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Episode 83: A Nasty Leak

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hello and goodbye in stash it a hammer Lopez but when I opened up my bag I found at my quart containers of coriander seared for tonight's event for the Museum of food and drink spilled all over the inside of my bag is everyone knows I love Sticky bags and losing all of my product don't you got that good stuff as is normal eye over made what I needed and so I'm pretty sure I have enough for the event that will see I will give you a rundown next week on how the event went but I am doing beers and brats I'm going to do and I in the circulator emergent circulator in a hold some bratwurst that that was made by Pat lafrieda about 140 which is 60° c in there for a long time then as soon as I get there but too in French

events going to be today could osei for children Institute I'm going to see what the hottest thing I have in the world is to finish the brats off and was going to take him in regular I think Martin's potato rolls right that sounds good right imma try to make it to the event and then and then right so here's what I figure right I need something it's easy cuz I need a role in the Bible do the event and that's easy and delicious and I need something is going to Anchor you because we're having a whole bunch of really good bartenders there making drinks event sponsored by I wouldn't Grant which is you know they do Hendricks and whatnot Booker and Dax Kristen from Booker and Dax were coming or going to make a we're going to make a sword like a coriander mule kind of a situation like coriander with a little bit of red pepper and lime juice and then we're going to carbonate that son-of-a-gun put cemented and I think he works going to crush the hell out of it yeah sounds like a crushable during Kelly at Jason Luttrell is going a little nuts this one Jason is adjacent real good friend of ours he's doing

I swear to Christ Welch's grape soda and Hendrick's Gin wow really the first of all Miss Tasha who actually I don't really like to give her crap unless she's here it's no fun if she's not here but she had especially when she's off fixing my mistakes apparently cuz my a quart containers weren't sealed properly but I never heard of Welch's grape soda before know so I mean it has grape soda right but I mean I'm from New York so did Hendrix I look man I look I think I trust my man Luttrell a Trails got a man so I'm sure that it's going to be some delicious but all I have going through my head is kind of picky

Biggie Smalls one go out and have eight boatloads of quart containers in their house because it's the way to store your leftovers in your in your fridge they stack you can bring that they're awesome they only like one or two down side ones that get very brittle in their Frozen and the second is that if you basically if you don't try them out while they pick up smells you have to smoke or container to make sure they haven't even let them dry open stuff like that since I was young people fits but my wife doesn't let me stuff in it to reheat it because I don't know but one thing I have always noticed when you nuke with the lid on is it the lid to forms and explodes Universe a check

you've done it I have seen that before I get the living forms explodes but the container is fine right and one of the reasons I've always thought it was really find a microwave in a polypropylene container which is that the melting point of polypropylene a lot higher than a lot of the other things we deal with like for instance polyethylene plastic wrap so you can actually pressure cook a polypropylene quart container it won't if you can't vent tube and it's still it's still holding its structure and so it is made and I just noticed it today when I was looking at the lid the lid is made of load low density polyethylene polyethylene lower melting temperature weird. Why wouldn't they make it all the same you know we are right about you know it's kind of good maybe they want the lid to blow up before the core container deforms I don't know honestly I don't know but the lid on it was up

lean into that would explain why it deformed and blows off the top of the thing before anything happens to the to the container so they're there you have that literally discovered that this morning so there you have it or have it on to the 971-289-7128 and by the way you think I should wake me up basically only ten I know how to cook other things besides low temperature in like crazy stuff know if you have any questions or things like you know I make a mean pancake I can fly any damn thing anyting I'll put the word out there so you don't know you don't feel obliged to live no wait until you have like the one technical question a year that you have you have any question based on cooking you know and if I don't know we'll have a fun discussion about it right and if you happen to stop me on something that I have no idea what the hell

I have a really quick question was that what did you think of the Blanca tasting menu Carlo there on Saturday in 50 kind of new menu tasting as great a delicious delicious. It is is it the men using entirely new but for those of you who never been for wondering why it's like it's still very clearly wd-50 food but he would not walk in there and think that I'm in a different restaurant you know what I mean it's still very clearly what you expect from wd-50 just in tirely New

Moustache is back where we able to save most of the stuff is my bag totally ruined

awesome nothing I love you I hate I made the bag myself like I bought the fabric superhive you know high-end fabric I sewed it myself everything design Cuts own and now it's full simple syrup like my worst nightmare on Earth it's equivalent of nastasha being coded in leaves with Leaf skin disease on them or something like that which is kind of a nightmare right to be thrown into a bed of leaves with that with those weird like fungal growth coming out of them has her worst nightmare questions today and she's cruel this is Darren from sous vide Dash and now the polyscience sous-vide took him to talk about later here's a question. Which of the program for your iPad that allows you to determine cooking times for CD work and stuff like that different topic application status

static mixer is is a static mixer is basically a tube and then inside of the tube are kind of imagined like up like targets play on the radio by Twisted plates that go crisscross to each other the basically when you're pumping a liquid through the tube that twist twist it and mix it and then it hits another tube in a different direction and the Twisted makes the other direction kind of like folding again and again and again and again but it's going through a tube so there's no moving parts right so that the basic benefit of a static mixer are that you get very very even mixing you can get extremely thorough mixing if you choose the right thing and there are zero moving parts and you don't incorporate air into the mixture when you're when you're pumping it in rights to these are the main reason two main kinds of the advantages and disadvantages you have to type everything through a little too

static mixer I've read about them being used in the production of mayonnaise and ketchup and Industrial scale I've also seem very small ones that are used to attach to a double plunger dispenser for mixing epoxy that got me thinking could I adapt this technique using a small manual dispenser in a static mixer to create calendar emotions I did a little digging around and found a reference to indicate in the first table mayonnaise the oil droplet size should be between 2 and 8 micrometers AKA small small but that's like super stable like shelf-stable forever that's like you no comments I also found a static major tenets pretty strapped with two orders of magnitude larger than that which was a little discouraging to my question is do you have any experience with a small static mixer there are all kinds of corn are emotions that be cool to make all the men or even tableside with a quick pull the trigger I wonder how much the larger drop a size will affect texture instability for something like mayonnaise another interesting emotions and inclined to purchase some samples and do some experiments but I figured if anyone

so far it would be used any experience suggestions tips tricks or feedback 16 okay and I give a shout out because he was with the Pew press that still pressing for those you not in the know from polyscience he was hanging out with Billy Preston and our boys are they might leave are we going to see today for the French Culinary Institute Chef Herve the day now moytie Judo skiing race car driving lunatic French chef over at the French culinary series on static mixing my main experience static mixing has not been in fact all of my experience of static mixing has not been in the culinary field that has in fact been mixing epoxy and urethane that said they are freaking amazing at that you know I was like I don't know how good you know that like I'm glad to know about 10 to 12 inches long and they're meant to dispense you know between 2 and 400 mL of a urethane casting resin and for those are mixed

you know the air bubbles are a nightmare and you have to vacuum the stuff out to get rid of the air bubbles and it becomes very problematic if you want a nice bubble free casting it with these things and I really had my doubts it's just freaking genius it just it's it's and also when you're mixing you have to sit there and you wonder whether you're mixing all around somebody and it's just awesome you know just no air no nothing perfect


I think you doing Mexican horchata nice uncooked rice with water and let it steep white overnight or something but

besides I've had some recipes where they have you cook the rice to some extent not like all the way but the inside and still be kind of hard and a little bit crunchy and you blend this and that

but when you do that it's super super viscous and not really drink a bleach stain but it it tastes delicious and I drink if we stay in rice pudding but r r r r i c taste and viscosity and feet whip like what things do you do prior to the two soaking it with the with the with the uncooked one

I think I guess I usually don't grind it in a blender

isn't it good when I haven't thought about this I have thought recently about another rice problem but I'm thinking about this particular rice problem mean if this guy city right as you're getting starts bleeding into the into the water and then when you're cooking it starts bleeding is a thickener so it's going to thicken it you could probably send that starts with I mean the high-tech version of me says I will just add a an enzyme to break down the starch and I think that sucker down right away it'll also make it sweeter but but there's got to be a real solution right when I say real I mean traditional solution I mean I have a bunch of enzymes literally that can drop in there and it sent it out and like in no time flat you know and then it would keep that that Raichu flavor have you had one in Latin America made with raw rice that have enough of the racy taste for you

I haven't actually been so bad in America I I moved to Los Angeles

two years ago for grad school and I've had some pretty good ones there but the feeling a lot of them are made with mixing flour to or pre grind the rice and put it in I mean I've been working a lot now so how sweet are these things have been by the mix they had a lot of sugar is there a tweet how sweet is it going to be quite sweet but there's a question later on in the show get to that has to do is stuff you should bring back from China and Harold McGee just got back from China and that one of the things that he brought back not a physical thing but an idea is the combination kind of yeast rice at these yeast / mold balls and what school

I miss that the mold in them actually sacrifice the rice I eat takes the rice starch and converted to sugar to make it sweet and then used will start fermentation and turn that turn that sugar into alcohol but if you if you only do it for a couple of days right the mold basically makes what is it took a delicious sweet rice drink that is super icy and super awesome it's almost like a nun fermented rice beer like a wart now I'm wondering whether or not traditionally that's not with cooked but it's still thin but how to cook riced I wonder whether you could do something like that if there's some sort of something it's actually sacrificing start to breaking it apart I just don't know I have to think about it but you might want to look into those things you could buy them at any store in like any Chinatown near in a big city and it called yeast balls and when you add those to cook rice it takes a couple of days but like all of a sudden the rice breaks and you have a thin clear

play that's delicious. That's off the subject but in looking to you know or that familiar Japanese version you know you take their Koji starter that they haven't added to Rice it'll sacrifice and if you don't let it go I've never tested the Japanese version we tested the Chinese wanted and it's made with a different mould I can tell you from first-hand experience with the Chinese one is really freaking delicious NYC play around play around with that one you know you store it you know that roughly like 95 and like a bread proofer in your oven with just a pilot on if you have that I used my dehydrator when I did the test but it's really good stuff I'm interested in trying to think about your problem I have to have to think about it kind of in more detail hopefully someone out there has had some experience with this and they can write us an email answer so that next week I can come back with someone who's had some

experience of the snow demon thank you very very much for for 2 months and I know you're coming here someone imminently is the event you're doing here something open to the public and all right that's too bad but thank you very much anyway all right thank you so much.. But when you're mixing plastic with it it's amazing how thorough the mixes so one of the problems when you're doing any sort of mixture is the fact if using a blender a hand blender specifically is it their pockets of it than aren't Blended the same amount as everything else and you don't have Thoreau blending all the way through it's just me know the nature of the beast. That's not so much of a problem if you have something big with divider prep but they go so

mixer would be good in an application wear what you want is very very even mixing in a very short amount of time you don't want things to stay together very long and you don't want to have to mix a large amount of product rights the only Parts I get mixed are the parties going through the little bit at 2 so if you had two things that couldn't come together until the last minute and you didn't want to waste them all by blending and you didn't want to waste of each time by having to have enough to blame static mixer would be fantastic from the motion standpoint the problem is that it's not that high Shear a think so emotions are made in a number of ways but basically for any given system the larger the amount of energy you put into sharing to sharing the the thing together need smaller the drop of size and static makes here's to the best of my knowledge just aren't that good at high Shear so it's going to be difficult to get super small emotion size well drop a size in them unless you hit it with a lot of emulsifiers in which case what your

reducing the amount of energy it takes to create an emotion so if you have something that wants to emulsify fairly easily right and something that you needed to have it made all of my new life Ranch since I don't want to stop my head but something is fairly fairly fragile right there that doesn't want to stay together a long time or are or something you don't want to mix because it might oxidize if you put it in the blender then astatic makes her might work well with you but I don't think it's going to get down to super super small a particle sizes don't think that's what it's what it's good at anyways let's take a break and I will come back with more cooking issues

what's your name what's your sign one I just woke up from behind and ask you what your pictures are things to make you smile at the ground to plant a few we going to do what we came to do ain't that right Boo

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and the guy what guy walked past me in the baseball hat practicing his rap on the freaking sidewalk if you want to learn bagpipes right you have to literally no matter how crappy you are you have to go out into a park or subway station and just play the bagpipes cuz that's that's all you have open to you cannot play bagpipes in your house it's not reasonable and so that's why you know you can hear some crappy bagpipes now and again it apart because what else you can do with no no choice right no choice no problem but you can do in your house if you suck why you walking around the street like with your crappy rap you know what I mean where they expect I'm going to I'm going to like walk by and I'm some sort of like produce some rap producers going to walk Nashville Rappers that's exact pseudo tough male voice I've been looking for for years even I mean week is that was nice of you anyway hopefully

the crap out of me the next time I walk past them on the Avenue on the way over Bridge

I love it I was just kidding okay hi Dave this. Jean jacket UK long time listener but it's been awhile since I rode in I had a question about a ultrasonic homogenizer I'm another vegetarian Chef like that like Michael natkin room with a fan and greatly looking forward to his book be available in the UK I'm currently working on this and work on that Michael I'm currently working on my own modern vegetarian book which should be out this summer they don't really want to weigh in on the whole reason vegetarian vegan debate be on saying I happen to be a lacto-ovo-vegetarian but see myself as a chef first and foremost I got to find me to find me much more than my choice not to eat meat and I work within that nature constraints drive to be my best create best creative and learn like all passionate Young Chefs sounds good to me I recently got a hold of a polyscience Sonic prep for which I just have a couple of weeks on loan to Maiden piece of equipment emotions in an instant with no added emulsifier infusion flavor extractions all fantastic it's a pretty awe-inspiring bit of kit kit by the way it's like you know cool stuff for those who have never been in UK

I noticed using it to infuse flavors and Doyle I did this with a few other things but each time and olive oil the wells I would get Inner player coming through great and very quickly the infused oil in some cases to cut a mile metallic almost burnt flavor have a decent her standing of the cavitation process by which the Sonic prepworks and I can't see why this would cause such an effect and none of the tests I've done so far did I run the machine long enough for the Oilers become heated above just being mildly warm I was just running around 3 minutes each time and I don't full power or even at a constant cycle for all of them all so I didn't notice problem with using alcohol or working with a water-based any ideas what could be causing this affect your how to counteract avoid it becoming deformed guy on there and there's tons of other stuff I want to try while I have it but since it's on loan and if I should be great and if there's anything else you suggest I should try it with two that would be great all the best Eddie Shepherd and he said she was pleased Mainland so here's the deal

I think your main problem is olive oil you tried it with another oil olive oil classically lets you listen to when you're making a mayonnaise we all know that if you make a mayonnaise with a certain kinds of olive oil all of a sudden it can go bitter and messed up right same way if you put olive oil in a blender and you over blend olive oil in a blender like sometimes you're okay and sometimes it's messed up now the cat and I forget what it is I had a long discussion with Harold McGee about you know what this actually might what might be causing this and I don't remember whether he was sure or not but it's just a kind of a well-known fact this can happen with olive oil so first thing I would do is don't do it all is well do something else something it's more neutral or something it doesn't have that kind of ability to go bitter on you the other thing I've noticed is that you don't know and I'll just have to come out tonight so it's basically an ultrasonic transducer but on roids I can put out a lot of power and it vibrates ultrasonically meeting faster than you can hear it hahaha I will talk about that.

but the violent going back and forth actually causes little cavitation little vacuum bubbles to form the bin collapse with a lot of force and do things like rupture cells make very fine emotions eccentric cetera I've had one for like seven of seven years something like that that was given to me on loan but I never get it back from Branson ultrasonic and it's the same style that everyone's using nowadays is 400 watts which is you know pretty baller I never had the enclosure and I've never done too much experimentation with it because it makes people run from the room screening you know what I mean like this. She's had you been in the room when it comes on right round closure apparently does a lot it to stop that but one of the first things that I noticed when I was using it is that you could do this thing that know Nathan myhrvold Chris Young and Nexium have kind of popularized the idea of create

milkshake instructed melts where you have a very giving a motion with a very low oil amount in it and you know similar to milk on the order of like four or five percent fat and you must fight it in and it gets really good results and it's it's fantastic that my issue with it I haven't really experimented enough with it to say what it what the awesome results with it are because the results that I were able to get I wasn't able to it wasn't the exclusive way I could get them so it's like the milks it's very very good at without adding emulsifiers but on the other hand when I had to go say to someone hey look you're a chef and would you rather have you spend $4,000 I don't know it cost now but that's what it cost the time but I rather have you spend $4,000 on this piece of ultrasonic imagine station stuff or what I say spend $4 on an emulsifier and make it in the vital print that you already have so that basic fundamental thing that I haven't found anything that I can

do another way with it yet plus the fact that running it the one I have is a hardship on everyone around me and there's no way I could do it during service has has kind of stop me from investigating it to the level that I probably should but I know that I investigated using it with avocados to try and get avocado oil when I was doing avocado in a centrifuge and it ruin the flavor of the avocado but I think that's because of oxidation of the actual avocado you know what I mean and then we try to score big ass head but it didn't didn't really help so I think everything depends on the actual oil that you're using I don't really have a lot of experience using it for infusions although I'm sure it's great same way that you know in any sort of like something that helps disrupt things are small level is good at getting two things to go together I will say this Sonic modulation requires two to be really good requires a certain amount of pre emulsification right so before you hit it with the ultrasonic homogenizer put in a blender and blend it up Ultra

Sonic's aren't good at taking apart large particles like pieces of like peeps piece of pepper grinds and stuff like this it's just good at taking something it's already started forming and making it much much much fine or so for the best results Glenn first and then hit it with your son to come out and eyes are really do well also be careful with it because the devil I used to run with it about how dangerous can be just stick it into a into a bar towel on a table and like the bar towel on fire from the power of the ocean come on anyways I hope that's helpful hello my name is I wanted her to bring me something I can't find here I need help I'm telling what to bring please help I'm a chef by the way since my iPad when I no longer kind of advocate smuggling stuff back that you can't get in the US but I mean

may I would try to see if we can get some of the really interesting rice wine from China over here because Maggie was saying he had some amazing ones over there that don't taste like anyone cities had here when I when my wife was in China eight years ago I had to smuggle me back Chinese hands like amazing Chinese hands they were unlike any of it like once it tasted like blue cheese while it was amazing but I can't really can't really recommend to you that you smuggled back something that you know you could get in in big trouble for shoot I don't know I have to think about that by the end of the show that's a question a website called crap I should try to bring back and then decided to quit like a country list and like your stuff that doesn't get sent out like you know when you go to a turkey crap I should bring back so let you know what I mean and let him and then like whether or not you're actually smuggling and you get thrown in prison or whether or not u.s. Customs wood would stop you

I mean like I'm only berico or something like that so I got a list kind of of of how we listed it is or whether it's just not imported and like why it's awesome country to Country for travelers like cooking Travelers mean we won't do it without a good site right mean I would use it I won't make it someone make that website and get back to us so we can we can plug it okay I hope you guys are a lot of observations bone marrow if I take it out of the out of the bone and soak it is why does the pro within 2 days I leave it in the bonus looking for a week changing water regularly and they're still so much blood in their what the heck I just a freaking star shout I print a picture of like a ball of bone marrow and I'm showing it to her right now and she's making her for putrid face because it's a really it doesn't look like bone marrow like we cook it's like it's like really get even Jack is even jacking Jack's giving his like wow face but I think what's happening is is if you leave it on the outside of the bone is a

less porous lot denser than the inside of the phone which is where a lot of the Halo stuff is and bone marrow I didn't have time to look at like an electron microscopy of a my feeling is that emotional trance of bone marrow are longer than they are big around and that if it takes 2 days to soak in you know soap from the out front like the cylinder side of it out right this could take a note saying two days or 3 days whatever it's only going to soak that far into the end zone unless you're cutting the pieces basically as the bone basically as thin as the diameter of the cylinder marrow that you're working with that it's not going to Ashok out at a very quick rate at all not to mention which there's more red crap in the bone decides the marrow that still has to bleed out as well so there's more product in there and you're stopping the slowing rather drastically the rate of diffusion that stuff out so I'm pretty sure that's just what's going on right

that's my guess but I'm willing to have someone call and say actually you're an idiot and here's this when I'm not a taxi causing it but I'm pretty sure that's what's going on also if you're familiar with Francisco is post on the Alicia pastry cream and do you know what kind of ratio of starch to use I try this technique and cannot and could really feel the starch on my teeth big frustration so what you talk about is it supposed wear to make pastry cream instead of like that normal straight from the post that note referring to a regular recipe for pastry cream and sugar mixture remaining nobody cornstarch Stir It Well a Diego cinnamon and sugar storage units in the most beloved free bring a liquid to a boil temper the egg yolk slurry and then return to the heat to bring the first boy while stirring constantly so basically goes you don't know pastry cream basically like an unglazed mix like I eat a custard with starch in it and start stabilize you go to hire mix that's it that's the classic way we used together with the egg yolk is a slurry temperate so it doesn't

importance of a hot mixture stir constantly bring up to the boil the starch is actually protecting it when you're boiling right so Wily makes his hollandaise with regular egg yolks nearest dump so much starch into them that they won't curdle even when they're fried so starts really is with protecting you take me there so the Alicia procedure is a lot easier because what you do is you just mix sugar with the milk and you boil it and then you have the cornstarch and the egg yolk and you mix those and when the water bring to a boil you just the kind of whiskey the other stuff in and then it just kind of sets and the problem is I think maybe the problem you're having is is that the deal is

if you don't make the right amount of that what you're using is the residual heat from the milk to both cook the egg you cook the egg yolk out without curling and that's what are the starch is there to prevent Diego from Coeur d'Alene beef you have to function as the starch so the starch has to hydrate swell and and cook before the temperature of your product drops too low so my guess is perhaps you are brass what's going on is you're doing too small a batch compared to what he says he says he makes at least no more than a liter or perhaps your batch sizes too small and it gets too cold to quickly and start doesn't cookout so you're going to have a raw granny starch taste me. That's a guess right it should be possible by the way to just use an instant Isaac glamorize start running stance Ultra sperse Ultra sperse lines from National starch and then you really don't have to worry at all as long as it's hot enough to pass

I got the egg yolk and sticking it a little bit then you don't have to worry about it during the start sometime so maybe try try that but if anyone has any questions let them right in and again tell me that I'm an idiot okay so that was from Phillippe aumont P press our good friend Philip Preston from polyscience rights in and he said it's been awhile since we've connected I hope this email finds you well it does this week Philip has launched an iPad iPhone sous-vide application at that he's very excited about and he says we believe his application will be a tremendous help that she has to determine the correct cooking time for various thicknesses of protein based on Research done by Nathan that made the move old Chris Young on the show we can calculate the thermal conductivity of various proteins and various shapes and sizes to determine the accurate cooking time he uses a thermal fuse at diffusivity of food thermal conductivity of the food the shape coefficient which basically it's like a fudge Factor they like you know it's like a sphere

cylinder or something in-between Matt eccentric cetera and they use a differential equations may actually calculate once you've entered these pieces of data they calculate the time to cook patch rise to the surface to pasteurize to the core and show the log reduction of pathogens we've collaborated with the guys from sous vide - which I know you mentioned under cooking issues radio show and they had a question earlier in the thing I think you'll see the improvements for user-friendliness is streamlining that we did and you can download on the thing I checked it out it's true it's it's clearly derive from the Sioux V - guys at they they work with because it's the same basic workflow but it adds things like it actually shows you the curves of how the bacteria are being killed and saves Yer it's it's it's very user-friendly actually it's really don't know how much it cost how much it cost it. It seems to work well here's my here's my issue with it first I have something like a nice nice bad thing and it's basically the only thing they allow you to do is it to figure out your chilling time if you're a chef

you're worried about how long it's going to take a chill my item you know what the problem with it is that when we advocated Bruno Cascio from Cuisine Solutions Advocates and we now have a k tattoo step two or three step chilling process when you take something out of low temperature the idea is you don't want to chill the food right away if you chill it right away you prevent the proteins from when they're still have the ability to in their warm from reabsorbing juices that have been spelled out during the cooking process and sober negocio and now we recommend a process where you take it out of the out of the water bath cooking bath you leave it on the counter for 10 to 15 minutes depending on thickness and then put into tap water to slowly cooled down from 10 to 15 minutes and then and ice bath until it's cool so it'd be nice if you have like a multiple Rasheen chilling thing in there for chefs if they really want to figure out how fast a game the core temperature down with their chilling machine now

the other thing and by the way if you want to chill something quickly in an ice bath and it's like I don't think people talk about a really good way to chill quickly in an ice bath small amounts is to keep your immersion circulator in an ice bath set the temperature below zero Celsius below 32 Fahrenheit and use it to circulate your ice bath because you're going to tremendously increase your cooling rate by circulating your ice baths never talk about never seen you want to write about it but it's another way to use a circulation in your circulator to help you to chill things very much much much more rapidly because there is very little movement inside an ice bath and you never put your hand into an ice bath with a lot of product in it you'll notice that there's a big warm spots right next to where the where the product is it can it can make a big difference in an application like I said they don't have is how to apply it to the finishing of of your of your meat products so for instance I have

it went when I'm finishing a product like I fry it or I'll put it on a grill or I'll put it in a pan for a couple of minutes and you get a big temperature spike in the center out of that so what you have to do before you finish it if you don't want to overcook your meat is you have to chill it a bit before you do a cook-off conversely I might want to know how long it's going to take me to fry through a piece of chicken in a deep fryer without using a low temperature at all in the same equations that they're using for low temperature cooking are applicable to be higher temperature cooking techniques so what I would like to see is it also have something in there be like okay I'm going to deep fry a piece of chicken how long is going to take to get my core temperature up or I'm going to put on a grill or in a deep fryer the states I just finished in sous vide how much of a rise my going to get in the core because this is a place that a lot of people ruin their products and you've already done the math right to get the answer for what's going to happen to the temperature on the inside so just add those add those type of things and I think you have

a super duper winter Jack drive time for one more no carbonation is it from Jonathan Hunter I know you said last week that is difficult to do carbonation from a keg but I'm wondering if it is all possible we are putting new beer lines in our space and I have four lines open I was thinking about doing two lines for a spritzer like beverage a French 75 an Americano and one line for an Nan one line for carbonated water system and we're running the lines about 20 ft we can keep the cooler about 34 degrees during service I was wondering if there's no way to make this work or we could be something together that would be possible maybe if we carbonated the corny kegs ahead of time at 23 degrees and then let them sit with a tank connector before we put them on the lines that might work any help this would be great at a question I have is if there be any way to attach a bow from a CO2 tank another question is whether there's a way to attach a CO2 tank directly to an isi Shaker this would save us some money over buying cartridges thanks so much show is really helpful

Hunter okay I'm going to take me to reverse real quick you can absolutely connect a CO2 tank to an isi I've done it before all you have to do is get someone to machine the threads out to to screw onto where you put the cartridge right and then go directly to a tank I've done it before it's not that difficult but you do need some Machining skills alternate you can probably you could probably figure out a way to get over to get by like molding with plastic or epoxy but I don't know whether or not it's going to hold gas and then it's going to be more more permanent right but eminently eminently doable I'm sure someone out there has a DIY do it someone sell something to do that already but they charge of preposterous amount of money and they expect you to buy nitrous tanks from them as well ridiculous amount of money the other thing you could do as you can see radically go through the dispenser nozzle on it with CO2 if you want to do that and that might be an easier thing for you to machine or did Jerry Reed Princeton you could just screw you can just Jam

a a piece of tube over the over the dispensing nozzle right and then take a hose clamp and tighten it down until it fits and it might work no guarantees on that and stash it right no guarantee so the thing sprays off and starts Gino's like flying around the room like it like that like a snake then you know don't blame me but the good thing about that then is you could just put that you can just squeeze it and put the date you squeeze it and let the gas in the bad things you have to unscrew that that connector to the sent it unless you put like a a ball valve on the hoes at let you vent and put change between doing gas and not but it's it's eminently doable even with no Machining technology you could do it's okay regarding the keg look thirty-four is kind of you're going to go with a low alcohol drinks you're also going to need because the lower the alcohol the Les Paul mean you're going to have and also the warmer it can be without getting excessive foam out and the better carbonation can get at those lower levels right so typically we have a carbonated drink

I like 23 I wish you were you say carbonating added that and then letting it come up to temperature is not going to reduce your phone in problems that's it that's the issue want to know plenty of people serve carbonated drinks out of kegs the question is what level of carbonation you going to get the best result I've seen out of kegs or when you get a cold plate and you run the drink and a cold place in about of a nice will and you run the drink to two segments to whole channels of a Coldplay so in the end of the Cold plate and when instead of going out of the cold plate to a gun back into a cold plate and then back out again and using a there's a valve called a Becker valve can squeeze doll that you can get from a place called Mark powers in Guntersville Alabama and it's a specially-made valve for carbonated things and it's about an order of magnitude better than a gun in his got a big compensator in the back of it that we really allows you to dispense between a high-pressure and low-pressure without losing a lot of bubbles

and she's the only way to do it that's the way I do all my carbonated beverages and have since no sense man enough for like 10 10 12 12 years that's what I've been doing while using that kind of left the house system of carbonated beverages at the shelter so you can do that but you need to make sure that their carbonation level is not going to be as high as it would be if you could keep the temperature lower it's possible to solve out a nice bath and have the temperature go lower and or use glycol and get it lower even like you'd like to say you can't get it lower than but then you have to worry about freezing the stuff out inside the Coldplay which could be a little bit of a hassle so the long story is it possible the short story is not feasible depends on what level of carbonation you want and how much you willing to tolerate for me I hope that's helpful come back next week and shoes

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