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Episode 74: From Moscow to Australia

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how do you say it again I assumed by the miners pantries I correct that it's correct I will be reading there are printers broke so I'll be reading it I guess call her iPad 1 anyone else who's waiting call him 271-849-7128 that's 718-497-2128 call or you're on the air. I'm coming I'm calling from Sydney Australia if using truffle flavor and what about macgyvering a sous-vide you're not affiliated with The Tonight Show are you


how do you say in Australia Today Tonight Show is that they were they the people that had the anti meat glue telecast did you see that back when it aired about a year ago on TV

Trenton cooking with service Harvest I'm very enjoyable and I'll clarify a liquid using mokume Gane are you blowing that before you eat it very good to take out the backpack and then waited for those of you who don't know we're talking about meat glue is an enzyme that we used to bond different proteins together when it's doing that bonding a small amount of ammonia is produced in the reaction

in fact you can use their reaction as a gauge for how strong your Miku is by dipping something like raw chicken into the meat glue and smelling it and making sure that you have that a role in the reaction is taking place McDonough is a Japanese metalworking technique where different layers of laminate together and then sand flat have a wood grain kind of appearance to a number of years ago I did a recipe with fish different colored fish their Laird together and then cut on a slicer so you get a wood grain effect of the fish where the very thin layers of glue together that that recipe I put some salt and sugar so it's cured but it's not cooked and so when I originally did that recipe I did notice the the aroma kind of of the meat group because it was a very thick block tied over use the meat glue and and so it was noticeable and that thing had been in a vac-pac all the way up until the time it was sliced so to remedy that I used much less me clue you know their subsequent

I made that recipe and I also packed it to compress it but then cut it out of the backpack and let it let it sit and all of the ammonia to spend money very volatile right so it's going to dissipate in fact there's a baking powders that are based on Pneumonia that are used as specifically for cookies and they bake out overtime but if you put them in something at super thick right or you don't cook it enough that tastes horrible because the ammonia is still there so money is volatile will leave especially to cook dinner was not a problem ever really but in the in the fish I notice you know that it was a problem occasionally I run tests we're with you add a boatload of meat glue to something it's cooked in a bag that's never taken out of the bag if some people can detect something even on a long cooked braised but it takes a boatload of people to do that

cool and then thank you very much and the second question was I heard that truffles really good at it and I really wanted to use the trailer of truffles in chocolate truffles like so I was wondering what the best way maybe to infused chocolate and cream you can use butter in a in a ganache instead I mean I've done plenty of butter ganache as he's trying to find a butter-based what year you could Infuse directly into the cream if you want to use cream but I do plenty of butter base work mean it texture to change someone's by mean I've I've done plenty of butter butter and chocolate ganache as you can refuse into or you confuse directly into the cream a good way to infuse something like a truffle where it's expensive you don't want to lose a lot of a Roma's to infuse it in a vacuum

so that you yeah right just putting the vacuum back so I can and then basically everything stays contained in there and you're not going to be volatilize in a lot of the aroma of the truffle

cool I didn't think about that if you have access to a fax machine if not you can if you if you have access to the vacuum machine if you don't you could you know use a Ziploc or something like that

okay and my question was about macgyvering a sous-vide machine so that would discuss I had one really late one night with my friends have accepted to being ashamed and so on and so forth and somebody suggested using a deep fryer with a dog shedding and a really high-quality tropical fish tank water pump well fortunately there are tons of people out there that are selling kids right now for doing basically what you really need is a temperature control of me that that the pump yes you can use an aquarium pump is any one of a number of pumps you can get in the sub $20 range that will circulate the problem with a deep fryer has a deep fryer

what's pants like I don't know what kind of deep fryers you're looking at but most of deep fryers at they sell here don't have exposed elements and if they don't have an exposed element you're not going to get very good heat transfer so you going to get a lot of likes going to be hard to get you a nice steady steady temperature you know what I mean you might get some porpoising or it's going to take a long time to get up and be accurate if you have cinnamon exposed element great it'll work fine the problem I have with deep fryers are any contain vessel like that as you're really Limited in the size of size of of you know what you can cook so what you basically need is a is a a PID temperature controller these can now be had for on the order of $30 us right you're going to need some sort of solid-state or regular relay again you these now can be got for like seven bucks a type K thermocouple for temperature measurement waterproof one that's another 7 tonight

it like a 14 34-35 a pump for another 20 and I are 55 and then you're going to need the heating element that you could really use anything there's lots of really cheap immersion heating element out there the trick is just not to electrocute yourself a project once just for Giggles where I know what a bunch of stuff that I got it on eBay and I bought a bunch of immersion coffee heaters a really cheap like you know $3 once you get at the you know what the local dollar store and it worked you know you want to try to get at least up to about a thousand Watts heating which is what that is used in a commercial is due but you know I stuck my hand into the into the water and there's a lot of leakage current out of those things cuz they weren't very well-constructed do you know what I mean I mean no one's expecting you to stick yeah right don't expect you to stick your hand to your cup of coffee and so they don't care so much if there's a little bit of

coming out of the heater right but you care very deeply whether you get electrocuted when you're putting your hand into a water bath to pull out a piece of food so that's that's one way to look at but you know there are tons of I don't understand that but I know here in the US we have a bunch of suppliers and I know that their suppliers nice. Because I've been forwarded by trying to buy something and found out it was an Australian website so I know that there's people out there that they're selling this kind of stuff so you should be able to get everything all told working for under $100 now and the other problem that is like trying to get a nice and closure and that's where a lot of the DIY projects that are out there are really kind of cool because they find like you know if you know I quit DIY stuff there was there was a rage I get to still raged to put everything into an Altoids tin right like a project that can fit in an Altoids tin to the miracle yeah right to the miracle is finding the cool box to put everything into him I forget what it was or some acrylic box out

that is readily available that works really well with a bunch of off-the-shelf parts to make a circulator but I can't remember what that box was but in a thank God for the internet thank you so much for the way I shall go and try that and if I get electrocuted in Australia

pretty pretty pretty good I'm actually now you got a call from Australia I'm calling from Moscow believe it or not and I have a question for you I'm redoing my kitchen and it's a simple equipment question what are you get what can I what can I what should I get in terms of the gas burner so I can you know enough people use to cook in a wok for example

it's pretty bad I use I'm going to probably be using bottled water okay so I mean that one of the great joys of having a decent water supply is that you can get a plumbus preso machine which is I love instead of having up like Translate dump water in the back I'm assuming you could probably filter 4 and up the problem with also with with certain filtering techniques like reverse osmosis on espresso machine if you really don't want RO water for your espresso because it's too pure you know it doesn't have enough minerality and so if you're working from bottles you can retrofit a commercial machine to use bottled I don't really know what's available in Russia in terms of equipment. What level of espresso machine you looking at

I'm willing to pay for a little bit here but I can definitely not you don't have the space to do like a whole pump setup right I mean there are lots of prosumer units hello is the pro Sumer units that are out there I haven't had a lot of experience with him I have experience with the smallest commercial units which are like a single group guys and they're fairly compact I don't know if you have the space for them but I mean they're good I only have I only have Minds from the you know the 80s or 90s 90s I guess because I don't have the money for a new one they're having had a dual group espresso machine that single groups aren't as temperature stable I don't have a lot of experience with the newer like princess one can canning bharara listener who's trying to get me to get the Breville one I don't have experience with that guy yet I don't know how good it is but you know things are going to be looking for our temperature stability

maybe you might want to go if you're if you're ended like tricking stuff out I don't know whether it's still considered pulling a good shot but there's a lot of people have modified Sylvia's in a very small package when chili is I'm sure it's been superseded but the espresso geek Community me know done a lot of modifications on on home machines to get them to pull a really good shots just a little more fidgety than having a pro machine you know what I mean single shot Pro machine restaurant by Michael for that but for the machine here is a company called procon and the reason the pumps are so big is because the same size pump it can handle literally gallons per minute even though you only need to put out like 60 milliliters over the course of 25 seconds or less really a 30 minute so they throw away a lot of their output and that's one of the ways they regulate pressure Pro con nose at the pumps are off

so they built a much smaller pumpkin I don't know where any of those made it into the newer machines yet because the the big pumps are lichens way Overkill in terms of size and Son need I need the other style of Puppets used is is a vibrating up most of those are made by a company in Europe called Ulta and there was basically it's a little solenoid track tie tack and you can hear him the vibrating pumps and made us go back and forth the problem with those is it's it's thought that there are pressure isn't as even as a larger rotary procon pumps and so some people have a gripe about whether not possible to get the same shot quality with those I don't have a lot of experience with them I don't know that the argument that people make that they can't pose go to shot is good or not but those pumps are radically smaller and if you have a problem with a shot of that what you can do if they don't already do it is put something called an accumulator on the backside of the pump which is basically just a chamber there

you can probably modify a soda bottle or something to do it and and it'll just even out any sort of vibration by by having like an ender you know an air cushion there by right make sense to go you can go that way as far as being a Chinatown in Moscow never been to Moscow I do go home quite a bit so I can always talk down to Chinatown in the city is very simple and very cheap here to get a wok burner you know what I mean like a ring ring of fire that you hook up to a gas supply and then all you need is an adapter to go to whatever the time and gas plumbing is that you have in Russia and you should be good to go but those are so tomorrow you could I mean I've never done it I've never set up a straight-up Wok burner but I see them all the time on the streets here in Chinatown they're just so cheap compared to try again

nothing yourself at the band that you've been the black pipe into a circle drill all the holes tap them put all the nozzles in and then get your gas you know your gas supply screwed and it seems like a big hassle especially if you're going to be home anytime soon probably easier to get it that way in adapter can't be that hard to come by when you're in the states if you know what kind of piping they have in Russia I don't you can get a you can get something McMaster-Carr here probably mm adapter a metric pipe to to you know the standard u.s. pipe to taper probably not that hard to to get Stateside and then bring it back on it that that be the way to go if I was going to go to something slightly more commercial stops right now where you can have the walk thing in the middle is there any better maybe just try to jack up the BTUs or is it just you know is that just for show

number of BTUs per hour to dump energy into the walk and that that's how it works so a lot of limitations in a particular burner have to do with how much gas is actually being Supply to it like how much gas can you supply to it and then can you combust it efficiently so you probably have to you might be able to mess around with it like drill the office I'll take her to get a bigger gas supply but then you need to figure out a way to get enough air to it make sure that it's combusting officially otherwise you're just throwing Gassaway you need actual more heat in there so if you were going you know what I'm saying so you mean anything's possible to do I have to use regular natural gas there in Russia right up the Burnside me the good news is I guess you don't need it to Throttle Down very low because you don't care about low heat output with a walk so you can just have it the thing scream at me if you increase the

I need a few PC or if it's me just got to make sure that you have enough ability to to combust it if you put too much gas through this through smaller burners you know you'll just see the flame jumping out but you'll see you have a big unburned area before it goes out and you just basically pumping gas into the air if you know what I mean but that won't be good for the kids you can do is if you can see if you can look at the size of a regular Wok burner you can get one of these things so it's all nice and finished rip out the old burner and throw a new one in. I'm saying that has the real kind of you know the fortitude at what you need and this kind of stuff I've done all the time or I've added a couple of extra 20000 BTU like I had a couple extra 20000 BTU burners in my salamander underneath so that I can have over and under fire salamander one time for a project I was working on so you can always add more burners with extra knobs on it and those things will combust great you know what I'm saying so like if you have a space that you can drill in add more heat as long as you can get it kind of in a basic ring-shaped

because it seems the way to go because you know I won't be sitting out on the side or something like that taking up space and you were going to get something but you know what would you do vacuum machine circulator I'd love to have if your if you have it like an infinite amount of gas supply it mean I've always wanted to have a Tandoor in my house be awesome you know what I mean yeah I mean I have a package at variance mean I wish I had a real Paco jet you know bad vacuum machine obviously is awesome circulator you need to go for a really good blender next time you're in the states bring one back to Nona mean

from vital prep and have him drop shipped on 220 I don't you know and also polyscience will direct Dropship you to stay to 2:20 unit and then you could bring it in as a carry back you know without having to worry about it but I don't know of anyone that does direct direct to the customer cell of 220 and then you could deal with the JB Prince or something like that and they could probably special order from you but polyscience on a circulator will probably do that and vitapet me the thing that's killing you is the taxes in the importing you know what I mean is not the item itself vitapup knows how to make a 220 fight a prep you and I mean I spoke to them about it and you know the same a polyscience mean that their stuff is he was pretty simple for them doesn't cost them more to make a 220 unit

over here but I stay there 500,000 shouldn't be that much of a price panel to hear maybe only like 10% instead of 200% to get a few more colors on the line so much you're on the air hello

I have finally acquired a circulator after

putting that offer happy forever and I'm getting ready to drop a like a laminate it released hello hello can I put yogurt on it before it goes in the bag or is that go wrong in some impressive way right so you can I have done kind of Buttermilk I haven't done yogurt in the bag of done buttermilk I mean you're going to get some money it's already Colonel Sogno how's it going to cuddle some more right I may be it might break the sauce my break but you know that the main thing that you're going to want to so when you're adding yogurt to something and I have much more experience not with Lambo with chicken like if you're going to do like a chicken tikka for instance you know that the acidity is basically there to 10

so you're looking at kind of a tenderizing effect that they have and I some people love the texture of let's go back to buttermilk 7 most experienced with it buttermilk in a bag the problem with it is especially on a very very long cooking time is that the meat can tend to machinist especially because you're not going to overcook it when you're using a water bath this makes sense so you're going to want to guard against machinist in the meat on Long cook times with with with acids in the bag that said you can have really really spectacular very soft meet results that some people really really like it's just it's a question of whether for you personally it turns to to get to the mushy side

all right and indeed you have any guidelines on at what point is likely to really start going tough the lamb case of me not being here probably to Legoland is that that the leg has so many different muscles at all wanted to be treated differently so I Legoland is very difficult piece of meat to have it all come together at the same time if you cook a leg of lamb for 24 hours there'll be some muscles in the leg of lamb that are delicious the ones that have more collagen in right and then and more connective tissue in general and then there are other muscles ones that into leg of lamb that are good with a very quick grill let's say those ones are going to taste of fiber if they're cooked for 24 hours that said

Shaw's can make up for a lot you know what I mean and so it is it's a question of what you're going to try and shoot for it in the end result is probably going to be better than what most people can attain anyway but what you should start doing when you get a circulating start playing with it like you're doing is really focusing on kind of the my new Chef what the actual differences are when you cook a piece of meat that long if you have the time but she not know what anyone does not now but later get like a the same piece of me put it inside bags and then cook it for cookie on cookie ch1 drop one in that you know I put one in then you know 8 hours later put another in and she can get a feeling for what a couple of hours here there can do when you're cooking a piece of meat over over a long. Of time that's really worth the experiment to do it to do you want to mean

On a related question very closely related some portion of the chicken but I get in the Costco multipack right turns out to be absolute rubber

Aprilia meticular a piece of the chicken out to thaw chicken breast

and out of it. That's too bad for your buying 12s and 1 in one package and some number of those

are like seven times tougher

then others that's bizarre and the NSN are presumably they're all being cooked in it similar fashion you repeated this enough such that is not just like you know one guy cooked improperly or something like that had this problem at least 5 or 10 times is it substantially different size the one that's tougher

they may be bigger I mean it's it's one of its It's tricky to tell because I usually split them with wise so like when I'm grilling them hot but I can get the inside done the same time let me ask you this does it taste better

if that makes any sense cuz I Wrong older birds are radically radically tougher but I doubt they would shift some older version with the regular yogurt to cook that doesn't make economic sense them to do so but older Berg typically will taste much more like chicken you know I don't know if you go abroad to a place that Slaughters are chickens much older they're all much tougher and so they can be hard for us to eat because we're used to a tender chicken and yet the flavor of chicken in The Miz is greater you know what I'm saying why are soups are so Bland you know what I mean compared to like if you get a real stewing hen you know the Indy get a lot of flavor out of one of those things but you know they're too kind of tough Ismail to chew on but I wonder whether it could be an age thing about me it's possible that it's Costco I'm sure Costco is like you know getting regular factory farm chickens and that they're not going to be there's not a lot of variance you know

right right and another probably not a lot of variance in in age or and I wonder whether it could be like a pH thing like a Slaughter pacing I haven't done enough research on tenderness and chicken versus Slaughter stress for instance to to know kind of what happened with a lot of research obviously on Slaughter stress and excessively so drippy meat for pork rinds but but I don't really know of anything that chicken that's interesting and hopefully maybe someone's listening that has had this experience and has done some research

that would be very curious if anybody has an opinion cuz it means it's it is

you think you need to Express Travel many people you feed him and then for them come out just to them come out really funky it really disorders scrambles your plans lyrics hopefully someone with an explanation cuz I'm curious we don't have a Costco here in New York so I don't I can't go test it myself

and one more question back to the lamb

got a little package to TPA of a TPA from a glue from your friends

your sponsors

its shape after I see it so I could I see open it up. And then by watuppa TPA the inside with me Shootin inside since you think you can you're not going to get as strong of a bond right and the meat isn't going to end when she put like a lot of force on it with plastic wrapper vacuum machine is going to be hard to get it to conform properly that make sense but it can be done cooked meat will glue just not as strongly

so I can I can I can roll it back up and actually get it at least sort of study and remember too tightly sealed and Miku and put it back in the freezer to store it after it's open

okay and I did not know that's very helpful

I called her you are on the air

hey Dave it's Mike from Denver Colorado how you doing like throw cabbage in sprinkle salt cabbage salt months later you taste down there but nothing beyond that

you know if you do a kimchi or something like that will it actually cheap and definitely keep it for a year and they're good question Mina indefinitely is a long time I mean these things tend to

reach a peak and then can be kept for a long time afterwards without them becoming unsafe the question is do they taste as good to you do you know what I mean so so basically you know what you're trying to do is get the salt level they don't have it there at the tip of my tongue so I was just kind of go and look it up when it when the time comes is it's fairly easy to calculate roughly the the salt level that you need based on Prince's the weight of cabbage that you have right and then pack the stuff together as long as it stays submerged right so that you do not exposed to a lot of air in the salt level is high enough and then when lactose lactic acid bacteria start growing in there you're going to have enough it's a combination of acidity in the salt that prevents nasty crap from growing in their overtime and it'll stay basically yeah you could keep it a year. The questions is it going to taste as good after that year is up now I like to rather than having to summer sayings

backpack not to do a quick pickle but a backpack to do something like a kimchi couldn't even see the bags inflate with carbon dioxide is great and then you know you don't have to worry about are getting to them ever because they're in a sealed bag but that's not necessarily a viable for home which is why they hate people tell you to wait the stuff down or you know put a plastic bag with water on top in it to wait wait wait to die down but you don't need to do that if you're having problems with funkiness me that is a lot of the issues that sounds like you're using a watt in a wild you know whatever happens to be around your kitchen is what your inoculating the product with so if you were if you want something like that's consistent then you can just save some of your pickling liquid from your old batch right and then after you mix in the saltist of slop in me feel like I have a brand of sauerkraut that I like right and so a lot of times ouchie

cuz I know I like that brand of sauerkraut and when I'm working on something I'll save that sauerkraut juice and I'll dump that in a long with the salt to my cabbage to kick-start the you know the particular cultures that those guys use cuz I happen to like it so if you get a result that you happen to like then you can back slap it into your next batch and you're guaranteed to get that same kind of a function is assuming you don't get a contamination it's a robust enough starter culture so you can get it going through the same thing that they do with with sourdough you could do with a pickle and turn the starter culture like that

okay are you putting in the salt Viaduct raw weight of the cabbage and not the water recipes you don't even add water to him you know they just kind of world Will Liquid out over the course of the first you know day or so and then and then you can press him or yeah I mean you want it when you're calculating salt levels for to prevent microbial spoilage right you're calculating on the final weight of total product and then what percentage of salt is that right not the percentage of the brine because you know if the Mansion if you had even the most concentrated Brian that you could possibly do a 30% right and then you were to put that in a teaspoon of that into a ton of cavity haven't had any salt right so it's always best to calculate salt on weight of total product water plus cabbage and that way you know exactly where you are and you're never going to go over

you never going to go under and you know I like so I like salty stuff so the stuff that I do is probably always pretty safe and you can get a feeling if it becomes acidic also remember the acidity is helping you and you're going to have to have a lower salt requirement if your acidity levels high enough and it's a it's a it's a multiple think if there's no acidity you need a much higher salt concentration do you know I'm saying


is there a is there a good reference.

I'm sure I'm sure there is I don't I don't have it off that off the tip of my tongue but any one of the Agricultural extensions in the in the University's they put out a lot of good pickling advice and they'll usually give you both a salt level concentration and a pH concentration that you can deal with I don't have like a website I can send it to you right away but the way it sits out there and usually the AG extension guys are very conservative so you don't have to worry about it they're not pushing the envelope of what safe because otherwise I'd be in big big trouble and so their information is usually reliable

I'll look into it thanks so much so should we take a break and we have another color know but that's we're almost at the end here and I have to read this read this to me that's alright TV show has been brought to you by the modernist Pantry supplying Innovative ingredients for the modern cook do you love to experiment with new cooking techniques ingredients but hate to overspend 4 pounds of supplies were only a few grams are needed for application modernist Pantry has the solution they offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cook and enthusiasts and most only cost around five bucks saving you time money and storage space What are you looking for hydrocolloid pH buffers or even a clue you'll find it at modernist pantry if you need something they don't carry just ask Chris Anderson and his team will be happy to Source it for you with inexpensive shipping to any country in the world modern country is your one-stop-shop for Innovative cooking ingredients unflavored popping candy pop rocks or more before next week's show will

free package of these exploding the lights to play with simply use the promo code ci7 for when placing your order online at modernist Pantry. Com can I have a couple minutes Jacobi I was rushing out here like 5 minutes maybe one of the guys was on the initial development team of pop rocks at one of the classes I taught and you know Mikey didn't explode that didn't happen but that way Pop Rocks are made is that the CO2 is put under very high pressure in the molten sugar to Sugar sets then they release the pressure explodes in the little pop rocks and inside of those frozen sugar granules are some residual high pressure CO2 and that's what gives Pop Rocks it's it's thingamajig and although my key didn't explode he did say that they put a whole load of pop rocks into a truck that developed a leak and transport and it did kind of blow this out of the truck don't know if it's true but that's what he said alright so let me rip through the email question so that no one can say that I didn't pay attention to my email people

we spoke about his knife works knife sharpening in the other day I ordered a walking horse stop voter recommendations about a stop see whether it's nice he's stopping this Tasha made out of horse butt horse butt horse but also got a shout-out from Dan Main in the UK who works for a double bed which is a company that I've always seem to never makes me more nervous to order I feel like a real auction site that does to order off of eBay but he sent us some links to a tablet press what I desperately want a tablet press anyone wants to lend us a tablet press he can do it but check out the bid for all of you are free all of your biopharma needs which again we have the much I don't understand why we all have so many but we do he really loves what we're doing and you realize last week when answering our questions he loves it were doing and that the amount of knowledge be squeezed into 45 minute shows incredible thank you thank you very much and he's basically says

the Wayback machine to last year when the stash it was against your best judgment trying to make a pie crust with Crisco and I said that lard is the only fat to use in such situations can lard be used in place of vegetable shortening in any recipe calls for vegetable shortening are there certain dishes were vegetable shortening is needed and is it a one-to-one substitution by weight the difference in vegetable shortening and lard is that is typically a lot softer than vegetable shortening so it's more difficult to work and you're going to be in certain situations where you need the hardness of a Crisco otherwise your product becomes completely unworkable that's why I tend to work very cold when I work at large also if you're using natural lard that's rendered out it has like a liquid and a solid portion it's much harder to use but tastes much better than hydrogenated lard hydrogenated lard the one you buy armor in the store Armour brand hydrogenated lard is still more plastic than Crisco more softer rather than Crisco but it much harder than real honest-to-god law

yes 121 substitution it is best and lard in biscuits is fantastic lard in cookies Starbucks eggs butter in a cookie but yes you can use lard in a friend back my question last week about extracting fruit juice with a centrifuge I noticed most Brew Supply Company sell pectic enzyme pectic enzyme Wikipedia seems to be saying that I use the same person inspect the same purposes as pectin X Ultra sp-l breaking down pectin when making fruit juices can this be used in place of horta compliment Ultra sp-l are my barking up the wrong tree what are similar enzymes but all the different techniques enzymes that you can buy have different kinds of activities and so even novozymes people who make pectin X Ultra sp-l have a range of different ones that have different kind of properties in different kind of activities we use ultra sp-l because that's kind of like the most kind of shotgun when they have it doesn't just take out pectin it takes out Hemi cellulose and a bunch of other stuff so any of these enzymes concoctions are kind of multi

enzyme bruise that have various effects and I use that one because it's worse over a wide range of pH on a wide range of substrates you might be able to find one at a Homebrew that it works really well I'm not I'm not sure you're not barking up the wrong tree it's just you know we have a lot of experience with text next Ultra sp-l and so I tend to go to that one and it's not that expensive for us to use because we buy in bulk make sense make sense last in from Alvin Alvin J Schultz in Houston who apparently was on Top Chef something time I saw my with them up and I'll talk to some cooking issues also congrats on Booker and Dax I sent a bartender friend of mine in there this week and he was blown away hope to stop by during the natural Chef conference is your myself please do I have some questions about shopping for my first rotovap

because my limited funding I'm stuck with hunting through eBay at anything I should be aware of an eBay auction for Road of us how do I properly clean one that may have been used in a lab the road about generate League overtime by Warren seals excetera and what is the cost to restore one that may have such problems I know Dave like to pull fingerstyle condenser so you just run those with a dry ice alcohol mix I also have a liquid nitrogen in my home kitchen 30 leave nice nice would it be better to use that for condensing how long will a cold finger filled with nitrogen before it last before it boils off and lastly I see many options like this and substituting some you know kind of off-brand rotary evaporator for rotovap under a thousand bucks on eBay what's the catch with this seemingly Asian manufacturer rotary evaporator thanks for your help I also I bought her from your sponsored at 5, and they're great to give me fast shipping a nice usable packaging just wish they'd give a bigger discount for buying by the pound all right well I stay away from that crappy rotovap that's really cheap because I've used even main brand

apps that aren't the good ones in the past and they're leaky and they stink and if you have a leaky rotovap it can be very hard to get a good flavor in it and yes they do tend to leak overtime and their seals new rotary seal to cost about fifty bucks to buy just want to get everything clean and make sure that the thing doesn't leak if the glass where is etched so that it can form a good seal like it's scrape too much and actually going to have a problem but most of those problems with meats can be fixed but a leaky rotovap is the first reason why you're going to lose flavor in a rotovap I do favor cold finger condenser but liquid nitrogen get eat gets eaten at a Fierro Chivas rate in a it's every leader that you distill is going to take probably 7/8 liters of liquid nitrogen in the cold finger condenser so young to be tearing through that 30 liter door that said that's a really good way to do it dry ice is going to last you a lot longer I don't use dry ice cream it's hard for me to get dry ice in New York City I have to take a cab and go to a place and then pick it up and then come back

Houston you want a car and you have access I would use dry ice in a cold finger because kind of laughed a lot longer and I would you can get one on eBay that's why I got my first one and you can fix most leaks you want to make sure that nothing nasty went through it going to want to clean it with a with like a no alcoholics are some really hardcore glass detergent bleach the hell out of it even though it's probably more of a get the poison at then I buy a biohazard probably anymore poison issue but it's clean the ever-loving hell out of that son of a gun because I don't want you to be sucking in a bunch of carbon tetrachloride or crazy poison stuff cooking issues

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