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Episode 80: Flavor Pairings & More

hey what's up this is John Norris and you're listening to the Heritage Radio Network

actually next week might be a problem going to Germany next week last time I was in Germany we cooking issues live from a street corner in Germany you want to if you want to see the cookies and more more off-the-wall than I speak on it and I sent her an angry German last time I did it but we love the angry texting terms by the way someone 849-721-2800 Stars last week on the show we had our friend Ariel from UC Davis and

play the pastry chef that more people need to know about from Del posto restaurant I asked him about the Seven Courts vegan tasting menu that they do at El posto nastasha made a leaking face which by the way I can relate to you all do not let me take a picture of literally like I pull up the camera maybe eight ten times I called her once as she was exiting the vegan face but I couldn't get the full vegan face on camera because she refused to let me get it but if you've ever seen either The Sopranos or Steven Van Zandt on his new show Lilyhammer his angry his angry gangster face scale like that the kind of Bulldog frown that's pretty much that's pretty much the vegan face so you can see what I see even on iTunes one of the reviews was referencing the vegan face

when she doesn't mean to do it that's when she did so like you can see her true reaction to the vegan lunch it's like I don't need to actually ask her I'd look over and see you know is is Steven Van Zandt sitting next to me or his mustache is sitting next to me and you know that's basically how you doing by the way I'm going to get probably in big trouble with our good friends over at Del posto because here's what they said they actually enjoy making the first of all don't publicize the the vegan thing thank God our Cadre of listeners is loyal but whatever we don't have enough deserts of the bloedel post a right right around 7 so I'm not going to get in trouble any good cook likes a likes a challenge

I'm like sick a set of constraints in which they can work and try to get new ideas to try and push their skills push their talents right and it's this could be anything like so when we did the museum event last year also tell clothes so you know we pushed the bartenders and the cooks in the areas they wouldn't normally work by giving them a set of constraints you going to work with you know this side of ingredients are this time he held it this time or let you know if we gave fad diets Tetra Tech and without exception every single cooking bartender who worked at that event took the challenge exact way that we wanted to and use it as an opportunity to do something creative mixing while in fact put the dishes you did there the bone marrow he put that on his new year's menus and Brooke state is artichoke thing I think for a while so it's a great thing for any cook to do maybe not all the time but you know on occasion to take a challenge to take a set of constraints and cooking something vegan

is just a set of constraints and so the guys at Del posto really liked it really is a really like cooking this kind of thing and it actually is on the menu all-time have a customer they say who comes in quite often and whenever that customer comes in a revamp the vegan menu for them so it's not the same every time because in this time unfortunately also macrobiotic which listen not eating nightshades is crazy no tomatoes you're going to go vegan now you're all of a sudden not going to have tomatoes potatoes or eggplants a me please and I agreed you said and I agree I said do you like baba ganoush and you said no I said do you like if you like anything with that kind of you know she said no doesn't like she likes eggplant Parmesan but mostly for the fried mozzarella and the anyway we're going to have to say is that is that they should have shifted into liquor early oh yeah

Jeff Porter said don't popular ice because even though they like cooking it this is a challenge to vegans out there anyone with the like that hello to a dietary things up there you have a reputation among Chef is being difficult human beings with which to work and so that their issue isn't that they don't like cooking the menu their issue is that in general to Jen to generalize the customers who ordered it can be problematic because they tend to not be people that are interested in food primarily they're just there to get some have a meal and they have these restrictions in which they're working but the food isn't the primary focus and Cooks prefer to cook for people who like food fair

that's what I told us not to publicize it am I saying that without getting anyone too much trouble

now they're those people but what they would anyways my point is very good unfortunately was also macrobiotic which to me I mean someone please call and tell me why macrobiotic stuff is not a bunch of hookah anyone anyone calling I know there's a lot of people out there who love my present to shots of green of green stuff I do not drink Ashley make a very good drink green drink at the bar. Macrobiotic cuz you can't have distilled distilled liquor but yeah those kind of like wheatgrass he like you know if it wasn't one of the drinks no offense to Jeff there because I think he was they bought it and it did it on purpose just a shaft meat tasted like I had latch my mouth on to the exit shoot of the lawn mower and was riding around the grass with a lawn mower attached to my mouth but the meal itself was very very good what do you think it was good for what it was I would not go there and get it

get what they want to get get a great meal right but I thought I thought it was a really good meal at first of all is Prejudice in this sense when she goes to the Italian restaurant if she doesn't leave with her busting open Italian food supposed to be hot is it supposed to be a hearty food and my point is that's not necessarily the case that you you have a preconceived notion of what Italian should be and what they'll post I should be so you can't Divorce Yourself from that notion and just look at the food I which at as it was presented what about the flavors were very very well-balanced there was nothing that I thought was lacking there's a lot of views of how you Mommy and I cook protein-based things that weren't made like a nutritional yeast which is quite good

obviously a lot of mushrooms brought into it a lot of very you know reduced root vegetable seems like I think so I've had two textures are good at those well balanced the one thing I don't didn't like where the raw snap peas on it because even though everyone everyone find some delicious except for me because of the raw the raw starch case I do not like pea shoots either and I might be the only person on Earth who does not like pea shoots and because I don't like that raw I don't like that raw tasting diet last year so I don't like it you know what I mean anyway so I thought they did an amazing job is good to finally got wind that was we had an orange wine that was I guess it will research Morgan research it a lot and that point was was dying for drinks

speaking of dying for a drink we have aligned here you can have to attend translate this what's a land of what's sacchetti

anyway it's called pacetti and pecorino not pecorino for all you out there obviously means goat so is this wind jacket that's why I literally passed through a goat before it's put in a bottle. I can't confirm or deny that you can't but I don't know I'm excited to try this from the barter house but remember those guys land of people been listening to the show forever they're the same people who brought you booza this is a white wine what's it what's the grapes are great called goat what the heck is this and looking at your house for those countries been sponsoring our show for a long time but we like the folks at the firehouse what they are is kind of like a specialty in Port of the Imports wines kind of unusual interesting wine so they're not going to carry a lot of the lines

you know that we are familiar with but that one of the one of the good ways to see whether or not you should try a new wine in the store and snot just a bar house find a name for someone who brings in wines that you like and in general these people choose wines that they like their interesting so if you don't know the producer do you don't know the grape you don't know the style sometimes looking at the back and see who's bringing it in is a good indication of whether or not to be something interesting to try and I think it's something that we don't do enough and Wine Source people don't think about the importance of the houses that chews wanted a curate their selections are they going to bring over but I think it's a good way to try and we're going to get a massage tonight it's so hot we're going to have this white wine that's been passed through a goat doesn't actually mean doesn't mean passed away last name that's the name of the people that it's for husband and wife team Franco and Mima Mima pacetti

too late to my class so we can try this stuff and we should get some actual cooking issues here in a minute

no sense in nonsense and drivel night with stars with no cheese and no one else has pairing hypothesis in this hypothesis where you know things that have similar molecules not a silly similar apparently believes if you name something after a goat it should go well with goat cheese and City to it that it would go well with a spicy or like an Asian day is not going to get totally cut down it's not the structure of it isn't like a red at 10 to get obliterated so I can I can see it with that


that was that was that was that under your breath Asian thing so we're reviewing restaurants we've been through over the past week and 1 day do anything together we can go out to restaurants can I read the table next to nastasha Mark Levin Show Brooks and her friend from Juilliard Pat Patrick Posey and so this is Andy Richter's not Richter meet Andy Ricker the famous Portland formerly Portland now Portland and new york-based Chef who does TY

a different way that I've ever had it in New York and Thailand so I can't call it authentic but extremely delicious extremely great food and I've only ever had Pok Pok Wing which is his takeout joint in the Lower East Side and his food at events since the first time I got to go to a base to be a full-scale restaurant of his and I was at frankly blown away is great and what do you think when it's just crazy that she means I don't like lemongrass and I don't like coconut milk and peanuts

so there wasn't a lot of that in the street at all but my point is is that massages crazy certain extremely spicy beef dish I forget the name of it is ground meat and next to it was just a plate of herbs herbs that were in these orbs they look like you know play the first and I started to taste him and they were unlike any herbs you never tasted like when he came over I I basically had to wait or come over because and Mark II was like in the business that I'm a gnome aren't you supposed to be able to in New York City hand you a plate of herbs and have the first four things you taste off of the be unlike anything that you've ever had and completely foreign to use such that you have no idea what the hell's going on I just doesn't happen you know what I mean like one or two new ingredients whatever our new angry but just totally foreign to you like that is crazy right and you agree with that.

and I like this one had the kind of tartness of a Sorel but like a completely different tastes I want to use that in a drink if you like Andy gets hit some guy in Florida so I'm basically I guess who smuggled seeds from Thailand to Florida and is growing these kind of insane tires in Florida and then shipping them up to Andy and he he gets he gets them on consignment in this kind of try to get some for the bar for Booker and Dax but it's just just crepe crazy stuff good stuff recommend going okay enough with the restaurant of these house right or one more piece of news from Booker and Dax and then I guess we should go to Booker and Dax they probably won't be ready for about a month but we now have Booker and Dax the company not the bar has its own space in the Lower East Side so look out for us coming in doing some cool stuff sack right it's a small space doesn't matter if you can stop by like wave vegetables in the window if she can make her face for you in about a month

call you questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

by the way it is going to be brought to you by the house before I go on some relations I want to talk about that this a bookcase by two molecules about the flavor pairing hypothesis so I've been basically saying for a while that I think of this flavor pairing hypothesis is where to buy you know you take you know Foods share specific flavor compounds and therefore you can decide a day actually go well together and it's it's a you know it's Technic it's gotten a lot of play recently and so I kind of thought I'd go by and I think I bought it book called that taste buds and molecules written by Francoise chartier and he's got a car but he's done a lot of work in France and I he is a true Master sommelier nobody argues the man knows his wine and sometime in the early to

2000 he started working on this working on the idea of flavor pairing looking up what components were in a wine the Air Max and whine a lot of that stuff is readily actually available because a lot of Studies have been done on it do the wine quality issues so a lot of our food Studies have been done on it and also what when those same molecules up here in foods and has built a structure of tastings in and basically food pairings based on what you know what he calls and the result is this book taste buds and molecules which also has a lot of crazy kind of graphical elements and so I bought it thinking that I was going to hate it right and there are many things about it that is that I disagree with what I have to say that he I mean clearly understands

I never had dinner with the money but has a very good palette right so this isn't something where someone is just saying hey look it here is a bunch of stuff that I saw it on a piece of paper and therefore they going to go well together even though I haven't developed the pallet he's coming out of from the direction that I think is a good one namely he spent years and years developing his palette his nose his palette his senses and then after those years was then used these kind of pieces of research has a further tool to to get inspiration in areas he hadn't already looked at something to help the lightbulb with a chime in his head say yes these two things would go well together and to give him kind of the confidence to put two things together that would normally ordinarily be put together and so to that extent you know yes I think it could be used as a as a valid valid things and I actually ended up

Cooking Light liking liked what he was saying more than I thought I would but on the flip side I mean I think this is part of a kind of like the you know because it was that kind of writing it's a little more kind of florid and it kind of tastes things a lot a lot further than I would like and kind of makes much more sweeping comments about you know what he's doing with the concepts behind it then I would I would like him so you know when I'm working on a car to book I got to guard against that to not making these kind of sweeping statements my problem is when any of these things to become sort of dogmatic or almost become a religion to the way you know what I mean the way that people kind of treat New Concept but interesting book

so there's that there's that that's my last word on on on the flavor pairing hypothesis for today now on to some questions we come in hello from Osaka Japan with Josh and I are going to Tokyo to work in the Park Hyatt we're going to be working there for 4 days right plus I V press day and I'm hoping to get the like I want the most butt-kicking Japanese stop I don't want any stuff that I can get here in the states may I do I want to see like how much better all the stuff that they say is better there I want to get all that when I'm there but I want some stuff that you cannot get here me and you don't even know man I'm a dangerous person with someone else's credit card that's as soon as you arrive

I have to drink I ate loads of espresso just make like an hour trip to the bathroom and then and then we will go off and do it right okay

hello from Osaka Japan I ask you questions I'm interested in buying refractometer to use in the field as well as in the kitchen some things I would like to be able to do our measure the salinity of a Brian to know when it is refeed Will Librium measure the sugar content of produce in the field to know when to harvest measure the sugar quality produce to determine which provider has the best product can one reflectometer be used to measure salinity as well as bricks do you have any recommendation for refractometers are electronic brakes meters better than Optical refractometers okay here's the thing I've used both electric ones we have one manufacturer by the Hannah Corporation as well as Manuel wants the for the field I mean that the thing is you don't want to be caught out in the field with one and have it break a mirror Optical ones are fairly bulletproof mean to stash it did break one of mine she likes shattered the matter how the heck she did it she broke it no one else has ever broken she broke the little flip-down screen that goes on handheld ones the ones that are not electronic

at the lot cheaper than like 3832 bucks to get the ones on eBay they work fine he need light you know what I mean and you need to be able to see through the product somewhat to be able to do it you know how to use them properly those ones I've never seen one that'll do both salinity and Bricks however let you know you can get just brakes 1 and which measures sugar content and get one that is for salinity and they're fairly small and they're fairly cheap so you can get two of them right for much less than the cost of one good electronic one I really like the electronic one for just speed of use and not having especially in the bar to worry about like you do have to do with the electronic Want to Hold Your Hand sometimes over the measurement device so that you don't get Aaron light problems if they're too much ambient light are you can't work with it the electronic ones are better for just crushing up some juice even if it has particles and throw

because you're not a stone off by that and they're easier to read you can leave something in electronic one that there's a really cute kid looking in through a window by the way she's pressing her nose against it were waving to the window there's a purple flower thing that's a very cute so the electronic ones are better at measuring things that you couldn't miss it cuz a handheld one you have to go to slap the glass down that date the plastic piece that goes over the reading prison got to do a flap it down and get good contact before you can get a good reading and you don't need to do that with the with the with the handheld electronic ones I do you think the hand electronic ones might break a little easier the Hannah ones that I have are only calibrated for bricks right you could you put and mine is what I like about mine is it especially if you're going to be using something for a long time and a lot of pain feels and you might be measuring juice one day or fruit one day and syrups the next is it mine my electronic one goes from zero bricks to 85% brake switch is

nice and there are handheld Optical ones that have a very wide range but the problem is is that those wide range one it's hard to get a very accurate reading because the scale is the same length no matter what you do and so then you have the issue of not being able to to to discern find differences and Bricks now there are also triple scale manual diffractometer I've never used one and those apparently you can get the accuracy you want and in several different scale ranges but they tend to be more expensive so it's kind of like $32 or talking about a hundred hundred $50 and you can get a decent electric want electronic one on eBay for $90 on Amazon or what not for you know around that price we paid to 264-0285 now there is a company I don't have theirs unfortunately called please spare as a company that you can look it up that has different different ranges in the same refractometry

and they were actually program 3 custom ranges into your fax number for you so you can get a zero 285 bricks refractometer at the same time get a salinity meter and all its basically doing is changing the calibration within the unit so that you can measure using the same instrument another thing you could do is use your Brix refractometer and then carefully make a means of the proper salinity right measure what the bricks is on it and then you can hit that number every time even though you're using a Brix scale so you can correct breaks the salinity and it's hard sometimes to find the published papers for that on the internet that you can also do that last thing I would caution about reflect on others in general is that you know you're going to have a lot of people make mistakes on the fact, there's anything that you can measure a bricks and other things in mixed medium remember all that that's all that their effect on those measuring is how what the difference in refraction is but as

light is passed through a liquid so what happens is different liquids have different refractive index if they've been like a different amount and refractometry is measuring typically how much your liquid Ben's light relative to water and so they can own what bricks is measuring is dissolved sugar but it anything that changes and he saw you anything is dissolved in it is going to change it so if you have alcohol with changes the angle of refraction right if all you have is alcohol then you can use a refractometer to measure how much alcohol is in the water if all he has alcohol and water if all you have is sugar in water then you can measure how much sugar and how much sugar there is in the water using a refractometer if all you have is salted water same if you have salt and sugar you cannot because there's no way to figure out what the what each component is doing to refractive index independently unless you can measure one of the variables same thing with ethanol and sugar which is why you can't use a refractometer to measure something like a Cointreau

because it's got blood sugar and alcohol in it so there are limitations to what a refractometer can do for you because it's only measuring one quantity how much light is that as a travels through your medium so I hope that because the spare on Amazon I would get the multi range electronic bricks unit that does zero 85in wide scale when I'm putting a spare but you know whatever sper full range from 0 to 85 it's going to do 99% of any of the sugar work you want and end they will also do a custom scale so if you wanted to do but I don't know what you're doing for living to let your Distillery or something you also need to measure or wine fermenter and you also need to measure glycol you have a glycol scale in there so you can make your glycol Solutions which you would use for antique using like chilling if you have a chiller and you need to do like all you can put a glycol scale

Finance alinity scale so you can choose any 3 scales if it was me I would have bricks salinity and ethanol percentage for distilled Spirits I would have those three on it and then you have one or $5 and you'd be good forever but you might want to back it up with Emmanuel want a manual one most people get a 0 to 32 bricks if you're doing fruit and much higher effect on writing much higher Brix level if you're doing anything like sugars are or serious Pittsburgh simple syrup one to one simple syrup is running about 50 bricks r i c can't measure it on a standard 0 to 32 Brix refractometer Brix percentage of the solution that is Supra specs and if you're doing to 21 Seibel servery up at 66 Briggs and so it can get in a bar right righteous that's why you bought those or 85 Forest and we're quite happy with yes we have the bar very happy with now as we bought a $65 that's not true. I was lying

$5 not the best $65 I've ever spent the best $65 I ever spent was a my wife wedding ring kidding but yeah I know is a good $65 I bought a 025 ml basically micropipette and it's just super accurate so we use it to all of our like our wine fining agents kieselsol and kind of sand and also when we're making small batches of things to correct things for salinity what not we can add small amounts that we can then reproduce we scale it up so I really like the micropipette and we stole that idea from our friend Tony Conigliaro not the famous dead baseball player from the story of a very famous 20c to call Uncle also American in America it's Conigliaro by the way so Tony the baseball player was Tony Conigliaro not Tony Conigliaro bartender right but he was

like one of those like slated to be one of the best baseball players of all time was in fact very good play for the for the bosox and got he cried of the plate all the time and got hit in the head with a beaner and play almost like I think I put them in a coma is in the house with longtime never the same never saved by the way what does Stash is actually doing the work she's doing is looking up pictures of the chauffeur from Downton Abbey on I looked over to see you like what kind of things should looking up about the event of doing in Germany that we can talk about your next break and she's looking up she looking up the chauffeur kind of like the least sympathetic character on Downton Abbey because not the least sympathetic but I mean it's not know know know what it's it's what the stars look like out of costume from Lusaka from John is are there antioxidants are fat-soluble 12 temperature stable up to temperatures around a hundred eighty degrees Celsius what is the best practice when storing fast to keep them in their best condition to Applications

text Jen are we using very expensive tempura oil and keeping Schmaltz without oxidizing any thoughts small chicken fat is delicious I've never been to a one of the old school restaurants in New York that has Schmaltz on the table like one of the old kosher restaurants can you cannot butter on the table cuz you can't serve butter in a steakhouse you can have small I freaking love chicken fat so what what can you what can you do well I meant I forgot to this question has been asked myself last night so I didn't look up the specific things that are added but typically if you buy commercial fryer oil they have an antioxidant in them some sort of like vitamin E tocopherol based thing as fat soluble that prevents oxidation in the oil that is very helpful and stable up to Frying temperatures I'll try to look it up during the break or nastasha can try to look it up now instead of looking up by Downton Abbey's before and after pictures but the

that's why I say commercial fryer oil is a much much better than any of the stuff that we buy in the supermarket because it lasts just a boatload longer and tastes a lot cleaner they also in commercial fryer oils do something that you can't do in a homo which is they they specifically temporal might be like this they specifically Taylor the fatty acid mixing it to have only those fatty acids in a fairly temperature stable and oxidation resistance that said obviously the things that cause oil to break down mostar if you get a salt in the oil which is sometimes unavoidable allowing a burnt particles stay in the bottom of the oil while you're cooking if you don't have a commercial fryer with a Cold Stone at the bottom which important work that way by the way which is crazy but whatever or if you those are the main things you also like it's best to use and it's a game goes against the way I see most important done but you really want a very low surface are

volume ratio on on your on the oil because you have less air contact you want as little phone and if possible so not a lot of like a little high water dripping in anything's basic is going to promote a lot of large amount of oxygen getting into the oil also it clearly you don't want any reactive metals like iron touching the stuff because that's going to that's going to mess with you and you want you as soon as it cools down enough filter it and you could you could you know vacuum you guys could vacuum pack it or I put it in bottles and then likes the air out of it to prevent any sort of oxidation from taking place but those are the kinds of things that I would do the worst thing though I see breakdown on oil especially when it's done in a home fire temperature cycling and there's very little you can do to prevent temperature cycling except for you know

commercial fryers really what's going to stop you from doing a lot of temperature cycling other than that you could get an induction unit to keep soil at a relatively even temperature that has like basically a temperature controller in it that's in keeping me away old town is fairly tight and then not overloading the oil so that you don't have to get the you don't have to have as much of a temperature drop so you don't need is high of a thermal input to do the instant recovery and that's going to cause you to have less thermal cycling on your oil and that's going to increase the lifetime significantly situation it's crap floating to the bottom burning and destroying the oil salt but most importantly temperature cycling that is really killing your oil at a fee Rochas rate and those are the things I would do I don't know about the vitamin E tocopherol Day stuff or we still on Downton Abbey commercial break and we'll see what they can start to find that stuff on the internet to cooking issues

welcome back if I can get you to go buy in a store to drop into your oil to add as an antioxidant that I'm doing in Germany next week

Havana Club event and you will be there from your ride Monday morning and you leave Thursday in alcohol so they asked me to do the ask me to do this event on rum and not too fine but like I do I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to become like well-versed in in several things but the effect of yeast on rum like I can think of at least five other people that I know personally to know more about this than I do right but yet that's what they wanted me to talk about people make a mistake

scientists I'm not I'm like a deer head cook that can read science papers right so I don't feel like I'm the guy to sit there and talk to you about like any sort of actual research that I've done or anything because it is not the case so the past week and a half I read 100 pages on the effects of yeast on different different on fermentation products and I've learned a boatload about if I still not an expert in the field on this so what we what I had to do was I've just basically took a bunch of molasses I couldn't get the last sigh like which is Crosby's molasses which is a Bing Crosby molasses is the one molasses that I've had they like my God is that delicious molasses like I would pour that I like

song is you busy tonight my baby or caldonia or be wearing those that Louis Jordan like big in the 40s you know kind of kind of cocktail kind of like you know me like you know whatever like music music song fermentation on pancakes and then and then once you had Crosby's molasses you realize why but those dumb bastards from Crosby's are up in Canada and by the way I love you Canadians but you're lazy group of people just kidding

just kidding anyway but they won't distribute outside of New England We're the Millers I couldn't believe you wrote them and it will you wrote them a nice email from me in response to how great their the last down here Crosby molasses is so delicious like when you next time you're in Maine or whatever over there up there New England get some Crosby that you've ever had I mean I don't maybe in the Caribbean that maybe they have some delicious molasses I don't know but as far as in the continental US it's the most delicious the last I've ever had sweet Amber distilling around still a fermented using two separate least now when you're when you're actually doing wrong when you're using wild yeast fermentation dares it's not just a sacrifice he's a survey see which is the normal beer brewers yeast I wish there's a Brazilian strains Each of which have different produce different flavors but there's like I forget the name some Excuse excuse oh

is Tracy there's like there's a there's a whole bunch of different strains like five or six actual genus species zillion strange as it turns out most of the flavor difference in a fermentation a lot of the for a flavor difference is due to the east right so think about it this way if you've ever had never had wine grapes yeah yeah yes wine grapes don't taste like wine and it's very difficult it like if you taste like Pinot Noir grapes you're not like oh I get that all of it like that. Most of the flavors that are in there in pinot noir are there as precursors fermentation flavors do do that do to the the yeast it's just I don't happen to be an expert in that but that's what I'm going to be talking about it and explain it

an interesting and exciting way it's very charitable selling I sent over the course of the week we're going to have to go out and it legally distill the the Molasses fermentation by the way horrible horrible taste like iron I was told by a friend Chris is opening a new beer bar in New York called proletariat your MTV your MTV Belvedere drink did you guys talk more about that don't have like I haven't been outside there's a show called Jersey Shore haven't seen but I saw the thing on YouTube where the guy punched their that lady out yet what that Snooki right anyways I haven't seen the show you send it

you have I actually watched an episode this is serious like last week I watched an episode for the first time it's good it's a funny show from the Jersey Shore have to do an MTV party with Evan Freeman and it's going to be a Jersey Shore party in tennis Tasha wants us to do a high-end vodka Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull yeah what will take that stuff up to it by the way we got some shout-out from the John's last two questions on Osaka says he loves to show thank you so much. I was so much knowledge is John talking with so much knowledge being spread around I don't think there's ever been a more exciting time to be a cook in Japan was commonly accepted at the price you pay to become a cook is here youth that's not a nicely said

in five years I've been able to learn what would normally take 10 and on top of that I know the why behind the house which seems to be a very uncommon thing in Japan we talked about that we were in Japan behind a house in Beaver Dam, Japan so here is a thank you for you guys and everyone else sharing what they know and it's true the week would not have what's going on today without the increase in time sharing of information that's been made possible by that and I have had some conversations with some European chest especially in America but also among the Spanish just like this extreme desire to share what people know and be generous with ideas that it is in the community you know what I mean but for instance I attend Michelin star Chef in in

the Germany which where I'll be next day he he he said it in Germany the chefs don't like they don't like hang out and give each other ideas to go to bed to bed okay hey Dave nastasha and Jack Jack you got to shout out on this one this is I read a post on alcademics our good friend can't bring this to be a blogger I read this post on alcademics about the production of Cointreau cuz he visited the Cointreau and decelerate when they approve the essential oils in the peel cuz it's Cuatros orange peel a distillation along with neutral grain Spirit they sent refuse to Cointreau to make it clear again which I did not know the same happens when this is now it's a proof other than a centrifuge what can be done to separate the compounds that fall out of solute

when you dilute liquid with high concentrations of essential oils can you think of any other way to stabilize or avoid the precipitation or loose without the center fuse and then how good is your son if you need to be to achieve loose separation and cheese or RPM

lastly to make Liquors in his fashion do you recommend adding water to reduce the proof and then out in the sugar or use a week sugar syrup or both at once with or without a centrifuge of the step lettuce okay to keep up the great work cheers Tony hearing from mixing bar in Brazil which when I go to Brazil they got well we got to find something to pay to get us to Brazil and then after we do that will fit we will visit them yeah by the way this is anyone who wants to get the cooking issues crew down to Brazil keep this in mind I don't know what it cost for a plane ticket down there but polyscience circulators are twice the cost in Brazil as they are here so what we can do if you want a circulator right if you can find some company papers we can buy the circulators here bring them down as personal equipment for the events and then do the swap down there just saying and you might need help carrying them so they know I'm here

and you know what company that wants to ship a bunch of technical has down there to talk to them we would it cost to get him a trip to Brazil I have this happen a lot with when we do it we do it just to let cuz Thai Basil's I can buy one of my favorite beverage flavors so we do want to Thai Basil orange cucumber and in Saluda cilantro and nothing loses out and goes white very quickly I think it's not so much you weren't feeling that cuz we don't have a lot I think it's probably the NFL which is the same thing as cause solution in a pasties because it's a good bit of that in Thai Basil you know that licorice flavor

time that they've chair that's in Sunol actually it one of those compounds is in apple to certain amount maybe it's this thing goes book actually gave me some interesting concept we went to Geneva we had some apples grow on the tree that had a huge fennel note to them and then the fennel dissipated very quickly but probably do probably that I followed him all his family so like that book actually bought some stuff in my head brought back some memories I had so many we could have seen that whatever when you delete them to prove they are going to lose out even if you have had one I've done that too and then let sit for several months and they are they basically the separate over time as well my feeling is

I don't know. Here's the thing whenever I've tasted these these these things straight out of the centrifuge I love the flavor of them fresh so much that I wouldn't want to kind of I wouldn't want to change them and I don't mind the I don't mind the dilution I don't mind the pastis affect I kind of like it it's kind of a signature of that you made this product and that has so much like of the essential oils in it that they can't be held in solution when the proof goes up instead of diluting to proof I would I almost always keep my unless I'm going to serve it straight like an octave eat I almost always and that I've had athlete's that go go white on me because we get so much so much essential oil in it from the road of that I almost always keep them at rotovap proof which for us is between a buck and a buck 20 so about 60% and we keep it there until we're about to use it and then Let it Loose shout and

it's more stable on on the flavor if you don't want to do that I don't know how I don't think it would take that many Gs but I think it would take quite a long time cuz the particles when you're losing a very very small and so you have to wait for them to kind of coalesce Aggregate and become larger before you can get them to settle out so I think probably Center fusing and time are needed another hard part about throwing a few is that you remember these are these are oils and they float to the top and so you miss my guess and Float to the top and so when you spend them you be in this position of cycling them off the top we're getting the stuff out of the bottom which may or may not be a difficulty because they're not going to go solid if you freeze it the same way that I can do with nut oils or coconut oil those are those are my those are my thoughts on that okay last question in cuz apparently we have to wrap it up because the object the other things to do other shows other shows okay

but that's not the question fan today why do you number because I don't have to do in order anyway they got the numbers on it I don't know what is your what is your recipe for pressure cook mustard caviar I cannot seem to find one online by you yourself thanks Andrew here's my recipe pressure cooked mustard seeds are awesome they pop like caviar they're delicious even the star she likes them she hates everything I cook I blanch them quickly and a couple of like two times or three times in boiling water for a couple seconds a piece to get rid it get does get rid of some of the punches you so much so that you can almost get away with not perfect but it's not the same thing we've done the tests right but it gets rid of some of the dirty musty taste that I don't really like in a mustard seed plant horseradish

California to get rid of some of that earthy taste then you pressure cook them afterwards in straight vinegar I use distilled vinegar I pressure cook them for between 15 and 20 minutes at second ring INXS vinegar they're going to soak up a lot of vinegar so you don't want to go light on the vinegar then you drain them and while they're hot you stir in I use white you can do whatever you want but I use white granulated sugar to taste the sugar will dissolve in with the vinegar that still on the outside of the Mustard Seed don't have vinegar before hand it's going to become a groupie mess add vinegar after it's cooked Ringwald still warm or hot but preferably end and just keep tasting it and then you pack it in its residual juice you can see if you save a little bit of vinegar you can have a little bit in a quart container and it lasts for a long time since a recipe and we have one other suggestion in before I leave because I'd be remiss we had a question last week regarding a thermocouple probe and are good listener Elliott Papineau call and response and said

alarm meter from WWW. Sermon aintitcool dupe dual probe thermometer and they have some cool looking for the probes aren't cheap the thermometer is so there you have it Elliott likes it tells whether you like it to see you next week hopefully from Germany cooking issues

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