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Episode 85: Back From Japan!

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hello and welcome to cooking issues Roberta's pizza Bushwick Brooklyn, because you're not speaking to me some of the time since we have two weeks were gone for two weeks it turned out is impossible for nastasha night to schedule doing the cooking issue show with our work schedule over there in the Japan because we were working bar basically until right before the show and so we couldn't really prep out for it right handyman even listen to it

hey are we started the block again right I got to the first post I did was an apology for not putting a post up in the second was when the station I went to jiro's Sushi along with Mark Ladner lot of money that your loves money to your dreams of the money if the old man who are the old man can watch me eat my melon think space as you don't know this is a Jiro Dreams of Sushi is via is the movie that's out now and it's just 86 year old dude he's 82 years old got three Michelin stars basically all he does he wakes up very early goes to DG Market in a fish market in Tokyo jetz the fish shows up and his you know must be 60s son so he can take over the family business these guys are sitting there and then when you show up it's like 300

$2 a pop and it's one course every minute for about 19 minutes and then they move you to another seat and eat your mailing and it's Tasha and Mark were like like all I've been out of shape like pretzels worried about like hurting I want to show you I could give a rat's ass what they want me to leave or not you don't know what I mean it's like if you invite me in your place and I'm spending $350 and it's like you know you don't have the right to kick me out in like you know when I'm 30 minutes out imaginary at anyway she was amazing go see the write-up on cooking issues., which is cooking music radio. Daniel shuttle right I love the show the music teacher in food nerds who loves listening to a restaurant shop talk my wife and I throw a big dinner parties for 12 to 20 people in our small apartment

what are the current best practices for making coffee for a whole bunch of people usually our guests have at least one small cup each and usually more so I shoot for at least 6 to 8 oz per person normally do french press or pour-over or an Aeropress but those don't scale up well even if you do a few batches and transfer them to Thermal carafes what do you think Daniel from Seattle well if you're willing to do a pour over technique I think one thing you could do is switch to a much larger format when you're doing your ear pulled over so with any of these things you're into a couple problems with fresh coffee is always better than coffee that's not fresh. But there's a couple of reasons one is that the temperature of the coffee goes down like that's the obvious one and two the aroma of the coffee disperses and actually the stuff in the coffee it sell the flavors of the coffee attentive physically change with time after the route now

so some of that can be mitigated by a proper correct handling so if you want to use one of your small-scale methods and put in the craft and have good results the first trick is to add a boatload of boiling water to your craft first let's sit for a couple of minutes covered dump it out at another layer of boiling water you know another thing of boiling water to it now leave that boiling water and not your crap is very very hot otherwise even though your crap is thermally insulated you're wasting a lot of the heat energy of the coffee just warming up the glass walls of the crap before you add any stuff to it makes sense right now. Same is true when you're adding liquid nitrogen to occur after losing a lot of the initial batch of liquid nitrogen that you add because you need to chill down the Craft 2 2 2 a low temperature so the first thing I would suggest pre-heating your crap okay now the second choice you have is to scale up your mode of production the problem with most us Caleb's is that you radically change the actual parameters of

your of yore brewing and by that I mean either the Brew time or the blue water temperature in either one of those things can really drastically influence the flavor as a result you coffee so it's very hard to do in a French press unless you would have custom create some sort of a French press operation in a big pot but I've noticed that whenever you're doing things in a large-scale it can still be difficult because the physical time to press something down is going to be different the physical time to drain something off in a large situations can be different so here's what I recommend I forgot if you're willing to do pour over technique go online and purchase the large large coffee filters that are meant to go with industrial for industrial-sized like bunn-o-matic coffee machines that make 20 cups at a time there much much larger lot more surface area than standard one put it into a colander put your grounds into that with a bed dep that's roughly similar to what you would have in the normals pour over coffee situation put that colander over a larger pot that

you can put into a bain-marie of of hot water and then heat your water for the coffee and pour it all over at 1 so that your Brew time is roughly similar to what your normal pour over drip time would be and that should create an import directly into a thermal carafe and serve out and that's probably as close as I think I can get you just off the top of my head having never done it myself what do you think of my iPad my stuff is so long-winded that my iPad turns off in between and I have to keep it on next week reminds me I just want to tell listeners that we now have iPhone and iPad compatibility for the livestream so you guys can TuneIn live on the go Jonas from Switzerland rights in about meet hello nastasha & Dave I'm a chef has been working with the sous-vide technique for sometime in 2011 we tasted various to Foods in Sweetwater bass and Publishers out to be like in an iPhone app

sous vide degrees Celsius degree symbol crazy I don't know how you do that lives in the sea view my days of course low temperature cooking for long periods of time as in spare ribs or beef and veal neck excetra one question is off and come up I don't know how to answer is up to what temperature and for how long do collagenase enzymes remain active when cooking sous-vide meat proteins light Orangeburg 2005 which says at temperatures between 53 and 63 degrees the college in denaturation occurs I followed by collagen fibers shrinkage and then on 497 it quote an article from 1970 that shows that collagenase which would be in an enzyme by the way Ace is enzyme always and collagenase would be an enzyme that breaks down collagen could remain active in the meat cooking temperatures below 60 degrees where is faster heating up to 70 or 80

they were an activated but then two countries think of that he says he has tracked for effect of prolonged heat treatment from 48 to 63 on toughness and cooking loss of pork which is a recent article residual activity of cat has been with such a different enzyme by the way in the low temperature long time. Pork with mainly affected by temperature showing highest activity between 58 and 63 degrees Celsius so what's up with that how can we go for that I know how can we go and how long does it have an effect is it 60° 63° can you help me you sassing this crap out best way to Switzerland Jonas okay first of all for those who follow a damn word I was just saying the argument hear the question is in low-temperature cooking is the majority at 8 like they're there are enzymes that are still working in low temperature cooking and those enzymes break down various proteins in in the meat okay and the two main protein fractions were looking to break down or connective tissue fractions which is mainly collagen and muscle

protein portions like actin myosin the actual contraction portions of muscles now collagenase is an enzyme that is present causes awesome stuff in the stocks look up on the Internet like gas gangrene it's the thought of like a gangrenous lesion in setting the stash and take Wheezy results now I keep working and enzymes the protein break down enzymes have a huge impact on the texture of fish that could blow temperature in swai fish can go pasty mushy and for a long time it's been theorized that these enzymes are also a lot of what's going on in tenderizing low temperature cook me I just don't believe it I just don't think so I think it has some effect right but I think it's not the majority of effect furthermore there's two main categories of enzymes you're looking at here collagenase enzymes like I said break down collagen but in the recent literature they're very very there they're not very often mentioned at all the others are

enter cat has bands with breakdown the breakdown the muscle proteins and those are in their contained with normally in intact muscle inside the lysosomes can be released on cooking this recent studies on that there are released and they make maintain some activity and so they can they can probably act towards muscle protein do you know tenderness but it's probably not the majority of the effect of majority affected low temperature cooking is probably just a thermal degradation of collagen over long periods of time at elevated temperatures that that is my feeling also articles are you know there are a lot of them that are done a review articles and so it's like you're comparing apples and oranges when you're comparing temperatures because they're denaturing proteins in different environments Mia purified or not pure fight in different muscles in the presence of different fat they're measuring different temperatures at you the temperature there cooking 2 versus internal temperatures and so it's really impossible you're comparing apples and oranges and

renamon didn't make too much numbers that what wasn't putting too much of a wait is that make sense is enzyme out that is called pellet at College analytic protease mcpo one that's comes from a deep-sea bacteria that can break down proteins and low temperatures like in the fridge so that might be something new to look at that the very recent at a recent thing that's in a 2012 I think the other thing is is that the muscles that these guys choose to do their tests on in this is the problem with all meat on meat texture think they always choose muscles that freaking suck but the two articles that you put in that use a lot of them semitendinosus muscle which is like I round sucks Scrappy muscle and the reason they choose that crappy muscle is because it doesn't have a lot of variation in the muscle so it's easy to run tests on but it's not an accurate representation

what's going to happen when you're actually cooking meat that you would rather eat okay now another thing called collagenous enzyme enzyme thing that you decided and recited a couple times it was until the 1970s really old research and then I read some more recent research I said you know and I don't know that that's still yeah that's not I don't think it's really current research but I found this awesome website that you should all go to Right Now www. Beef beef and look for a ranking a beef muscles for tenderness it's from the University of Nebraska an awesome PDF basically where they tell you in very fine detail what the problems are with running studies on tenderness and what time do this means and the difference in tenderness twins measure by Machine versus Waves measured by a person and it ranks are the different muscles which is awesome and then they are supplementary website which is freaking fantastic called bovine.

Mel. Edu now if you go to that PDF I told you they mistakenly put a w w w in front of bovine. UNL and then you kick it to the page forget to does bovine. and I have a three-dimensional cow with the muscles on it and the meat and the skeleton and it and you can click anyone and get any one particular muscle and spinning around in 3D in my go in and out and they have videos of a butcher breaking down every single cut that they have in that thing so it's a fantastic resource I can't believe I haven't seen it until I hope that all of anyone's listening here is sitwell finished listening to it and then after we're done talking go and check check that out and first of all Nebraska they know their meat in my right Nebraska meet me and come on Nebraska possibilities are endless Texas state motto Nebraska Internal Vault and all tabs okay

about invertase from it's an enzyme have a show and some heavy show me and Ensign Peoples Peoples I would like to ask about invertase I only really know of it being used in those terrible cherry cordial bonbons but I'd like to know if it could be used in interesting ways and other applications or if there's a similar product that can similarly breakdown on a less or non sweet sugar to use in a more Savory application PS huge fan thank you great info that I'll be using one day after I finish my upcoming training with Daniel boulud well good major major badasses Danny blue okay okay here's a taste for all of you that don't know what's going on is invertase is an enzyme that breaks down sucrose which is a disaccharide rights got a fructose and a glucose and basically the inverted breaks that down into glucose and fructose

invertase invert sugar what you can buy as tremolina things like a very useful and confectionery because it can minimize or prevent crystallization or affect you minimize Crystal size increases moisture hold and capability of of a product to its good stuff it's useful now the way this is using bonbons terrible Cherry bon bon and your virtue is you make a fondant now if On Danse are crystallized they look like solid but what they really are is a network of sugar crystals with a sugar syrup in between those crystals and when you add the invertase to that and then coat that van daan in chocolate let's see what happens over time is the Sugar Sugar is broken down into invertase it loses its crystal structure and revert to a semi-liquid syrup right so what you're using is the fact that is that you have this syrup is being bound with sucrose crystals you break down this

Frozen and you have is liquidy center now for other things and so I looked up that I looked at the website for those guys and it says it to you so you can make invert with it which is better than acid amino acid catalyzed conversion which is what you normally do when you're making cooking sugar because it's more controlled excetera excetera sugar if you make if you invert sugar that way it's less app to turn brown when cooking as opposed to acid catalyzed conversion it's also used in Fruit juices to increase sweetness and increase resistance of crystallization things like that okay but you can't really think it really only works on glucose and sucrose I don't know of any other enzymes it would do that if you wanted a slowly liquifying Center what I would recommend is using an enzyme that breaks down pectin breakdown Nei hydrocolloid at a relatively slow rate so I reluctantly quickly

stirring some SPL to it said it and could get a cold faster than pectinase doesn't break it down too quickly then you could enroll that pectin thing and something and then there pectin would dissolve over time you get a liquid or something like that we broke down a hydrocolloid truck instead of sugar structures that make sense that you can also probably do that with something that breaks down the stars the same way that undercooked like undercooked egg custard things can liquefy overtime if the starch is broken down payment does my thoughts you ate the cooking issues

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Jack is that you that was me give me some whole culinary World in Amazon

a man radio voice this weekend and the gastropod truck dude said hello yeah I go up to him I'm like a community of Heritage Radio and he's like oh my God you're the voice it's cooking issues Cruiser yeah this is how we do we talk on the air that's how the radio works yeah we're a big fan of the Jeremiah bullfrog we didn't event with him maybe a year ago almost exactly a year ago in Miami and I like it like the crew that comes to I frequently his gastro gastropod truck turns out to be like a really great crew customers we really had a great time at their event I like love the crap out of Miami I thought they were really never really fun anyway so you interviewed him what you use it for some Bonnaroo that will be up on the website today is Bonnaroo the thing with the people that young people who they meet each other and he's in there

ladies like I'm going to rock your world like the one cheats on on the street and it's like I like to I like to mess with chickens

hello I am Chris from the UK hey how you doing well you're going to want to use your basic you just need something it's going to be a whipping agent it's going to hold right so you so you can use a protein that acts in a similar way to egg whites and sulfur that I would do something like a versawhip and you can get either one that's soy-based or one that says casing based out of your way base rather not kissing way base so you know those ones they they whip you when you're getting one of those things that the issue is that they sometimes take a long time to whip up and they don't cook off the same way so they're not going to hold their structure when they're done the way that a meringue will but for like a very quick serve some

like if you just want that texture it'll work on a custard or on a meringue it's going to hold him either the issues if you want to go egg free presumably as to go vegan cuz I can't recommend something like a gelatin or some other set you could puke and then set it with gelatin so that it holds after it chills down and then you can have something that holds up over time or you could use an alternate if you did want to go vegan you could use an alternative hydrocolloid that would hold the meringue overtime and then what you're just doing is using the versawhip as a whipping aid but you know is a foaming agent so you then you would you have a hold over time if you wanted to do something that was going to be heat stable like if you were going to cook off on morang in a in a oven then you'd have to probably go a little more

the hardcore because you need a hydrocolloid that could withstand heat to 4 then you might be able to move to something like an agar but you have to make sure that it whips up before it cools down or if you want if you want really he's stable cuz I got you have to go with a gel and if you have a real problem I tried doing it whipping up Jo-Ann's whipping up Joe and gels know so that their stable before they set another alternative to whipping to setting a gel in a foam is to use a slow setting sodium alginate phone I don't like to do it I've done it promises that I don't think sodium alginate taste very good right so what you would do as you would use a whipping agent and sodium alginate and then you whip it into a foam and then you Dad a little calcium at the last second and then it would you know it would set into the phone gel you know what I mean and I'm not one I've done it you have to be careful to not be able to taste the alginate

the other for the custard I'd have to do I have to do some research I've never thought of of eggless custard me the way that I would off the top my head right you can without egg set things into custard like textures using something like Iota carrageenan especially in the presence of milk very small amount of Iota carrageenan will produce a kind of custody texture the problem is Iota is a little elastic so you want to have it just set and so you would use Iota and maybe a little bit of Kappa carrageenan to make it in to have a little more of a break to it as opposed to Iota which is going to be a little more rubbery but I've had in a while he's done both pectin based sets and Iota Kappa carrageenan mix based sets a custards that I thought were very very good you know almost like a panna cotta texture you know those can be totally achieved with various hydrocolloid but I would stick with something kind of simple

carrageenan is relatively simple to work with and mixtures of the great thing about Iota is also that I it'll reset after it after it breaks a little bit but a mixture of mainly I owed at a very low concentration and and a little bit of capital will give you a nice custardy textured not a little bit you know what I mean but those are all available I would assume from the the modernist Pantry folk I don't know and then if you need us some sickening of it right if it didn't feel thick enough with whatever ingredients u r a d i would stick in it with us I wouldn't try to thicken it with the universe that you increase the creaminess of it with the Iota and the cap and then you would move to more of a thickening agent something like in LBG locust bean or just a traditional something make it thicker like add more of something at Sunkist to it you know you don't need to go to hydrocolloid Brad on that but that's that's the way I approach it

okay thank you. Let us know how it works thank you Paul K Road in on meat cooking whole muscles hi Dave I was in an event a while ago I saw a steak I think an entrepot being repaired on a BBQ by which I think he means grill chicken wings grill but as far as our our turn never seen before was barbecued rusted out and only then cut it seems incredibly efficient as a result was very beautiful every steak at a perfect radio from crusty on the lateral Edge to a disc that was essentially Rana Center normally only see the sort of credit once you cut into the stake one is this technique well-known and if so does have name to what cuts of beef would you recommend for this techniques and three you have any tips on how to make this work well when cooking for kilograms of beef at a time I can imagine that cock-ups can be expensive. That's a good way to say mess-ups I like that could kind of almost dirty but not I guess it'll be critical to start with b that room temperature thanks Paul okay

when you're dealing with me it's essentially what they're doing is roasting the meat on a grill right if I like prime rib prime rib what you're doing here is using the grill to 2 instead Rowe something and it that think that the most similar idea would be like a rotisserie where you pull off something that's right before before it's cooked all the way through because anyway just be done manually I would assume that these people who are using the grill we're constantly turning the meeting and it's fundamentally different from a lawn mower the most people say barbecue what they're referring to his long long long term cooking where the meat to cook totally all the way through right on a grill versus just straight grilling where the meat can be pulled off at any doneness including rare in the middle and you're skating and Ice crust on the outside when you're doing it you could use something that would want would normally barbecue with right eye a lower temperature but just do it less

in which case you're treating it more like a roast but you need to get the temperature high enough to get a crusty finish on the outside that makes sense. But I'm not exactly sure what you mean so you right back and tell me more about it can exactly kind of what's going on and where it falls in the Continuum between grilling and barbecuing or whether or not I have the right idea about what you're what you're referring to. I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to so I don't want to go the wrong way

whatever OK are in Lawton right in from Portland Maine on chili oil and botulism all inclusive greetings I like that doesn't want to know does want to make any statements on who may or may not be here to see all inclusive greetings everyone but jacket says actually doesn't list a long stood over questions about chili oil my wife underwent a heart transplant a couple of years ago and food safety is a preeminent concern in our cooking hate my mom runs a heart transplant program pediatric heart transplant program at Columbia Presbyterian my mom yell hardcore badass she's a cardiologist there so you know a heart transplant patients close to my close to anything about that is dumb anyway anyway I think it's something I think about

okay we love making spicy Sichuan food which recently frequently calls for chili oil I would like to make the oil myself due to my cheap and it's something we also share cheapness cheapness really cheap bastards right size really cheap really cheap shall walk to the airport rather than take a car even if I'm paying for it however I haven't overcome with fears of botulism we're both in our twenties and have years of cooking eating ahead of us can you belay my fears of contamination and provide advice on botchling free chili oils the chili oil I tried came from Land of Plenty by fuchsia Dunlop by the way if you should Dunlop good friend Harold McGee was showing around and apparently fuchsia Dunlop badass play here but I don't own her book only use heated peanut oil and dried pepper flakes with optional Ginger Barbara tropp also has a recipe which adds orange zest and garlic a Chinese black beans and sesame oil okay so it looked the danger here is with the garlic in the problem with what with botulism in oil is this if you add something like a fresh herb

garlic in garlic grows in the ground and frequently has I can has botulism contamination in it when you cooking you up even if you cook the garlic off in the oil enough water remains in the garlic to allow botulism to grow in it and when you have a botulism in oil there's no off tasters there's no nothing so what what happened to Ziva you hate the garlic you let it cool you store it not in the fridge and the botulism spores cuz you killed all their vegetative bacteria bacteria that actively operating the spores re germinate and create botulism toxin which then it very bad very bad so how do you get around this if you don't use the garlic you're fine right also if you remove the garlic from the oil and there's only completely dried items in the oil when you're done like dry pepper flakes it as long as you haven't reconstituting with water then you should be okay but if it makes you nervous store in the fridge every you know story

fridge and if it gets more than a couple weeks old you can reheat the oil to 80 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes or 20 minutes for meat product and botulism toxin is heat labile I eat it's destroyed by heat so if you heat the oil enough times right or high enough you can actually destroy the botulism toxin that is already present so the rules are store in the fridge if you store for a long time if you store for a long time you reheat if you if when in doubt throw it out also if you use only dry products you're in a much better position and thirdly if you add some acid to the ingredients that you're cooking that have water in the acid citric acid and don't use ascorbic because ascorbic will get destroyed by the heat as well use citric acid if it's acidic enough the product won't support the growth of botulism solo water low you know high heat all these things will help protect that make sense

color you are on the air

I got banned from Minnesota thanks for taking my call question about bagels and pretzels and the solution that I might be okay I know you had kind of a nasty experience with Ally and want to avoid that myself

that I would have waited I would have worried that experience yeah I was reading a paper it looks like a cat. She is called if you look that up you might find it in the net and

and that they're using a 2% NaOH which I assume is just that 100% household life will get it will get him to the hardware store and look if you go to the hardware store on 99% of the stuff that you buy unless you were buying some of its package as lye 100% household live in other ingredients there is a food-grade lightest made you can get at professional bakery supplies okay now that that being said I have used the hardware store stuff but I can't recommend it because I believe it's possible for it to have a heavy metal contamination and stuff like that so I don't recommend using it I recommend getting the food grade stuff from the

from a professional baker supply really don't use like some people at asked me can I just go use drain cleaner know the first of all there's like all kinds of weird stuff added to drain cleaner just stay away from it like aluminum Flakes and all sorts of nasty weird stuff so if you want to run a couple of experiments with lie and you know if you get 200% lye wouldn't you I can't recommend that you use it I would recommend you get the food right stuff but as an experiment to see what happens if it works do you have kids in the house

I do that Finance garage tied up real tight when I was doing a lot of experiments with lye and different bases especially when things like pretzels but also for next moday Sheehan and for the hardening of a lot of experience with Aaron as what you know they have calcium cow which is you know which calcium hydroxide which is not that's not the same as a different taste you could use anything basic is going to be or you could go the route that McGee does where he cooks baking soda to convert it to you know what the more basic form and then use that why is grapefruit me I have to say light works great and pillows you that you know if you have a bagel actually you can just boil it doesn't need the extra Browning it'll taste more like a pretzel if you add the light

the most meat some some bagel recipe that scene have some baking soda in the boiling water and some don't but you know unless you need the extra Browning and that little taste it that you get from the the basicity then you know you don't need it but yeah but the main flavor that you're getting in a pretzel from the boil out first way to get that dark brown pretzel note because when you increase the the alkalinity of the of the surface you increase the rate at which the mired reactions happen to get that characteristic Brown pretzel color but also the characteristic flavor of a pretzel is a having to do with that basic that basic outside that so when you crunch into a pretzel if you in your mind think I kind of want to hesitate even say this because it makes it sound bad but you know what I mean it's like that but it's that flavor of basic Nest that is what makes pretzel great and so that in the addition in addition to never adding

how to people that you know if you add fat to your pretzel that you have a problem with you and your pretzels you know me so like friends that's rolled gold to a cracker it's horrible you know I mean it really makes me angry and I can if you hand me a pretzel and certain manufacturers who make so my first rule is pretzels are twisted they have to be twist if it's not too much is not a pretzel a pretzel Lloyd's or like you know Nann pretzel pretzel style things right but they're not freaking pretzels because for me one of the great joys of pretzels is the textural difference between the different parts that bake differently because of the shape and break apart in your mouth if only because of the shape right that's it that's add pretzel is pretzel shape secondly I'm talking about hard pretzels now I don't have that much experience with soft pretzels and I'm talking hard pretzels hard pretzels if you add any oil to the recipe at all in its in the dough it takes on a crack or text or Star pretzel anymore it's like a

it's a good crackers or something it's not right you know if Bachmann the company they make a pretzel that you would looks like a real hard pretzel but is in fact I got a cracked retexture because they know they I guess they took a hint from rolled gold you know something like that who adds an Abomination like amount of oil to the think best pretzel that I've ever had in my whole life is Martin Martin Brothers pretzels by far the best pretzels that you can get them over the mail order made by Mennonites they literally sit around singing hymns all day making pretzels but there are two I mean not but but but you know probably because of the fact that they make fantastic pretzels ever had those things

I have not know I was kind of thinking of making her more like these big soft those are those are a valid product not say anything against so I could stop. I love a good supper especially mustard. Mustard on mine no mustard no snow sup that's it for me for that also remember when you going to the baking supply you can also get the pretzel salt which is very nice because it says it is

one quick one about blending mixed drinks I was at all but I was making margaritas the other night by Persians my kids with no alcohol obviously and it turned into like a squash ball in water is the alcohol doing something to keep the ice and water together that you can't get without the wrong I don't I don't know I mean alcohol is going to melt the ice in a different way it's going to make it blend kind of faster but obviously you know people make people make slushies all the time there non-alcoholic in the 7-Eleven yeah maybe flute I don't know maybe I don't know but I doubt there's anything in the Crystal Light Crystal Light is actually has very little body and maybe that's the problem maybe if it had more sugar in it you might have more problem with a sugar-free because you're not modifying the

maybe that's it maybe try it with something it's got a sexy picture light has no sugar in it and it could be that the Chris light has something in it to mimic sugar sometimes it in in things that contain I whatever crystal eye contains now it used to be aspartame because there's nobody in fact from aspartame and she was in such small quantities they often two sodas with a dead body in agents to add back some of the feeling like there had been trigger there and then or maybe that makes me a shot with a real honest-to-god sugar

commercial break come back and finish

case you're wondering what's up with the weird meditation music it's called alone in Kyoto by air family had a fantastic time checking out all the temples I highly recommend them Tom Fisher rights in how did David but said hi to me about the I side with the whip cream makers is one person just grabbed a gourmet whip on eBay but the head is filthy and needs new seals excetera it looks like the Gourmet Whip and thermal that share the same head while the queen would probably has a different head is there any real difference among the models in so far as cooking applications are concerned thanks for keeping it awesome time Fisher Okay listen little secret I have a bunch of different models all different types and all the heads are completely interchangeable they look different but they all fit they all have the same

Jack screw thread from the head onto the onto the lady called canister and they all have the same exact screw thread with one exception and it's not one of the ones you mentioned of screwing the cartridge nothing to screw the cartridge in to make it go there all that they're all the freaking same know what can be different is the screw ons I think for the for the whatever the tip is called I think that those might be different but as far as interchanging canisters and they're all same all same hot because it's a cold cold read it because it's insulated but other than that not much anyway it's all good mix and match but don't tell the good folks that I decide that I Told You So Matthew Lee load all your projects Wednesday this week I'm serving some snacks and a charity gala for 500 people that just time serving a short rib sliders with cheddar cheese sauce with cheddar cheese is a whiz I made using sodium citrate and Iota carrageenan based on myhrvold Mac and

I'm thinking for large production like this would be cool to have the cheese sauce in squeeze bottle for service am ideas to keep squeeze bottles in a steam table water bass setup you think I should be hot enough to keep the cheese liquefied would be better to put them directly into the water section of the steam table or to set up a hotel pan with water above the steam section hoping to get your advice on this as I don't know if I'll have a chance to test it out prior to the event one probably going to have is a when I try do water water table says I use an immersion circulator which is very accurate as temperature holding and then I have a top and I custom cut holes into the top to fit whatever I'm going to have my inserts be and I've done cheese sauce many many times where you going to want to make sure is that wherever you're putting your bottles you have like some sort of the cage so that the bottles don't fly around in there they'll automatically find their own level of cheese sauce no float in the top of the thing but you have to contain them so that they don't just fly around the bath and turn upside down and then leak water into the top of your cheese spot that makes sense and well water in your cheeks about

weather doesn't have meaning I like that you're like what does sound really gross I done it in a real life is like a block friend or whatever whatever you call it for you jack even though you called him to get him on the show you crazy I got a question for you about stove talk to a stove top smoking I generally just jury-rig something with wood chips in a pot I don't mind beating up usually history Hickory or Mesquite I know for modernist cuisine not to soak the trip because the temperature is a Myers when he says the lower temperatures actually not conducive for better Smoke lyrics I catch up tofu mushroom the Tetra and go for 10 minutes or so I found there's a nice Smoky flavor but also bit of sourness that I don't love her as much it is fine amazing actually in dishes like the Frijoles Charros Charles but you can see on there

website for the sourness is less appreciated in other contexts can you give me any clues as what's causing it and how to minimize it thanks Michael okay there's a couple of things that can happen when you break down wood there's basically acetic acid know things that are critical of Pi religion assassin's I don't know if that's what you're talkin about if you look at a good website to a good website to look at its contribution of phenolic compounds to smoke flavor by mod. 1992 and they say it's awesome because it's one of those you know it's still done on a typewriter soda fountain Courier even on the web it's like the crappy old Courier font and gotten technical documents with Miss Tosha too young to have looked at not that she looks of the technical technical document now she can give a crap about it so it turns out that the stuff is formed it really low temperatures right is acrid and bitter right which is why they tell you not to soak the chips stuff for me in the middle Zone by up to about a 750° c is kind of the heart of the Smoky flavor and things that are formed above that temperature or

higher boiling points than I like the things a higher boiling points and taste acidic so we are we are we from that article volatility is also a factor relative to smoke flavor contribution to loaf of Wellington a portion of taping distillation of smoke was found him primarily contain phenol creosote logs and guaiac also described as hot and bitter taste the fraction is distilled at 9232 C contain ISO using offensive and also says once formed in the Middle with much hotter than formed in that middle range had a fear of characteristic smoke flavor and the high boiling stuff had an acid chemical Century Property now how do I recommend getting rid of the first while also what's form had there's a lot of different things is the temperature of your of your the smoke makes a huge difference with the witches form also the amount of oxygen in the in this in the in the atmosphere where the smoke has a huge impact on the flavor also the moisture in your food everything makes a difference in temperature to put everything makes a difference but I have a feeling this might help you if you put a to steamer basket to deep one and a toy

one in the bottom one put a layer of ice and then your food in the top one it's going to make a cold or smoke and I think you might get some of those higher boiling compounds that can dance on to the Isis acid things does acid sour tasting and you might get a cleaner at Ace and product that's how we used to do salmon meals used to do it that way we're smoking large amounts of things we would have a tray with ice and then on top of that another portrayed with our food and we will put that over large Hotel pans with burning wood in them and those things never came out with any of those kind of off labor so I would give that a shot and a barring that may be the temperature to little bit too high turn the temperature down a little bit don't let it rip so hard on the on the smoke one hit more of a middle Zone make sense as sound good but please let us know how that works we got any more time Captain that's about it I listen Elliott Papineau Road in he doesn't boil is pretzels pretzel pretzel do a side-by-side on boil pretzels with some sort of basic Thing versus not

IX I've done that test many many times and it makes a big difference still didn't get the Rob trip as his cheese question we didn't answer a bunch of questions but the thing is I need a lot of time to talk about the cheese because I've been thinking a lot about cheese and she's almost at Chris Anderson from modernist cuisine has pantry is going to try to get me that rennet casein which is what you use to make completely cheeseless cheese based cheese-based things and we had a quick cooking issues we're back we'll see you next week

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