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Episode 82: Puffing Guns and Orange Shirts

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2012 to roughly twelve forty-five equations to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 right all the time fire I know it's like once I remembered I never forget a couple people don't change a thing cuz I know I never ever again I am not join right now in the studio by Nostalgia the hammer Lopez but Jack and I don't know where she is she should be here so she probably got caught on that L train going to have to play that shoots he Groove L train song to make fun of the old L train later again in one of our one of our favorite that so I'm so

Joshua to come in so I can shoot the poop with her will go into some of the questions I missed from last time Jonathan Rogers actually his name is Jonathan Woodruff Rogers 3rd I did not know that he was one of our former interns actually nice guy at the FCI equipment pay David's Tasha following upper gardens at the bar by the way our bar go visit some questions I have in my new gig I'm catering lunches for a few Tech startup companies Tuesday Wednesday Thursday through the company City grip since it's only 3 days a week plus prep I have some free time to experiment with some food which is good very few people who are cooking for a living actually have the time to do a lot of experimentation which is why you know my job but director cleaner technology the French culinary especially when I was there full time so great for that because I didn't have a service to worry about such yeah that's why it's Ron shuts down his place for

you know or even for a half a year or whatever it is so that he has turned it with a 6-iron menu the changes weekly I have roughly $7,000 to spend and was wondering what you recommend I get some information on Brands and their recommendation recommend locations to purchase the product names of interest in having in my life are a deli slicer a dehydrator a meat grinder a chamber vacuum sealer a fryer a smoker or any other cool gadgets was in the price range they're getting a Combi oven I currently have a circulator thinking about getting another one any information or advice will help thanks again looking forward to stopping by and let you know how it's going thanks again JW okay now $7,000 is going to get eaten up pretty quickly I loved add Elie's first I was getting out of circulator that's not there like eight hundred bucks right there just get another one so you have to and you can keep on running while you settle in for service or you can have you know. You're never going

regret having to circulators around now I'm like a smoker I would go cheap on the smoker The Smoke nobody really likes it but the smoke is everyone gets its only like a couple of hundred fifty bucks it's like the like a little teeth are Big Chief or something like that basically just like a quilted metal box in that little time quilt pattern metal box with a cat with a heater in the bottom and the guys over at song with modified up by drilling a hole in the side and putting a smoke generator with a little heater in on the side too cool to smoke down but you know that's basically all there is to it in a restaurant situation or even in this catering situation in New York City where you don't have the space for a big dedicated smoker these things are light that can be moved around very easily and again nobody loves them but you know why we use is it at wd-50 they use it at sambar a bunch of people use it because it's cheap and it's easy to steal away when you're not using it so

I recommend for the caterer their dehydrator Excalibur there's no question that you should get the Excalibur dehydrator and dehydrators a great thing to have Excalibur is the reason you want to get the Excalibur one I've used some of the round ones that were the stuff goes through and all this other nonsense and I've used have used some various one unless you can have a lot of money to or to custom build one the Excalibur is great because it gets a lot of racks in it and the racks are square which means it that you can lay things out in a way that makes sense those round one for the hole in the Middle with the hell you going to lay down it doesn't make sense plus the dehydrator it's easy to use flat sheets and dehydrate liquids to make leather zoror sheets or papers it's also easy to draw things on the perforated racks it's just you know it's also the dehydrator is really good the x-caliber because it's very even throughout so the top rack is going to try just as evenly evenly as the bottom rack you can use it for fermentation experiment I mean you know I have one I've always you have only had one at Sama have my BFDI

that's the one that everyone knew anyone who buys a different dehydrator for a restaurant regrets it so go for the Excalibur you recommend red like that but there you go I actually pay for mine straight up on Amazon for the deli slicer now I've been very spoiled in my life I don't have one right now but the Hobart Model 3000 is a sick slicer I did a video for them and they gave one of me by left at the school I don't know why I should take nothing with me because I love that dang thing so much but it's it's like and I propped up like a car so you can clean underneath it the blade pops out so you can fill in the dishwasher it slices like a freaking dream but and slices really really wild sex prior to the Hobart Model 3000 the slicer that I always recommend people get was the bizerba se12 a slicer

meat slicer by the way I just want meat slicer Basics the average meat slicer that that we get here in the United States is a gravity slicer meaning there on that angle and you see it makes him a deli there on an angle and you're supposed to use gravity to basically Force the product into the blade and then slice as you go right and it has that little handle that you push down rookie mistake it if your slicer is not very good or your sites are not very sharp you have to apply a good bit of pressure on that item to get it to slice properly as it goes through with this is a horrible practice and causes the bottom of your meat or whatever you're slicing to kind of wedge out as it's getting cut in Skylake healing out at the bottom and it's a it's a sign that your gay or not so I should not great be it's not that sharp and see you're pushing too hard I properly sharpen slicer should not even have to push on it at all and part of that has been having very good sharp blades and prior to the Hobart Model 3000 slicer.

recommended was the bizerba se12 because I had a really good blade and pretty solid pretty solid Carrick mechanism is but nowadays I recommend the whole matter by a lot cheaper than you going to be able to get their Hobart 3000 at The Preserve is a great machine doesn't clean quite as easily the you might be able to get the bizerba use I haven't priced one in a long time it's going to be a lot cheaper than that then this week thousand 3000 Primo in Europe they actually use something called a vertical slicer and a vertical slicer is great because instead of using gravity to force the product into the blade the the product of six like it normally would and the carriage literally moves and feeds the stuff in slice by slice and these make perfect slices again and again and actually the first slice or is it were made by you know Berkel van Berkel back in the you know when he invented the meat slicer where vertical sides are 10 in Europe they continue to be popular and they make fantastic

call you for some reason or other we tend not to use them in in the US if you wrote down vacuum machine but if you vacuum sealer I mean go for when you can get a good price on if you're going to get a smaller one I like the mini packs because they have a bigger chamber size just look at the chamber size mean all of the hoo-ha programming stuff I don't know they're going to use it that much in your application but get one with a big chamber size the Mini pack and a smaller units especially have a good chamber size in their price seems to be okay for catering I would stay away from any of that they're really cheap ones because they're going to break when you least want them to break get one with it with a with the actual good German or equivalent to the German witches names starts with a b anyway the pump in that is what serious you got to make sure you get the good hardcore German vacuum pump oil base pump in that otherwise you can

be asking for problems okay so get those make sure you have a vital prep or two and that's really you know really other super high-tech stuff made with kind of like gilding the Lily you know what I mean I mean like all the other stuff we need that that Cora stuff I just told you is the basis of almost everything that we use who deception liquid nitrogen get yourself a liquid nitrogen to her imagine that are liquid nitrogen to her not going to be alright nastasha made it

Grand the microphones people can hear you so apparently as we

climb over go under anything other than pushing the microphone away from me while you're talking she's not know where her body is in space By the way like this. She has no idea where her body is within the space around so I'm not going to blame her like I don't think she literally did that on purpose same way that she doesn't understand where doors are when she slams him in your face which is a constant thing that massages you walk through doors and then like look like you're going to hold them open for people and then slam them on their faces around bicycles and stuff because you don't really pay attention to people or the world around you as you're walking a friend of mine and he didn't go to work today so and he was last seen with me sister did you kill him he was actually just an all-night Bravo is very cheap man so I'm sure he followed wherever the liquor was cheapest

weak and everyone's going out crazy party except for me I was home asleep with my family last night I was home by midnight so feel when I heard Harold McGee was partying like a rockstar last night with Daniel Patterson Chris Cosentino to three of our good friends out there a hanging out having fun congratulations to Tosi went one that PDT you know great bar one best bar who else won remember Daniel humm one yeah I'm sorry for all of our friends who up for awards that did not win but congratulations out to those people who did right and it was we were stopped there with the doors open and I was like what I walk from here but then you know that minute when you're like what if we go right now

not being able to control your destiny thinking at any minute this sucker might move again and the door is open and every sold every second you got to decide whether it was one of those electronic things so they just said train traffic ahead I was in the Grand Central the other day on Sunday going to the Bronx Zoo which by the way is not an eating Zoo you don't get to eat any of the animals that are at the Bronx Zoo my kids were joking about that are there any way the the trains were not running out of Grand Central the whole thing off shut down this incredibly come no one was flipping out no one day they'll never seen Grand Central Metro-North like two and a half hours only person not, you may remember that I met you at the beverage alcohol resource School in September at The Astor Center in the planning phase to open a bar and soda / carbonation has me in a conundrum I don't want soda guns I wouldn't mind bottles but at the very

cost of a storage problems I love the look and he's of isi soda bottles with the cost of charger to stratospheric I like the work you've done with carbonation system using the compressor in plastic bottles but how practical are they in the working bar seems make a huge sticky mess pretty quick what is Booker and Dax doing for carbonated beverages unrelated note I tried to carbonara Negroni using isi soda bottle and I just got a glass of phone what can I do to prevent that love to show Don carbonation in a nutshell the only thing that's really currently available on the market right now that does really good carbonation my level of carbonation what I think is acceptable level of carbonation is is using soda bottles with the carbonator cap manufacturer by the liquid bread Corporation coming out of a 5 or 20 lb CO2 tank you need to pre chill it much colder than refrigerator temperatures right like until it's almost Frozen and then you need to you need to carbonate it three times before service a 1 liter bottle is what

Amanda 1 liter bottle will hold roughly five pores of drink and so you do a bunch beforehand and they and they get going the reason that you're foaming is several-fold one you probably don't have enough water in it right the first mistake people are making when they're doing drinks is too is to not add enough water to the carbonated drink that they treated like you'll make a drink by shaking which isn't actually shaking might make a drink cold enough to car manufacturer shaking will make a drink that's kind of barely cold enough to carbonate the problem is shaking a drink will make a drink it's two alcoholic to be really successful over the long-term is a carbonated drink what do I mean by this if you take a drink a strike like Negroni first of all instead of staring at the ground if you going to carbonate you must shake it because start Negroni a is nowhere near cold enough to carbonate properly you going to foam all over the place and be it's nowhere near deluded enough to cover my property so the first thing you're going to have to do when you when you make a Negroni carbonated is to shake it then you're going to still going to be to alcohol

enable taste good for the first ships but the problem is is that you can't have like three two or three of those because it's going to get not just because going to mess you up but because it's going to be somewhat cloying overtime if you just take that Negroni that you made that way and this is a test and you know I was talking to Toby cecchini about this news saying the same things like that a little bit of soda water to that and see how much more delicious and refreshing it is just lightening it a little bit if you are going to make a carbonated drink I'll tell you what are ratios are at the bar are ratios for a drink for a 5-oz for are ratios are 1.75 oz of strong that's of straight liquor and 3.25 oz of water for a week like including like simple syrup and juice and all that and everyone's like oh my God that's so we listen it's not I've done test again and again and again and again and again and again and again and dozes ratios are the ratios

that make in my opinion a good drink if you have more alcohol than that you need to get it ridiculously cold to carbonate a properly and you're really going to put people on the floor right when I'm done straight you know 40% liquor carbonated stuff before but they have to be basically - -18 Celsius to work properly they don't balance well and you can't have that very many of them and they hit people like a ton of bricks you're much better using the ratios that I just told you getting it cold till it's almost Frozen and and and doing it the way we do it at the bar is I have a very special refrigerator the Randell FX right and what it can maintain very very accurate temperatures so I set that thing to be 23 Fahrenheit 2223 Fahrenheit which is what I think is the good place between 20 and 23 Fahrenheit which is where I think they'd carbonated drinks should be

things like 23 so we set it up and then I let them chill in there until they're chill couple hours and then before service I carbonate them and they stay in there and I keep refluffing it after I do everyone the the isi Chargers going to cost you too much it's not going to work out most people's carbonated drinks I think our only very lightly carbonated compared to what kind of I want and then one reason is because they phone too much because their drinks are cold enough what are putting it through a keg system which causes a lot of foaming alcohol in general phones a lot and so you're kind of a Heart Tree plus you need to carbonate alcohol more than you carbonate water for the same sensation of carbonation to not only does alcohol phone more but it also needs to be carbonated higher so you get double the phone and so everything seems very very show me your Solutions are reduce the alcohol proportion slightly and chill it much more than you're chilling at now but too many bottles are the way to go in a bar until we finish our system and get it done right right

I built one that works and I'm building another one that works which hopefully we can take in Japan with us you want to bring that Japan because we need another thing that can break when we go somewhere right right you like breaking stuff.

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that's that's a baseline right there and I know yeah that's indeed and an interesting tidbit there is a Tibetan doctor advised him to go vegan in the last month or so can I see what's the meaning of it turns out that turns out that we all die eventually like this is one of those things that happens like we're Godless of whether you eat vegan or not turns out you're going to die one of the hard things are kind of like kind of get a handle on but it's true and one of the things that bothers me is any sort of Health claim related to

well it's true that I think I could construct pretty unhealthy diets out of any sort of food taste or food thing like I can construct an incredibly unhealthy vegan diet I can construct a healthy vegan diet I can construct credibly unhealthy meat-based diet I can construct the hell do you want me and it's like the idea that you could enforce of all when you're really sick I know I would be grasping at anything to try and make myself be better but my semi healthy self telling myself now in the future is when you're sick it's alright it's too too damn late not too damn late you change your habits and get better right I mean I just I'm very I don't like in general the notion of people selling dietary cures to tell me that I'm the world

is jerk off for saying that but in general My Philosophy not backed by science but my philosophy is that the healthiest diet is to eat a wide variety of interesting food in moderation that make you happy and Satan eating vegan because you don't want to take any animal products then you should eat vegan right yeah you know go on Amazon and look up Michael Atkins book I'm curious to see how it's out doing hopefully doing quite well we'll give you a follow up on the thing we talked about his book last week and his kind of slap across our face for talking about people's dietary choices long time listener K10 ingber rights in two things one he wrote an article about a coffee trip they took two

are we ready we couldn't read it online you on the air because it was long enough shots of espresso during a day to to basically turning into a Christmas to Allah just like you know shaking caffeinated I'm sure you didn't see him after work but I'm assuming I know if I had that much caffeine in me it would be a nightmare and I'm a very caffeinated fellow a French dinner this weekend to begin to humor humor as a pun in this case I in particular my dessert will be a creamsicle brulee creme brulee with glitter on foam I aspire to get my guest weeping I'll alinea over their childhood memories with Good Humor creamsicle but I will settle for a piece of ground so how do I make a phone with juice I combine the juice with liquid lecithin and put it in my Nespresso milk frother I got no foam in less than did not mix with the Jews but instead stuck to the spring coil for wrapping device as next to it

possible to clean liquid lecithin is nasty Matt the Westin in general is pretty nasty I don't think I very rarely used in a Saturday so I do have a lot of time I have a great actor in the house but don't think that's suitable can I just use a little egg white and Liza guess you ask if I'm using raw eggs follow-up to that cancel request on the phone unless you find it interesting I was unsuccessful using lecithin despite multiple surance is on the internet and throwing is away and throw it away is it is not pleasant to work with is it Pleasant is Roofing tar gelatin are the former hot and cold immersion blender and had some success with gelatin but has a lot of fuss and didn't do it because it was a pain in the butt OK as I said I did not have time to order Myers can't read well can you know where is country has quick shipping to anyone as what someone else basically saying that it was quick but right

what is what you should probably use for that and Evan Freeman our friend Evan Freeman had a blood and Sand recipe with orange foam on top that wasn't fact made with versaweb and his recipe is 200 grams of orange juice and 2.5 grams of versawhip that he doesn't say what kind of versawhip because that's like ebony was won't tell you what kind you don't even think 7:00 anyway 2.5 grams of which is a lot of hours with it so you know it's a lot right percent or less range but in this case and a half gram of xanthan gum in his aunt and is there to provide body to it and to hold one strips at the first of its a whipping agent but the worst of it is not going to hold the phone is xanthan is there to hold the phone after the first of it which it up okay and then using an immersion blender with whisk attachment to whip into a foam and later on top another thing you can do

that's incredibly simple it doesn't require order anything online increase a very dense orangie orangie phone it's going to acidify it a little bit so orange plus a little bit of lemon to make it no more like a sour Orange right set that into an agar gel pretty stiff like 8 to 1% agar gel blend it in a blender now you have a fluid gel if you mix that with straight cream in a whipper-in my acai whipper when you squirt it out you get a dense dense foam and the agar fluid gel stops the cream from breaking and you actually can have the really dense creamsicle like fluid gel and we've done that many times and that's my favorite kind of citrus phone because it has that awesome mouth filled with cream but you can't beat you can't beat the mouth filled with cream right now I can't even dance like dance and creamy but also orangie andesitic without breaking and that'll hold for a while so next time you do it

anyone want to do it like I think that's a good that's a good way to do it right wow it's beautiful that is beautiful so maybe we should buy how much is it to 1629 1629 Prime on Amazon authors of books and stuff like that I used to be an engineer on the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park what he was a software engineer making dinosaurs for Jurassic Park for saying should we let the kids watch the Jurassic Park or is that too damn scary the postman from Seinfeld right I was pretty young when I saw this pretty awesome though

anyway so everyone should go out and buy his book we're going to buy a copy of the book and I Jackson try getting booked onto a show I was 7 years old sorry OK cheap rates in regarding circulators he misses the hammer and Dave and Jack what does not miss Carlos and I like a guy who respects a wealthy miss the hammer I like mr. or mrs. Melo he says I know you're not the biggest proponents of DIY thermal circulators but my wife won't let me drop a g on one yet so I had to do my best I'm familiar with this problem chip I'm a diversion en Seattle food geek a while back we quickly found at the pump being submerged was the slash a problem while cooking potatoes I guess it went South when we was cooking potatoes for the modernist

Chucky recipe so I wanted to move it out of the water find the pump that with a handle the heat and be would be self-priming was a bit of a challenge but if there is a need it is sold on eBay so I found one that's that's that that's almost every damn thing on eBay almost almost every day I use an SSR relay for all you folks out there by the way in case you're the person who listen to Joe doesn't know what a circulator is it's a device that keeps water usually or any other liquid but with a DIY definitely only use water and try to keep it clean at a very precise temperature which is an invaluable for doing kind of modern low temperature cooking which is all the time they're about 800 bucks now at the Sprint store at the Williams-Sonoma and so a lot of people making their own by the way

I am not against DIY circulars in fact I applaud anyone that wants to build something themselves it's just usually you end up with something where you spent a lot of hours building it and it's not quite as functional I think there's so many people working on a DIY circular pretty sure they're pretty good by now but he's quite right the main problem is that the pump go on to keep on going I also it's a trip again I also had the the case for it laser-cut on Panola Co. Company is pretty cool you just send them like the pictures making laser-cut stuff in the ship it back to you so it took a little slow more like a retail product I still need to address some of the visual issues with it but whatevs it works for now I like what is Victoria's is a Showmars Pantry does have fast shipping and shipped I looked at that chip circulator I don't know if it's available online dancing does look pretty good one thing I'm going to say if you're going to build a circulator the main parts are controller

can a beehive for $30 or less in that range on eBay and Alber instrument some people buy controllers with relays in them I don't recommend using a regular relay because it's another failure point that I don't enjoy having I don't enjoy failure points I use a solid state relay what to use as they're not that expensive they can be had for very cheap at this point and a an immersion heater which you can basically crib from almost anything hot water heater whatever I don't know what these guys are using DIY a temperature sensor again only as several dollar problem now and then the case that's the harbor and the pump pump break a lot and real circulators basically I have a long shaft and they just sit there spinning a stainless steel blade to do the pumping and it ends up being good over the long-term I've had most of my plastic in and out pumps like the one you're using here fail over time but it looks like a good job so you did a good job right commercial break

women on YouTube

what's the weather

can I switch a nice one nastasha to those you don't know likes to just kind of like make weird judgments about things decided parents are like the stew by the way just decide does not like my shirt and the reason is I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts which is a hunting shirt it's blaze orange and her opinion is that it makes me look like a prison work gang the reason prisoners wear orange of the same reason Hunters wear orange is to be seen easily the hunters do it so they don't get shot and the prisoners do it so that they can get shot if they try to escape it's a slightly different but none of that has anything to do with my shirt which I'm not neither hunt nor hopefully going to prison today so I don't really understand that mustache is probably

add Eric potkin rights in about a popcorn machine recently I learned about Chinese popcorn in the prince quotes apparently a method where Colonels RC kernels are sealed in a container and superheated then allowed to explosively decompressed popping them all at once here is a link and you look on like look for explosively awesome on the internet side boing boing what not and your humble opinion is it possible to have together a setup to do this in a home kitchen thanks for your help and insight and keep being awesome dirt bike okay you have asked a question that I actually do know something about because I actually have tried to do this at home before many many many years ago but like before I had kids so it's more than 10 years ago probably 12 years ago 13

I have been interested in a long time for in a piece of equipment called a puffin gun now when they were inventing breakfast cereals at the beginning of the 20th century in the end of the nineteenth the game of the 20th century man in that range was when all of the really butt-kicking breakfast cereal Concepts were invented except one except one so flakes invented back then and the way they are made is with a giant oversized basically pasta machine where you like you temper out actual whole kernels and you feed him through these incredibly the cooled and are credibly massive and sturdy roll rollers and just smash them into Flakes and if Lake shootout on to a to a mat not sit there done that was invented back then the shredder to make shredded wheat was invented back then and that's basically the same concept but the roller has ridges in it so it extrudes them into Shredded Wheat shapes

also at that time was invented the puffing gun and a puffing God is an amazing piece of equipment wear what you do is so corn you can pop normally there really no need to do this with popcorn because corn and you can pop you know what I mean but can't pop wheat and you can't pop rice the same way you can pop it by frying but you can't play with the same way popcorn does in the reason is is that the the outside the skin of the popcorn is so it seals in the water so well that when you're hitting it in oil water pressure can build up on the inside of the colonel in the end of sperm to the point where it explosively decompressed is and you get popcorn right that's what's happening when you do wheat it's very hard to do regular wheat because the moisture leaks out of the out of the outside right because it's not as hard the outside is not as and so it won't pop explosively this

same way that popcorn will so the solution to this right same as rice the solution to this is to heat these these items under a lot of pressure what's a lot of pressure of 175 PSI in that range because they're trying to get it up to the same temperature that you would get when you're frying popcorn like 363 in that range 350 Fahrenheit 365 round there right and so you start with a grain that has a proper amount of moisture in it which I forget what that is I can go look it up it's something like 10% or something in that range right

you didn't seal it you heat it under a massive amount of pressure and what that means is that the water inside is a hot right and it's also Under Pressure so I boil then you release the pressure very suddenly and all of a sudden all that water expand all at once and it pops it doesn't need the outside of the grand holding moisture in the way that you would bring the popcorn show the unit that you point at you on the video that the guy is using on the street corner I would not walk anywhere near that suffer that sucker was so freaking ghetto that thing could blow up at any second I happen to know that when he's puffing that stuff it's under at least 150 psi probably higher right so you don't want to basically what you do is is he literally has a looks like a homemade boiler that he's spinning and that's good cuz you need to eat I'll get the heat evenly transferred throughout it right so it's spinning over a fire

3 has stoked with Cole and with my one looks like a modified hair dryer right and what looks like a freaking vise-grip holding the whole damn thing together right happy happy cuz he's not dead every second that he works if he's not dead he's happy many sticks it in two and you know this what looks like a long wind sock which was incredibly Dirty by the way I don't know that I'd bought me those incredibly dirty and then put the stick in pulls the pin band The Thing blows up know maybe this thing is actually manufactured by somebody to some sort of specifications but the idea of keeping something over an open fire with no protection that looks homemade to 170 PSI 255 70 PSI and then I'm outside it freaks me out and put that way so how did I attempt to do this I bought some pipes that were rated to 150 psi Ohio

I got like 80 80 schedule 80 which is rated higher than 150 psi made out of steel I put them all together with heater water heater on the inside which was one of the weak points an overpressure valve so it wouldn't go above the pressure that I wanted to and a thermometer all done with pipes with it regular pipes filled it with corned Goose my first task because I was trying to I was working on doing a nuclear explosion out of candy and popcorn and so I was try to actually do a puffin gun thing for that and the problem was is that the piping system that I had didn't seal properly and so I was getting venting and steam out I did get it up like 120 PSI before I and I literally like like I said I use vice grips with like a pull string to pull it and what I successfully did was spray burning hot popcorn kernels all over my all over my house I didn't actually I pop Maybe

45 number I didn't get it to be done the way he weighed want and I think my main problem was is I tried to have a little bit of water meet him in there to heat it I tried heating it internally instead of having an external fire with rotation which is the way that it's always done is external heat and agitation and the piping system it was just hard to get it to seal very well that thick pipe goes like 2 inch pipe was hard to get it to seal accurately at those high high temperatures because I use teflon tape but it will eventually because we're going to have cereal exhibit in the museum of food and drink before workout now we have our first we have we have a new full-time employee at the Museum of food and drink even though he's not taking paid employee I guess cuz he's not getting paid but Peter Kim formerly one of our lawyers at the Devil

he is now working busy and full-time which were very very excited about so the museum will have one there are small commercial machines that are not quite so wonky in Korea that actually make puffed rice cakes I let me nude and I forget the name of them but it's something like like being like going going the noise of the actual thing working is what it is in Korean but I don't know what the noise is so I can't tell you what it is but you can go look that up the third and I end at the Third Kind of machine by the way for cereal invented early on in the game is the twin screw extruder a piece of equipment that was invented by the Plastics industry and that's how they make Captain Crunch and all things like that they basically have a screw under enormous pressure that takes in grams or ever under enormous pressure and then and it heats up the pressure and the and the actual screw mechanism of putting it through the thing heat it up so that when it comes out of a

by the end much like a pasta die like a pasta extruder but it's under such heat and pressure that when it comes out the end at quick puffs up into Captain Crunch or kicks or whatever and that's how they make all of those cereals and so we're going to have one of those that do you say butt cheeks that's pretty badass right I went to I went to visit Cornell years ago and they let me look at them they have small pilot ones we should we get one we should. Manufacturing Corporation by the way is a corporation that used to make all the old Puffin guns they no longer use those puffing guns in commercially in the US they've moved to a assistant call The Continuous puffer that's a back puffing thing they move the continuous buffers and so all the old ones get sent back refurb and now most of them are used in factories in Mexico so I wasn't able to locate someone with an old

Puffin gondwana to donate it to the museum so if anyone out there can get their hands on an old Puritan Manufacturing Corporation Puffin gun the museum would love and we're now 501 c 3 right or show pending so you'll be able to write off that Puritan pupping gun when you donated to the museum and the little kids are going to be so happy we were exploding cereal in front of their parents like 10 9 all the way down the one your kid's life which one Pop-Tart Pop-Tart Pop-Tart packing it would do it but it's not like me and they charge a lot a lot alright

finally in from Elliott Papineau rice in a long time listener and Jack what book in the I got to actually I'm on a Twitter Now by you know if people keep addressing me these questions I might have to try to answer one of them by the way by the way I forgive you this question like she she says that she never answers questions here when I ask her because I don't give her the time to answer

I think okay is that is that now you say to me I just remember David Chang's

my point is we're on the radio it's not like this. She wants me to ask her a question and then pause for like 35 40 seconds and wait for answer I like to know where on the radio it's not like at the dinner table where like you know they can see the thoughtful Paws so she says I don't give enough time and she's referring to another time and Dave Chang was laughing at me nastasha this is Josh's favorite comment of all time is it basically I will ask a question and answer it ask a question and answer without letting the other person year old what color is the sky today and I'm not like that

I'm not sure we can have our discussion about this later but the final question in what book do you recommend about aliens I just ordered having your ramps and eating them to buy Glenn Meyer Jr hopefully it does not suck now first of all I think Zach Meyer is an amazing name they love that name sounds like you're stuck in my quicksand you can't get out you don't I mean I like that but you want to talk about how much you have already talked about how much you hate ramps on the show this is classic Musashi are the actual product is good but the people the fact that people like them is no good and therefore she does not like them or doesn't want to see him same as truth whether she doesn't like good weather you do not like weather good weather because other people like it

do they get overly happy about it is like with ramps overly happy thank you burn in Psych Roberta's is like you know a Happy Feeling full rage grow hopefully send your fat Myers book on ramps does not suck with ranch season ending and green garlic and Skip season begin in can you talk about some things to do with a Liam's night remodeling maybe and question which I'll answer which is what are some good books on Aliens I am also having do you understand what this is is that a hoe by having a really nice ho made by red pig that would kind of some sort of Garden Inn made by a red pig tools for my mom for Mother's Day hopefully your mom doesn't of course your mom is Lucy the show but it looks like a very nice thing I'm sure she'll be very happy have you ever considered using Twitter or Facebook or question for the show well I did get

are you just questions I am going to answer both parts in it I don't own any books on onions exclusively I own two books on garlic that address onions somewhat and I'll talk about the one that's poking about on this show before which is why it's called garlic and other aliens by Eric block and it is it supposed to be a compendium of lore and Science and I was but it has some of the Lord and a lot of history and a lot of the bibliography on garlic the science of Fairly in-depth and answers really kind of as a review from time immemorial of the science behind the chemistry of aliens which is quite complex and some stuff on on like it's cookery and it's used but it's strongest on the science and on taxonomy and things like that for garlic and other aliens onions and whatnot it's dense right the other book I have is called

The Complete Book of garlic a guy for gardeners Growers and Sirius Cooks by Ted Jordan Meredith and that book is fantastic and you had mentioned on the Twitter that you were just in books that talk about coordination and that book is a nice book to read depressed me because I don't have the ability to grow garlic where I live because I don't get light I can't even have a window box so that really get light in my apartment massage where's that they gave me another flat cuz they were so impressed with my pot

I guess I will choose to think that is because you did such a good job better than the Starship by the way it has a feeling that she's great at all the things I guess I tend to think that she probably has a good Garden applesauce okay okay so the point is is it in this book is depressing for me because I can't grow garlic but it doesn't even have recipes which I love what it is is is it's a book about garlic varieties and some history of similar and how they're used in a culinary sent it what makes a great culinary garlic and and all the different varieties and Planters notes and how to grow them and where they respond best with lots of great pictures but without recipes and clearly written by someone who cooks with them all the time and knows how to cook

these kind of books a rare usually you either have books that are basically recipe books that have something about the actual product right like garlic in this case or you have books that are exclusively about garlic with that aren't written from the perspective of a cook this is a fairly rare in this kind of field and that it's a book written for people who are gardeners but Pooh garden with garlic not because they're interested in garlic as a theoretical thing but because they're interested in garlic the cooking item and it's a good book for that is great if you were planning on growing garlic go ahead and get it. One of the best discussions of it is here that goes to a very good discussion in that book about

why you plant different kinds of garlic in speakers different kinds of garlic are good as a season progresses very much similar to what kind of what I say about apples that Apple's there's an Apple for every time before every place so you know he has a very great discussion of kind of the usefulness of having a different varieties and also kind of the challenges of growing garlic in the fact that garlic over the first couple years that you planted in your in your garden is going to climatize to your guard it makes it really I think it's an interesting book I would I would go with that I don't have a good onion onion before you now you plant that close yeah yeah talk something about using all bills that much but I talked about using escapes and also thinks it's not a recipe book think I asked for uses I mean other than the ones that we always I don't have any new onion uses I mean other than the ones we always always hard pain which is pressure cooking onions

which you know Noah was used to make ice cream with I like pressure I like doing with dual onion soup like pressure cooked massive amounts of pressure cooked onions into a beef stock or veggie guest and then and then sauteing onions regularly and adding them for like Mega onion soups I like that straight up pressure cooked onion soup is a little light on onion flavor because it's incredibly sweet make garlic the same thing most of my tricks are pressure cooking like pressure cooking massive amounts of garlic to make sauces for pizzas that are like have garlic I mean I do that you know pretty much all the time I make a lot of sauces that way we have a good onion tricks

I said that go get yourself some Chinese chives they're fantastic to cook with wilted sauteed with bacon are delicious that is that that is cooking issues that come back next week

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