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Episode 73: Makin’ Mozzarella

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cooking issues coming to you live actually 15 minutes early today right usually start 15 minutes late today we're starting 15 minutes early style whatever whatever 10 minutes early is like eight years early as far as we're concerned here anyway, do you send me live from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn on every Tuesday from roughly 12 to roughly 12:45 today actually had to shift a little bit earlier because I have to go do an interview on Netflix public radio right table and some nincompoop thought that it would be a great idea for me to poop skip my own radio show to go to somebody else's which makes no sense so should you happen to be listening or really know in the next 10 minutes or so call in your questions to 718-497-2128 and 718-497-2128 go through the

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in the presence of calcium like sodium alginate or simply use the promo code CI 72 in placing your order online at modernist Pantry. Com visit modernist Pantry. Time today for all of your Mom is cooking these oh by the way Jack we have a request from Marvin Wood House that the gentleman that's moving from Ireland to Germany more and more on him later he requests Fool's Gold by the Stone Road stone roses can we accommodate him for our break for you this weekend. I like the Obama reference yes we can in from Marty just a quick question I was making a quick red sauce by Browning my meat and because I was too lazy to chop I buzzed the can tomatoes raw vegetables and seasoning in a blender before adding it to the pot seem to work so in a long

braised is there any purpose for sweating the vegetables when you're not looking for caramelization question well I don't know I would assume that even if you're not Browning what's a list take onions onions first of all I'd like to get a little color on some of my vegetables when I'm working with him I'm sweating him out what do I use to us quickly you know when a friendship Ranch recipe though they're specifically not looking for color because they want to maintain you know the color of the sauce that they're making even though all those classic french sauces and up a cloudy Brown anyway right I mean let's face it lyrics so I did not get color have or even below the take an onion even before real color is formed there are flavor changes that take place in terms of sweetness I don't know if those same kind of flavor Transformations going to take place in the same way if you just blend them and then cook them certainly in a long braise that the liquid will be there

enough to soften the vegetables to cook them but the question is is there any significant flavor change by priests wedding and then adding it all except for perhaps onion sweetness but it's an interesting question that's the kind of thing you should really just do side-by-side trial you know take one blend it beforehand cook it take the other sweat it then Blended and then bring them both at the same temperature and serve it make sure the dilutions right sounds like a nice in Spanish

okay hi Anastasia Dave Jack and Carlos from Mark younger I was taking a truffles class at a local kitchen supply store buy chocolate truffles not the stuff is growing underground even though it dishes that you know good season for crap is Going Underground little late right Valentine's Day is the End by store and end up getting into discussion with the chef about how one might use an immersion circulator to make dealing with chocolate easier it is pretty clear that would be great way to hold temper chocolate as long as you're careful getting all the water off the bags before you use the chocolate the question we couldn't figure out is whether you could use the immersion circulator with his precise control of temperature to temper temper the chocolate in the first place this would presumably require the desired temp then lowering the temp to get the level nutrition we aim for by the seating or a table in the chocolate and then raising the temperature back up to get proper Crystal formation are you aware of whether this works or whether there's another way to temper chocolate in immersion

Mark okay I've been told a billion times that it works I've never actually done it but going to a very quick discussion of tempering chocolate for those out there who aren't hip to chocolate tempering so cocoa butter and chocolate is goes into a number different Crystal forms right only one of which is the desirable beta Crystal that provide the snap and looks shiny and awesome and tastes awesome right it basically it is a direct extension with the beta Prime forms which are softer melt at a lower temperature don't have a snap interested in general crap right so you really want a good for most applications other number truffles for truffles is fine if you know what I mean who cares in the truck what's a ganache ganache anyway so

what you want to do when you temper chocolate now the beta Prime crystals right they will swap out if your cooling chocolate is melted right like the beta Prime crystals will swap out the good beta crystals and you end up with on temperature is heat chocolate and then let it cool back down again you get a nun to untempered sloppy mess right so the good news is well here's how you do it and you melt all the crystals out then you cool it down and into the high 80s somewhere and in that range in the eighties somewhere Crystal start forming mostly the crappy ones the the debate of primes right and also the beta's then you heat the mixture up slowly again in to arrange where all the beta Prime crystals melt but the sorry you had to pay to find crystals melt with the beta crystals are still good and then you hold it there for a while and then when you chill it again those beta crystals actors the seeds and you get temper chocolate bang bang right into this all about very accurate temperature control

this is possible you can do this with an immersion circulator and you certainly could melt all of the chalk it up to high temperature drop it all wait for it to get biscuits and you see it starts eating it and then bring it up very accurately with a merchant circulator however you should be able to do an even simpler technique which is throw the entire block of probably graded pre tempered chocolate right if you start with a temper chocolate in a bag vacuum it down and throw it in a circulator at like 92 9 91 92 in a place that will melt the undesirable crystals but leave all your secrets intact and I think that will work I don't know if you need to take it above the total melting point of the chocolate before before it'll become viscous enough to work I'm I don't think so because I've heard that I've heard you can do that although I've never tried it either technique would work if it would just be a much simpler if you could just throw it in at the working temperature and go from there right there

can you track it works I never done it with Jack and the other guy wow other guy other guy that reminds me I think I may have mentioned in the air but the very first season of Gilligan's Island in the song it's in Gilligan Skipper to the millionaire and his wife the movie star and the rest that's what they say they're like the movie star and the rest here to say professor and Marianne as it doesn't say and the rest I think you know and it because Marianne was obviously the hot one right and the and the professor was really cool everyone like a professor right so

subsequent Seasons it was he a movie star Professor a merry and leave it sounds even better than and the rest and the rest really

Marianne's on the end up writing like the Gilligan's Island cookbooks and I think keeps track of all the reunions stuff of all the people that are still alive

how do I know that how does how do you not know that give for a small of Gilligan's Island you know cultural milestone in American TV history and you know Carlos the other guy anyway she has a name now you're pulling out to Jim Croce references see the whatever how to reclassify his singing you know died in a plane crash I guess in the 70s mustache and I have this ongoing kind of Jim Croce inside joke thing yeah I love hate thing cuz I Jim Croce when he send you some things like you never get to the damn point like he'll call someone on the telephone and operator doesn't give a rat's ass about what he's talking about in a sit there and shoot us operators ear off for like 3 or 4 Minutes about this like ladies trying to call names like you know what forget about it and keep it down like she gives a crap about the door and she's working for the phone company or this other one he's like crawling up his girl at like you know 3 in the freaking morning saying hi

which kind of late notice. I hope I didn't wake you what the hell it's late and you're like this long-ass story about how you had to say that you love her and song can you do that in a reasonable damned hour makes no damn sense protein we love we love we love Sochi anyway so they got a name references to a cookie song long way to get around anyway so Matthew says I've been playing around with Tom using some commercial cheese curds it comes out really nice I just got the Curves in a little pieces let them come to room temperature heat up some lightly salted water between 180 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit poured over the Kurds have them a little and pull out of all the cheese after that I usually punch the ball into a bath and lightly salted cold water and helping set a little the cheese is good but I want to be better my goal is a softer fresh mozzarella cheese as opposed to something harder squeakier or stringy do you have any strategies or suggestions for making better mozzarella without upgrading the quality of my curds thanks Matthew that's a very interesting question

is one of the one of those strange things in life that the simpler a product is it off in the easier it is for us to find a major differences with kind of minor things and technique right so Brad is a classic example yeast salt water flour and yet look at the variances and bred right or coffee isn't is another example in general more complicated something is easier just to cover up flaws and techniques are ingredients because you're just a mishmash of crap going on right so mozzarella is one of these things it's supposed to taste of the fresh milk and so you have all of the factors involved were the cheese curd is made or you know there's there's the quality of the milk rent then there is a I was reading a bunch of studies this morning on the effect of different starter cultures on the texture and taste of mozzarella cheese and apparently they have a huge impact but that the key thing with mozzarella curd

is the pH acidity level has to be right when it's made or it won't have the proper texture okay so you have to start with good cards that said the commercial Kurds are what everyone and by the way that the way it works is it is it the acidity is is necessary to get the string in its right because it day at the pH is drastically affecting how they cheese curds going to interact when they're melted out and I pulled to make a pass if you like that style cheese the same pH of the reason why you add wine to a fondue and it starts his favorite thing because she loves to Swiss because it going to increase it basically he Alters the way that the that the casing is going to interact with each other anyways so so all of that stuff is a very vinyl that said once you say okay look I'm going to I'm going to have this commercial make her there's a huge variance in how the final mozzarella is going to taste based on the

based on your practice is afterwards and everything is makes a difference including how you slice a Keurig that's going to change how fast the heat from the hot water goes in the temperature of the water you used whether there's any salt in the water and finally the farming technique and how much you stretch it and pull it right so presumably just show show this week near New York you go to New York you can go to any one of 5 or 10 different mozzarella joints and a New York New Jersey Connecticut major baseball there in like five different fresh mozzarella joints they're all getting their mozzarella curds from Palio and yet they're Chi styles are radically different so some people do a lot of stretching and pulling and that and think about what happen if you look at mozzarella under a microscope scanning electron microscope what you'll see is kind of these pulled layers and think of it the same way you think of bread. He's pulled layers in between the poles layers you'll find a trap water trap way

in fact. Glatt globules so she does she's making her globule face which is very similar to her vegan face so that's stretching is going to align a crate that structure first we have to water and make kind of thing sheets so when you're making like a butt rot that it needs to hold its outside shape the probably do a, a lot of a stretching and make it kind of a or some people even stretch at once remelted stretchy again or Some people prefer a softer curve with less us off their mozzarella with less structure that has more weeping and more large open-pore I tend to like the less structure more we be kind of mozzarella that you said yes that's what I prefer and so I would recommend probably less less meeting but what I really recommend you do is find a mozzarella joint that you like go there and watch what they do as opposed to what you do and see kind of what the difference is that you note at the at the school to French Culinary Institute they teach mozzarella making to all of the students and it's all University horrible right I mean no offense to the students

but the first time you make mozzarella it's not going to be that good effect I've only made it a couple of times and I stopped because my wife was like you suck at this we should just go you know to someone we like like dipaulo's who knows how to make mozzarella and buy it and in fact I said it before I like the potluck Butler I'm not going to get a debate over who makes it good or best mozzarella but I like the guys at the palace I go to them all the time when they when they cheese maker who is hired by the current new generations father retired they change their Chief style to be more in line so they're cheap there mozzarella change radically because they changed their their molt their farming technique from the one that their father and his cheese maker had favored which was a less porous less weeping mozzarella to you know it to one that is kind of softer I'm so it's entirely in in your control I would go observe someone with the real hands cuz they're real art practice to making them it's irelia

let's go to our first commercial break call your question +271-849-721-2849

hello welcome back and taking your shoes, your questions we should be live now for normal people who calling into 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 in case you just tune in this show is again brought you by the modernist Pantry go back and listen to it the same problem with before soap Marvin Road house I got to go get I was looking at his link that you sent me on his public transportation because it turns out that I guess in the last couple of weeks have been railing on New York public transportation system and I really shouldn't could I love it I use it all the time I mean I'm appreciative of New York City subway system which is as far as I know the only 24 hour Subway system in the world so we don't have any like you know crazy night buses in our city that you like to like gets scraped onto a bus would like all of the people who can barely hold themselves so you know hold themselves up writer of two already turned into a shivaree mass of jelly and you know so I'm really appreciative of our subway system before I go on

you might know we recently opened a bar Booker and Dax and now I'm in the habit of quite off and walking home at 3 and 4 in the morning Stone sober which is not something that I'm used to and man the pizza at the people on the streets of New Yorker are messed up looking at 4 in the morning right it's like you ever been to England back in the day like when all the pubs are closed at 11 in the people it's like basically like at 11 people stumbling around England so it's 11 in England looks like no two or three here I think it's changed I don't know anyway so he was showing us his eye he moved to whiptail Germany and was showing us his public transportation which is some crazy ass monorail called the shui behind anyway so let's go go back to our regular questions on PA

3 liter centerfuse arriving in about a week and I'll need to bleach out the rabies any tips for making sure everything is safe before I use it also what would you recommend as the first thing I spend I think I'm making you some fruit juices how's the centrifuge with strawberries well let's start backwards Center few strawberries are fantastic I recommend getting a hold of some pectinex Ultra sp-l none of this stuff really centrifuges well without the addition of some enzyme to if you really want to clear it mean you can centrifuge out and get a puck and a supernatant but it's it's not your usual is going to be poor and it's not going to be clear unless you unless you add the SPL it if you add the SPL you can just literally blend strawberries in a blender

add a couple of grams of Tekken X Ultra sp-l enzyme to the strawberry in the blender hold the back of your hand against the blender until it warms up to a little bit above body temperature let it sit for about 10 minutes the enzymes going to break down a lot of the pectin and make it a lot more you know less viscous so that when you spin it you're going to get a very good separation between you know of their of the of the solid from a liquid to be very high on the order of 70% or so one of the things you have to worry about when your Center Fusion is that when you blend something like strawberries there's a lot of air that's whipped into it and strangely that are doesn't necessarily pop when you spin it some of those are bubbles can actually withstand the digi forces involved in a sentence in refusing so if you have access to a vacuum machine it's a good idea to quickly at a very low temperature outside because it's in a vacuum and do a quick deaeration or boil out of the air in the strawberry in your vacuum machine before you centrifuge it if not it's not going to be too big of a problem spinner for 10 or 15

put it through a coffee filter or through a piece of muslin or something like that to catch anything that goes through and we do strawberries all the time and it and we love it now back on safety and bleaching out the rabies there's two questions as to safety there is there are about three really there's there's poison that might be in it right you have to worry about then there are you know biohazard it might be in it like infectious agents right and then I'll probably not poison probably mainly going to be biological agents are going to cause you problems and 1/3 is mechanical damage that can lead to unsafe operation of the centrifuge right so you have to take care of all three so the aluminum swinging bucket senior three-layer centrifuge need to be first Soaked in Bleach solution right and then I pressure cook them right when your pressure cooking if you want to actually sterilize what you need to do is make sure there's no air at all in the system because

it can it can cause problems with that sterilization so you want to Smurfs the buckets in your pressure cooker and pressure cook them for like 20 minutes at second ring and you should have killed anything that ails it you can then if you'd like re bleach them and then let them air-dry you don't want to use any detergents really needed you scrub them with you know something we don't want to use any harsh detergent because they can affect the aluminum the Integrity of the aluminum and you do not the one thing you always want to make sure that you do not affect the Integrity of aluminum buckets the other thing you want to be careful if you want to inspect your buckets your aluminum buckets for damaged if your buckets are damaged then they're probably unsafe it you want inspect your rotor make sure that there's no cracks or problems with the rotor is there are then it's unsafe so you got to ensure that all of that is is is okay you want to make sure that you balance your buckets properly get a trip down so I can balance two buckets against each other

and and make sure you keep everything balanced at all times make sure everything spins freely the inside of your tire center fuse should be completely wipe down with a concentrated bleach sanitizing solution you should then pour bleach sanitizing solution in the drain hole of your Center Fusion let it come out and then do this several times and that's how that's a technique that I used to bleach the rabies out of these things and and to get him safe to go that strawberry technique I told you at work with any non acidic fruit right even things that are mildly acidic that's that will work with if you need to clarify like we do at the bar lime juice you're going to need to move to a different set of a different battery of clarification techniques No 3 liter Center fuse that you get is going to be adequate to clarify lime juice on its own that required about 48,000 Gees you could do at 27000 but it doesn't taste good but you're not going to achieve that in this

Tweeter Center Feud so what you're going to need to use is a combination of the enzyme I mentioned picnics xpl and wine fining agents we use kieselsol which is a suspended silica gel silica Saul rather and kind of sandwiches from shrimp shells at the hydrocolloid and a procedure very quickly is give me deadly boring people who don't know who don't have this crap but I'll give it to you anyway here is real quick it's add to grams per liter of a peck nights Ultra sp-l and to grams per liter of kieselsol suspended silica Saul to the two-year lime juice Starrett let it sit 20 minutes at 2 grams of Titus and stir let's hit 20 minutes at two more grams of kieselsol and then spit it out and you should get a hundred percent clear line just playing a game with charges where you're adding charge to something causing particles to flock together then adding into a different charge causing those particles to flock together and so on and so on but anyway good luck with your nephews

I'm sure you will enjoy it right or do another person Break On Through

I wonder whether we actually rip through everything we can just talk about other stuff do we leave on when she rides to work every day which is the only cool thing in New York you can ride like that is the is the trans to to let it called Roosevelt Island right and the and the reason I ask is cuz you can imagine Rutger Hauer & in Sylvester Stallone shooting at themselves like they did in Cobra which is an awesome bad movie right Everyone likes Rutger Hauer right and Sylvester Stallone together right now she's not even had not making a vegan say she said they're doing well but I specifically was told not to read this whole dang thing but I will read this one section we asked why he was moving to Germany from Belfast is it by the way I'm moving to Germany from Belfast Ireland have a new job in Germany it will also be cool experience a new food culture and for my kids to learn a new language the beer kicks ass to despair. Tattoo

cooking issues of concern formulation scientist means I developed the recipes and Manufacturing process for new pharmaceutical project project project please tap my knowledge for any queries on spray drawing tablet compaction or the use of cyclodextrins if I would be pleased to help well that stuff that were very interested in right I'm specifically interested in tablet compaction like I've been looking for a while for a good way to make our own mints and what not Inn in a kind of a quick fashion now there's people on the internet I think I mentioned this on this show who sell basically a little twisty thing that's almost like a pipe with a Twist doodle in it and you can tighten down on that sucker and make like individual tablet but you know if you know of anything more than that I can get on eBay to bang out tablets it doesn't cost an arm or leg or isn't the size of a small Volkswagen Beetle I'd be I'd be certainly happy and also if you ever know any

I'm getting rid of a pilot size spray drying unit I would love with Nathan myhrvold and by the way where we have to wear ending the show the reason why I already mentioned mentioned again let's go to one quick commercial break cuz we have another like 10 minutes before we have to go let's go to commercial break Jack me we have maybe we have some Jim Croce I don't know if he doesn't Jim Croce any way shape or 97202 818-497-2128 cooking issues


Leroy Brown baddest man in the whole damn Valley Road closed we will attack Dino and I don't know this song Leroy Brown at the end of the song you are the reason why he looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone this actually what happens to the end of the song and the reason he Leroy Brown learned a lesson about messing with the wife of a jealous man it just goes to show you shouldn't mess with anyone's you know spouse anyway that's right nice see this is actually not a write-in question but someone from Milk Bar we know one of our sister companies right came

and said that I Milk Bar in which is tozzi's Christina tosi's company which is like an infinitely expanding there's like they have weather in Brooklyn and I three in Manhattan right right said that they have been getting some locally-produced milk that had not been homogenized right and that issue they were having with it was when they're making cappuccino they said the milk is delicious right but the non homogenized milk wasn't foaming properly when they're making cappuccinos and what did I think and I said quite honestly if I don't know I had no idea so I looked it up and in fact is true that homogenizing increases the ability of cappuccinos to phone now she also said to me something strange she say we tried to heat it right because someone said that if you heat the milk it's going to increase it to believe your phone and that one exactly counter to everything that I learned

stop forming no phones when you're steaming them which is that you can't really steamed milk twice because you denature the proteins right so then I went to try and research this and it turns out the entire field is completely confused and it was hard for me to get a straight answer I was expecting to be able to go to the scientific literature and get a straight answer within like a half hour but like 45 minutes later reading I still didn't feel like I had a straight answer so it is usually problem here so UC Davis on their milk site which UC Davis I usually you know I love U C Davis Riley thing kind of food science related although Gary you go to Guelph you know that well for their website but basically they say that heating milk pasteurized milk every one says homogenizing make smoke phone better but they don't really propose a mechanism for why or how the every one of the world says that homogenizing milk makes a phone better so they should go ahead and get a homogenized milk tomorrow that helps me doesn't produce

as good as modernization as Ultra in a high pressure modulation but they can try it anyway I hadn't thought about that that long even that sucker anyways

for what do use that still bother you that I'll try to come on tonight after remember it's like it's like it's like everyone like falls on the ground riding in pain except for me because of the years of blasting my ears out with headphones anyways imagination right but heating is an interesting question so when you heat milk like you tend not to denature the casein proteins with normal Patrick station but you do a denatured whey protein have a call so I'll get back to this finish up with it, you're on the air

you know I heard you last week when you were talking about that you had a deep fryer in your kitchen

I don't you don't have the Stars come on now you don't have gas okay do you live in do you live in an apartment or in the house I live in a house and I have actually wired to 24 and there's there's two 20 going to the stove but I don't think you should be able to get an electric fryer certain electric fryers are better than other electric fryers the here's the key the key to why I forget what I was saying about it but a cheetah a commercial fryer why it's so much better there's there's a number of things it's not just the power all the power is huge one they have a much larger volume of oil in them so you have a a very you have a good surface-to-volume ratio right so you're not to eat it it's good that way but the key and the reason why I even small commercial

tabletop Friars suck is because they don't have a cold Zone in them so if you look at a a real good Friar what you'll notice is the heating element isn't on the bottom of the of the kennel right to nowhere near it and a commercial tube fryer you know I got gas tube fryer the tube is there you really only frying in the upper level of the oil and Below it's a big area of unheeded stuff and that area is crucial to the to the functioning of the fryer because when you're working with a dutch oven right by the swimming you have like good power in your stove is going to be better than a crappy little fryer what you did just underpowered you know what I mean like there's no way about around if they're underpowered and so the recovery time is very low and when the recovery time is very low it takes they typically over ramp they overheat the oil and then they go back down low and so your oil degrade extremely quickly and your products I know absorb too much oil in snap

very good so you're right in assuming that a larger quantity of oil in a dutch oven over a high-powered range is going to be better than most Home Fires that's 100% true now in a commercial fryer that was where you have a cold Zone underneath the heating when when stuff comes off of your food which inevitably will write it sinks to the bottom into a relatively cold zone so it doesn't Scorch right and it doesn't impart a nasty burnt flavor to your oil when your heating in a home fryer or in a dutch oven will notice the bottom of your oil has a bunch of brown and black particles in it over a course of a couple of hours of crying you'll start tasting burnt and and rancid nasty flavors in your oil right

yes that never happens in a commercial fryer soap commercial fryer first of all never overheats the oil because the heating element typically has a very large surface area especially in a gas fire but also in a well-constructed electric fryer and it has a quart of huge amount of power so I can heat up very quickly but without locally overheating like you do if you burn the bottom of the pan and into it has is cold zone so all-in-all you can get so yes you're using my my fryer holes like 6 gallons of oil but 5 and 1/2 6 gallons of oil but I can use that 5 and 1/2 6 gallons of oil for like five big fry nights in which I'm frying everything and every piece of food that comes out of it tastes delicious and is noilly you know what I mean anyway I always test I keep my fryer covered when not in use you strain out the oil right to get rid of the particles cuz they can increase rancidity and then you put the oil back in you cover it so that you're not getting a lot of

what station is covered with a wooden block so it's not getting any light in or anything like that and it stays great and I always the day before I know I'm going to have another Friday night I'll put a piece of bread into and bread very good cuz soaks up a lot of oil but is itself neutral and to be able to taste any sort of rancidity or any sort of a fat breakdown where the oil is going bad on a piece of bread and know whether you need to change it out if you are frying you want a fry actually quite a bit each time with something like french fries or potato chips so that absorb a lot of oil and the reason is is then you can just keep replenishing fat in the fryer and if you replenish the oil quickly enough you don't need to throw away the well that's a that's it that's how continuous frying works when they're making potato chips and industrially potato chips to like 50% of oil in there soaking up enough oil that the oil never goes bad you know what I mean

scary things get good ventilation in your house but you have the ability to put a decent Hood in over your fryer

yes here's what I did my current situation I have an actual residential an actual residential sorry commercial hood back in the day before I had that I went to Home Depot so I bought two of the crappy little hoods and I both of them together like I bolted back to back and put them directly over the fryer and I just sunk it down to a very close to the level of the fryer so that even though the extraction is crappy there's nowhere for it to go and so I was able to get all of this stuff out and that works great except for I eventually melted out a part of the of the hood just because it was so close to the fryer and you can make up for a good Hood by putting two crappy hook together and bolting it low down to the friar the disadvantage there as you have a weird ass whooping your space the other disadvantages that they're loud the small home hoods are loud another thing you can do is put it outside on your porch like a covered porch and then just scooted over away from the porch to pry but then you're

only do it Fairweather you know what I mean

Genesis Health Portal

cool thanks thanks for thanks for calling in and mustache is now telling me that I'm now late because I got to go to The Splendid Table interview but I'll finish up real quick with the milk so I have to do more research because it is true that all of the milk that we use Mark prince who wrote a kind of v and on coffee geek wrote V primer that everyone uses for doing latte art style microphone and milk basically he has always been that when you heat milk you denature whey protein say when their teenage sure they don't follow me as well although UC Davis is it when you denature some of the whey protein that actually sounds better so who's right I don't know any other think it's true think about it Mark Prince of files which I am the one right when you use milk you are always using almost always unless you aren't using pasteurized milk and the crap phones just fine so not to do more research please anyone

call me with some questions or comments regarding that and hopefully I hear more about tablet compassion for next week show thank you and come back next week

new shoes thanks for listening to this program on the Heritage Radio Network you can find all of our archives programs on Heritage Radio Network. Com as well as a schedule of upcoming live shows you can also podcast all of our programs iTunes by searching Heritage Radio Network in the iTunes Store you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news and information