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Episode 79: Brooks Headley Returns

you're listening to the Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live to the cosmos from the backyard at Roberta's in Bushwick Brooklyn

Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn Natasha to have her Lopez not here today but we are currently trying in the studio with Brooks Headley In The Master pastry chef Del posto restaurant

and some of you might not know a long time hardcore musician true yeah yeah it's a checkered past so you still play occasionally right Course Austin what's your current band or less safe for work having you in the past or now they're all pretty safe so I know how to do hype it people that can play multiple instruments piss me off so more than one thing at a time I was never I was never much of a hardcore guy Beasley hardcore or just like Lily Zhang

I don't even know anymore so you play with what do they categorize as I don't think they know either some people who play multiple Instruments music where and how good you are depends on how much physical energy you throw into the performance right which I don't know about your me the best way I would if you do more than one thing it's like you did not spend enough energy doing the one thing that you're doing you're not paying enough attention I mean our favorite PhD candidate at University of California Davis you want to park over here I don't really know what department is in

I guess you're going to climb over me folks you can hear a plus I really don't know what department she's in but we deal with her mainly in the in the area of a flavor and studies of flavor and her speciality on her piece of equipment is a very nice gas chromatograph they can do small volumes for food describe describe my home department is viticulture and enology but I do all kinds of flavor chemistry the GC that we have let us separate mixtures of Aromas and combined any amount and then and it's something that we all want none of us out with this basically does you take a sample and it's a slowly kind of I guess the word has eluded are drawn through a long column and

rate at which things are are drawn through is characteristics for each compound so you can you will you will separate it based on how fast it goes through discount true or false start with a complex mixture in each component interacts differently with the call him and then deletes it a nice order and then how did how does it how do you check then it's a four people out there how do you say in Czech how much of that compound is there as it goes through that shows the amount of each compound as a peak and the area under the peak is related to concentration so now all you folks you don't already know this which if you don't know when you're watching the CSI Miami and they say do we still have a show

true or false you can follow the crap and sniff yourself when you're done right yeah we will use Liquid CO2 to condense everything down and remix it and then smell it. There is like one of the world's great solvents and it's also relatively nice and clean simple and friendly to use in a lab assuming you have the equipment yes yes yes also does very little to the Grits it's fairly new phone that doesn't degrade most things are working with right okay weather at me I'm sure most of the song say you don't take ratings of the West Wing use them about a flavor chemistry or about world's greatest pastries or about any random bull crap you choose to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and I'll read it last week and made a horrible mistake of not talking about our sponsors

modernist Pantry before I've seen the website so you probably know what I keep meaning to buy from them to say but I have sent many people to them and I have heard only good things here is this week's what do we call the plug plug loves her over span for pounds of supplies were only a few grams are needed for application modernist Pantry has a solution they offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cook and enthusiasts and most cost only around five bucks can you time money and stores with presumably latest size whatever it is they're using to a $5 size right

meaning of looks like you could say that crap only cost five bucks but then they keep making the size of the crack file smaller and smaller to what will they only have small bottles in the name of two 20 oz to charge the same price is a nice I'm going to time this right now outside

I haven't purchased the Coco from vending machine on that my wife will not let me purchase soda for the children even though I grew up I only drink carbonated beverages growing up except for a very short kind of Crystal Light phase I went through but I only drink Crystal Light for those you out there really thought it tasted terrible but she usually influential in how I look at food for sure by the way. That was a joke for all of you who are very concrete anchors out there that is not the case if you drink diet sodas and or diet lemonade mixers or a horrible new fake mocktails by the way Crystal I haven't tried them but the idea is horrible they have a powder that they labeled mojito which is Stetson a possibility to have a Mojito powder

especially you know I'm sure they don't use aspartame anymore I detest Stevia by the way anyone out there who tries to call me up and say that you are Stevie is better than one else is the freaking plant tastes bad I tasted it like directly like grown I've walked into the plant tape pick the leaf off be like yes that awful metallic bitter crappy aftertaste is inherent to the product and not meaningless what a freaking out about this is that their companies who sit there working around how to mask the incredibly awful taste cuz those of us who drink dominantly died liquids don't like to drink Flat Water for hydration we don't enjoy the Flat Water we are Throwback some sort of lamarckian genetic throwback to the days when water was poisonous and none of us like to drink that and so at the issue is if you were to drink regular soda or regular lemonade as your soul

of a hydration that would be absurd like who wants to drink a jug of maple syrup everyday so we're diet soda drinkers are coming from in your ourself to the horrible aftertaste and eventually you'll learn to like it right if you haven't done in a long time you know it's hard sometimes to go back but you kind of get over that taste hump and then all of a sudden it doesn't bother you anymore and we pound with pound leader after leader this crap everyday now that is why when you were shopping for somebody's party and you are regular soda drinker you make the the horrible error of purchasing equal amounts of diet soda and regular soda When anybody knows if you even to diet soda drinker show up to your party they will pound every amount of died so that you have provided you all know this to be true anyway my recommendation to use instead of getting on these crappy like in a Mojito powder first of all you're a bad person but that strongly maybe but kind of clothes

you should stand by that but my suggestion is to learn to like Seltzer when I was a kid I always drink soda so I was bubbles all the way back like all the way back but I started on tab in the 70s but but I didn't like Seltzer for a long time and then when I was going to the college I realized that I was going to be cheaper for me to drink seltzer water and I'm really I'm a cheap cheap cheap cheap man and so at that time a cheap cheap cheap boy and so what I did was I trained myself over the course of a couple of weeks to like the Seltzer and then much like diet soda flavors in general aspartame a time of it and now I'll never go back trailer Man Forever back to Mom's Pantry this all came from that the five bucks names

you'll find it at modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just ask Chris Anderson and his team will be happy to Source it for you with an expensive shipping to any country in the world modernist pantry is your one-stop-shop for Innovative cooking ingredient manufacturers carries three types of spray dried vinegar powder white moth and balsamic vinegar powder you got to realize acetic acid is volatile right it's one of the few assets that we use in cooking it is extremely volatile organic acids are Volvos how to play Uno Ramen flavors to certain but the majority of daily basis in the kitchen citric acid malic acid tartaric acid non-volatile it has the flavor like vinegar but there's almost no hitter and so when you're adding a vinegar powder slime to make it acidic you will have to cheat it with another acid so typical cheater acid would be citric acid because it's the most

control of the dry powdered acids that that you can buy and people are used to associating the kind of lemony acid hit of citric acid with culinary acid in general and so apparently there are cheater acids out there that are specifically meant to give you a city kick the things like potato chips I don't have I had a guy who slip me a card want you like I make them call me butt nastasha I don't know whether she ever called the guy and I can't tell you what they are so if you buy it I would also suggest buying from them some citric acid powder gripe I have a set of commercial citric acid powder to the granule size is relatively large it somewhere in between us granulated sugar and and and a in the u.s. superfine sugar so it's a little bit too granular for me for the compared to the spray dry powders with your very very powdery because of the method in which they're made so there's no ideal solution yet maybe buy some citric acid pulse it and spice grinder for a little while

I get a little more powder to the integrates better with the New Divide

we can be sweethearts of spray dried vinegar powder as white mold and balsamic cancel cooking issues that place an order of $25 or more before next week's show will get a free package of malt vinegar powder good for making modernist fish and chips do they use at an efficient could just be the modernist cuisine anyone anyone modernist Pantry. Com today for all of your modernist cooking needs

okay so you know I've no idea where these guys are pissed off and not that I constantly like stop in the middle of their Promos in my make comments and when I mean that's why they keep coming back so I know you haven't cuz by the way folks if you don't know me I'm a jerk and I haven't given Brooks any of the information that we're going to talk about before the shows have no idea what the hell's going on today but she wrote in a comment based on the kind of flavor pairings question we had last week and the paper on Flavor pic by the way I'm going to buy that book by that sommelier is very interested in this for the taste but the molecules I don't have no judgment on it because I have not read it yet and I refuse to make comments on things I haven't read yet either Pro or negative reviews are mix on Amazon

about the graphic presentation of it which some people really like and some people really hate but I'm going to check out those of you that don't know what what what what what in the hell were talking about Flavor pairing is this concept I think largely bunk and buy bunk I mean crap that you should be able to pick out the different flavors that you use based on their underlying chemical composition in other words if if a parrot meat shares a specific flavor compound with donkey poo that you might want to put the parrot in the donkey put together in a dish it really mad but whatever don't kill parrots but there's like no one's going to get angry at you for it

kids want to pet we have no room for a dog might we can have cats because we're allergic to the cats and then about my situation was allergic to the cats I want to pet the date that will give a crap about people and parrots like the other pet that cares about people even though they're weird about it like a weird about it cuz the birds but whatever paper that came out recently that actually what they did is they did a mass database data mining study of recipes and then those recipes they look to see whether or not they shared a chemical the hammer just walked in on us Tasha compare those recipes to see whether or not there was any actual weather it true that recipes that we tend to make over the course of decades years centuries actually share more flavor compliments then would be if you just chose recipe that random which is a horrible idea that are Betis actually espouses that we should make sauces on randomly based on a computer have them generated and then see whether or not they taste good with seems to me to be a monkey typing Shakespeare way of making food which is preposterous and horrible

so I brought you familiar with this tastes pairing hypothesis crap not not entirely nice but so far I know I presented in a rather biased jaundiced life of a sound like a good idea or would you prefer to base layer combinations on the years you spent tasting and cooking

yeah I mean I mean it's like a it's all Ritz repetition you know of making things are tasting things like you kind of like build your palette I guess this modern stuff in the end anything to help you make better food good idea like I don't care what your inspiration is if your inspiration is Lino looking at constellations and somehow looking at constellations and you have some sort of Matrix that then like get your creative juices flowing and your food as a tasting good Plano Crystal Light logo temperature Brooklyn Nets Splash Brooks the splash on the Crystal Light logo parody Brooks and now telling me true or false a inspiration for all of your cooking not all of it but a lot a lot of the fruit base thing's for sure you're amazing

anything to do with the Chris Crystal Light logo so what she thinks about it I want her to give me her on varnished pain pill or negative because nothing I like better than a good a good argument but Brooks and whenever you try and say that he's doing Innovative work he'll say he's not but the fact that matter is makes delicious desserts that you aren't expecting so for me that's that's Innovation right there what do you think the start what do you think you'll get to speak up or Not by microphone so are your thoughts on what your thoughts on the first shell and then this paper in another another separate nutshell I would imagine that

shared compounds and showed volatiles may play some role in a novel flavor pairing whether or not someone eating it likes it or not but it's not going to be a deterministic guarantee that a parent will work and it might have to do more with the non-shared compounds and how those go together when you make a a paring out of other things

what you're saying is it may or may not have any relevance at all do you find it an interesting like is it interesting to you that as it as a as a starting point or as a framework in which to work do you think you seen any dishes that have come out of it that would otherwise not have come into the world that you think are going to be here for a long time because they're so freaking awesome

well I don't know that I could comment on longevity but I have had some interesting like orange and beetroot type things that has to Blumenthal made and it makes sense to me to Orange and beats don't sound like they're so they're not so far up the Remake they make them it makes sense to me from a Cook's perspective sounds weird that's why I just tasted it it was it depends on the proportion

yeah she also true break you better calling your freaking question 2718 point at 71 to 87181 and 72128 okay now that's paper is online I think from all recipes and some Korean site to see whether or not Western perception of Korean food with the same as Liam perception recipe database and a cookies recipe and look at the ingredients in each and then from some Handbook of essential oils and a couple of other things determine what compounds were in each ingredient to the horseshit technique Aroma character had a given compound is dependent on concentration and it didn't look at concentration I'm not sure how relatable to flavor their data centers

yes you'll know your tongue but like certain things can go from being like pleasantly grassy to vomit like the Pentagon concentration was that a nice medium concentration smells like green apple as you increase the concentration it start smelling like rotten apples and then finally like feet or really really stinky cheese name your last band The Ethel Merman butyrate that's your next band microban is that the only paper I think it was it all recipes that is one of Brooke's by the way

I don't know actually what recipes Wednesday to said they didn't give a list but if you look at the primary ingredients for what they call a North American recipe that's all butter eggs with sugar and Cream Wichita to me that the recipes that use to represent North American Racine are deserts and there's so much more to North American Cuisine the just deserts but I don't think all of North American flavor pairing in a cultural context to be described just buy a cake recipes on Allrecipes cooked is vastly different from the I mean no one thinks that if you were to gather the ingredients for a pie they do not the smell of a cooked Pie make that is true fact that they are all in precursor form if you remove a certain subset of things like these

basic ingredients from either Asian Cuisine or you know what they call Western who the hell knows cuz you don't have the recipes turns out that they don't wreck randomly Associated it once you take out the top six ingredients to me so you would be loath to take the East the study on to accept either a positive or negative finding because you think the methodologies for large data-driven studies like this are valuable and interesting but they're only as good as the data sets that they use and I think the dataset and their approach are flawed to make the to fly to make the broad conclusions if I do ya and so people are paying a lot of attention to it but it's one of my many grapes in the world is that is that someone makes a study put a big splashy like you know statement in the abstract or conclusion

and it gets a lot of traction cuz no one goes back and recent study

can hydro bed massage in the Downton Abbey that's the most used brakes on 2012 people love this extension be kind of like Lords & Ladies are gets what he wants a portion of a bitch on the air

I guess we just have a question whether you think of the problems with the weather compounds at all really quickly I'll do that my feeling is it's going to be

I think it's scientifically flood numbers look I don't think there's any reason a priority to believe that because two ingredients share chemical compounds if they go well together but that said if it it it it it's not an invalid source of inspiration for somebody if you find it interesting and inspirational and if you get good ideas from any more than reading a book can give you ideas for a dish or you know being out in a in a field in the middle of spring in like thinking about things can give you inspiration so I don't there's no such thing as an invalid source of inspiration it's just I I think that there's no reason for me to believe that things should go together just because they share compound that's my grade now in the study what do you think of you

perceptual things that are going on between chemistry and flavor when we mix ingredients together we just have no idea how they work yet

so what are you what are your thoughts you think we're full of full of crap or do you agree disagree what's your what's your take


well I mean

I think that a lot of things you would get would be and so if you were to look at you were just take a bunch of or up in those spices for Batesburg. So I think you know everything

Giddings because I guess it would only come together when you're Crossing Cuisine and then it was like some random ingredient from one Cuisine and another random ingredient that they could be swapped out with each other and then I think it would be get new flavors by going into the genius of kind of American Cuisine going to Fusion stuff which everyone now is profusion again but back when I was a kid what we are at base here in the US and certainly abroad in the mountain the modernist kind of thinking if you take that as an actual movement which he know we can have a debate is we steal things right so we steal things from industry we steal

from we steal things from anyting and so we steal things from other cultures and so I think that the best way to steal something is to use their flavor compounds straight up for a while to kind of get a feel for it and then you can take bits and pieces because you know how they work together and so you can get in a really kind of new and different flavors without doing straight Fusion right Flavor of India with French technique or it will be more interesting the other way around Indian technique with French ingredients what are you guys saying about this is his motive isn't obviously is not necessary for Innovation could be interesting it could be a trick your mind into new things but again anything could do that I don't know anyone Brooks

I mean as a as like a a base a form of inspiration or whatever then sure that's that's cool but I mean when it comes down to it it's just like tasting and putting things together and in doing it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until you have something to do that kind of works you know so that means certainly chemistry is not as ripe a place where inspiration as a crystallite splash what do you like about it I'm hoping that you have a small commercial break and if you can get it see I believe in Crystal Light song for are just what is so refreshing

that's what you want to sort of aspire to is not all food is meant to be refreshing but I really like refreshing things like I really like I was refreshing it is always good no one's like God I went I had a you know I had this desert had to Swerve a refreshing maybe no one's ever know what they were anti refreshing no one ever wants so you know I want the I want the heavy metal beat them like for my that's what you I guess you'll Ponder is who wants a ponderous meal refreshing I've got the ad if you want it commercial break where we're going to do some Crystal Light

Crystal Light drink mix sweetened with 100%

calories per serving what's not to love about that and it's it's not even its at everything about that is refreshing and exciting and the guitar line in the drums it's it's that's just plain awesome wonder I drink buckets of that stuff growing up alright I got a question that hopefully Brooks will enjoy from last week Angela from Nebraska land of Endless Possibilities wants to make fluffy butterscotch can she do it she's using it to build a cake but she doesn't just want to do butterscotch buttercream what's up

what we're doing a show right now okay okay so Brooks and sugar cookies with butter and then using some cream is added in and it's turned into a sauce right get it so just for a buttercream do you want to make it fluffy what would you do to make a moose out of it for cake but you don't want yeah I mean you could easily take take I like say like make a butterscotch sauce and and you know

it wouldn't with egg whites into it but to make it sort of light and Lucy or whatever but that's I wouldn't do that so I would you do if I wanted like a butterscotch flavor

honestly I would I think like really perfect butterscotch sauce made with the best possible butter and and dark brown sugar and salt and like I would just use that and use that as a garnishing agent rather than try to make it something different because perfect butterscotch sauce is just perfect and it doesn't need to be fluffy so could you take something like that and make a fondant and then beat it

what were the fat interfere I mean I think like that yeah there's there's ways that it could be done. Just like my for something like that my brain doesn't really work that way so obviously you could make something with the texture of the Chocolate Moose just you know treat it like a chocolate mousse lower the liquid-based a little bit cuz you already have a little bit more liquid in the butterscotch we should work so that's egg whites like you said gelatin folded together and set can you spread a moose and have it not break but you wouldn't do it at the message I'm actually trying to eliminate all of the use of gelatin. And then I'll make that people use too much and he just did not for any real reason other than just to say I did it so

imitation and start when you've already achieved a certain level two questions how do you Branch out and get some new stuff give yourself a limit and then see what happens is this why you did or just for the hell of it I just I just I don't know I think Joseph's kind of creepy and a lot overly so and yeah that's all of which are like Gods candy

yeah I know I don't live in the United States of America Dutch style of thing gets his of Pennsylvania company it's written like goertz g o e t z and what it is it's caramel with the Little Bullseye of that kind of like whipped fat crap in the middle which is delicious Miss Brooks you're going to buy in like yeah it's like it's like it's like somewhere between like Oreo filling and something else were just like dry almost like a crumbles in your mouth

that stuff is powdered sugar and coconut coconut caramel cream what we're trying to do something else with that is delicious delicious candy candy shops here in New York by the way speaking of Oreos Brooks makes a delicious freaking Oreo Oreo so much better than the makes them wish they had made the Oreo instead anyway that was like what candy should I take back you know to England English he's like that's the really says America was like Hey take the message that's all there is to it he's not going to tell you sorry I had to put a password on my iPad to my kids were invading my iPad so now it takes me an extra 10 sec


I had a question in from and I can't seem to get to get to it ok Jack someone's having problems with the Heritage Radio live feed we fix that crap right now before and that's working days and Co Josh and Somerset UK says I have to keep buying new cooking frozen one with the cable to a device so that I can put in the oven because either the probe and or the device keep breaking can you please suggest a reliable make something with good reaction speed good range of the 200-seat at 400 Fahrenheit for you Fahrenheit Pho and it possible not to send you a pro this mildly resistant to water so the cleaning is made easier know they all suck I've broken many of them I broke in Taylors I've broken polders I've broken every single one of them I've ever used a ball crapped out of using the triangle a rose inside of a pot to steam gets inside of that crimp around the Probe on the ground that cable and a break and they died on me is anyone in this room had a good experience one of those something on

so what do you recommend then either just keep buying a crap ton of them which is not a good solution or I would suggest getting an industrial thermocouple there the rugged I said that the actual cases are ruggedized you can get like basically look like multimeters would like a rubberized outside and they're pretty much impervious to whatever ails you and then you get relatively cheap thermocouple probe that attaching to them you want to make sure has come in a wide variety of cable configuration Sprite and also head configuration so you find Saturn the sooner they are the better their response time to the more fragile they are and also the more expensive they are typically you want to avoid for oven use anything that has a complicated head or the micro like the ones they're using sous-vide hypodermics because the heads of those things aren't rated for high temperatures and no burn out like they the epoxies they use to put everything together on the inside of those heads

not meant to withstand the oven that said you get a good fiberglass cable insulated thermocouple probe and it's good to 900 Celsius Sometimes some of these men are Fahrenheit and Celsius but you can get cables that it was Stan basically counts and I've had thermocouple cables in my oven that have been in there for years and my oven routinely get to 850 Fahrenheit tops out at my oven tops out at like eight 75 at this point Fahrenheit or little better and I haven't bedded thermocouple probe that don't break and I have air temperature probes that don't break N N I use industrial thermocouple and the good news is if you find a good source McMaster-Carr is it fast Source but inexpensive Source you can get them for like 15-20 bucks are you can get waterproof want to pay attention to the cable you can make your own thermocouples which I do they're typically not waterproof but they usually last for the application that you're doing if you make your own probes bites

in the wires together it's on the order of a dollar per you know what I mean for they could you divide length of the cable make it as long as you want and get to get the connector so that that's what I recommend but I've never had it that those the ones that they're using ovens are typically RTD their resistance resistance temperature things they break they just finished till they break they break all the goddamn time they just don't seem to last yeah Tony Tony Herron from the mixing bar in Brazil rights in this last week it didn't make it in last December we started investing a little more in our cooking lab we've been working with a conventional distillation around bruise I'm glad you can do that I can't do that here in the US of a the throw me in the jail is like a license and then everyone hate me anyways okay but now we have a rotovap Sox Red Sox it's an interesting extraction technique which I don't have time to talk to you about right now maybe some other time I like that to the traction it's kind of old people

what are moving away from that generally sometimes for pesticides but advantage of extraction is that allows you to reuse your solvent a bunch of time so you get fresh solvent into the thing you're expecting from on a consistent basis so you can get much higher at extraction rates for a given amount of solvent so you can make really Punchy things in socks with theoretically that's the advantage of the socs what to use instead now are we standing on solid phase microextraction Mimi Mimi Mimi vacuum machine to Adaptive glass jars with fasten directions to make sure to speed up infusions you can see a few pictures on our Facebook page we tested our jars very well but warn people about potential dangers we mostly use it for the barns for working okay plus it costs nothing we use are there valves are hot pliers to melt the tubing which they have like that goes push to connect fittings that you can get in the plumbing store the push to connect to get the tubing in which actually are vacuum rated M in a red the vacuum ratings on those are all right how to use with oil-based vacuum pump

I called trap show my eyes are dry ice when we have it what are my thoughts on this setup my thoughts into setup I used to be mason jars not even to pickle jars right the very cheap to buy be very very very cautious it using this in front of people who aren't wearing safety glasses standard pickle jar vacuum is created when your canning in one of those jars is much less than the vacuum that you create when you're putting an oil-based vacuum pump do oil-based vacuum pumps that I use which Refrigeration pumps are not even that expensive routinely get down to five bars or less absolute pressure right so you're talkin basically a full vacuum 15 psi if you are using a pickle jar like that which is molded there seems in it and there's lots of places where there's additional stress involved in it you could be setting yourself up for a violent sudden violent implosion so what I would recommend is putting a end of the Brahmin implosion even though it goes in is that the pieces can pass each other

imploding doesn't mean that it's going to hit its counterpart on the other side so glass goes everywhere and by everywhere I mean in your eye and your face and stuff like this in your eyes swell even worse and you're going to want to wrap electrical tape around it to stop like the pieces from flying too far and or get a mesh the old lab trick I was told by old rotovap heads for people to Fort before they purchased plastic coated glassware for everything was to wrap move to move to a polycarb polycarb vessels they have pressure rated polycarp things like Madison's pasta click Keepers that will withstand that kind of vacuum level it doesn't cost that much more and those when they shatter polycarp has a much better shatter mode than glass does because it will crack but it will not a splinter into a bunch of pieces of white when you're when you're

potato guns and other sort of high-pressure air guns with piping PVC is actually not a great choice because the fracture the fracture mode of PVC is in the splintering kind of things where a certain other Plastics I said believe I gave yes sir or polycarb when they fracture have better kind of a fraction mode so that's just my thoughts when working with a rotovap you guys tend to puree the products before distillation yes Tony Conigliaro are good body and in the England does not and sometimes straining it to get a better extraction seems like the pureed plus Training Method gives a smoother distillation towards the end of the run compared to just appear a okay what do you think about pureeing versus pureeing pieces are straining out thanks very much hear my thoughts probably like the screen puree better is taste the stuff that you strain out if the stuff you straightened out doesn't have as good of a flavor is the stuff that went through yoshiwara have your pet

that's the cause of the difference in the in the in the in the flame should make it any more less smooth I would recommend putting things to a very light vacuum cycle before you go to app to get rid of a phone over problems you might be having problems you're straining might be getting rid of some of the air bubbles that came through when you're appearing

by getting rid of those air bubbles when you're peeing you're causing you getting less violent foam up on the beginning Lester thumb up as you start is going to give a few or kind of micro particles of crap they're coming over along with your distillate as it's running there's a study recently on amino acids in unaged in NH distillate clearly amino acids should not be in 1/8 dish lettuce contamination of some sort because amino acids say they don't they don't do still right there non-volatile microparticles things carried over environment distillations and so by reducing the constellations by getting rid of some of the entrained air at the beginning perhaps you are actually making a smoother distillation but it's simpler way for that would just be vacuuming to my to things are if you're actually getting smoother distillations because hey you're getting rid of air which is going to help you at the beginning or dislocation run b u r taking out products that don't have is nice and

how to stop an email question for Brooks from a Paul nation of vegan desserts for guests can he comment on these deserts to keep the hammer from making her vegan face are these items on the menu or would one need to call ahead to let the kitchen know that vegans are coming vegan tasting menu that's always there every day on the menu though it's if someone asks we have it every in the menu with tongs we have it it's just it's just our way of being

like proactive like we if someone comes in and they have that particular dietary restriction then we absolutely have them covered so I can catch all and also hypoallergenic and all that other stuff or no will actually I think we make it so it is it can be like gluten free too because often those two go together but it can it says we have we have the capabilities to do any sort of like them almost any like Diet everything just because like I said it's a Hospitality thing or somebody comes in

you know to opt-out restaurant like it's our job to make sure that they leave completely psyched so working on that problem it seems like an internet problem I know it's it's it's it's fun because it's one of those that's like giving yourself limitations things because especially with dessert so much of it is based on

eggs and cream and butter and stuff like that so so to make stuff like that but then just have it still tastes good and still be something that could be served at a at a four-star restaurant that's a that's a big Challenge and it's a really fun thing to so try to listen I don't know if I'm going to get to do before next week but the stash and I are going to go to the Del posto restaurant you know your favorite Italian joints and we're going to a seven course of such a jerk seven-course vegan tasting menu super thanks to Brooks and an aerial for coming in and I want I want you to I want you guys to think about over there over the next week so I want to talk about it next week I don't really know what I think there's a cohort study out cord means they just choose a bunch of random people that ran in there like a Groove and then they have questionnaires made datamyne I hate most

studies in general area meat consumption and mortality came out in March on March 16th it's one of the it's a big data mining studies basically saying that if you eat meat you're more likely to die which we all die but they mean faster so I haven't had time to go over the data set but I'd like all of you an actual science folk in our listening audience to think about this study the pros cons whether you guys Believe it or whether you think it's a load of horse hockey and just that date that data or good day. Anyway I'm going to leave you with that thanks again for Brooks thanks Marielle cooking those years

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