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Episode 88: Egg Your Oven

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every Tuesday from 12:45 on. Org join as always with Anastasia the hammer Lopez keeping the cooking issues machine running Jack and of course today we have a special guest special guest producer Aaron marks who bid for this gas producing spot at the last Museum of food and drink a fundraiser that we had right now I'm actually working on an interesting a food-related project right now to know them talk about in a second but remember calling your questions to set 18497 +212-818-497-2128 now Aaron aside from bidding on this great thing and being with us today was a long time ago not that long I guess a member of my favorite gravesite

which is the goat Goldman Sachs have always had a soft spot for a strange because I love history finances a great thing he's not doing that anymore he is in fact working on a project called deconstructing dinner and maybe about the great Satan can I love those guys food and restaurants so we are produced documentary called deconstructing dinner on the farm to table movement really to educate people on the on the origins of food really kind of a Twist here is is that what we focus on individual staple ingredients we've been filling with a couple really excellent chefs Michael Anthony last week Heather carlucci in New York we did the pilot Michael stadtlander on pork up in Toronto he has a beautiful Farm up there to supplement all these great mini-series we we have a some webisodes and at a lot of extra bonus material that that lengthy award-winning chefs in so

excited for in the process of fundraising at the moment. $60,000 by July 20th can check us out of that Kickstarter campaign that we just we just passed a hundred backers online so we're doing well deconstructed dinner on Kickstarter and you you've already found one of that last time I spoke with you as what you were working on eight or nine episodes of the moment we have each of them is going to be a garlic or we'd her eggs we just did a shot on honey in a farm outside of New York and March 2013 spring 2013 is won't wait we hope you have a finished product is the director of the producer both are Declan is the filmmaker behind this he won last year for his documentary called

this is kind of a refer to as the Mark Bittman of Canada the farm to table movement thinking about it yesterday had a radio show by the same name deconstructing dinner and this is a reincarnation onto the screen go to Kickstarter and go look at deconstructing dinner on Kickstarter deconstructing dinner. Com and the financial writer and he has brought me a copy of The Big Short we had actually read his later books Boomerang which if you guys aren't interested in kind of financial I'm not interested in finances at all I really could give a rat's behind about my own finances otherwise I guess we'd be rich right now anyway but I don't really care about it but I love I love myself some Financial history and sadly I've been lacking in recent Financial history until

we going to show you our publisher for you know for my cocktail button come up gave me and Michael Lewis book and not airing you brought me other one so hopefully I'm going to be up to date with our current Financial woes I'm using history behind it Grayson right now on two questions by the way this one in from Pete actually give a call out to Indy Jesus but I'd like our our readers to know listen to know that I have not seen any Jesus in a long time Jackie Gleason in to do this I don't think he's working this shift anymore but I have to say a really nice guy but I I I would guess not now we just need to coin a name for somebody never any Jesus is a waiter here who is looks like Jesus in in kind of indie rock clothes and I miss him I'm missing Andy Jesus during the during the broadcast I think he made our broadcast better just by his presence

true yeah we do we have a mansion Jesus for a while

LLC to coffee when does a different man since Jesus was at a different question I wanted a small oven for day-to-day stuff and I love to bake bread and there's nothing that compares to steam for making that amazing crust you haven't done a great job with things like soft boiled eggs in large quantities and steam face excetra and is very precise temperature controls which got me thinking I could use this bad boy for low temp cooking sous-vide and would love to get your thoughts Pete okay okay look I don't know what you got to tell me what brand of Combee Avenue have the smaller ones that used to be one Me by Electrolux a kind of fit on a counter that was maybe microwave size or a little bit bigger and of course gaggenau makes when it's fantastically expensive if you can afford gaggenau appliances in your home God blessed but don't know is nothing that uses a combination of steam technology and convection technology and recently I've been using restaurants to do

temperature cooking because they have very accurate temperature controls and the reason they have accurate temperature control is because they need accuracy to be be able to achieve the results that they want to achieve without any sort of human intervention the byproduct is it we get to use it for very accurate low temperature work typically by setting the temperature of the oven below the boiling point well below you know down to like you know 55 Celsius thereabouts and hundred percent humidity which gives a good thermal transfer now commercial Combi ovens are in the on average the higher end ones rash now B1 and

Electrolux being another and if there's any of several others on average they are fairly accurate but at any given second there temperature can fluctuate quite a bit and it's because they inject steam into the cavity which shoots the temperature up then the temperature goes down they shoot more steam it goes up up up up up so the answer is for very thin items it does not work very well for low temperature cooking because those thin items can't handle the short-term overtemp that you go through as the temperature porpoises back and forth sticker items can withstand that so cuz the temperature of modernist cuisine Christian was on the show and Nathan myhrvold said the same thing the next day when they were here all you know talked about this very interesting data that they had which was actually measure the temperature of Combi ovens using many kind of high accuracy temperature probes and show that there was up when I say why I'm talking like 10 variation from second to second base on the internal temperature of a cavity now how can you tell

best set your oven to 100% steam set the temperature to some temperature well below boiling and then test it with something simple like an egg if you stick an egg in there and after an hour the at 62 Celsius and after an hour the yolk is still running but the cracks out of the egg and has kind of a the white has a very kind of see no custody texture I think then that's a good 62:8 you're pretty much good if you then set it to 63 go for an hour and it's got a very creamy yellow but it's all one texture very creamy like a sauce almost then you've produced an accurate 63° if you go to 64° and your yoke is just set just said but still very very soft you have a very accurate 64° take on a large egg and these are extremely simple and extremely accurate and reliable temperature tests for your Combi to see whether or not you are getting the actual

temperature that you think you are getting if those three numbers come out right then you're good you know what I mean and in fact if you are oven is repeatedly wrong right you you can dial up or down a degree or two and figure out what you're saying is actually said to so if if if what I tell you is a 63 degree egg actually happened to 65° it works as long as it's the humidity is 100% made a huge error you know those who know me know I'm no fan of a tease you know this is well-known fact I'm no fan of him or his writing or is demagoguery but he believes that a 65 degrees Celsius egg is still runny and he did all his tests in oven and the reason his the reason his numbers are completely wrong it's because they weren't done in 100% humidity environment and they were actually steam moisture was evaporating out of the egg during the process thereby lowering the temperature

of the inside of the eggs Without Borders Cooling and because he was evaporative cooling the inside of the egg was roughly three degrees or so lower than the actual oven temperature was even though he was fairly accurately controlling is Ivan temperature just goes to show what happen when you don't really think about what you're doing here babe anyway enough bashing on living presupposes that all eggs are the same day well all large chicken eggs act mean it I'm tired of this isn't just this isn't like one or two eggs of cooked looks like for the past you know seven years I've been cooking a bazillion eggs as part of a teaching US Park teaching over the years and in the restaurant at the French culinary in

at home and I can pretty much tell whether or not a quickness right by have a large chicken eggs cooked in terms of time might be slightly different but major wants a friend since some people have reported like slightly different temperatures on things like Duck I don't have any experience an ostrich eggs and things like that although a friend to do but they're pretty accurate reliable measures of temperature do you know at least that's been at them and they're incredibly cheap and they're much easier to implement than trying to rig actual accurate thermometers in your in your oven and accurate thermometer but you have to get a good wig and you know on top of that you have to go to a supermarket by lunch bags

Shutterstock Route 63 right and then see whether the egg is set or whether it's runny or whether it's screaming screaming you're dead-on right if it's runny than your oven is low and if it's set in your oven is high assuming you have 100% humidity in that oven smell there something that you got to make and then later on if you want to get accurate thermocouples you can test and see what's going on is an egg is fairly thick a text a good it takes a good hour for the very center of an egg to get within a half a degree or so of the temperature of a in a water bath that is so if you have a 10-minute fluctuation in temperature in your oven and egg should be thick enough that most of that temperature fluctuation is taken up by the egg white and not by the egg yolk and so you shouldn't get any over or under temp effects in the yolk after an hour of cooking because it should have evened out by then that's why a good choice cutlet not so much your name

what is a jack you say something no I didn't

you should come back to the issues if you want to be a great chef you can't learn everything from within the walls of the classroom that's why the French Culinary Institute as evolved into the international culinary Center when you come here you don't just learn basic culinary skills you come to understand and feel the full culinary world you have to network you have to observe the true meaning of world class performance you have to intern at some of the world's great restaurants at the international culinary Center is campuses in New York California and Italy we will expose you to the whole of the culinary world one that is evolving daily at a very high speed International culinary Center offers a wide range of courses including culinary pastry and bread baking to Italian wine management culinary technology and food writing for more information visit International culinary Center. Com

welcome back to cooking issues you're listening to propeller by bolito oh yeah that song wearing a flight helmet with a blast shield down with my fingers like spring blood out of the base and the lead singer smashing me on the head with a microphone and there is and it was the 90s early 90s good times good times we should we should probably see whether or not listeners mind being assaulted with my old College Band cuz we can just move Till You Know Jack music anyway second question in I'm fermenting two types of vinegar to my basement now the first is a beer barley malt syrup vanilla vinegar and the other is a broken buckwheat honey caraway seed vinegar ideas in with the live culture vinegar as a starter that is added to the alcohol mixture the beer version was complete after 3 weeks and the bourbon is already on week five how long should I wait for the bourbon version before I start

I'm thinking the alcohol content was too high for fermentation any thoughts elliotte Papineau okay I look for friends ideas in food snacky I looked on their website for their method and wasn't able to find any explicit instructions on their website proper but they did publish a an article on it and popular science science anyone know of any way I looked at their popular science article on it and in fact found a maple syrup maple syrup before maple syrup from vinegar base that they made their vinegar out of him so I'm assuming Elliot that you're basing it on on that technique here's what I'm thinking there's a couple of things that can go wrong in vinegar vinegar for those of you that have no idea how vinegar is made you take a fairly low concentration of alcohol product and then acetobacter

dr. axe on the alcohol and converts the ethanol to vinegar now in the ideas in food recipe that use 950 G of maple syrup which is a lot of freaking maple syrup because it's 8 Days Manor 50 grams of maple syrup 800 grams of what they call a live vinegar which is a vinegar that is currently has active acetobacter in it right so assuming you already making vinegar you have somebody was sitting around it's still alive so I was acting the seat of actor in it 300 grams of dark rum and 200 g of water if you calculate this all out and I calculated based on the assumption that the maple syrup us about a T-Rex mini 80% sugar in about 20% water you're going to end up with a an alcohol a water vinegar and ethanol mix it's roughly 11% alcohol I think I got to go look at my calculations Excel this morning but I think it's roughly 11% alcohol which is a good number

maybe even lower maybe like 8 I forget but it's good number for acetobacter to work on I was a little concerned with this that the because the bricks of this mixture is like 30% it's very high Brix the brakes meaning bricks is the percent of a of the weight of your product that is sugar that's what brexit means and if you do the calculations I think this mixture that that ideas in food has and about thirty brexit news good news and there's bad news of that mean I break things usually tend to inhibit the action of bacteria because they really mess with what's call osmoregulation the ability for the cells to keep water out their water balance proper but balsamic vinegar is made with must that are even higher bricks in this so clearly acetobacter can work in these environments you are probably and it's a good thing if you want to keep the sugar in it if you wanted to stay very sugary the high sugar level and the mass of acidity from the pre-made vinegar is

almost surely inhibiting the inhibiting any further yeast activity basically as soon as as soon as the acidity gets higher than about a percent or so especially in it with a lot going to have a tough time anyway with 30% / X really tough time and you know you didn't even need special use any way that were very Sugartown her to be able to go up that high and and in combination with that with the fact that you're already using vinegar uses not going to be a problem in this mixture so it should work so your problems are probably went to Jaime alcohol and they see the back door can't work in which case I dilute it some more and throw some fresh vinegar mother and you can order me know that she go back two cultures and off of the internet's to you could have although it doesn't sound like your ingredients in there like you have any preservatives are going to cause a problem like or like Orion can be prompt sometimes or where where do you have a self I could you not adding a sulfite wine to it so that's probably not a problem you could have a problem with not enough oxygen contact if your vessels not proper or if it's

how to hard or if you cuz I see the back needs oxygen to live so any one of these things can be a problem if you want to read more about going to go though book like the book is vinegars of the World by Elisa headed by Lisa axillary and I'll Pollo a judici from 2009 Fantastical book and they have sections on almost any kind of vinegar that you could you can but you should take a look at that one man dead vinegar to have a lot of freaking culture don't worry about trying to like go buy apple cider vinegar from a natural health food store and hope that works I've had this problem when culturing buttermilk trying to make cultured butter and you buy certain strains of a certain things even if they're not pasteurize it turns out that there are bacteria logically dead because they've been around a long time in the bacteria having survived enough for things to happen so I mean eventually you can do things based on wild culture

are just luck and hope and prayer but a doe at the outside if you want to make sure your results of the new recipe is good to start with a purchase culture it's not that hard to get a hold of him and it's fairly easy that's my a suggestion okay generation hey everyone I'm tenderizing pork shoulder in my home pressure cooker and recommendations I seen online online recommend the natural release method of pressure said a quick releasing citing a few manufacturer's website and Mamie Lorna SASS and author of a pressure cooking cookbook SAS strongly recommends natural release for meat especially beef cleaning the fibers will be more tender why would have slowed a ramp down and pressure affect the meat fibers and why would be behave more differently from pork or any other meat assuming a similarly numbness and connective tissue thing from Kristen pressure cooking and natural release okay so because you don't know what the hell I'm talking about pressure cookers you seal your object in a pressure cooker you heat it by by sealing it you allow a pressure to build up that increases the temperature at which things cook

things cook faster they also cook differently so an egg white and egg whole egg cooked in a pressure cooker turns brown because at the elevated temperatures in a pressure cooker roughly 259 degrees Fahrenheit 415 PSI overpressure if willing swimming straight water that is egg whites will turn brown in an hour due to mayard reactions of a slightly elevated temperatures inside of a pressure cooker things like garlic you destroy their pungency we've talked about this before I love pressure cookers I love me some pressure cooker but I also almost always recommend a natural release what that means is when you have a pressure cooker at 15 psi in you turn off the heat if it's going to keep on cooking for a while. Just simply other students one of the good things about a pressure cooker by the way is it may take very long once you get them hot and take some very very low input of energy to keep them cooking because they're sealed they don't throw a lot of heat on in the atmosphere so in the summer time even though you don't necessarily want to eat a lot of braces and stews in the summertime it's extremely efficient way to not heat up your house and do cooking right it is also used

very low amount of energy for the amount of the cooking you can do in it it so it's it's great all-around but now you're stuck with a pot is going to keep cooking so there is usually there's some way open the pot to the atmosphere and steam Rockets out of it right that's the quick release an even quicker sometimes releases to plunge the pot into cold water which you know instantly lower the pressure he sometimes even faster than releasing the steam or you just let it sit and let the pressure come down naturally as it cools the pressure will come down as soon as it gets below 212° on the inside there will be no more pressure on the vessel and you can open it up with no problem now I think you are absolutely correct Tristan in that I don't think it makes a damn bit of difference whether it's beef pork chicken fish or whatever I think you should almost always use natural release on anything that's delicate at all because what happens is is when you are when you release the pressure very suddenly the water on the inside and outside and everywhere Tennessee

violently boil and what it does is Rip things apart into the easiest thing to see it on is like if you pressure cook an egg and you open it very very quickly by opening violently like microwave blowing up his violent but you'll crack the eggs open if you've ever pressure cooked at can of evaporated sweetened condensed milk rather to make dulce de leche you'll know that unless you let the Canned Heat. Cool down quite a bit when you open it till squirt product everywhere because all the sudden the pressure is released beings tend to explode if there if they're released to suddenly and the texture of meats can be very highly affected by violent sudden release so I unless you know that your product is like really rough and tough and can handle the abuse of interior boiling or unless you actually want to shred something apart by interior boiling I almost always recommend a natural release on a pressure cooker instead of allowing it to to add event the answer some of this matter but often

any pressure cooking cook it all actually about the size of most people's closets there's size and also ventilations a big issue everyone's apartment in New York is horribly ventilated for cooking so anytime you actually do try and cook you you end up making the entire oil cake all over your ceiling is never Pleasant calling from the studio if it's okay by the way what's up food and some Vino Apartments very very small kitchens I will say this it forces one to become better at very minimal ingredients like for instance cooker you know it a Technics like cooking perfectly medium rare you know because you don't really have the luxury of space to be brazing and have like a Julia Child kitchen with stuff all over the place but you do know how not to overcook a chicken cuz it's you alone

without thing in a pot of vegetables you know brazing is fairly space-efficient though no like one pot brazing Japanese give me a Boston butt cuz I want to do a 19-hour breeze I'm going to make 7 reduction sauces you know and Me growing up in the city in a little you know stove pot you know I'm just like let me just eat some meat perfectly and dip it in mustard you know something like that just simple not trying to get to gastronomic about it. I especially don't want to be in my apartment with no air conditioning for 18 hours brazing something that's why didn't I just tell you guys to buy a freaking pressure cooker for going to braise that I'm not just get through telling you guys to buy a pressure cooker so you're not heating up your apartment when you're doing a brace than anyone not hear me say that you don't want braces in the freaking summertime

it's not good at grilling a freaking steak George Foreman has nothing to do with cooking right at all or nothing they're like hey you're a good boxer are you have a bunch of children all named George why don't you be the rep for this product and shaking and bacon though you say when he was fighting are you actually afraid you're shaking Business Center back lost and found sound did a story on George Foreman Grill saying that it basically allowed a homeless people to have a kitchen I mean if they just could get access to an outlet they could basically prepare meals like people in their home so is a very kind of democrat you know project more than people give her credit for homeless people who have the money for a George Foreman grill and electric socket give you seen that movie about the mole people

the mole people used to have to pay people used to live with call the freedom that you can't leave after driving that thing on be like like the case of a thing called the or its might still be called that the freedom tunnel in New York which is Knoll Amtrak tunnel which was graffiti by a famous graffiti person named Freedom something or whatever and there were people down there who used to actually steal electricity and those guys could assume could get a hold of a George Foreman Grill & Grill without a home but I mean the vast majority of people that have electric power I would say that's true but I mean you can get access damn it if someone was like get me access to an electrical outlet I would do it I would still figure it out somehow even if I'm like going into the middle eastern restaurant around the corner and just borrowing is electricity for 10 minutes remind me to do they allow them to have a carry around portable kitchen I'm not a full kitchen of course but they could eat meat and Grill like you know this has to be one of the craziest conversations you've ever had on the cook

I live in a dorm room and didn't have it yet I live in a dorm room and didn't have a kitchen I went to the thrift shop and bought a Westinghouse turkey oven from the 50s and use it to bake bread when I was kind of my first event away from home was this kind of thrift store have been so dorm rooms are kind of like being homeless with the world's greatest support network around you but you're saying we like everyone like just catering to her every need that you have and not forcing you to have any responsibilities other than that completely like the real world out there anyway I Love College mustaches only person didn't like college true and Dave as well I hope you guys are doing well with all the heat out there my question has to do with sugar substitutes I grew up being afraid of NutraSweet Sweet and Low AKA Sacramento there sugar substitutes cause cancer and birth defects

I know the NutraSweet is banned in other countries which is not to say other countries ban lots of other weird things by the way like what another country does Aurora country for that matter isn't really a measure necessarily weather sending you say fan. Is it measure whether or not there's enough of a public outcry bass sometimes in fact and sometimes not another country's my wife likes to drink diet soda and I cringe when she does at this just so you guys know I ferment I drink almost exclusively so sore now but for many many years I only drink diet soda that was what I drink I could I grew up drinking it that was my liquid of choice and before I even finish this question I will tell anyone out here who's going to work for the who's buying things for their grill or barbecue or party for Fourth of July tomorrow if you are a regular soda drinker you are going to purchase the incorrect amount of diet soda okay you are going to get the wrong amount here's the here's how it works when you were purchasing soda for a party realized that someone who drinks a sugar-free soda let's just say Coke right

at the average soda drinker will have maybe one glass of that coke right show a 2 liter bottle will serve a good number of people for Coca-Cola the average Diet Coke will finish the entire freaking 2 liter bottle themselves because they're going to sit there and pound Diet Coke like the like like nobody's freaking business so I guarantee you that unless you yourself are a diet soda drinker you under by your diet soda anyone here anyone it what do you think the green disagree I'll be drinking beer tomorrow

most guys drink tomorrow

young people anyway I'm just telling you if you're going to get a non-alcoholic drink your your your you should have at least no less than 1 to 1 on diet or regular soda no less and in fact you should probably have for whatever your non-alcoholic basis if you're going to do soda should have to 2/3 diet 1/3 regular that's General whatever you need to non-alcoholic stuff me beer is relatively low and alcohol so you can find that all day but if you're sitting there pounding wine after wine after wine after wine and when you need some non-alcoholic part of me was we all know water is wretched just can't I just have not drink water I drank themselves are only okay to drink diet soda and I cringe when she does that rational or just paranoid what reap what research and Studies have been done around the safety of sugar substitutes which are safe and which are not what is the process of their production lastly I've heard about isomalt Mannitol sugar to use for culinary purposes and not for diet sodas necessarily

what is the deal with those in terms of safety and a side-by-side from that what is there a culinary value in the kitchen finally I was in New York briefly and went down to the bar at XR bar the drinks were awesome but there were no pretzels please put some on the menu maybe we should have some prices on the menu Martin Brothers the best thanks so much for keeping me here with delicious Brian and San Francisco okay first of all and Mannitol are used because I small is used a lot in confectionery with the kind of higher-end which would like technological cooking because it doesn't absorb moisture is March doesn't turn it brown as much when you're cooking it into caramel it's nice and hard so you use it a lot in in flown sugar work or a confectionery or if you look at like what's Ron those guys do making those and Jose Andres and making those those like I see em all packages with it with the olive oil in them so they're they're they're great for that and they're slightly less there's less sweet than sugar

so they have a lot of the structural properties of sugar without all the sweetness Mannitol that is a little bit different I don't really use that one in the kitchen but let's go back to what I think the important part of the question here is our what would have called non-nutritive sweeteners are they dangerous or not and the short answer is all the research points them not being dangerous every actual bit of current scientific research points to non-nutritive sweeteners being absolutely fine from a health perspective now

you know you can look at and I can't even believe that I'm recording these guys are not my normal thing again I'm not usually a health guy I'm not the guy to ask health questions up but if you read that the recent paper France in 2012 the position of the Academy of nutrition and dietetics which she know again friend of you've ever listen to me go on a rant and Rave about this you know that I have a big problems with the entire nutritionist kind of outlook on there because it keeps changing kit like all all the data all the ideas like what's good what's bad keep changing your every every year what changes salt good salt bad this is good this is bad so I tend to I tend to regard every every piece of information as horse hockey except for the one that I always go back to witches eat eat a moderate amount of a wide variety of things me but I'm overweight right now and because I ate too much freaking food because I eat an absurd amount of freaking food total caloric consumption is way higher than it should be

the God's truth it doesn't matter which kind of calorie I'm assuming I'm consuming too much of it that's it and dietetics does a and you should look at this Cindy Fitch PhD and Catherine where they the main authors on it and it's the dual exhaust review of all of the studies on aspartame which is NutraSweet a lot of people used to worry about aspartame because it has that warning on a phenylketonuria get about phenylketonuria which is basically it's a genetic disorder if you have it you know you have it you were tested at Birth and yes you know your brain can be damaged because you don't you don't metabolize phenylalanine which is an amino acid also present in proteins are you not metabolize it properly and when you're just leaves broken down in the body it creates an excess of phenylalanine in the system and so you should be aware of it for all the rest of us that's fine and there's never been any study orders no current study anyway that shows that there's been in

he sort of problem with it and the average consumption even for people who pound diet soda all day according to article is below your your you know your recommended maximum daily intake that have any issues saccharine was banned because there was some bladder cancer studies and rats and I think the 70s late 70s or 80s Andy at that the problem was is that they were feeding these rats an absurd amount of Us Akron and turns out that all of the actual studies done and this is Major studies done with people over time measuring their entrance of the bladder cancer other cancers with saccharin intake have shown that in fact it's not in fact is not true and the government realizes but they're not going back like the point is if there's no current studies anyone can point to there's no studies I haven't been debunked that show that the sacrum causes a any any sort of problem

sucralose even cyclamates which were the first one to be banned because of cancer studies current research need to show that cyclamates don't actually cause any any sort of cancer sucralose I'll just give you a gross fact about it you don't break it down so you pee and poop it out so theoretically if you eat a lot of sucralose your pee and poop will be sweet if you were to try it I wouldn't go ahead and try it but I'm just saying like that's that's the case so long story short every single piece of evidence I was able to find that was knocked out by a crank or a quack goes to show that non-nutritive sweeteners are fine to use whether you think that they're gross from a mental perspective and therefore should not be used because they're an Abomination because what you should do is I eat products that are made with care and it tastes good and it non-nutritive sweeteners taste bad and not like real sugar and therefore are an Abomination I think that's it

also another I will try to look at a bunch of studies that looked into whether or not they're one of the arguments back in the day was that if you ate a sugar substitutes your body would have an increased desire for other foods and therefore you actually eat more because you weren't getting the sugar from the taste of sweet and they would increase their consumption of other solids and he wouldn't regulate properly apparently all that's horse hockey to buy don't stand any current studies that show if that's the case and then after I research this I looked at another interesting article did you know that with me cuz this come and goes back to what happened was the last week track with a question on Bloomberg sugar band

last week did you know that over the past three years that consumption of sugar per capita in the United States has gone down really yeah it's going down you know why cuz we're drinking less freaking soda because it's gotten such bad pressed so everyone is talking about everyone is talking about all of these these problems but if you actually look at the data write the actual current data the data says people have been starting to scream about sugar being late that the evil that that and in fact like there's a Content like since that time in the past four five six years has started to go down and at the very most conservative estimates that its level 2 off our general caloric intake way freaking high right or general caloric intake is going up but are sugar consumption has gone down orally stabilized and some of these numbers I only had a couple of hours to research it so it's hard for me to make any app

call pronouncements but if you go and look online like one of that one of the Articles to look at is called where is it consumption of added sugars is decreasing in the United States by Jay Wells and Ajay Sharma and they're using their data comes from the nutrition and health science aside their data comes from the national health and nutrition examination survey so go look at that and you know it just it just goes to show that these problems are much more complicated than Banning sugar or trying to ban sodas to try and get rid of a sugar consumption the sugar is not some sort of horrible poison one of the big one of the big people out there is anti sugar is a doctor in California named Robert lustig and he's been running a lot of Articles getting a lot of play and I don't have that the time I haven't had the time to get to look at his articles thoroughly enough to debunk what he writes in them but he writes article

what titles like fructose metabolic hedonic and societal parallels with ethanol because basically the man thinks that sugar is a poison on a drug with you know Shorty krs-1 by the way with kind of parallels to ethanol and is on an anti sugar cake interesting ly they know this same group of doctors actually goes to show how are dietary information was so bad in the in the 70s and 80s decrying a fat as the enemy and that does low fat diets actually caused a lot of problems including obesity and and what not and then failed to recognize that their own insistence on sugar as being the Ultimate Enemy in all of these things is similarly just rotten data from a particular slice in time that I'm sure later on is going to be shown that while they were wrong for a different reason I think again it goes back to and you know I need to stay

more time going to the ins-and-outs of all of the research that they sight but it goes back to the point that what you really want to do is eat a wide variety of foods in Monterey tomorrow at Roberto's Pizzeria on the 4th of July Kobayashi is going to be doing a hot dog eating contest sponsored I guess by Roberta decrypt dogs and I'm going to be interviewing him yeah yeah I mean if all goes well with me if all goes well, the AC on I'll have some cold drinks in a homemade the man's not going to freaking drink anything before that but I don't think he speaks English so it should be a fun interview the best listened is there any do you know if you have a translator Heiser what should I put a call out for anyone that speaks Japanese wants to come translate for you I mean it's just that they said it's going to be crazy and I hope you can come in here and at the very least

they're promising a drop so we'll get Kobayashi trying to say you know Heritage Radio Network. Org of eating like kind of a thing right cuz he wouldn't sign with the major league eating Union or whatever you know that I'd like to know that working ization of all the eaters they represented for competitions and he did not want to sign with them he wanted his own representation so he could not compete in the Nathan's hotdog eating contest because he was not in that Union so he showed up anyway with a shirt that said free Kobe any kind of Crash the stage and then the police had to kick him out and it was this whole thing so that's why he'll be here Kobe beef Kobe Bryant no free Kobayashi you know you just shortened how many competing against the Nathan's hotdog eating people remotely via video

it's all kind of It's Me from an actual from my perspective as a food person mean the whole thing is kind of gross like massive can sometime whatever kind of fascinated by it but it's also gross right I mean I think hot dogs are gross. That's the problem with and they taste good also did you know that if you make hot dogs if you use the proper spices no matter what meat you make out of here to taste like hot dog I made one that if I call out of duct all hand on X by all this thing Tran darling hot dog hot dog spice I forget what that is but I liked anyway back to another one of my non-scientific just you know diet of the weather this is my soapbox I get to say what I want a calorie is in fact not a calorie cuz your body is not 100% efficient right so if Kobayashi who I believe is current record for this hot dog and how many minutes it is whatever by the 69 hot dogs right that's his current record for whatever they the official professional hot dog eating around is a six

hot dogs which is absurd but that's 270 calories a Pop according to the internet's 69 hotdogs is 18630 calories and what is 2 minutes Jack I don't know I can look it up somewhere that okay so if you believe that a calorie is a calorie right and they all add up that would mean that he would gain from that alone in terms of actual body fat 5.3 lb right that doesn't happen though we know games 5.3 lb of toilet games 5.3 L because your body simply cannot process all of that all of that food in one slot it just can't it can't be not similarly if you were to drink a gallon of oil do you think that you would gain 8.9 pounds which is the actual at 3,500 calories per pound is the number that bandied about you think you would gain 8.9 pounds or do you think you would just run to the toilet poop it all out what do you think are

hey I hope he pulls the trigger action to imagine it goes right through your system maybe even out the same way I came in just never seen someone do the gallon of milk content thing without without throwing it up on one of the show's Tim Janis and he said if anybody says the word vomit or puke in front of a competitive eater it's like get out of the room you can't do that I can't even say the word you mean like when they're just sitting talking getting ready for a competition more you know like what I'm saying is like like you know in general casual conversation are you allowed to say puke that's a good question what about boot

also did we should get we should get him back and on the show yeah let's do it let's let's try to do that all right so the kickstarter and go to deconstructing dinner and give some freaking money lights and it's all your friends anyone whose passion about food I think what will really like this project thank you for being our guest producer today thanks everyone is a bid

thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our programs archived on our website for by searching iTunes for Heritage Radio Network you can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio spell email us at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org and its Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website thanks for listening