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Episode 64: No Cursing!

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cooking issues in Bushwick Brooklyn from approximately 12 to 12:45 here today is used during the studio join as usual with Anastasia that hammer Lopez join me for my second my Sunday Thanksgiving right where we Cook. Patrick's Heritage walk delicious right what's the name of the farmer again Reese

hey. Sorry I'm so your Frank Reese cook the dark meat I have to admit I was going out to Mystic Connecticut on my in-laws live and

they'd already bought a turkey by the time I told him I had a turkey sounds like you know what do whatever they want with your even though I love my man hair on the you know I love them, he says not to brine the turkey because it makes a dripping too salty I disagree. Disagree because I'd rather not have my breast meat be horribly mangled in overcooked yes anyway, you know what else is Tricia Levin roasting it does make a delicious crispy skin which is hard to emulate using other techniques meme my exoskeleton technique I was able to quickly skin and skin is delicious yeah this is Lowe's best of this morning on the subway on 44th Street there is a funeral for a police officer all right so has fallen police officer

has nothing at all to do with Crispy turkey skin has more to do with the bagpipes that we're talking about the end of last week program which by the way I never said we're not played at funerals Mustachio opinion is at their exclusively play the funeral because the next time she saw them play with at a funeral it reinforces in her completely illogical mind that that means they're only played at funerals go to Scotland I count the score nastasha one day Zero EP for funerals and you guys got to learn your logic is this stuff I'm trained in police officers and firefighters when they when they are killed or passed away and they have a bunch of yes they have bagpipes at funerals and because you were completely uncultured and don't understand the ways of Scotland right you see what that's the only time

look don't get me started electric bagpipe lessons I own a set of bagpipes I no longer you know I didn't really progressed because it like you start with a thing called the chanter and you learn to play on on the chancellor which is fuse soft and reasonable and then you move up to your first set of real pipes when I moved up to my first set of real pirates they weren't you can either cheap set of pipes so they didn't sound good even if I was good witch I wasn't as soon as I start squeezing on the bag and those drones start wailing out Jens Jens my wife and she's a reasonable person really is how it works anyway

she don't talk that bad fights morning I will go off anyway what do you want to call in and talk crap about the go-ahead to see where that she would that get you anyway

where was I delicious turkey Skin So anyway so when I got back on Sunday and I was having the second Thanksgiving I had two problems once we have a bunch of vegetarians over so we had to make a vegetarian stuffing and of course in my mom style stuffing that did Prime component is a sage sausage so we had a substitute for the possible substitution right folks making her Vegan Fest course it wasn't vegan cuz it's full of eggs and all sorts of other great stuff butter I thought it was pretty good but I didn't cook the turkey in Thanksgiving fashion feel the need to cook a whole side broke it into dark meat like meat cooking material from temperatures in a ziplock bag in butter pull them out when they were still hot let the skin dry also like a Christmas throw them in the oven to crisp off the skin after they cool down my oven was acting up on me and went and had set at 600 Fahrenheit and it went down to four hundred me noticing because somehow one of the controls again switched off so I was kind of irritated I don't have to pull out

Torch Tattoo crisp it before I threw it back in for the final crispy I don't like blowtorch Christine because it tends not to dry out the skin and make a crackly the right way just Browns it up a little bit just find irritating and also at least towards taste so I shot the torch through a nichrome wire screen to act as a kind of a flame arrestor and also a stinker Esther from arresting the state that comes out of propane when you shoot it onto a turkey take in the the dark meat about a degree higher or something like that I think I think I could have done it but it wasn't what you eat on Thanksgiving popcorn station

turkey at son friend of a friend's house friend of a friend over cooked turkey think that turkey is bad because they eat only overcooked turkey and turkey everyone's like me and I should eat it because it's traditional turkey was delicious if you don't over cook a turkey is delicious delicious

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take it down into smaller pieces to make sure you get down to a place where the starch starch molecules are broken down to something called Malto dextrin and Norbit is derived from tapioca but is a very it main purpose in life is not this that turning poison to pattern but it's a bulking agent it's extremely light you know that a pound of ends orbit is bigger than a pillowcase to waste. So it's a bulking agent that's what it really does and starches are interesting because they're a helix and the inside of the heel so it'll be noted that your water is fine with it and the inside is Will loving eye water hating and see what happens is is you mix into orbit with a fat and oils that oil gets complex inside the starch right inside the Helix but because it's not climbing on the outside it retains a lot of its bulk density and turned out to be a power then as soon as you

apply water in the form of your mouth or if you try to make a powder out of something with water in it which doesn't work ding ding ding ding right it immediately dissolves and turns back into almost nothing so you take a very small amount of maltodextrina which is relatively tasteless and you make a powder out of an oil and they're dissolving send amount that's how it works but please don't try to make a powder out of an oil by just saying tapioca maltodextrin because odds are it won't work there's many many many many tapioca maltodextrin in the world and most of them won't do that I don't care what you say and I really I just I just don't care

please set that's what I'm reading out of the sky right now because I am stupid I didn't have my I didn't have my thing open so I'm going to have to flail around here for a minute while I search for search for my questions for the day and you know I wouldn't have to search my question for the day people if you would have called in some questions just saying okay awesome that's awesome okay so just about getting kind of like a crust on a sous vide I try to do that a couple things are you going to use actual sous-vide in the vacuum bag or you going to use low temp like in a ziplock some of that

I was going to Sylvia and Aki back quite a bit of the penetration of the herb flavor into the meat from the procedure itself so that you're going to have to ask yourself is

do you want that much herb into the service of the meeting if you do fine put it on beforehand if you don't don't okay the second thing is how long are you going to cook it

in the back probably about 3 hours that like 5657 are you going to serve it the same day

yeah so what I would do is is as soon as you pull the meat out of the circulator right I would cut the bag open put the thing on a rack and start the outside to dry off a little bit

you know what I mean and let let it let it dry off a little bit and maybe even packed Hallett padded maybe even take a hair dryer dry off the outside to get some of the attacking moisture off the outside then we brush with whatever you got and then because I can't tell you I have done Bunches of racks of lamb goat whatever and it is true that sucker in the deep fryer after it comes out of the bag filler dry off properly and it's it's good business because it just puts an Instant Crush all the way around everything there's no kind of there's no problems with it at all it's just

80 because the problem is if you're doing 80 portions you're going to if you're doing 80 portions you're going to have an issue with the oil getting really crappy if it's just going to keep going up and down up and down and up and down you know what I mean yeah it is it a good oven or like a really hot oven use a different thing from what I just said I might leave him in the bag let him cool down pull them out dry them really thoroughly then maybe like hair dry then put them on racks over the top of the roaster and then just throw them into a like let them basically cool down way down you know what I mean throw them into a screaming oven but I don't like I don't you know if the problem is

they're too down in a pan if they're like sitting in the butt with a bunch of potatoes to get a bunch of blond spots around where they are so I can get all around them and screaming hot of it and then all you're doing is looking for a nice crust formation on it and then you can pull it and you won't and radically over cook the inside and some of your people might like it even more because it's going to have more of a traditional texture on the outsides going to have more of that like overcooked zone so in general I call that technique sous-vide for insurance and by that I mean even sure that the center of the meat is cooked properly and then you just focused on crust formation as soon as the thing is brown on the outside and crusty he pull it and the insides going to be good

before I put it in the bag I mean I almost always do I don't know cuz I think it's going to speed up Crest formation afterwards but you know I've run some tests are we run tests every time I teach you sous-vide class and typically the crust formation is marginally better in the one that's here before and after butt

I mean don't salt it beforehand before you cook it you know because that let you know that's going to make it kind of cured I think I like it but me it's a matter of personal personal taste I haven't done I know that it does speed the Browning on the second Seer but I don't know by how much do you want to mean something I was thinking about maybe trying to fight off a brine with it but that be a horrible idea or

I mean it is it's going to hold more water that way but you're going to go sous-vide so you're not going to overcook it you have no reason to inject more water into it firm up the meat as well as it's going to firm it as well as increase water so since you're going through the trouble of suvi dang it I wouldn't I wouldn't phosphate it up great was haggai good luck

legal rights in his blog spot. Blog is teen teen Chef Teddy its changes block them anyway just me just kidding I need help making sweet potato fries no matter what I do blanch fry fry or just fry fry the fries get too much color before they get crispy I know this happens because of sweet potatoes high sugar moisture content but I cannot figure out how to get around this predicament maybe a soak in a simulated solution first then roast then fry fry technique with a story Teddy it's a sweet potato fries get too much color to them right so

there are a number of things that are done early because of reducing reducing sugars in there that even more than the regular sugar which is why you not supposed to be an inverter in it so there's been a couple of study is based on trying to get the sugar total sugar content of the least of the surface of the potatoes down somewhat and there's a study that was done where potatoes were soaked by themself vs. in salt versus in in my brain ascorbic acid which is I think what you're thinking about the stop thick brownie from taking place in somatic brownie from the citric acid vs. acetic acid vinegar

interesting way the most sugar was leached out of the potatoes by soaking them in a dilute soaking and dilute vinegar these potatoes is why I mean vinegar solution after they've been cut for vinegar solution for a couple of hours I will throw salt into and it also helps with a with a color problems in french fries I don't know why your house then

then you know what you might want to put this all because it might reduce the amount of sugars are pulled out an interesting question do not have to look at it then I would blanch them in water and that's going to leak out even more sugar and then I would go through the two step writing process one at a lower temperature to do your cook through and the phone the crossed pull it out let it cool down in my throat and then after that I'll do the final Friday but you do have a tough road to hoe I was looking this up actually and there's an interesting problem where someone's making potato chips and they did something completely counterintuitive they were trying to minimize oil into the potato chip a horrible idea because oil do a mystery delicious but they checked us out they took the potato after they they had the blanched it and drive it

I just ride it like a nut on another dehydrator and they threw it into a sugar solution sugar solution Strong by 23% sugar and 2 SEC for 2 seconds and then immediately the drain for 3 seconds and immediately fried it and they said that it was good they said that it actually they said it's more blessed oil which I don't know why did the factory tint brown appreciably or didn't Scorch in the fryer when they're making potato chips very interesting to me the other way by the way and I doubt you have access to this is very few people do to decrease the colors to decrease the frying temperature of the oil but the only way to do that is to April like me in your life

tell my wife I think changed because they changed all the zodiacs I did not change I'm still Aries so as I was saying before you interrupted by this astrological thing

alright alright vacuum frying is the other way to go so you can reduce the temperature at which the which you can set the oil by reducing the pressure thereby allowing water to boil out cuz water boiling Out product is what's topsoil from penetrating right and end and things don't get crispy until the water is left right so you can reduce though temperature which that happens by putting everything under vacuum problem with that is if you need some hardcore equipment and the other problem with it is is that what typically what happens is you fry the thing under a vacuum you then let the air back in and all the oil is injected into the poorest section of the fries and so you get really greasy soggy fries so this happened with potato chips all those nice big deal because she has been having some french fries I'll time you were my French fries which is why I vacuumed frying can be difficult other than the fact that it is very hard to do me like the morons that do vacuum what's the word for more on this friendly

nincompoop nincompoop should make out of the consumer-level vacuum crying situation didn't put a cold trap in between the friar and the vacuum pump so there's no possible way on God's Earth that I can actually work as a vacuum fire because it can't possibly we can dance the liquid that it was excused off so the only way around there is either use a cold trap or use an aspirator pump that can reduce the pressure even when there's water vapor coming out of it all the time probably an aspirator pump is is that if you make a lot of water vapor like you when you're frying think of the steam that comes out of a fryer you're not going to start sucking wind in its going to get up the atmosphere pretty quickly anyway but the why don't you do this why don't they towards the end of The Frying time ramp the temperature up and Adam St

time release the vacuum slowly so that there's always water boiling out of it until they reach atmospheric then they should be able to get most of the most of the frying will take place at a lower temperature right but at the end when they're pulling it out of the oil is it atmospheric and so it's not going to get that injection what do you think sounds good right, making it possible anyway apparently mustaches just slapped her watch which means that we are going to our first commercial break

I can think of younger days

can you stop the rain is one of the questions I got and I miss was Dave what is a cure for a broken heart and I thought that the Reverend Al Green although he provides actually no Solutions if you actually listen to the song he provides a solution has like a broken How Can You Mend a Broken Heart related questions that Al Green ass put together a broken heart of an animal that they were broken hearts but I am an expert in cooking Hearts so I think I'll ship it to the related question of Dave how do you cook how do you cook hearts or why do you cook first of all is an extremely

underappreciated culinary an amazing heart at maialino did you have it that day breakfast sausage in Pepin Heights anyway moisture was there some country hearts are delicious cuz they don't like fat very very lean and very kind of like that that really that kind of bloody taste without being kind of so bloody the way that like sometimes I like blood sausage but some people don't like it because you don't my personal favorite heart is and yet like chicken hearted means like crappy why would you why would you remember so delish

chicken hearts you like chicken hearts oh my God that's the only hard I've had which means I don't know if they're slightly smaller you can eat more of them I love. Card by grew up eating chicken hearts and my favorite way is to is to see you know a giant skewer full of chicken hearts got no Samuel if I can get a skewer of chicken hearts that means there's that many fools out there not even the hearts of their chicken that they're eating all of those breasts and legs not even the heart anyway I just like it's simply look roasted and then you know it's like some chimichurri sauce or something stuff's just so good chicken hearts anyway Stanley low temp hearts hearts

all wounds be mainly because you die at the end we all have a finite existence so it's always over at some point heavy heavy subject to talking about the the weather here is still looking like Jesus came up and someone must have told him I know he's not to listen or so I'm told him that because he gave the statue to stay because she throws off the I hate you but he could he gets most people to think about really

you need to work on that it ruins the look follow-up from Aaron I didn't mean to say I thought the show return the crap I was just saying you answer the question of mine before with her on the game of that time I was blown away that I was able to get expert advice so easily mainly from Magee I assume if he needs expert advice and question that was asked last week was on plating and by the way thanks for nothing for all you people giving advice has two again for 4 playing cuz we got zero responses on their right anyway. So I can get ideas there any like the response regarding I think about the visual aspect slightly earlier during the preparation of food

I think the first time I think of his last fact is I put food on the plate so definition shift earlier I will definitely look at learning specific techniques I just canaling and I ultimately Aaron hopes standard way to get really good at plays at turn out hundreds of plates of food under the guidance of a chef who has the expertise yeah but it requires you working professional kitchen to do that was kind of a pain in the neck pain in the patoot how do you say potato in this rain anyway thanks for the follow ban okay here's one for you how di Dave Anastasia my eleven-year-old daughter Sarah Beth loves your podcast I didn't realize we were family show at like that you say me you you're the only one that dropped her since I'm the station he talked about that yourself reference and not any do anything and you just pull it out I propose nothing Jack and I can go over the thing but I believe it starts as the only one that's ever cursed on this program

and Chris Young ass to my 11 year old granddaughter year old daughter Sarah Beth love your podcast she wants to be a chef culinary school someday we listen to you all on the way to swim practice in bed at night so it's like you think cuz I'm not exactly the leanest guy in the world you think that I would float like like easily but the more I try and tread water I somehow Corkscrew myself into into the water and actually the more I try to trade the faster I sink if you throw me overboard I won't die but I wouldn't call myself a swimmer my wife makes fun of me about it constantly anyhow is doing her science fair

thanks thanks for coffee with the sickness she's doing her science fair project called make mine medium rare heat conduction and state it's all about to turn me cooking time for beef steaks to get to medium rare medium and well-done for various thicknesses of steaks now listen you put numbers here which are the normal numbers for rareness I eat medium rare is 145 degrees medium 155 and well-done 170 let me just say right off the bat these numbers are crazy wrong crazy high for me medium rare is not a and 45 crazy 57 is 135 so for me medium rare is more like a hundred and thirty-five Fahrenheit in that range and all the temperatures of people register are typically above it I don't know why but if you serve me a hundred and forty five degrees steak medium rare be like

okay we're trying to find out what the relationship is between thickness of steaks and the cooking time to hit those temperatures all other things held constant we will be using three boneless cuts of meat 1 inch 1.5 in + 2 in thick the bibliography reference of experimental from Harold McGee used the Curious cook Pages 33 to 34 excellent book out of print unfortunately I keep telling him to bring it back and give you a free on the web or some other kind of credit question the best way to cook the steaks to keep the only variable in the experiment of the steaks there to suggest two ways to cook the meat boy a 300-degree oven which would be the best method to use to control the temperature that the meat is cooked in to keep exactly the same for all three types of meat we don't have sous-vide equipment or anything we do have a gas range convection electric oven and pasta boiling and a 6th grade science fair budget thank you for the great podcast okay so sixth grade so here's a tissue

once the relationship between sickness and to really get the relationship between sickness and how long it's going to take to get to a particular temperature when you're cooking at a particular temperature involves doing some differential equations which is you know you need to know some differential equations for that actually calculated and then it's done basically compliment you on a computer that just does the iterations of doesn't find solutions for it

but roughly at the end the shape of the meat that you use radically changes the amount of time it takes to persuade me to get up the temperature so most things are modeled as either one of three things or something in between those three things are flat slab would you like a steak right cylinder which is like when we may go to rule on Aura Sphere loccino does here right now luckily for you right if I should say luckily for you I don't know if you have an iPad if you have an iPad or an iPod right there's someone that wrote a there's someone who wrote an application called sous-vide - that's five bucks and I have you know how much I love their listenership I spent my own five bucks and I bought the application to look at it right and Moustache you know that getting $5 out of me is like squeezing water out of a rock you want to me and even more

sad trouble with that you know Moses write Mosby Moses write the first time Gods like strike the Rock and he's because he's related Thursday night which I do this in like a jersey Jersey 5 minutes away so he strikes The Rock and then later on. Like like 3 years years years years later the Israelites are thirsty again doing wandering around for 40 years but guys like hey Moses talk to the Rock in water's going to come out of the rock so Moses walks up

he's like a last time I had to hit the freaking Rock to get the water out I had to hit it to get the water out I'm going to get it again hits the rock getting the rock I said talk to the Rock and so Moses don't think I said talk to the Rock and that's the reason he didn't get the to lead the Israelites enter the promised land I messed up beside the Old and New Testament will bring it for 5 bucks you can download the sous-vide Ash and what it does is it actually plots on a graph are you put the type of meat you're using and the reason type of meat that you

is important is because different fat little different Meats have basically different specific Heats how it like how hard it is to heat them up to a different temperature and also probably different rates of thermal conduction to the based on fat and all these other things so you want to you want to enter the meat right then you can enter the shape of it which is you know usually like some form of a flat slab or a cylinder or a sphere and and then and the other cool thing is his program can customize all this stuff so there's there's a there's a coefficient that's basically a shape coefficient changes equations based on what the shape of the thing is and a pure flat-plane is is the coefficient of zero four a Puro cylinder infinitely long cylinder coefficient 1 and for a spear potions to but in reality write the equations really only model for these kind of pure things but in reality what they do is their like well

it's not quite as it's not quite as she is more like you know a cylinder sphere and so they're like instead of it being a 21.8 but the cool thing about this program is it allows you to do work with if you go to the expert level you can dork around with the coefficients and you can see how changing that coefficient changes the rate at which things heat but not to spoil it for you or anything but the prince if you double the size of a flat slabs were talking infinite Flats at big state if you double the thickness the amount of time it takes to get at the temperature will be roughly four times greater every time you double it it goes up by a factor of 4 because it's goes by the square I think they're asking how I'm going to get there I'm being sura

she's so here's the other in terms of the way the meat looks and and when I say that the way that the myoglobin the proteins and I'm going to get denatured which is what provides a lot of the color in the meet the way it gets denatured is radically dependent on how long it takes to cook the product so what I would run a couple of different tests others aren't so good because the size of the piece of meat in it not just a thickness but the size and how much moisture is coming off is going to affect the temperature how quick the surface can dry out because you're in a dry I'm going to meet you at the ovens kind of an accurate boiling is unfortunately so kind of hard for me you can do it the different factors that kind of look at them

but then I would I would go boiling water you know if you want to try some lower temp stuff just as a test you can do what I said before which is you can run hot water out of your TAP which is you know depends on your cat might be hot enough to cook a steak not you're probably not going to be up to well done but you can do the other thing you can do is get a cooler and do some tests that way but the only way to do a real scientific experiment where everything is kept constant is to have something in a rolling boil and if you're going to use for the water that is a rolling boil and what that means is is you're not going to want to put a big piece of meat in because if you put a big piece of meat in you're going to

put a big piece of meat in your going to drop the temperature of the water locally to the meet the other problem you're going to have is you going to want to try to keep the meat so that it's even thickness all the way around which is going to be difficult for you because it's going to be difficult because the meats got me moving around in the water so she can get the thickness exactly the way you want me you could do that I've done it it's dumb I've done it but it is a pain in the butt I want to try to keep the thickness as accurate as possible because just going to make a big a big difference so the New York New Jersey Connecticut area they can borrow my circulator going to do it by visual inspection right visual inspection temperature

is that that's a winner now assuming that you're going to be into this stuff you can get digital thermometers now pretty cheap easy way to get with a multimeter that has a couple things and then you can get very fine thermocouple they're down to like they can get like a thermocouple for like 60 bucks and you can get a multimeter that are read it and on Amazon for like or at least just a thermometer for another like 30 or 40 semi as a hundred bucks I don't know what he wanted to go that far but your average instant read thermometer it has a bunch of problems it's too big it's it's not very fast and also it has a high enough thermal mass in itself to drop the temperature that you reading so it can be problematic look at

the stash it in all right all right, listen if you have more questions answers. My dad is a ee electrical engineer and he used to help me on my science fair projects and one time you help me calculate like a bunch of a mirror array to get them all focused on the same point you were showing me how parabolas work and all that so we built a big mirror that focused 100 meeres I found this mirror shop that gave me stuff that for almost nothing I was like but they don't need to be a quality I'm a little kid and I don't have any money so I can and glue the mirror so I can and then we were like lighting stuff on fire so if someone was coming with their little parabolic reflector Fletcher hot dog onion and I walk in with like you know a 4-foot by 4-foot array of a 100 mirrors 4 by 4 inch mirrors with instantly light paper on fire

what is awesome anyway I love science fair so if you have any questions please write back and will address them yes yeah she's not and I'm not endorsing the program in fact they have some issues like friendships to put the program CV - me look at it like if I change it from chicken to beef it changes all my other settings can I put these where I want them why would you change it just I changed it from chicken to be all right if you can do the differential equations for her an explanation of how the equations work on his website about to get okay

hey Dave nice is Ryan Santos what's the best way to cook a goose sous-vide looking to cook the legs to a comfy like doneness imagine two different times intense but not sure what those are okay so yeah with the with the goose I break it apart roast a goose and it looks awesome and then does not serve the legs cut the legs off and then come see them separately cook Goose like I cook a duck which means 57° is my go-to and if it's a little tough not fruit for note the breast I'm talking once you remove the breast cook them at 57 for no longer than an hour and you know if they're Little Tots you can do the 58 let him cool. Hit with a dog brush modernist cuisine and then sear off the goose to render out some of the fat make it crispy and delicious I would confit the legs in vac

what's off them overnight and salt nerd them overnight get rid of the excess salt throw them in a bag with their own fat guy just with what they are and cook it at regular simmering temperatures like 85 and for a couple of hours you know until their bone feels free in the in the thing you'll know it's done let him cool down in their own fat when they're ready to go pull them out crispy delicious commercial break

I'm so bored

is it all right

love to spend the night

miss a baby

is it

cooking issues my schedule totally turn off today because we don't have a clock in the studio nice anyway then in the vacuum box if that would help get the aeration going I've had success doing this with ice cream base to aerate the ice cream just want a second opinion before attempting this with expensive why is recipe in my head but I believe he uses for that and you can probably use a substitute for flour fat like duck fat or something harder than that I forget what it was the next time I ask him out I'll see him I'll ask him but they didn't test out all those recipes with like boatloads of expensive they tested with an alternate cheaper fat I forget what it is I don't think it doesn't behave the same way I think it was

text Adam maybe a mixture. That but anyway. It was like angel food cakes if you can do that you can probably are at the flaw I would run a test with a cheaper if a check to see whether it bubbles up I mean I do something to upset the same way but to see if it is see if it irritates let me know next time I speak to Wiley I will ask him what they use as floss substitute when they're testing out recipe so they don't break the bank okay hey there I'm traveling abroad Israel and turkey stuffing ahead and do you have any tips on how to bring back yummy and rare foodstuffs Meats cured meats cheeses fresh or dried fruit spices are liquids in my luggage without being confiscated by the cretans at Custer

text Luke Bryan you're a snake what do you think

I I don't know I can just stuff it in the bag and don't say anything

well that's a helpful freaking tip obviously vacuum bag anything so the dogs can sniff right look unassuming

1808 in a few. If they're racist it helps to be you know like look like me boring white guy you know what I mean that's helpful sad to say the truth I've brought some evil stuff back in I haven't done it recently my sister Lombard entire prosciutto back in her backpack if I think the dogs are much more hardcore and I don't know what the penalties are Stein garden has an interesting thing about this he just says what he has he declares it and usually they're just to like whatever to look at it is look at him and he pretends another thing you could do it but she's has is you going to say a the Rays more than 60 days in a month old and I told him it was eight months and they were like okay yeah that guy know the rules and get around it look no one's going to look for going to Turkey get selected Irma does not done trying to say ice cream in powder and you know

I don't know. It's not drugs so you like tell him that it's not you know whatever I never get stopped almost never once in Germany but people write and see what they think about this now listen

don't bring anything then it actually could cause make an epidemic like don't bring citrus fruit from someplace to the United States to California and then you know totally shaft the billion-dollar industry because I don't want to give advice to head that happened that make sense

we got a question in from Andrew who says we should post a poll on the blog asking who listens to our show on a specific date and we can even put options for live listening and pop podcast and then that way we can figure out what's going on what do you think

next time we'll look into the main reason he's e-mailing is it has pressure cooker is broken and it sucks and so he's looking to buy a new one I rented various post on pressure cookers in modernist cuisine chapter on them and still not totally sure what the best option is I know you like Kuhn rikon which I do all American all American pressure canners were talking about looks good but he's unsure whether the sterilizer or the normal pressure cooker is the better option esterilizar concerns me because the two from the valve going into it and how long it is in the manufacturer says it's not to be using the pressure cooker what's up what I want out of this is the best option for both canning in pressure cooking and cost matters in so much as I want only have to buy one thing and what size should I get okay I'm going to answer that one so I can call her you're on the air

hi David Associates kenning birth from Scituate Massachusetts while growing Truffles and has relatively little difficulty but a friend of mine who brought back more or less the same thing but also brought back a sausage the dogs were all over the sausage and then the Customs people opened up everything and if I looked into it a little bit it turns out that there's no uniformity it's a very much discretion at the airport so rules in one place will have no bearing on anywhere else had to assure them that everything was cooked and feels as if it were in a can as they were skeptical they let me through but I looked into it around the country it's not uniform at all

she actually the only time I've gotten hammered was with a sausage so it's interesting me maybe and I'm suing the sausage wasn't Vacuum Pack down so it had probably more residual smell to it couldn't pass by so I mean the dogs can smell and know how to talk a good game and be prepared to lose everything right so you need to declare everything if you if you if they catch you you were trouble with it being a legit you can just say you didn't dismiss interpretation is that you're saying which is I cook the turkey for Thanksgiving and

according to various chart should have been in the neighborhood of five hours and it was done in about two and a quarter and other people have the same same result and what's going on is it that the theme from the from the stock underneath is steaming and just cooking it much much faster roasting roasted is like 3:25 but I poured you know a couple of quarts of stock into the roasting pans the bottom. From scorching I don't know if that's going to accelerate it or not the numbers for how fast is going to be done is based on open cavity bird

19 lb bird and should have been by charts about 5 hours of sale but it's every year the same thing I don't want to I don't want to time to properly I wind up using some chart and it's always done two or three hours early one of these guys like Doug Baldwin or something to actually figure it out based on like circumferential measurement of the turkey is breast and then approximate the Gap near the internal void

I want to buy the stocks going to make an appreciable difference I don't know but I'll look into it

all right quickly back to Andrews pressure cooker problem American pressure canner I love them and they're the only way to go for big big things and they go to higher pressures and other things that can make it up to like your 22 PSI which I don't think is necessary but I think they're a pain in the butt because you have to seal a bunch of hand lines all the time to make sure they're not leaking they're made out of all aluminum which means that they have to take care of them when you wash it with detergent and some people don't like to cook a city stuff in aluminum or being a bit of an aluminum I'm so they need protection they tend to take up more space in the kitchen I like it because it's very accurate and I can run experiments with it from normal cooking I don't use it the

I would use the icon Recon is great I don't really care it being like this spring I don't know if it actually loses accuracy overtime or not but the spring is almost free you can buy a bunch of Springs if you're worried about it and replace it I have the one that has the spring right in the center that goes up and down and I've used it for you know the six years or something like that I've never had a problem with it other than I broke the handle off of it and I shatter the plate on the top and so it's kind of weird looking but the thing still Cooks like a demon I would stay away from the models that because I think it's kind of reduces The Taste profile get the biggest one that you can nothing is like some people will sell you two pots and then one leg would you can go back and forth but I mean I mean they don't they don't pay me or anybody like him a lot and I haven't had a problem with some kind of going going south on you I mean

eyes haven't there was a red of a some juicy problems quality control problems with Kuhn Recon for a little while but I think they have that thing and they had that thing fixed so I would go for it if you have the money I've never needed anything I was in fact when I have to work at work I bring my home pressure cooker and rather than using the crappy ones that they have there just saying not saying that the crappy the ones that they have their crap okay

by the way my something's crap is a curse

okay but not for 11 year old were okay okay okay by the way he has a best sign off for us ever which is keep keep being awesome like that anyway questions are more about your personal views on subjects if you need to sacrifice in for someone else's more tangible questions that's cool well I won't end with him instead I was wondering what your views are on the waist involve a sous-vide or low temperature cooking I often feel guilty about throwing out Ziplocs after only using for a few hours and slightly horrified at the thought of what a restaurant that employs the method must go through a bit hippyish but I can't help it alright it is kind of an issue but nobody does because it's a huge he'll mess to clean them out and they're all goopy if you can save for a long time it's a nightmare I have to do a calculation based on total final usage of materials and resources in terms of like the

cement of energy it takes to cook using that way versus another and the less you have to evacuate your kitchen because you're using low temperature instead of using a sling that uses the principle out of gas I don't have to figure out how much plastic wrap I'd have to use to wrap the stuff afterwards if I wasn't using Tupperware to selling a sealed itself so is all sorts of things but it is something that I should probably think about more than I do you thinks that she's like I don't care I get too late I'm not going to give you any better than one word answers only one would answer for you at this point anyway question is G and cooking many do we say the MSG hasn't been found to have any negative effects did they will still go out of their way to include MSG rich foods and their dishes rather than go for the pure stuff now I know the in some cases these foods give complimentary flavors are there other cases like at the Blumenthal using seaweed and shepherd's pie with Boost okay

all right it's very interesting question looking

I don't use MSG I just never got my stuff and I'm one of those people that happen to know because I've read all the studies and don't use crazy post hoc Ergo propter hoc ideological step 3 podcast about a question or even listen to it while I was speaking you would say it's a separate question the question is why do chefs not use it even though they know it's safe and I think there's a couple of reasons I think mainly goes to perception I think you know when you're a chef and you're cooking something you have to not only cook to what you think is right but you have to cook to what your customers think is right or you going to alienate a lot of people and the high-end people right there's a whole group of kind of farm-to-table like you know as you said hippie-ish people who won't consume MSG on principal right and so then to put that in your dish cuts off entire group of people

from from using it for from from enjoying your food and it injects a level of controversy into your menu that you might not want to inject in it just be unless you must you're like Dave Chang who's like you tell me why was bad so every menu on that every menu items going to have for eyeglass shut up like you but unless your point is to make a point about it you don't want to alienate someone for something that you can do in some other way especially if you haven't grown up using it as a spice you get around it and other ways there is no functional difference between the MSG at as a separate season all salt as well cuz there sodium in it and the stuff you get from sources like Siri but I think it would be a problem for a lot of chefs to go ahead and put it on the menu because why you're there in the business of making money so making a statement like that probably isn't in their best

Vincent Reyes on the other hand maybe it is maybe it isn't there just a little squeamish about using numbers like there's things that like there's things that you believe in that you don't do yourself or there's things that you're not willing to go to I don't know your point I think is that maybe they feel a little dirty using it even though they say it's okay if they feel a little dirty doing it and maybe you're right to question I have to think about it and you want to go to do but I'll go by myself a package MSG cooking issues