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Episode 77: Juniper, Steaks, and Vegan Bakes

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every Tuesday going to get in the studio with a hammer Lopez well I was here chilling with Tony in the studio nastasha was pretending to be me in Orlando Florida with the few key people makers of our favorite role of that. That go Sweden Berlin I know you're just a lucky one german-swiss is not interest me insulting be like me they love me

497 to 128 Anastasia right here next to me she's like in the Apostle right here is a pale shadow of baby Jesus and that's all that's all I'm saying another note before we move on to more germane issues today that she cares about that because because you never going to meet nastasha never say to her that the weather is nice out never she's not that she hates bad weather like I do I actually hate bad well good weather rather I hate the song I hate everything about it I'd be a cave-dwelling a troglodyte if I could but nastasha likes nice weather but hates people in nice weather

yeah! I feel so now I just don't I just don't like how people associate weather with their happiness their level of happiness and productivity that's really deep that person said it was nice out so they're going to have it go have a good time outside those bastards she hates that Drake new stash of kryptonite man missing from Elliot I made corned beef sausage in Chicago I'm in Chicago in a couple years ago I used to go to the NRA show you know the National Restaurant Association at the rifle show but are Cabbage cooked ground and stuffed I did the same way you would do a Boudoir some sauerkraut and sausage roll

hot brown had to go look up Dave's hot brown hot brown as you may or may not know is a very famous Kentucky dish for the brown Hotel Louisville based on how to make a Welsh rarebit kind of thing which I used to love you just toast would like a cheese sauce of the top has nothing to do with it it's good stuff in white wine with cheese sauce with a little like fun do you like it actually turns out I hadn't seen it before I wasn't lucky Peach I go did I looked at the video on the web and it had a a boy Nick wanting it but the funny thing is that make long was one of our great interns at the SC I worked at at the Soundbar Soundbar for many years fantastic guy I think he's the video was shot after Nick left I think he was just there to pretend

to be Dave Chang she going to rain would notice cuz he used to walk around Soundbar with a hat pulled over his head and Rush up on people as though he were Dave Chang to freak people out anyway so what Dave did was to lighten it up by Rolling it in a tube in Saran like you know like Army platoons like like or nose and we can choose when accurately what is turkey with country ham delicious and then he put Joann set like a Mornay sauce in the middle of it delicious looking for smoking tomatoes in the past I've smoked tomato Bloody Mary tasted it or try to make your own at PDX I have not in fact

we haven't done any sort of smoked anything at the bar and the main reason is because I have a bunch of friends who are very well known for doing Smokey drinks me when you smoke in the form of Mezcal or certain scotches that haven't been smoking note but we haven't actively smoked anything because if I smoked a syrup Evan Freeman would come with me and be like Mom smoking serum now what do you make it smoke coconut remember right which I and I don't want to hear it from Evan Evan likes to read me anyway right so I don't want to give anything extra and then if I did something with meat like bacon Donley and also having free will, be like really really really Smoky bacon anyway so I'm sure it's delicious ham quesadilla I would love to taste it but it's not something I can put on the bar menu without having a bunch of my friends come down on me like a ton of bricks but he thinks that

okay this in from Andrew I was hoping you would talk about the possibility of using just packed the next Ultra sp-l for enzymatic peeling that we use that you can get from modernist Pantry. Com anyway if he eats any kind of packed in a Hemi cellulose I use a french fries I use a French manicure language were about to talk about the minute he used to clarify all them are you serious I believe what I believe I recall reading or hearing that a thousand grams of water AKA a liter of water solution water mix Zyrtec next week's efficient if a 12-hour refrigerated soak is used basically to peel fruit and smack me to get rid of the membranes right I feel my Citrus and vacuumed sealed it using a chamber sealer seal sounds grams for $3,000 water so we can go for 12 hours when I came back most of the path was a gooey texture easily washed away unfortunately the membrane between segments was still intact and needed to be

expose portion of the membrane was mostly dissolved in the future if just using pack the next I will need to I need to separate each segment or is there another time Sade method eye bag a mixture of Cara Cara oranges Arya Stark grapefruit blood Tangerine kishu Mandarin in Minneola tangelo all had similar results but some are more easily peeled thanks the great show and is all you need but you don't even need a vacuum sealer for this guy you remain mistake that long and it doesn't need to be in fridge if a cat's going to act longer act faster if you just got to keep it out we usually keep ours you know Aunt in a warm room temperature so the enzyme acts faster and I just what we do now

American use a vacuum to get into the pit faster but you do need to separate out the segments either with a vacuum if you put a whole peeled Citrus in a bag it's not going to penetrate into the inner membrane just not and then by the time you've broken the car it just never seems to work as well so what you want to do it might eat through one membrane you wanted to break them into a small segments as you can without breaking the actual segments apart or without actually cutting into the vesicle so grapefruits are fairly easy the hard ones are things like, low and those you just going to split in half and then in quarters and there's so much and Apollo but a lot of times you can eat between it as long as you break it into smaller pieces and let soap cure for a while I went again I wouldn't do in a refrigeration temperature because I think that's just going to slow things down another thing you want to keep the pills I try to keep his whole as possible put them in the bag with it and it'll eat the white Albedo away from the PO and get these amazing up heels there's them

I begged my use of vacuum machine a bag with ice water so that I can get a good vacuum seal on it and then I would never throw it into a hot water bath warm water bath to heat it back up melt the ice and get the enzyme cooking I didn't want to make it that complicated but that's actually the one that's actually what I do it when I do it you can go on a long time and there's a whole article there I did on enzymatic dealing with all of my procedure done it used to be Grandpa leader I think I use for I use for now maybe I used to be back when I wrote it but we typically use for now he can never know exactly how good the enzymatic activity is of your badge depend on how old it is and for always seems to work it's not going to add new off flavors it's not particularly more expensive when you're using it restaurant quality right if you going to do the pills sometimes a toothbrush is helpful to scrape away all the ice melted Albedo

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now at last week because I had Tony here I didn't make it to all of the questions from last week so I stopped at Riley says I should go over last week's questions before I go over this week's question so from Joel Gargano NXT corporate kitchen cafeteria really here in New Haven employees being a trained Chef in working in a fine working fine dining as a cook for the past 10 years I took the opportunity to Natalie run my own kitchen experiment as much as possible and throw some cool shoes made out to the staff I'm a bread Baker second-generation charcuterie not DIY DIY obsessive and really in the modernist technique for example I'm doing all my deli meats Bryan and then sous vide so salami and four sausages and they're all coming out killer doing charcuterie in an office building

they all come through the buffet line pulling house Made bread in freshly cooked and are cured meats and put them on the plastic cafeteria trays walk to their high school appropriate lunch table and discuss marketing strategies it's pretty hilarious thought I'd share that with you guys and movement is all over the place with the question I'm currently myositis cream makers using versawhip which is either soy protein or milk protein depending on what is whey or soy protein and ultratech say Twitch in pre-cooked starch total success cream however is totally failing I need some help what type of hydrocolloid should I use for this is xanthan and LBG which is locust bean gum turn it into Schnapps and I tried to use versawhip - is xanthan gum in LBG but got it running mess I'm assuming that the chocolate works so well because it stabilizes the mixture while the soy milk and does not if the fat content this is the fat

the fat content of soy milk is messing with me should I try gelatin well you shouldn't try gelatin if you wanted to be vegan gillette's for sure I'm not ever going to tell anyone right right now if you want to try something that's like gelatin it might whip into it they make a is carrageenan but I wouldn't people typically use carrageenan for things like this and in particular they use a special is carrageenan for whipping to make marshmallows call jenya teen and Jamie team is made by the CP Kelco Corporation and it specifically a carrageenan it's meant to be a gelatin replacer for applications like marshmallows AKA things that need to be whipped and hold their texture well now I think I looked up there's a I think what it is it's a lot of fat is the problem is why it's not it might whip up it's not holding its it's whipping I looked up a lie can a mechanic a reddi-whip situation soy whipped topping that's available I think mainly in the UK called swing it to and luckily there ingredient list was

web so I read it it's organic soy milk organic coconut oil organic fractionated Palm kernel oil organic sugar beet syrup multi dextrin tartaric acid Caribbean Sea salt and vanilla extract is the main thing that you want to make out of it what you want to whip up right they've had a coconut oil and palm kernel oil probably to get something is fairly solid I think you're going to want a fairly solid fat like a coconut Stout they like coconut fat makes a little coconut milk maybe something it's going to give it to somebody that is a fact that is fairly solid at refrigerator temperatures going to give you more okay and then I'm they're adding Malto dextrin sugar for sugaring it's obviously very Malto dextrin what that's doing is adding some extra mass somebody to the soy milk and giving an extra kind of whipping properties tartaric acid is probably there just for flavor and carrageenan is there as the Caribbean is there as the gelling age

which is going to be a weapon whipping agent and it's going to be also something is going to provide some structure after it's been whipped I would guess they had a little bit of something called Iota care reform until after it stands still when I was just for flavor and they had nitrous oxide to whip it so I would do that I would add fat first of all is going to get you a higher whipping quality on it I would have it be cold as hell same way you would with the cream I would add some alter dextrin and I would do some carrageenan preferably a genuine team in the mix with it and you should be able to get a good should be a good result yeah yes okay and by the way it is with vegan marshmallows we're using a vegan gelatin replacer from this company called and turns out that these guys it was kosher gelatin right and it was advertised that it was vegan turns out whole thing was made out of regular gelatin

vegan Denny's kosher guys and it literally like what happened is like this woman who is making vegan marshmallows should I quit her job in finance Earl or something like that and became a vegan marshmallow maker she called up the guy it was like Hey are these additional gelatin is just totally vegan he's like yeah it's vegan would be had a how to be a vegan on their website I did not ask for a Saint Patty's Day and you like that only you mean things like that I just related statements like people always want to know is the person a nice person like you crazy person but you know it's funny I show up at the show and the producers very nice said you know Alan I was making alcoholic drinks for st. Patrick's day and you cuz I met him at a bar and

do you know Ellen is not going to be able to drink alcohol because she shouldn't to show she shoots two shows on a Thursday and I was like I had to go and I was trying to make alcoholic version cases similar to the ones meant I didn't meant drink it's impossible to do a non-alcoholic is midterms Brown anyway so so she shows up

can Menchie's Lansing Jameson, Jameson like a freaking awesome this question in this is a long one from or call it is not like sandwich have enjoyed listening to your show over the past few months I say much because I only discovered the Show recently spent most of my commute to and from work catching up with every single podcast lumpy she ate all the application science and cooking and who are not afraid of using ingredients and methods with which others my team foolish or with my foolish leave this mess or both maybe I did lots of questions like that I thought I keep things brief sorry for not calling you to ask you the time differences in the UK to show over last with I'm on my way home from work making this difficult I was wondering what your thoughts were on seasoning me as an example I tend season roughly an hour in advance

sprinkle of salt sprinkling salt in a cage Liang a small amount of mint mixed minced garlic with assault after an hour I wipe off the excess moisture before cooking using the Seer flip every 20 30 seconds method that's the biggie special where you flip in a bunch of time to get him or even heat it's a good way to approximate approximate kind of either rotisserie or low temp cooked using a regular thing because the meat never overheats all the way through it so they should be a very high instantaneous he didn't put a low average heating pad good technique anyway questions first discovered on your blog about how if you were cooking steak sous-vide you should not talk to me free immediately if you're only salt and afterwards what does not result in an inferior flavor do to the Salt only being on the surface and Nazis me through to meet I guess I'm looking for further tests between salt cook serve and salt chill saltzer second is the season well in advance method only really useful for Less Tender Touch because I have not been dry age when he seriously the time which will contain more moisture or shouldn't always be used I didn't notice it was

does cabbage steaks in two separate cooking shows he's never really talked about seasoning as if as if it had much importance which I found odd but maybe I'm thinking it's more of an issue than it really is now here's the deal in service take right away and buy right away I mean within a couple of hours I always season to me beforehand because yes I do think it probably makes a better tasting steak however it's not just seasoning and retaining moisture the textural difference in the color difference in a steak has been salted long time in advance let's say 3 hours 4 hours in advance is not just not nearly as good to me as a steak then it would be if you didn't salt beforehand and so you know the any advantage which is relatively minor assaulting to meet me it's their agree but relatively minor compared to the textual breakdown from over salting beforehand I just don't think it's worth it so I'm I tend not to Salt meat before hand now when I'm serving of steak I almost always will slice I first of all I sought the Bee Gees

I'll be out of the state but outside of state right before I sear it like you know what you're doing like a home-cooked when they see what do you know when most people serious dates matter where they're working they they put a small amount of salt on the outside when your searing steak people put an absurd amount of salt on the outside before you see her because most was going to come off anyway you don't even know such as heck out of it and then I find that the advantages of pre salting way beforehand aren't nearly as great also I tend to cut my steaks before I serve them and throw them in pieces so I can also sought the cut face if I need to it's not a situation for instance like bread where if you don't solve it beforehand your bread is going to be awful like the tuskens right I'll go to Starship lamp to light Tuscan bread even though everyone in the world knows it tastes awful you know right you like it right what

maybe it's memory or end is it the shallow disgusting crushed or is it the lack of flavor in the crime that you like best off

show me the thing is is it's not the same as that it's also not the same as when you're cooking something in a braise and you under sold it and then you don't get to seasoning all the way through it something it's mom cook like a pot roast or something like that because in a situation like that you were lying on this evening penetrating the meat for the flavor of the day anyway that's just my that's just my to my question in regards to New York City I know someone call sometime ago about places to visit and I didn't know down some of them but I think you mentioned email Alyssa suggestion to them personally for bahrs restaurant I'm going to be heading over what we're going to be heading over for a week on the first leg of my two-week tour of gluttony the following week we were on a grant Achatz pilgrimage to Chicago for next / alinea / Aviary place of course we have a pretty tight schedule and ask for some feedback I want I've got down so far during my first week of April I'm going to go to tie Jiu Jitsu mr. You're supposed to make your vehicle facing you've been right

that's the Japanese Temple food place the one that's alright lyrics it's a vegan or supposed to be really really good. Got to go to my brother-in-law and noodle bar and don't you dare go to bx4 say that's Tony's favorite place you meant it wasn't Roberta's Tuesday all the listen if you want to see in you Jesus turns out Sunday at lunch time I even thought of that just crazy and Eleven Madison Park I think we just need one more nice meal and I basically left with the only for the nice sushi places like you sit on his way out of my league but it was the same and it's amazing and you aren't losing anything is good information from the start a rare piece of good they have ever said is true Barre ma said same thing less money amazing and blue hill at Stone barns

so what would I do is at the end of the show if there's time to start she's going to read out her email list in my phone is not recognizing the word restaurant in any of I've never type restaurant in it maybe next week we can start the show where the statue reading off a list of stuff and don't forget to come to Booker and Dax bar all the way from London England to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

how do you spell multitude what mean the world to me is being free imagine life without a choice at all remember whether answered so I'll answer it again if I did last week Stephen Garrett Road with two questions I think I only answered one the second one comes off the tale of ruhlman that's not right all of whatever on the stove the heat on for days on end and he subsequently

we are still in China is calling amount for unsafe food practice so so basically woman wrote this article out his blog post where he's like Hey listen our great-grand Pappy's didn't have a refrigerator to put those the stock and so we would just leave it out and then the next day with boiled again before we used to kill other nasty stuff in that said go come on and then McGee was like so I think the times I asked me to come in on this week he was like well of course the odds are. Nothing bad is going to happen but there are things that can happen especially if it's not brought up properly excetera excetera and it and it basically it's not considered a 100% safe practice to do so and since most of us owner refrigerator why wouldn't we put in the refrigerator and the other thing is you going to get quality degradation and something sits out overtime at room temperature so why wouldn't you just refrigerator that's the point so so then he's like Okay so

Roman was kind of mistaken about that and I'm not getting it that's what Nicki said about room in all the way and nobody talks about meat and saying when it's cured it's cured and nothing bad is going to happen to it I eat don't have to worry about me just being left out if it's cured it is should I take that with a grain of salt or sea salt stopping all the bad stuff that isn't it from Steven Garrett Wellington New Zealand read the post a Roman was talking about he's talking about I think of it as last week I was looking up those duck prosciutto I think or some sort of you know hanging meat that he just wiped with fuel mixture of nitrites and so hung it up and sometimes the mold can develop on it depending on the moisture content of it and the relative humidity of the temperature and humidity in the atmosphere section section is it true I want Moon and says that nothing bad is going to grow on that mean she don't really need to worry about it well mostly yes mostly that's true although I mean I would take it with

you know I would take it with a little bit of a grain of salt mean there are bad things that can happen to meet that has been cured they cured me itself probably isn't bad but French dance you could contaminate cured meats and then I could have really nasty stuff on it that doesn't die right away right so yes you know it and also it depends on whether you've used enough salt so you know if you haven't used enough salt and you haven't cured all the bad stuff so I just the fact that you have cured it and that looks cured isn't necessarily mean that it's always going to be okay and all circumstances however for the most part if you properly cure or something and follow the instructions then yes nothing bad is going to happen but let's not forget that in ground meat especially if you don't get the proper pH and you don't use the proper salt amount you don't have the proper amount of nitrates that you could do yourself some serious damage does not forget that the word botulism comes from the Latin word for sausage okay

okay now I'm not going to find out another question okay Derek Bodkin Road in with a question saying a Dave & Co that would be you and the rest is it possible to substitute Eastern red cedar berries for juniper berries thanks for your help and inside and keep being awesome okay so here in the US a lot of us don't have the key under standard tuning for that we used in flavoring which is Juniper I guess communis I think it was called Unit Paris commune has something like that I don't have a lot in front of me and that's the one that used for flavoring but a lot of us have around the eastern red cedar which is going to make it up now Junot Paris and then like the Virginia Virginia Anika or something like that sounds like Virginia whatever anyway, you know it's a common juniper that's around here a lot so so you saw a lot of snorting meant it turns out that the red cedar the berries are edible in fact and have been used since prehistoric times by Native American tribes Living in America

as of both of the leaves the berries and bark have been used in various decoctions and teas for various various you know ailments that you might have said yes if they can be used the word apparently is also quite nice but the downside is that it doesn't have the same power play romantic quality that the traditional Juniper is so it's not going to is not going to be a baller necessarily Juniper flavor that said if you taste it and you liked it then maybe you can use it in a way that's different from the other Juniper that we're used to it might give him a big believer in it might not be as good as Juniper at being Juniper but it might be very good at being what it is the eastern red cedar you know what I'm saying size anyway so give it a try it's not going to poison you however I read some sources that say it's mildly toxic but again it's been used for a long time it was in my

book it was in a bunch of the references I've read I wouldn't eat a whole boatload of them and there are Juniper species out there that are toxic to a greater or lesser degree so make sure you have your identification right don't eat boatloads of it and maybe try to find an application when it tastes as good or better than the regular Trooper for what you're trying to use it for there's a great article in mm ink is summer time for between 2006 and 2009 in the New York Times in the gardening section that you can find on the internet about Juniper and which junipers to use and and so on so forth

right like that now Philippe is he get his first name and last night he's been contemplating picking up Michelle Ross which is the famous French chef from where she from Albrecht or somewhere that shun knife for years now I've read many reviews and they're split half and half I'm worried about the Platinum oxide coating on the blades titanium oxide actually I believe I do have one and does it scratch easily thanks so much okay

titanium Sean AKA Kershaw has a bunch of lines of knives out that are associated with celebrities one type or another so they have Alton Brown Eyes have a funky angle because Alton Brown is tall and he can't cut properly with a regular knife because the angle is bad so he says I can't use the Alton Brown Eyes but I'm not that talk to be marked as he never tried one of those nights you didn't know whether or not a tall person WeatherTech seat cover for them it's an interesting fact from me I can probably get them on anyway Ken onion a famous nice designer also made one night for those guys it's completely non-traditional chefs night has a very curved belly so you say you rock it as you cut it and it's got like a kind of strange ergonomic handle on it Chef Andre soltner International School badass enjoys that knife he actually use it it and then they did a line with Michelle brosseau Michelle bras his knife with your boss is all about Aesthetics and so the night is really pretty

so it's kind of a kind of like us like gunmetal gray color and it's got a titanium oxide coating on it titanium the metal is not very hard stuff as hell and it doesn't ever it is basically won't rust but it's not that hard titanium oxide on the other hand I believe is quite hard its uses a coating for drills for high speed drills and things of that nature so I'm pretty sure that it's kind of a baller coating put on the outside right the knife itself has two different grades of stainless steel a softer stainless steel on the outside for toughness and harder stainless steel in the center for the edge so so it should be okay I mean I don't know if it's worth a huge price tag I don't think it's going to cut appreciably better than the less expensive Kershaw / nice because I don't think the blade chemistry itself is any different it might be balanced better it might be made better it definitely looks better than those other one but I don't know if it's actually going to cut better the

interesting thing about it is that it's unlike a lot of Japanese westernize I read on their website actually it wouldn't go outside its sharpen with a 50/50 bevel meaning of sharpen the same way on either side like traditional French or German knife which means it should be fairly easy for someone who's used to europeanized to sharpen it it sharpened 15 degrees in each side so it's not it's fairly it's a fairly sharp fairly sharp blade I read some reports on the internet's saying that they are well very well balance blades and if they handle quite well now I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant worry about the sharpness of their knives and they buy the most you know that the best steel the best is the best dad ceramic knives all this other stuff and you know it in the words of Jeffrey steingarten recorded here several times you know what knives are like puppies they're always good when they're new it's only later that the problems come out and I think the main thing about a knife is how easy is it to sharpen how

what is it for you to sharpen and how well can you re sharpen a 900 talk about sharpening hear about it but I'll say something I don't think I said before which is I would prefer steel that isn't quite as bad as that sharpens really well and just sharpen the dang thing more often write a lesser quality read softer steal that you sharpen right before you use it is going to do a much better job in general than the super hard high-quality powdered centered steal that you buy and then having sharp end in 4 months be nice just truth what do you think those are just as she takes people knives and beat somebody about their head and she's his estranged dating station

yes or no what oh yeah okay we'll talk about it later okay you're welcome and then one more question you turn some already old blanch cauliflower into puree I was hesitant so I popped a florets into a small pot and covered with half and half and then with a paper lid I slowly simmer the cauliflower until it's tender but the weird side effect was in a lot of the cauliflower turn brown as if it were caramelized or me to mayard know it didn't taste good even in the first place I do you know what happened to Christine first of all I did some research this morning on cauliflower looks like I'll have to wrap up with this guy did a bunch of research on cauliflower and it did you know that in the biz they don't call cauliflower florets florets they call it heard it looks like you know like cheese

like there's no one on Earth that doesn't unless you're vegan that doesn't like cauliflower drenched in a cheese sauce right it's just good stuff and so and my kids for a long time my kids for a long time I wouldn't eat green vegetables really have any of any sort by a long time I mean still there. They don't like vegetables I meant to things that they put in their head by there by I don't know by other kids it's one of these like weird things that perpetuated generation after generation I love green vegetables growing up anyway that's me it's not green I'm going to drink it and cheese sauce everyone freaking loves cheese sauce and it was the worst dinner I've ever had in my in my life the worst experience of the cauliflower is delicious it was the worst experience of a meal I have ever had in my entire life is screaming the moaning the pleading the crying and ever since that that day

all I've ever had to say is threaten my kids with cauliflower for dinner quiet some weird stuff it's like a look at school it's all mental it doesn't own you feel the same way to my son Booker who loves sardines I filled it with cauliflower and he opened up music like I had like I don't know some sort of like I don't know toxic toxic something like that so turns out that cauliflower like all other you know you're kind of Prosecco style things like cabbages like broccoli like brussel sprouts contain a lot of sulfa containing compounds and so when you insult the chemistry of these sulfur compounds in food is extremely complicated and as you cook these things for a long time a very sings happened they get stinky right then they get old and you have lipid oxidation and now

and it turns out sometimes I guess they can change colors I couldn't find I didn't have time to run it down and since Maggie is still in China I guarantee you he knows right off the top of his head exactly what's going on but since he's in China I can't call him to get that information out of his head but some of the stuff that's in it I was thinking that there's a there's a cup of cauliflower and storage and what one of the culprits might be these kind of polyphenols that are and if they can react with iron I'm wondering if you had any sort of if you're using a steel pot possible that maybe the steel in the pot had something to do with it in which case if it is something like that like non enzymatic Browning it's happening or some sort of weird my reaction may be in conjunction with the half and half be used at Louis Corbett gas in might make it better but there's all sorts of very complicated sulfur breakdown compound is in cauliflower that can change over time gets to

Quiero ver time it's a known as a known fact you might want to look for a reference to some articles like the following constituents from Romanesco cauliflower the glucose glucose and no late and free sugar content in cauliflower and an automatic renewal cauliflower on story but I haven't found a 100% you no reason why it would happen. The more I read the more complicated cauliflower turns out just don't serve it to my kids all right before we leave today show is sponsored by supplying Innovative ingredients for cooking techniques in ingredients but hate to overspend 4 pounds of supplies and only a few grams are needed for application modernist Pantry has a solution they offer a wide range of modern modern ingredients in packages that make sense for that and most cost only around five bucks saving you time money and storage space weather looking for hydrocolloid pH buffers or even meat glue you'll find it modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just ask

Chris Andersen his team will be happy to shorten for you with inexpensive shipping to any country in the world by Nas pantry is your one-stop-shop Innovative cooking ingredients modernist Pantry carries Chris Cote you see a modified starch that can be used in batteries and breading to give fry Foods in extra crispy crust like that weird extra crispy Quest

Vandercook can you choose a place order $25 or more before next week's show will get a free package of Crisco to play with simple use the promo code C I-77 when placing an order online at modernist Pantry. Com visit - for all of your cooking needs of the modernist nature and has come back next week

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