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Episode 87: Banned Bubbles

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nice and FYI I have you know that Heritage Radio Network and I was telling you about copyright is it copyright copyright issues were moving towards using a Jack is working on that for me to show up the music but I also I brought something back to me to bring in some of my college bands we might hear some of that later and stuff since there's no copyright issues of that and a sponsor but can we listen to the first Ranch grass-fed the song later so you might have to wait around the streets

I'll tell Brian that Brian Kenny and today I'm probably the last week when I started the show I was so out of breath that you can literally hear me gasping for air during the first segment this time I'm a little more rested because I almost died on the bike ride over which is part of the reason I was a little later than a even normally I have to go see everyone who listens to the show knows that nastasha hate hipsters more than almost anything else on earth besides good weather and but you might not know that mustache and I both ride fixed gear bicycles now for those of you that you're not going to cry foul that all that were actually secret hipsters we both made folding fixed gear bicycles with her about the least hip bicycles on Earth but today when I was demon pedaling down the down slope on the on the Williamsburg Bridge at through my chain

and blows heat the fixed gear bicycle throwing a chain is a busy can be really dangerous because they can lock your back window and send you flying off onto the onto the thing anyway luckily I didn't die and I did make it here on time so come out now meme late but you know not dead I made it not dead right questions to 212 I want to start with I had two separate comments in the questions today about a new circulator that's on Kickstarter called what's it called are studs not Miko Miko did you know who made mommy go when you mention this to me why did the circulator and I and I look at it and it's like one of the creators is is Bam first of all we pop if you're out there we pop our way pop we pop / Pam soupy pot is

is one of our former interns workers has to be SEI we love we pop we pops good business so we pop whose name is we Poppin should the greatest name on All Of All Times decides he needs a nickname a ghost by Band which is not even partially as cool as we pop true or false in two separate people to separate non we pot people have a written see what I think about it and you go it's Namco you can look for on Kickstarter heat they need an extra I think $40,000 in the next how many likes 14 days or some of that

anyway live in another like $50,000 160000 or so out of 200,000 if they need to get their Kickstarter money but he's designed this this emergent circulator it looks a little bit like a shower head looks kind of like a weed pipe design right it's got one knob what is it you can you find out what the prices supposed to be supposed to be one comment on it as opposed to the ones that I use it feel a little bit less powerful and 750 watts instead of a thousand but it's made for people and Goodluck Goodluck Goodluck myself some weed pop and I wish that instead of coming out the circulator he would make some of the food products I want to make like we popsicles we popcorn you know what it right we will not be great you wouldn't want that

both can't you have we popcorn rapid prototyping work on it and we pop aside from going to school for culinary went to school as an industrial designer currently living in Bangkok. Doing like trading like stock trading last time we spoke we pop man of man of many pops we pop lollipop Facebook questions answered what are you okay I suppose this is really a food issue rather than a cooking issue but I was curious to hear your opinion on the prospective a large soda ban in New York since Dave is a bit of a bubble addict and while I know this might be more of a political issue I figured it couldn't hurt to ask Pat and Pat and anyone else out there you are welcome to ask us food

good and with the issues as opposed to cook me issues and we have no problem making pronouncements or I getting political right I think it's by the way we're talking about here is Bloomberg has proposed a ban on selling sodas sugar for sodas larger than 16 oz so in New York City 20 oz soda bottles should be illegal to sell you could buy sugar last ones I like big but there's some sort of weird things you can sell it like convenience penny where there's there's always kind of weird things but restaurants wouldn't be able to sell sodas larger than a 16 ounce in it the theory behind it is that the other feeling is that the sodas are empty calories at turn which I detest I detest the word empty calorie almost as much as I detest the word junk food and because I think it's stupid there's no

bad habits right there's no such thing as food that's inherently evil unless you add natural poison to it or somehow you're destroying the Earth actively by eating it you know like on purpose like you know her like you know that you're told that eating this piece of food will cause someone else to suffer in another country on purpose me like there's no literally very few little junk bad foods just bad habit anyway so rather than trying to change people's habits right rather than through education and habit changing they want to stop New York City residents from consuming calories in the form of soda by literally limiting what can be sold I think it's dumb things you thought about it at all your sodas not just carbonation right I mean it's not anti carbonation it's basically trying to make a stab against the rise of the diet

he's here tearing across the country non-carbonated sugary drinks I'm not sure I know that juices are exempt which are extremely high in calories I know that you know your 8000 quart milk beverage from Starbucks is exempt you know that has like fifty thousand pumps of syrup in it and you know has a billion and a half calories that they call the coffee but isn't it actually a jug of milk like that one is exempt it took to be fair to people who are thinking about it there are a lot of people do consume a lot of soda and people are fat and people do have diabetes you know what I mean on the other hand I think this is an incredibly poor way about trying to fix it it's it's it's on the order of you know people are just treating symptoms rather than causes if there's treating us like a simple symptom rather

then rather than you know any sort of the other root root causes during the promises that people's dietary habits in general are bad and I think the reason why are dietary habits in general are bad is because we have this demented idea about food anyway that there's a such thing as good foods you know like like junk food at versus like food is really good for you and then people are looking at people feel that well I'm not eating healthy anyway so I'm going to go completely ape shitt and I didn't know maybe drink like 85 quarts of a soda and a horrible instead of just having everyone try to meet in the middle of sensible diet you know he'd like you don't try try to be some you know ascetic vegan monk who only eats like in a half of a vegetable once every 3 days and consider that healthy which I don't find that healthy versus someone who pounds 85 Big Macs a day I don't consider that healthy and either you don't even like neither of those is healthy healthy is meeting in the middle and I think you know the way to get us to start

cannot wait isn't to put a ban on something I eat to make it more when you put a ban on some like that you're basically making it more enticing to people you're saying no you can't have this it's forbidden so it must be good and fun and awesome you know what I mean I think the way to do hit is to change the education I change the way we think about food and general stop thinking about you know what your Foods as being inherently healthy and unhealthy habits as being healthy or unhealthy that's my my feeling on it I think this is an incredibly poor way to go about legislating health I think we shouldn't be legislating dietary habits I think it's not the government's business in general to be legislating my dietary habits that's just my feeling you have any thoughts now that you've heard me speak about it what do you think Jack

I think any effort is better than no effort but I don't think I'm going to go through anyway so just really matter undercurrents it's like really they're not aiming they're not aiming this legislation at the you know the all this the thin rich people who go to the gym eight times a day who live in the wealthier parts of New York Lyft facing at right instead they're trying to get another social legislation against poor people who know don't have that much money and they're basically assuming that these people the only way we can help them is through legislation because clearly you know where we're not reaching in any other way I can in general I detest any sort of social legislation directed at particular socioeconomic bruised because it's Max to me of all the stuff that when we hear about

when was legislated in the 1800 and a 1900 we're like damn that was racist in crappy you know what I'm saying and now we look at it now it's what we're just trying to help them be more healthy right in 50 years when we not look back I didn't say damn another you know another basic racist you know socio-economic put down you don't think so but at least it got the conversation started did it not they're all talking about so damn important size now but you know this portion sizes been addressed by people like Marion Nestle for a long time the question isn't my portion sizes of definitely gone up the question is why does the average lower middle-class person in another country who still has the means to buy an absurd amount of soda if they wanted to write why is it that those people aren't buying huge sodas why is it that those people aren't getting fat and why is it that our people are right and it's a mental issue it has ignored it like it's like for the portion sizes got bigger as though it was an elephant that suddenly started growing when in fact

are ordering a larger portion sizes do you want I'm saying it it's like to try to try and staunch the tide by saying well it's the soda that it's the soda that's to blame it's not the soda that the blame is the fact that we're ordering larger so it is to blame Burger King clearly is making money by selling larger sodas at McDonald's has clearly making money by selling larger Soto's right which means that the way that we purchase things is demented no will want one last thing I had to go to Long Island to see some friends and it was really late in the only thing open was Burger King I haven't had in a long time right so I pick up value meal and they said you want to meet him or large some like you to the medium or Miss I couldn't even imagine what the large would be large is large that it's all 32 oz medium drink is just kind of ridiculous they should at least regulated fat

I mean you're not obliged first of all unless you witness Tasha that 32 oz cup has about 22 oz of ice in it

you know what I mean spiritually do you order your drinks without ice SSB at nice she says it's because she doesn't like the feeling of ice against your teeth it's really cuz she's a psycho and wants every nickelsworth I know her she's cheap just like I am using a freaking strong and Haley would it matter if there's ice in it on the air love the show listen to it every week I have a question I have a vacuum bag that I set up I thought it would be less fussy or Persnickety here in a rotovap system 20 gallon water reservoir to it to keep the water cool whenever I guess you know whenever I try to do something that's a little Jammy whenever it gets to a point where it could kind of get where I want it

it starts pumping even though I've got the call it in there that spinning so if you have any advice that I could use and kind of practice that I'm missing out on here. Here's the here's the here's the deal one that the things that you've noted are known known actual things that some of them are going to be very hard to get around it takes if you refuse to look at the numbers right of the heat of fusion which is what it what it takes for you to when you're melting ice right when you're melting ice for cooling you get the heat of fusion program back the heat of heat of vaporization too much higher number so to Rican dense water that you've boiled off it takes an intensely larger amount of energy that does to melt the ice I think it's on the order Tommy order of six times I forget the exact numbers but it takes about six kilos of ice assuming my perfect efficiency

do I condense one liter of water pump that is pumping water through my my aspirator so I've got and I got a high-end but but it's been it's still kind of annoying like the whole thing like I said very fussy like I mean every once in awhile I get what I want out of it but how much how much ice do you have are you a huge mistake

yeah I mean like cuz I I setup a rig like that with a bunch of aspirators in a flojet pump which I might have talked about it one point like you know early on in the shitbag. I stole off of a meth lab website you know so it's not kind of as nice as the bill together aspirators but kind of function the same thing I tore through ice in that thing with the pump pour through it on bumping remember you're going to have to like that the magnetic stir Rod will beat down bubbles after they happen but the bumping is happening because there aren't any bubbles in it and and you superheat it and then all of a sudden a large bubble forms and creates a bump so it's a little. Frothing like that the spinning thing will stopped frothing on your initial boil out or it'll help but it won't help with bumping what you need to do to help with bumping is to install a very very fine and you're going to get more and more of syrupy going to need this very very very very fine tube down into the product

with a needle valve and let the minutest amount of air in to initiate bubbles in the product as you're making it a tiniest tiniest bleed of air and it'll raise your temperature a little bit because you won't be able to suck as good of a vacuum as you would otherwise up and but it's going to radically it'll strip some flavor out of it but you've already really reduce the quite a bit anyway so a lot of the Volvo's are gone but it's the only way to really prevent massive amounts of bumping fact when you're doing hardcore reductions with of things like port wine on Madeira in a rotovap or orange juice or apple juice or whatever when you get down to the last stage in a rotovap you're constantly needing to bleed small like hits of air into the system to get it to boil again properly instead of like they instead of the distillation dying out and then and then pumping so you don't even need to continue

to let Aaron if you just have like a little thing you can go and let a small amount of air in and it'll initiate some violent but non bumping boiling after that happens and then once it settles down again in the small bunch of air again you'll initiate violent but non bumping boiling and that's really the only effective way to get that last little bit of water out

okay thanks a lot. Works

well I guess I spewed enough about the about the list the soda ban at what not we can talk more about it later I look I encourage anyone to call it and beat our faces in for this but you know do it do it anyway let's go to break

Michelle cir been in my fridge so long seems a partial pressures made you taste all wrong and seltzer think I'll add a lemon make you taste much better back for a Stave that is that is statis Ulcer attracted to one of my college band Bluto did I'm playing bass that was 1990 I think 1990 or 1991 the way back in the day when you know I was playing bass on a daily thing but the concept of this is that you had a bottle of shelter in your fridge and you you drink portion of it and then you let it sit there and it turned to crap and and then you say it tastes horrible like semi-flat Seltzer taste horrible and you think you're going to make it taste better by adding

women who am I fooling this is horrible stuff hey Seltzer Seltzer so clear and so cool now you taste worse than Water Sandals eventually right not today but regular so we can play our tekserve song give me some texture song Jack just takes a long time listener love the show I'm experimenting with making my own sausages and would not like to know how much fat to add to a mixture and what type of person and I know how much fat is in the cut of meat I'm working with I currently use beef truck but would like a way of testing any piece of meat and second how much fat should there be I realize it to taste a shoe but how much would you use and Leslie for religious reasons I will

is pork what type of fat is best to use to increase the total fat content thanks a lot Justin in Israel right well it is a matter of taste but there's a lot more fat in sausage than you think you want anywhere between I think 30% sat total content to 1/3 fat total content and sometimes even more right but that's the range you want to hit about 1/3 fat but you hit the nail on the head Justin when you said it's very difficult to know how much fat is in a product now I consulted my the professional charcuterie series by Marcel cotton show at all which is this lunatic old French series with like he's three lunatic old French dude with at all like Rooster Chicken head hats on like on the front like you know surrounded by plates and plates and meet with that weird half-french light on talking about that Frenchie half-smile thing anyway and they've Maine

are using poor obviously but they kind of reinforced what what I was saying what you want about 1/3 fat in the mix now and you're making sausages the important thing is to fat should be a hard relatively hard because you don't want it to render into nothingness as the sausage is cooking that's why when you are using poor if you're going to supplement the fact that you're using you typically supplement with backpack is back fat is hard egg Rhymes nicely does not like a lot of Sinners and you can get it and kind of big chunks that's kind of the Senate Quan ngon of sausage fat in beef I would probably for added beef fat I would probably use you know that they take the cap of fat that's trimmed off of the outside of rib standing rib and I'm talking about like I would use something like that that's pretty hard that's going to withstand kind of a new shopping and cooking and it also tastes good some people I think he was kind of suet which is

kidney fat but it's kind of weird and dry and it renders actually quite well so I wouldn't do something like that I think I would stick to that type of fat that you would find on the cap of it's a rib roast or something similar now I looked up at I found on the on the interwebs that pork shoulders are approximately 75 25 and I think chuck roast what should I think what you said you were using to can't remember roughly similar so I would supplement with a little bit of fat if you're using like a really fatty kind of Chuck I would substitute a little fat the classic in the Mideast fat to use especially in your kind of Muslim applications would be lamb and in fact they raised in the Middle East which I would love to have access to have never tasted special fatty lands that have fat that is used to make delicious sausages and cured meats in fact they have a fatty lamp with a fatty lamp tail with a cure just as extremely fat tail and eat it almost like you would eat at

play The Lord Oh but I've never had it so I can't really say anything about it but I would definitely I would Subs out add some fat to what you're used let me see what you thought you said you were using again yet Chuck so what you getting really fatty Chuck that untrimmed I don't really know of a test to test how much fat is in the meat proper mean I guess it's theoretically theoretically you could weigh it and then do a volume situation figure out the density but the best thing to do is just look on the interwebs and try and find with the fat content of that cut is really also depend on the specific marbling content of the meat so it's difficult I'll try and look maybe during the week if I have time to figure out a good test and talk about next time but I was substitute in a good hard fat you have a nice fatty piece of truck I would assume it's about 25% fat and you going to want to add more to get up to that one-third number rent or use land or duck fat I think works as well I've made sausages with duck fat the stuff that can be pretty hard sometimes you get that depart what do you think says

can answer that and give us a give us a holler back okay Mike rights and greetings from Taiwan love the show whenever I downloaded episode is like an old friend coming to visit thanks for all your hard work that's nice I have traveled a bit through Malaysia in Sri Lanka lucky and always head to the Spice Market to see what's available the quality and variety are incredible I never do we feel half of my suitcase with spices and then I'm left wondering how to best keep them in my Taiwanese apartment should I keep them chilled in the freezer or refrigerator or will condensation affect the spices much like it does coffee I already know that buying whole and grind to order will help maintain quality and increasing longevity of product we welcome any other advice okay look like everything depends things like leaves spices that are leaves fresh leaves you can freeze them but the problem is is that when you freeze them and saw them they're usually damaged by the stall procedure and then

signs and leaves break them and turn brown this is why I like Tender Leaf herbs are very not very good when they're frozen so those typically even though they're not the same as fresh are going to be best kind of lightly dried once I let me drive the enzymes are going to work anymore then you can freeze them any case the problem of coffee coffee is very like a dry dry good is going to be ruined especially due to the can the Brewing process Goes On by water and condensation so you definitely don't want to have coffee go in and out of the freezer because condensation will form if you are going to do this on an extended basis purchase a vacuum machine and even a home vacuum machines going to be good for this kind of thing and vacuum the products down so there's not a lot of external moisture in it or oxygen and then when you freeze it you're going to have less damage due to freeze thaw Cycles in your freezer the main problem with keeping things in the freezer in terms of quality is free stuff free stuff free stuff free stuff right and so I would say that long-term storage I mean I have to buy a lot of my

play spice is like Curry leaf and things like that Frozen here in New York because that's the only way they come in or kefir lime leaves I have died by them Frozen because that's the only way I can get them and you two can store your products that way if you need to I would recommend vacuum packing and getting all of the air out even if you're going to store them on a shelf vacuum packing once even though that vacuum pack is going to get rid of a little bit of the aroma is going to be a good long-term storage procedure because you're not going to have any spices that might be damaged by oxidation or anything like that which going to keep them or intact fridge generally not what he thinks they're slick stuff can grow in the fridge if there's if there's water in it I wouldn't store it in the fridge if not want me out so you know there's no let us know what you got to let you know and I generally don't like the home vacuum machines but I think for that kind of think it was probably adequate my feeling someone call me and tell me I'm an idiot

I usually write Michael herbivore a sheriff's serve a wash rind cheese cultured butter I figured out how to make it home it's easy enough I take 1 * 467 grams of good organic cream 25 G of the Ryan from the funky cheese I use Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk NC mix less than room temp till it thickens and a cream tastes funky took about 14 hours from a refrigerator overnight shooting in this important refrigerator overnight when you're turning cultured butter if it's warm it just it's just a kid a freaking nightmare getting making butter out of it just so you guys know turn drain need ramps while I don't know why I love the taste of the way in the buttermilk that's in butter show like when I'm making my butter I usually under I usually under need it and I usually don't rinse it at all I'll need

squeeze out just enough to keep it and I love the taste of it will not keep his long and it's not good for cooking at that point because it's not good for cooking cuz got more water content in it but as a something you're going to spread on bread I love it with a little bit of the extra butter milk left in so I wouldn't over need it and I wouldn't rent at this is my feeling but it's not a question question is how do I know this is safe I'm eating it tastes great and seems fine to me but I'm a little leery about serving at the other folks since I don't really have the knowledge to say believing the cream out for 14 hours is okay of course people do with making creme fraiche as well but is it safe PSI took the advice on cleaning up Korean are my friends no sorry sign for carbon steel knife and the DMT two-sided Diamond sharpening stone took a chance on a 70/30 bevel and I'm not finding it too hard to sharpen accurately though greeters more challenging than a traditional western or traditional Japanese knife love you both the knife in the stone and it's easier to have a razor sharp edge every day with this setup but thanks

look up I use a bacteria called brevibacterium Linens so if that's going to call trip if that's going to be what's culturing the the buttermilk right typically that's not what you would have to culture cream you would use a lactobacillus would be in there to culture cream hopefully you're also getting a lactobacillus in there I looked up I looked up the kind of the characteristics of washed-rind cheese rind cheese is and they break a bacterium Linens is typically is a lower acid is higher pH than normally Cheese's would of that of that type that without that bacteria so you're talking about a higher pH situation in cultured buttermilk and cultured cream rather that you going to turn into butter the safety about the safety of it is is because of the acidity that's being caused by the lactic acid bacteria as it cultures I looked up some studies in general and what you want to make sure that nothing is going to be bad is

you want the pH to go load lower than 4.6 within about six hours which is the limit for toxins from staff stuff to start growing in it I wasn't able to find whether or not to bring it back terium Linens has its own sort of way of killing things like staff for Listeria or or or I E coli or things things of this nature man I wouldn't freak out over it you don't even like I wouldn't flip my lid over and I'm going to try to Magee is Harold McGee is research all this stuff I need to talk to him anyway to see whether or not we're going to go chase mangoes again this year but I'm going to try to remember to hit him up on that cuz it's it's very it's very interesting question so apparently I don't I don't know that much about it. Sorry about that okay Paul Peterson rights in and says do I have any thoughts on patented cuts of meat and he's talking panda

army tanks talking about the Vegas strip steaks and why do we take a break and we'll come back and talk about the Vegas Strip steak someone +849-721-289-7128 man I need a new computer I guess I'm going to have to go to the Apple Store Apple Store go to text what sex are there New York's original still the best Apple computer iPod and iPhone store and repair shop plus the store is really cool you got to go check it out they're located at 119 West 23rd Street tech service a proud sponsor of Heritage Radio Network. Org for more information visit Tech that's t e k s e r v e. Com I love that person what is a cephalopod on Twitter

8 million times and it's getting irritated with us for recommendations in Tokyo now listen the sad truth is that nastasha and I didn't get to eat out as much what you really want to talk to you and Mark Ladner because he spent every day eating out now those are the read the blog by the way there be a new blog post up as soon as this is over I'm just waiting for the YouTube video to load up on EtG make and I know I said I wasn't going to write super long post anymore it's a long freaking post on EKG Max couldn't help myself anyway I couldn't help it so it's coming up as soon as maybe during lunch I can get it up anyway so those you read the blog know that Josh and Mark Ladner and I went to jiro's Sushi and it was good but I wouldn't spend the 350 on it about used as Mark on the other hand the next day with the sushi sawada and said it was the best sushi has ever had in his whole freaking life true or false

there's that that means so yes it's so it was even better because you weren't there but he said that regardless of the company that it was the best music ever had write rent what did you think of the sushi place at the at the city market do you wash your place was good also fairly well known that you can see that are a Blog actually there's a couple comments on the on the cooking issues saying where that restaurant is this is that a mark agree with me to and normally I don't recommend because they're our friends and everything but that that the Japanese traditional Japanese restaurant the park I thought was pretty good right there twice I thought was really good and Mark Wagner from Del posto loved it right and you don't normally think of like you know Park Hyatt having like a really good inspection Japanese it was really good I thought was really was the name of that cocoa are some of that are look it up later to see if we can look it up in time

you know I highly recommend going to Security in general and just like to check out all the stars around it and just getting a little bite bite to eat buying fruit if you have the money if you have the freaking money to buy food at CDG what else do we eat while we were there that was really go to go to the district Street if you're a kook right what else is a key restaurant the Tokyo version of it and I spoke to Dave Chang about it he's like a crap on the Tokyo over if he doesn't give a crap about Tokyo you have to go to the one in Kyoto but the presentation was great in the one in in Tokyo does my thoughts sorry I'm so late and giving you that information okay. Question why was calibrating my circulator I instinctively change it to Celsius then I thought about it more recipes are metric because they're easier to scale better to control more accurate right but from 0 to 100 degrees C right to the 10th because most circulators are accurate to the 10th there would be 1,000 gradation

32.0 degrees Fahrenheit to 212° Fahrenheit it would be 1800 gradations meaning of higher degree of accuracy I switched it regardless because most of the info out there is in Celsius metric but for some reason it seems that imperial measurement might be better in this instance am I crazy is it so little of a difference if it's easier to keep it metric because everything else is in the kitchen by the way the homemade circulator have is running great thanks for the great podcast and then you cut off who wrote it I don't have who wrote it is a liked it so it's a finer gradation this is why when I'm talking about the temperature outside I always talk in Fahrenheit because you know it's like it's 20° out it's it's great what Centex Celsius degrees don't make any sense to me for the climate like I like a climate where like you know like zero is really really really really cold and like a hundred is really really hot and a hundred

is really really hot and -20 is really really really really cold but all those things happen that's like a wide range for climate I use Fahrenheit for deep frying I use Fahrenheit for baking I use Fahrenheit right because it's 375 it's beating in my head like like nobody's business you know what I mean but for sous-vide work I use celsius So I myself a 2-2 Celsius scaling and temperature doesn't make a difference and there's no reason why freezing is better thought of it as 0 vs 32 and there's no reason that boiling is better being thought of as a hundred vs. 212 there's simply no reason there's no better or worse with the scales and there are more gradations without using tents winter talking about degrees in Fahrenheit so you know it's really you know it's it's your choice and I use them both that they're unlike decimal systems for scaling there is no advantage to Celsius

I've been keeping a consistent and if you're doing conversions back and forth using formula for instance if you're doing like ideal gas law computation since I guess it's helpful to use celsius because it's scales to Kelvin and Kelvin can be used in ideal gas all the stuff if you're not doing that kind of stuff it really doesn't make a new on iota of difference right that's my thoughts

okay so before we leave cuz Jackson and make us leave very soon giving a shout-out because a listener wrote in Sarah Valentine from Brooklyn Bushwick so probably not maybe Not a Hipster right Williamsburg

okay so Sarah Valentine riots in France with are you know our longtime listener body can Amber and I can has gotten a her and her husband into sous vide cooking they bought the and low temperature cooking pot the under pressure sensor maybe someday they'll buy we pop Sleepypod circulator but here we go said wanted to give a shout out and this is our first actual shout out like this write a shout-out for Ken Amber's birthday on July 2nd before our next show so this is King Ken Chambers birthday shout-out from cooking issues see you next week

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