liquid nitrogen okay then as soon as you release it they the vacuum the ice goes away so you can never touch or get to the ice ever and and so Johnny was like was wondering about this and I did a bunch of research and what's happening and it looks really cool it's like this like frosty snow ice forming on the top of the liquid nitrogen what you're actually doing is forming nitrogen ice and turns out that liquid nitrogen which you know clocks in around minus 200 Celsius in that range - 190 something Celsius at atmospheric pressure solid nitrogen isn't that much colder than liquid nitrogen

and so what happens is you put the liquid nitrogen you let the container come up to it or come down to temperature so you're not boiling for that reason too much but in the vacuum machine and you suck a vacuum on it what you're doing is evaporating a crapload of nitrogen off the top of the vessel and you're actually evaporative Lee cooling liquid nitrogen down that extra couple of degrees Celsius and forming solid nitrogen snow on the top of your head looks really cool and sweating out whatever you can do to but if you if you want to see if you're forming solid nitrogen snow but yet you can never touch it another another pain in the butt in kitchen technology anyway so that was this week's cooking issues join us again next week at from 12 to 12:45 and another shout-out to Whole Foods 30th birthday not their 80th birthday happy birthday Whole Foods

I don't know