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Episode 84: Nastassia Hates Coffee

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cooking issues radio network join today with mustache and a hammer Lopez going to leave to go to Seattle for the Portland first United even though I don't appreciate good coffee nastasha brings up something like that there's someone later made a comment that basically that nastasha you should pick on me more said you are going to see my website she has she said she agrees because what you want the listener to feel is that somehow I like I only pick on her instead what actually happened to hear something so for a living Miss Tosh and I try to tell people what they should be you know not what this reading it and what you she did but try to help people make better to say

things to make things better to do a better job making food using technology or otherwise whether it's they cooking issues whether it's a Booker and Dax whether it's at the Museum of food and drink we spend all of our time trying to increase the quality is not the snobbery but the quality of what people can produce and do produce and do consume so is not once or twice or three or four or 20 or 30 or a hundred and twenty times but more poke me with things that she knows will bother me for some said her favorite coffee happens to be from one of those quilted like boxes on the side of the street with wheels that you guys are talking about also joined in the studio with our Intrepid engineer and the guy who keeps the entire Heritage Radio running Jackie Ansley over there LOL

does quilted like yeah they got like stay up stale bagels and coffee in them so her point is that she likes to say this is her favorite coffee because the first 30 or 40 times I didn't let irritate me and then cuz it's not like you enjoy that coffee right it's not that you don't enjoy it because somehow you enjoy going down to the Cesspool that is your street and and buying a coffee from this guy and somehow that's an enjoyable human interaction that doesn't involve hipsters because folks nastasha hate hipsters and and good coffee and hipsters in this city they go together do they not Jack most cities yeah yeah okay okay she hates going to Starbucks because she hates corporations and and people who work in them

you're not it's hard to get unless there an owner like a 50 year old non hipster to sit around and make you a coffee all day and there's no snobbery to enjoying good coffee it's just it's it's a right it's a it's a ritual like literally there are peasant somewhere most likely picking the coffee cherries that they didn't process to ship all the way around the world to make a cup of coffee for you respected that's all I'm saying respect the coffee

hi there. I wanted to ask you about a pressure cooking I am in the Enthusiast category. I'm stuck at home chef and have them for a while walking after I memorize the phone number which is a little scary to me what the low temperature right now but I did get a pressure cooker and have it cuz I've heard you mention it a bunch of times and I was curious about some recipes haven't really heard you talk to you much about like what pressure cook is really good for I really I got it in the mail as well what do I do with this

it's a 6 quarts and I can't I can't remember the brand or not making it there pressure cookers in general they are all pressure cookers that you that you buy it's gas or it's electric

stove stovetop units basically I can either generate 5 PSI pressure or 15 right and so that you could do whatever they use resettable to do either but I do or based on 15th the main difference is that certain pressure cookers have a high pressure regulating mechanism in them that regulates pressure without venting steam so use a spring and you actually can see like a spring traveling up without any steam coming out of the units notably can Recon has ones like that then other pressure cookers they let you know their eye pressure and they regulate their pressure by emitting steam it so you have to have steam emitting from it little bit odd in order to judge whether you've reached the proper pressure not okay so one of the great things to do with pressure cookers is a star

stocks in and soups what you need to realize when you're doing that when you're making soups and in general in a pressure cooker is that pressure cooking drastically mutes the flavor of things like onions it gets rid of a lot of their pungency but it also amplifies their sweetness so I like a lot of that sweetness from onions so I like I quadruple my onion base in a recipe right but things like carrots they stay sweet but they don't get more or less sweet or celery so if you just take this classic mirepoix they're okay what what what what happens

is you get extremely fast removal of gelatin and flavor from the meat so you can do I pressure cook stop in 15 minutes rent and then you let it come down and then you can do you can put a second set of Bones and do a second so I can do a triple stock which is extremely indulgent I grant you butt in and up in about an hour the trickiest if your pressure cooker is it kind of pressure cooker is that releases steam I found it there's a flavor degradation in in the stock vs. regular regular production still faster to still good but if pressure cooker that does not really release steam makes it stopped at in my estimation in the people have taste is darker meteor and tastes better and has better flavor than regular Coke stock and and is also faster whereas if you have one that relieves esteem than the flavor is not quite as good as regular

produce. Still good but not quite as good as regular please. But it still is quicker one way around this is something that I learned actually from years old and young and Maxine from modernist cuisine is they actually do smaller stocks inside of mason jars in the pressure cooker so when you're doing that there's a there's a couple of advantages of super Sonny with me in it that way one it sterilized if you cook it long enough you have didn't know what you're doing right so it's shelf-stable at that point but you know unless you read up on it be careful okay second there is no choice if there's no way that follows can leave and so even with a pressure cooker in advance you can get all the benefits of an unknown pressure cooker in the third one is you can do extremely small volumes so if you have something like a squab we don't have that many bones or some sort of game bird or anything like that will you don't have a lot of the product to begin with you can still make a very concentrated flavor. Because if you put it into a maze

different sizes of mason jars all the way up to a liter and a half if you want to then you can make those things very concentrated in small quantities so that's it that's a good thing to do another great thing with pressure cookers is a pressure cooking eggs you at the you let them hard boil for a couple of minutes with the lid off and then just to show that they're set to it they don't rupture then you bring them up from cold then you close the pressure cooker allowed to come up 2:15 PSI cooking for between 45 minutes an hour and 10 minutes let it come down naturally if you let you vent it could explode and then when they're cool you open them you'll see if they're brown and we'll have they out the whites will have a kind of nutty toastiness and the yolks will have an aroma of kind of a giblet gravy, and kind of chicken liver, which I find quite awesome that's due. If my reactions in it pressure cooking mustard seeds and vinegar you have to blanch them once or twice to get rid of

dirty taste then after you pressure cook salmon vinegar then drain them and toss them in sugar makes an amazing garnish horseradish grated again plants to get rid of the dirty flavor pressure cooked how you can make horseradish purees a taste of horseradish but aren't very pungent I actually use a pressure cooker all the time and this is something I don't normally do that would never do this to serve someone in a in a restaurant situation because I was just do a long cook braised butt

pork shoulder just hacked up with a bunch of you know you just get like you know your three or four favorite ground dried Chiles and you know pork shoulder and even even you know I always have I always I was just checking stock cuz I was a chicken stock in my freezer but any kind of stock in there and just very minimal amounts of liquid the trip with pressure cooking is minimal amount of liquid in there because you're not going to boil a lot of it off right there at the Fantastic Four you know for for all of these things then you can get into, crazier situations like trying to do pressure cooked caramels but they require a little bit of tweaking but yet pressure cooker you going to have and not only that I don't know where you live but summertime is coming on and nothing beats pressure cooking your supper time is awesome because you can you could tear off a lot of ingredients in it without releasing a lot of heat into your kitchen because once they're at pressure they have their very very efficient once they're pressure cuz maybe I just brought it way down

cooking so I think you're going to I think you can even try it

cool thanks thank you one quick, Jack it goes off over the credit it makes me very happy that somebody noticed that thanks that's just that's just to keep me entertained while I hear ya thanks man quite correct call your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 that's the back to the station or coffee the main point of that was the main point was that she'll say something like I don't like that kind of coffee and to you the listener when an eye on purpose knew she was going to do some like this I didn't go crazy but when I go completely Bonkers when she says something like that it's because it's as though she's opening a wound a hasn't even healed yet but she's been stabbing me with the same knife for like two and a half three months and it's that particular

ears hurt her one of her little joys in life is to set up you situations where she can make me look like a tyrant in public kind of careful application of minor irritants over long periods of time is is there going to be a potluck what the hell is wrong with you I sound like I'm a Coke most the time I'm trying to speak slower today like I'm telling you guys I'm not on my drug of choice is alcohol consumed hopefully responsibly

what that's what my drug my drug is rage rage rage anyway so I'm trying to speak a little more slowly today to speak at this pace or at my normal Pace give me a call back I can't help it I'm trying right now I'm deliberately slowing myself down so I don't sound like the personal anecdotes that you that you say till I don't know just send me your story is I enjoy all scientific and food question is too stupid

that's me the new tagline for the sheriff and the hammer Lopez abbreviate here to n t h l o x i enjoying the podcast with Memorial Day around the corner. It is around the corner and stars going directly by the way from Portland to myhrvold and Seattle to Japan and I'm making her flight all those locations with three kind of three red hot poker here's the thing the station are the two cheapest people on Earth we are so freaking cheap that even though we're out on the L train stops how many transfers do I got to get to take a Subway

all my stuff to the to the airport to LaGuardia so I can listen and stash it listen we have a company now I want everyone to listen to this Booker and Dax will pay for you to take car service to LaGuardia Airport

it's funny I was looking for the Applause and I found that it would be hard to understand it too deeply ingrained cheapness at Moustache and I have in general are some cheap people temperature in prep recommendations for low temperature for insurance and other low temperature Cook-Out dishes off the top my head or sausage and beer hamburger fried chicken strip steak ribeye and others I have a polyscience circulator and cook children and finish on the grill / fire Etc how do you guesstimate minimum return time for a mixed pot of proteins is the maximum whole time 4 hours minus the cook time and there's another question but this that they're trying to get in one second in fact I might do it later because it's going to take me a million years to answer that one and Sasha just want to hear by science apparently these questions are from Rob tripas and by the way thank you for telling me how to

not your name because there's no way I would have gotten it off the spelling so honry thermostat by the way don't worry everything on how long you can hold depends on the temperature of the bed it's a bad temperature is extremely low so if I'm doing something for the first while your first question was cooking for insurance for those of you that don't know what that is it's what you do is you use low temperature cooking which is using a water bath or a Combi oven or a cvap is using a very very accurate temperature to cook the meat all the way through not a meat this point is not finished in general when I do cooking for insurance low temperature for insurance I don't do any kind of pretreatments to it at all I'm doing is a shirring the center of the meat is cooked exactly where I wanted to be and then I cool it okay and so for chicken breast

be 63 degrees Celsius for chicken leg it would be 65 66 degrees Celsius for a rib steak would be 55 degrees Celsius for sausage it would be I usually do 60 or 140° to little pink in the center but I like it that way do you like the brats we had that was 60° Pat lafrieda donated to the Museum of food and drink event we had last week I thank you for people that have been to our fundraisers in the past and Pat lafrieda made up a bunch of delicious brats we circulated them in Brooklyn Brooklyn Brewery gave us a bunch of beer graciously gave us beer to circulate the brats in and we circulated the brats at 140 degrees Fahrenheit 60 degrees Celsius and then Grill the Mothman real good potato rolls

delicious so what you do is you cook it all the way through and then when you're finishing them a lot of times we don't read them when you're doing for intro we don't retherm using a reheat using low temperature we just do traditional cooking method so if you're doing a prime rib here's my recommendation for a prime rib cooking entire prime rib to 55° all the way through now it's medium rare rare medium rare in the center it's good right Holdings good now let it cool down rapid let it cool down put it into a very hot oven and just wait for the cross to develop what you want is that nice crispy crust on the outside and with a prime rib after you want a little bit of overcook stuff on the outside otherwise a prime rib doesn't look appetizing when you come through it cuz it's all one color of me but you're a all you need to focus on is delicious cross because the inside is already cooked to where you want it right the essence of cooking for insurance duck breast 57 degrees Celsius about 135 Fahrenheit you want to cook it for 45 minutes make sure you fly

Nebraska so that the skin will render later let it cool down and then all you need to focus on a searing off the skin and desk off the skin will reheat the meat enough to serve it but it's not going to overcook it because you just focused on the skin so you pan he can be a little bit higher than it normally would write anything can be can be done that way hamburgers I do it 55 to 57 depending on how squeamish that people are who are eating it as an on a hamburger a hamburger sometimes it even that cool all the way down you got to be a little careful to not let oxygen in the bag otherwise it's going to be a problem with that rancidity went reheat specially if it sits overnight would you don't want to do and then you know what a cool down and then deep fry it and they're great rib steak if you're going to serve it right away I would drop the temperature to 50° Celsius but not if you're going to serve in the health department kind of but I do that at home but don't let it sit very long at 50 I will only last a couple of hours at 50 c

because they're here at the borderline where bacteria are going to start coming back to life they won't but you know you don't want to be in that situation too long but if you're holding something like a sausage above the temperature at which bacteria are dying and the temperature keeps getting revised down in town but a sausage you can hold easily at 1:40 or even lower you're going to be killing bacteria you can hold it for Infinity basically you're the texture will start going down when you can hold it for Infinity all right I'm going to come back to your other question after the commercial break and Enter a little bit later on cheeses come back cooking issues


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summertime is not the only time when BBQ was welcomed at as well as Edwards and Son Dam Edwards has been working his magic on RIT brisket to cook pulled pork and much much more. A few of their sides and the party is complete entertaining has never been so easy to order go to Virginia

the river but I like myself some Sam Edwards ham o x Dunkirk France and lyrics to True nutrition women

questions about the barrel house which is fantastic and all they have is sour beer and it's constantly changing and it's probably the best place

like in general

change it all the time and place in general the cheese bar good to Cascade Cascade Brewing Barrel House it's on it's on Belmont and it's just constantly changing shower beer and if so sour beers like like a red box Tyler or what and then and then and then they live from the barrel and they'll add random fruit and nuts that I have

try to get her to have it frankly I don't want to bring up right now but but she likes beer with acidity I do so she just might maybe the place for her again I hope to hear back from her and how much she enjoyed it thank you so much the stock in the in the camera when you're when you're the ones they were doing they were doing almost like I mean think about coffee is or are done in jars all the time and they're delicious and there's bones in them so want to start cooking you're not going to get that much more extraction Middletown going to be ripping the calcium out of it if that's what you mean dependent cuz he's not going to be acidic I'm saying things like that are often drug

there are four can process their fine for a for a long. Of time but I think it matters Cuisine they're making just smaller versions of stocks I haven't seen that section in a long time so either scratching my my memory banks and when I did get to look at it I have to make a confession I don't own it yet so I've only gotten to look at it when I have pain through it at the events I've gone to you know what I mean so so and I mean I know all those guys and if I talk to those guys all the time and and and I've read chunks of it but literally sitting in a library or not I will own it is I'm not it's worth the money I mean I just don't know it yet cuz Wednesday I told my wife hey honey I spent $5 on a book

Diamond axle on a copy to keep it at the what's it called that answer your question I have a question for the call or actually Twitter Twitter wants to know if that Brewery uses spontaneous fermentation

you know I do

today in the barrels now and so when they when they put the beer into the barrel it picks up all the lack of bacillus and whatever else is in there and so they've got that came from spontaneous fermentation if the cultures are in the middle but I think they are because they let it go really really really good cool thanks we also have another call or guys

I didn't 20 from Chicago today

hey I know that you're right I think I might be a call back when you talk to Chuck all right call back in a sec I want to hear about the dinner to try to give a call right back Michael natkin from burbur racious Road in and thanks for make sure the book we read the book I enjoyed the book and by the way it gives a well-deserved shout-out he does to switch is delicious I like iceberg lettuce who doesn't like iceberg lettuce and some crunchy cool refreshing stuff Jack are you with me I'm on board nastasha even is on what we're all three of us are on board for for iceberg lettuce and and for Michael natkin remember voracious Rebecca you like being one of our shows let him know what you think would be a good fit and you cook them on the show if you wanted to you could ever talk to me I don't know if you want to you could see if that's what you wanted to do in New York and then stop by the booker and Dax because he went to a Terra which a given amazing review to the you've been there with Mark

apparently amazing new place Placid New York Magazine gave it four stars I haven't been because I haven't been but says it says very very good things bad things back by the way you are on the air

August 31st or something like that I see you're one of the last people ever eat there

in fact the group that I went with we love you so much. Try to go back in on the very last day that they're opened it was just it was incredible I mean in the kitchen and actually seeing everybody cook and you know that's right there it was just really the fridge a lifetime income of my dining companions acting if we're able to get up and help out some of the shots like prepare are prepared some of the dishes near the end going to be

something like that and they were scrubbing the heck out of that thing by the time they were done yeah I was pretty impressed with cleanliness having fun in the last few months that he's open to saying the floor is clean but his mouth is not at you could almost review a restaurant just by looking at its floor in the kitchen

you don't think I've heard that now that you say that yeah yeah it's kind of one of his better-known statements in the real Jim Bradley been in a real restaurant kitchen before I said this was but I was left behind it together or a how out it would be cooked in a fairly High temper would you cook the beets before hand and then just put him in the train and let him chill and Seth or what what do you think so they can bind with almost anything then to serve cold I mean the classically obviously you could you would find something like a gelatin if you wanted to stay if you want to stay vegetarian I would use a combination of if you want that gelatin-like feel that awesome mouthfeel gelatin I would use a mixture of Kappa carrageenan and locust bean gum the Kappa carrageenan by itself

riddle and the locust bean gum when you add it to it softens it so it's like JS what's like gelatin but it's still can re-melt so you can use if you wanted to hate it when you could use agar agar is it's not 100% clear so it's not going to look at shiny do you know what I'm saying as as the as Kappa plus a special LBG that CP Kelco service will use you could also use a semi called gellan gum gel and is not going to be as flexible if you use the clear ones going to be a little more brutal but then you can deep fry it incredible the problem with Joanne if you're going to use Joanne is that you have to we have to heat the beat before you pour it on or going to get some free gelling problem do you know what I mean is going to be a little simpler to work with Kappa carrageenan LBG which is I think modernist has a has a version of that somewhere that mixture is a really good or just straight-up gelatin gelatin is great

as long as your kitchen's not going to be too hot and you're going to serve a cold stuff during in my attic and unfortunately I went up there a couple of a couple of weeks ago and I've got bugs beetles or mites what was the first one Beatles I think there might be sawdust looking what I assume is some sort of feces you know around where there where there to basically there was a little bit of a taint in up near the phone there's a little bit of extra skin removed and it looks much exposure I think I got a salted quite well enough when I first saw you know when I first cured it and so there's always been up there but until a few weeks ago

what do I do and I am I just screwed I mean or or do you think there's someone is there a way I can cut the rest of it around the bugs are probably pretty much like New York me they have other things like Skippers down south that caused problems but in our kind of latitudes the two main enemies and ham are different varieties of boring Beetle and mites so boring Beetle you'll see holes in the meat just above the fatline did you see those are there holes in the meat I couldn't reach out like a plan the butcher job wasn't wasn't very good you know that day

it was clear that the pig was hung from this legs there's like a little bit of split you don't attend in by the way he called the record that closely to see where it is but it's not on the face it's all up by the by the the bone I'm hanging it you know Hawk Hawk up good news is that the tank can be cut away in the rest of the ham is is okay and that you know I've had a lot of beetle damage before on hands I've been had hanging but they were always on the face by talking about the face is the portion of meat that the bone projects out of that was attached to the pig and I usually see Beetle damage right at the fatline on the face side right not on not through the skin because the Skins a lot harder to attack in the face so the boring Beetle damage that I've had has been on the face side so it's probably not that if you're not seeing individual

bugs but just kind of dust on the ground that's probably mites and those mites that like the dust is actually mites and not feces it's actually mites in the good news there brush off the mites in your and you're good to go the bad news the bad news once you have mites in your attic you have mites in your freaking attic and like even if you wait for a year and hang another hand going to get mites on that hand yeah so there are things you can treat your your attic with that I forget what I forgot the name of it because I've never had never tried to do it I also now have mice in my house when I hang hands I get my tire her. You can brush him off not a problem looking thing so it's probably not the right right right maybe it's just any kind of fly like blowfly or anything like that to your things like that like because they eat that section where is they won't eat the really cured

cut cut yourself a good section around that that tainted portion and to be honest there's not that much meet up there anyway you're not losing that much what you're losing is a couple good soups that's it I mean and the rest are an amplifying yeah you can give that up and rescue him to be fine and pretty freaking incredible so I just might be my last stab at it but at least I can salvage this one doctor Norman Marriott of formula he's Emeritus at I think of Virginia Tech has a pretty good PDF available online shooting on on on Hampshire he's going to give it to get I unfortunately don't have a place that I can hang one so I haven't I haven't done but as soon as I get a house out in the middle of nowhere till you know take my kid she went to

New York City I'll be hanging out some pork believe it or not let me believe it

chamber to know cured meats by Jace Molinari I think he's written in a couple of times he's got us some good good DIY curing chamber tip so I think that's open. To help track mother type of salami and things like that as well so I thank God it's an exciting time to be alive I just would you want more commercial break

New Jack Swing my cups already yeah I'll let you know what you don't know is that my cousins are from Seattle and we're always doing like the weird Eddie Vedder stuff we were cooking free apologize to everyone for not getting to I'm not going to get to all the questions today right size

we're going to try to do cookies from Japan to get a stash of Dave and Jack Levin Show appreciate out sets will you make it for us to not an industry full-time I've learned a lot and had a chance to use much of what you talk about thank you this is my own Freedom by the way and he expects us to be killed by a terrorist but you first Miss Tosha is an interesting I have a chance to get a very cheap new microwave with continuous able to control rather than traditional pulse with full on Fallout cycling but it wouldn't be worth the hassle of swapping out and dispose of the old one if there's nothing really new and interesting I can do with it I've never really use a microwave for anything other than leftovers of melting chocolate or perhaps there a fun techniques that you could share thanks Alan and then I may be more of us to self immolation these days

okay true story having done it several times please don't chop up your microwave oven they're dangerous voltages in there if you defeat the safety interlocks you can your eyeballs with microwaves and then they turn white like a cooked egg never done so please don't mess with you please don't mess with your microwave that said I've done it several times but they did the trick here for those who don't know what the hell you're talking about when you put a microwave in standard microwave on half power have you noticed you knows how it goes

in a light gives a little bit that's because it doesn't actually change the power level it just turns the magnetron off and on for a specific amount of time and it actually takes a little bit of time the magnetron by the way is a thing that's generating the microwave that's what it's called call the magnetron and it takes awhile for the magnetron to heat up start generating the you know to actually start producing preacher will not to microwave so they time the duty cycle the full cycle how long to take advantage of the fact of Megatron has a little bit of a time lag between when you apply power and when did microwaves come out so 80% power it's on 80% of the time and then off 20 hundred percent power at 100% of the time and it's Siri with microwaves is that and that's okay because you're hitting it with full power and then turn it off in the food gets to cool off and all averages out continuous control is something that allows you to

I'm actually change the amount of power that the microwave is putting out on a continuous basis I've always wanted one to do very control delicate work on defrosting things like that I've never used one so I can't say whether or not it's actually any better than one time I try to build one I was trying to do microwave dehydration in a vacuum and so the idea is that use microwave to boil the inside of microwaves penetrate food is here actually boiling liquids out on the inside of a product and that is it advantageous if you're trying to dry it in the present to the vacuum to it said freeze dry if you don't have it to do things like dehydrated grapes without him having trunk like raisins because the positive pressure of the water boiling out. Keep them in the proper shape is there going to be an issue is I haven't had a lot of issues but I want to control the power so it didn't overheat but my temperature control my I had a thermocouple in there and it was Arc

like a bastard because as soon as you apply microwaves in a vacuum a partial vacuum you get huge plasma balls rolling around and letting everything on fire on the inside of the microwave and then was trying to do a power control on it of my own kind of Accord it was a complete nightmare horrible I don't recommend doing it that said I've always been interested in actual continuous control. Microwave but I don't know I don't really know mean and what we all of my microwave tricks are like really crappy things to do somebody else's microwave at a party at this point which I can't really really want to talk about it later okay

question hey professional circulator package for about 50% off by the way good tip if you're going to trade shows the last day of the trade show people don't want to carry that crap home so what you can do is make a deal with them preferably early in the tray show to buy their units before they go home this way they don't have to take them home and you can get usually dealer price or sometimes even slightly below dealer price at a tradeshow skittletits I receive a circular soon had a couple of questions can you leave proteins in the cryovac packaging to cook sous vide perhaps you just give up the ability to preacher season and marinate okay the problem is that a lot of bags that are shipped aren't ship they're not cooked show bags and so they're not going to Wanaka melt in The Inn at the temperatures using a circulator but they're not necessarily waited for heating and so I can't guarantee that there's no sort of

I can't guarantee the plastic safety at temperature that's it I've done it many times

this is very good for things like a sous vide for or low temperature in sous vide for for insurance purposes but don't do it if you don't trust what's the problem with are in the bag while cooking sous-vide or low temp there are one is that it can cause an issue where it doesn't heat as quickly and so Intruder cook things it can it can lead to spotting are cooked as well and very very long cook things in the middle of the air stops keep penetration you can get growth of lactobacillus in the place where there was an air pocket if it doesn't he quickly enough and then you can get off flavors the main problem is if there's air in the bag and then you store for a long time it's oxygen in the bag and you can develop rancidity in the in the fat and that's bad that says that in the short-term it's not a problem at all and finally if I use low temps Ziploc approach which you can see on cooking issues., I give step by step with pictures

what limitation Safety Center are there with regard to length of time in the bath or temperature use has the backing is not quite a vacuum there are no limitations on time I've done I've only cooked up to 3 days and one but there's no limitations I wouldn't do anything is cooked higher than about 70° C but that's not vegetables almost anything else I will cook in a ziplock bag into great technique I do that all the time thanks I love the show I'm looking forward to checking out looking back next time in New York City nastasha here it is please pick on Dave Moore on the air so does not seem so one-sided John might see what you picking on me live if you have to come early I'm mainly at the bar Amelia the bar early with so many other interesting questions that I didn't get a chance to do today we have one and I can I get any questions this week because of Memorial Day so so we can get on the show Colin has a question on pressure cooking marmalade Marty wants to know about meat analogs

ask question on a multiplying sauce sauce with processed cheese and the studies that I was looking at where they're making ketchup flavor processed cheese we could talk about our catch of chocolate that we did back in the day so many interesting things that we didn't get to on the air today I promise you get to the mall hopefully live from Tokyo next week cooking issues

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