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Episode 65: Pecans, Vodka, Brining & More

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Bruce shoes tomorrow at 12:45 on the Heritage Radio Network a Jack or into your jack in the booth is always my headphones appear to be not working thank you join as usual in the station with nastasha the hammer Lopez cooking issues hammer and usually resident meaning just called back the color are color called by Dave just a quick question about the cons physically since it's the time of year where you can get a whole unshelled pecans I like to get a bunch of you know the count another boat nuts and crack myself up nuts to the Peconic self

what it ready stuff like the pits were right but it's really dry them enough what's up with that the skin of nuts like that and pecans is one the one I think it's been more studied is walnuts the skin kind of a silver necklace the reddish brownish skin around has a lot of a tenant in it that are going to dry out your mouth and can be true for a lot of nut is why for instance when you use hazelnuts you off in that heat them briefly and then rub the skins off so you could come eat pecans are kind of a pain in only see a lot of recipes where you're supposed to take the skin off of a pecan have you ever seen in a recipe

I want us with this is that different cultivars of Walnut will have radically different astringency and bitterness associated with skin layer so it all depends on exactly who you're getting it from excetera excetera you could try to a hot roast and rub between towels any percentage of that skin that you get off of there is going to decrease a perception the downside is that it's not going to look like a pecan anymore for you know for what people are are used to doing if you notice it specifically and up in a person that you're buying bulk from bag and when I do I really noticed the bitterness I don't really notice it so much for the other Knights oddly enough

well I mean a little bit he comes like sometimes he just really

sing me whatever you know we used to make a lot and hopefully we will again pecan oil and pecan butter in in a centrifuge and that has all of that stuff that you are talking about the bass the skin layer settles to the bottom when you're centrifuging it and so do you live in the south

what I would do is a search out a you know a really like that I looked online once because we were looking into selling that oils School couple years back and I found a couple of very I can't remember their names in Fort Smith. My head but a couple of super high-quality producers you know that will give you fresh this year's crop right when they get it and just I'm sure loads higher than whatever the commercial stuff is strangely the prices weren't that bad

you might want to look into that and then the folks that I spoke to you on the phone we're hanging out in this is a good thing about dealing with real people is they actually grew the darn thing so if you tell them you were concerns they can they can probably steer you the right way I don't know about age and astringency you mean obviously nuts as they age get rancid and you know that they tend to not be as good a man and that's why you know it's always best to vacuum pack a chance we don't question too much but it's always best to vacuum pack things that are high in oil content so a lot of nuts or vacuum packed for that reason or nitrogen flush or any one of a number of things you can do to remove the oxygen so that you don't have a oxidation problems so nuts are definitely unstable and I'm sure you've had you had some nuts sitting out

and you try to get the that they turned stale obviously and then you tried to get the Christmas back by posting for a minute let him cool down and at the same time leaves on rancid because they have such a high oil content

very cool

do you think this is anything like when you get a funky bunch of pine nuts you know you get that pine nut mouth condition I haven't haven't researched it is I think that's probably something like very specific and I don't know that might be I don't know anything about it so I hesitate to speculate but I'm told that it's a fungal problem like a bad pistachio and that those are actually extremely toxic because of high levels of aflatoxin that are unpleasant and anyone is ever bitten into a bad pistachio one of the most horrible things that can possibly happen to you if we don't eat that in fact we used to make a pistachio nuts right from a reputable person and so one time I had an intern make a batch of pistachio butter with it and they just threw the 10 into the into the are grinder and then into our Center

and stuff and then from then on I said hey look you have to throw all of the pistachios onto a sheet a big sheet tray and you have to look at the mall and we took out all the ones that yellowed you know where they just weren't doing any more all the ones that look shriveled and the stuff tasted grapes are extremely fragile and most suppliers know if you're buying bulk shelled nuts they don't they're not giving you the but not giving you necessarily 100% the best even if they're reputable manufacturer only takes a couple bad not to really ruin things for you

alrighty so let me see I am I'm late as usual and we are being held to our time today because there's a lot of show coming on to her and so I'm going to start going into question okay and he writes and I recently acquired a massive 21 pound free range age country ham from Nancy Newsom Nancy amancio Mahaffey at Colonel newsom's ham and there's a bunch of cursing about how delicious it is Holy effing sugar honey iced tea delicious which it is I actually have a lot more marbling I want to figure out a way to get the best yield from a hand while eating it over a few months starting to the less meaty side of the ham lets me decide will be there at the forward topside I think along the lights I'm thinking about going out and finding it back together prosciutto style and then slice it across the face at hand I practice deboning on a smaller home cured ham so I think I've got good butchering method

the home Cook Crescent buying it back together I assume some form of meat glue any recommendations for a which towel to use the bone will leave a big hole how do I ensure that I can press the hole completely as a side note this ham is much thicker than out of the Savannah or the prosciutto but I can't think of the way that would affect the preparation first of all couple notes for those who don't have don't eat American country hams Colonel newsom's hams out of a Kentucky is one of my favorite producers they've been producing for a long long time the recipe of several hundred years old is the current proprietor and curemaster that place they have a distinction that they only cure one time a year at The crucial time in the winter ends and then the hands are aged however old they are she sometimes has hands are over a year old but in general you can judge the age of the ham based on how long after the winter it is right now so they have that she has left over now or year old has been working with a heritage

are parent people's to get some very high-quality ham in it has a lot of marveling so she's been doing that I think Benton's has been doing that but his hands and and I've had I haven't had man that had a little bit of Nancy's it was good I had a lot of Edwards one which is excellent they're all good because I've said for many years that American Hair Masters we have the ability to really have the know-how there there you know they're their masters at it but what has been lacking is the quality of the raw material and so these people have been joining up with the folks like Patrick Martin's and trying to rectify that and be able to produce a ham that has the same kind of quality in the meat as the highest-end european-style hands and I have to say they are there some incredibly delicious things where you say is a side note that that this ham is much thicker than either the surround over the Pluto it really does affect the preparation has a lot to do with the way American hands are hung American hands typically

who designed I even the king of the country Karen wants to be eaten in slices and then refreeze cooked or cook and then slice and so they wanted to be a little wetter than you would on your average European hand they're hung in the opposite direction from a normal European heaven and not squashed flat and so they have the cushion that big part of me to push an area is a lot thicker that would be in in a European ham and what that means is that you're going to have a wetter Center typically on that and so it's going to be more difficult to get a perfect slice out of an american-style him that way then it would be to get out of a European ham and you're also because of the way American hands are hung and an aged you're going to get more of a variation in salt level and density and water level between the outside of the especially towards the face towards where it was cut off of the animal where there's no skin and the center of the Cushing where it's going to be the softest so it does affect preparation and it's not better if not worse but it does affect it

now onto your real question here which is how do I tell you already have a bony technique the best way is to go at F dick Cutlery makes a what looks like a long that you can use our like a tunnel boning thing that you can get in and that's what a lot of people use to get the bones out effectively I have to say the boning of prosciutto and a country ham is the only time in my life I've ever broken a knife at least that I got a broken window while it wasn't breaking it on purpose so I know they are difficult to Bone depending on how old they are younger one like seven eight month old have a nightmare to bone out in keeping one piece assuming you have a good technique to bone out that take the bone out you're going to have a hole in the center and even the professionals here when they bone it or not going to take be able to squish that whole flatten the reason is it takes an immense amount of pressure to do that so in Prosciutto de Parma what they'll do is they'll agent bone-in like

I want you to feel remove the bone and then I'll put it into a ham mold and the ham old has a water cooling because otherwise a ham with heat up too much and it would affect the flavor of the him and they put it under immense pressure inside of a metal mold that's your very well cool Nordic Empress it into that ham shape exclude any Oxygen or anyting else from the inside of that Gap I don't think you're going to be able to do that I just don't think it's possible the problem with with enclosing that hole is you could be ceiling on a something you might want to let it dry out a little more in their special on American hand that can be a little wetter on the inside then European have your all's going to want to make sure you cut off any kind of batteries or taint around that now if you wanted to try and encourage you to try and tell me what happens yes you can sprinkle some meat glue in that thing put it between two plates on hydraulic press and and press it flat I don't know what kind of results you going to have it

typically something you you would do and I just might make a suggestion is that because American hands weren't necessarily cured in order to slice in one whole piece I would remove the section below the bone and then you just have the section above the bone that you can slice as its own it's going to have a little I kind of semicircle marking it but that's okay and then the bottom piece which is a lot tougher anyway is going to maybe be served as a separate separate preparation anyway my thoughts what he thinks.

I want to take a break okay also big fan of Heritage Radio in general I have three brining questions is there a rule of thumb for the brine to Brian strength to soak time I'm looking for General Brian I can customize to accommodate the amount of time I have to brine some days I can do an overnight some days I want to do an hour or so did you diction of herbs other flavors in a brine come through in the end product I see many recipes for complex Brian's with multiple flavor Edition is this just showing off in this era Brian concentration that can reduce the risk of salmonella or other bugs are refrigerating cooked properly but I'm curious thanks OK I am embarrassed to say

this is a subject that I should have research long long ago Have Nots here's the issue with the brine strength and so time there's a couple things that are Brian is doing salt Nic salt for a salt as flavoring your meat right that's one thing it's doing and also a salt soaking through into the meat is altering the protein structure so that it can hold onto more water when it's cooked and thereby provide more for insurance against overcooking now definitely over Brian haven't done the research and what I'm saying is that I'm going to have to do more research before I can thoroughly answer this question it's one of the few things that even though I've been doing it a lot and I'm supposed to be a technical related cook who pays attention to that sort of nonsense I have literally always done this by making a brine dipping my finger in it and tasting it and I always make my Brian's pretty much the same which is making till they're salty is the ocean for chicken or

tree and then add sugar until I can just barely taste the sweetness and then go I don't find the other flavors do too much to it except for they flavor the outside quite effectively in vacuum bag situations you can get some permeation in but not a lot but I promise I'm just a she's writing this down now for me to do some research maybe I'll go look in the modernist cuisine and see what they have to say about it and I'll get back to you on that next week right and Sachi make a note 4

she pretend typing typing right so I'll tell you when she's actually doing what I'm asking so that I can properly answer you sometime but that wasn't it okay that I let me go to our first commercial break all your questions to someone in

turn on the phone

go back to cooking issues by the way Jack I don't know if we going to get to it but you had a shout out for a good good intern music you like

a minute okay hello nastasha my name is Jamie and my research on rotovap that's real real operators for all the you not hip to the fact have let me time and time again to the cooking issues blog which I've been a long time and I apologize for using a few questions I was wondering if we're looking into buying a rotovap for a line of spirits we intended to still in their future depending on you we were looking into producing everything from start to finish without rectifying any existing base Spirits I buy a neutral Spirits made off-site infusing them with us. And then we can still understand distill alcohol out of a solvent while maintaining the flavor to the truest form which is true that's the case I just want to know how much can we rely on the road about to get a low wine Mash low wine is at a low alcohol product or the first distillation run off of a normal thing to an 80-proof finish liquor I'm assuming

80-proof 40% finish liquor ever heard of distilling one's own base Spirit through the rotovap I've read the day personally buys low and vodka sometimes I end to pay the taxes and not run into any legal issues with that aside could it be done for the magistrate to the rotovap running it through again and again thanks Jamie Oaks from Jamie at Tamworth Garden Isle of a garden full of Tamworth take when you be delicious Garden good even though I do buy premade spirits and Reed still them and therefore pay the taxes on you still illegal so it's still not legal for me to do it the reason it's illegal is because of tax basis tax purposes right that's the reason that distillation is illegal and legal system hasn't figured out a way in most areas to kind of get around the other things hopefully you're changing soon and have been changing certain places that said the laws specifically written to

can someone with a 72 Acre Farm from taking all of their produce on-site converting into liquor and selling it without paying taxes so if you're going to be doing it either just don't know tell me that you're doing or get a permit to do it because otherwise like that's exactly the kind of thing that did those those guys are looking at now I have done no distillation with never distilled anything below about restarting alcohol content with a below about 12% the lowest alcohol content thing is about 12% and I was easily able to get Brandy's well above 40% on one pass. Thanks and it's because

yeah when everything is under vacuum you can get you can get there's a certain inherent reticle reflex right on the inside so it doesn't work the same way as with normal distillation with plates and plus the vacuum ships everything around in terms of what boils off first eccentric cetera but I have taken most take Port which I do all the time like 18 to 20 put that in and I'll get i'll get a hundred proof Randy off no sweat no sweat so so yes that's definitely feasible your speeds are going to be quite low because I'm like a normal still you're going to need to provide if you want to keep the temperature is extremely low to not affect the flavors of your fruits you're going to have to use a cooling power other than tap water if using cooling power other than tap water you are going to have to

you can have to chill it and that's going to be really expensive to chill all that stuff down alternatively you can keep your temperature is somewhat higher right and then winter temperatures are higher then you can use regular tap water are in a lime water whatever pasta you process water stream water whatever you had to chill your rotovap down and keep your margins high enough on your the temperature between the large enough to be able to do a good job but you have to test to see whether or not the stuff is going to taste the way you want it before you invest in a 20 and I highly highly recommend you invest in a small rotary evaporator because process scales up quite well from a small rotovap to invest a couple of Grand in small rotovap or go find someone that has one that you can use so you can see whether you like the procedure before you invest in something as big as a large

there's a lot of it takes a while to eat to get to learn another problem about doing a baseline like you're saying is that most rotary evaporator don't have a way to separate heads from tails and you're going to have a big big problem on this so what you're going to have to do me I designed a pump for my rotary evaporator that allows me to taste of distillate as it works as it pretends it's produced so I can do easy cut between heads and tails when I'm doing a distillation ride makes my life a lot easier but it's not something it's standard be available if you need to do that where you're going to need to do is over the course of your distillation run on the first pilot run you're going to have to figure out X number of milliliters or liters of stuff that I put into the distillation flask I got to throw away the first x amount and you're going to do that by opening your system every every you know chunk of time and tasting it to see what you've gotten rid of the head and then at the same time you're going to start tasting to see when the Tales come in and then hopefully that recipe scales from small to large in my experience it has ski

percentage wise as long as your temperatures are the same your you know your did the product you're putting in this the same and the vacuum levels that use the same but these are all things are going to have to be so I wish you the best of luck and if you have any more questions please write a man because everybody knows I love a rotor that the modern cook do you want to experiment with new cooking techniques in ingredients but hate to overspend for pallets of supplies and only a few grams are needed for application modernist Pantry has a solution the offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cooking enthusiasts and most cost only around five bucks Avenue time money and storage space whether you're looking for hydrocolloid pH buffers or even meet blue you'll find it at modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't care I just asked Chris Anderson and his team will be happy to Source it for you with inexpensive shipping to any country in the world modern country is your one-stop-shop or Innovative cookie ingredients

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50 bucks Arena

I guess in exchange they get to get any any one that they want all right you ever heard of Wolfman Jack

yeah I was going to say I was thinking on the way over like you know like a radio people I used to know as a kid and whether you'd heard of him if you hadn't heard of him I was going to be incredibly depressed like at your three year old and I'm 9 million years old

I'm going to go to class at because otherwise I'm going to run out of time I was going to tell a story about about my cherry allergy in my hoping that by getting my tonsils out I could fix it been Hot all my hopes were dashed and I'm incredibly depressed about Jason Molinari rights in two questions recently some new Studies have shown that many or most plastic leach estrogenic chemicals would have been shown to be harmful to fetal and young mammals messing with development is it is of particular concern to me given that I have a 2.5 year old girl I should probably said two and a half and a half year old girl and we often eats sous-vide food I understand research seems to be in complete but you may have access to other articles are stories which I did not should I be freaking out or is this another item blown out of proportion and then there's a link to the relevant study and you'll have to you have to excuse me for one minute while I call up said relevant study about the relevant study is

estrogenic magazine article anything started with the most Plastic Products released estrogenic chemicals a potential health problem that can be solved and this is a fairly recent article I think from July of 2011 and this article was new to me I read it this morning and I read that some other articles on the subject but it's basically the whole class of chemicals called endocrine disruptors the mess with your hormones and can do things like cause early puberty in girls or can have kind of delayed sexual development and in boys mix messes you up all around kind of and so as a result of this many people have stayed away from Prince's baby bottles containing agreed it was that

so this is something it's been kind of bubbling on the service people been worried about certain Plastics but he's been that the Plastics that don't contain known endocrine disruptors are okay so what this study did was they took a whole boatload of different Plastics and and basically they sent the researchers over the course of four years out to various supermarkets and food chains purchased both empty and full plastic containers at and then subjected them to a bunch of tests to try and see what they can lead crap out of these things including microwave heating including soaking in alcohol and quitting smoking and salt and things like that different various heating machines and fortunately and then what they would do if they take that whatever they did know whatever whatever the liquid was that used to lead and they would apply it to see whether or not it bound to have an essay to see if they have an essay for end up the hill

estrogen estrogen products and they said we is there a reaction of the SAS say that we can see that there are Active Components in here that could be interpreted okay bad news or the bad news is bad news is according to this study many things that you would think are safe including baby bottles that are labeled bpa-free in fact can lead scrap out and even a Plastics that are free a plasticizer friend stands polyethylene can have additives added to the Plastics that make them released some form of a in Dorito like oestrogenic Lee active compound into a food under certain conditions so that's the bad news this is very new research so I really don't know what to make of it I looked up some of the other relevant articles on it and they're just not really enough

turn on minimum level at which kind of where the stuff is okay and you're the end the research is still being the good news was I couldn't look over the charts thoroughly in like really digest them but it looks like things like plastic wrap have fairly low levels compared to other things of having things leaching out of them petg bottles that were free of BPA can you delete stuff because the actual monomer itself is is it has some activities some endocrine disruption activity and if it's not fully if it degrades over time that can that can Leach out apparently cordially article and so I don't know I just don't know it's kind of it's an interesting subject I hope to look into it more I was a little upset to find that things that I knew were free of these sorts of the endocrine disruptors in terms of what the actual make the Plastics wear when tested

had some activity in the I don't know that the stuff's been retested I got to look into it anyway can you give me any ideas for some pan sausage with low temperature fish meat and poultry it's not cooked in a pan except for a super quick sear there usually isn't any deglaze with found in the pan and let's face it a low temperature filet of cod can be pretty boring even if flavorings are used in the bag okay couple things you do one take the phones or whatever else and make a stock if you're doing chicken or do fish in a fish not going to Brown it but me or chicken you bought Brown out the bones make a stock reducer fitting to make a sauce that way and fish typically what cooks are going to do is I'm going to add something that's very high in Umami to finish sauce that's why a lot of times when these fish came out and see a lot of things with miso sauce is a sausage sausage that had a lot of those brown know it's in those kind of a brown characteristics that you would want that you don't get in those high high temperature things but it's true that I played low temperature filet

Todd can be pretty boring unless it's so low temperature that you haven't killed the worms in the worms are still moving around on the inside of a cut worms in it are you ever going to eat cut again whenever students the first time they butchered at the school or wherever the first time you put your card and you seen a little worms coming out of here

we cook the worms out

that reminds me of bleach the rabies at which is Kent kirshenbaum our friend at the NYU Professor NYU his favorite thing that I ever said was bleach the babies out when I have a new center to use and he was just on Sid the Science Kid

but I don't know that is if you had next time you have a little kid Sid the Science Kid is like you know the show on the TV to little kids watch any way cool to cancel on Sid the Science Kid show that was a good answer together from Jason Boland alright okay we have a question in from the show use iTunes to listen to regards to braising Jus color this is by the way a response will reset is anyone else have a good way to get the sauce color member so this is it this is a response from Matt he also has a response for a good plating ideas I think okay and then questioned braising sauce color I learned a technique from mile Paul Bartolotta who learned from on refreshing sauce is the technique is good not only for color but flavor as well before every service bring the sauce to a boil and in a separate pot for

red wine sauce reduce a half bottle of wine along with aromatics in roasted Shanks of meat scraps or scraps of me when the one is very close to being with both pot and slowly incorporate the base into the into the reduction dude is 2 ounces at a time and when you're done this also be very Ruby and have all the flavors reinforce the color will last for around five hours we do this every service with all of our sauce is good tip on the topic of fancy presentation for the home cooking this is a really good tip by the way I hadn't thought of that cuz we're stupid that's why YouTube some baller Chef demos to see how they played French chef. TV has some demos as well as well as the alinea / next video that's a really good idea so stupid that everyone on YouTube now has like famous people doing plating work why am I such an idiot

when you suggest that to me were useless anyway thanks Matt those are two excellent a good tip and a really good idea anyway finally I have a question is there a specific formula for Savory ice creams and surveys I have formulas for sweet versions with a solid sugars and liquids are balanced adapted from Sebastian can on who's from the French pastry school or a competitor in and what's it called Chicago I also seen on Michaelis constant block rent in a Michael Scott on Saturday at sound bar by the way

Michael starts his birthday I know you're going into the see what's going on you're single and onions happy birthday nice so I didn't say happy birthday to guy in his wife Heather's the GM at the George Mendoza's Restaurant now I feel like a jackass for not saying I had two birthday but I was, I think his Latin word pastry chef Armageddon right now is leaving JJ and Michael Scott this is leaving a Laverne Dan and I was like when's your last day is like he's like December 30th in like what are you a sissy you can't go all the way to the 31st of dope anyway maybe adding nonfat milk protein a dry milk to certain sorbet so that's going to make him or milky which is going to make them more like a shrimp it right do most people substitute isomalt for sucrose or just make a yummy base and hit it with

liquid nitrogen okay you can't just hit a base with liquid nitrogen and get a a really good result you can get a sore because the sugar is there as a texturizing agent right you need that Sugar they're going to get a proper texture otherwise even with liquid nitrogen and it's going to be hard if not going to feel right in the mouth I wouldn't substitute isomalt some people claim that it gives you the runs if you eat too much but it's never happened to me and I've eaten a bunch once just at the reason is you just don't you just as much that's why they say that I would move to buy some I'm going to have to remember I'm making this up as something like 50/32 50% as sweet as sucrose so it is substantially less sweet but glucose syrup is even less sweet then then I smoke and I don't know whether to give you the poops are not glucose glucose syrup which is what you can use that are very low d e

corn meal corn base or see if me and wants is corn syrup spino first of all if high fructose corn syrup is what's causing the entire world to fall apart you know whether it is or whether it is not all corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup let's just say that right now anyway on sweet corn syrup would be the way I would go as opposed to using isomalt isomalt as well and it works you just need something that has the water binding properties of other properties of sugar otherwise it's not going to be right I'll try to find some recipes or if you if you're having problems working out of formulation just give us another holler and I'll call one of my buddies and figure out the exact numbers okay

question in from Ellie it dishes that you remember you had prom pronouncing yeah I am now on my second immersion circulator unit from eBay in the last 3 years I'm thinking I should have spent the money on a new one from polyscience instead yeah you know what I think I said this many times is that I used to I used to buy circular costly off of eBay and then spend all my time keeping them running and the first time I got a new polyscience I was like this is what it's like to not be tapping her watch mean I have to hurry anyway the one the one the one I have now is a very nice looking digital louder with barely any cosmetic damage and it holds the temperature perfectly for all intents and purposes it looks Barely Used I've had it for maybe two months now and it used to work almost silently just humming along

slight grinding noise nothing very noisy noise after long-term use the problem is I do not remember if you said it was something that can be fixed with some WD-40 or the machine is unusable in a month or two any help as much appreciate okay first of all I don't know which louder you have I used to buy allowed as all the time they looked awesome and they look Barely Used and they all died they all died on me without on them was the triac in the ones that I've used most of my head somewhere the motor when I wear the inside a triac would burn out so it wouldn't hate me more it would still run the kind of noise you're getting depends you have to make a decision probably that doesn't happen to our new work yet to figure out whether it's a bearing noise which it sounds like like at the baron was hard to describe or whether it sounds like the shaft is rubbing on something if the shaft is rubbing on something try to bend the bottom a little bit so that the shaft no longer touches any metal parts and not just stop it and then you could go for a long time if it's

bearing making the noise then you're kind of in a world of hurt eventually I have kept them running for months and months and months by spraying with WD-40 remember WD-40 8 food grade she don't want to do it too much and it's very easy to test hit the Barre with a little WD-40 and if they're squeaking and scraping goes away then it's your bearing if not then the shaft to touch upon something how do I check where the color color you are on the are Sarabeth's Dad hey man nice you did you sure did we ended up so we ended up putting the meat in a boiling water tonight we drove for going to go while boil up some steaks for some friends so yeah so we got three different cuts of steak from the Same by so it's pretty cool and hopefully the marbling would stay consistent and then we put it in a double boiler

that way to meet them at the bottom of the pan right and then got got a got a probe just one of the instant read thermometer is that only registered at the tip and then we put that horizontally into the meat and numbers were almost at on with the with the four times and we haven't even attempted the the equations yet but that we downloaded the app and all that stuff we're playing around with that right now and you're all your numbers your numbers job with the applications numbers roughly or

know know what that with that time roughly four times and I would that be the answer was just about roughly you know equal to in we had in there and 1/2 the two inches it was like a pretty straight straight line with the X

yeah well that's what it that's what a graph that at that's why we're going to we're going to break out that half and play with that little bit and see you know cuz if that's what it showed but like you're saying that shouldn't be linear every every every doubling of thickness should be a factor of 4 just run the math on it and double-check it just got very low fat content in it and still a lot cheaper taste bad when it's not my favorite cut to eat but how did taste after you boil it

well yeah I could have used it for my shoes it was pretty pretty tough and I put it in a second all that try to dress up a little bit but it went to boil a hard-boiled what was the alligator say thicknesses the Z Dimension how large was the X and Y

oh as far as that the size of it they were fairly consistent so the if we would cook the steak we cut it in half would like to two pieces for each size and they were about

4in by 4in yeah I'm surprised it came out as a linear relationship I'm going to have to do some tests to see what it had like what two pieces for each sickness we didn't have a lot of data points to graph either a cut

yes duly noted we were we were listening to it on the on the way to school this morning and don't worry I pre-screen most up for the for the cursing so I'm the one you have to worry about but I will listen thanks so much for calling do you have a specific question or know what happened cool thanks so much all right one question we had that I'm going to actually I'm going to go on to the next one from the holiday season

the reason is going to become a parent I was wondering if you had any suggestions for kitchen gadget equipment include some things from a variety of us asking discuss on next week's show and to give anyone who's listening an opportunity to write in with good idea what do you think smart may I have my ideas what I know things just a quickie Kevin writes and says hope all is well just wanted to let you know that I didn't get a chance like the pictures yet but he said I use the same tubing I use for an aquarium pump I have connected to my yourself immersion circulator

any recommends using SodaStream to vent out trapped air before pressurizing for the first time to get the pressure side there's a technique I've advocated for while he was SodaStream putting an extender tube on the end of it so that you can actually carbonate with a smaller amount of liquor and actually has a tube set below the level cuz if you don't do that and I can fill it up high enough your problem is going to overflow with a phone because I'm a little bit after I carbonate but I will say this also Kevin keep tuned we're going to have a and I'll talk more about it but I have some new carbonation stuff coming out that's going to be going to blow everyone's mind how much time do I have left it alright so listen I have some questions in French dance I have another question in from Ellie about alginate I'm going to get to that one next time Colin Road in with some typical Colin kind of stuff and we'll get to that next time

is that he no longer fast forward because he enjoys your choice of Segway music so much was an awesome email thanks man today we're out of time and this has been cooking issues