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Episode 72: Valentine’s Day

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go to cooking issues coming to you live from Roberto's pizzeria every Tuesday and undetermined time supposed to be 12 Happy Valentine's Day people's Valentine's Day issue of a cooking issues calling all your questions live to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 here again with the mustache and Amber Lopez and getting a crew together and how you doing today I'm on I'm on the subway because I had to stop and fix my bike at mainly because I'm lazy and

I run run cuz she didn't see the train coming right the J train and play remedy I run like a lunatic run so I have a huge headache now it's almost like they're going to look at an aneurysm like that jump into the car door shuts and then probably sit on the platform for 20 minutes they finally come out open the door and they say hey yeah there's some lunatic this is Valentine's Day in New York for you people there some lunatic walking across the tracks on the Williamsburg Bridge like stumbling back and forth parently are no some Star-Crossed idiot like walking back and forth across the tracks in the Williamsburg Bridge

so there's no train traffic on the way to Spring Break and they don't open the doors to let us out they trap us like sardines in a box thank God my son wasn't there because that's his worst nightmare on Earth so I had to run out and get a taxi said I could talk you fine folks today Happy Valentine's Day stuff you can do for Valentine's Day

yeah because I have to go work at Booker and Dax the bar and first of all it's only till 10 and it starts with night doesn't even begin until 11 I should be getting the pity party because my wife is away on Thanksgiving I won't even on Valentine's Day I won't even see my wife on Valentine's Day I don't get a pity party for that I check this out people today Valentine's Day is a 20th anniversary of of me starting to go out with my wife 20 I started by my first date with my wife is on Valentine's Day 20 years ago today and and I'm not doing all right

are you going to see I believe I deserve a pity party for that one but yeah I used to hate Valentine's Day I hate Valentine's Day so much like Mike the first 20 years of my life Valentine's Day worst day in the world but now ever since then ever since I started my wife it's been good day someone asks a question on Japanese western style knives because they they had at forget what you put brand it was like 30 70 and what not and the question they actually asked me I realize this morning as I was showering I was like they actually asked me how do you use a steel with with a knife like that and I realized I didn't actually answer that question I didn't I talk to a million a million years about sharpening a different lifestyle than they would never about how to actually use it that you can't don't use a steel on a knife like that because it's almost impossible for you to accurately steal it

two different angles what I would recommend though is something that back when I used to have sharp knives in my house when that means before I had a babysitter who would use my knives I don't know if I don't know what the hell she does with him juggle I don't know what the hell she does but I can't keep them sharp anymore so I stopped trying to my eyes are now I went from having likes very very sharp knives to having very very dull knives there's a cute kid by the way looking in the window of our radio station pulling her hat on Staring at the Starship I think in her I think she's there any mustache mustache and heart anyway so what I recommend to keep knives like that super sharp is it is the same thing that barbers use for you know generations for razors which is get yourself a leather belt like a leather strop wide one hang it up somewhere in your kitchen and strop your knife and that really helps to bring like a light bit of an edge back you can either strep we just with an oiled leather band watch but I did or use a super super super mild abrasive but the reason it's okay because you're going

in the opposite direction and you would do when you're stealing and so you're not going to dull down your knife and it helps that knock a little bit of the like Miner bers it happen as you're cutting so I would go invest in a straw by love and plushtrap look badass from stropping a knife looks kind of badass you are stopped and I think you'll like stops okay hi hi David nastasha a quick sausage question I found some information on the cooking issues blog about cooking sausages directly in a liquid in a liquid with a circulator one thing the block didn't mention is how long it takes to get an average sized sausage to temperature to 60° Celsius bat additionally what is the maximum amount of time that sausage you should be held at this temperature before the quality goes south thanks Matthew okay well

that's interesting question I should think that the that the interior of the sausage any reasonable size sausage it's going to be done probably in 40 45 minutes I'll be like that if you think about it relative to an egg Jackie want to measure it you can use that one of the programs like sous-vide dashboard that you can is available on on your iTunes or whatnot and and you can check exactly but within 45 minutes or so at the average size of a sausage should be done now I would hold it for longer than that because the deal is is typically you have some tougher cuts of meat and sausage and your tenderizing it by bike riding it's one of the reasons why I grind it right well if you hold it longer longer than meat gets more and more tender so depending on what cuts of meat are in it you can hold it for quite a long time at those temperatures quite a long time now I've never held a sausage longer than

6 hours or so but they were good at the end of 6 hours to trick remember when you're when you're cooking sausage and liquor like that is to have the liquid be so flavorful that you're not leaching flavor out constantly over time I would not cook them for any longer than necessary in an excess of flavorless liquid or you can put them in a ziplock bag with a small amount of oil and cook them forever but not forever but you have for a long time hours and they're just going to probably get better probably not at work to pay and what kind of kind of cut of meat that you put into it anyway that up now it's a good technique I do that take me to call the time I was like before but I bought some really not funny but like a cheap cheap sausage cooked it that way 60° 6262 depends to be a little pink at the center at 60 with some people freak out about so you might want to 62 depending on what kind of meat is in a sausage and depending on what kind of sausage

it's going to be pink anyway and then you can cook it to whatever temperature you want which case I would do 60 if not I might want to do 62 depends on how people feel but cheap trizo

and it'll be delicious are there in the whole world will try because I'm saying we hear it cooking issues haven't been burning the candle at both ends recently we just been taking the candle throwing in the oven and melting that sucker down years ago is hilarious like I heard the famous restaurant or he was giving a talk someone I forget what I was I was attending the talk and he said this he said

people always ask me how do you balance you know like a family life and restaurant life and he said you don't have

and you were like I can do it whatever okay so like working at the bar until all hours of night right and then putting your kids on the bus in the morning if not can not like that no no work no work right to my brain therefore it's not working so if I'm a little frazzled today folks it's just because I'm stupid okay Dear Dave Anastasia a friend of mine recently found out she has celiac disease and therefore cannot have any more glue to create for her some of the homemade goodness of the rest of us get to enjoy I eat gluten delicious delicious gluten rashes for the use of Santa Ana and guar gum as well as suggested non wheat flour Blends tapioca potato Millet excetra without Rhyme or Reason as to the ratios used do you have any experience or advice for working with gluten free

bread pizza pasta is what changes and properties can I expect from different brands of flour what is working in xanthan gum that is intended to replace the gluten structure thanks for any help Alex from Florida first of all

I don't have any actual experience cooking gluten-free because I haven't had any

I've had a need related to do it you know for my own family and I cook occasionally I'll cook some gluten free stuff by have some specific come over my house but I've never done a thorough thorough researching of it but I do have some advice the reason there's a reason it it it it's tough to end it there so many recipes out there is that wheat flour right is fantastic stuff and there is an all of the recipes that you know we've been developing since time immemorial are based on the properties of wheat flour so we are one of the flat top properties of wheat flour is its flavor right which we have all come to appreciate and the other one the other other ones are is gluten would provide structure is there's a bunch of properties in the issue with making a replacement for wheat flour is that no one grain flour or no one flower has all of the properties of

a week so if you're trying to actually mimic a wheat flour products in terms of its texture right you're going to have to use it out of a blend of a flowers right so that's said and I'm not get to the Goron Santana II that said a lot of people based the initial part of their recipe on rice flour right cuz it's fairly Bland fairly neutral right and you know it's not that expensive it's easy to obtain but if you use it exclusively then it tends to make kind of dance sledding greedy thing so they add other starches and flowers to it like tapioca for instance which is going to add some scratch because it's really kind of weird Louis stuff add some lightness or potato which helps absorb which helps keep things moist and also make things lighter so it's a balancing act between choosing those different the different things now when you go to a

things like being flowers with some people do that's going to also add its own kind of holding capabilities ability to hold Bubbles and bubbles or just what one of the great things about weed flowers its ability in this was a glutton house here is the ability to hold Bubbles and form a nice structure with things are baking so each flower has a different angle is going to add bean flour the problem is if it's a very light flavored thank you start tasting the bean flour in it and it's it's kind of gross so if you need something sturdier and the flavor can you be covered up then you can use things like that and if they can't you have to use something more neutral diction a way to haul bubbles to make things thicker so people add starch is a help thickening so they're adding things like arrowroot starch even though it's quite expensive write a good thing I saw on the on the interwebs about this is a from and it's what I like about it it's just her opinion on on what the different flowers do you go to gluten-free Mommy and she has a list of all the different base flowers and kind of

what her opinion on kind of what they what they contributed don't contribute to particular mixes including sorghum flour white flour white rice flour and excetera excetera excetera me the one problem I have with all these websites actually is it date if you have an issue like you can't have gluten then focus on that but everyone also throws in a bunch of nutritional mumbo-jumbo about what's good for you and what's not if you hate that hate taking my kids even do is I hate it so much it's like it's like is this good for you is that good for your like it's all either good or not good for you depending on the balance of things to eat in your diet there very few things that are bad for you and there are very few things that are good for you you know what I mean I give you a tan me carrots you would turn orange and I told my kid that and then he won't eat carrots freaked out about carrots you think he's going to turn orange like none I guess he'd like many many sacks carrots but the point is variety is the spice of life my friends and you want to eat a lot of different things you know what I'm saying anyway

so another issue on that now so that that's just a different ratios of flour what the Rhyme or Reason is if you want to get a balance that mimics the texture of wheat flour without having an an overly assertive taste usually tastes are Beanie, beanie or a kind of liking a weird kind of like Dusty like you know like chickpea flour or like what's up with black eyed pea flower things like that okay now as for xanthan gum and guar gum and xanthan gum is used to replace the protein because like protein xanthan gum can form a gel and really hold a light gel and really hold air bubbles well so it's used directly as a gluten replacer guar gum is cheaper than xanthan gum right and the guar gum that you typically buy in the store has an awful awful kind of Beanie taste so I hate using it things like ice cream there's really nice nice War

call flavor free Gwar from t i c gums that is very neutral and taste but Gwar isn't really as good a replacer for gluten as xanthan because they're that has the ability to form a loose gel structure that holds bubbles during the baking process where is Gwar is simply a thickener so I wouldn't replace like I wouldn't say that Gwar on its own is going to do your job for you but Gwar in conjunction with xanthan Gwar can be used to replace some of this and then and make the Santa and a little bit cheaper now another thing you can use if you're not like multiple e going to make your life difficult is eggs the protein in eggs is fantastic and easy to use and so that the protein in egg egg white and you know I guess also an egg yolk and help replace some of the gluten because it holds structures well so you know eggs

at the end I came across the website that's actually pretty interesting and apparently it's one of a bunch of awards gluten-free girl and the chef and here so they said that very interesting by the way I have some issues with that I don't know whether it's the gluten-free girl or the chef who don't know that much about the website they stop using xanthan and guar the recipe I soften and they use a lot of eggs because their opinion that there that they're having a negative reaction to this and then to the Gwar I could be that they're having a negative reaction to the guar guar is you know you don't really digest Gwar and so if you eat 8 boatloads of Gwar it's like it's like eating a serving of colon blow you know you're going to have some Fiber issues you know it's like eating a whole boatload of fiber and she's going to give you some swelling and some

poop game I meet you in a meeting so I can see that that that can be an issue I doubt anyone's actually having a reaction to the San Tan because you're using it much smaller quantities and you would use the Gwar so what has less stuff that can go in there and cause you to bloat and swell and poo and all that kind of stuff all I could kind of stuff anyway if they don't use gum Replacements like that don't use bars at them but they do you use eggs but they brought up an interesting point which I hadn't thought about which is why I always bake with grams always 100% of the time I bake in grams as I could so that sounds but by weight and by weight is obviously everyone knows it's the best way to bake and everyone in the world thinks that we Americans are small children in the kitchen because we use these dumb cup measurement to measure things out and in general we can get away with it because we're measuring the same thing over and over and over again and even though we're plus or minus about 10% with our measurements are recipes still work

which way from using Cubs not because of the accuracy although that's great but because it's really messy to measure with cups it's much easier to measure and to change recipes when you're using a scale I mean scale is just the best thing to have anyways turns out that these different flowers that you're substituting in when you're making your your gluten-free flour mix have radically different densities from AP wheat flour and so if you switch to go in by weight your substitutions are going to be much much easier and so that is what I think a good recommendation from the gluten-free girl and the chef let's go to our first commercial break and come back with cooking your shoes

I love you I hate you

who is Jack what was that the Pixies from Carlos are some weird stuff that's a weird weird weird weird coloring pages to +718-497-212-8078 for 97212 a picture that's that's what that's biruk my area like I should like this could be on the tip of my tongue but I just wasn't my scene you know what I mean I was more fishbone Chili Peppers kind of a guy you're the mean all right I forgot to mention the gluten-free girl and the chef those guys also use a flaxseed or chia seeds give a cookie that crap you blend it with the liquid and turns to like a mucilaginous group so they also use that as a as a structural Placer but my point is this

if you're using a mucilaginous group as a structure Placer just use Santan Santan the great mucilaginous poop and don't have to go grind up flax seeds to do it my opinion my opinion Kiss Me Kiss 108 I had something else so we remember what you're using it for a Cookie doesn't need a lot of gluten a cake doesn't need a lot gluten so there you're just trying to mimic the texture of the texture of a wheat flour stuff not necessarily that's super when you really need a hardcore gluten is in a bread and a cake you want to be fairly light and it's not a point that the gluten-free girl in the chef bring up which is as good as I remember batter recipes a lot of times I'll tell you not to overmix not to develop a gluten and when you're dealing gluten-free don't have to worry about that kind of stuff so in a cookie or cake you can just focus on the taste and the texture of the kind of starts bounce the flower itself with just enough structure from the protein to give it some structure and you don't have to worry about it holding are in a bread would so that's

the reason why there's no one to one substitution because you're trying to do different things with wheat flour depending on what you're doing okay now oh by the way we got something in from Elliot about scrapping Bob Kramer has a strut kit so you can go online and look up Bob Kramer and purchase a sprocket straps are really bad ass I have to say you look like you look like you're going to like it like a like Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street like you're going to go slit someone's throat soon as she starts dropping like if you were stropping a knife behind your kitchen counter so be like the guy is kind of gender-neutral dude gender-neutral all of your women make sure she's when they talk about the centrifuge rotovap

crazy you're crazy lady okay which is it if you need to find the edge of your 70-39 if you just lay it flat on a stone and raise it until you feel the edge that's good or I don't know that message using a Sharpie on the edge you can feel you can look and see whether you're being accurate to do when you want to text you back okay with the question is what are the different sources of glutamate I've been experimenting with various free glutamate contain products such as Tomatoes mushrooms, Okeechobee she and what's the best way to pair of foods containing freak well that's good point and interesting I always find it hilarious when someone eats something that contains 8 boatloads of there and then they say that they have a reaction to MSG nastasha talking about you anyway so the best thing to do is like so the classic

classic pairing classic classic classic paring obviously is kombu which is it has a high source of free glutamate Sandcastle Bushi which has high MP those two things go together and basically synergistic react to make like Mega mommy makeover Miami which is why, which is why they are so good together and Miss Tasha hates by the way, I brought are you like it once you at catching machine turn it to me so see if you just don't like to see me anyway so it's good that I wouldn't know my teeth are fine I don't have any cavities never had a cavity and I've never heard anyone describe it like that so I'm sure you're being crazy like usual feelings why would convert to stop taste a cavity filling out of aluminum tell me if you do Venom aluminum know they used to be made out of a Mercury amalgam but they're not anymore

aluminum now know why would you put aluminum in your mouth crazy crazy person you don't people seriously people seriously okay how do we get on that when you're with your parents together I mean obviously you know it's good to add I just throw a bunch of those things I have to cook a lot of vegetarian stuff because a couple members of my family are vegetarian and they come over so a lot of my sausages That I Used To Remind Me Up by throwing in anchovies cuz delicious and everything and you can just about anything and I'm not talking about the white ones that do you know everyone like you know they love that the book roast of the Grapevine in the can I are lucky no one of God's Great ingredients and they make almost anything tastes better everyone says they don't like them and no one is ever said they don't like it when it's mixed into a pizza sauce pizza sauce good at trivia starts dying rabbit on salad

natural unit any of that stuff you want to you want to eat something and hid it in your done anyway

add appointment so like you know you have to you have to add other high Umami stuff now you can go and work on things like tomatoes and yes I use boatloads of tomato paste it cuz it's like super concentrated tomato obviously use lots of mushrooms to get that Media stuff up parmesan this is beyond all obvious and you end up you know you end up doping stuff back with a whole boatload of soy write the problem with me is is that trying to get me t and a higher mommy flavors by just adding hi Mommy ingredients like that specifically soy and what not really lets makes everything kind of tastes the same it it kind of makes all of the food have a similarity to it that you don't get from just for instance adding salt so I can I think I like it on a year ago or some like that you a lot of companies are trying to lower the sodium content of their Foods in the only way they can this is the world's worst term and shows how people think but

increase the palatability of the things that they make when they reduce the sodium connect to reduce the sodium but but keep the palatability just grows right. It's like we're going to we're going to make it more palatable anyway so they they dope it with with a non sodium form of a glutamate so they can keep the cortical sodium level low and they do it using like also quite a natural sources which means it'll take like eight eight tons of seaweed and turn it into a powder that's what she said Miss game anyway problem is when you dope foods with specifically with like a lots of free glutamate like that they tended then all tastes like Dashi to me right you had that also happened to write I was tasting somebody's pasta and I mention citation someone and it was it was a fettuccine alfredo right and which is what I was strangely what I call my wife sometimes it's like Jennifer Jennifer Fred Fred Fred acini for the anyone ever anyway

everything I say in private when I'm not in the air is some stupid stupid combination of crazy dumb random inferences Alfredo's like this tea is good but thirteen Alfredo not supposed to taste like Dashi Am I Wrong by Ron right before I go to my partial break

I said is my favorite Valentine's quote of all time last year I was in The Rite Aid outside of my house which is a pharmacy for all you people that don't know what Rite Aid is Miss Tasha hates him because she only shop at CVS she literally went okay okay she literally last last week nastasha had a root canal right so I hope she's high on Vicodin when she made this Choice she went to it since you went out of her way to go to a CVS even though they had a two-hour wait for the medicine if you could have got it in 10 minutes to write a she would 2 hours look out of the way 2 hours wait for his medicine because she likes to hold music better yes whatever whatever that's hold you on hold and don't wait 2 hours for your Vicodin your antibiotics that's my point anyways I'm in the right area like a year ago and they had to Easter decorations out right around now and someone with a lady walks and she goes Easter

X over here yet anyway commercial break

my name is Jupiter

just want to say one thing Happy Valentine's Day.

I don't think they'll hurt me I just want to say Happy Valentine's Day

Twin Arrows from penetrate C

the app Mac Miller get your teeth straight for your heart now and you won't miss you

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there's no need to run so happy Valentine's Day you can't you cannot ignore the cupid by the way I just looked out the window and Indie Jesus looks like he's having a fine Valentine's Day oh yeah

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regarding Enthusiast you don't need to cook anything to play with hydrocolloid science nerds love that stuff but some can't actually feed themselves thus I believe this station Colin other topics my wedding anniversary wedding anniversary me what you don't like missing Miss Tasha when you put the stuff on there put it our comments in a different color just so you know how they like your comments when you write them are in black and my comments that I make the jog my memory when typing on the radio I write in blue so I can tell what's us and what's you and the headline of your question I write and read not that anyone gives a rat's patoot okay now it's a patoot

random okay okay so we have a question in from Marvin Woodhouse saying I love to show a listing from Ireland and now Jeremy since day one from Ireland to Germany I wonder what the wonder what they do yet what it what do they do if they're moving from Ireland to Germany I wonder if curious anyway housing connection so I'll be starting from Square One what's a must-have list of stuff in it if you were starting from the barrel room nothing not even extraction that's good for you and I in America will be about 20 square meters is 20 square meters in square feet so my brain can wrap my head around it okay first of all I know there's plenty of people here in New York City that wish their apartment came with no kitchen cuz it's just wasted space how many people do you know that use their of it as a bookcase I do which is crazy first of all this is separate note anyone out there never store crap in your oven right it just means that you have a mental imbalance

problem don't ever store stuff in your oven it's just it's just not right cuz implies you're not going to use it if you're going to cook toast or anything you want my two cents so what's 20 square meters thanks Google thanks AT&T with a slow Google as you mentioned extraction it's my feeling that a hunt light like the biggest it's eventually going to be seen as a health issue right for people who cook a lot of pretty comfortable 250 right people cooking in my kitchen but it's very well-designed anyway hood is the most important thing everyone here is under designed in terms of their hoods home hoods suck other they're the worst they're useless not useless but they are there of limited usefulness I would invest in a real

a good fan bet that illegal in the US I don't know whether it is in Germany event it straight out the window with a straight pipe straight out the window I purchased a large blower and the food itself doesn't need to be expensive it's just a piece of metal is the fan that you need a good fan and figure fans rotate at slower speeds and therefore are not as annoying as little fans rotate at high speeds so I would say that you're going to spend you know your Nichols first of all go with good good Hood secondly if you're in Germany I haven't checked it recently but I assume it's similar to France in that the gas prices are relatively High relative to Electric compared to the u.s. get an induction get induction if you're going to be in this apartment a long time

then go ahead and get Selena's building otherwise you can get really nice induction Hobs that you can take with you when you go in particular some manufacturers now make front back induction units so that you can mimic an actual traditional range by stacking induction units next to each other and having front back on induction so I would definitely go that way if you want to go more permanent you can get an induction you know what a regular induction over Range Rover Range Rover things don't necessarily work that well but I will go separate convection oven with with a convection oven with would be nice electric there as well I'm assuming that you're assuming the electricity is going to be the best for you there in terms of cost so I guess I really don't have any idea what you're going to say what I have in mind which is about the same spot I have I have a large oven that can take a full sheet pan if you're going to cook you wanted that's not necessary but full sheet pan is again baller I have sick

Turner's you probably not going to have that if you don't have extraction especially if you going to go induction I also have a salamander with you're probably not going to put in your place but I love it and a deep fryer next to it I find it that combination which I don't expect you to emulate is I can cook I can bang out like a small restaurants worth of food in my kitchen without breaking a sweat because it is to set up that you have in a small restaurant kitchen pysyk Ali have a fryer a salamander 6 burners and Anna full sheet pan oven how do you see for me it's important to have an espresso machine but you know whatever yourself you can do some cool stuff the coolest thing that you could possibly do is up with foot pedals on your sink every every sink in the in the world in the kitchen or bathroom should have foot pedals installed so it when your hands are disgusting you don't have to touch the faucet so I have a I have hot and cold foot pedals on my on my floor and my wife who didn't think it was so important such a good idea she was like really really now so I can yes really

that everyone is using loves it and since you're installing from scratch get get the foot pedals don't skip on your sink size sink size you're never going to need to know six sides important right ahead of time you think a size 6 in case I always got some really nice orange glitter I sign out of it I covet Patrick Martin's orange corduroy pants

Patrick run 18 miles and in two days I don't know that's not good for your knees if it's bad for your knees yo anyway from Marvin I have a badass polyscience circular circulator model 08812 by the way I couldn't find it at 1 to put the unit is so big that it's difficult to fit food around this mall bath is designed to fit I removed it from the lab bath but there's no mounting bracket do you have any experience of non-living things to wear over a sink I haven't actually mounted one of those to a sink but you might want to look at this as an alternative some of those units the 8th and I couldn't find your exact one but I have it with it looks similar to it have two screws in the back of it on the bath itself that allow you to circulate in and out of that same bath so you can literally just put a hoses and circulate into a sink and put the whole circulator into a cabinet next to it and I've done that many times that's how I show my wrote about for instance you just have to make sure you get the water levels relative

the saints that you don't overflow your circulator bath but I would do that or else you could just make a second means you can weld obviously you could do it but you could easily Mount one by just having someone come out of stainless steel bracket with the same hole mounting pattern as the one that was in the back and then cantilever it over your sink I would make it with Wingnuts so you could take it off very quickly without taking up too much space but yes it's definitely possible but look into just using the bath as a as a holding been so you can circulate stuff in and out question 3 on 3 cocktail party next month to Marcus leaving Ireland can you color

I called call you on the air hey Dave this is hard Bryant got a quick question for you how often do you use a steel on your knives

well back in the day on my German German knives I would use them pretty much you have before and after pretty much all the time or when my strap was hanging I would I would stop them before and after we don't depend on what kind of what kind of knife show my German ones I used to sharpen the blades on the stone probably once a week and and then it stopped and or steal every used by Japanese knives you touch them up every time you use them basically afterwards you know the real traditional Japanese ones in the Japanese Western ones I never had much of an axe sharpening that I got S I ended up not using them as much because I was not so good at sharpening them

okay alright so just touch my before and after then I'll just do it automatically or if they start selling out or so it picks up your knife and uses them personally inappropriate you know you know when your knife is getting dog you know when you can't bring it back in the Tomato you start having to push into it you split the Tomato you know what I mean so it's just you know you could do it by that I find it easier if you just choose a time to do it depends on how much you cook you know I mean but if you could choose a time to do it then your knives are always going to be in fantastic shape you're not going to get creep and start using adult life when you could be sharp so back when I could have sharp knives in my house I would just have a routine and let you know every Sunday before I started cooking family dinner I would just go through my knives and sharp and I use an Edge Pro which was easy to set up because I could just keep most of my knives at a similar edge angle and I can rip through them pretty quickly and that's probably not a good

sharpening system to sharpen one night if it's good to sharpen your whole set of knives you know what I mean because you have to set it up and all that stuff yeah alright so question 3 I got to answer this one again from Marvin I'm throwing cocktail party next month to Marcus leaving Ireland can you suggest an interesting cocktails and canipe combos or Nikon camera apps I haven't is I but no proper coordination rig outside agar gelatin I also need some non-alcoholic cocktails are not lame is there will be some pregnant ladies in attendance okay well hit the alcoholic stuff and worship you make coriander syrup just take make a simple syrup crush up coriander put it in there at a little bit of like a hot pepper preferably red like Thai red or surround or some like that that syrup makes a fantastic soda and you can carbonate in an isi it's just going to cost you more in the way you carbonate and isi is by shaking adding some water shaking the syrup

with with water and then putting one CO2 cartridge and shaking of inventing that entire one-off you cleared out all of the are in there in that now. But it's second charger on Shake it and you'll get a good a second tier 2 charger in your is I vent very very splits it for a couple minutes after you shake it but very slowly and you can't get a decent soda and that's good that syrup is also really good as a cocktail for old fashioned makes a great old-fashioned makes a good tequila old fashioned good Mezcal old fashioned we've been using that and everything that if you do make an Old Fashioned using coriander seared call The Cliff old fashioned because Cliff are you know if it came up with the idea of making a what's it called an old fashioned with answer to your last question and if you have a next month I have a week to think we have a week to think of your commands

can I pay her back to it and also I will next week suggest some things you might be able to use with your one kilogram of and sore but it's in your kitchen listen Marvin if you have one kilogram of Enzo but you're going to take up your entire 200 square foot space because one kilogram of ends orbit is a giant giant amount of in sorbet and sherbet for all that you don't know is that is the stuff that you make Power oils and powders with but I'll come back with you on that Marvin next week and we'll do it and that has been this week for that something issues

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