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Episode 75: Low Temperature & Hot Pockets

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shake your right because she beat you here to have time to shave the back of your neck now you all know something about that's all right now how did Jack and the rest was two days ago on Sunday nastasha the hammer had dinner with none other than dr. Seuss write me Mike's lights eBay sniping are killing people killing people so it's like all about the good section of the sex isn't good take you out for long range without you knowing what you got to talk about this first of all she's 90 years old folks right and then her parents were you know died in the concentration camps you take him to an orphanage in Switzerland and then for some reason

learn how to be a sniper after the war during the war

wow yeah so like that little smile means that she will she will shoot you straight between the Dan dies wow I had no information so I don't know if I came up

what would massage in the house you know Murder and sniping is going to come up eventually that's crazy stuff to Sean Casey animal shelter in Brooklyn who are looking to get a Pat Booker wanted a cat of course we can a cat because you know my sister-in-law's deadly allergic to them and Jen doesn't want a dog makes me whole defrosted my packages of like a Frozen whole mice are there Frozen in kind of a suppository shape so that the snakes need to swallow those suckers without choking throwed in the cage live one

can turtles are 20 lb

question to me in Hi-Tech city building Chevron about that but thank you for enjoying it on medium sized fine dining restaurant in Bergen and I can't pronounce it is sit and salt but this isn't Bergen County New Jersey this is Bergen Norway got her Jersey face on now actually next weekend rock and mineral show the young one wants to go to a rock and mineral show in Jersey you know that New Jersey is one of the mineral capitals of the world minerals okay somehow I got to know how I got drawn out tracking believe that interception and my side of my iPad okay we normally cook gar fish wrapped in cling film that plastic wrap for all you guys out there in the rational Combi oven with a fairly High delta-t meaning if you don't know we're talking about it means that he's trying to cook at 2

particular temperature let's say in the like 50 or somewhere Celsius in the middle or blow and then using a much higher temperature like 60 or something Celsius to cook it in a standard way of cooking but low temperature we talked about Delta teas are talking about very specific differences in temperature between the cooking medium and what was cooking usually 65 degrees Centigrade for a core temperature of 39 to 42 which is I don't know what that is that something like a hundred and c-42 is something like a hundred and three years. My dad is the Fahrenheit is very low very low this is on the very very low scale of cooking in fact that most people wouldn't call it cooking without warming there's like a lot of debate in contention about whether or not this is why I like it but like this hyper low temperature for and I let me get finish with what the question was a delicious fish in about 5 to 7 minutes but also grossly overcook and ugly exterior and what time

Jimmy is happening is the outside is overcooked 65 degrees is is high and secondly I when you're cooking low temp in these temperature ranges right we're not getting any seared or any sort of Browning on the outside you get off white proteins that come out of a basic solution or drown on wag you late and look like little specks of almonds egg white on the surface of the fish and they look gross anyway so last night during service we tried steaming the fish but not really steamy scenes of misnomer you had it in the combi oven with 100% humidity at 45 degrees centigrade to a core temperature of 42 centigrade and it was awesome stunning potatoes almost raw and the text was almost Blakey and completely transparent it took we cooked it almost 45 minutes so my problem is is this safe I always say to my customers at all the fish and seafood we serve are unpasteurized and or raw butt is the additional 45 minutes in the danger zone okay we use very fresh fish usually in rigor the dry salted for 20 minutes beforehand and thanks and please say hi

the guys out in Blue Hill Stone barns so hello Blue Hill Stone barns from Eric in Bergen Norway okay it was an experiment to see if we can drop the fish in the combi as soon as we got the ordering from a customer but presumably to tasting plate so comes in early right and if it would still be good after that amount of time and I think I'll be better to drop the fish when you sent all the moves to the to the table that would probably bring the cooking time down to 20 or 30 minutes we have a vacuum machine vacuum Packer circulators and so that's an option instead of putting the combi oven is heat transfer much quicker in a vacuum bags in a Combi we feel cooking fish in a bag is good but the look and texture suffers ever-so-slightly because their machine is small and they use an analog pressure meter to excetra so they can never be very accurate with how much vacuum is also additional work okay love

let's work now she's out in reverse order one I don't feel you have a need to vacuum the fish in a vacuum bag unless you are mimosas don't have a Combi oven right and so vacuum fish in a bag is the only way the zip locking a fish in a bag really is the only way we can do low temperature work with fish night if you have a Combi oven or if you have a right out of my head if you have a Combi oven or if you have a cvap you can do low temperature without it and in many ways it's Superior because a bag does a couple things one at tense of deform the portion slightly right unless you're very good at backing it or you put a lot of oil into it and two if you suck a vacuum on fish and cooked under a vacuum I find it a texture is affected one of the things we doing low temperature sous vide class that I teach is we serve a variety the same fish in a variety of different vacuum levels cook and everyone everyone can tell the difference in the higher fax face

and also no one really likes usually the the super hydrovac fish and also even some of the meeting back ones are weird Ziplocs are usually pretty damn good because they don't have any sort of vacuum effect that they allow you to cook low temperature and cooking issues which yes yes I know I haven't written for a long time and you'll see step by step instructions on how to put fish in a ziplock bag but it is more work that are vintage of vacuums you can refuse flavors at if you do it but you're not going to hold these fish for a long time secondly if you're telling people that stuff is raw and unpasteurized yeah that's good that's a good first step I would not cook these things at that temperature for 45 minutes because you are incubating bacteria at that temperature I think your 20-minute window is a lot safer a lot lot safer also 45 minutes it might not be a problem with Ling I don't have a lot of experience with lean but some of your fatty fatty or fishes will have enzymes in the can

need a break the fish down over time and so 45-minute fish will get mushy even if it doesn't get microvilli spoiled it will get mushy I don't know specifically that when you when you put back when you put a piece of fish Into the Danger Zone at the battery doesn't start growing immediately there's a lag time before the bacteria start growing and then it goes into a log rate when it's growing me a ferocious rates but the problem is I don't know exactly how long it's going to take to get into the log rate of cooking but your zone is right in the log area of growth when it's going to grow at a Fierro citrate then you have a problem if it goes out and you don't know how fast it was it was being served I would feel completely comfortable with a fish that you tell people is basically raw uncooked unpasteurized excetera with a 20 minute with a 10 to 20 minutes cook time and out if they were going to eat it right away and you never had the opportunity of time to reach it again serve it if anything happened that I feel comfortable with 45 minutes I start to feel a little bit uncomfortable mean again you're probably not going to do anything but who knows

so certain fish can develop at the low temperatures are histamines and I don't know which ones they are but this is what Bruno guiso tell me I've never done the research because I kind of was looking at him cross-eyed when he was telling me that he just hates this text me the real problem is is it also is a tepee super low temperatures people if you never had these things right like this super super low temperature fish that were talking about was one of the reasons why a lot of stress in America like Wylie Dufresne my brother-in-law got into sous vide and low temperature in the first place is because he's hyper load textures of fish they look amazing they look like like almost like like candy like jelly likes like sometimes it's almost like a vacuum infused watermelon likes like if it's like something like a like a salmon so they look amazing like and the texture is we used to describe is kind of fudgy and dance there's a particular temperature window right around there where the intense fishing is a raw fish goes away and yet it doesn't have the texture of cooked fish and it's awesome I really like it

a good 50% of the customers here in in New York don't like that texture to a lot of people are kind of moved away from that kind of cooking here in the States but yet it is a virtuoso thing to do. Answer the question I can't remember Dr Ruth became a sniper for Israel after the war or after the nice I still try to imagine it's like what I've always known as kind of a sweet older women sniping people you know like a little gun to the Head sniping issues thing anyway I'm alright see you when I go to first commercial break and come back all right let's go

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all natural and snot and the second reason is it's expensive but it is a fantastic and unlike alginate it does not have a problem with acidity color you're on the air this is Mark Cohen from Toronto Canada to people when they look like average height of a pot belly wow yeah we were leaving tomorrow that's awesome. Sleep missing oh my gosh all right we'll look for him all right to your question

the temperature controllers and wondering if I can use a pressure controller to sort of put a pressure vessel in my freezer with whatever food I want to freeze dry and answer to decrease the pressure at the temperature goes down trying to follow that you know the triple point line of the water face okay so you're you're mean problem me first of all do you have access to a liquid nitrogen and or dry ice yeah you're going to need to I mean in General on a freeze dryer they're going to go actually sometimes heat heat the sample right I mean what you're going to need to do

is get first you have a really good vacuum Source but you know it's it's basically the the vacuum pumps that I use are Commercial Refrigeration vacuum pumps and they only get down to about I'd say for three or four millibar in that range and you're going to need to get substantially better you going to get better than that to get a really good result out of it you need to get quite low and you're going to have to ensure that your cold trap right that can

and it was basically waiting for love you and I'll freeze drying what you do is you free something typically then you place it in a vessel you suck a vacuum on it and in between that and the vacuum you put a cold trap and the the liquids that are frozen solid surface area of solids Frozen in the thing sublimate turn to a gas migrate to the cold trap where they're frozen in the cold trap and you maintain a vacuum until the majority of the liquid it's in the product or what would be liquid in the product has sublimated in migrated over to the coultrap that's the theory of operation but typically you need to get a fairly cold cold trap so dry ice is fine anything I think below about minus 60 Celsius if Nick is okay but coulter's typically better do you need to keep it cold the whole time I would if you can I mean if you can I would use your vacuum pump to also vacuum insulated cold trap on the outside it's going to stop your heat loss and prolong the life of your

coolant of your dry ice the other thing is the temperature control and I guess a freezer would work your main problem is going to be getting the vacuum right and making sure you're cold trap stays cold I've never had luck with put it that way and the I tried it in the rotovap basically using the rotovap is it kind of a cheap way to freeze dry with my Refrigeration vacuum pump it again I'd only got down even I tweeted all the way out and only got it got down and maybe like 2 3 bar and it's still I did not get any luck but I encourage you to try and tell me what happens

please do please do thank thanks for thanks for calling it a follow-up I just question in other words are there in a couple months ago and getting caught up with all the shows I recently decided to do a DIY do-it-yourself circulator and just got to finish last weekend I started with the Seattle food geek and oh my pudding plans which I don't I don't know those particular ones but I'm sure they're well-known plans on the on the internet but they made a few changes what I think or improvements at least my question first on the fish tank pump I started with died around 55 degrees Celsius I'm not using a $15 high temperature pump that only moves one liter per minute roughly 16 gallons per hour using several Pro it seems to be acceptable in a small bath with one bag do you think this is enough movement or can you recommend a faster high temperature pump that won't break the bank okay that I do not think that's enough anymore

air circulation is going to be enough for one bag in a pot because you just need to get this thing moving the problem is if you put the heater into a bigger unit and then you have a lot of bags in it you're going to have an even have issues with a dead spot so I pump height no higher flow pump is going to be a better typically the one the last time I did one I used to pump it was recommended on the Brewers forms I forget what it is I wasn't that expensive for recirculated Mash pumps rims method and those pumps Handel water quite well and I believe can go up into the mid-sixties OR better Celsius so you might want to check out the Brewers forms for recirculating Mash pump setups and they all have cheap ones I can't remember off the top of my head. So readily available the pop I remember from sources like Ranger or Ebay II

second about safety address before but I wonder if you could quickly run through some safety tips I'm using Ziploc bags under what circumstances and how critical is getting every last bit of are out this is tough with ground meat is there an absolute minimum temperature to which you cook grocery store beef chicken whole or ground can I add anything to the bag to adjust pH or oxygen help anything else thanks Aaron call okay look and I had to follow up with whatever it in okay so the deal is with safety you don't need to get all of the air out of the bag you know the reason to get out you're not trying to do preservation for a long time you trying to cook right so getting the air out isn't as big a deal that said you can get some oxidation if there's an excess amount of air especially on something like a cream on glaze you cooking creme anglaise you want to get the air out because I've noticed you get more kind of a Niggy cell free taste if you don't that's why even though I cook a lot of meats in Ziploc bags at home I really do prefer vacuuming for something like a crime

play some you're cooking it ground meat you don't want to get all the air out if you did it would be you know like a puppy like a sausage you wouldn't want that so you want to keep keep me know if you want to keep it not not dense and Crush down so the minimum temperature I would cook that depends what you mean by minimum the minimum temperature that I typically recommend for people to cook at is about 54.4 cells because that's the minimum temperature for beef on the on the food near the fsis USDA website so that's the lowest temperature that I usually recommend there are people that recommend lower I typically will cook at 50 likes steak I'll typically and even ground meat if you cook it long enough you took a long nap because you put a lot of bacteria into the inside of the meat when you grind it but 55 for steak and usually for a for hamburger I'll do like 56 if I want like a rare or medium-rare scything cook it through then if you wanted to maintain rare all the way through drop the temperature to 50° Celsius for about 30

Randstad to cool it cool down then sear the hell out of it to get a crust on it if you want the burger to have more of a standard taste and don't kill it before you cook it and you'll be fine but that's a typically what I do and as a follow-up to copious copious notes indecent photos through the process of making the circulator you make sure you have a close relationship to the polyscience guys so I don't know whether to be interested but happy to write it up and send it to you use as a blog post another resource or even just for your amusement or a critique it surely no thing of beauty but I think it is proven or the other plans that already exists on the internet with greater detail the construction steps let me know if it's worth my time to draft and I'll send it your way when he sends me the photos of stars to look at it she's a Rough Creek in the world she said she hates 90% of the stuff I do

and she hangs out on the weekend with snipers with a comment on last week show where I forgot who was called in and said he had problems with his chickens being tough every like 50 chicken breast is being tough on the Costco and he says virtually all broilers 9 all 9 billion of them they're slaughtered in the u.s. 9 billion Jesus in the US are 40 to 45 days so tough chicken is likely not an age of fact I agree but the question is what is the effect that has anyone else noticed the one in five Tuff breast problem at Costco and I'm looking for Costco in the Bronx and Harlem easier for me to fly to Europe than this for me to go to you know it's crazy but I mean

that way I mean but immediate you know what I'm talking about end but the thing is is it we're so provincial we hardly ever leave within like 10 blocks or 20 blocks of where we live with uptown coming out to Brooklyn here basically I feel like I'm an adventurer and Explorer because I live in Manhattan and people in Brooklyn I guess sometimes feel the same way that I got mad I got to go anyway we are what do you think that that's exactly how I feel when I have to go to the city but notice they call the city over the last month Davis mentioned to Preferred knife sharpening tools do a sharpened Edge Pro can you come in on the need to have both oars one preferred and which one the okay to the Edge Pro is a sharpening system and it's one of the sharpening systems is based on fixing the angle between the knife blade and the sharpening tool so basically you have on the Edge Pro you hold a Knife by the handle with the blade facing towards you

and there's a stick on it that you rub back and forth over the service to the knife and it stinks maintain it at a very you know precise angle so you can get both sides the knife and you don't have to think you don't have to look and you can sharpen a billion knives in like 13 seconds once you set it up and takes like 5 to 6 minutes set it up what you said it up you can sharpen all your nice very quickly to the same edge angle it's extremely repeatable so if you want to know if you know you want a particular edge angle on something you can just rip them all through right now it's not very effective if you only need to do one or two knives or if you need to constantly change your angles or if all of your knives are different Edge angles because then having to reset it each time and in all this other stuff I do like it for multiple multiple things and it gets things unbelievably sharp okay and has a wide range of grits on it and you can replace the grades and the steel that thing stay true and they don't count out the

the duo sharp is basically just a hand a large the one that I use is a large hand Diamond Whetstone right and what it requires you to have traditionally sharpen your knives requires you to use your senses your hands are eyes and your funeral your finger when you're when you're feeling for the burrage to determine whether you've gotten the angle correct on the sharpening and you know when you're done excetera excetera they have a great on both sides what I like about the duo sharp is it extremely thin it's fairly light and it will never warp and you'll never get out get out because it's a diamond select a lot of the Japanese water stones have problems with a good couch and have to be retrude on the time that said like I like I say most like high-end Chef they still adhere to their know they're Japanese water stones and they would probably scoff at you know my duosharp that I have around but when I use it mine eyes are freaking sharp and I get the people were like all right that's freaking sharp and Nils who was at Waterstone man

for many years I tried mine when I was away once it was like all right I'm getting one of these suckers because you know what it's easy to fit in my bag I don't have to freaking soaked it in water it doesn't make a mess all over my knives the way that they are at waterstones do and I don't have to retrue it ever done done done done and done right hey look if you don't like it call up and blame me and tell me I'm a jerk wad but make sure you get there really really leave the green and red one don't get one of the question when does not going to be it's not going to be happy for you okay

so I have a treated one more quick commercial break their Jack we think yes

JP taxi to me

Big Greek music

don't bring Joshy and Bruschi to Africa food hater from Africa call biocide you just click on something what the heck was that I was Sean Cody I'm guessing Fela kuti son I do not want to see a Japanese store in Africa and furthermore furthermore I do not want to see any sort of crappy Japanese African Fusion

Cuisine with your Dashi base stuff in my in my skin in my food basically that's crazy crazy stuff crazy stuff as you would like that does not like combo you like Tashi though I don't do it don't do it don't do it is not pleased with it okay wow I can't even think of anything else my whole life has changed I did not realize it was such a crowd out there with you know and I read the email she can also read she has that capability I have two questions to answer the first question really I'm going to

play you don't know the answer the first question in the second one I'm going to do your question along with one else's question because it's one of those rare instances where I've gotten very simple questions in the same week where does the term 86 come from you don't know what we talkin about usually there's a there's a number of things you can say someone is 86 which means are no longer welcome write in a restaurant or a place or you can say an item is 86 and that means we're out of it and stop serving it right so you know when last night when we ran out of the peach by the way listen to this at the bar Booker and Dax you have a peach dish on the menu at Peach drink I don't want to hear about it but house not peachy let me tell you something it's never freaking peach season in New York right mean like we grow peaches here with a from New York know they were from the sooner they were we bought them in Harlem but they were trucked up from like down South Maryland are some qualities known for that right New York is not like what I have the book pages in New York so I'm fully aware of the history of peach growing in New York state okay but it it's

this is not our finest point the fact that matter is right that peaches when they are in season don't last very long and so you have a boatload of peaches lying around so the question is you can either make a traditional Peach Brandy with it which delicious right or you can make peach jam or you can make canned peaches which nastasha happens to find incredibly delicious do you know you like a campaign my favorite thing in fact it's Tasha like sack and Peach not as a substitute for a fresh peach but rather as its own thing so it's it's winter time out why don't we make canned peaches a drink and put it on the menu so we make canned peach juice right and then Karen Jarman one of our bartenders made a delicious tequila Mezcal umeboshi vinegar can Peach

let me see some pictures are always well no computers are not in season in the height of Summer you should be saving them for other times okay to use it as long as you use it for the right reasons then reminds me that I have to go to the radio show I looked on the street and there was an empty my Crush by a box of hot pockets on the street Hot Pockets with my kids I don't know what the hell it is my kids like go to the store they look in the thing and they want the freaking hot pockets and the thing is is that the only television they ever watch a stream through Netflix or Hulu should have never seen the commercial weather like Hot Pockets not I know that like hot pockets is like that that tune like I almost want to buy it you know and the word hot pocket bike has an awesome like alliteration sock pocket you know what I mean it's like and if they hired like Snoop Dogg to just get on the air to go like

Hot Pockets Hot Pockets Hot Pockets I would buy it like if you just said like 5 times in a row I would do nothing but buy Hot Pockets you know what I mean what kind of evil marketing genius do they have they can make a kid look at a box of freaking hot pockets and say Daddy buy me those damn things when you want

Hot Pockets pepperoni pizza

crispy usually

buy me some hot pockets I don't do that I'd like it's okay baby we need to make a modernist Pantry commercial like that you know anyway the point is is that when you 86 something it's gone or you have to get rid of the person excetera excetera now it's like many terms of this nature there's no accepted accepted derivation of a damn ologies are all kind of all Bs and they're all based on like at a very tenuous reasoning some people say that you know Delmonico's Restaurant I had an item number 86 that was always out and some people said there it comes from A Streetcar where the 86th Street was the last stop some people said it comes from you know the crew

planet on a ship they only had 85 and Cat6 person wasn't there excetera excetera supposed there was a law about alcohol service that was Article 86 but no one's ever seen the article or printed it Etc there's no there's a table that only had 85 seeds and 86 Exception by blah blah blah blah anyway these all seem to be pretty much to be a horse hockey Chumlee's which is a famous Speakeasy in New York was Faye Kesey is number 86 on it Street and so they would throw people out and it's eb-86 sign go to for I know basically good rundown of all this but all the stuff seems kind of nonsense is no try to leave it to a woman and I couldn't copy it because they have an anti-theft like copyright they want to be right click and paste but her main thing is it's probably it's a rhyming slang 86 fornix

Dixit Nick something exit 86 but there's also a whole host of it I didn't have a chance to find my copy but the Darcy O'Neal's fix the pumps has a lot of old soda slang jargon in it and that they know and also probably old Diner slang and that's one of those old terms that he might go to the etymology and he's good with that kind of a thing the book fix the pumps by the way is no slang term for check out the woman with the large breasts basically fix the pump that's what this line is for anyway so that the second question is quite interesting is when it comes to smoking livers maybe monkfish duck chicken or even beef what's the difference does it make to soak it in water carbonated water or milk what works best the carbonated water actually this is from TV carbonated water I've never heard of but it's interesting I didn't notice in the 1890s there was reference if a

bird was gay me or if parts of things were gay me to wipe it with soda water but my presumption and what they say soda water isn't carbonated water but water with baking soda in it and so it'll cooking soda in it and that seems me to make more sense because then they say the packet with charcoal to get rid of the bad odors right because you're going to cook that damn thing you're not going to throw it away back in the 1890s Boston cooking school book I'm so I'm wondering whether that carbonated water is actually a modern thing that has some sort of scientific Merit or whether it's a misread of soda water from a much older technique of deodorizing a the other thing whether it's going to be water or milk and what works best I'm going to combine in with a question we have on sweetbreads sweetbreads livers and other awful mainly touching on using milk or not if milk what exactly why exactly is it you

and are there other alternative is there a time maybe you could touch on your preferred cooking technique for cooking sweet breads I incorporate you sous-vide or not to press or not peel before or after and so on I've always soaked in milk pumpkin and press but never really questioned why to present soaked in milk okay so I'm going to handle those two things at once here's the deal most of the cooking techniques for awful involve getting terrible right there that date not even like all of this alternate is a user offer also awful like variety Meats variety sounds terrible right anyway a lot of these techniques are made to either get rid of residual blood in them because there is you know they're usually typically they're not they're not muscle and so a lot of times you want to get rid of the blood like in sweet bread so that the color is good so so can help with that or to get rid of the off flavors that develop because leasing spoil relatively quickly compared to muscle meats and tend to have a higher bacterial contamination at the begin

and they also tend to have a lot of fat that tends to break down more than the fat in regular whole muscle cuts and so you have you no fat oxidation you have microbial spoilage and you have a lot of other things that cause he sings to kind of be stinky and need a little special tender loving care before they're cooked and that's a lot of times with the soak is doing also if you're going to poach something you know about to be say put it in cold and bring it up when you're poaching and that's also to draw stuff out McGee mentions this if that you know you start cold and bring it up so that you can so that basically you're drawing soluble proteins out and then once they're drawn out cold then they coagulate on the surface and you can skim off that undesirable scum that floats on the top of the of the blanching pot when you're doing a poaching of awful sweet bread things like that milk is very interesting because a lot of these a lot of these Cuts can develop off flavors do to Fat breakdown rancidity and basically just brakes

free fatty acids things like this and they have a lot of lipid-based off flavors in them if you soak in milk milk is going to be better by the way just have stopped my head but I believe it to be true but it's not basing bike scientific research is what I'm telling you and someone can come back and tell me I'm a jerk or an idiot which I'm sure they will like milk is good because it's water but it has a fat and it's I'm thinking skim milk probably wouldn't be as good for this right and it would suck out the it would suck out some of the fat based off flavors write better than water alone would that's my guess what you think about that gas pistache could guess who guess anyway so it's soaking is going to space to draw out things that are soluble that are not bound that can be taken off salt is going to flavor it is also going to probably help it out text Shirley if you salt water salt and milk might be a good alternative and I think that's what's going on and then you never

milky discard it because it apparently is sucking up all the evil all the evil humor right and so that is my gas for that ask for any other like parsley fatty things that you could use like that man that you can make a soaking thing that wasn't milk if you are allergic to milk you could like a mole suffice and fat into something with an emulsifier and then added to it and that might work like take away 3/10 as she's at to make like a an olive oil water in motion or use an ultrasonic homogenizer to make a milk out of like that we could do it if it's a question is that you can't use milk I tend to do I don't know why but I tend to do the the old school with sweetbreads I I will I will soak them in salt water poke salmon millcrest them and then fry them but I don't know why I like a crispy sweet bread by the way I don't do sous-vide or any of that stuff on it I should I have the instructions for it are the temperatures for On the Block in the in the cooking charge

but typically I do it the old school way because I like a crunchy sweet bread right and not a mushy when you like a mushroom soup better question and it stays together we put salt water and soap so that it tastes good and it draws out the extra blood and what not and I use milk because I don't know why I just do it I mean oh by the way if you like sweetbreads but you I don't like bovine spongiform encephalopathy AKA mad cow or if you're worried about her about any sort s i t i c transfer transfer a miscible transmissible spongiform encephalopathy due to degenerative brain disorder a brain disorder similar if you're worried about that you can make something a very passable fake sweet bread using a chicken skins you just roll up you sprinkle chicken skins with salt and glue roll them into a roulade

set post them off cut them into pinwheels and deep fry them and they are very similar to sweet breads and delicious and my dad very delicious cake at the one last one we got to get the next caller on the line for that show all right listen Lee Kalman I have your question on hearts and how to cook hearts and I will tell him I will tell you my answers on it next week and it involves an article called studies on the development of tenderize chicken gizzard & Go dark pickles

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grandma just can't get it straight