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Episode 67: Flat Tire Holiday Show

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cooking issues at 12 to 12:45 today I'm actually not in the in Brooklyn and Bushwick as I normally am because For the first time in my life my bike failed me in a time of need and my tire went completely flat in an unruffled away right as I was off the studio some join you live from my living room on a phone with a hammer Lopez because even though this is our holiday edition she decided to hightail it out to her actual in California with her family right now

today it's modernist cuisine but I'll have to read that copy I think mine is going to be the great but we'll talk about that later mines Pantry the place we can buy the ingredients to read about the book

Matthew Wright king with a question they make it clear and trying to make his blood orange tank Matthew

the deal with right isn't it supposed to have a grainy kind of texture Renita right but it's special kind of kind of this is not I'm not a giant huge fan of Leicester, if you want to make a survey for a minute then I would get something if you don't want spend a lot of money I would get something like a champion juicer card and put it to a champion juicer with a blind played attached to it and you can get a piece of sugar contest going to be nice to your text her and I'll taste more like if you need it

photos of reforming very popular French saying it's natural ice cream with milk and and what not in it. It's supposed to have very long and try to maintain he's kind of slow slow freezing periodic give me the right crystal and basically a blending a child saying like a pocketbook brand name and then put them back in the fridge and harden up a little bit and I'll see how that works let me know let me know what has more but she's not my

rats racing gear Miss Hammer vs she's not here. She's the cheapest holiday person in the in the world so she's trying out now it's like eight eighteen connections right all right because of the number of connections he chose to get because she's crying by on Christmas Day and it's because she's so cheap right now but you can make your dad after Christmas dinner to the airport

she ever does thermometer I don't I'm not super I've never had a thermometer where I said I love that I had plenty of them break I've used multimeter Bass Down for monitors that are very cheap used to know all the things I've never been never been super super happy me some a couple if you take a lot of the stuff I've had no breakable depends on what you need and what kind of a across are you looking for any good thing about thermocouple thermometer

Antioch you have to calibrate them out of box but he can get loads of different probes don't start at about $68 and usually run up over over about a hundred but the good news with one of the wire and make your own thermocouple have a post on the blog from like three years ago on making your own battles a lot of different computer

measurement Computing across a hundred fifty bucks and put into my computer if I don't have I don't own one of those damn pictures of old people to think they're nice dinner as many of one of the things I'm going to be building with the with the new company. They're in the immersion blender world that is like between Recon and LeBron couple times

I would use him in the reason is because they're non venting Canton Preparatory high quality iPhone mine has been through continual abuse for a group of a handle but it still works like a like a champ things like stock applications a giant American pressure canners and I will just put one to use to make a large large large quantities of a good for homeless because you're so damn big for some reason and they decide to shut the temperature below the standard 15 psi for pressure cooker

my face and all that but anyway so you know everything everything aboveboard here but the last time I was in Columbia the country and the singers wouldn't feel right and complete nightmare money and then when I do Scrappy one that leaked on me tonight to chamber size in any vacuum machine in his craft but still working out between 1500 and two two grand for it

Carol's Restaurant on digital scale because everything depends on what you want or need something down to the transplant right you're going to spend thousands of dollars want to scale

bother me about scale is when they turn off I like to see all the plugs in and stays on forever this way into a container and you walk away and you still have your measurements which is great if you forgot something what you called away for a minute or somebody catches on fire on the stove and have to walk away and look at it just might be what I would look for ongoing Texas high school project High School

AOL Messenger program which is basically an iPhone iPad application that allows you to check what temperature on the temperature of new modern anyway even better and I think your suggestion about not change the temperature settings in the food exchange is a good one it's actually something we've gone back and forth on the basically you want to do a lot of exploring and Tyler are pine shavings number one I just want to pick you up chicken fish or whatever and have you have to give him a reasonable starting point for temperature blah blah blah

they wanted to start with anyway they think it's worth spending the $5 what you really should become a cheap patches if you spend $5 on the fast cook method for eggs in a circulator and, look at it they want to know what I think about the temperatures all the way through a piece of food

show me to degrees 64 degrees Celsius to the window is very very small I know well be inside or outside of the old has gotten up to this basically up to the temperature of the bath and I can pull the egg out and I'm done and there's two things are going on one egg white is getting with low GPA

Mike that showed what happen if you use a small temperature and then put your A game and it put an egg white it was like a 65 degree angle is our favorite time you guys have found and used like a 70 Celsius to 77 Celsius I forget what about 18 minutes

running now is very very important to show if you have a particular water bath and let me put it in for you and your stop the same time because you're going to do it the same way every time Rite Aid carry over heat and the temperature of the egg is going to go up a little bit because you can do it the same way every time variables are the same every single time because a circulator right now

Overcoat rubbery white on the outside and how cremation urn 219 card for streaming and they can put it in a very high compression temperature in Clearwater

Santa Claus

go straight to the ghetto

go straight to the ghetto

Santa Claus

go straight to the ghetto

Bill Everest

Leave Her Johnny Leave Her

need something printed on it and don't forget about getting it

Santa Claus

go straight to the ghetto

Santa Claus

go straight to the ghetto

wow wow Jack recall the same thing I have. It's awesome and at the end of the song start screaming Scar from Lion King Merry Christmas to record a show like sitting like I have it in the Christmas rotation and you know he was sitting around and stuff

oh actually keep going

not sure

suggestions on vacuum machine she wonders why by chamber vacuum machines Crossfade billion dollars and three Goodwin have very expensive vacuum pump in them for commercial vacuum out of Germany and the pumps are just really really really solid and a good chunk of the money you're spending is actually for the pump and Jaden that they can withstand a lot of contamination in the in the oil because of the paper that you're boiling the liquid that you're boiling off of your product

breaking and they're just really like that kind of an application and they just cost a lot of money right now and it's available now for like six bucks

I never tried it it's never going to be a good enough vacuum to to use for a bathroom Fusion things like that which is what I am running the vacuum for I mean I'm sure it's really really good for bagging a muffin without crushing it so you can fill in the freezer and individuals are black and not guilty run around me right now I do what with a straw Ziploc bags and go back I get there I'm going to get it right in supplying Innovative ingredients for the modern cook do you love to experiment with new cooking techniques and ingredients but hate overspend 4 pounds of supplies when only a few grams are needed for application modernist pantry

is the solution they offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cook and enthusiasts and most cost only around five bucks saving you time money and storage space whether you're looking for hydrocolloid Beach Boppers where you can be a clue you'll find it at modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just asked Chris Anderson and his team will be happy to Source it for you with inexpensive shipping to any country in the world modernist pantry is your one-stop-shop for Innovative cooking ingredients modernist Pantry values your feedback and to encourage it they have now added product reviews to their website any customer who visit the site to post a review before next week's show will get a free $10 gift certificate good toward the purchase of anything in the store let Chris and Company know what you love or what you can prove about their products or service and help other customers by sharing your experiences visit modernist Pantry. Com today for all your modernist cooking needs

what holder looking anyway the great question

2128 paper writing about a big fan of the show with the show soundtrack that's all jacknow day by the way Pedro on the phone the whole time she's pretty much are Jack, right it's true and texting away and giving me dirty looks and you can have your first piece of IND Jesus crucifixion

and not there anymore

sometimes when I buy a car that's a Dave hey how's it going David's Brian wanted to let you know I got back from my trip and I got through customs just fine I got my spices from from my trip so thanks for the thanks for letting me know there was a little work and there was a little dog one little dog that was sniffing and sniffing around but the dog didn't didn't step by step early fantasy the dog myself and I just went right through no problem

it was back in time

call cic some of those dried limes and Wild Sage and got some wood looks like the storm Irma and also some other dried sausages

well I'm glad you made on your decoration form

I didn't say what I wrote it on the front of a blah blah blah

yeah I did so many women ain't going to be acting up a nine-year-old be a six-year-old and did you know that there was a guy arrested for having a Japanese manga cartoon comic book and spoken America east facing a year in prison because they gave the comic book to be child pronography

wow American dude chilling in a Canadian jail right now because of the comic book Canadian hate was not my style either I don't know

ghost love in play some Tower of Power occasionally

Ray Charles like 15 years ago really wow so it's it's Citrus season and I want to make some of my own marmalades with the great grapefruit we have out here

marmalade yeah we got great Citrus at the time of year right now in the real question is how much of the bitterness of the pineal do you want in right separate the flush out from net from the Ryan Ryan and then the Albedo the white part to be in there a little bit and some people like more that bitterness or less without bitterness but if you want it to be if you wanted to make the world's most popular marmalade like seriously straight up what I would do is a peel

kill them right carefully then peels in a solution of pectinex SPL in water and then you can slip her the pills and they're perfect whatever is going to taste good in the marmalade and then you can pay separately and then sold in the pool afterwards

that sounds pretty good but the question would be you know what to use the enzymes is going to take away some of the Paxton when she gives makes the marmalade

right so I'm going to have to ask back in separately you know from the you know like from the box

if you can do that

I'm sorry but how much pectin you be removing be going to boil the you're going to boil those pictures down in the question is there enough and just the regular pump without the Albedo to do it for you if not you can only stay a little bit of texting mean that's where they get it from your Apple I wouldn't feel bad because no one's going to know how you did it you know I got to get my hands on some some back next year requires a sentence but I'm working on a new technique I got a paper

I'm technically off location and just location General where they basically make a little electrolysis set up an account at the bottom of it and then you turn on the electricity to make tiny hydrogen Bubbles and attorney hydrogen bubbles float up and as they float up they carry the stuff so you can pick it up tomorrow and then you can clarify liquids rule.

Robertson school if I can do that kind of thing where you can probably build it for pretty cheap if it works. I was wondering could you just take an aquarium pump into it but the problem is a Bubbles and aquarium pump even with those little stones or it's just too there bubbles are too large so the question how to make tiny tiny bubbles Max why electrons is good because they use very thin wires they've basically they use a rod and stainless steel top and the stainless steel

how's your parents producing hydrogen and these very very fine wires and goes very very funny

but with the aquarium pump can't you just put on a sitter filter

possible in one of those what's happening is happening from the holes in the walls itself could you could you get home and imports medium that contain Russia dryers very fine wires can be spaced far enough apart to prevent immediate for listen to the bubbles I think that's the scene with aquarium from a group of bubbles which Collide into one another right and you look up on the web you can look up to the roof location is the technique


can you go to show the time and you buy one of those things this man cave to store pasta

going to go get one of those people that works very narrow kind of container round container if I still have the intern program anyone that can do any testing when I'm not there a d e r t h mahle Behr at French culinary. Com

happy holidays

71 to 8

you have been together

change horses in the middle of a stream

what did extremely bad time change your horse in the middle of the stream Browning you write like it's a horse's literally dying and sucking it down to the bottom of the river instead of sending dick like that phrase like you know don't change. Should be unless that changed course dancing horses pretty badass in mine is only kind of okay

go back a page or in a situation Tower of Power for the last caller Google NFC okay sometimes when I'm pretty well and I only shows last names can also be related to Rick and Morty wallpaper I bet it is because

schedule for everyone who grew up in the Northeast Ham Lake hanging out with people and whatnot because I don't really know the running lizard running right close to the shore in a bather is have gotten a bite taken out of their legs swell when you're fishing for Bull and people like fishing for blue hair trigger is ripping apart the you know some of the structure of the Marshall and we had a

but we had a listener who ran some preliminary tests on Blue Fish by side by side by side a significantly better under the under the heading of course it's got the messages I'm going from the spinal cord to the muscles and therefore I preserve ATP which is the energy muscles used to can try and if so I would bet that that is what's going on I don't know much about the macro

I do know that they suffer some of the same problems of the enzymes in them pictures of so they can turn mushy I know certain species of mackerel have that problem very much and I do this because it's only been recently the people of appreciated the delicious delicious Bluefish I love you more about it lately or you don't I like it

butternut squash I can't find a good answer for maybe Dave knows more about it when I cut butternut squash my skin feels like it has dried out and I'm not sure if it is actually hydration or something else I'm also not clear about the liquid pearls that collect on the butternut squash Surface after a few minutes and see how does it happen that a collection pearls like that is that liquid responsible for this dehydration I am I scientifically web search engines do I steal and except there are certain people think it was kind of a protein contact dermatitis from many things at one of them being

there are certain people that have skin sensitivity to butternut squash and they have him have a lot of crazy things and what not flowing through a flowing through the now I was able to find some string sugar compounds components that are in pumpkin and other hand is drying out like a picture showing a lot of trips that you're getting some sort of protein

not dissolving away on your hand and drying fairly quickly into a film that's what I'm getting but I love to hear if anyone know anything more about it I wasn't able to do with leaving the first 15 papers where I typed and you know I'll stop and or latex and 400 carburetor dermatitis and butternut squash known fact math I found her and he don't look interesting question it's got to be some wacky hydrocolloid or hydrocolloid protein mixture that's coming out of there so anyway

look into it more things we're going to have an answer for you in a year-and-a-half because I want to meet someday I will need to be a scientist what the hell did Gabriel why can't I hope you have the correct email address this question that level but once you own one of these and then it's basically a funnel preferably metal that has a little stick in the center of it that you lift up and stuff comes out of it and it's one of those things that you don't need it but

okay so I wondered whether there was an expensive place to get across from Urban kvprint ocean-going a an expensive brand of a funnel because they only carry kind of the top priority stuff this stuff isn't cheap but I don't think the day they're charging their truck door not getting rich off of it there just carrying high quality brand but you can't normally get dark in places until the price the prices are a little bit higher but it's not like they're making money hand-over-fist with huge margins.

well there's an easier there is a on Amazon and there was a side Fun Run Amazon for Price the one you get a JB Prince however the one which is from matfer I would love to go to 450 bucks but I definitely wouldn't want to

search for results like in South County RI plans DIY weapons of the Libyan rebels website they have pictures of white lily white dude in workshops building Weaponry to to take back to country from Khadafi is pretty interesting Monica right fan on milkshakes how to wrap around when I realized that these people actually making a buffalo chicken milkshake recipe on proceeds

and I haven't seen this episode of 30 Rock Liz Lemon 30 Rock by passing controller fast food establishment buffalo chicken milkshakes and so this guy which is Super Fan video on Vimeo I think she's making her a buffalo chicken milkshake now add tomato sauce and buffalo sauce buffalo chicken wing sauce in the freezer and then

chicken strips

when should we decide whether or not the things going to do like whether or not this is a good idea

here are the Earth

respected in this video

picture this thing is not going to be right it's not an ice cream texture in the reason why right now if you want to go see that you still need something to take the place of sugar otherwise the texture is never going to be Milkshake it's going to be grainy and grab me like it is what the person need to do is get a hold of him glucose syrup the first straight up a Sprite I would whip it with a whipping agents in freezer then Blended

and this is the one that really shows he's not paying attention to what he said to his milkshake it still vegetarian until he put the chicken I don't want to go to Worcestershire sauce is not vegetarian. Weeks ago and it's definitely not vegetarian you can buy crappie

Hindi Bhajan

Matthew Wright chinon cheese hidden secrets Cozumel controlled by the way and maintain a smooth curve mac and cheese sandwich and caregiving in this recipe for freezing

Tech N9ne on the properties of water there had to have the purpose of using carrageenan Chris Young a Saginaw one of the authors of the book and worked on this recipe and so I don't hear nothing from these emotions by Frank I have left her actions with each other and elasticity

if you want to skip just London younger you can use more intensely flavored more mature Jesus and still have some elasticity.

Write an equation using Malik school district and lactic acid in the kitchen. I'm not sure

step one woman though we generally cook time on an airplane from where is making her vegan face honey iced tea and I promise to stay away from lactic acid is a key flavor compounds it's missing a bacterial infection

lactic acid is one of the characteristics of flavors and you can buy lactic acid and you can break things look at to make it taste more like that and I've done it many times but as you know it's only one of them a lot of protein breakdown and a lot of the princes funeral had a cheese that's so sharp that and I get past a certain cheeses that I happen to love so I eat it anyway for my taste buds pop out and you can hear me look like more mushrooms or is exploding on my tongue and you have a lipid breakdown product of protein breakdown products and have others like bacteria reproduce

Smorgasbord conglomeration of different flavors and you can buy you can buy enzymes break down in nuts and caused a certain things to the Savers teeth to happen by accident collector because that makes the main acids in lime juice and cans lime juice is what God put on the earth to correct

she don't want to use one just because not going to keep or it's going to be heated a lot to me for I'd like to introduce to acid in that ratio will bring about the desired so I only have those things on Hanna and I got to wrap it up

kitchen somewhere I know you must have a stomach small kitchen I'm interested in your relationship we've run into it and I'm sure you were okay about this and we are I don't know if you do something enough and sometimes punching hit it like an object not a person that you can use it got to do what you want on the Google New York Magazine Dave Arnold kitchen there is a picture of my kitchen it's bigger than it's bigger than it should be pretty compact tank with a sliding boards not have to talk about it

on the way out I do want to say this happy holiday to everyone out there will be back next Tuesday I think I'll schedule right now we're off next week so we'll see you guys in yes

2012 ya know it'll be January 2nd or 3rd I think your mouth now I'm going to be starting a bar Concept in the back of sambar Booker and Dax at Schaumburg that's going to be using all the techniques that we've been jabbering about their operation using liquid nitrogen so we can do water-based situation to taste good we're going to pull out all the stops and we're going to get it going in the back to be nighttime in the back of Summer

Merry Christmas baby

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gave me a diamond ring for Christmas

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