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Episode 70: Get To Know Your Knife

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Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn joined as usual with the Statue the hammer Lopez in the engineering room we have Jack and Carlos with his today hello hello is 24 Mi 72128 cooking questions and we only have 45 minutes so you should get through to the customers don't care about that in your comments on the stash later which will get into

yes should be fun so this is the second week of the booker and Dax bar that we open Booker and Dax it somehow I think it's going into session it's a it's it's it's different actually starting something it's a it's a lot of fun anyway hello Dave and nastasha from Matthew long time listener first-time email her I was recently gifted with a knife here I've never actually pronounce the brand out loud it's very well-regarded knife it's it's spelled glestain but I believe it's pronounced at least in g l e a s t a n s t a i n a Japanese Japanese chef's knife looks like a western-style knife but is Japanese so on one side more on that later and it's left handed which means they paid a lot more for it because to get it

first of all I culturally in Japan you know there's no such thing as left-handed side what's wrong with you you like use your right hand like the left-handed one and and Japanese knives typically are handed because they're not sharpened with a symmetrical bevel the way Western Hazard but how do I properly steal this and that how do I properly how do I properly sharpen a knife on a stone or any other General techniques tips for using a sharpening stone would be great too as I am new to self sharpening and having nice or nice thank you Matthew okay look


traditional Japanese knives the first of all if you want to work we'll talk more about Corrin later but anyone who comes into New York needs to stop by Korn Korn they're nice place because it's fantastic and you can see firsthand a bunch of different styles of knives and really get a feel for kind of what the differences are it's fantastic place so it's down near where the Trade Center used to be and so if you a Japanese traditional knife is sharp and literally sharpen basically on one side only almost like a western chisel these knives are typically heavier and thicker on the spine and they have a very very very very very sharp because of the one angle that one angle is not very big and so you had you have a very very sharp but fairly fragile a blade a highly highly recommend those things they're extremely easy to learn to sharpen because you basically all you have to have a very large bevel that you can see very

Easley you sharpen that and tell a bird is raised raised up right which means that you taking all the way across you can feel you draw your thumb across the opposite side from the side you were sharpening how you draw it down over the edge and you can feel a little curl being raised up around and you know I don't do too much cuz you are you curling over the edge but you feel a light bar and you know that you sharpened all the way down so when you're sharpening a knife like this or any night really you feel all the way and you'll see a chef do this when they're when they're it working they'll take their thumb in the pricking over the blade all the way down and what their ensuring is that there a bird has been raised all the way along the edge of the blade and that you haven't sharpened too much in one place and to leave the key to the one I'm talking about Japanese style or anything is basically recreating exactly the bevel that was put on there when they sharpen the knife now the beauty of a traditional Japanese knife is you get that one bevel which is fairly easy to see and then you just turn the blade over and it's almost flat on its impact the backside of the blade is concave

so you just put that use lift the back spine ever-so-slightly off your stone and swipe it a couple of times to take the bar off and you have a fantastic LEE sharp knife I love Japanese style knives I went to coron unfortunately their prices have gone up because the yen is I guess doing well against the dollar so a night that I bought likes wiener 3-4 years ago for around $100 and now I got $180 but if you were going to use a knife everyday in a work environment the good old-fashioned Carbon IL they will stay in there not stainless Japanese traditional knives are fantastic to work with because you know that after that ship that working you just going to take care of your knives and before or after sharpen them and takes very little time to sharpen and bring them back into a booster fantastically fun to cut within their awesome unless someone borrows your Japanese vegetable knife and packs a bone with it and it shatters to blame for what happened to me I want it

ask it at the school took it out of my knife kit when I wasn't there a hacked it up put away wet and I got a rusted broken knife and it's incredibly depressed so they're extremely easy to sharpen and I highly recommend him now that's exact opposite end of the scale is a traditional Western knife a traditional westernized is sharpened with an identical bevel on both sides so no matter what the angle of The Cutting Edge is Right which is determined by how you hold a blade against the stone is your sharpening No matter what it is it's the same on both sides of the blank which means a westernized there's no such thing as a right-handed or left-handed knife because it's symmetrical rounded around is cutting access these are also fairly easy to sharpen because all you have to do is get that angle right okay now you have Western you have your Japanese the Japanese knife manufacturers invented a new style while ago I don't know exactly when it's basically a hybrid to Japanese Western knife

Japanese Western Knives are insane in that they are not sharpened symmetrically necessarily the other thing is that there is no manufacturing there's no like a cross manufacturers standard for what the asymmetrical devil is and so you have to actually look at your knife what you typically do if you are not good at seeing what the edges are you just take a sharpie and you mark on the edge of the blade with a sharpie so you can see where the devil is on both sides and then you take your knife gently against a very very fine Stone in you and you try to get the angle right and you look at the Sharpie and you see whether or not you've worn away the Sharpie flat across the bevel of the knife and if you have you've gotten the same angle that the manufacturer made now typical the way that they specify angles is insane so when you talk about a bevel you hear people say things like 70/30 or 90/10 and what that means and by the way your knife probably isn't sharpened on one side only it's probably

like like somewhere between a 9010 and a 70/30 what that means is is that 70% of the bevel on a night is on one side versus the other right so if it was a 0 + 100 then it would be 100% flat blade which basically none of those western style Japanese knives are and then you know if 10% of the devil is on one side and 93 on the other it's a it's a 90-10 you get the picture but that doesn't tell you is what the entire angle of the of the edge is right so if you were to sharpen a western-style knife and you were to have so that the bed will be equal that you could we call 50/50 right then you would say okay what's my total edge angle and older knife with kind of these notes less modern steel the bigger the angle right the less fragile your blade is but the dollar it is and so new or steals you can get a total angle all the way down to like 17 degrees some people go down to like 15 degrees is it

and I won't handle that I like older style knives I'm typically having it like 30 degrees which is very wide for Modern Standard not as a easier to it they don't break but no not not nearly as sharp so you have to specify what the total angle is on the bundle blade and then whether or not that bevel is skewed one way or the other personally I find Japanese Western Knives a pain in the butt to sharpen I don't like sharpening them I've never been good at chopping them I'm very good at sharpening Western Knives when a very good I'm good enough at sharpening Western eyes and I'm pretty proficient with Japanese knives but I find the Japanese westerns difficult now the advantage theoretically of the asymmetric grinding is that it cuts differently and so it's designed to cut for a left-handed person or a right-handed person and bear in mind that in in Japan when you're cutting that way you're making very specific slices and so if you were cutting with your right hand the slice is always going to fall off on the right side and took a bevel is designed to facilitate that kind of that kind of cutting your particular knife

glycine eyes are well known for its called a Granton Edge as well which is a scallop. Scallop e divots are taken out of the blade those things that have nothing to do a sharpness that reduces stickiness supposedly I've never used one but you know I have a lot of friends I swear by it basically those little dimples prevent your food from sticking to the blade anyway asked for sharpening it's some of these knives can be reground to be 50/50 if you want to sharpen them like a traditional knife on site was a call or something like that or just pulling on me because of some drama safe so you can we grind it if you if it turns out that you can't get used to sharpen a n asymmetric bevel you can have these knives reground some knives take to that better than others and it professionals handle do it for you when your New York next go to coron and or buy their knife sharpening videos and saying they're in their insane don't believe the

type in here on the internet about different kind of grits and different you know. It's insane first of all there's no International standard for what grits are so people who are buying Japanese water stones have fantastic Lehigh grits think that there and hire with me to find a particle they think that their butt sharpening stones are whooping butt on all of the American stones that we have the fact of the matter is is that the Japanese grit definition is wildly different and not even if applicable to American grit definition of one-to-one Correspondence so you have 3,000 3,000 a Japanese grit Waterstone it does not mean that it's three times as sharp as an American Stone rated at $1,000 right so just bear that in mind there's nothing Japanese water stones are a pain in the butt any real Stone needs to be dressed a bunch to keep it flat they need to be watered or oil dinner using them I find them to be a pain in the butt I don't I don't use them I use DMT Diamond Stones which and I use their duosharp 10 in

how much is Big you want a big big Stone to sharpen on because it means that you can get more of a swipe without having to lift your blade and reposition it which means you can be more accurate and everything's faster everything's more pleasant DMT stones are awesome because they're small they're light and they stole for their size and they store very easily they last forever and they never need to be flattened again some people don't like it because their purest but everyone is handed to including Nils was like you know who's like a man that that no one wants that he used it he bought one right so you want to get there if you get it though you want to get the fine and the extra fine which is the green. And the red. And you flip it over and you start on the courser which is a fine and then you finish with a light light couple of Strokes on the on the extra fine side does single last forever takes a little bit of a break in before they get as fine as they're going to get because there's some errands particles of diamond that are bonded on the surface and once those get knocked off its very consistent very good

I like it a lot but you know your Japanese knife buddies will will think that you're a Philistine but crap on them cuz your knives are going to be incredibly sharp what he thinks is there anything else you want to go to Corey I first of all the Hardy Mazel Tov on your new Venture which is the bar I hope to check it out next time I'm in town it's a bummer that I just miss the opening thank you so much for your advice on how to make a recent New York strip pulling a really satisfying by this is from Brian call this earlier unfortunately I didn't have as much time as I wish but highlights included the Crudo in gelato Italy if you had a really crazy like a madhouse it's like I feel like I like a mad house yet

the great spices at the La Plata pizza coming from the freezing cold with deliciously warm noodles at totto Ramen which I haven't been to yet even there and the corn cookie from built by our buddies up milk bar corn cookie is in fact my favorite cookie there and a visit to JB prince need a tour guide explain to me what all the cool crap was it was in there they didn't say crap it's it's nothing else but I can't stay on the show today my questions about dry using various dry aging various meats and fish I've heard of dried beef of course but this pose reference from a Chuck-E-Cheese in a well-known blog about a meal at San Francisco's a Saison restaurant references aging fish and poultry I'm especially interested in aging fish how can I do it safely age for laser steaks are just a whole fish the article reference the 7-Day agent for fish killed by a smoked tuna belly that have been Asian smoked periodically

Beijing pigeons for 21 days 43 days 50 days in 73 days it also mentioned that they were age with their Visser intact for a while first before dry aging and what does that do you also mentioned that one of the pigeons have been salted to encourage fermentation how can I guarantee that it won't spoil I read the latest lucky Peach that Mickey recommend dry aging take place in a dedicated fridge with the meat hung and using Primal Cuts how can I do this method at home with poultry and fish okay I think so much Brian you ever watch Shogun when you were a kid the miniseries funny so you know western-style western-style game birds typically are killed and then hung until what they're called pie and what that means is until they stink in there about to fall apart and I one of those funny scenes when you're at like you know in 10 year old watching Shogun on the TV show is Western guy gets Portuguese guy shows up get put put the pigeon up hangs it and the villagers think that this is spoiled and so someone like basically

commit seppuku for before the act of ruining the guest pigeon I'm sure that's just some sort of like weird like no one's going to commit seppuku over a pigeon I just don't think it's going to happen I just don't buy it you by that I mean some sort of punishment but seppuku really 70s racism there's nothing better okay

but I asked for EKG meso EtG May on fish the technique with EtG me is you take a large tuna they always do. Because very expensive fish I said it too many times before so I apologize you can just glaze over for me to talk about it is you destroy the brain and then you do a technique called Shake a new key which means no spine and you shove a needle down the spine of the fish destroy the spinal cord at what you're doing when you spray the spinal cord is stopping any messages electrical messages from getting to the muscles and what that's doing is preserving the ATP the energy in the muscles and what that's doing is allowing the muscle to go into rigor later and softer the faster you deplete the ATP in a muscle the faster and the harder it goes into rigor mortis fish flesh in particular because it's so delicate compared to meet flushes hamster rip itself apart during rigor if the rigors too hard and when it comes out of regular you're going to get more weeping more loss of the juices more gaping in The Flash and just

overall not as good texture the flavors also affected I don't really know why from it from a scientific point of view why the flavor will be affected but in side-by-side taste test it is very widely held misconception that fish is better fresh fish is best when fish is best not when it's necessarily the freshest so when I go into a market and I see a bunch of you know fish and they're so psyched that they just got the fish off the boat but the fishes in hard hard rigger because of the way it was killed and died and you can see it's curled up in a heartbreaker like that fish is not the best going to be Church of precious maybe but the texture isn't necessarily the best it's going to be in front of you that ever cooked a fish it's in rigor mortis it's quite hard and doesn't have the kind of tenderness of weeks back with it with a fish still almost all fish likes especially larger fish is take a long time to come out of rigor so things like salmon things like tuna you would never eat them hyper hyper fresh because they have to go into rigor and come out again

and soften up and be excellent would make a Gmail I've run tests on smaller eqg me and they are clearly better the second day after they're killed and good the third day after killed larger fish like tuna is typical to go many days and salmon many days to get the optimal optimal texture on it now the bad news is with this is that the minute he reached at optimal taste and texture it goes rapidly downhill so you have to know it kind of exactly where the Servants of the real high-end Sushi joints know exactly how old is piece of fishes are not serving you the freshest fish they're serving u v it's at its peak of flavor and for each species and for each way that it's killed the time that's best to eat it is different and that is part of the great art and Miss Mystique and mystical power of the sushi chef is to know that kind of thing

as regards the laundry stuff like a tuna belly these are typically cured products that aren't going to go spoil and they can last as long as you like and their you're fighting against how dry is it going to be and how much is the tasting in mosites changing some of its going to be due to protein breakdown obviously but also fat breakdown especially in something like tuna now the reason that Mickey recommends hole cutter Primal cut is because a they're going to lose moisture faster in for dry if you something like be if you don't want it to get dried out like a jerky you want the moisture to stay inside you're going to lose some that's going to increase in concentrate the flavored but you don't want to lose a lot and also most of these spoiled you funking is going to be on the outside to the larger the piece of meat the bigger the bigger it's going to be after you trim off whatever is on the outside the last loss you're going to get and also remember the inside of me is sterile there's not a lot of bacteria in there and so it's not going to spoil the outside going to get a little dry there for the bacteria are going to grow too much on the outside of the other thing is not like a swamp you don't either way I want to keep it to to Human

and then and then after that you can just a gent and puking a jet for a long long long long long long long time if you keep their fists or not I have shot a pheasant and the viscera got punctured by a BB I didn't really know what the hell I was doing a shot shotgun and we hung that thing up for 3 days and man of the inside of that thing stink I almost vomited when I got it that thing and and pluck the feathers because the stench was just on freaking real now I still tasted good because I soaked it in Salt solution after I described at the inside and it was okay and I cut away the parts where they visceral juices head hit the meat where they are gun had gone in I looked at that at Chuck-E-Cheese blog post and all of those birds with smothered basically so there is no chance for the viscera to leak into the cavity and caused a lot of awful bacterial spoilage the inside of the bird is sterile except for the stuff that's on the inside of the oven

she can allergist full bacteria so I don't know exactly why I leave it in for a couple of days maybe increases the font does a little bit of something then cut it open I would bet they probably even though you say some of them are unsalted I would bet they salted a little bit to dry out the outside of the meat and then the inside that hasn't been cut is relatively sterile and can be if there's air coming around to getting around it is not going to really spoil it's just going to get funky Rand funkier and funkier

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I stopped everything everywhere everything is SPL Ultra sp-l Ultra Ultra SPL

dear Anastasia and Dave is it from Kevin in North Carolina okay what she's referring to is Miss Tosh's parents live in outside of Los Angeles okay folks North Carolina and I have to talk okay look we don't want one escape the humidity not that I knew that was a problem in LA because I don't go to La but that I don't want to escape the humidity and so where do they where do they buy a house the Outer Banks of North Carolina right not even North Carolina from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I've only been there a couple times but is the most humid place on Earth the giant fighting green flies need to learn to swim through the atmosphere because it's so humid I looked up online as a joke and wanted people live down there said I was walking down the street the other day and I thought what he what he says it was chasing a Bosch into a tree

because it's so dang humid over there and only only a relative of Anastasia would move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to escape the humidity so I love North Carolina especially the Eastern side of North Carolina and their barbecue which is one of the finest American traditional products we have to offer thank you so much Natasha for trying to make it seem like I don't like North Carolina anyway I recently made venison sausage and at the time I did not have much pork fat to add to the lien venison only about 1.5 lb for 10 lb of final product and as you know Kevin that's not enough, the sausage is okay but would be better with more fat yes it would I now have a plethora of high-quality pork fat having recently broken down half of an ossabaw cross from a quality Farm it's all supposed to the collagen casings smoking I smoked and Frozen what do you think about thawing remix in the sausage with more fat and re-stuffing indication what the texture suffer would you resmoke it I love the show keep up the

Work Kevin okay first of all flows you that aren't down with the you know kind of your pig terminology an awesome God cross is a cross usually with a duroc which is a relatively like good tasting fatty butt commercial Pig with nausea ball pig ossabaw pigs come from also bought originally from ossabaw island off the coast of Georgia where the theory is that a herd of the pigs with dropped off there by Conquistador style folks I guess in the 1500 and just left there and there was no there's no breathing or selective breeding then there was no influx of new jeans and so did develop their own race based on this kind of Iberian haga to put there but they became dwarfs so it's these tiny and apparently mean son of a bitch pigs that have the most incredibly large fat cap around the meat that I've ever seen because they they are designed to put on fat like lunatics because they the season I guess that the feed there is so scarce and

became two are so now I got to feed there on the island and so they're incredibly efficient at converting food too fat and they're small so they're very interesting I first had an awesome Bob and probably don't know like 2004 or 2003 or something that I would never Force coming out and they're quite interesting in the office about cross is kind of a good because they're a little bit bigger and that they're nice anyway now on to your question I am I would be hesitant about thawing Andre mixing it and then re-stuffing it into a casing from a texture standpoint I mean you could try it first of all I mean if you have the venison if you had a circulator even with that little amount of fat you could cook it at a low low Temp and you wouldn't dry it out even though it is there's not a sufficient amount of fat there and then you can split it and drizzle some fat over at to get that kind of fatty lunches taste in I mean it when you mix a sausage obviously everyone knows if she put in the song

and the basically you create the primary buying and it goes together I don't know if you've already smoked it like how cooked through it is with your smoke what is cooked through it's not going to bind the same way again so you could probably maybe add some of that product back into a back in town or let's say you were to add like I use half of that grind it up and add it into a fresh sausage make sure you can get the vine proper again with the fat maybe that would work but I don't think the texture is going to be the same and then if you add more you could resmoke it but then you're going to be double smoking a portion of it so you'd have to work around that mean I'm not saying can't be done I just don't know if it can be done. Hey that's not very helpful but what you going to do what you got to do anyway, so much I know okay hi Dave nastasha Jack and ended Jesus

Jesus is in rare form today he's wearing is wearing the Jesus Christ Superstar bandana which I appreciate it's one of my favorite looks of his coming here with a knife and cut all of our heads off you know that I like it anyway whatever you had this is like a typical nastasha Trey cuz if you have you guys ever end up working with this Tasha for whatever reason just know that what she'll do is go during the saying something when nobody's listening and then you are you for it as though you're a bad human being that's like classic Musashi trip anyway I got to be right up your alley I've heard a lot of discussion lately about the huge use of large spheres of ice in drinks some people have told me that that some people told me things that demonstrate

one person gave up in a minute he just thinks they look cool I'm now I'm intrigued enough to want to know more so Dave as the modern modernist mixologist you are I'm sure you are as a modern mixologist you are I'm sure you can save me a ton of time experimentation please clear the air and let the world know what people are trying to achieve with spheres is it faster cooling slower cooling less water in the drink for the same amount of schooling or something else and does using steers instead of other shapes actually accomplished the goals okay thanks D okay listen

I have a very particular things the Spheres to me or simply a presentation Aid nobody is shaking with Spears right there they're straight-up presentation now and the way that you make those fears by the way I want there's a couple ways people Hand hack the Spheres and those are the rough kind of Wands and then they'll polish amount will polish come out with something warm so that they look a little more cynical and then there's the aluminum block melted spheres where someone you where you buy a big block of aluminum with a sphere shape in it and the aluminum quickly melts the ice into his fear so either those two ways are possible and what they do is they look cool in the glass now as regards to cooling the cooling power of ice is not dependent on the shape the cooling rate is in the sense that the more surface area you have ice in contact with the liquid the faster the liquid is going to cool and the fast food to go

there's no such thing as something that cools without diluting or dilutes without pulling when it comes to ice every every bit of cooling that a block of ice does in a drink is done by melting and diluting and every bit of diluting that a block of ice does in a drink is done by chilling the drink down or by losing to the atmosphere brother shorts that you are short point is basically all involved in the drink so large a block of ice ciracle or Square or whatever right will typically because it has a most volume on the inside and less surface area for the amount of ice will chill slower will not be as cold and will be less diluted in your drink if you were to put finally shaved ice in it would have an immense surface area it would show up very quickly but be very diluted right and there's no other way around that you can't you can't you can't get around that for a given volume of ice a spear

is going to have I believe less surface area than a I have to do that math but I believe a sphere will have less surface area than a square for a given volume of ice and therefore will have probably less chilling power and therefore probably less dilution but the real fact of matter is is that usually those fears are quite wet when they're put in and so there's a lot of dilution anyway and I would say those effects are minimal I would say that it is strictly a presentation tool now I don't know anyone that shakes a drink with spherical ice cuz that would be crazy but you know there is a possibility that the texture of a shake and drink can be affected by the size and figuration of the ice in the Shaker that's an entirely different different kind of kind of question so I don't know if I clear the air on that pretty clear

okay we have a comment in from Adam Walker in Bowmanville Ontario thanks for taking the time to answer my question last week 2 reading and is way more complicated than just having enough dextrose to make it sweet and Malto dextrin to make it viscous even just having a mix of multi dextrin seems important for having a proper mix of maltodextrin seems important for inhibiting crystallization in some applications maybe I could have grabbed some recipes but it's not going to be identical I'll just ask modernist Pantry to stock it I would rather buy from somebody that supports the show I did find a great book on the topic called the handbook of starch hydrolysis products and their derivatives 1995 and you can look at a preview on it and Google Books and in fact it is pretty good book I was reading some of it this morning which is part of the reason that I came and I almost was late again because I was reading the handbook of starch hydrolysis products

I am found a couple things that you readers my listeners might find interesting one glucose pterosaur invented because Britain got I got there sugar supply cut off during the Napoleonic Wars that they started producing it because of that pretty cool a lot of cool food things were because of Wars you know like canning like Napoleon needed to feed his armies and so I pair it was working on canning the first really accurate a good canning method was basically result of the Napoleonic Wars as well so there you have it and to he says cyclodextrin sound cool by the way our chains of glucose that are formed into a ring and they have some cool cool properties they are grass information regarding a safe by the government and have been used to hold on to flavor and Industrial food Wikipedia tells me they are ingredient in Sibley's I love to breathe when you have a stink like when your stinky gym clothes I can I get alpacas like I used to show call that crap in Febreze Febreze my wife hates the smell of weed

memories anyway you tell me the ingredients for Breeze that traps the stink to entrap the stink eye has anybody found good culinary uses recycled actions other than in Febreze what you're not using in cold and to answer the question were talking about before on their honeymoon they got married in October but didn't want to plan a honeymoon on top of planning the wedding

is that what you said you said what you said it could be money you said was one of those two whatever graduations and open the bar now I need you think about cyclic dextrin is the inside of the cycle dextran it's not hydrophobic but it's less hydrophilic in the outside but a psycho dextrin itself is going to keep its structure and be very soluble in water so it's used a complex somewhat hydrophobic ingredients at into water and that's why it's used as a carrier in flavors in in industrial applications I haven't heard of anyone using it in food so we'll see what if we have time

my dream last night I wrote you were that it was a princess by my side

did you send it to me

Atlas real estate

delete email Dana from The Listener just now is John Holtz called Alibaba to the thirties or forties Popeye cartoon where a brood of little are Brutus whatever it was that time plays Ali Baba guy get that for next week good business so by the way I forgot to mention this when I was talking about stays on the restaurant that the Chucky's pose for the Aging and all that cuz I never been there have been San Francisco in a while I was talking to Dana Patterson Carson came to the bar last night we were talking about the state of eating in San Francisco and he says that they state of eating and I remember buying large most people on her think that it wasn't broken to begin with because people love eating in San Francisco right now

but then you have kind of like the school of thought which Dave Chang famous League it was almost banned from the city for saying that the whole damn city is just really nice fake on a plate basically Patterson was telling me who is restaurant quality like one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco I love is cooking it's great stuff and it's funny if you ask him if you and your friend of the show I was going to ask him to get on the show this morning but his place flight out with at 7 in the morning so you didn't he said next time he'll come to the show he says his state of eating is getting better and better everyday Anyway season is the restaurant that had all that you know the crazy age payments and all that but here is the when I was looking it up on the internet

I had and I hate you out by the way I made a mistake and looking at our Yelp reviews and I wanted to I want it like here's the thing I'm over it now and I'm not never going to look at it again I mean it's just the yolk is crazy because but by the way I learned a lot from the Yelp reviews to try and like you know what I did fix some stuff based on what I saw in the Yelp reviews so you know that's their butt reviews there forever in the whole thing is is it's crazy crazy crazy and snotty anyway I can't deal with it but I looked on some sort of Yelp equivalent to Google and I saw for Saison the restaurant the very best restaurant with you I've ever seen in my life you ready for it it was it was two senses very romantic

pricey but will get you laid

I was like man that's everything you need to know everything you need to know about a restaurant right awesome yeah like that for those who this is the first time you're listening long time listener canning Burr is having ongoing feud with nastasha Lopez on her use of the internet and various texting and technological things while we're trying to do a radio show now I will have everyone who cares about this know that she in fact was not doing it today yes anyway so can this is too much that this is from kantounis Tasha sorry I upset you unbalanced I think you will have to agree that made for some funny radio I was delighted that you appreciate the irony of my complaining about your reading my email on are well I was actually like you multitasking while listening I appreciate the Dave took my side but Jack really made an excellent point if the vast majority of listeners yesterday were

then you're probably responded to my email instead of paying attention to the show would turn out to be exactly the customer service date Dave says all of your listeners dessert so boom crap on me huh what do you think Jack crap on me crap on me because we're going to try this Breville coffee maker coming tonight Santa's coming tonight to the bar to test it out we'll see we'll see how this thing is huge fans of of the Dave Chang they loved change so hopefully they are then love me as well right yes yes okay talk about the blog for second yes I realize I haven't done it since October I also realize I haven't written that my serious eats, my o that from just before Halloween Jesus Christ the the D-backs

Chase has a couple faces she has the vegan face was the other one and the d-bag face to give me the D-backs face anyway on Main some answers and there is a great Restaurant in Boston and they're good people so I'm going to answer that but I have decided what my coming out of semi-retirement post is going to be working on at the bar called on Nitro modeling and it's a cool technique and so here goes so everybody who uses liquid nitrogen knows that you can put an herb in blender with liquid nitrogen blend into a fine powder and get these amazing kind of fresh powder nerves right but we're now doing that in the bar and here's what we do we take a regular regular shaking tin for no cocktail 10 and we put the nine Thai basil leaves into it put a liquid nitrogen on top they get crunchy really quick at Lee and then we are poor off the extra liquid nitrogen

it was regular mint I have to work on that a little bit because the noise of muddling Frozen stainless steel is insane we should try and glass glass without cracking we'll find out then you add the spirit is very important and like normal bartending practices to add the spirit first and the reason is it because the alcohol on a spirit will prevent the thawing herbs from getting that swampy browned out taste because it inhibits the enzymes that are in them and those things get that tastes relatively quickly because they're so finally broken up right so you pour the the spirit in while it's still frozen Swirl It thawed out we had a sore doing Thai Basil rum

rum rum rum and then and then we had simple syrup lime swirl it around shake it like a normal cocktail put it through a fine-mesh strainer and only the green particles of the Thai Basil that are crushed fine enough to make it through finally enough to make it through that that strainer get into your drink and have a bright green incredibly fresh Thai Basil Daiquiri Nitro muddling cooking issues

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I just can't get it straight