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Episode 69: Fried Meatballs, Fish and More

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hello and welcome to cooking issues is a Dave Arnold your hose to cooking issues coming to you every Tuesday live on the Heritage Radio Network from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn from 12 to approximately 12 icon all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 joined as usual just to deal with this. We have been here for a couple of weeks. A lot to talk about a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks according to the show but we open the bar Booker and Dax it's Tom is now open for business and you can come to 13th Street and 2nd Avenue where we put our order is Footwear mouth is money where mouth is whatever we're trying all the techniques that for years I've been saying you can use in a bar or restaurant and when she doing it

so far I think she's been going pretty well drinks a couple times last week I apologize we're going to try to do the show last week on Tuesday but it was our first day of friends and family and let's just put it this way of getting everything ready was obviously a poop show ya pucho even those are friends and family are very forgiving folks it is Steven is still quite a poop so we've learned it all out come come to come to the bar but the weekend before that week before that rather I was in Sweden which I never been before very nice at in Sweden I was brought there by the absolute people that I didn't get to go to a nice hotel and what do you say to that but yes right away so I went and I found out something interesting that I didn't know our friend the bartender / writer in New York Times Toby

I did you know him he basically invented / popularized the cosmo the Cosmopolitan I did not know that I learned that of course it's okay Drake Bryce if you don't like massages getting her vegan face because she doesn't drink vodka drinks so it's basically in the stash is vodka vegan face it's actually it is it's fairly neutral in a mixed drink is vodka so it's just a question of like you know anyone ever I'm not going to get into it a cosmo tastes fine but in order to make a proper Cosmo you need Absolut Citron which is why it was talking about it because the popularity of Cosmo was contact with the launch of Absolut Citron here in the US by Toby for the cosmo guy and by the way what argument is who invented the cosmo like there's people out in San Francisco that say they do I don't really care Absolut Vodka basically says it is Toby so if they say it's going to be I'm going to go with that in fact Dale degroff another one of our friends who is at

I did not dispute he actually probably made it more popular because he was serving them to Madonna and Madonna drinking them in public at the guess was a major spur to his popularity I believe Madonna came before Sex in the City this is the problem with you being a 2 year old drink because it was already a popular drink among the insect New York City of models and types like that 2 year old not actually too by the way anyways you would not expect this guy to be the cause because he's kind of a tall professorial dude who speaks you know in very measured tones and where is tweed jackets would you expect that from the cosmic I know is that I got to write a dog sled dogs like a pretty awesome they don't stop to poop or pee that is pee and poop when it like that makes me shoot it out while they're running and they

also they don't stop to drink so they can eat snow while they're going and that there's no rain does not like Yukon Cornelius there's no kind of Whip or anything like that you just basically tell the dogs go left right onto the cooking questions Joseph I apologize I'm going to brutalize your last name because it contains an umlaut in the position I'm not used to but Joseph Petra Petra I don't know better about meatballs Dave I'm planning to make meatballs this week and I'm trying something new the meatballs will be around 3.5 cm in diameter of an inch and a half for us in an inch land write something like that cooked sous-vide but not really suited cuz he says there's not going to be a vacuum-sealed so as not to destroy the texture so Joseph you're not really cooking sous-vide you're cooking low temperature right sous-vide it has to kind of be under a vacuum and remember I make that distinction specifically because the health department gets in gets all hot and bothered when you use vacuum here in a minute in the city but not

low temperature should I try to keep the term sous-vide under vacuum separate from low temperature we just temperature control cookie or some people call it exact cooking or is it a bunch of times people use low temperature in 56 degrees Celsius which is a good temperature for meatballs if there's a high Port content people might freak out and not going to be a health issue but it's just a question of what people want 56 is going to be a sweet dear are in a medium rare kind of a meatball so if you want to be medium rare it will taste right it's a question of visually whether you wanted to look that way or not okay cook them for about 30 minutes out couple actually longer if you want to tenderize the meat at those temperatures seat when you're grinding your tenderizing it but in fact you can tenderize the ground even further so we when I do a hamburger I'll cook it for several hours at 55 or 56 Kimberly tenderize and cook them eBay lights for 30 minutes and afterwards meatballs will be deep-fried to finish them off at 350° Fahrenheit

about 2 minutes he's just a guy and he fries in Fahrenheit and Fries in Fahrenheit and Cooks in Celsius crazy just like me crazy anyway you can I think I should give good results was wondering what you think okay I will when I cook meatballs this is a technique I use but you have to fry them before you cook them in the Ziploc bags and the reason why is my wife so stick to each other what you want to do is get oil fairly hot and you want to flash fry for like 30 seconds to meatballs pull them out do not let them sit on a tray that will break under their own ways to that point because you cheated the outside so you want to put them directly into a bag I usually put them into a bag with butter or you probably could cook them directly in your meatball sauce if you want and that's the way you cook them to stop them from breaking apart once they're cooked they won't be as fragile you can pull them out flash-fried and obviously would back them in something like butter and not in the sauce if you're going to do the flash fry afterwards because

you can try the sauce it would be a nightmare another Point 5604 some of your customers you might want to go a little bit higher like 57 which is normally where I go and another Point makeup cleansing cooking longer than the 30 minutes at your cooking is if you mix salt in an end in you almost always mix salt in with your meatball mix when you're when you're mixing it it's the longer they stay when they're cooked kind of the firmer they're going to get and the less you're going to have that kind of a low temperature affect but on the other hand is saltier more delicious meatballs tasty do you have to kind of a trade-off how much salt and how much mixing but you never want to make your meatball met you want to make a meatball mix right away fry it making meatballs right away from it and then put it in the bag that's going to kind of give you your best results in the more salt and the more needing you do to your meatballs the more they're going to get firmly packed like a like a like a sausage like a pup and the less they'll be like a half

depends on how you want your meatball some people like their meatballs very loose in which case you're going to want to add more more Wetmore filler less salt less needing or firmer which case more salt more more needing and longer keep time from Harvard who was the ta ta in the Harvard food science course friend of ours and a vegetarian that is Dasha ruthlessly berates him for no apparent reason

how is he able to taste all of the wonderful things that those awesome chefs to go up there to know about that about teaching like science in in cooking and you're there there's not like they're making a lot of food for people to taste still science in cooking any online specials yeah I eat whatever anyway Naveen rights and it was great to see you at Harvard last year did we did a couple extras last year Harvard students told me how much they enjoyed your demo store in the science and cooking class must been somebody else might as well I pooped out right so I was wondering if you had any ideas for them which could be free R&D R&D for you this is a complicated question I have to think of what would be kind of appropriate for an undergrad to experiment with with the kind of level of cooking that

cooking equipment that they have there at Harvard means there's a ton of research that I would love to do that involve lab equipment that we don't own but not cooking and some of the similar stuff that I find Ariel's doing over in at UC Davis with them checking how food reaction doing qualitative test on food for instance she's working on what happens to lime juice is it stored over time there's a whole bunch of tests like that but I like running I don't know I'm going to have to give that some thought and also if anyone out there has any interesting projects may be emailing it to his right to give you more thought in that I'm going to come back to you next week with some good ideas speaking of R&D one of my former interns Liz button has a restaurant in North Carolina came into the bar last night for research like that it's nice research on going to drink some good research like to get that research job okay

we have a question in actually without a name so I'm sorry I don't know who you are but says hello Anastasia Dave Jack and Carlos Jack actually not here today not here lazy

just kidding just kidding one my wife and I are going to be in New York City for the week of March 6th for our honeymoon so are you already married or are you going to be married did you take a delayed honeymoon us the way to why they don't have the money they don't have the time to time they don't want to schedule the way the wedding for when they have time right okay. I'm trying to remember when I had my honeymoon I was like three years old I was 24 and I had nothing but I no money but it's not like I was going to make money in the next couple of months after that and I had a hard time with Italy

Italy anyways I was 17 years ago anyway we are going to hit Roberta's for lunch on Tuesday Roberta's Honeymoon by Jesus oh yes you have to get served by a motorcycle motorcycle in 60 days to where are you know I don't talk about it looks he looks either rare form today and did you do this and you just ended Jesus decided before he came to work today what the temperature is going to be outside cuz he's got like a shearling jacket on he gets outside it's like a million degrees in New York today because of global warming you still wearing the warm jacket just cuz it'll look anyway love that love that anyways by Andy Jesus and yes you can actually watch it at our show if that interests you if you're here between 12 and 12:45 you sit in the outside area you can watch it take to show our secret operation

up and running by then yes it's the Box secret operation is the bar and it already is up and running so we can talk about it anyone can call in any questions about the bar right now they want to at 718-497-2128 and a couple of the Momofuku properties while we're in town anyway that means our project hopefully The Milk Bar cookbook inspired my actual and next first question what is the deal with glucose syrup what I understand is that is it a mix it is a mix of water glucose maltose and other a longer chain Malto dextrin sounds like the ratio of those determines the sweetness and the viscosity and the total solids content with your all-important

to prevent fermentation I guess I'm taking he needs of the syrup recipes calling for de for T&D 20 glucose syrup but at the store I can just buy normal corn syrup or more expensive clear corn syrup machines have no flavoring added any idea what the likely dextrose equivalent of these things in the supermarket is I've already have a big bag of dextrose with me to buy a bunch of and sore but anyway can I just mix up some homemade glucose tears from powdered dextrose maltose maltose dextrin are there standard ratios for the different d e s I think that is more commute to stop powders and stick you see ribs but does anybody actually do that okay here's a here's a problem there's a lot of terminology terminology issues

can be very difficult for you to make glucose syrup from Powder just because the Brix level of a really silly to call it breaks but the solids content of of those glucose Arabs is upwards of 80 per-cent are extremely stiff extreme you not going to be able to make one of them without applying heat probably why you're not just going to be able to dissolve it in and make it you're going to have to heat it and then take it to a certain temperature the answer for which temperature which I have no idea you're better off they last basically forever so you're better off buying a pail of it from like modernist Pantry as they sell it I don't know if they sell they say they need anything so you know you should go get it so

and for those of us that don't know what we're talking about glucose syrups are very unfortunately named thing glucose is obviously a simple sugar and it is sweet rice a sucrose is made up of glucose and fructose together it's a you know a disaccharide and and and that's what it is glucose starch by the way is made up of a repeating long long repeating chain of glucose units when you break down starch you break it down into like starch Malto dextrin and extremes which are you no longer like shorter numbers of glucose units blue together right all the way down to maltose which is a sweet sugar which is 2 glucose is right so sucrose is gluten glucose and fructose and maltose to glucose and then you break it all the way down to glucose glucose unfortunately is known by glucose and dextrose I don't know why they can't just have one name but they have to write and the

Astros equivalent of a glucose syrup is the percentage of sugars in glucose and easy right it's it's the percentage of the things in it that are what's called a reducing sugar glucose a reducing sugar because I guess because of the aldehyde unit on the end of the of the thing but it's all very complicated and and different different sugars different things with different D he's right because they have different sugars in them have contribute to the dextrose equivalent but not contribute to the sweetness right so nothing makes any damn sense there's no direct relationship between sweetness and dextrose Eclipse equivalent or anyting dexos equivalent typically though not typically always the lower the dextrose equivalent the less sweet product is okay and also the lower the dextrose equivalent basically the less broken down here so the higher the dextrose equivalent to more

I'm broken down to glucose and typically the sweeter it is okay now the reason I think it's silly that they call it glucose syrup is because it's not very sweet at all you know I need some it's hardly sweet at all I use it all the time and things like ice cream do I use de20 glucose syrup when I want to take an ice cream and I want to get the texture right but I don't want to have it sweet because it's really not sweet at all a D20 compared to normal sugar or you know I am very sweet corn syrup from not being very helpful I wouldn't use ends orbit and zorbit is a particular kind of malt the reasons the composition of those things is basically they take starch and they break it down into very soluble things like malted extra maltose dextrin and glucose expensive way to try and make you could instead of trying to make a syrup try to get the recipe by adding straight powders

a really complicated I wasn't able to find anyone that does that but I can look more and see what I can come up with anything for next time just make any sense something one second and last comment is the show is great guys thank you very much appreciate it and Jack is doing an amazing job with the music we'll see how Carlos does today but how about bringing back doing it to death and bad bad whiskey for one more show some time with ink on it thanks so much

who's calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128. The Beatles version of that song Let me next George you said was the Beatles so obviously I like the Chuck Berry version better than this. She probably likes the Beatles version better because she's a beetle head what do you think Beatles Italy so I think about my question is how do you get a rocking pneumonia pneumonia what's a rocking about an ammonia to take the least rocking disease I got a rock in the monia I need a shot of rhythm and blues rhythm and blues the rock and roll comes from rhythm and blues and make no sense makes no damn sense

and nothing is less Long clogged and rock and roll rock and roll rock and roll it's a non clogging situation and whatever whatever anyway and it's the Beatles are saying that their lungs are clogged with rock can you bring Dave thinks the Beach Boys are far superior to the Beatles I did not say that it is well known fact it at the time there was kind of like a rivalry of who could be more of a badass and when Pet Sounds came out every was like oh my God that sounds like the most important problem then Sergeant Pepper came out and then that's the ingredients for the experiment with new cooking techniques ingredients but hate to spend 4 pounds of supply

I can only a few grams are needed for application modernist Pantry has a solution that offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cook and enthusiasts I have a question isn't the same person who has Pantry to get some crazy ingredients all right around five bucks and storage space hydrocolloids pH buffers or even meat glue you'll find it a modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just asked Chris Anderson and his team will be happy to Source it for you with an expensive shipping to any country in the world if I buy a modernist pantry is your one-stop-shop or Innovative cookie ingredients modernist pantry now carries the complete line of textura's products by Ferran Adria fan to cooking issues that place an order $25 or more before next week

look at a free textures ingredient experiment with simply use the promo code cooking your site, visit modernist Pantry. Com today for all of your modernist cooking needs all right now listen I love for on all processor on love Braun all props to texture is line of ingredients is that they don't say exactly what they are so it's hard to sub other things out for it and it's hard to develop recipes other than the recipes they printed so friends dance Franz gel and it's just called an affair words called like Jay it's a mixture of two different Jo-Ann's me I happen to know what it is it's like 25% of the of the stretchy Hiatal stuff and 75% of the low acyl non stretchy stuff that's my one issue I wish they would just tell you exactly what's in it exactly which is because people would buy it anyway

what I mean but they tell you exactly what's in it because it's only going to Foster better research by Cooks that's my only gripe would you agree or disagree essay yeah but we're doing a show right now doing the show anyway I have another question about modernist Pantry but I forget what could be okay

okay Matthew Wright said hey y'all pork shoulder I called in about last week course at 3 weeks ago now cannot insanely good I'm glad I went for 58 degrees Celsius for about 34 hours I brine it in a basic salt and sugar brine for 12 hours before cooking seared it in a cast iron grill griddle and circulated with olive oil a bit of a juice vermouth and aromatics my girlfriend said it was the best meat she ever tasted you are a messed up individual and this shows not going to go that way so I was going to skip on past that my girlfriend's hitches the best meat she ever tasted so that was good one thing that surprised me was at the meet was not as Pink as I expected it would be at that temperature is to it but not in medium rare appearances I anticipated that didn't really matter as it was incredibly juicy and tender in a good way okay two things one when you cook something at 58 for only a little bit of time like

it's going to be very it's going to be very pink when you cook for a long time and 58 it's going to be Rosie but you going to lose some of that painting is that loss is also going to be enhanced by the breining I think the breining is going to firm it and also give you that color change a little more towards other side so if you wanted to stay Rozier I would not Brian it but then you won't have the same flavor right or not cooking is wrong with anyone have the same texture so I don't think you're going to get that color also a Bruno guiso at me I can know where this came from this is pulling out like information he gave me like eight years ago or some like that but says that if you were at a store that package in very low low temperature for a long long time the Rosen is would come back anyway he told me that a long time ago of course I never run a test because I don't store on frozen meats for a long long time she's not Maya. My think my question today however

about 30 pork shanks For an upcoming event I'm doing I'm leaning toward circulating them I'm hoping if I max out my bath size which is purportedly 30 L for the suvee professional I can do them all in one batch I plan to bring them overnight sear them and then circulate them similarly to the pork shoulder for 34 hours or so but at a higher temperature may be 65 do you think this is a good time and temperature strategy my goal is going to be super tender and delicious but not necessarily falling apart like a traditional braised the second part of this questions on deep frying them post raise the location of the event is not have great ventilation I'd like to deep-fry the shanks as far ahead of the guests arriving as possible to smoke the place out it happens when people aren't around after frying I plan on Lettin the cool on racks and then heat them up in the cider agrodolce glaze more time just before serving do you think they can hold next Pete well for a couple of hours after deep frying before serving obviously they won't be as crispy but my only alternative would be to use a crappy Broiler in the household type of and present at the event

post your them at service time

and he says he would have called in this question but hopefully as I answer this question he's eating lulo in front of Hannah which is good lulo is the amazing fruit that they eat in Columbia that makes great drinks anyway I hope the lowest delicious I am sure it is not I cannot find Frozen lulo in New York I bought some is okay wasn't my local supermarket had like a package of Frozen by mistake from Colombia I don't know probably make it okay to drink it was a great so first of all 65 Celsius is that thing too high I think you're going to want to do 62 or 63 South 65 is a little bit over and some point where you going to get a lot of contraction you're going to get a lot more moisture loss from the muscle I would do 6:30 34 hours might be okay you might want to go a little bit longer and I would do it at 62 maybe 62 in that range that's going to give you a nice not pink really nice texture if you cook it for 30

48 okay but 65 seems a little high to me but they won't break and the reason why is because the collagen even though it gets soft and turns to gelatin doesn't melt out of this structure so it doesn't literally fall apart because it hasn't lost its structure the structure just gotten soft okay guard frying and post-race what I would do you can you can pull them out of the bag I would pull them out of the bed give him a quick fry before the people come to develop a little bit of a crush on the outside and then I would throw them into a I would throw them directly into the sauce and Ziploc bags and keep the Mormon or circulator that's what I would do because you're going to lose the cross bridge going to soak up there so I wouldn't keep them on racks because it's most important on something like a Braves it's the kind of sauce and integration so I would let any great with the sauce I would

put the cross to give you a little bit of variation clean the outside and the inside anyway that's that's my that's my opinion the other thing is is if you're going to cook it this way and you wanted to taste the most like 10 or meet not like a traditional braised I would do the low temperature on the stuff without a sauce at all and without salting at all though if you're going to brine it's going Tobe Bryant's going to have salt in it but if you want to taste the most like like fresh like fresh pork but only a shank and cooked then I would insulted at all and I would just add the salt and everything else went right before you fry it and then to act with the sauce and it's also so that's up to you but if you are going to cook it with the sauce in the bag then you're going to have to hyper hyper reduce that sauce or otherwise when the meat gives up his Deuces it's going to taste poached which is I don't think we are looking for another thing I'd be very careful of is if you're going to max out your bags you're going to max out the size of your circulator right you're going to have a problem because you could possibly have a

problem because all of that meat is touching each other and in the Centre it's going to take a long time for the ameet to get up to cooking temperature right so if it's sitting there for and it takes a good 5 6 7 hours for the center of the of the packages of meat because there's no circulation there to come up the temperature you could have a problem with lactose lactic acid bacteria growing in that bag kill you right but going to smell terrible you're going to get puffed up bags and this is what happens all the time when people packed their circulator too tight and they're cooking at a low temperature for a long. Of time so what's the remedy there's several remedies one don't pack it too tight the second one is to take a pan of a pot of simmering water and put the bags in for like into the simmering water for like 35 45 seconds right when the meat is still cold and you're killing the

bacteria on the outside without doing too much over cooking and then put them in a circulator bath and then you killed all the bacteria on the outside and you're not going to have a problem right make sense anyway so those are those are my comments what you think in the gun you saying those Bennett

it was a real

welcome back to cooking issues call your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 in the house that Jack built signifying that Jack is back in the studio people what's up how you doing so I take back my lacing his comments awesome oh wow really I missed all that I got to check the schedule

rent anyway Kennen buhr long long time listener angry rights in and I says that he's asked me several questions about the new coffee machine the Breville 900 x Salvage I say I never tried he bought one and and he likes it so maybe looking to try some dad and and Christina Tosi from Milk Bar brother loves those guys if you walk into Milk Bar commissary right it is basically it's like there's like so many Breville things there but can't seem to enjoy his writing in this is a long-term Sunday I'll try one and I will give my review on here of the new bottle cuz I think they're going to stop by the bar this week 1 of the dig dig dig with the Breville thing is that it was apparently designed by a a barista like an award-winning Barista to be good for they want again but you know my problem is is that

interesting problem with you lost that sponsor that time it's because if I don't know whether products good or bad I won't say whether it's good or bad those guys I'm not going to mention any names but those guys who stopped being our sponsor after I started wisecracking made marketing claims it did not make sense to me right mean I mean you know I had to have my limits nastasha okay have an interesting question in from Julie mattress

but not Delia Julie magistrates and I have been looking for ever for a website that can show me all of the fish that are skin fish on a patient's skin fish my mother has allergies to shellfish and scale fish and we find it very hard to get straight answers from the grocery stores see how half of them are not have them or not man like it used to be in the meat department so there was no one there to tell you what's going on so I thought of you right I thought of you write to you with your knowledge about food to see if I can enlist your help to try very hard not to give her something wrong and she just loves fish all right

this is an interesting question so before I do any research right it seems to me that it's actually not the scales scale fish versus Kingfish 99% it's not the actual scales that is the problem it's just a scale fish are the problem which means that all fish that are in that same group are the ones that caused the problem sure enough that's the case most fish allergies right Fin fish allergies are allergies to certain proteins parvalbumin certain part of album is that are in in the Fin fish and they caused a an allergy because your body does are some people's body develop a specific antibody so then they have allergic reactions okay now here is how the world Works basically

you got to look at the evolutionary chain so you going to keep going back in the evolutionary chain to the point where the first fish developed those proteins that there that your mom's allergic to and then any of the fish that Branch off from that she's probably allergic to write so it turns out that what she's most likely allergic to is teleost fish and teleost fish are fish with what's called raised scales and so they're there their scales normal normal scales so all you need to do to find out whether or not you should stay away from its most likely is to look and see whether it is a teleost fish now what's a non teleost fish eels lampreys sharks write any cartilaginous fish typically not going to probably be probably be a problem anything it's not a part of that group now there's also most likely a bunch of teleost fish that are okay I just don't happen to know

what they are and for the research back up in this I found it an article that's called a quantitative Eliza for determination of fishing Foods by Christian Fest and Christian place in 2007 I was there trying to figure out ways to measure with analyzer test to look for these allergens are in food and basically what they say is that the allergic reactions are strongest for taxonomically closely related species right due to the major allergen in fish which is part of albumin and that accounts for over 95% of all allergens a fish allergy 95% of the allergies related to Fin fish are because of this protein and sell parvalbumin to found in great amount in the white muscles of lower vertebrates and lesser and higher vertebrates anyway

so that is that so just look up and see what kind of official dealing with and you shouldn't have a problem right so just ash and you have to look up from your email for a minute cuz we're going to talk about the bar now and the way up

if sending you why is he upset again

I can send you why can't I can Hazard a good friend it looks like bubbles giving you your own 900xl and I was like yes but I didn't want to say that they giving it to 100% because it's not and then you said David Wright stop reading your email and I was like wow is right on Ken's side is just like in a restaurant is your customer their always right

right my wrong about this anyway that's not answering not sure

anyway I'm coming down quick squarely on inside of this one that is usually a wait so make sure you get there early or or call Advance can you call a nurse at the shop waiting on you know death in Cohoes sister bar Margot and also at PDT and he's having a great time I think we have we're pulling out we haven't pulled out all the stops and starts and stops left a pole you know it if you were using organ terms we saw some stops left the pole but right now we have for carbonated things on the menu and I think we do a pretty good job of carving I don't have not haven't put on my new carbonation system get press on building a new one that's going to be like it's going to be

really good really good I was going to say it's the Cadillac of carbonation systems but that makes me look bad because it's better that it's like the made by a really good car makes just I'm putting in for now though we're using old school bottle carbonation the same as everyone uses with the carbonator cap the liquid bread carbonator cap just because that's the best system that I've used so far the system that I built my first generation system that I built is maybe 80 to 90% as good as that but has a Vonage of being out of Manute button to 100% as good as the bottle or better I'm not going to use it that makes us we have finally illegally illegally parked product on our menu we have horseradish goes into our lady of the night which is a really I think it's a good cocktail which also has is basically a clarified Bloody Mary but just you know everything's clarified what should clarify

add the tomatoes clarified the Sriracha is clarified and then use the horseradish just do it so we have to have all of those things prepped for a bar in half a cup in a bar prep but it's pretty interesting and I think we've ironed out most of the Kinks as far as service goes so I welcome any questions on kind of flow at the bar how it's working a lot with Jake and liquid nitrogen chilling almost every day in class right that's the bartender scene enjoy that right people saying is basically a it's a poker that is red cut its a a stick that I build that a heats up to about 1,500 Fahrenheit and you plunge it into a drank the drink catches on fire and I've used it before but they've never been on this long this often before so we're really putting them through their paces and seeing how to make them make them work a streamlined it and now cost less than $100 for me to make a piece

and so hopefully we can not depart

now it's gotten burnt

it's a lot of fun so come in and have some Red Hot poker drinks have some have some liquid nitrogen chill glasses but most of all at Booker and Dax and a new bar we're just trying to make delicious cocktails we use a lot of tech but really the tech doesn't matter it's all about delicious cocktails on a final note now that I have that thing started up and I have all of them a lot of other things in motion I'm going to try to get the the block back up and running again massage is giving me my whatever face she has two faces the vegan face / Vodka face is a face of kind of disgust like she just stepped on a roach whereas whereas this other leg is it look at the look of and whatever you need whatever right that's a Blog starting but I got to figure a better name for it anyway it's good to be back sorry about the two week wait I'll be back next week sure thing cooking issues

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