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Episode 71: Spheres & Circulators

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hey how do you reverse spherification question for you messed around with it for the first time this last weekend and had a miserable failure before I waste a bunch more wanted to see if he had any recommendations for those you don't know what you're talking about your vacation is the technique where you make little balls out of things using a hydrocolloid the most famous one is sodium alginate the problem with that is that the ball turn solid overtime and they're unpleasant if they're solid because he alternates heals all the flavor so there's a technique called reverse spherification where you basically form just a thin layer of alginate gel around a liquid and it stays liquid in the center forever but it's more difficult technique so shoot what's your problem

okay well I guess so first of all and he's working with the distilled water for the bath I guess my sodium citrate maybe is what seemed to be settling out of it I didn't notice it until after I hit blended it was trying to pour it into the bath I didn't think there was enough left in the bottom I went ahead and proceed with it anyway so it may have been a week of sodium bath I get using both of sodium alginate sodium citrate in the in the bath house in city is that to choke again so people know what we're talking about in your when you're doing reverse spherification your flavor has a calcium Source in it and the bass that you drop that flavor into has algae in it and then usually something to stabilize the out in it in it and that I wasn't them forms an instant kind of envelope around your flavor now

before we go any further sodium citrate should not settle out where are you you're using you said distilled water

Bear Creek distilled water and a and a stick blender shouldn't come out of it and you shouldn't have a problem with the alginate in the bath the I don't use really Citrus citrate that is is sodium citrate asking two ways it's a it's a pH buffer right because the other azmat doesn't want the pH to go to low if it does it will start gelling and turning blue. Roper on you and it's a tax somewhat as a sequestrant which means it it it binds up excess calcium in there but a lot of that sequestering activities really do two more of its buffering capacity if you want to really good sequestrant you want to move to his sodium hexametaphosphate shrimp which is available I believe through one of our sponsors modern Pantry but what kind of failure are you getting out of it are you getting is it is it is a bath turning ropien nasty on you or what was the failure mode

it was that was pretty it was pretty thick but clear and what is the failure mode what what's what's exactly is happening

I guess when when I'm dropping me the bass into it I'm actually getting different results I tried with three different things in the same bath using a rum using calcium lactate and a little bit of xanthan gum and it was dropping into it almost immediately dispersing right okay okay next

I'm wondering what your problem is you're not getting I wonder what your problem is you're not getting a good drop out of it because one of the problems with reverse spherification is you need to have a fairly thin algiknit base in order to get the stuff to drop in properly and if it's if it if it's if the if it's too viscous right you'll just get like a pancake effect on the surface where it'll maybe it'll hollow out a little bit but you little just spread wide and then it'll for my kind of wisps of jail within it was it gelling it just was disbursing I think our main problem there is you maybe need to go sticker on there on the rum or add some heft to the could also remember alcohol is fairly light compared to add some heft to it I mean with either sugar or glucose syrup to my dad to add some heft so that it wants to go down at some viscosity to it like I even over and above the Santan come to the problem is xanthan did you did you get all the air out of that room before you dropped

is it still cloudy it was

yeah the Run was just a little bit cloudy and let it sit for several hours but it was still a little bit cloudy machine

no I don't know you're only really you're only really way to do it is to wait for it to kind of settle out but if you don't want to add Santa and you can add but other other bodying agents like glucose are for like corn syrup something to give it some extra density so it wants to sit and you're going to need to make sure that the stuff you're dropping in doesn't have air bubbles cuz here but was just going to sit on the service and prevent a good drop from forming what percentage of return is it and what brand are you using

I don't know what the brand was it came from your father's when you mentioned a moment ago and I'm I was using what is it said two and a half gram to the 500 grams of water to 2%

4 grams in a liter so everything depends on the Elgin it I've never used monitors pantries I was in it so I don't know kind of what what's going on with it but you know Legends come in a variety of viscosity from a low viscosity Alternative High viscosity I wasn't the one I use I use a medium in a high viscosity housing it from FMC biopolymer is the one that I typically use when I'm doing this and with those you wanted with for the high viscosity one I usually want to be around 8 grams in a liter in order to get like a gel the form and the other one maybe even need to go a little lower with high viscosity one like you know 7 grams per liter but like down at point for it's going to be hard to form a quick thing that might also be causing your dispersal problems if you and by the way I'll turn it especially if you have all the stuff

that you can heat it to get rid of the bubbles and in fact when you heat it you're going to be decreasing its viscosity so if you're having viscosity issues you can do reverse spherification into hot out in it best not going to hurt you don't want to be so hot it's going to boil the alcohol out of your rum right but assuming that that's not a problem you can go that way let me give you another thing you can do depending on what size of balls you want to make you can you can if you have a Silpat you can just take him this way you don't need to thicken it at all you can just take drops of and put drops onto a Silpat and then let him freeze up if they're small drops that you're the pancake out but you'll still be able to get a good good drop on it and then just put those drops in one by one the fall almost instantly especially for using a hot algiknit bath and that will let you get underneath but I would try to get you out and it bath higher than 4 grams per liter I would get it up to like you want as long as you can obviously but you might want to try like seven eight grams per liter

try hot make sure you get all the air out of it and try to put a little more body into the into your into your rum how much calcium lactate per liter were you adding using calculator calcium lactate gluconate

3% success high is that what day is that what they told you on the website to add could you taste it any other words that should work I could I could taste it a little bit in general I mean that's high you can get the calcium lactate gluconate it's going to make a soft gel but the first thing I would do is get it gelling properly once it's gelling properly then start dialing that calcium back and so what I would do then is that would make your run mixture first right and then I would hold some back with no calcium in it at all and then and then take your one that and add the calcium to it and then as an experiment just keep adding the on calcium stuff back to it until it doesn't gel right anymore and then you'll you'll get a feeling for exactly how much calcium is going to be required in that application

that sounds like a good idea. I'll do another problem with your vacation is if the if the ball's touch each other underneath the alginate bad they're glued shut. Glue themselves together because of that it will start bonding and then W hard to break parts you want to make sure when you take them out to a very quickly put them into basically like pure water solution to get them separated into rinse the extra Elgin it off and then to store them in a back basic the best thing to do is to have enough of your flavor base left to store the balls in the flavor base if you store the ball in the flavor base which has some calcium in it the last forever or until they spoil right if you store them in water than all of them very quickly all of the flavor and color will be leached out of them eat it somewhere in between is the store it in a space Aaliyah sugar and alcohol solution of the same relative sweetness and send relative alcohol level as your balls and that that's kind of the intermediate

the thing that I use reverse spherification foremost is a maple syrup balls and I put inside of Pancakes and when I do that I basically store them in the maple syrup you know I'm saying good good all right so how you doing Sasha

alright alright what's up looking at Q's what's going on at the past week notice at the bar right man space to be the only knew the things that that happened I tried yesterday so we've had two calls from a show that want want to Saint maybe in California and we've been doing some crazy test for that so we went yesterday I had to make a hurricane going on with hurricane but it's like you know nowadays a god-awful rum drink is invented by a guy Pat O'Brien apparently in New Orleans who was giving a whole bunch of rum right after probation he opened up and basically he couldn't buy the good Liquors from the distributor unless he also took rum which at the time nobody really wanted and so we had to find something to do with all of that rum and so he mixed

couple kinds of rum and passion fruit syrup and pomegranate syrup hurricane glasses basically the worst now in New Orleans anyway but the quality isn't even lower than back then the New Orleans you know it's like the home of the crappy fake daiquiri shop last time I was in New Orleans Tales of cocktail date one of the bartenders who was working at a dinner that I was at I forget who it was and she had ordered a daiquiri machine to come and get the fella who showed up to tweak out the Daiquiri machine I had no idea where natural Daiquiri was and we made it served him an actual Daiquiris like no no that's not it that's not a daiquiri like a daiquiri is basically Kool-Aid and like rum in one of these Frozen machines it's a horrible horrible horrible stuff the current hurricane is made with a powdered mix that might as well be Kool-Aid but just doesn't taste quite as good as Kool-Aid does if that if that's humanly possible so it's just

the horrible horrible thing anyway so we try to make a what we thought was a good hurricane so I basically took a pomegranate smashed out the seeds model them cuz I didn't want to blend them to get the bitterness in from the little tips on the seeds out of them to passion fruit puree hit it with SPL and spun out in a centrifuge and got an amazing bright red awesome flavored kind of passion fruit / pomegranate syrup that you know was hard enough to use in place of lime juice in a daiquiri style recipe made it actually tasted quite good problem was that the show wanted me to do some carbonated so I carburetor to tasted awful right pretty much you agree yeah I don't really like most carbonated drinks except for like dark and stormys and things like that cuz the ginger really helps it out but like I think I said it before the show like carbonated room off and end up tasting like Cisco if you remember Cisco which was a carbonated 20% alcohol beverage from the from the 80s or 90s it was just Dreadful Dreadful Dreadful stuff but

then I at the behest of some of the bartender say Tristan in naked Booker over Booker and Dax was like let's make a deal that was delicious delicious delicious anyway because that's the kind of crap are working on nowadays to 128 we have a common in on last week's show from Paul who it's about the remember we had someone and want to know how to tell whether if their mom was allergic to a particular kind of fish because their mom is allergic to fish scale to fish with scales and we had a discussion that basically the scale is just a marker of where the fish is in the evolutionary chain and so they need to stay away from that particular group of fish Paul at enjoyed our explanation of it but had an interesting way to very simply find out whether or not it's got scales and that is is it kosher Paul says check

the internet to see if a particular fish is kosher I even permission permissible under Jewish dietary laws they're always tons of Q and A's on the internet about what is and isn't kosher Kosher fish must have scales as well as spend please note that the universe is not necessarily true he could have scales but not be kosher but this might definitely be an easy first test for her kosher equals definitely has scales so your mom definitely can't have it and not Kosher equals might not have scale so and if it is kosher your mom can't have it but just because it's not Kosher doesn't mean your mom can't have it makes sense very good thankful and then you know beyond that go and look up where it is me evolutionary chain and see you know where it where it fits is it is you know till EOS eccentric cetera

from Matthew and this question goes out to the good people in the engineering room Jack and Carlos I'm a big fan of your show has been plenty of time listen to The Archives it always helps my dishwashing / house cleaning time go down a little smoother can't believe someone actually doing work whether this is crazy right it's nice I like that why do you cut off the last five minutes or so from the archives it's important that we hear every last word that nastasha and I have to say thanks Matthew I don't know if it's important to say but what's going on

you're stunned look into it because 27184 971-282-7497 to 128 tricking issues

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I take full responsibility for show cutouts sorry sorry guys matter because she can rely on the old man's money so disappointing isn't it so disappointing you know you should stand on your own and don't rely on the old man's money anyway have a color color you are on the air

right now

show me I'm going to do a quick calculation here a thousand Watts about 28 Zoom it's fairly linear emitted by destabilizing within like a couple of tenths of a degree up or down which is it is it stabilizing properly

then you shouldn't have any problem you know Jessie just want to make sure that you don't have any huge dead spots in the circulation and that when you put your packages in that they let they let you know that there's a lot of water circulating around him as long as you have water circulating on all sides you should be okay the other thing I'd be cautious of on certain items if you're going to do eggs if your circulating that much water you don't want it to be too too violent or the stuff going to get knocked about in there or or you could have a situation where if you don't have the stuff properly contain the circulation is just going to push it all to one corner of the bath all of your bags we'll pile up and then that the Badness Center going to take a long time to come up to temperature which could be problematic and certain recipes that make sense

yes your water should be more than enough I've never had the pleasure of fooling around with a circulator that's 5 kilowatts but sounds like it should be a lot of fun what are you cooking

if you if you just make sure that the eggs don't get knocked around too much and the other issue obviously as you're using quite a lot of power you know so if you have via if you have the PID controller and what not you might want to make a secondary bath that's smaller like you know to kilowatts in like 2018 or something like that which B is twice what was normally be used in 28 liters of get up to temperature really really fast but just you don't want to be in a situation where you're pulling out those big guns all the time you know what I mean

yes and I assume you're running that guy off 220 so if you're going to run that guy or what

so if you run that thing off of 120 instead right you'll get about a quarter of the power so that I'll get it down to normal range so if you just make an alternate plug situation to run off of 120 instead of 227 the amperage works out okay you should then be able to use it as a lower wattage item it might be a problem with your prompt you might need to get a secondary pump but you shouldn't need to get a second heater element

that's a good problem how do you how do you clean them

well that's a good question so I mean that there's two kinds of problems with you by laboratory gear and the one problem is kind of inorganic poisonous like straight-up old-school poisons analyst organic face poisons and the other are kind of biohazards so most likely you're not going to have a biohazard in your rotovap although it's entirely possible I'm pretty sure that the original one I bought it off of eBay had a carbon tetrachloride in it which is nasty stuff so I just I will I bought you know basically a glass cleaner I think I think of the brand was Alcoholics and I just clean the ever-loving hell out of it if you have access I also in case there was a biological agent in it I also bleach the hell out of it you know what I mean basically Soaked in Bleach Ultrasonic Cleaner huge bunch of changes of water a bunch of bunch of bunch of changes of water and detergent settle attack both polar and nonpolar things cuz the odds are there

a bunch of nonpolar stuff there to which might be Dino vile vile stuff also note that if you're buying a standard rotovap with a condenser regular coil condenser that one's going to be harder to clean cuz it's impossible to physically attack all the nooks and crannies on that you can't get your fist into it where is if you're getting what the heck was that sounds like someone just died if you if you get a cold finger condenser you can disassemble it basically and get your hand into it and totally clean it out and if you're really lucky you can get a cold finger condenser that also has a coiled inserts leave and then you get the best of all worlds you can use it as a cool finger condenser you can use it as a regular coil condenser and you can clean it but it's very difficult to clean out the inside of the condenser and it just takes a lot of time and flush as a detergent in water

what they say on that is how it works on chemical deposit set aren't you don't like basically you know you'll be able to get rid of most of the Polar stuff using normal detergent and most a non-polar so frankly but I was just I haven't looked at it a long time because it's been a couple of been like five years since I bought a rotovap on eBay and so I would just look up prisons like what the procedures are for cleaning out like pick a couple of vicious nonpolar solvents like carbon tetrachloride and just find out what the kind of what kind of decontamination procedure is for it but yeah yeah maybe the brewery one would work but I cannot use cuz that's what they use in Labs it's not that expensive but I'm sure you can get ahold of it you know what I mean

but I would specifically look up I would choose a couple of nasty solvents a polar and a non-polar and just check out the basic decontamination procedures for them

okay basically it's a cone-shaped sleeve and start inside of the round condenser and that you fill it with it in the lab you would typically use dry ice at acetone I use heat or dry ice ethanol or or liquid nitrogen I actually almost always use liquid nitrogen because it's actually easier for me to get then dry ice before storage reasons but the problem with a cold finger condenser if you're not using something super cold I dry ice and ethanol dry ice acetone is it has a very low surface area compared to a cuz it's not indented like like you know some of the condenser is you're dealing with so I got a fairly low surface area compared to a coil condenser

I see all right is that helpful

you know right is back and tell us what happened with your big Mega circulator

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the same way as if you added starch to hot gravy work exactly the same as if you add starch to hot gravy so you need to really hit it with a blender or something like that to get into the Spurs properly and that's because when you add starch to gravy typically what you do is you add starch to a cold liquid first form a slurry right so it all the little stars particles get separated and then you added to a liquid and then everything's kosher you heat it up and it's good and it didn't hydrating all that stuff right not text Ultra sperse is 8 an agglomerated pre-cooked Europe rehydrated starch and what that is is it looks like little kind of it looks kind of grainy when you look at it instead of being a fine powder looks kind of grainy and it's designed to not Glocks not kind of stick together in the balls and you can stir that one into things to thicken it up and you don't need a lot of high chair mixing another reason that industrially Altra Spurs isn't used as much as Ultra text

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oh yeah oh yeah I know it's best that Moustache or is that it's Carlos bastardize is howling like the Wedding Singer to sing songs with like many many acres is interspersed and then and she was like what he feels like you know you know how when you go to a concert there's that guy who stands in the background screaming the song right there so I can imagine that guy screaming but instead of like the rock and roll fingers like you know that rock and roll fingers I just got my Evans like flipping them the bird but I mean like the front row screaming along like jamming out like a rich girl Hall & Oates the hell is this guy doing with what's wrong with this guy you see how long it takes before I get ejected from the concert guys in the front row don't play they pay so much for those tickets

some Joker like flipping off that that the bad and screaming curses

Breckenridge girl was a scary sound we heard before but it seems like in to Jesus is okay that's good business will check the building in the Jesus is okay again except for the fact that you know you kind of as much as I love Andrew Lloyd Webber will because like you know I mean all the people who are seriously in the musicals are like on I got Angela drive it right but I like that stuff I do I love that stuff Jesus Christ Superstar especially with the problem is is it in my head I have you know the original kind of voice of Judas is in my head and if I go and hear somebody else and the original guy is dead by the way so it's not like they're going to bring that guy back and

if I hear somebody else playing Judas I just be like oh my God what is that they redid Heat Miser Snow Miser Charlie Brown's voice voice horrible horrible horrible awful horrible you know it's like some things you know whatever anyway

you going to make me go see don't you think your son's what the heck do they want to see Jesus Christ Superstar for they don't like it's me I like musicals my son Booker would be so bored he would be the screaming entire time when did Oliver singing a what's the buzz and he was asking me when the bus is going to be alright and I can't I can't do it

question from I want to make my own Sherry vinegar is it possible to take a red wine vinegar mother and put it in Sherry and wind up with Sherry vinegar are there any other methods thanks for your help and inside and keep being awesome. We will try try start being awesome is yes it's going to work but when you're making vinegar from wine your typical using a lower alcohol wine right so Sherry which he knows fortified is a is coming in at a much higher ABV then would it then is good for the vinegar so you going to want to dilute to difference between 7 and 9% alcohol and 9% pretty high like you might want to start down lower like 7% alcohol okay so so you're going to basically figure out what the hour

call content of your cherry is and then dilute it down with with whatever but get the alcohol percentage down now cost too high with the acetobacter and it's going to be it's going to be a problem okay another thing that has red I don't know whether it's true or not but is that if a wine is very highly Salford Hazard sulfur dioxide in it that can also be a problem for producida backer but other than that it it should basically be no problem now

I looked up some Sunset magazine has a big how to on a secluded Sunset magazine which is from California had like some kind of butt-kicking books on like how to get a really butt-kicking Garden how to make bonsais how to bake bread me Sunset magazine lizard California more like a desert Arizona New Mexico California sunsets on the freaking West Coast write the West Coast in southern West Coast right anyway to kick butt that's all I'm saying is if Sunset books you wouldn't think it seems like very consumer but their books I used to enjoy them as I was growing up I haven't read them in a long time but if you if you look it up and you know who they asked as their Consulting for it

Yahoo Distortion I met when she was writing a like some sort of a clay pot cookbook said true or false she has her house was freaking full of clay pots I'm talking like she had a greater volume of clay pots and I have an air volume in my apartment cuz their house is quite large compared to my apartment

anyway poem recommends that you start small other words if you get your mother you add a little bit of the wine to start with you got to make sure that are can get to it because forming for me to see the Cascades it's an aerobic activity that are so in fact when you're doing a fast procedure so that the old school way is I don't know what it's called The Orleans that's the old school way of making vinegar we're basically you take a cask you drill holes in it put a screen over it's a bug's can't get in you let air get in and Sierra that allows the acetic acid they see the back there the acetic acid bacteria to grow and therefore turn your turn your wine or turn whatever your cider and vinegar if there's no are they won't grow its after they're done you continue to allow Aaron then they see the gas it will be lost a lot of guys and go out so you have to strike a balance there if you want to make it quickly then what you have to do is increase the surface area of the bacteria can grow on and sew

can do things like mix wood chips in with the with the with the vinegar with the face or whatever and then have the mother on top you don't want to swap out the mother because you have to get the population of bacteria relatively high so what most people do to maintain their mother is remove like three-quarters of your vinegar and input without disturbing it put you know the rest back in terms of fresh liquid and then you can keep it going eventually your vinegar mother will probably fall to the bottom I scoop it out hopefully new one was born because you have a colony in there while we spoke about vinegar mother what it is a while ago was mainly cellulose bacterial cellulose soap floats on top of eventually maybe it will fall to the bottom another thing and you know what I'm not an expert by any means in in vinegar but after you make it you're probably going to want to change it to kind of know. A little bit some people age it just found some people age 8 in wooden barrels which are getting increasingly difficult to get the small wooden barrels are getting increasingly difficult to get when you are aging it people tend to pasteurize it to stop further bacterial change

presents that might turn the vinegar actually consumed some of the acid in the vinegar and ruin it so you can either exclude air or pasteurized or exclude are and pasteurize an agent to get a variety of flavors has that makes sense I need a pretty good by me like you know we're still working it's going to get better and better everyday but I think I think that I'm proud of what we're doing and what does it mean that we're nowhere near where we want to be but I'm proud of what we're doing anyway I was recently given a Cuisinart ice cream machine the kind where you pre freeze the canister I have made some excellent ice cream and with the help of some papers are friends have learned to add some tweets to my recipes that keep the ice cream from losing it smooth texture in the freezer and stay a little bit more stable at room temperature

and a two things that. Matthews adding are glucose syrup and gelatin is there a simple formula for replacing sugar with glucose it could be applied to any ice cream recipe my primary goal is to give ice cream a better texture post freezer storage tanks Matthew okay so simple that there's no there's no simple anything which it which is you know I would always the problem and I forgot to look up before I came in what the what the solids ratio at what the solids content of glucose syrup if I think it hovers around 80% I think it's in there and you have to figure out what the d e the dexos equivalent of the glucose syrup is figure out how how sweet it is but the book that I recommend and most of its online on Google Books is called glucose syrups technology and applications and there's a section on ice creams in there that talks about it but basically what the glucose syrup glucose syrup is a

pushing a couple of things it has a certain amount of sweetness to it right not a lot but a certain amount it depresses the freezing point of the of the ice cream base somewhat right but also it would drastically increases the viscosity of the ice cream base and what that's doing is just going to give you a kind of a denser better mouthfeel and also prevent or inhibit crystallization the gelatin will also help with a crystallization but you know anything you add any hydrocolloid is going to help going to help prevent crystallization from happening when it's in your freezer afterwards so basically what you want to do when you swap it out let's assume that you don't want to assume that you don't want to change the sweetness of your of your recipe so you have to look at what the relative sweetness of the glucose syrup is vs Sugar so

you're really is sweetness of like 42 de glucose syrup is half and half as sweet as sugar we're using low d e glucose + 28 is like four of the relative sweetness of it and that's how to dry a driveway basis right but the freezing depression so let's take glucose 28 D glucose syrup it's a little under half the sweetness of of sucrose right but it has only half of the freezing point depression so you need to add twice lately once you take into account the water that's in it you going to you going to remove let's say you know 200 grams of sugar you're going to have to add 400 G of solids from glucose 28d to have the same sweetness but you'll have a lot more solid so it'll be a lot denser so this table

is available on the Google Books and you can get a sense of the relative freezing point depression and the relative sweetness for various different different sweeteners so let's say you didn't want to add like that do you want to reduce the sweetness is something right but not really reduce not really change the freezing point depression or change the actual biscuit viscosity of it much glucose syrup and then you could depress the freezing point for thereby adding small amount of alcohol and is ratios in the stable in this book that you can look at to really kind of get a better idea of what you're doing but what you whenever you're swapping out sugar you're removing body you're changing the freezing point depression and you're changing the sweetness and all of those things need to be accounted for in an ice cream to balance out so you know if you don't want to change anyone drastically or there's going to be problems just what's cool about this book the glucose syrup technology and applications in the ice cream section is it rather than go into really kind of technical

explanation to trying to calculate things they say hey look calculate everything relative to sucrose so the sweetness relative to sucrose table sugar and the freezing point depression relative to sucrose and then just get into your head that ice cream should have a like a sucrose relative sweetness and relative freezing point depression because of sucrose take me as one as Unity of Thirteen to Eighteen with with basically 13 so 13% sugar in it is going to be hard right and Unser not that sweet and something with 18% is going to be relatively soft there because it's going to be have more freezing point depression and relatively sweeter right and so bite by calculating the relative freezing point depression and relative sweetness is sucrose you can play around with recipes fairly easily and try to get something that works for you that make sense

okay I am being told to do I have any more questions or if I answer the phone I'm being told that I am out of time so this is been cooking issues thank you and come again next week

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