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Episode 89: Peeling & Seasoning

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hello and welcome to cooking issues broadcasting on the back of Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn as usual with hammer Lopez give a shout out yeah we're here okay on time today I know it you don't have it up at 12 maybe I'm just getting faster on the bike it's awesome. That's the case maybe I actually left on time today it's possible I doubt it anyway the cooking issues crew and stash and I along with Tristan Willie from our Booker and Dax were on the Jimmy Fallon show yesterday for the second time right of my kids Booker and Dax up with the with our bartenders

taxes on Thanksgiving stasha who emailed them the picture but they were great crew chocolate drink for Questlove as well which was a lot of fun anyway William rights in I hate peeling potatoes potatoes actually like peeling potatoes in every book of Acts like princess okay so I never read romance book so the chef now I mean you could read it cuz I was like okay Marco get us all of the chef and I was like there was enough

I wanted to try to understand commiserate with the chef having been dating a chef I just haven't gotten around to reading it. I choose not directions to Read 50 Shades of Grey 80 years old I don't know I don't know what's going on I don't know what any of the people are reading these days I know nothing except about food technology these days I guess I could do that anyways Facebook aren't I nice anyways a lot of hay over Thomas Keller liking to wash dishes is it shows a sign that he's interested in all aspects of what goes on in the restaurant in the search for Perfection not just you know that the finish cooking peppers for everything cooking dishes and scrubbing pots

just a cycle and likes to collect the scrub pots I like I like juicing limes and lemons and I don't mind feeling potatoes for me it's not like because I care about the little things which is also true it's just I don't mind doing that freaking cup

back to potatoes is there an alternative shortcut to peeling potatoes other than the Blanche for 15 minutes Dunkin iced water and rub the skin off I tried his technique with large russet but it's quite messy and a pain in the patootie has and feel that using a peeler would have been easier thanks Williams I've never actually used that technique for peeling potatoes I peel potatoes with a Y peeler I mean I just I mean I can rip through through I've only really ever had to do like 20 pounds in a time that's why don't know if you're doing like a whole bunch of anything under 10 lb or even 15 lb you're going to be much faster I think just busting out with a Y peeler the only Advantage I think of that Blanche is if you're not going to soak them in water right away after you peel Mi Pilon and directly throw them into water

blanching will probably kill the enzymes right at the surface of the potato and therefore stop the potatoes from discoloring so if you weren't going to throw it into water right away after you peel it then maybe that Branch would help you on that but I would just use a y peeler if you are doing more than like 20 30 lb of these at a time and you have space in your kitchen they do sell for not that much money is used in Sweden actually cuz he restaurants used to work with in Sweden it's like basically all they serve were potatoes and Herring and salmon that was it potatoes but that's not really. And so they had these abrasive peelers anyway and abrasive peeler works at a drum and it's got sandpaper on the inside on the bottom of the drama and wavy shape and the drum spins and you pour water into it and the potatoes literally Tumblr around and and produce like a potato peel sludge and the longer you run it the more crap that you get off of it

and that's how I like large larger restaurants that do a lot of potatoes sometimes get those I think I'm more common Europe and that's how I'm potatoes are peeled in Big Data factories abrasively and then the loss of a lot of times you got high high pressure water jet to spray on the potatoes as well because that'll blast out any of the dark areas that are on a potato Sears anything right if you're going to blanch and rub that rubber stuff off you're still going to need some sort of a knife or a peeler to get rid of all the black spots that are on the inside of the potatoes and you know that's why people who kill their potatoes before hand

I mean the problem with not feeling your potatoes before hand is it there a plenty of potatoes at look sound after you wash them you know you scrub them and you wash them but after you peel them you notice the black spot underneath so if you're not feeling your potatoes before you know you make french fries and stuff to do you have to pick through all the french fries and worried about of the black spots right now anyway my two cents but sorry I didn't really help a lot of a lot of times when people are there peelings not as fast as it otherwise could be using a regular peeler it's just because they're using a traditional straight peeler instead of the y-shaped peeler in fact my favorite is and I feel like I'm sure these guys cuz I also talked about their pressure cooker I've never received a single thing from the queen Ricon Corporation but they're relatively inexpensive and colorful why peelers work-rate because like four bucks and there's so much faster than the metal kind of more professional style wild wipe healers who is blue

geometry I don't think is correct or any of the other expensive ones a cheap plastic with a bunch of different colors which is nice because it's the green one I'd stay away from the serrated edge peelers there theoretically for soft peeling soft things where I don't know but I've never had in your damn luck with him. She likes the person who she likes way to look you like the serrated peeler look but not in the functionality care about right now

I got a tweet in about the Fallon show it and drop the F-bomb once Joseph Gordon-Levitt

nothing for you to do your sitting around and of in the fish room up to you after nothing to do with the producers and I'll talk to you after and you wouldn't know because where were you not with me working with Tristan I know but I don't appreciate that what they said their kids listen and talk about something she was not even with me during the entire thing she was working on email on the computer in the living room they all have weird names we were in The Fish Room rent and I like all sorts of weird cereal boxes on the sidewall but that's where that's where to start with chilling most of time


I would also from William I've been catching up on older podcasts and when you mention about not having the resources to buy certain things to test out for the listeners why not putting up a donation link on the site I'm sure many of us are happy to donate after all you're giving us a wealth of info William became a good idea on our home page on is at all at all at home to be released on October 8th so what's the story is this just an edited version of the original or will there be new content in those of us to have the original safely give this a past thanks Joe listen I didn't have time to get in touch with any of those guys so I don't know I haven't read

is a pre-press on act like you know or had to pretty much been an in a hole because I got a lot of projects working on so the outside world hasn't really been penetrated much I don't know that they've I think it's probably a Redux of stuff that's in the larger book might have been represented somewhat or change but I don't think those guys have had the time to to do anything about this way if that crew is going to do a totally fresh thing they're going to put as much energy into it as they put into anything else I do and I don't think they've had the time to do that so it's probably going to be pulled from the other one but I'm going to let you know if anyone else knows he wants to write in anxious to hear because I don't know okay

passing longest question in my most recent article about the benefits of an effort eyes in fish lobsters and crabs for enhance flavors I was wondering if if I've ever tried doing the same with bivalves and if so whether is made any difference in the flavor thanks Craig okay so we're talking about the recent two weeks old now cooking issues post on using anesthesia specifically clove oil on lobsters and crabs and at the theory is that if you anesthetized them before you kill them they taste better which is true we've done that test many many times I & H cleaners sweeter they're awesome and plus if you should feel bad about throwing alive crustacean into a pot of boiling water this will a lady your nervousness somewhat because they don't they don't which they don't move at all they don't they just sink to the bottom of a pot and there's no sort of reaction from it all

using clove oil that you get at at Whole Foods so are the benefits of the shoving a knife through them and taking out all of their gangly on and then and then and then boiling them probably that being that you lose some of the juice is on the inside of that Lobster until you lose some of its taste anyway questions can you do that on bivalves I don't know I've never buy a bivalve five out meaning I would guess that specifically clams and mussels or you know perhaps something like a welcome or or something else I got to know by now that's a unique alright the mussels and clams and oysters here's the problem clove oil water that you Nessa ties things in has an aroma close and when you're using clove oil you have to be especially careful to not get it on your hands because it becomes impossible to find out

everything's been contaminated because whenever you bring your hands to your nose to see what's going on you smell quotes when you're dealing with lobsters are they going to get boiled or you're dealing with fish that are going to get you no scrubs and got it you don't do clove oil flavor doesn't come through because it's been diluted twice right but like it's not really enough of it is not on the fish or the lobster or and they shouldn't eat so that you can detect it but in a 5-hour where are you have the app where it like part of its juices are the fluids in which it is sitting then I'm pretty sure you're going to detect the the aroma of clove and so I don't think you'd be able to do a valid taste test between anesthetizing a lobster maine-ia oyster vs. not

it's an interesting question though I've tried using gases to gas them open without much luck you know myhrvold and Chris Young and those guys use a quick freeze with liquid nitrogen to shuck there oysters quickly do you know kill them kill them quickly I don't know how fast I hydrostatic pressure is which is also used on one of those lasers that killed in pasteurized High hydrostatic pressure so I don't can't tell you whether they taste good and they taste bad but there's a lot of other effects other than not cutting open a living creature and in that in that scenario what I have done with is totally separate has nothing to do with anesthesia is I put oysters his years and years and years ago I would make flavored sea water

using we would use for clams we want you used a chicken stock with bacon in it for oysters we used to use carrot juice and cardamom and we went out add aquarium salt back to it to get it to be just like the ocean and then I would have the oysters or clams drink the fluid right they would basically I would put them in their salad are rated I would keep it at the temperature that though clams and oysters to want to see that they would feed and then when you shuck the oyster OB bright orange likes you have an oyster there in the Shell you shuck it and it be bright orange and it taste like carrots and that was a Nifty trick a long time before you were working with us but and it's been a long long time since I've done it but it's a fun it's a fun little trip so that's the way it's worth. Craig

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the international culinary Center just wanted to Anastasia myself real quick and email that says why do I peel her feel like I'm going to pee on my hand somehow love traditional straight peeler well I don't recommend feeling your hand that would be a mistake it's all about Ellis here's the thing right watch someone who's Adept at a y peeler to different kind of a skill right from using it so I know what you're told you I don't know what to talk about this pure looks like a why that's why they call it a y peeler and if you're not used to using it you what you feel like you're going to get is it like I said you're holding a potato a potato in the palm of your hand and your thumb and your index are like on it right and you're peeling down and then you're using your thumb and index to rotate the potato as there as a y peeler is going sharp sharp sharp sharp shot and you do if you're not you

should I get the feeling that you're going to Nick your thumb somehow but I haven't you don't I mean it's just like us getting getting used to it but it's just look at anyone who's really good with a Y peeler and there is much much faster with it I guess just because of the the the stroke now what you don't get is that same feeling so with a regular straight peeler you're keeping straight peeler kind of in-between that you're four fingers in kind of like a and I don't know what you call that kind of a pain making like the iron fist fist

like like kind of like a Kung Fu like likes like prom something and you using your thumb and you can pull the the straight peeler towards you with a curl of your of your Rift and like a snapping motion but still not as fast as a as a really Adept person with a Y peeler and I got to call you once I get back with a Y peeler you're doing carrots you put the carrot flat on a baking sheet and then you just you just don't know why. Say Hi how are you how are you

I have a really silly question now I always try to like with my own whipped cream and I don't know if it's because I'm buying ultra pasteurized or I'm not whipping it at the right speed but it's literally about to step away from becoming butter you know what I'm doing wrong I think you're probably just whipping too long so I can usually when you're when you're whipping your own cream right you it's not going to be as hard or as stiff as the stuff that you know that is commercial out of a out of a can or you know what I mean those guys at a lot of stabilizer so I can start with like a really cold cream but the highest fat content cream you can get I've never done a lot of tests on ultra pasteurized vs. not but I can tell you that at the school babe they use a non ultra pasteurized or regular pasteurized cream which is hard to get in supermarket and it is it taste better it tastes better and then

also a very high fat content cream soda it also whips up quite nicely if I mean if you want to cheat and you wanted a little bit Steve Stifler you could add stabilizers let me know and if you look at the label on on whipped cream especially the ones that are trying to reduce the fat content that use light cream and they stabilize the hell out of those things you whip it even a little bit too much what happens is is so cream is a is an oil-in-water Emulsion to continuous phase is its water and then if you over whip it is you're basically you're forming like a phone at the at the layer with air if you over whip it the fat starts to kind of agglomerates together and the emotion starts to invert and if you go too long obviously you get butter but you're the first thing you get is it was that kind of grainy feel and starts watering down a little bit

texture losses and start getting a buttery taste to the whipped cream which is not what you want

super thick and like not that are rated on my cat crap but I keep getting wrong like so you look at your National mousse recipes and they got their whipped cream and are fortified with like a salad mix after words are folded together and that'll keep something like that pretty stiff you know another she over whipping what else could be mean that that's that's the that's the main thing and you know obviously something people do you know I'm sure you know this already but just to tell me what you would call him don't forget to add salt to it cuz it really pops the flavor yeah little bit not a lot you don't want to Salty but it just really runs out that the flavor makes it makes it a lot better I don't know I never knew that

thanks so much for your help and no problem but yeah thank you have a good one bye bye Jack this one's for you and Freddy went out there listening wants to download the podcast this is to everyone including Andy Jesus this is from Kevin but remember Andy Jesus is no longer with us he doesn't work our shift anymore me to tell if you died first offense from Kevin. Enjoy the show and want to share it tip for anyone was on the Android it doesn't have an iPhone you can download a Heritage radios RSS feed for the show into the Google listen app and it will automatically download and sync all the episodes over the air that's right I did not know that

I hope this helps them folks number to Kevin still have the opportunity to give talks on food science for Australia's national science week in Melbourne in August although they pronounce it like Melbourne right now is I can't do it I can't do the Australian version of Melbourne the way they pronounce it so I'm going to say it like an American male Bolin anyway I'd like to tell her the message to the ingredients and cooking equipment available down there I eat in Melbourne do you have any experience working in Australia and would you mind plug in my request to your Australian listeners the best contact would be Kevin at science fair. Org Fair as in food fare keep up the expression work can I do not have any experience in Australia I've never been to Australia if there's anyone out there that wants to fly high cooking issues down to Australia for any reason will do it right but I'm sure you know if anyone from the Breville Corporation is listening they can hook you up with some equipment right I mean like it's a Breville like like like Australia's cooking Implement universe.

Rebel and also they loved Mama fuku they love like you know our partners Dave Chang they love their Christina Tosi Christina tosi's I think her her shop is basically constructed out of Breville Scrabble pieces of equipment instead of bricks because they have so much Breville equipment true or false it's it's I always pronounce pronounce your name properly because I always mispronounce it and some people because I'm a lazy lazy son of a bitch alright Tom Fisher rights in a Dave Nastasia and Jack hope you had a great Fourth of July sometime and recently started using them to make flavored ice cream the juices were not strong enough on their own so I froze them and remelted them drawing off the concentrated juice this worked well but I got very inconsistent results as I have no

determine the concentration of the juice I remember you were mentioning a Brix refractometer to measure the concentration of sugar and solution will this work for my application as well many thanks Tom Bishop hell yes yes that's the easiest question ever had to answer yes-no here's what you got to do you got to figure out so you want the sugar content of the ice cream probably to be on the same order of concentration as a sorbet and I can't remember off the top of my head what a proper bricks concentration for a sorbet is but it's on the order of I think twenty 20% sugar or some like that like like 17 20 so I can't remember so what you going to want to do is figure out what percentage of your recipe is is is juice right and then figure out any other add sugar that you're going to add to it and then you can calculate on a weight basis of your ice cream mix what the bricks could pull brakes means is is percentage by weight of a solution that is sugar

okay so you know let's say you're you're mixture was going to be one quarter fruit juice and it was going to be the only sugar that's in the in the recipe well then you need a very high Brix right because you were looking for 20% of the thing to be sugar and you want to add your only a quarter of it being juice almost all of it would have to be sugar it's but that said it's all doable right but you what you need is you need a a break reflectometer most of the ones that people buy are 0 to 32 bricks so they can only do from 0 0 to 32% sugar in a solution and that's fine for fruit juice and fine for survey but not fine if you're going to need to use something is concentrated as a simple syrup let's say typical simple syrup somewhere between 50 bricks normal or which simple syrup is going to be like 66 bricks so

I use I use intellect an electronic one that's a lot more expensive because I need to be very very quick for the bar but you can get a brakes refractometry that's zero to 85% brakes will take care of a lot of what you're going to do for about forty $50 if you want you can buy two of the cheaper ones one for the higher range and one for the load range the disadvantage of getting a single Brix refractometer that's extremely wide range like 02805 is it just not very accurate because it's hard to look into the refractometer and read the scale but they're not complicated to use that are easy to take care of I've only ever had one person brake one

me but but yeah go ahead and get them and that's what another one of those things you know if you ever need one the needs are going to come up for it again and again no one's said man I wish I didn't have that reflectometer have some questions and go take care of real quick before we go to our other commercial break cooking issues have you ever run tests on centrifuges to clarify high-density items like Bean puree if so would it be efficient okay well you know we've done a lot of work obviously would not oils we're trying to get the obviously only if you know me and have for years is it obvious but we do a lot of work with nut oils where we blend nuts every time I'm going to lunch right walnuts pistachios hazelnuts Brazil nuts macadamia nuts tree nuts and peanuts

which are nuts and blend them and then refuse to extract the oil and its efficient but it is it is delicious I have Spa

tomato paste and it's not efficient at all but that tiny bit of juice you get at the top of the tomato paste a few Spinners you tasted that right size that was good you would like that it's incredibly inefficient oh well and efficiency Tony Conigliaro our buddy I'm going to see this week in New York before Tails I don't know when he tells the cocktail by next week I'm probably going to do that show from New Orleans and I got to find out when my plane lands in a centrifuge talk about talk about paste and Spins them and get a ridiculously small amount of ridiculously delicious product I've never done Bean puree your success is going to be based on two factors 1 how tightly bound is the water to the pier a and to how much physical water is in the puree vs. solid because it Center fuse at four thousand times the force of gravity is only going to have a sir

amount of separating capability so I guess the answer is not very helpful as it depends not very helpful. Based on pectin you can use an enzyme to break down a pectin and increase your yield it'll be at the expense probably of the texture of the pace is left over because you would want to be able to use both yeah Okay cooking issues Heritage Radio where to eat in Chicago coming from Dublin Ireland first time in shy town where is interesting cheers unfortunately I haven't been in a couple of years to Chicago so I don't know what's hip and happening anymore I mean obviously for the kind of work that we do you're going to want to go to alinea but you got a book up what kind of well in advance right and I I the problem is is that a lot of places I really want to go in Chicago I haven't gone yet like I haven't gone to Aviary and I'm just not I'm not plugged in in Chicago

any more unfortunately it's been years and I'm loathe to recommend places that I haven't been yet rice us the fair but I would like to or answer back on the Twitter answer me back on the AT-AT cooking issues on the Twitter and get some recommendations for eating in Chicago

is Jack Meritage radio reminding all listeners that we are a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization and you can donate to become a member today by visiting Heritage Radio Network. Org

and welcome back by like crazy guitar right oh yeah S10 power going crazy and it's like it's like a freak shows College band from 1991 or like okay we'll put up with it I'm pretty sure what's going on baby about being in the Fallon show is going to listen to The Roots play those guys are awesome I wanted to I wanted to do something with him is sucking on their blog on on Thursday

but he likes chocolate drinks and this is his quote not mine so don't want to hear anything he also like he's accused of all up by all of his buddies of liking his words not mine bitch drinks and so you know he likes he liked last time chocolate flavors and he liked kind of drinks that tasted lighter so I wanted to make a drink I want to make a drink for your for him it was also about the album that came out of here to go he did with Booker T called the road from Memphis because obviously the bars name is Booker and Dax my son is Booker and Nia Booker T and Questlove and chocolate and beverage so I made one and we did a little he did and I did a little second it's going to be on Fallon's blog or is it at me caesar founds found sometime this week see I got to hang out a little bit I think he like to drink and drink it

Milk Bar once he's buying a lot of cookies really even in real life and it is on the on the television to find it on my machine here from Mike I've been reading a lot of Chinese cookbooks and which is a good plan I don't wonder which Chinese cookbooks you like the fuchsia Dunlop books I don't have those yet but always a good plan we can talk about the importance of seasoning walks the general method is to heat up oil and or lard and some sort of Ally and Trish me a garlic chives but a combination of scallion and Ginger is also recommended they say that the heating process opens the pores of the metal the aromatics permeate the metal and the whole process helps create a nonstick surface could you

please talk a bit about seasoning a pan is it crap or is it something I should be doing and if so do you have a better method thanks Mike actually questioned so the last time I spent a lot of time researching

seasoning in general is when I did a post years ago on cast iron pans and in general cast iron pan and seasoning is not crap seasoning is actually important and there is a slight debate in the community about what exactly is going on when you're seasoning a app and I think pretty much for me to be accepted reason seasoning a pan is that you are creating you put a thin layer of oil and then Oreo fat and when you heat it the fat is breaking down and play merizing and forming a basically a memorized wheel film on top of the pan it's binding with the pants that surface that is a non-stick okay

and also eat your black you know you have in there cuz it's black it's brown and it's the same sort of reaction that happens in oil paint with oil paints dry oil paint that you specifically something called a drying oil because it polymerizes in forms this kind of solid network if you ever seen a vegetable oil that spilled on a surface or been allowed to stay on a surface for a long time and its forms that yellow gunk right stocks you don't talk about that yellow gunk that is partially polymerized oil and so that's what's going on and it works now there's a there's a another group that thinks it's a different kind of oxidized iron that's the same but it's what they called magnate magnetite or whatever it is that it is the another form of iron oxide that's not rust its protective and is a similar one that they use when you're blue and guns blue Dino blued steel for blue and guns similar sort of thing

I don't think that's the case I think it's a plumber iced will now in a pan when you're seasoning a couple of things are important first is that you want to know a lot of people debate whether or not a particular kind of oil is more or less important I don't really think it's that big of a deal what you want to make sure of is that you don't put a thin a666 Gloppy layer of oil on it when you're seasoning and the reason is that if you do it's going to form sticker layers and those layers will partially plimmer eyes but they're never going to be as tough or as uniform as a lots of thin layers built up and if you

if you eat and you'll see this if you let a thin layer thick there when you when you start when you start scraping it down with a spatula you'll you little dig into it and in pieces of the seasoning will flake up and that's not consider that's why there's a lot of rubbing with paper towels that's why when you're seasoning a pot in the oven they turn them upside down so that any oil that is free that's not been wiped around and drips off of the pan before it gets to bloom rise and forms kind of go crappie spots all right so I mean the classic technique is multiple Coatings of oil in an oven that is hotter than frying temperature so like 450 I usually use something like that or like if you're seasoning a griddle I can I season it directly I can even season pans on a flame as long as you don't hit him up too much cuz you can burn the seasoning off of a pan if you if you put it at like 6:50 at a self clean cycle in an oven you can burn the seasoning off of a pan

are the exact temperature now the the interesting thing about the the the the onions alliums when you're seasoning a wok I looked into this before I get into the seasoning of the alley with with the only say this I don't have a lot of experience but another thing I was interested in walks when question came in is in a what's the difference and is there a difference in cooking in cooking capabilities are style of field between a traditional hand hammered Wok which is made by taking a sheet of Steel and hammering it into a walk shape or aspirin Walk we're basically they take that that the disk and press it between two wouldn't Chucks and stand spin it fast and then use a stick to push the walk down into a walk shape or stamped walk which is basically just yelled big hydraulic press boom stamps out the stamps at the walk and I don't know if there's a difference and I wasn't able to find any sort of difference on

by now there is a possibility and you mentioned in your question porosity and and I think it is no one as I don't remember after that been a long time since I research but I don't think that I don't know what the differences in porosity between a different if I will say this the surface of the pan does make a difference in how something works when it Cooks let's go back to regular cast iron pans which I have a lot more experience with modern cast iron cookware that is produced is basically straight from the cast so if you look at the surface of a cast iron pan it's got a little bit of a hard to say like a little rough sandpaper you look to it and I don't like that right that's always got that little bit of a of a rusty Oak some people think that's going to actually enhance the nonstick nice because it it decreases the actual area contact of the food with the pan Which therefore less area to steak that's why certain non-stick pan

I have those little dimples in the bottom of the guitar by Dia the pans I like we're sanded to relate to show a bare metal surface at the bottom of something that they called polishing but you can literally just take like a sander a grinder to get that kind of sandpaper that sandpaper feel finish off the bottom of it and those things take seasoning like a mother and they come out like a black piece of glass there's so slick and in my cast-iron that is so you know at least 50 years old that was made that way is the is the cast iron in my place that is the best in terms of non non stick Ness it's just it's great and another thing by the way back to watch when you're looking at a walk some people worried about using a metal spatula with their cast-iron don't be worried about it in fact with a walk you're always using a cast-iron it actually helps to not little bit if you have a good seasoning on it and using something metal to help to knock little bits that were it's dead we'll stick

and build up on your in your products don't worry about that but the interesting part of your question it's something I hadn't thought about was the reaction of the chives or garlic chives with the pan and I don't think that it's horse hockey I think that there's something to it but I will cuz I watched a couple videos of people seasoning locks online here's a couple of things first people don't cook with a cut with carbon knives anymore with knives at other words that will stain that aren't stainless I have a couple of my house cuz I happen to like them

everyone who has a carbon steel knife one that we know will Rust will tell you that when you're cutting an onion that onion will taste bad especially if there's if it's not proper I got a quick call I'll take the call in and then I'll go back to onions and knives and watch these it cuz it's it's a it's a super interesting at least to me hopefully somebody else color you're on the Air Asia Davis Brian the artificial sugars

I had some NutraSweet just last night and I haven't died yet necessarily a good argument because there are things I'm not saying you just eat one of them cuz I don't think it is there are things that take 20 years to kill you like asbestos anyway go ahead there you go to do with the app of the quarter 1/4 inch or 3/4 inch aluminum into your oven as a hack for pizzas and I know you have some experience with them I don't want to just completely destroying this member mine

so when they're telling you to put their take me to put the pizza directly onto the aluminum operation have you ever felt so if you have an oven that doesn't have a lot of power in it and you feel that oven with stones not just like a one pizza stone but a lot you'll notice that it takes a long long long long time for your oven to heat up because if you have to put a lot of it taking a lot of power to heat up those stones do you want something so I once had an oven that I had a long time I had enough and I completely line the inside almost like it was a masonry oven and hours it would take for it to heat up and so maybe I'm thinking that's not a good tactic to take with your oven aluminum

how thick were they saying

they're saying 3/4 inch but that I was reading eagle has and Nathan said he could go down to 1/4 inch aluminum couple things so that it what you want to do with the crust assuming that their theory of operation is that they want to put a big and instantaneous keep wall up into the bottom of the crust right now is they a super-fast conductor one of the best you know it's like right up there with copper not as good as copper but right up there in terms of Heat and the the issue with it is is that it doesn't store it it it it transmits heat very quickly but it doesn't store heat very well because it it just doesn't it lighter right so it's doesn't have as much mass and you know and it doesn't take that much energy to heat up a block of aluminum to the advantages your oven will heat it very quick

pair to other things he will keep very evenly right and whatever heat energy is in it will be delivered to your pizza very quickly and it also won't cool down that much because the oven can supply heat to it fairly quickly as well so I'm like a pizza stone if you're going to make a bunch of pizzas with a pizza stone you'll notice that it did it starts lagging after a couple of pizzas because you've exhausted the heat that is at the surface of the stone and it's taking a long time for it to kind of replenish that heat because the stone doesn't heat up very quickly where is aluminum he's extremely quickly I just I'm sure because you know those guys are good at that I'm sure those guys did the calculation of how much heat is really necessary to deliver to your pizza on an instantaneous basis to get that good crust that good boost on the crust and that's why they're getting whatever thickness of aluminum it is if they're getting is so if there's enough

energy in that Ingot to zap your crush fast that makes sense expensive you know what I mean and heavy and heavy no not terrible

yesterday was terrible so like I like when I was testing like before I was making my own red hot pokers for drinks I would have slugs of different metals that I was using to heat over a flame in that and then and then he drinks with and stainless was just awful it's a slow conductor of Victor very slow conductor of heat compared even to iron very slow yeah it's just it has the advantage of being non-reactive is is all it's got its expensive is heavy and it's slow you know which is why you're good pot are at you know I have a big chunk of aluminum in the bottom of them and you know or copper and then like a layer of stainless that your food actually touches it's probably quite thin

cinnamon stainless terrible probably work would depend on what temperature me obvious you're not cranking your oven is high on you not cranky Robin is high for bread as you are for a pizza it's been many years since I've done a very thorough research on bread baking and crust interaction so I'd have to figure out whether you're actually getting any sort of benefit from the masonry surface other than the delivery of heat but I don't see why it wouldn't I don't see why it wouldn't wouldn't work

the second one

yeah if you look online go to it's not cheap but they it's easy to obtain aluminum from them and you can figure out there's a there's a list of goes by weight but then sometimes there's a price break where it would you start getting it thicker all of a sudden the price jumps more than just the weight jump and so you can kind of see where that sweet spot is I looked it up a while ago and I think it's somewhere around half inch that starts getting expensive to get bigger slabs at least normally or if you know if you if you live if you have a car and you live you know outside of the major city you can probably just go to Aluminum Supply and get it but McMaster-Carr they're everywhere you can least get an idea of prices there about 30% more than they should be a McMaster-Carr but it'll give you an idea

okay great thanks do you think I should see the aluminum

okay great YouTube a flavor right the awning pics of a flavor in the onion taste the onion taste bad and I did some more research and Old-Timers used to rub onions on their knives to develop a patina on the knife and I looked on the web and people are now for kind of environmentally friendly corrosion Inhibitors making garlic extracts if they rub on knives as corrosion Inhibitors on knives so there is and it's it's basically sulfur compounds that are in that are in onions and aliens in scallions that are interacting with iron right to inhibit corrosion in on an on a nice but they also take up the bad flavors into the onions themselves this is apparently the theory of operation in the stainless steel anti onion smell on your hand thing

turn off those work because those are stainless probably better off using carbon steel blocks instead of stainless steel black to get rid of the onion flavor so there is an interaction between onions and iron the the other thing is the people on the web seasoning with chives it's basically a way to describe around also move oil around so the oil is not staying in one place so that the child's are they these like try the long side of garlic chives are one kind of interacting with the metal taking metal away from I don't think it's adding a good flavor to the pan I think it's removing bad flavors from the pan right and absorbing goes bad flavors on to the onion absorbing you know any sort of free Iron that's on that on the surface of it now the other thing is is that instead of onions which don't act this way the scallion things because they're like paper when they will they're almost like a scrubby pad that you're using along with the metal spatula to move the oil around so that you're not getting any caked-on pieces of oil anywhere so the theory is there

interacting with the metal to remove stuff that you don't want it on there and they're pushing the oil around in a in a nice way sex if you have a nice even coating all the way around the pan my bet is it a good way to season it now why scallions and not something like garlic I don't know I haven't used that much garlic chives with this sort of thing I mean I've used them but not that much if you were to do this with garlic to make a scorched awful flavor which would probably mess with you and mess with your pant but tries don't have an awful flavor once they get charred and so you can continue to use those charged all the way up until the Char point which is where around where you're going to want to be to get accurate seasoning of the pan to get it nice and black and there you have it

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