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Episode 68: Say No To Whole Wheat Pasta

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happy New Year in welcome to cooking issues I'm Dave Arnold your host a cookie sheet and every Tuesday for the Heritage Radio Network in the back Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn join as usual in the studio with a hammer Lopez how you doing good good good I was in the up at my at my mom's house there and in Westchester just north of the city gave my my kids eat Crazy Train said that the you know was my dad's and given to me then I gave it to my kids I see you enjoy it and go gauge the whole deal Christmas tree blah blah blah wow that's a depressing nothing I want to get into your questions to +718-497-212-8972

280 by the way I'm not sure if we're going to have a show next week because I will be in sweet and I would love to do a live calling from Sweden where it's dark all the time and I'm the only idiot Absolut Vodka sending me over and basically accused hosted like some of the best-known and nicest people actually in the bar business are going over there dale degroff Audrey Saunders and me and blah blah excetera excetera excetera and for some reason I got put on that list like I accidentally emailed to me and then when I replied yes they don't like how they couldn't rescind their offer anyway the butt-kicking Canada Goose giant Southpole style parka to go with it which is awesome cuz I get to stay warm and apparently a goose dies which is good everyone knows Canadian geese by there are actually make that I can t keys but is there any bird on earth Less Pleasant than the Canadian goose

I really like them what weight you don't like biscuits but you like Canadian geese what is it close to 1 there's a phone call me and his creatures in the world are so mean so mean anyway


I guess we lost Inside Man so quick question in 2012 is going well and no mine apocalypses haven't heard yet but there's still hope for the Mayan apocalypse I'll tell you something let's say to my apocalypse happen right that's kind of good news it means that there is sort of something else out there right I mean if if you were an agnostic or an atheist and the Mayan apocalypse comes true well that's proof that there's something out there that's good news right got to put a positive spin on things are not going to know if it existed when as soon as you go if there if there is it means there's something higher there's something out there there's something

anyway have you has two questions in the first one Matthews going to Columbia I'm going to spend a week in Cartagena is January I wanted to ask you about food recommendations I'm a huge huge fruit fan like you are what's it like you two are really I forced a she do what she hates fruit and kitty she actually does like we write something she likes you gotta like something anyway if you have any specifics on fruit to try that because otherwise dishes seafood or ingredients may be worth bringing home to look out for in Columbia please let me know I'm not sure if you've been to Cartagena specifically but if you have you know of any restaurants fish kiosks or dive bars worth trying well I was only for one day and the only real restaurant Aiden was a friend of mine Daniela Castillo who also does a razor shiny knife here in Brooklyn in doing anymore because billion restaurants in Columbia but his restaurant in Columbia in a Cardenas called Vero Rivera hotel tcherassi and it's like a really cool

it's kind of cool saying about the car hit that's really the only place I ate and I can recommend that I recommend going there I didn't go that we went to like one or two. Dive bars but we almost got the crap beaten out of us by the locals and so we ended up leaving and remember the names of them is very late anyway okay on fruit now I don't have mentioned this before on the on the air but you have to have in your down there and they make a drink out of Lula Lula has an amazing you blend it into a juicing when you shake it into a drink it makes a nice kind of creamy had she got to have a lulo which is very acidic which are basically like gooseberries but they're really good and and they're they're almost free it's like they come on the table when you know when you come mangosteens great mangosteens they're not from there but they're delicious Guanabanas maybe my favorite fruit in like the world you can get really great ones they're going to have many different kind of passion fruit variance granadillas probably the most favorite one down there delicious and Kuba which is another kind of a banana shaped passionfruit but smaller also delicious

when I try to Monte De Arbol which is kind of bitter at the skin but very interesting excetera excetera excetera to low temperature it's nice to come back after you know a break at some new year new everything and it's good to know that some things don't change like mustache and not giving a crap about what I'm talkin about are dragons related to Dragon fruit and I was like where do they keep the words are really but the fruit some cells are not seeing how a dragon fruit is real dragon fruits real depressed I recently became a proud father at a polyscience sous-vide professional circular congratulations I tried out a Muscovy duck breast at 8:58 degrees Celsius

136 or 137 Fahrenheit for about an hour sorry hundred 5650 757 somewhere in there for about an hour-and-a-half became tasty but a bit chewy with such a lean cut or without a huge amount of connective tissue with cooking for a longer time you'll do more tender result I was also wondering when you doo-doo depressing circulator do you render the fat before or after the back thanks Matthew okay I always render my duck breast after I cook them some people do a sear before and after with duck breast I'm really just trying to cook the breast through and then afterwards I sear it traditionally basically in a pan to get that nice crispy duck breast the modernist cuisine folks they do is see her both before and after and they usually what they call cries hearing which is like kind of a dry ice bag that they put their stuff breast on the fries at portion solid she don't over cook the meat I basically just put the duck breast in a bag squishies very flat against the table the skin side so that renders nicely after it's cooked because if you just put it in the bag

all willy-nilly their skin will be bent it won't render properly against the pan okay because it could cook me to stiffer then I try to cook it for the shortest possible amount of time like 45 minutes the problem when cooking a longer will break down some more stuff it actually to my to my taste has to make it more mushy not necessarily more tender just more mushy and certain duck breast and I can't remember whether Muscovy does it get a little bit Livery also if there is a cook for a very long. Of time you can try some people I know do you cook duck breast for a long time and they seem to like it I don't I like to duck breast cooked at like 50 like 57 actually Celsius is what I cook it but it'll probably be a little tough in a train or 58 if it's a tough rest for about 45 minutes to an hour try cooking one longer I don't have too much experience with a Muscovy brass I do most of my tests on the pecking duck breast but I hate to say don't do it to some people really like duck breast when it's cooked longer and

will break it down further don't go any higher on on temperature usually if a duck breast is tough at 57 I say go to 58 Celsius because it's going to take a little the squash in the same way that if you have a skirt steak you take it up it'll get rid of a little the squash you so you could try to go to 59 but that seems way too high to Me Maybe. Back to 57 I wish I could give a better recommendation here because just what you're writing into me is not my normal experience what happens with duck breast sorry about that to Curt rights in from Washington DC why is whole wheat pasta so terrible right now first of all the stash at a hater of many things one of them's I think she hates most is kind of poorly done positive she is a pasta lunatic so much so they even I love pasta and used to make pasta basically three four times a week cook pasta quite off and she assumes I dislike pasta because I don't appear to like it as much as she does right

yeah we're on the same person that ship and so you also hate the holy pasta what are your reasons for the hatred exact staff exactly the texture I actually don't mind that the actual flavor of it so much if it's done properly as long as it hasn't gone rancid but yeah the texture is no good Venus Dasha yes there's a rice passed out there which is Dreadful if you try that one. Dreadful just awful rice noodles are great when it supposed to be a rice noodle in an Asian dish but if you're trying to pretend that it's Italian pasta is horrible there's a corn pasta also Jackie wouldn't approve from a texture standpoint but I actually kind of enjoyed if you don't think about it as pasta if you think about it as Jack the corn noodle it's actually kind of good anyway what curtright saying is why is whole wheat pasta so terrible this is a serious question I love pasta as there's apparently Natasha and Jack but my wife and mother regularly try to keep

text me that I should be eating ronzoni healthy Harvest Berea + is it real or Berea or some other healthier project healthier and quotes by the way I really like how I hate you know what people think it's like you need to be like if you eat whole wheat you're suddenly healthier like we're not the most over we have so much fun over super super abundance of nutrition in our diet anyway I like the fact it healthier than quote even though my wife always smacks me in the face when I put quotes around something and you know what if I put quotes in any way whatever these products are terrible partially it's at the product itself tastes awful and part of it is it mocks Me by reminding me of actual delicious pasta the process of eating it is like jumping on Raw field corn while staring at a stack of fresh corn tortillas it is entirely unsatisfying when I've had to cook with the stuff I simply try to hide it preparing dishes with strong flavors like Asian peanut sauce has but can the product itself be made better and such hate peanut sauce to buy the way

is there a good way to make improved pasta that is are there possums with lower glycemic indexes or more more protein that are coming early worthwhile without no issue is a tweet reason why we is so awesome is because wheat is awesome and it it's the gluten in wheat that gives it that kind of that awesome texture we associate with with pasta and when you add the brand from and all the other stuff that goes into a whole wheat pasta then those things tend to what's the word I'm looking for not interrupt but interfere with the gluten Matrix and make the texture not as good in addition they have fat in them which tends to go rancid so if it's stored for a long. Of time you going to get rent City in them so there's also a bunch of associated problems with going whole wheat on pasta now if you were going to make your own whole wheat pasta you can get a whole wheat fairly soft flour

that is very very finely ground it doesn't taste like sawdust for instance I should potty flower or something like this that is quite good in something like a biscuit make sure it's extraordinary Fresh then I would go pit with vital wheat gluten to try and add more gluten to it try to get some more snap and then I would add consomme which is a little bit of an alkaline powder or you can even add some baking soda to increase alkalinity baking soda is not really strong enough you want to add something like sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate or just a consult your Asian grocery this will strengthen the the gluten Network even further and give it a snap it will give it a little bit of an alkaline taste but that's kind of nice and certain applications maybe it could be nice in Italian thing and maybe that would be enough to get some in a snapback what do you think of stuff and I give it a shot caller you're on the air

hey babe how you doing this is Matthew actually just answered a couple my questions before what's up Happy New Year by the way what's up brown beef short ribs before I haven't found much information on a pork shoulder

your good news is good news and bad news on the porch over anytime you're doing a low temperature cook on something that contains multiple muscles in it and pork shoulders a prime example certain muscles are going to be perfect at the end of the cook time and other muscles aren't so the muscles in the pork shoulder that have more connective tissue in them are going to be really good when they're cooked in a very similar way too short ribs so like you know like 48 hours at like or you could do like probably 36 hours at like 60° something in there in that rain for just 1:40 somewhere in that range for a pork shoulder is going to be good and and all the muscles that contain connective tissue are going to be good right there you know what I mean it looks like well marbled actually pretty much

they all look good they all look like the right right my food so I don't like to see their pork out on them unless you clear it with an insecure beforehand so in which case they don't notice cuz they can't tell but you yeah I would go like up in the 60 degree range X between 60 and 60 still can be quite pink so you going to put a nice here on if you're not you can go all the way up to 62 I wouldn't go above 60 to write it depends on your customer it or your family or whatever it is if it tastes good in 60 but it's it's still kind of it's going to be kind of soft and going to be pink so if that's a problem for you visually then go higher all the way up to 62 or are you like I said you can put out the hard see around you'll notice if there are some mussels it didn't have a lot of connective tissue in it they will appear it at this point to be a little bit fiber Hidalgo be tender and they won't be dry but they will be a little vibrate

so when you do when you do it just let me know to keep a lookout for that just in case you notice it in the circulator how would I know I just look for them to have more connective tissue or marbling kind of or is that can visualize in my head so therefore I can tell you is that a contact on pork belly if you get the whole pork belly almost all of it is good but there's that one muscle that runs in the opposite direction from the most in the pork belly that looks like a little oval on the top of the park that muscle if you look at that it doesn't have any sort of connective tissue on the inside and then that muscle itself on its own is fairly tender that one doesn't respond to low temperature cooking for a long time for a well to give you an example

all right

thank you very much thank you what you ate cooking issues

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what song is at The Delfonics

hey how's it going is Brian what's up are you doing restaurants to visit some stores I should be going to to pick up some shopping to Starships tell you where she shops if you like Italian food you like Italian food or go to DiPaolo's but budget dipaulo's is like the Italian market it's on Grand Street and Mott the budget sometimes it's going to take forever if you're lucky you'll get one of the family members like Louis or south or Maria or Renee was actually not feeling better but it's awesome and it's kind of one of the gems of New York City have been going on oh well over a decade if you want kitchen equipment you going to go check out JB Prince which is like it's in

31st and 32nd Street at just on the east side it's on the 11th floor it's like a jewelry box of like crazy awesome equipment you're going to want to check out or checkout for QuickBooks kitchen arts and letters which is way uptown in the 90s it's the best cookbook store has ever been in and the people who run it and know so much about cookbooks that you will be embarrassed if you don't actually buy from them if you sneak off and buy it on Amazon instead because there were supporting what do you think for what do you think of a restaurant

old main ones are you always been you mentioned something that's what I expected a little off the radar I need to ask you to ask me to talk about anyway about that what when are you coming what dates are yeah yeah just going to miss when theoretically I'm not allowed to announce anything theoretically when are bars going to open their bars obviously you're going to want to go to the PDT death & Co pegu Club little Branch he's kind of hard to get into sometimes

transfer people I know know I know we go to some really terrible restaurants what good has she got to stop by and if you want to take some if you want to taste and this is off the radar look okay right pumping Heritage Meats but if you want to taste delicious American country hams the Essex Street Market shop for Heritage Meats has a cut probably the best Supply other than sambar of American country hams to try of people that are using Heritage Meats but also grey producers like Benton's and up and Nancy Mahaffey at carnall newsom's and and Dunn-Edwards who's the sponsor of the network bubble bubble butt as she's going to think about this crap all right and then

free or no tarot spice or any of that Amazon now is linked up as soon as you can get it really quickly I've never walked into a store and bought bought stuff here in terms of hydrocolloid you know and we can even have in New York City really great Homebrew shops in a small home brew shop at the Whole Foods but nothing you know nothing really hurt to write home about

Thor or we'll try and think about it and will and will start it off on the next on the next programmers in my life to be too late for you anyway we give you some good recommendations color car color you're on the air

hey David Joshua Stokes a done alright what's up some pointers on either minutes to rain or is it to mean basically 100% wild ride with flavor in your other stuff to it ok I have to be honest I don't cook that it's really expensive and it's not normally my it's not one of the things I normally cook if you go on site I'd be basically be telling you from a long time ago memory what to do but there's that there's various different ways of doing the Tareen in terms of the time and temperature typically what you would do as you would pack it

either in a terrine mold inside of a bag or you can pack adjust alone inside of a bag and depends on how you want it whether you want it basically Meek we like partially cooked what do you want to kind of all the way cooked through most people I think now 10 to go on the low side of cooked and it's one of the few things that is still cooked at what they say is a Delta temperature where the water bath temperature is you're doing this sous-vide but my memory just Zapped out you're doing this to the most people put a slight Delta Delta t on it just because you don't want to cook for a very very long time because the longer it Cooks even at the lower temperatures the more kind of a fat lie cuz you're going to get out of it you know I'm saying so they tend to go they trying to try to do it a little bit more more quickly go on to cooking issues. Com go to the sous-vide primer sous vide

temperature primer and in that in the pretty pictures charts there is a section on I believe is a temperature therefore I brought to rain like in the low-to-mid 50s Celsius usually cooked at something like 60 degrees Celsius to something like 5455 in that range for a higher temp cookie go to I-57 but I wouldn't go higher than that I wish I could remember off the top of my head but those numbers are in the primer in the pretty pictures charts especially redacted from Bruno guiso Jorge Prada blue and one Rochas recipes on fog road to rain

okay great thank you very much and sorry I didn't have it right off the top of my head

at least I just don't cook very often that a question in from Android from Andrew said about teeth brushing this morning I was brushing my teeth really do every morning we hope when I brush my teeth I also brush my tongue SMU the horrible morning breath turns and whatnot I took pause this morning and thought this is a brace of action hurt my tongue and there for my taste buds and palate this may be pure paranoia but as a buddy professional cook I'm doing my best to taste everything develop a pallet and not swallow some Life by making a joke on me swallowing live Bernie half my tongue by the way this Andrew from mpls mpls

I did burn off a huge chunk of my taste buds with live but they grew back thank goodness so it's a curious question so not just brushing your teeth but they sell tongue scraper to scrape kind of your tongue off and first of all I look up is this is tongue scraping teeth brushing actually effective tongue brushing affected and looked it up an article called the impact of different tongue cleaning methods on bacteria load of the tongue from 2008 and yes not once but habitual cleaning of the tongue by scraping and I would assume also by brushing does reduce bacterial load on the tongue and therefore you know helps with house houses what not but I read another book The toxicology of the eye ear and other special Senses by Andrew Wallace Hayes that yes in fact taste buds do get a braided right and pesos to get damaged by abrasion however it only takes about 10 days about 10 days

silver all the time so if you have braids some right and you ruined some they're just going to grow back so it's not like you're going to get any sort of permanent long-term loss from scraping or from brushing and you have to think about this is that if you have some sort of stank taste in your mouth right that's going to affect your palette as much as as you know wiping away a few do taste buds when you think so nastasha now it is true that you should not brush your teeth anytime close to when you're going to be tasting or cooking in fact there is a whole body of research out there on how to neutralize the effect of the effect of brushing teeth in tasting panels because it's a huge problem in the industry where they're doing tasting panels and taking notes for her for food manufacturers for coffee eccentric cetera people who brush their teeth and then try to take a sink because toothbrush teeth brushing and toothpaste wipes out your palette for a good length of time so there's a whole I didn't get a chance to go re-read all that there's a huge recertify in that so you should not be

two teeth with toothpaste anytime near when you're going to be eating at eating professionally and if you do you should be chewing on a bunch of carrots and drinking a bunch of stuff to wash away the toothbrush okay Ryan Sanchez rights in hey Dave Anastasia Happy New Year I recently acquired some locally raise pheasants having no experience with them I was hoping to get some suggestions on how to prepare them whole roasted sous vide whichever they're all 2 to 3 lb in small seemed a very widely from 15 to 20 minutes to 1.5 hours Health okay here's the problem with the presents are delicious but they're very easy to overcook the legs are tough and the breast of it over Cooks is is use of that said pheasant delicious right now there's two basic ways you can do is I would never cook for one and a half hours that's just too damn long do you want to do a roast pheasant just a super high temperature to Cripple the outside to get some nice flavor without overcooking it I've done that I have grilled pheasant over like

aging wood fires basically outside was burnt the inside with raw and it was still delicious you're back in the day if you want to do it low temperatures I think it'll be the best way to get kind of a high-end results out of it what I would do is I would cut off the breast write then cut off the legs cook the Lakes separately you could do a brace of the legs or whatever cuz they're going to be tough anyway take the bones make a stock with it take the breast cook them at around 57° C for and they're very thin so I would cook them only for like 20 minutes let him cool down right and then quits here like not like rendering duck fat little quick sheer very high to crisp the skin on the outside serve him and you're done that's why I think you should do maybe 58 second break and Sebastian right by the way in case you have a question

hey baby nastasha I love that you guys are put together such remain radio show amazing radio show thank you very much I'm a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in love that I'm a resource for learning about advancing cutting-edge cooking techniques here are my question I've been making root beer from scratch using the recipe from America's Test Kitchen you can find the recipe at www American test test fishing Key by root beer recipe beer is quite delicious and amazing its carbonated with the East and has a great depth of flavor the only thing I'd like to improve is the head it has a small head when his first board and then dies off very quickly is there something I can do to make it have more of a Guinness type long lasting had that would be nice and foamy perhaps adding some liquid lecithin would do the job or what I add what what or when would I or what would I add to it do I have any recommendations for percentages to try or is there anything else to get this affect thanks Sebastian from Napa Valley

hi Sebastian I wouldn't go with lecithin for this lesson tonight wouldn't go for it for this what I would use what the pros use for beer stabilization is Arabic as a body that's fairly no friendly also fairly expensive and that can be used to stabilize that they had a little bit of experience with the really thing for stabilizing the head of beard when they have newer ones are cheaper but is propylene glycol alginate PGA and you can buy it from a home brew shop under the name heading powder or professionally one of the brand names of its stable foam and what PGA is is it's a modified alginate just like seaweed gel like you'd get now PGA is one of the two or three hydrocolloids that are used by people that aren't all natural doesn't occur in nature and it's also fairly expensive but unlike algiknit it is very good with

acidic environments it extremely stable it's is static list of music very very low quality like somewhere in the range of like 80 parts per million or something like that very low quantities using you make a water solution with it and then add a little bit of that water solution to your to your product before you do this the final fermentation with the yeast okay

this is what you add to 2 beer basically for a super super stable stable form so I would do that if you had a problem with using something it's not a hundred percent natural like PGA there are other things under the under their base computer phone stabilizers that you can add but I don't know what they're made out of ice umm it's like some sort of like busted up Pac-Man or some sort of crazy thing that's you know maybe a little bit cheaper than PGA or maybe a little bit more natural than PGA but that's that's what the head in beer is related to the is related to the kind of surface active principle of the of liquid self which is why I different liquids with the same amount of CO2 in them can have different kinds of heads in the Y beers which have like a lot of specialist pick one to have stuff left over from the from the barley and what not have a bigger head any potential so you could there are probably other

hey Dad your root beer that would increase the head I don't happen to know if that my head what they are I just know this near The Wiz bang add the PGA and go but I would definitely research that there's been a lot of research done in the beer head Point Andrew Switzer rights in with something that I don't know whether you checked it out but so this is about mustaches famous but as yet on photographed vegan face and Andrew rights in and says you should go to YouTube and type in sugar honey iced tea that a vegan would say that's my way of saying that curse word on a family member family show now what are their project worked out by the way so yeah crap at a vegan I will say crap in a vegan would say although it's not crap it's another word that starts with s you can look at that face normal face

well he's a vegan she is a vegan and he has a face right but he's not making that's the face of vegan not Anastasia's vegan face by the way speaking of not vegan my older son you know Booker says Daddy I like candy candy is my favorite but that's my told me was I like meat

why you trying to get me started on the air by the way yesterday and if you have kids take the kids out to lunch they don't eat your spending a lot of money and they're like the first law for not eating what are they doing they're shoving their finger up their nose or sneezing on the person next time without covering their mouth and doing all sorts of horrible things because of course that's the way it works and you're not eating so you're spending money and they're not eating and what happens if you get angry right right so then like I had a problem a piece of equipment bro cuz I can stash it can you help me out and can you watch the kids for second yes and so then she goes in and takes them out and buys them bagelwich sounds like a really good thing except for basically it was a way as an end-around for them to not eat the lunch that we bought them right right and then

I want to wait that 718-497-2128


PS I'm a Libra baby

welcome back to cooking issues what was that one Jack board Delfonics nice beautiful by the way in case you were wondering if I shouldn't do this is ridiculous I'm going to get I'm going to get sued for this this time she wants me to buy the way I am basically just mustaches puppet for the

who he is and what does he want promotion yes yeah yeah alright so those of you those of you would listen to the show you know a lot you might know that there is a character here at Roberta's at a waiter that we call Andy Jesus and we found out his name so that you can go look at his Facebook profile and you can see you know kind of what we're talking about cuz you know very very early we're here in a box you don't know which one is bad

mr. Moustache I can't read his name aloud cuz I can't read your writing Dante is his first name Damian is his middle and Dolly is you should friend to be a fat beef and beef and we want you be a fan of this is between you and him is a love thing it's a love thing

if Mark younger rights in Hyde Avenue Sasha and listen to the podcast since late last spring and finally caught up I noticed a day frequently gets low temperature cooking times but then he never stayed at what temperature the food is when it is placed in the circulator well for longer times just probably does not make any difference there are occasions when he talks about cooking some items EG fish for relatively short periods of time so is there a general assumption that everything is coming straight from refrigerator and therefore with a temp in the high 30s or is there some other assumed starting temperature thanks Mark younger okay there's an excellent question is because we really haven't addressed this issue and the temperature at which the product starts does have an effect obviously on how long something takes to cook through now most of the work that I do I'm assuming there's something is getting pulled straight from the fridge just because I don't have time to have stuff sitting around for you know forever and so most of my work is straight from the fridge with

with I know there's some exceptions but I can't think of them off the top of my head most must have come straight from the fridge that said if you have a different temperature there are programs like CV - that we talked about before on the on the program that will allow you to put the starting temperature of the of the product in so you can figure out how long it takes the other thing is that I typically on something like a thin piece of fish a true that you don't want to cook it for too long you don't want to cook it for you no more than 20 minutes or so but that's enough time typically to make it up to temperature whether or not the product if it's thin. Whether the product starts at you know 38 or 48 Fahrenheit because it's just your you have much more time than is needed so I usually try to build into my cooking technique enough time to make up for any sort of various areas based on the initial temperature of the meat obviously it's a big deal if you're trying to do a Delta temperature

or if you're working with razor thin margins for instance if you're doing fish that is cooked all of me nude and you're using a delta T let's say you're cooking a fish at in a 60 degree water bath but you only want the inside to make it up to like 55 56 Celsius now run Celsius apologize going back and forth but then obviously the initial starting temperature is going to make a big difference because in that case you're counting on the seconds being right when you're cooking and so for that it's absolutely vital temperature be the same every time I don't think it's so vital if you've built in like a good 10 to 15% overage on the time you're cooking which is typically I'm at least at that number but it's still it's an excellent question and something that should be addressed I think fridge temperature is the easiest temperature because it's usually within you know to 3 degrees and so it's a good thing to start from your end and again as long as you can repeat it then it doesn't really matter right you can if you did everything and always start at the same temperature then it wouldn't matter it would just

word to say may just correct recipes but fridge is easier to maintain that's what I use yeah okay I just ran across this great article in Smithsonian on potato have you seen it I have not seen it go to Smithsonian Smithsonian mag. Com how the potato change the world and then Harlan rights in there must be amazing Kick-Ass french fry french fry possibilities in the thousands of varieties of potatoes they've got in Peru there are some amazing books on potatoes out of the article by the way is cool article but there is some amazing books about potatoes I have one by the Brooklyn botanic Brooklyn Botanical Garden has a whole series of books by the way one of which is like two birds of the world which is pretty cool pretty cake but little little book but here's some stuff that I thought was introduced in that article that I will share with you this is a quote from the article why potatoes are laced with solanine and tomatillo toxic compounds believed to defend the plants against attacks from dangerous organisms like funds Eubacteria

cooking often breaks down September defenses but not solanine and Tomatina this is why by the way the potato turns green that's chlorophyll but it also indicates that other things are happening including an increase or any level which is why you shouldn't eat potatoes that are green or if you do you should feel the hell out of it which is actually talked about on the show before however here's the cool thing in the mountains in the mountains these animals I can't even pronounce lick way before eating poisonous plants the toxins in Zorb to the firing clay part of a particle is an animal stomach passing through the digestive system without affecting it mimic in this process Mountain peoples apparently learn to dunk while potatoes in a gravy made of clay and water a cool is that eventually they bred less toxic potatoes are some of the old poisonous Fridays remain favored for the resistance to frost and Clay dust is still sold in Peruvian Oblivion Marcus to accompany them so first of all there's this famous recipe from mugaritz right about dipping clay in

can decide to be potatoes and kale in which is Clay Wright and Kailyn also great ads or refuse the wine fining agent and so I don't even know if they know this I don't even know if you know and don't even know those guys notice but apparently this is a traditional thing to dip potatoes in clay or in some sort of Kaelyn thing I thought that was pretty cool pretty cool thing another thing that they mentioned in the article Art Rooney o Blanco which to know before I think this is kind of freeze dried potato and basically they take these potatoes are like Frozen and then thrown in a well and then Frozen and thawed again and they stay dry out like really like old school like you know pre technological freeze-drying technology and mustache and I made them thinking is going to be the most awesome thing in the world and they smell like a like a like a goat bedding

rent that's pretty nice way to put it like and tasted like a goat's bedding and so I have a standing thing and I'll repeat it now here to standing offer I will give her a jack I do this I will give a Heritage Meat of some type can I do this Jackal pick out a nice Heritage me to some type and I will give it to anyone that can phone or write in a decent way to prepare Junior Blanco potatoes it doesn't taste like like I just lick the live goat

what meat would go well with those potatoes goat goat well I don't know if we have goat the last thing I'll mention from this article extremely extremely interesting and it relates to goat poop not really goes but poop is for Real. Chincha islands that for Millennia were coated in bird poop bird guano right and there started when they realize that guano had any nitrogen was useful for a fertilizer in the 1840s began a rush for Mining and or collecting guano shipping it over to Europe to use as a fertilizer right to literally people would go up with poo and then take the Pooh across the ocean and sell the Pooh

okay well it turns out that the current research is that I can't pronounce it infestans which is potato blight right was brought to Europe on a poop boat

tell me another poop joke. So they were filled with poop and one of those poop boats brought over the potato blight so the potato come from Peru and then also this Blood apparently the native stock is is resistant comes over and that's what caused the Potato Famine boats

anyway happy New Year from the poop boat is his cooking issues I have one more comment from a somebody emailed Intel the my mic is screwed up tell the live caller about corn for knives going out to Brian go to colonize I can't believe I overlooked decided to actually bought some Christmas presents there for my for my mom here's my recommendation korin knives sells like Japanese kitchen stuff but they're known for their Japanese knives what's the best Japanese knife place I've ever seen here is the only issue with it bring money bring lots of money because you can't go to coron without spending a lot of money cuz it's just so amazing cooking issues

I don't know where I'm at

supposed to be about baby

praying mantis snake

you got me Twisted thanks for listening to this program on the Heritage Radio Network you can find all of our archived programs on Heritage Radio Network. Com as well as a schedule of upcoming live shows you can also podcast all of our programs on iTunes by searching Heritage Radio Network in the iTunes Store you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news and information thanks for listening


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