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Episode 81: Back from Berlin

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hello and welcome to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold your house and cooking issues coming in the back of his head Merlot cuz I don't trust that Bobby Flay's going to be at the bar at 6 filming you should be there and then in my face and my brother Phil he was no no no you were talking I miss your tan is the contractor at the new Booker and Dax bass a nice to speak on the air. Can't wait 15 minutes to tell me off the pill k56 we go on break in fifteen minutes also joined with Jack Intrepid Jack

it's a 24-7 missed you guys last week cuz I was in Germany and we couldn't get the scheduling going with the you know cuz I was actually I think teaching something or doing some sort of judging during the actual radio program but a good time in Germany didn't get to have any really good solid real German German food cuz I didn't have time to go out to any kind of good restaurants which is not a good restaurants I didn't go out to like a hardcore German German restaurant I love German food did I was actually the contest was for a Havana Club which you know it's a rum there is a Havana Club rum here in the United States but it's not the actual Havana Club the actual we can't get in the United States is kind of an irritant but you got to straighten a crap out to me how long can we hold a grudge against those guys don't know she 4050 like 50

50 years almost freaking years in the holding a grudge against these guys don't really care about the cigars one way or the other but it would be nice to get the rum in before you don't need you don't need to look for texts and used to be to take a plane from Cuba there's like two planes a day or something that you had to pretend that you were a journalist or some sort of crazy nonsense but apparently now it's okay when I was in Germany with Ryan last name from London that I used to work with Tony actually Tony safe at 69 ready

chetia War Donna park or even he says he can't do it because he has like a balloon that he has a like a lemon I think Essence spray tan he didn't like lights to string the balloon flies up in the air and explodes over your head like a teddy surgeon to drink he drinks with radioactivity he's like handing them to you know people who aren't I guess doing radiation experiments either food or for medicine and given nuking the hell out of stuff to see what he can accelerated nursing stuff look for next time in London to go to the to the barn so dude family from Sri Lanka hates spice says he is like a complete Pariah at family gatherings like black pepper is too spicy for him it's messed up messed up anyway we were talking about

cuz he's got rid of ads coming out of his ears as most people take people in London do we not going to Japan in like 3 weeks ago first dated from Buren in Sweden in my name is beorn I'm a chef in the North of Sweden have a problem when I brine Wild game especially reindeer and lack of puss which is what they call Grouse platypus solution between 4 and 10% with normal salt sodium chloride when I cook the meat and low temp I get a gray line around the meat maybe two or three mmmm depending on the time in the percent of the solution it seems the line gets more present and darker meet especially when you cook low temperature

the normal frying cooking it's harder to see if I use nitrates to get a pink line I get a PICC line I don't want to do that I've done some testing using ascorbic acid and citric acid with no result what can I do best regards this is actually a big a big problem in general one of the reasons that we don't recommend salting pre salting on a lot of low temperature Mees for brining for that matter is it changes the texture of the meat as it's cooked over a long long. Of time but color also can be quite quite affecting the color of meat is due in large part to the state of myoglobin which is one of the proteins in the meat as it's as it's cooking so there's three some of the main kinds of myoglobin that we deal with our deoxy myoglobin which is what it looks like inside of the vacuum bag that's my slogan with the kind of no oxygen down to it there's

oxy myoglobin which is the bright pink red color you get from what we associate with kind of fresh meat and then there's metmyoglobin which is basically a reduced form of it so you have two different iron oxide that gives the kind of the brown brown color now

salting write a sex several Days Inn first of all the when you cook meat low temperature when you cook meat in a vacuum bag first of all you're cooking with reducing the oxygen compound so much that you get a lot more deoxy myoglobin then you wouldn't a normal circumstances and that takes a long time to denature that should be Nature's slower than either oxymyoglobin or so that's why in low temperature mean it's also the slower you hate it that the less than my any kind of myeloma teenager so that's why in low-temperature cooking a special your high vacuum vacuum bag cooking you can get kind of very kind of pink results even at higher temperatures because you're not going to and also when you cut the meat is going to Cherry up and get this blue because you're not going to get a denature as much of the myoglobin as you would otherwise now

salting does two things it increases the rate of metmyoglobin which is brown kind of production right and also increases the rate at which myoglobin is denaturing takes on a cooked look so edit liked by a lot by more than double that affect is more pronounced at lower temperature cooking that it is at higher temperature cooking so the study to look at here is the effect of muscle type salt and pH on cook me Kima protein formation in lamb and beef came out in 1999 and so it's just it's right there you can read it it's adding salt rapidly increases the rate at which myoglobin is going to get to natured that effectively magnified low temperatures and so having the salt in there is going to give you more of a cooked color and give you a line of color line that meets that there's really kind of No Way Around but one of the good news is is that you might not need to brine your meat as much

tall really if you're doing low temperature cooking because you don't need to protect the meat against overcooking now if you're doing it for flavor that's one thing but you know it's not going to take another problem is is let's say you were going to marinate for flavor use a brine like an acid the lower the ph also the faster than the hemoglobin is going too fast by the outside of my loan is going to denature so you can't win by putting an asset in you can't win necessarily by putting an antioxidant in like you did is just one of the things with their salt there and you're low temperature cooking you're probably going to see a line to the extent that salt is soaked into the meat so that's that's all there is to it they did in that study what you should look at they also tested to see whether adding fat change the rate maybe to help you out it did not they also added polyphosphate soy protein casein and none of these things have any effect on the rate of myoglobin denaturation which is I believe it's causing

the problem

hey Dave Natasha and the rest made corned beef tacos for St Patrick's Day with the ride tortillas and that's a great idea brining it of course there's a problem I tried you know a mortar and pestle and it didn't work what I ended up doing was just putting all the rye berries in a blender with enough water to make a puree out of it and I had to just enough for that mistake I get back up again and I just a great great you doing I think it's a great idea adding the mistake of back because really the only reason that you need to hardcore grinding implements like the corona which doesn't even work that well or

make a note that they don't really know the big professional jobs is because to grind it at home in a processor or blender you really need to add more water than you can to make a tortilla but adding a mistake a back is genius way to get around that and I think you know well with well within the bounds of of me and let me know as much as I know it's not it's not a terrible product it's just and it sounds like a great plan I'm glad that worked I might do that from now on make my life easy I hate using that Corona grinder chocolate well I didn't talk about what I was in Germany I was supposed to be talking about and was talking about the effect of yeast on distillation because everyone who does home brewing KY knows that yeast really affect like what use do you use affects the flavor of the beer that comes out but a lot of people don't think about it when it applies to buy distilled beverages so what I did was I took the same crappy Whole Food

insulted although it was crappy and then took three identical batches pasteurize the mall and pitched two different users into it and then did it in at two different temperatures to show the effects of the east of the new used is being a huge majority of the flavors that are producing a lot of distilled beverages the astors refusal oils all these all the countries that we think about with the exception of just pure molasses aromar can Aroma come from the East and so I think it was really kind of an eye-opener to some people to see near kind of important particular you strain is and which is why people are kind of proud of it but have you ever visited the stillery when you visit distilleries they never talk about their used State take a right path with a maybe they'll let you taste of fermentation to show it to you but they don't make a big deal out of the way they make a big deal about their Stills or do they make a big deal about the raw materials that go in it's really kind of a vital think so high that went well in other words

we're doing like from ending with German Hefeweizen yeast and you know British not only does the flavors but the distillates themselves were just no one would be the next one that has virtually none rum distillery in New Orleans celebration distillation in New Orleans rum and isolated off of Guatemalan sugarcane and it was he know to make a rum a call and if it fits with soap and Alec and plasticky that's really too much but I was talking to guys and you know.

I know they make a big deal about getting that their own used off date off the cane that comes out of the field them but then they need to be consistent and that's the big pain in the butt that's why you can't go totally Wild on this stuff and why no one you know none of the big players can go toward the wild because they go totally while there's no way they're going to get a consistent product out of it so then they're putting the position of kind of propagating a particular you strain over the course of years which then becomes you know difficult I guess they don't talk about that aspect of it they make a big deal about Dairy he's coming from you know what their area being kind of endogenous to their area but they don't indigenous to their area but they don't you know they don't talk much about how it's you know kind of kept as a culture over time or kind of how many strains of you sir are in it you know

yeah my question is I'm I'm looking to start a small craft soda business and I got a lot of good recipes already are like ginger habanero soda and a cucumber Thai Basil soda and my question is all the particulate matter Saddles out natural as possible if everything's not going to scare people off to see it on me the label of a suspended

yeah well I mean you can add I mean I mean the problem is is that anything is going to keep it suspended is going to also obviously you're going for kind of low levels of carbonation otherwise you're going to get massive phone out anyway with the particulate matter that's in there but there's you know you probably don't want to move to something like a PGA pectin made certain pectins would do the job spending that's what I I spend most of my time obliterating pectin to try and D suspend everything that's in it you know what I mean so depending on the particle size that you have I mean if it's stuff that'll pass through a coffee filter for instance it can easily be suspended with pectin now the next thing down as you can see I wouldn't want to go in a soda because I don't like what happens to the body of that but you know things are small things like big pieces of herbs or like just it just

like I'll juice a cucumber and straighten it out through a fine strainer and you know quote mix maybe I left it and it's the particles are

big enough I guess we're small enough where they'll go through a fine-mesh strainer and yeah they talkin to settle to the bottom of the keg you're just putting in The Keg left you craft beer for people who are you know you know sober up at the end of the night or just people who like a Distillery Brewery treated like a beer & Racquet but do you like the flavor of it better before with with the particles in it do you like the look and flavor the particles or Char you want to try and think of a way to get rid of the flavor of the particles me you can just go a wine fining loud Racket and then get that's all of that stuff out of there and left with a clear clear soda in which case you get up the volumes of CO2 that you pump into it as well and get more of a

right out of it from a CO2 standpoint the flip route is to try and stabilize it and I would guess if you want a really good label declaration with something like that this is just a straight-up gas cuz I hadn't thought about it is that some point of packing you know similar to think about all the credit sitting in grapefruit juice and that stuff is totally stable you know what I mean that's basically because of you know now they're suspended kind of plant matter in there or Hemi cellulose pectin so I would bet you could get some sort of stabilization that way I haven't researched particularly what private like you know who it would you talk to you on that is that the guy that CP Kelco super Kelco they make all of the there is like the painted people so they would probably have some sort of product that you could use if you want to go that castrate Hydro wrapping fantastic label declaration you can just say what it comes from like citrus citrus peel or apple pomace or whatever in the hell

the other people who I will talk to you on stability and CP Kelco also handle some of the the other stability stuff mean FMC biopolymer they handle a lot of the stuff that I don't think you wanted to go like I said PGA like propylene glycol alginate all that stuff kind of had stabilizers for beer and things like that you want to do that and I don't think you want to add so much body could do something like a dumb are example and make sense of what we used our main emulsifier now Gum arabic is a good emulsifier and might hold stuff in I don't know though it's not really thick and you know what I mean but that was used to up I stay by soda motions but I don't know that it's going to stabilize stuff from syncing it's more of an emulsifier in case you had fats and oils in it and I'm saying gums that they're pretty good and they spend a lot of time thinking about Lego table decorations and they might have it a good way to go skiing Scott reflex hair dye out on the west coast and I don't know what I don't remember who is he

east coast and a lot of proprietary Blends which one are you might have to be a monetary issue for you if you were huge producer but you know if you're not a huge producer then the cost of them be negligible based on the fact you're juicing fresh cucumbers you know what I mean so so I would hit up CP Kelco she would it have a pack and product for you I would hit up a t i c gums and see what they have a straight-up stabilization and then that's the last resort of good FMC biopolymer

how to look into the day before and the previous show you I talked about like coriander and green Thai chilies on my way expensive ones with that one's good with like we're using that one tonight we're making a drink or doing a lucky rice event tonight and we're doing we're making an old fashioned with that coriander seared pot you know in general for frosted Booker and Dax we like the stock one or two syrups around that are dual purpose so I can we can use the coriander for an old fashioned and then I can also make a soda out of it you know what I mean we always have I always have a clarified lime juice sitting around so we can always make a lime soda if we needed to you know obviously but that you have the stuff I've done in the past before we had a bar has been extraordinarily expensive stuff like straight strawberry juice and raspberry juice Cenote turn into a soda delicious

to charge someone to serve that is a soda and then people be like I'm paying 14 bucks worth freaking soda my God there's two pints of blueberries in it what you want out of me. I mean you know craft soda and then it had the majority of what goes in the water I was wondering about aperitif and digestif do you think that it really works is alcohol good for digestion and how does it stimulate digestion or is is basically alcohol bad for digestion and if you have any favorite aperitif and digestif

Jasmine because I discount all Health claims in general for everything at all times so kind of rate of digestion and alcohol consumption before and after I would you like to have before I before a meal do you like you like it if you don't really do that kind of stuff by beforehand and afterwards I eat I don't I don't go for like they're like I'm upset stomach pound some fournette afterwards are liking the late night for net shop at all the bartenders go for it but I don't know I haven't thought about it I'm back in fact if you send a question to nastasha for next week's radio show I'll try to remember to do some actual research on alcohol and digestion already

I think you all right let's do it

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when placing your order online at Mario's visit monitor today for all of your modernist cooking needs so there's several verse of it's out there and as they say versawhip is is a dealer soy protein or actually a milk protein whey protein there's two different ones so I want and away one and they they function study different I guess you know Chris selling the the so if you're using versawhip for the first time the other good with an agent that a lot of us uses methocel F like Frank 50 is a good whipping agents different proteins are whipping agents cuz they're large charged and charged anyway and so they they're their good aeration and blotchy phone stabilizer that's not really sleeping agent their phone stabilizer and I guess I could move it but you might want to add some salad sauce to increase whipping when you're going another thing about versawhip can be weird and other words like when you're whipping and egg white and it kind of lists up kind of like

going steady versawhip you can whip it for awhile nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing you have a phone so if you buy it just be aware that that is it might happen and don't give up right away when you're whipping stuff right yeah yeah okay Steven Wright City from Moscow Moscow and with water for coffee it sounds like a book the water makes much more sense for coffee them for chocolate water is absolutely horrible and she bad she bad I usually get better or water here is good but I want to go for under the sink filter the local bottled water is not too bad and I was okay taste as everything's not filled it out of it the big coffee head that I am I need to have something to play with water wise

so see that filter seem to clean out most of the crud the filters that heat lady find the same to reverse osmosis filters but at least what I hear the water tastes really bad out of reverse reverse osmosis AKA in our own machine because it filters out almost everything but it's on our own machine really the only way to go with a basic multi filter system work for me any specific processes that you would recommend brand excetra okay keep up the good work and let us know when you're heading to my Scouts. He was almost going to go to Moscow like 2 years ago yeah yeah yeah yeah and then no one would fly over that thing so she's like man man it's typical right you were like you're like resign yourself to it you like that's it cuz he massages the Curious mix hat was not really have to rush in like like quarter quarter Russian quarter Ukrainian we call it Russian and then no offense you clean and a half Mexican so she is going to try to see whether she can go to

Russia and also deny that half of her tickets I'm just messing with this mess with her anyways this is that it takes out almost everything in it and coffee needs to have some mineralisation in order for it to taste good so that there's a couple different things you could do you could go r o and then use a actually mineralize it afterwards and I didn't have a chance to look up there some companies that will sell kind of kids that were you can kind of remineralize the water that said I don't know what in the water in Moscow that makes it taste bad at my house you know even in New York with a decent water supply of a particular pipe that mine comes through occasionally is chlorinated and so I filter all of my water for coffee and I use a multi-stage filter you want to go a big filter first somewhat porous it's going to capture most of the stuff that will clog the later filter and they have filters that you know so they'll have filters it'll take down almost ever

turn down two cysts and and tiny little things but they'll also remove almost all of the flavor out of it as long as the water is safe to go the issue with those filters is is that when you add multiple system filters in house system you are decreasing the pressure coming through it by a lot and so you want to make sure that you get enough pressure through it you want to make sure you change your filters I use the GE home water stuff I don't know whether sufficient for what's going on in Moscow or you could have an alternate problem is that the water is not much as bad tasting right or you know it has problems but is also to mineralized in which case you need to demineralize it and then remineralize it somewhat but I totally agree with you reverse osmosis system is not the way to go out some more parameters about what actually your problem with the water is over there and I'll take a look and see whether or anyone else who has asthma experience with some real hard water place in coffee maybe can write us and tell us what they use yeah

hello Dave Anastasia Jack and Carlos Carlos is not with us anymore by Carlos doesn't like us anymore he's around make a big specifically because he hated us at the Radio Shack not like anything specifically because he hated nastassia vegan faces I think we have people here like the reason our pizza and stash it gives in to look out the window that has push the pizza to the side they can't eat anymore they leave crazy anyway to write in recently I've been given a book of cocktail recipes and glancing through it one ingredient kept jumping out of me it's an old book I guess gum syrup confused I looked up several classic recipes drinks that normally have sugar or sugar syrup added but in this place all these drinks call for gum syrup I have the ingredients on hand so I don't necessarily mind making this year but is there any need to do so does the gum arabic really make a difference also in searching for a recipe for gum syrup I found half a day

doesn't different version what do you recommend thanks and hope you're having fun in Germany Tom Fisher Okay flows you that don't know what we're talking about gum syrup is gum syrup is where you instead of just making it a regular simple syrup which is a sugar and water you add a boatload of gum arabic to it right now as much as kind of can write within the realm of possibility is other than the fact that it comes from tree sap is or come from Tralee cuz I'm free and the fact that you know for a while there's problems with it because it was coming from an area in Sudan and maybe you were supporting terrorism and or genocide by buying it I think that's been fixed now I'm not sure anyway I shouldn't say stuff like that just like either kind of like off the cuff as though like it cuz it's a sound is really cool because unlike most a hydrocolloid switch are long chains right gum arabic is very highly branched in a similar way

and so it's a very kind of large weight hydrocolloid polymer but is also not too thick even in kind of very heavy Solutions it also has a protein in it that acts as a an emulsifier which is why it was used for a long long time still as used by the most expensive to stabilize soda syrups that have some oil in the because it also has a really cool capacity that it holds it's a mostly of multiplying capabilities even when it's diluted radically and quickly which is why it's great for things like soda syrups it also adds body which is why it's in these drinks so it's an emulsifier which means it's going to shake and drink it's going to make the bubbles hold longer it's going to take and get a better texture on it and that's basically why it's there I'd say it's worth it I've never experimented exclusively with straight gum syrup but we use a mixture of gum arabic and Santan called ticaloid 210s for all of our emulsified fat drinks like cocoa butter in all of our house

jobs that we have wheel at Walmart or shower in pistachio orgeat we have a toasted almond orgeat it we do it Booker and Dax and we use his ticket to 10 we also have we ever put on the menu but we do it for one also we have basically movie called text Sarah check simple and it is a mixture of gum arabic and San Tan and it's basically like a modern-day gum syrup and when you shake it into a daiquiri let's say you get kind of it's a different mouth feel so happy people really love it half the people prefer regular simple syrup in it and so it's hard to say it's not better or worse I think it's creamy and it kind of gets a better head more for me I kind of like it do you like to take some flirty like the regular better do you remember and try and we should do some regular fashion comes here but if you do it freaking do it right at a boatload of gum arabic

one more time I'm going to get the stuff to go through this band California I'm curious to hear your opinions on the upcoming foie gras banned in California the way I see it is an animal rights activists are just choosing a battle they can win so they gave him a mentor to tackle the real criminals like Purdue Tyson excetra I enjoy flagra I'm personally think banning all foie gras in California is Ludacris however some properties are to treat their ducks and he's horribly but then again the same goes for chicken pork beef excetra the government should send out inspectors to approve of farms before they before they are allowed to sell their products and also that you check up on the farms at least a yearly basis to make sure the animals are treated humanely heading to D cup

well I don't really know any of the here's a problem right and then I'm going to everyone's going to jump down my throat now I'm going to be an outcast in the in the in the chef world I'm like I like flagra fine but I can really live without it I mean like you don't even like I'd like most of my friends you know like if you take away their flaw Graw is like taking you know taking the guns away from an NRA member like they freaked out you know what I mean but I don't think it's reasonable for me to decide like what I think is right or wrong just based on whether or not I really personally care about it that much do you want him saying I do like a hot Far Cry I like I like it I like it fine. It's not my favorite freaking thing on earth the crap we get styes she is loyal right

straight I did not try it anyway I want to try to decide they like it though and therefore I was more like a moose on the inside meat obviously I think we should move towards Humane methods of production in an all in all forms of Farmingdale to the greatest extent possible if the question is the real there's there's two things right there's there's one is it you know I don't like anyone being forbidden to do something or say something that they want to serve in the restaurant but there needs to be a limit mean obviously you're not allowed to like you know people inside the restaurants right so there's obviously a limit on what shelf should be allowed to do in a restaurant

but there's a question of whether or not flagra is basically just the poster child for what procedures cruelty because you have those if there's anyone out there doesn't know how far is produced by animals eat you force feed animals a whole boatload of stuff delivers inflate and then oven become delicious at and it's called gavage and that's really what people are griping about is goodbye to come in on a bunch of different size cuz then you have people coming and staying while you're at your shafting my cultural heritage in fact is not a reason to practice device on a various different animals to fatten them up and increase their liver so it is very old practice which doesn't make it right and you know people enjoy the product which doesn't make it right the real question is is is is this practice bad or not I really haven't done the research on it to find out whether or not I actually think it is torture cruelty I'm sure that there

are places where it's done in a completely horrible in Humane Manner and I'm questions isn't necessarily the case in from people I've spoken to all be at unbiased people may sorry I'll be by as people there are ways to produce flagra where it is not a torture for the animals and then you know there's a possibly but you know what do I know about it apocryphal stories of you know in certain places well-treated geese and Ducks actually coming up to the person who's going to perform the garage so in other words they're they're not they're not afraid of the designers the problem of like yeah you're taken care of like you know that this one really high price product but on the other hand you know you're allowing the horrible farming practices to take horrible Factory meat process is to take place and not really bothering with those people cuz you're targeting someone that you can easily Target because you are making people feel guilty for going out and spending a lot of money on a product that you're there

associated with torture the same way it worked on Fir right I don't really know where I stand I know Dave Chang trust his flaw Graw producers I think we get from Hudson Valley at Momofuku in India and it has visited their Farm as seen how they treat the animals and for all the crap that Dave gets for being likes all pro meat like he's also produce possible farming and so I know he vouches for Saturday she told I think he said he vouches for that Thomas Keller signed on saying you know he vouches for some of the producers out out of the he deals with as being a Humane so I think if we can do it in a Humane fashion then necessarily inhumane just because their livers are diseased on quote that doesn't make sense right is that makes a penis Tasha anyway just in case you missed that nastasha just advocated eating

cats just saying that's what I heard too yeah that's just itches what I'm saying anyway

okay okay going to read through some chocolate have a little bit of time or no questions one by when you do low temperature cooking low temp sausage low temperature not what we're going to do for the Museum of food and drink were going to do beer brats or something similar at low temperatures could come even just unnecessary do not do that you want to keep that oils that were in the thing in the thing to begin with water-based things like beer will actually go through the membrane of the casing and like you know suck flavors out and put flavors in but you're trying to get his little flavor leech in or out as possible when you're using oil in like a ziplock bag so don't pierce it and then you just going to lose juice as I get when you take them properly cook sausage and you poke it if I juice freeze out of it that's what you kind of want you know what you want to keep that stuff in there so no really love how they come out in following Jason lodgings recommendations at 56 Celsius for 2 and 1/2

3 hours at slow for me of course the chicken with the Munich right out of the bag so I've been trying to come up with a way to make fried chicken using a cheapo deep fryer alternately I can use a very hot pot of high smoke point oil most likely peanut and give me some recommendations. Batters accordance with healthier I think it's too low and you're going to bring the stuff up

I'm looking for a silly nobody here nicely but be a decent vehicle for herbs and spices it would probably quickly without significant heat soak into the meat listen what you want to do is make sure you pull the stuff out when you're cooking it let hot let flash off for a second to get a little bit of a pellicle on the outside then straight flower right are you could salt but straight flower and then put all of the flavor into a like a liquid I use buttermilk egg and buttermilk egg baking soda baking powder and you put all the flavor you want in there and then back into flour and Fry if that's what I do now I got yelled at you know by some Southern guys at the last name because they use an entirely different techniques but that using low temperature cooking at Kira's like a bastard and you can get flavors into it so that's what I do and that's what I would recommend meme guy from way back other than Stein garden Jeffrey steingarten are good buddy haven't spoken to in awhile though right it's good to labor over Peppers techniques I haven't found a decent way to reduce captivation load in a habanero pepper

locate a regular pronounce ghost peppers but they taste the whole lot better anyway I still have a few more experiments to try but really I got access to a centrifuge and this technique struck me could you emulsify the trim pepper flash with some real feel like that means that loving a medium Center fuse that whole mess and extractor supposedly kept station minimize goodness from the bottom my thought is encapsulation at is an Oleum are so if I can get the sticker something to my filter separate I guess I didn't mean that I should be in good shape any thoughts on the process of files as a first cut off scene by just using olive oil but there's also casing other things out there that might work thanks take care of Greg I don't think it's going to work Greg because you might be able to let me know there's no doubt you can probably get a a cab station in which section of it right but you're not going to get all you're not going to get all of it out or even probably enough to make a huge dent I did some preliminary research last week when this question came in I didn't find anything I'm going to keep looking to see where there's anyone has done any research on Church centrifical e except separated cup station at lower at lower speeds

I'm not holding out High Hopes but I'll look into it right. You write that down as you write an email know you're not see I can tell because you can hear the class

what size are some cats that called in

that's hardcore that's hardcore man we're not going to grab going to get that we going to get to all the questions more but Michael natkin Road in a long time was our buddy write ratios and comment on last two weeks ago on the show so he said so I couldn't possibly listen to the discussion of the vegan menu at Del posto without writing in the idea that this is talking about what you know those guys said about cooking the vegan menu at the idea that mostly don't really love food and I just difficult diners who mainly want some sort of Health Food sustenance is how can I say this for the radio complete and utter crap I've been a lacto-ovo-vegetarian for 23 years and I'm pretty much never think about anything besides food and how to maximize the pleasure of my next meal but I'm fully engage with food I listen to your show I have read modernist cuisine from cover-to-cover and stash it a few restaurants my fur

cookbook is coming out this week and it's called us a flavor Revolution with 155 or individual original vegetarian recipes publication date is today on Amazon should be interesting congratulations and good luck with book sacrifice involved for me being a vegetarian is just a completely personal thing I'm not wired to want to eat animals I don't think I'm alone there many of us who don't eat animals but love food I'd love to see more high end restaurants take that seriously not simply throw some pasta and upper block our way and hope we don't care thanks Michael clearly that's not what they were doing

also I think here's the thing right

is it to from me like obviously you are Beyond Michael you love food and and there's whole cultures whole civilizations that are based on especially lacto-ovo-vegetarian I think that the chef scribe is probably more against vegans I would say right yeah what does a uterus look like with my fridge makes like it's like racism basically yes we were coming back from dinner back from dinner. Just a small dinner of like miso soup salad and fried chicken and we have leftover fried chicken and we're walking on like 58th and 9th or something sounds like a classic massage and there's a homeless person on cardboard

wrapped in like a like a very nasty blanket this poor guy right and he's asking everyone who passes for change and I say I have some food in this bag and he said what is it and I said it's fried chicken and he said I don't eat chicken because it depends on where it's been raised okay I don't know I'm saying look at how you know lots of people are very Discerning it doesn't matter what the guys are more because the guy doesn't have a home we can't have morals or whether Daddy's chicken butt

yes no I'm saying good for him are you saying good thing that that the point is that you know is there a lot of chefs here's the deal what they perceive as pickiness in any form and so the issue is is if they perceive what's going on as just being pickiness it's not that they don't mind the work just love working a lot of problems. I mean they like that they liked it a challenge and I guess they don't like picky people in general as a generalization and what they do is is that people they don't necessarily and here's the real Kruk respect the decisions other people make based on their diet

write set accurate Natasha and so they perceive that as being a tape receive certain dietary choices not a hundred percent of cases but they perceive the people who make them as making decisions that are either a picky be whiny or she antisocial in some cases work with food they make choices they make recipes based on their love of food and when there's a picky eater and it creates a whole new but Michael's clearly not a picky eater live the promise when it comes to a generalization mean I mean it's disingenuous it's basically give you know Michael pass because is lacto-ovo-vegetarian I'm guarantee you there's vegans out there who love food you don't see me it's a lot harder I think you have any time you limit your palate it's more of a challenge becomes more difficult and then it becomes harder for people who don't cook that way to produce a product on the quality of the quality

the day want to produce they want to produce the best quality stuff that they can produce for you and if they don't sit around all day thinking about the best way to make a vegan meal that's hard for them to produce their what they think is their best showing right that's when they're doing vegan to add on to that paper say it but this is like in a right like in 1/8 distrust of any sort of thing that they see is picky then you're like you know you're adding an insult to injury by think turn off the lights outside. We're all here probably horribly might mean the fact that matter is we should judge every a shaft should judge every customer they come in on their own merits and there's plenty of meat eaters who are some picky sumbitches chest don't like dealing with I don't like so that I don't like

we can't have too much salt because of hypertensive but then there's people say that they don't like it people it it's it's like I'm allergic to stuff I like I'll die if I eat like a large quantity of raw cherries and the only reason I'm allergic to it is because I'm being punished for making fun of people's allergies for years and I'm saying but Chef do that all the time the Amazon and you and you look at Michael's cookbook Michael Jackson's new cookbook and you read the copy for it which I did today visually saying you know this is Foo that you'll be happy to cook for your meeting friends because it's basically just delicious I like that support that is very similar actually Pat Brown who is a professor at Stanford who's working on that he's vegetarians working trying to make meat analogs he's like he's that guy that you know and he's doing an action because he does want a private eyes he wants people to stop eating meat he wants me to stop being produced he wants people to stop farming meat

he's friends with her on the TV supposed to pay with his point is you we will you will never decrease the amount of meat that is consumed this country by the average person unless you make a product that a meat eater wants to eat more than the meat they're eating now and that's it right all right listen I got a couple questions I didn't get to will get you next week cooking issues