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Episode 7: Jeffrey Steingarten

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hello you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to you live every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 I am Dave Arnold the host of cooking issues to show her you call in and ask all sorts of cooking related questions whether technical or not today I'm in the studio with the nastasha Lopez's cookie cooking issues on Hammer and special guests we're excited to have Jeffrey steingarten one of the great writers on food of all times the food critic of Vogue and personal friend of mine by Jeffrey thanks for coming so and then we're waiting for the number to call +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 don't miss this opportunity to call in and ask Jeffrey a question we had to be no question that came in kind of you know stirring things up a little bit

Greg wants to know I'm pretty sure Jeffrey can't answer this but for contractual reasons I guess but he has to ask really how seriously do you take Iron Chef America it seems like this is really just a photo competition and it's a great way to get publicity for great Regional Chef cooking more than nationalist for more National exposure what what what is your response you don't have to answer this if you don't want

tell him I take it seriously and I found out about chefs

fell by being a judge


oh I almost never really the light into a chef from outside of New York

because they are usually a hero in their hometown

the last thing they need is to to be on the show and have their reputation destroyed

the only people I'm really mean to are the Iron Chefs when they but you know when they do something that is not I'm not particularly good still really awful and more disgusting

people from out of town obviously

star looking for National publicity

oh and the good was like David kinch for example

David told me that after his appearance on Iron Chef he won

got up a father he's never had an empty seat in his restaurant which is as you ain't know in a very remote place and then does Silicon Valley I can't even go to the name of the town of the Mountain View or even one of those California positions in Valhalla I'm in between also means two cats bar weigh on a personal note on Jeffrey many years and he does take to sort of thing very seriously there's there's very little about food that he does not take seriously that has been my in my experience we have two callers apparently so rather than make them wait why don't we let me take one of them

hey I have a question I want to know like food myths you know people say you can't eat oysters without if a month has Navin r in it and in a white wine with fish I was wondering if you could like to spell some of I mean ding food in that oyster one just fell or confirm some of these food myths that my generation grew up with I don't know what generation yours is actually you sound familiar I think I recognize that voice I believe that's the one and only Patrick Martens but I'm not sure I'd rather than walk across the street will actually be whole idea of oysters in months with R to have oysters in

Danielle from warm water that's why I'm always a little suspicious of the gulf oysters to possibly give it to the Bayou contains the embryo and subjected to that ultra-high pasteurized ultra high pressure pasteurization technique which I've never tasted whether there any good or not after that's been done you know where they put it under I've never tasted at home but why bother when you can have realized that's true that's true

doesn't generally go with steak I mean it states has generally too weak but they didn't cut him off so he can no longer reply to us but I'm sure he's agreeing that was because I just ordered a teach-out for him with many different things depending on how you get double but only for a short time I'm going to ask you got the recipe from Carlo at converter

hello how are you guys doing just fine I always heard of admonish to develop and expand their pallets I figured you guys and blister sungarden would be a great place to start with what does that mean how do you go about developing your palate is that an active process is that something that just develops over a lifetime of work to hit one of Jeffrey's big pet peeves about people to talk about food and said they haven't eaten enough so I'm going to give it to Jeffrey

but I remember there was a young man who was just graduating from high school he wanted to be a food writer or chef and it turned out that he was coach I meant he had a grown-up kosher and you kept on wanting to know what book to read or write and I told him the main thing is just eat everything you can on the UV for so little in your life and

but it also kind of helps to eat new things with

people who know so for example if you go to Italy for the first time eating food you've never had before or you've only had in America

then it kind of frappes to eat for the native under the native nose with the

volume here she is doing too. Just so you can get a sense from what you're looking for

that is also

but all of us have about the same taste buds under there are supertasters but I don't have to work too much about them

but you develop your your sense of taste so you're out of your ability to distinguish I think, by putting words on it


there for all those taste words that sound so so protected well on the ones that are too abstract are obviously too pretentious The Taste for it can be very very useful and then finally the in the in the introduction to my first book by describing the time I became a a perfect omnivore

by undergoing that I'm an intense program that I had devised myself

and and it was

I wanted to rid myself of all preferences

positive and negative show differs happen whenever I would go to a restaurant a good restaurant I would order only things I didn't like but I thought I didn't like

by the end of 6 months to review I'll I became a perfect omnivore with the exception of insect bite never gotten used to eating insects and Indian restaurants at F1 what about Nacho

doubt it I was easy but

the later about a year later I did become a absolutely perfect omnivore by

spell by eating some really delicious. Bamboo worms deep-fried bamboo Moon Wizard and

but I was into you I was in a job and I had a home-cooked meals and those desserts are just delicious what you're made rice okay you should take this to heart I think to become a critical cook or a critical leader even if you don't like something it's wise to eat enough of it so that you can at least distinguish what's going on even if you can't make yourself like it is Jeffrey was able to I think we have another caller

hi hello hi this is Matthew I'm actually calling you from the Los Angeles International Airport getting ready to take a flight but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to ask you this question are you going to want to wait huh I'm sorry there's a very good very good sushi place in Los Angeles and I'm not one of those

is overflowing with good sushi places near Sacramento there's an example of a good thing about Sacramento since you're in the airport yes I do and the very narrow time. I have to cook and all the shortcuts I have to take how good is the food really how does it compare to say a really good first class restaurant in New York or Los Angeles

I was surprised how good the food was obviously is not always good

but almost all the time the actual Iron Chef Simon I was naturally I was I was skeptical about it all

the main three Iron Chefs Michael Symon. You know you really want to eat but they're cooking

choa most of the dishes after cooking and a lot of the challengers too and I'm trying to think of this is yummy food

but you have to understand that it's

the Mary Sue and bad enough and Susan and then maybe only one other two other two other coach that I've seen have actually cooked to what you might call an old fashioned food food that's extremely good but it's not colorful

it's not in small pieces it's not intentionally flavored it's what you might call a comfort food that doesn't go so well and I or Chef did they win

no they lost but they probably should have won

your food is very good

I think it may have been my fault it is actually

I feel bad good to eat it doesn't

volume surprise you but doesn't understand you

it's some

Pennsylvania Mass what I have to say it but it is the truth can be very good but if I say it is yucky food but the food that is made it to kind of surprised you

combinations you've never had before it's at a very hard to judge combinations you've never had before his

first ever wanted your friend

stop the time he was a challenger he did a fabulous job until desert right and then there was a combination there was a smear of by the way he's David Brothers no hard feelings about this so yes there was a smear of chocolate and a smear of liquor is best against it he actually thinks it's evil no actually did not have a person advisors then I do have personalized now only because you have to work very hard to get that stuff off the plane into your mouth and believe it's really good while you have to do that it was a coffee for the coffee flavor couscous or is that not in the desert been a long time since I happy but it was between Mario Batali and my brother-in-law Wylie Dufresne and I'm sure I tasted none of it I'm sure that Mario's food was delicious write a while he had attempted a much more kind of a mental thing I ate extra-textual tasting of tilapia

vile vile vile fish Mario I think made the smart play which is you know cover the tilapia with all sorts of flavorful stuff and Wiley I think took the harder and I guess in the end less successful route of trying to work with the fish itself what are you what are your thoughts I would agree with you if you were correct

oh man put in my story and my Metal Storm because you don't have to score till the end

Diwali was winning for your hair because Mario is very hard to be let me he's so he knows how to do Iron Chef I had anymore to rich land

Mary was fantastic but I also very inventive to show that you know who took cubic cubic centimeter of a tilapia and covered it with spaghetti or something to remember how they kill some live tilapia on that I believe Mario used one of the live tilapia that was killed served it to the other judge and she found it an edible cuz it was too tough and then said that it wasn't Mario's fault it was the fishes fall this was cut from the Airing but basically she got served a piece of basically inedible tilapia and how did that not get put into the store scoring you remember this and I'm sure it was

my story however didn't involve her catfish think it had only know that it was tough right but as I was saying

that Wylie was not marked out for anything else who did his food was sort of

about compared to most of his suit conventional and delicious Emily afternoon but after he worked at Jean-Georges he knows how to cook them many kinds of food but it was only the desert no one like the desert so but you know I guess he got way more coffee cups of that it was only the desert before we go to our first commercial break I will answer one of them and then after the commercial break I'll answer an email question about purging clams or call her

hello hello hi hi

what is your question great I'm on the are excellent I have a souffle related question and my main client loves it when I make a souffle problem with a souffle you have to start it and finish it when you're going to serve it so I've been trying to think of ways of making it when idea had which I tried and failed last night was to use an isi thermal with and I just wanted to pick your brain it didn't seem to work I put about

into a pint-size ice I whipper about four eggs egg whites and it's it just didn't phone off but I found it was two nitrous oxide containers and it didn't do anything did you get fired most of the time when your phone and you say I'm saying you wouldn't like this is straight egg white egg white foam Ativan is a conservative. I definitely didn't have never found directly egg whites nice Ivy Jeffrey egg whites try to do it directly yes or no to spend enough time that most people who do pre-made souffles use a stabilizer of some sort like a carrageenan to stabilize the phone I think they make it somewhat traditionally and then stabilize it and

tighten the pucks and then bake it in the rise up I can think of Cuisine Solutions that has a commercial preparation based on that uses this and I believe based on carrageenan and xanthan gum along with the regular base for a souffle experiment for cremation place Jeffrey at all

not exactly pre-made I remember it done a long time ago and I wish that I could remember the details but I probably have them summer of my nose it was a restaurant in Paris as there is a restaurant in Paris that cold already lost it was the first of the cheap bistros I need a cheap bistros with excellent that young chefs to maybe 10 years ago and one thing he was famous for what is Grand Marnier glaze home and I was in the kitchen watching him I love him and he showed me

how during the baking DS souffle would rise to the top and then you open the oven door and it was Schenck and then he shut the oven door again and it would rise and rise again for another week and was not so

the jellicles if you have to come if you're not even talk loud around with my ring and I can't remember the formula but I'm sure there was no show called molecular so, write the awful term you take and you make a base that's somewhat pre aerated right and then you bake it so that the inflate a bike rated Steam and buy the bubbles that are inside of expanding or freshii both if you're good at it the insides and delicious so the way to make it stick around for a long time it's a somehow set that initial base with something that when it's heated will release itself and allow itself to expand so things like I've never experimented thinks like gelatin Halal gelatin is not free Star Stable things like carrageenan they're going to melt once they get up above about a hundred twenty degrees which is really below

a Fahrenheit which is below or 140 I have to look it up and we just going to blow the maximum expansion this thing takes place so you want to use a thermal irreversible gelling or stabilizing agent or combination of them that will allow you to get the rise at you want after the stuff remelt but will gel up at a lower temperature I don't have a pic of a recipe but that's it that's a tactic I would take that makes sense thank you so much for your call we have to go to the breaker we have time but please call in +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 for the a great Jeffrey steingarten remember he pulls no punches

but don't

hello this is Dave Arnold you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network call in with your questions for Jeffrey steingarten at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and before we get on to our next caller we had a question I'll come in about purging clams beforehand presumably to get the sand out this comes from Adam lazzara canned he is a chef down in Philadelphia he wants to know whether any of these purging message really work saltwater or freshwater cornmeal Etc I would not purr

clamming in freshwater because they the ones we usually get the hard-shell clams are there sea water animals I know from experience that if you put a clam in flavored water like a prince and bacon bacon and onion soup that has the same amount of salt in as the ocean that they will open up eat that and and get flavored like delicious bacon onion soup because this is something that I've done and then you need to rawdon take a big onion soup so I know I know that works like the cornmeal presumably is to get them to start eating I don't know whether there's any truth to whether the cornmeal it really makes them eat I don't know why it would be cornmeal let's say and not flower or something else like that presumably some of it starts from the carnivals going to dissolve and make them make them eat it wear as the resting to the bottom maybe that's why cornmeal but I wasn't able to find any specific studies but the premise behind putting cornmeal and the clams have to get the clam to start to start eating meals I tried getting snails to eat Rosemary

watch the purge them out in the old Spanish style at was not successful they died and smell god-awful in my wife basically forbade me from ever running experiment on snails in the bathroom again I would do it don't do it in the bathroom doing in the bedroom but they're certainly it's a classic Styler paella from Valencia you purge the snails

two notches for a Dave put in for a whole. Of time on Earth so that they taste like Rosemary and

but never try then I believe it successfully and my friend Johnny iuzzini and I in London try to fatten snails on milk also with only marginal success that's an old Roman technique and I have not had much luck with until it's your theory that the Romans and the and the Spanish R line I guess it takes more than a tech guy and a three-star pastry chef Tinton fat in the snail at least try and we learn how to do it sometime

about half the time and do San Diego

how every once in awhile

your Gardener distill the snells every lie for the if I would have a snail on me and so I was going to eat them but I have to do research first down the genus and everything in on whether there was going to be any poison involving about the time I did and then I saw her waiting for the next 2 snail infestation there was no more Styles male Farm you know just north of Tuscany a copy of a book on snail farming that hat it deals with most of the famous European snail varieties it's written from an Italian viewpoint but translated into English so I can read it and we will go over the book together and see whether we can learn anything interesting about feeding snails that I was told that these nails were the same as its nails in Burgundy France in December is no reason not to eat them can't do an article and it said they'd rather I didn't know that the Italian

do land snails the whole bunch of special at Ruskin variety that still growing and very small quantity at this farm called electrical outlets way up in how do you say snail in it in time and went to pick him the varieties called reggaeton reggaeton on someone like that around like a pinwheel thing they're good but they're smaller than the bigger ones that you get in burgundy they're a lot smaller snail but they were they were good they taste good

I got a question about avocado puree

don't quit thing I just told as putting the pit in your purse avocado puree correct that never works for me at all what is the lime to one avocado straight ascorbic acid vitamin C from the from the pharmacy rep make sure it's doesn't have rosehip and stuff and just straight ascorbic acid vitamin C has a lot more antioxidant power and a lot less is that a acid taste in using a line which is a mixture of ascorbic acid malic acid citric acid in the pictures of snake has it so the score Pocasset alone's going to work sodium I would have sodium metabisulfite the correct reference sodium metabisulfite also works for packing in an actual that you know a baggage oxygen proof current plastic wraps or not are not very good out of them.

thought I love to play but also remember that a line of all the common Citrus and limes are are the most acidic why would you use lime as opposed to lemon or no

Africa isn't the music turning a C ascorbic acid itself which isn't it which is an anti oxidant that is actually stopping the brownie can happen so it's not it's not really that you need to make it more acidic so you might go for a less acid fruit with a higher score Pocasset balance like lemon or just use straight vitamin C and A lot of people you know what when they go out to buy vitamin C they mistakenly buy citric acid and citric acid isn't near the I don't have near the antioxidant power that ascorbic acid vitamin c does smash up a vitamin C pill I've never done that because I think they have all sorts of other things to make it into a pill form like a like little bits of calcium and whatnot not shocked and all this stuff I buy the scrape scrape powder 100% Vitamin C powder but I hope this answers

question thank you and I hope you have another call or apparently for coming in hello

all right you're on the air

call a question I'm introducing and making smoothies and stuff like that and I was leaning towards expensive thing on the internet and TV and my saying this unfortunately there is no single thing that will juice all things well it depends on what you want to juice and what kind of results you want if the question is should I get a vital prep the answer is undoubtedly yes right Jeffery or no get me to buy to prep is an excellent piece of equipment right it's not a juicer though you know I will get a champion juicer for thinking things like apples and carrots and alligator fight a prepper for blending thing the ultimate juicer is a vital prep a bunch of enzymes and a centrifuge but that's a little above most people's

I bought a different blender some kind of restaurant show Pikachu is on the floor and Bannon tile after you showed you feel awfully kind of offer them something they let you take it home alright I know is the big wearing which is

has the same power or a little more than the bite of breath and I've never done anything this is not the pulverized prefer within seconds the only thing you have to do and do it the first time is to hold down the top because otherwise it goes all over the kitchen I mean not for your body prep over blenders that I've used on the powers have not used Jeffries wearing is the k-tec blender and the vital prep blender not blending there's there's two main things that you're worried about one is the tip speed of the blades as they spin around because that is what's going to determine how much force is applied to your product the other thing is a presumably a sharpness of the blades might matter for some for some applications and then they want it's not looked at a lot where to buy to prep actually kind of Falls flat sometimes is in the picture design do you want you want good movement of the prod

through the blades otherwise you have a problems with an improper mixing and also cavitation when you get the new Big pockets of air with the blades on hitting things in these are the three main things you want to look for in a blender you know any power is basically a rating that just correlate somewhat with the ability to to spin a blade around and get a high tip speed going

but you know they're not really great juicers blenders more of a blender if you want to make juice right they the choices in the low range how it got a couple hundred dollar champion juicer with shoes is mosting won't juice wheatgrass or sugarcane but they're great juicer was talking about smoothies smoothie what you want but if you going to make a lot of money the nutrifaster kind of kicks but that's the big one that that that but they're monsters man I went to a show and you know and I'm used to juicing carrots and apples and stuff like that and we all joke about how we're making our a four arms and didn't you know giant monster s4r by jamming apples case after case in these machines and juicing them so I walked up to the other the other faster than try to wake me up at 4 C Apple through and it basically ate the act like I didn't have time to push on it that's how that's how I lost weight. That's like a $5,000 problem right Champions like a $200 problem how much is / $300 problem

$400 I will definitely side-by-side mine with the your share free and we will see we'll see what we think they reasoned that invented a hand blender that is almost as good as the vital prep it has a it's got a very high tip speed it spins at 24000 RPM with quite a bit of power it's got a variable speed set a variable speed trigger me pretty but nice it's not it's not going to lie when I make another batch you will definitely be on the first list of people that will that will get one well let me answer a couple questions I haven't won that a quick one from Michael at herbivorous how do you spell herbivore herbivore wants to know whether there is any transglutaminase transport animated meat glue glues meet together actually any proteins want to know if there's any applications for vegetables well tofu can be strengthened with transport a mayonnaise and

lyrics and other Dairy systems can be strengthened the transit Amaze you keep you can glue vegetables together with transglutaminase but unfortunately you have to use gelatin as a helper protein in this is something that Wylie my brother-in-law has a test it out quite a bit where he cross-links gelatin to form noodles out of vegetables using transport a maze but unfortunately gelatin is not vegetarian is Ken mellons be compressed without a vacuum machine and stuff to compress without a vacuum machine

I have never eaten anything

stop believe there was made with me clue

Deb is worth eating

wow sorry dude wow wow wow what does that mean how do you know that you how can you force all the question is what do you mean and saying how would you know whether or not Meek Lewis use necessarily you could tell because you ask them how did you make this in every case it's not necessarily obviously you're not there was that I would love don't do it at the most people use it to play tricks for example of your and Nils. You're ducking

the first one you had a very early version of it first and first of all let me say it you had a very early version of it traditional to docking is an Abomination because it cannot possibly be cooked right it is not true that there's an over OK way to overcook. And it's also not true that it's okay to just bathe over cook duck in fat and sauces and then pretend you haven't overcooked it who who said there was sticking up for traditional know you had a very early early version of that as I said you had a very early version of all I think you were wrong that are used for special effects with the most General use for meat glue is just in making a portions that cook evenly and nicely me that's the majority of the used it's just it doesn't get me the Press

we will have to discuss the

I can't remember the name of the company more that they have at your brother-in-law's restaurant to take a flat iron is the purpose because although you hate this sort of thing there are people who don't like to cut around the cartilage when I eat something

weather Ravenna or not you have cartilage but he may be the flat iron is in the best steak to eat in the first place why how do you steer clear I'm sorry Greg email this and said can I talk a little more about reducing the activation level in peppers hot peppers habanero specifically cuz he uses a surgical technique to remove the inside of the skin to get rid of the majority of the station to make them not as a hot presumably he does this because Habaneros have a unique and amazing floral Aroma and taste he's interested in using an enzyme that we use called a SPL with a for formal one called pills I'm That Kind of destroys tissue wants to know whether we can basically erases layer of tissue in the in

the paper that has a cancellation fortunately the stuff that in a pepper the thing you eat is a mezzo car right that same mesocarp in a citrus fruit is the Albedo right so the stuff that dissolve by plzen which is this enzyme is the actual meat of the pepper now the majority of Taxation in a pepper is contained on the inside surface of the of the inside skin of the of the pepper inside and the veins so you could preferentially melt the top layer away with this enzyme but then you're going to contaminate the whole the whole Pepper with it so I don't think it's necessarily going to be helpful I think you're much better using what eat what you do now, which is using knife it's just a pain in the butt another another route you might take is to is to look for a source of how you pronounce Aji Aji Dulce pepper do say you know what I'm talkin about anyone it's going it's a sweet pepper that looks like a habanero and supposedly has the aroma and taste of a of a habanero comes from

it comes from Venezuela I've only had three or four of them in my life and I didn't find them to be quite as floral or or aromatic as a habanero but they're in the same ballpark and they require no manipulation whatsoever and I believe they are characteristic ingredient in some traditional Venezuelan dishes but I have never been to Venezuela so I don't know but also Peruvian food

the belt of an Ecuadorian Ceviche the very interesting question and an interesting idea because that's how we all know that the different peppers have wonderful different kind of aromatic and floral changed. But you can really taste them because your tongue is taking about other things can so I think this is a wonderful question I don't see why you're such a. Dave what did you call a pain in the butt is gas pain in the butt

16000 in the past and in restaurant kitchens that used to even peel

grapes or a terrible. She has Soul Silver on eBay

David bouley

about when he was introducing a version of Joel Robuchon famous mashed potatoes still using the Hot Potato that he was using fingerlings

they have to be peeled and they're small Aladdin so he had a whole

he said he supported a whole Salvadoran family

to to peel hot potatoes all day long for his step potato puree

well one of them went on to Harvard and got Nobel Prize this is what we call a lice is true is no potatoes constantly

wet but he got a few in the outside of peppers are peeling the inside the real problem is is that any sort of contamination and you've just ruined your whole job you know what I mean that's kind of that probably the painted over to explain that again cutting the cap off and removing it carefully without cutting all the way through popping it off opening it and then removing the inner skin presumably without slipping and contaminating and getting the super hot Parts into the not so hot Parts seems difficult but he doesn't have to be 1000% accurate going to I mean he's trying to get rid of of a much of the

I thought you about the Habanero's hotness in order to be able to to taste a floral pane can still be a little hot and I specifically told last week not to mention buying rotary evaporator as as though I'd love to her but I've never played with yours and you're welcome anytime from Chicago and this is right up Jeffrey's Ali's well I recently bought a bag of MSG for my local Asian grocery store him to experiment that whenever I use it I can't help me reminded of instant soup mix is there a secret to help using MSG to play with other flavors and before I let Jeffy want you to this because his a subject dear to his heart I will just say you're probably using too much because MSG is not used in the same qualities that you would use salt or other other other spices and with that I will I will hand it over to Jeffrey

well I'm afraid that I can't give you advice about how about the best way to use it

one thing is don't use it in soup

but he'll be she'll probably be able to taste or sense it too much

but you can certainly use it in and I didn't know many other things hadn't and then I just remembered that couch imma catch a damaged tree is

is the egg have the same flavor enhancer that's been used in them in Asia is drained out of a giant kelp for many many many years. Maybe you should try giant kelp not anti MSG but you know Jeffrey wrote it was very early writer in the food World on debunking the fact that you think you might have a reaction to MSG I was that your first book was that in the in the man who ate everything I believe it was in the first book and it was called the might of the second book and it was called to tell why doesn't everybody in trying to have a headache right and I actually did a survey in China

after lunch basket people do you have headaches and what what did they know and have to have a boring with it and I'll try and get it put up on the form with the exception of one article written by a scientist who just lamp base anyone messiaen standpoints it's somewhat ludicrous to think you have a reaction to it because your body makes more with tannic acid in your head then then you could ever normally reasonably consumed because it's a neurotransmitter do you need to live

but that's the original the discovery of the Chinese restaurant syndrome which was a phrase invented by the New England Journal of Medicine

that which should get out. Captions to a litter

from a ticket Mast General Store Beth Israel the doctor in Boston who had this experience

Betty wrote a letter asking to the new Journal of Medicine ask you whether anyone else or notices

is he became flushed after 8 today to the large number of those in wonton soup if the end of those days

Oso's meaning Journal of Medicine that thought of the idea of the Chinese restaurant syndrome or shorts that doesn't see his I no longer believed to be politically correct down even though it's Duty first discovery of it it was in the Boston Chinese restaurant most people don't remember those days a 1964 so I do

and there's no doubt that they would choose amounts of dentistry in state in wonton soup and

that if you drank it on an empty stomach I think you probably could get a dose of them that if yours especially sensitive to it might affect you blood levels of glutamic acid upon consumption are that if you consume MSG with any sort of food at all your blood levels don't spy we haven't you right if you consume liquid only that doesn't have a lot of other stuff going on it is true that you can get a spike in level in your blood that last up to a hundred twenty minutes so the you know that there is that Spike it's only when you're drinking kind of only fluid and it's only in really large doses I don't know how much they were adding in Boston but then further more recent research on this has been that even at those levels there doesn't appear to be that much of a that much meat or any reaction so that

most of the Studies have shown reactions were not properly blinded they weren't you know that they would put MSG in too strongly flavored Citrus beverage and assume that no one could taste the MSG when when studies are given the MSG in gelatin capsules consumed on an empty stomach then there doesn't appear to be a statistical effect of the me to do a postage for a long time so I had to read like 600 pages of this crap just don't ask me a question once and I read like 600 Pages a crap on MSP so I can go back and kind of redo it because it was like 6 months ago or something that I did the research but me to just drive with what you remember Jeffrey or no

let me ask you dated before I asked you

so why you're being so blase about the dangers of carrageenan

does all literature on that cuz I never asked when was I blase about the danger zone before 2 to put the carrageenan in the things that aren't necessarily hundred percent you know it if the traditional ingredient care you know it's official agreement by the way they do the research on on carrageenan is only that certain types of carrageenan I believe Kappa carrageenan specifically in very in low PH systems and very acidic systems might have some association with certain types of cancer I don't happen to use carrageenan that off and presumably souffles are not a super high as in system no

but I'm sure I'm sure I'm going to get questions on that soon just had my own notion on what's going on with MSG and that's it there's these persistent anecdotal reports that there is a reaction so what could be happening what are the weights at MSU is produced by microbial fermentation and if the purification from the fermentation is not done properly I think there could be other compounds in that preparation that could give you no negative reaction to be something that was more prevalent in the past prize that there might have been more of these anecdotal reports back in the 1960s and there are now one of the founders of the experimental cuisine

professor of a polymer chemistry at NYU that's correct pretty much write anything

how about MSG that is not negative or at least if you're one of the first ones to have done that there are hordes of people out there who are sure that their children with brain damage as a result of the MSG in their food the studies on brain damage okay so brain damage in MSG is very interesting question MSG is actually used as an agent to cause brain damage in neonatal rodents the blood-brain barrier in a neonatal Road and is nowhere near as developed as the blood-brain barrier in a human being they fed absurd doses to these rats and mice to cause brain damage on the equivalent of a full grown man eating something like 250 g of em straight MSG in a sitting on an empty stomach similar doses were tried on neonatal monkeys and unfortunately and we're shown not to have that brain damage affect so I know that those Studies have been thoroughly debunked but me.

but that doesn't address really can't question whether it's possible if there was a second contaminant that would cause some sort of reaction back in the 60s and 70s I don't know

Major League I believe we talked to my 1963 visit to the 50s

but I would let me ask you Dave some people objected when I assumed they were wrong when I was talking about a highway

there was an Australian study or that weekend the MSU was supplied by the agenda Motor Company so people are always suspicious because there was a large manufacturers and Industry to study showing that there was more Doug glutamic acid in an Italian meal

the large beer to the about tomatoes in the parmesan

then in the Chinese meal also we know that it in Japanese male is it could be the Morgantown acaster. No one talks about the v a Japanese restaurant syndrome

but is it possible that natural glutamic acid is different

I don't see how that's possible I mean you know what can't be saying it might be contaminated but I mean it's the sodium salt basically of glutamic acid it is providing by weight I think roughly one-third the sodium that table salt was so there's extra salt and effects of sodium involved but I don't see how it's I don't see how it's possible because it's also producing a biological system it's not it's not produce it's not it's not like you're dealing with a different you know isomer or something like that I mean they're they're both produce biologically I don't I don't see how it can possibly be different I can are you still there do you see way they can be different ways can already gone, Ryan is going to be swapped out almost instantaneously so I agree with you Dave on this that I think would be hard to imagine how there could be differences in

monosodium glutamate itself now there could very well be differences in the in a 1% or .1% of whatever additional material is there in the commercial MSG is opposed what's in your natural food I think a lot of the reaction has to do is when people eat something that's unfamiliar to them and they then have a reaction because I've eaten something unfamiliar that I've been poisoned eating something terrible and then they have some sort of reaction to and I think some of the Studies have shown that that he's a fax that are linked with the with the with the the syndrome will call it basically just the effects of eating unfamiliar Foods on people psyche I don't know what you guys think that

buy a a a doctor of a Chinese ancestry I remember this in who ate a lot of wonton soup in Boston all the time so I don't think he was put on all the time or just once we got flushed you didn't have a headache at all the time he only reported once by a lot of people I mean that and that's why their name of the Chinese restaurant syndrome in the in the New England Journal of Medicine was doing an article long time ago and whether it was bad to eat soft

tell him I came across a number of papers

showing that even those people who were so sensitive and had a blood pressure reaction to a high-salt diet

did not have the same reaction to other sodium compounds

the free sample

picture of baking soda and Bakers

but even though in the very old ages doctors also warned you not to eat too many baked goods to the baking soda when it was tested on people there was either no reaction or very little reaction from all the other sodium compounds I mean you know I will ask you this before we answer is did they measure for like actual moles of sodium consumed or just weight of the compound sodium bicarbonate which is a lot heavier than then salt per mole gave I have to assume that because they were someone else's scientific papers that I can never assume if somebody has measured the proper

proper thing can't wait what are your thoughts on hand it over to you to answer what exactly was going on in those studies unless I dread them and end port over those kinds of details and I will be true that in the the popular literature and India press releases of people like Mayor Bloomberg salt and sodium are used interchangeably and there's no attempt

to get sodium out of our fast food out of our diets it's only an attempt to reduce the amount of salt some sodium salt or some sodium compound and then add a chloride compound and end up with sodium chloride in my in my product is that legal is that going to be okay now I mean the whole thing about reducing salt seems to be I guess it's the next crazy thing it's going to happen to us huh

I think it is time for all good people to start doing and reading more of the research and Publishing it and then letters to the New York Times

turn the LA Times in the San Francisco Chronicle sometime actually talked about this a lot which is no one even scientists who who are researching things outside of the normal field like like doctors tend not to do the 10 not to do the level of research into the quality of the of the science that they're quoting when they talk about nutrition and so much of it is just crap and and crap based on other crap if you read the the you know that the citations of some of these studies site which is why whenever I research something I end up having to read 5 600 Pages because you have to burrow back and find the source of crap and you know Jeffrey you do this whenever you research some in your research something and then decide to the side to side to decide to move who has the time me Jeffrey's made it a career on being thorough you know what I mean but you know most people don't throw it away

did you take a back and say thunder a 1992 when I

I read all the all the literature as of that time there was no doubt there's nothing shown if there was any connection between eating so out and then having a blood high blood pressure except among say 6% of the population of the population died in the head of the

love the New York Hospital comprehensive hypertension study

I certainly agree with me so it wasn't as high as 6% he's a he's a little bit of a slow as that is a 5%

been one of those 5 years ago that there was a lot of doctors and scientists at that time who founded

Thunderous Wrath neighbors our whole lives have been based on a career of advising people not to eat salt

Hollow Man

but the backlash back in those days it was not very strongly that I noticed 35 years ago there was a huge and sucking campaign

by all these people against all but I thought we defeated that that's what I thought. You don't you realize you're totally wrong about the exchanges

it was a big worldwide study called the interests of studying but I can't remember exactly when it was it was 1988 or 89 and all over the world

did the people do urine samples in order to determine how much I saw that beneath the bed that person blood pressure

they took several urine sample from each person and they sent it to two different Laboratories in Europe right after freezing it I mean it was a massive and it seems to me two of y'all and extremely meticulous study

so and there was a correlation

but after you eliminated certain if I may call them primitive peoples who ain't no show they didn't have any song

we're always used as kind of a poster into use for butter for this proposition

even ignoring the fact that to tell between 1/3 and 1/2 of all the males in the yanomamo society

dad died from the homicide many other issues that I think probably came from not having enough salt terminated for extremely low song that societies if you only had to run a normal people there was no correlation Brandon coming to a question on Ice Hotel address on the blog in a post coming up soon so Brandon sorry to keep you waiting but I have one question that came in from I believe been at little wing and he wants to hear Jeffrey Stein Gardens opinion on what makes the perfect French fries so what are we going to do is I'm going to sign off now and then going to have Jeffrey just talked about the perfect French fry until they cut us off this is cooking issues with Jeffrey steingarten anastacio Lopez coming to you live every Tuesday to this this week an hour from 12 to 1 and Jeffrey the perfect French fry if you would

very enjoyable Bell accept

but we're not going to be airing the Oscars the musical cuddle I was already

but he's

T character Richard shows of those of the perfect French fry have been I think to tell a doubt although it is brain surgery by David on his blog thank you

tell Chris the very friable outside

not too thick

can almost like mashed potatoes inside

tell us another kind of perfect French fry which is Halloween so you don't like that and I know I thought they can be all so delicious because it is like a a a long and a long rectangular baton and as we know potato chips are as good as french fries and fries

there's no doubt to me that horse fed

but gives you the best fries and after I wrote my article I was kind of sad about this because I had a hard time getting horse fat and then someone I knew and in the Paris actually it was it was ours and I wish one of Shelley's never chef

but I was working as a research assistant for Patricia Wells was an attempt she found in a supermarket

it's two sticks of horse rides they were Packers like butter where we should go I wonder what it is. I wonder whether Charles to Chenault

the Congress has passed laws against the eating of horses in America great hammer Lopez that I forgotten to mention our sponsor today's excellent show was brought to you by the good Folks at Tech Serv Tech Service New York Premiere authorized Apple reseller service provider serving individual customers creative professionals and Fortune 100 companies station expertise in technology Sales and Service as a company that believes in honest and forthright business practices tech service proud to sponsor Heritage Radio Network in the promotion sustainable lifestyle but they're for Mac only people cooking issues and thank you to Jeffrey steingarten suspension don't know where I'm at