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Episode 8: All You Can Eat

hello you're listening to cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network I am Dave Arnold your host of cooking issues where you call in with all your cooking related questions here in the studio today with Mustachio Lopez cooking issues Hammer calling all of your cooking questions to +718-497-212-0718 for 97212 0 we hear every Tuesday from noon to noon 45 that's +718-497-212-8718 scratch that 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2120 in here but she told me to write down his to 120 so you know it's the first time we've ever given the wrong number on the air so we apologize

I will answer a few questions people have sent in hello installation date my name is Lucy I'm about to start college at Northeastern Boston congratulations well I'm very excited to get my life started in the suit or real-world college I'm sad we losing access to a kitchen or fortunately they won't let Lucy have anything in her dorm room like a hot plates or what else do they say she can have anything with it with an open bar & no hot place so what what is she what is she going to do because right now she has just an immersion blender and food processor but she really wants to be able to cook all right listen first of all the bad news whoever your Ras River they call those things nowadays they're probably going to be too stupid to realize it's something like an induction burner is not like a fire hazard until they probably won't let you have an induction unit even though they are freaking awesome and they are completely safe and you should be able to have in college so before you buy one make an argument with your with your person you should be able to have an induction unit because they don't actually produce heat

unless a pan is on them and even then they're not they're not a fire hazard the way the other things are okay now it assumes I'm going to be a couple of something about you one you're not you know overly wealthy cuz you're a college student to you don't really care about rules all that much right so when way to get around it is if you're already is not the smartest person in the world are they just don't care they make things that are microwave toaster oven combinations that look for all the world just like a microwave to have an infrared heater in the top of it so it looks like a microwave and yet acts like a acts like a toaster oven in such one way because she know I'm not so much about rules another thing you can do they use to make in the fifteen I actually this is what I did in college I bought that I went to the thrift shop and I bought a Westinghouse turkey oven and these are things that used to make in the 1950s and it look like overgrown crockpots a Crock-Pot anything you can have by the way it look like overgrown crock pots and they were meant to cook a turkey and Thanksgiving time so that your oven would be free for whatever else you were

I need to cook a turkey in this countertop oven I had one of those and I used it to I bake bread in fact I would my current wife one of the things I did was I was used to break a big bread for her in my dorm room in this Westinghouse oven and they're pretty they're pretty safe looking no one's ever going to know what the hell it is in I think I spent $92 on mine and thrift shop and going to be look on eBay so but that's that's an option for you here are some more options if you're willing to get a little more involved now is a perfect time to get started with that low temperature and suvi cooking right now I'm assuming you don't have $800 to go spend on a new immersion circulator immersion circulator for those who they're listening it's basically a piece of equipment that allows you to heat water or any liquid melatonin very accurate temperature and to achieve really kind of stunning results it when a very small amount of space and have it be repeatable every single time you don't need a big vacuum machine to run is all you need to do is be able to put your food in the Ziplock bags now

I almost never recommend making your own or or buy one used on eBay even though that's what I used to do because it's actually very nice to have the brand new one and you know I do with restaurants Nation really have crab to go to things and I want Phillip pressing from polyscience my friend to get as much business as humanly possible on his brand-new circulator which is now available in Williams-Sonoma for I think $74 in like that however it is very easy to build your own immersion circulator they're not quite as nice you can look on the on the web I've done it myself back in the day for as little as $50 if you're really good eBay Searcher but even if you buy all the stuff new you can get everything everything for about for under $150 in $5,200 a good place to look for cheap temperature controllers is Auber instruments at a u b e r you can also let me know you can do it seems like immersion coffee heater Cycles whole thing supposed to put in coffee mugs you get like three or four or five and hoes cuz you need a thousand watt speeding basically

aquarium pump in which of the temperature control with it with no cleaner with a thermocouple in it a bunch of heaters and a pump you're done I mean it's kind of going to crap together I will warn you about this as well I shocked the hell out of myself the first couple times I built this because those heaters make a little bit of electricity but if you really spend a little bit of time I can build one probably from Parts in under an hour but you know if you've never done it before I give yourself like 4 hours but you know it's fairly easy to do there's a bunch of web sites devoted to this impact in our forums there's a section on a cooking music for into the section where people have posted some of their do-it-yourself circulators and that's a good way to go because it doesn't know if there's no Open Flame and you could put out the series restaurant quality food out your dorm with that. Here's the problem

in order to do really good low temperature work you need to be able to put a really good sear on something when it's done right now here's what I'm about to recommend something that you're not supposed to do see they think your microwave is safe because they've never seen someone really use a microwave now I'm not just talkin getting a case of light bulbs out of the closet and blowing them up every Saturday night was what I used to do you can use a microwave to get up to 800 degrees Celsius is 1800 degrees Fahrenheit something absurd here's what you do to the hardware store and get yourself some silicon carbide silicon carbide sharpening Stones write you put insulating fire brick surround and put them in your microwave turn it on walk away in about 10 minutes those silicon carbide blocks are going to be glowing red Red Hot & que be cuz it was called the mic they accept microwaves or microwave silicon carbide now you have like an amazing hotrock searing plate were you can see where the bejesus out of anything you could melt metal you can use your microwave to smelt metal you can do some serious thing look up

a metal smelter microwave there's not a lot of Popular Science in 2003 you can melt know who your microwave you can certainly see a piece of meat in it so just get a couple of silicon carbide sharpening Stones insulate them somehow with fire brick or with a funeral CorningWare on top of the Google thing and then turn it up to a glows red hot & Sierra way to your heart's content do not let your dorm on fire yet I'm at I mean if there's anything like my first year of college this'll be the safest thing she's done anyway I'm not saying to go do that I'm just saying these are options either options right nastasha their options I hope that helps you say hi call you around here

I didn't get to talk to you this is Derek calling from Seattle my wife likes things that are done a little bit higher temperature so I'm trying to find the sweet spot where I get something that's kind of has the texture of a traditional braces which is what my life like it's something that's not quite so dried out

here are you using the vacuum cleaner using Ziploc so what are you using Fisher Scientific probably most likely it's a it's an old polyscience cuz I used to be able to Fishers as well as I think dwr's I think anyway so here's what I would say to be careful of August with used circulators is that a lot of times the bearings and things go bad. I would recommend there's no way to get a complete lie. First of all over reduce your sauce before you put in the bag that's the first the first thing you always need to do over reduce it will be on what you think normal normal Brave should be because the meat when it Cooks in the bag is going to release juices and and seriously water down your juice that's if that's the first step OK and it's classic mistake people make the other one is it that you although you can go as low as 57 degrees or even lower when you're doing this right most people prefer more of a traditional temperature I find a happy medium somewhere between

60 and 62 Celsius okay once you get up a some people cook as high as 70 above 65 or so you're losing a lot of the benefits of of low temperature cooking but then in at 62 62 63 zone is a nice happy medium it's just barely still pink it still got a lot of moistness to it and you're going to have I think you're going to have a good result but some people go as high as 70 even in the bag and you can try that too is still going to retain more moisture and then it would cooking in a traditional in a grave situation just make sure to overproduce your sauce and I think a happy medium is going to be somewhere between 60 and 62 I would also I really burned the hell out of my burn be no I mean really Rose to hell out of some scrap meat and throw it in the bag is going to give some of those higher-temperature flavors that your wife is craving but still retain CO detector that that you want that help I will say I'm done it in the in the rainbow about 65 for for 24 hours

what's what a difference that makes you going to want to go for 2 days about a little under two for two days so I think maybe you should also try going a little bit longer so it like a good number for for like a short rib and you're slightly different a good number for short rib would be 60° C for 48 to 50 50 hours somewhere in that rain and so 6263 you're going to want to go around saying my time I wouldn't go through those High 65 cuz that's right where you going to squeeze a bunch of water out so you might as well go a little higher if you can just keep out of state in the 6263 6263 range in there for about two days I give it a shot

thank you hello you're on the air with all the time and experimenting right now but I'm really a lot more interested in more of a research or teaching roll something and more academic center and Spencer are you sure how you got to work Fields you didn't have or what you did in that helps you yet

OK Google right now so I knew that I didn't really want to be a restaurant Chef because it just it just wasn't in me it's not in me to go in and found out you know service every day also I'm not organized enough to be a real restaurant Chef which I think you really really need to be the one skill that I did have its really helpful still have I hope is that I can read anything almost understand what's going on so it from a research standpoint you want to be able to persuade you want to be very curious you want to be able to absorb things and you want to be able to focus on problems very very closely that's like that's the first thing to do to do precisely what I do right now to be involved in just a food World in general I think you know if you're not going to be a cook then and then and you still want to be in in the in the field of me writing if you can write is a very good is a good way to do it and I know a lot of people that that have done that you know the prince is my sister-in-law. You know why they different

my sister-in-law protect my wife sister sheet French culinary where I teach and she's now the editor-in-chief of the Food Network Magazine weather be in writing or or media now on the research side you know there's a couple of things you can do that I know some people to do you know consultancy work or they have yo specific high-tech catering kind of catering opportunities where they don't necessarily want what they want spend more time researching Cabana catering thing you can you know focus on one job you don't have a daily pound out of a service and you can get more time to focus the main problem with the kind of guy do at the French culinary is that very hard to do when you have a daily service to grind out because you just don't have the time to focus on on solving problems that let you know in your not necessarily going to be able to if you take the job at a big company doing the kind of cooking in that way you're not necessarily going to be able to focus on problems that interest you but there are places that have jobs like that like quitting solution to does a lot of a low temperature work they hired so

I knew that I know that you know when to the French culinary and he gets to do a lot of research lot of interesting work so there are opportunities out there but I think they just to do this kind of work you just need to be able to lead us to Wylie reads all patent patent sconsin he's constantly reading so I think you know if you're very curious and you always want to learn it helps if you can write but not even necessarily in a prerequisite but I'm sorry I couldn't get any more specific advice but that's kind of what I did to our forms or to the the block and I will try and help you out I like anyone to get in this field that they can

Yahoo hello you're on the air this is Dan from New York so I just for the first time and it smells a little blood in the back and I was wondering what should I do interns will that affect the taste or how should I cook that or should I even cook it smells like sulfur like smell like it's rotting like when I was going to ask before it it said something about how it's packaged with the blood and it's a little strong so it is kind of old because I've gotten it through the roundabout way so I was just wondering do you think that's safe to eat and if so should I worry about the flavor though and the bag is still tight right it doesn't smell at all right

smells like something I was kind of curious if that would be in the taste rotten chicken before then you know and it smells like that then I would avoid you can try just giving it up like a quick dip rinse in in in in water vinegar vinegar a little bit to try and see what happens to it pull it out see how to see how it smells I have been in your situation before where you really want to cook something you really want to work and you really wanted to be delicious because you've been thinking about it right so and then like you've handed over to your wife and they smell it and they're like are you freaking cracker going to serve that to me you don't even check another after another good thing to do like if you feel nervous about it I wouldn't I wouldn't bother with it or if you really want to I would text you on your cell phone will cook it for yourself. I've done that before to test on yourself and just eat yourself in and see what you think rather than subjecting your your friends and family to it I'm sorry that I can't give anyting kind of more specific cuz I can't smell it but you know as a general rule of thumb never

served as someone else anything that even makes you a little bit nervous mean that's kind of a rule that I like to live by because I do serve bizarre things quite often and I want people to trust me so you know as far as I know I haven't gotten any one horribly sick I'd like the kind of maintain that record I think it's kind of a good called but you know if you feel comfortable with it by all means cook it yourself and see you know it yourself and see what you think do you mean by thank you

always makes me nervous and it's Tasha to cook something if you think it might be bad right bear the bear was not bad talk with a bear be cooked in the think sheet nastasha is nervous at the bear had trichinosis which is indeed possible trichinosis is a warrant affect muscles are an awful disease is measured in number of worms per square of a cubic centimeter muscle masks terrible disease to get however you kill it by cooking it which is what I did this Tasha you should have eaten that their mustache apparently not taking Jeffrey steingarten advice last week some of the best advice you'll ever hear on learning to become a good eater Jeffrey steingarten one of the best best eaters that I've ever met eat everything you know so so long as it's a he would eat something cuz I'm safe. Jeffrey but you know it's long as it's say you should try it anyway so I think we're coming up on our first first commercial break here coming back at you in a couple minutes cooking issues

hello and welcome back to cooking issues I'm Dave Arnold cooking issues call in your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and while we're waiting let us take a question from email questions or Bob good rights in and he says I like your write-up of herb Grinders on the website but how do they fit in how do they compare to a mortar and pestle at home and keeping with his wife's motto is clutters the enemy sounds like our wives would be good friends so go see the don't know what I'm talkin about herb grinder is the euphemism for a marijuana grinder that pot inner pot users potheads and I love him to call him used to kind of grind up there marijuana before they will it into a cigarette or stuff in the pipe and everything to do with him there a fantastic way to grind up small quantities of spices when you don't want it no coffee grinders I don't really work for small quantities because the blaze don't don't hit your spices they're fantastic and you can look on our website at Ground I don't know what I do like 10 different spices 1510 so you can see kind of what was

how to get on different devices now the question Bob has his listen I already have a mortar and pestle at home so why do I need this you're probably in about you're probably right if your mortar and pestle small enough to be handy they work pretty well unless you have a big problem with your mortar and pestle with spices bouncing out of it I don't know if you need to have this as well this is you know mostly useful for someone like me is that at cooking school and you don't want to Lug a lug around your mortar and pestle or if you're going to be cooking off-site their credibly tiny so you can stick it kind of in your you're right next to your peeler in your utensil drawer so it's useful having around at home I use my mortar and pestle but when I'm at school I used the herb grinder so I hope that was that was helpful I think that that answered that question raymac double O7 asked he was thinking about cooling saucers and then vacuum put in the vacuum back and storing them until it has freezer until needed are there any downsides to storing sauce this way not not really I mean that it's a really good way to store something because when you want to put in a vacuum bag

how can I have any water loss or kind of freezer burn problems as long as that vacuum bags that you're using or you know our oxygen impermeable they're meant for for freezer story you want to get ones that are meant for cooking and chilling and then the great thing about dragging back that's alright backing down sauces is that you can then throw those bags directly into hot water and reheat them in the bag without the possibility of scorching them or are you having any sort of problems in fact you can reheat several different kinds of sauces at the same time in the same water if you have them all in bags so really is a very good way to do it if you're doing large quantities in the end they'll really last a long time that way and he says he's assuming that emotion based sauces would not be a candidate for this process I would guess that's probably right you can freeze emotion-based sausages if you stabilize them you know what's up with different stabilizers but I've never really experimented that because I haven't tried to get extended storage out of sauces and envy

is that white man it's not my focus is always on kind of achieving new new quality benchmarks instead of trying to necessarily extend the shelf-life but if I was doing it for my house or for a restaurant where that was useful I'm sure I would have researched how to make an emotion kind of not break in the bag there are people that have done that kind of works it's definitely definitely possible so I know I would go ahead and do that too also a great way to store fruit purees date did the sauce is all the sudden haste or flat and bags they're frozen the really easy to reheat so I think that's a really good that's a really good technique before I answer next question I have I just want to say that last week New York Magazine really shove it to me they really gave me the shaft because they wrote up my favorite tomato that I wait every freaking year I wait for this tomato it's the aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato from Stokes Farm there at the Union Square greenmarket there on Saturdays

also Wednesday is Saturday's are there and their aunt Ruby's German green is the greatest tomato I've ever had my favorite tomato in New York Magazine wrote their particular one up as the greatest tomato in New York and consequently now they're completely wiped out like I got there at noon and they said they've been sold out since 10 a.m. everyone from New York Magazine a parent who reads a magazine went and bought all of this all of the Stokes Farms tomatoes so I was pretty bent pretty bent about that luckily for me their second favorite tomato of the magazine was the German stripe with by the way to Aunt Ruby was a real human being and Aunt Ruby Arnold no relation to me and you know she not only came up with the with it with Aunt Ruby's German green I believe she was also the source or one of the sources for the German stripe which is a huge red yellow and red beautiful tomato and the

Stokes also has had my second favorite of their Tomatoes apparently your landlord throw them away is excellent but they didn't write up Stokes is as being the second pass so they cleaned out some other Farmers German stripe and cleaned out his Ruby so I spent this weekend eating Stripes which which are also excellent but it brings me to my pet peeve which is first law you can't just call out a tomato variety and say it's great right because I've had Aunt Ruby's German green which is a large green kind of like weird shaped tomato in the bottom get the pinkish red blush when when when it's ripe enough to look at the bottom of a tomato not the part attached to the plant to see kind of that they ripen from their first and travels up towards the where it attaches to the plant and also softens the bottom person gets harder to go to the top so when you're judging the rightness of a tomato you want to look at the bottom first right see how she's going and have to know what an ant really looks like it should start it I think it's stuck in that pink flush at the bottom and I think it should be getting a little softer

guided Stokes disagree with man is cuz they don't want you mangling there Tomatoes by picking them up and and squeezing them that is a rotten thing to do their Tomatoes don't do that now here's the thing there at Ruby's are Sublime and other people's Aunt Ruby's are crap right different tomato varieties taste very different depending on where they're grown how they're grown in the location of type of soil in everything it's not enough to just say I like Aunt Ruby's you have to say I like the although they are by large an excellent variety York say I like this farmers Aunt Ruby's I like that farmers Aunt Ruby's so you know you can't just go and buy a variety you really have to find a supplier farmer that you like and get their Tomatoes of that particular variety mean that's something I think also people then they just put up Big Jim Farms dancer hate these are all heirloom tomatoes Mike that's great 80% of these taste like like nothing the garbage like a lot of heirloom to apologize a lot of heirloom tomato don't taste that great or they had don't have that great.

and so you'll go to these Farmers stands and not have heirloom tomatoes and this happen to me before because I feel when I see something I've never had before I'm compelled to try it like I'm compelled to try that just kind of how I am and there's a farmers market right by my house in a Lower East Side on Sundays as I saw this looks interesting cuz I had a shape of an Aunt Ruby but it was red with like very thin yellow yellow stripe through it and I was like what Brian just because I don't know what's an heirloom tomato look like you're you're I can't curse on the radio I'm trying to think of something to say you know what to insult a man because you know thank you now I can't ever replicate this experience thank you you're an heirloom tomato that they say it's a vehicle with four wheels well is it a Mack truck is it is it a Hyundai you know am I getting a Lincoln Continental or am I getting a gremlin you know what I mean I don't know please tell if you're not actually at the farmer at the market at least tell the people the varieties that you're selling so that we can figure out what the hell's going on

as as either a way that tomato or not I was even angrier cuz I bought it and went home I was hoping it would suck and then I wouldn't have to worry about trying to find it again only it was delicious and I mean and and even Tomatoes at some tomatoes look very similar but they're different like they're just tomato call the Everlast which looks like an Aunt Ruby if you're not experienced with it but it isn't it's a little more yellow than a ruby anyway so that's my stupid should be a heirloom tomatoes have you tasted your stripes that says he only had one and how was it it was good but is really tiny why the hell did you what why did you pick it when it wasn't ready yet I think the container and growing and it's really small so it only allows for tiny tomatoes Tomatoes Ryan Ryan Santos wants to know about the book called the handbook of hydrocolloid he said he's interested in hydrocolloid sand and modern cooking and most of his recipes he's done are just adapting other people's recipes for using hydro College

I don't know what what what I'm talkin about hydrocolloid or a group of basically complex sugars polysaccharides Nuno gums whatever you want to call them they're used to thicken in jail use to thicken in jail new different products so sanh thang on carrageenan these sorts of things and most people do just adapt other Cooks recipes and that's fine if you want to learn more where do you go he was mentioning a book of a handbook of hydrocolloid set take a $200 book is very technical I read it as it was very useful to me but I wouldn't be the first book on hydrocolloid I would get the first look at it look at a hydrocolloid just put out by the Eagan press I think it's I forgot how to spell it's an e a g a n Press which is a portion of the associate Association of American serial cameras or something like that it's a very thin book it's only 60 60 something dollars you get to the kitchen arts and letters the world's greatest cook book store at least world's greatest I've been to it's here in New York City up in the 90s on Lexington Ave

and it's a great introduction to hydrocolloid extremely useful it has a bunch of tables and charts in it that talk about Camino the problems when you try and make different Hydro College together at has flow charts of trying to figure out how to choose what Hydra color to use for different systems extremely readable extremely useful in fact there's a that hole eating press without a bunch of books at 1 and starches which is excellent they have one on sugars which is excellent their most fire when I didn't think was so useful for cooked by would definitely start there if you were hungry for more technical information after that book near then by all means go to that the handbook a hydrocolloid but Handbook of hydrocolloid is set up as a as an ingredient by ingredient book it's like three hundred and something pages and it's like you know here's here's the chemical formula for agar and then I hear its various property so you know I think it's useful to a small number of cooks but not as useful as it could be in

necessarily $200 worth of useful if you can go get the Eagan press book instead they used to run a deal on the serial canvas website you have to really search around for it where you can buy one year subscription to all of the Eagan press books for 99 bucks and then you could download all of them on on PDF for just $99 and that's in fact what I did so I have them all on PDFs like the you know fats which is not a good one actually and I even have the ones that are useless to me like food colorings useless non-nutritive sweeteners AKA all the things to make diet soda and whatnot also fairly useless for me but you know me once it once I have access to it I'm going to download it cuz that's just the way I am I'm a sucker for a sunk cost you that's why I don't go to all you can eat all you can eat restaurant anymore because you have to roll me out of those things in a wheelbarrow first of all I care like obviously you know I'm not going to eat don't be a chump and go eat the salad bar you know what like hit the most expensive literally I don't care whether I like it or not I walk into an all-you-can-eat

restaurant has zero in on whatever has the highest food cost for that restaurant instantly instantly and then I fill an entire plate with whatever that is whatever it is I found a couple plates of that then once I'm sick of eating the most expensive they may have I find the second most expensive thing they have and I continue to eat that until I'm sick of that item two or three items down the line I'll start feeling physically sick but it's not until my wife pulls me away because she's disgusted to stand next to me that is when I stopped and leaving all you can eat restaurant I assume more problems with open bars so I try to avoid these kinds of things now because you know as you as you get older it's it's more and more unseemly to be to be doing a sort of thing I don't have the hell I got an oh yes it's because I downloaded even that useless books this is what it's like to be made by the way that's what that's what that's what it boils down to I hope I hope that answered answered your question and I think we want to go to one more commercial commercial break cooking issues calling you

directions to 718 I was Anastasia 718 oh my God I can't believe that she went to 8


be the boss lip

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day of the run because I forgot about mentioning it until the very end of the show and basically blasted through it and not the speed of sound as fast as I can speak with when I want to is quite quickly and I used to do that in the Baton High School speak very quickly it's a technique called spreading for all those who didn't go to the Bape mask off anyway so I apologize to text her a fine a fine service for fixing your computer tech Serv you feel better now by the way mr. Santos is second part of this question was how do you get a swear to God how do you how do I get a date with a hammer and I have to say don't don't bother trying with that when don't you know she is yet I would I would stay away from that one rice Ozzy right just kidding Sasha just kidding all right

Brandon asks using larger ice with reduce surface area will reduce the rate at which I still lose a cocktail but how does that affect how long it holds temperature in a finished drink will using larger icehole temperature in a drink longer with less pollution in smaller ice okay he's not very concerned about shaking or stirring he's mostly worried about the final drink okay and how does that differ from something has been chilled basically as opposed to something is coming up from Room Tent princess pointed spear on the Rocks here is here is the answer to this question as far as I can tell that particular experiment I haven't run in probably a year-and-a-half but my memory of it is this a larger Ice Cube will in fact the loot Less in your in the cocktail but it will not keep it as cold now what are we talkin about if you put a lot of small icing Disturbed drink put small ice in that drink will probably hover around the block one you know one or two it's going to start out at like mine anywhere between -

4 + - 1/2 degrees Celsius to pending on how they stir it okay that's going to be the the range a shake and drink is going to be in the range of -7 to -3 degrees celsius if it's done properly okay when you pour that drink into smaller Cube going to maintain its temperature better but it will get more diluted because of the extra surface area especially if they throw it poured on the ice that you didn't shake off even get the water you get initial hit a dilution out of that's going to delete it right out of the gate that case I actually recommend using don't yell at me cocktail people please I want to hear it but it's not the eyes of course I want to hear it let's have an argument I'm just kidding but but if I was going to shake a drink and then serve it kind of on on the Rocks I frankly think you'd be better off starting it with the things you shook with especially if ice was slightly larger they still look good because you've already gotten the surface water off of those things you know what I mean you're not adding extra surface water but you know I'm sure there's people that'll disagree with me

and I'd be happy to have a discussion because I'm just thinking about this off the top of my head a larger Ice Cube will you know if using small Ice Cube let's assume we're going to maintain a temperature within a degree or two of zero for a while the experience I had with a big ice cube is it the temperature is going to go up to about somewhere in the range of 5 degrees Celsius somewhere like that there's not going to keep it anywhere near as cold so long as it's cold enough right then I think it's going to be it's going to be

okay it's just not going to maintain the temperature nearly as well if it meant it maintains it enough for you then I think that that's okay because remember there's a it's very strict there is no melting without chilling and there is no chilling without melting so there's no way with an ice cube to keep a drink one less use freezer ice but stay tuned I promised last week I was going to post on the Block but I spent like you know 10 hours working on the charts for the blog post so it's going to go up soon I promise on stirring and ice but you don't get to win so you either get a drink that's more diluted because you had to melt more ice or you get a drink it's not as cold because it's not as diluted basically a one-to-one spoil it a little bit I gave her I did a test right when you're storing a cocktail you when you strain a cocktail it actually takes a long time for the cocktail to get to basement equilibrium point where you're not really chilling

much more and you're not melting that much more is a relative equilibrium cuz you're always know you're you're losing energy to the to the atmosphere so it's not even a real equilibrium but you can definitely when you look at a chart of temperature versus time as you're stirring it basically dropped very quickly first the temperature and also is diluting a lot at first and then basically plateaus out and you get only very small changes from there or not but and we when you're shaking a drink that that curve plateaus very quickly like in the in 12 to 15 seconds in their race be hitting a plateau and instead of Drake it's quite a bit longer like on the order of 1 or 2 minutes of of stirring is where you hit the real Plateau so I did it a test where instead of pulling basically stirring for 2 minutes until it was done I put thermocouples in and I stirred with small eyes until I hit exactly a certain temperature I forget what it was I had to go look up but I think it was like - - .6 Celsius something like that right I poured the drinks

Nitro small eyes and stirred it till it reached exactly my point Celsius poured it out and both drinks had identical dilutions identical but one right was stirred in I have to look it up but it's the show me like 30 seconds and the other one was stirred in like a minute and so that's why stirring why we said I think before a couple times cuz there's kind of more of an art to stirring a cocktail because you really can't affect the dilution and the temperature of the drink Bai how long you stir whether you stir fast way these are slow whether you use big eyes weather use little eyes in a Shaker it's so violent that basically all things equal out and you get your equilibrium point and if you do it enough basically no matter what you do so in steering wheel shaking rather where you have everyone really worried about their technique on shaking we find that it doesn't make that much of a difference the most different you're going to get as long as you're shaking enough

most it when she going to get from shaking is actually how you finish it but you strain it or not waiting to whether you pushed the gate down when you're pouring like these are kind of things make a big difference in the Finnish cocktail in stirring where you're not really adding a lot of picture though those things do matter the size of the ice the how fast do stair how slow you stir because almost no one fact no one I've ever seen stairs a drink until it reaches its temperature plateau and so this is spoiling a little bit what you know what time I go to the Post so but but hopefully you know that this one chart that I'm going to put up we're basically you know I pull two drinks the same temperature even the one who started for a minute and 1 Worcester for 30 second and they're basically identical from a dilution standpoint will show that really you know that this is the fundamental rule cocktails is that you know there is the chilling and dilution are linked in expanding spray kabli LinkedIn that there is no chilling without

Lucian and there is no dilution without chilling now a lot of people they know they say but yeah my ice comes from the from the fridge or the freezer rather and we have a chart is coming into the blog post about that as well and it is true that there is some energy stored in an ice cube that when you when you put an ice cube from the freezer into into your drink it shows your drink a little bit before it starts melting but that effect is not as big as you think right so if you would have started you going to see this chart for yourself if you start to drinks one with ice cubes from the freezer and one with ice cubes that have been left out

on the on the counter until they reach up to zero degrees Celsius you will see that the freezer Ice Cube's only get the drink like half a degree colder and I really don't know why this is not a factor not some scientist will have to call in and talk to us about it but you know Evan clam and Thomas have been claimed as the beating your head of Be Our Guest beverage program and you know well known bartender and you should do a lot of high-tech cocktails still still still work a lot of these things and Thomas was you know a bartender at death & Co great bartender we we all did the stirring a thing of tales of the cocktail and they noticed that when they use freezer ice is supposed to not freezer is that their freezer ice actually took longer to chill then a drink down then the one that was at 0 degrees and we replicated it and in my in the experiments that I ran with them and one that I did separately I found that was also the case I don't feel comfortable enough saying that actually happening that attacked but it was it's in

change it that you know that that even appears to be the case I don't really know why that would be except for the fact that maybe it takes longer to get the energy out from from raising the temperature that it does just a mailed it because Mel a big wall up so but in the chart you'll see in the blog post if you go to it at it in fact took longer to chill a drink that was with ice cream from the freezer and it didn't even make it to a final temperature that was that much lower so you don't really win by you're really win by using I sits in the freezer the other interesting thing about freezer ice people think that ice maintains a temperature for a long time below zero is not the case we froze up a cube and you'll see a picture of it around a thermocouple and then put it into a big ice bin and we let it sit there and it went from -20 Celsius which is about -4 sew ins in Fahrenheit Ville and it came all the way up to zero and in under 20 minutes

so ice doesn't really maintain its it's below freezing temperatures that long because it's such a good conductor of heat and you're not really winning from freezer ice and the fundamental rule I think holes remember there is no chilling without dilution and there is no dilution without chilling and with that I think we will sign off from cooking issues one more shout out to our sponsor Harris Ranch cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network