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Episode 62: Corn Nut Comeback

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Howard folks my headphones running on using my headphones on on no one can hear what I'm saying so I can say whatever whatever I want and there is a waiter here

tell me where the same clothing is Jesus you know but basically looks like you know indie rock indie rock Jesus am I right about this anyway and welcome to cooking issues okay and and you can come down Rivers which I highly recommend and have a pizza serve to you by Andy Jesus

on any given Tuesday Pizzeria on the Heritage Radio Network every Tuesday from roughly 12 to roughly 12:45 to go running with the entry and a jog over here is my fault I should have just left earlier but I was researching all of my listeners questions this joint as usual in the studio with Anastasia that hammer Lopez last night we were doing the eater Awards and we made the milk soup made in Colombia and they want some eggs and so we did that so it was like a no milk chicken stock and fish sauce and egg and some stuff like

with or without you know some what's it called and corn nuts by the way I'm bringing corn nuts back by the way that's my job for the rest of my life is to make corn nuts come back cuz corn nuts are some delicious product anyway so basically if you're ever going to do one of these events here's what you should do everyone else did this right they made up a little sign about what they were making they you know I swear to Christ next next to us right with red Farm dim sum guy they're made a miniature Village out of dough

different colors of dope man did not paint any of those little stickers I'm talking like like absurdly detailed miniature people holding pandas would like flowers out of dough on a bed of a pink peppercorns and like with like he's weird flowers that look like tree bonsai things the lady next to us had you know like 8 million year old candle drippings like Vincent Price House of Wax kind of business spray painted gold we had nothing nothing nothing we don't even write down what we're serving so the entire time we had to just sit there and give you a whole long shebang Spiel of what the hell we were doing by the end we were just dancing in our boys going I saw a highly recommend making a sign before you go out to one of these events also been a busy week we were at we were up at the Harvard with a hair on the gate

and John who son who's a TA for that class doing the drinks to serve any objective all right look the Harvard undergrad now I know that they get all their privates all bunched up about underage Drinkers and so you weren't allowed to serve any liquor even like seventies beer commercial I'm not allowed to taste what I'm working on this absurd right absurd anyway nastasha just went to sea fish bone is it not a cooking with a bow by the way you should call him your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128

Mustachio went to go see fishbone which was one of my favorite bands growing up Miss Tasha from Los Angeles never listen to Fishbone by or the choice she hates anything is local by the way she's like an anti-love the person like it was around when she was a kid she hates it you know what I mean like tacos she hates them because she's from La you know what I mean fishbone she's going to listen to it why cuz she's from La me East Coast guy my whole life grew up listening to kind of that West Coast Sky Funk Punk kind of stuff I'm still rocks after all these years right so tight back in the day that you could have put it any way whatever

on to the questions all right

hi David massage I've got a couple of sausage questions for you today some sausage recipes call for the addition of soy protein or milk powder to help with moisture retention during cooking I've got an excellent bratwurst recipe bratwurst recipe right now that I always get good results and juicy results from I'm wondering if I should try and treat the recipe by adding some milk powder or soy protein maybe it will be even better you know if this is from Matthew hear the second part but I don't think so I don't think you need to know what do you think now right then I don't see the point of adding like a filler extender milk milk protein it's okay

I swear she wouldn't do it I wouldn't do it soy protein I definitely wouldn't do hasted is it tastes delicious is it making your sausage more delicious right if your sausage is already juicy and you don't need any additional if you don't need the additional buying power. Don't use it that's my feeling what do you think

all rights for those of you which is everyone doesn't like we basically here in the radio station we look through a window at whomever is eating in the kind of light for outside enclosed backyard of overburden Pizzeria so I can make comments to guests and staff okay map. Matthew when I cook my bratwurst I usually gently post them in beer good call before Browning them on the grill also could call an issue that comes up as they tend to swell and the meet ends up poking out of the ends of the casing one suggestion I got was to let the sausages are dry a little after stuffing them this would dry them out a little bit and that's when they rehydrate during cooking they will not swell as much I'd like to hear your thoughts on this I don't know I don't know that that the issue with a sausage bursting is a rehydration of the meat issue I think it's basically a swelling probably swelling swelling of the air pockets that are inside

your bratwurst now make a textured answer about exacting in the meat before you put it in you probably get less swelling I think what you're doing when you when you're letting it dry out a little bit lose some of its weight is you're just providing a little extra space in the casing for expansion cuz it's still going to expand the same amount of the same amount of errors in there at least that's my feeling I don't know this is just all so or you could stop them a little less tight and they're not going to burst also I would recommend probably poaching at a lower to I don't know what when you say gently poached I don't know what you mean by gently I would when I do brats or any kind of sausage I think I mentioned a Sunday are you want to get an immersion circulator and you can put your beer directly in the immersion circulator or you can put a small amount of beer in a bag with the brats and circum at 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is 60 Celsius that's the magic one you should all remember I don't care if you can't do Celsius and Fahrenheit you should just

6140 just remember that anyway the other magic one I always remember for some reason is 57 1:35 anyway for liking a 40 minutes to the even longer you can go this is actually going to when you're making a sausage the whole idea of running up the meat is to take tougher other things and flavorful things make them join together into kind of a more homogeneous mixture but also to tenderize by grinding right and you had a lot of fat to keep a sausage moist even after it's cooked because with a circular you can tenderize the actual individual particles Me by cooking longer and you don't need me you should keep the fat and because the fact delicious but you're not going to need the fat just from the simply a juice stand for juicing standpoint so it's like a double windsor with a circulator you could do them in beer and then and then took them off on your on your grill

okay Keith Solomon from how do you pronounce at Winnetka Winnetka Illinois please right into question I'm one of those who listens every week by a podcast I have a question about taste with thank you for listening why why does so much fish always have that Frozen taste I know that you can get good frozen frozen fish what is the secret and also Thanksgiving is coming up why so much a deli turkey so awful you can't be that hard to make turkey taste like turkey well here's the deal with deli turkey is just bad you know what I mean it's like they they they're forced to kind of over cook the turkey regulations that they do and so to make up for that they have to like hit it with a bunch of stuff to keep the moisture levels high in up after they over cook it and it's just you know it's just not turkey and then they slice it possible he's just not it's just not turkey

it's not turkey what do you guys think anyone in anyone here think that's that's turkey no no and you know where you should get your turkey this year right you should get it from Heritage Foods delicious do we still have those are they sold out yet and you're not the pumper on Brandon nothing but the turkeys we get here are pretty damn good I mean I didn't pay for my last day I stole it Saint Patrick actually when he wasn't looking but it was a delicious turkey also speaking of who came to the event yesterday Tim Ustick from JB Prince Chef Superstore came to our event and gave us a sauce funnel to use at the event funnel with with a little stick that sits in the bottom of it you seem should cost like a dollar fifty cents but they cost like $150 for some reason and so everyone always resist purchasing one because they're so

and expensive and if you're working at a school at 10 to get lost however they are like the world's greatest thing I wish my hands was cuz were constructed out of it because you can just dump unbelievable like accurate fast portions of anything liquid out of a sucker so we did you know our 400 portions of soup and I didn't spill a drop until someone asked me a question and I leaned over on the funnel and it actually opened it onto the table do you see that you didn't catch that thank God cuz she would not let me forget it anyway so I like the greatest thing in the whole in the whole damn world and he's questioned after our first break

this is the house that Jack built


Aretha Franklin actual request form on one of our listeners you can call in your request will take him we don't care we like that song and Jack's pet she likes that song because it's the house that he built that's afraid of flying in such a severe way that she has to drive a bus wherever she goes to go on to her did you know this did you know this anyway number 62 which by the way 62 you can now cook a low temperature pork belly and listen exclusively to cooking issues broadcast while you do it I don't recommend doing that but you stayed up for a 62 basically you know cooking issues straight cooking your pork belly belly and it's just that time of hours of a vs that we've speed over the air

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the great thanks for being late I was too late when you got some news for you I fix the popping sorghum issue of the thing was like if they were to dry couple like couple tablespoons of water for like what size is a liter mason jar or some like that and in just a couple of days at regular ambient temperature

that's your phone is beautiful and in the end so not now you probably entirely evenly all the way across

a lot of widows

by the way nice nice use of the actual technical term for unpopped kernels did you know that many people do not know that an unpopped popcorn kernel and now I guess also by analogy is sorghum Colonel called widows which is an interesting fact

bring back corn nuts we went to the Peruvian restaurants in Sonoma much better than a cornet like several different kind of fried like some of them have like a weird papery husk which actually kind of liked and some of them are in weird shapes and their bigger but like the peruvians have forgotten more about corn that will ever know in terms of pop like like crunchy corn snacks fruit like in approves one of those places where you know I need to go everyone when you know you go to South America there like how you need to go to Peru. That's where it's happening flu but I've never been so I'm looking at looking forward someday the one thing that improve internal later I mention to hear this crazy as they have these it's not going to have these crazy fries are freeze-dried potatoes that they make up in the mountains

tastes like goat fur went out there who has a knowledge of how to actually make these leaves like a naturally freeze-dried potatoes from Peru taste good and haven't had anyone tell me something true question read my calls I have a boatload of nori it's raw North River wallet it's me by Tory in sheet to mean

you could if I could. It will be less leather wallet rehydrated it and then put in the dehydrator for a lot still see my break it down I don't know I don't have any experience with obviously you could you could appreciate how they make the same thing she tried to Lava Sheets if they get a bunch of it and then they they spread out thin I don't have any experience with this I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on on this one

yeah I thought I'd try to maybe fermenting

what else can I do I was going to grab it in the flower possibly and make crackers sing technology and I try to talk about on the next week's show

wonderful I appreciate it thank you you are on the air

hey Dave and Associates Brian how you doing what's up I want style what they call a vacuum concentrating system and basically what it is is a vacuum pump with a vacuum pump operating nozzle that has one of those magnetic stirring bars in it and basically it allows you to do that option for concentration of liquid to look at that. Cuz what you thought of what you thought of it. Is there anything I can do to improve

yours that yours is here's the deal if it works it's not it doesn't do distillation in the sense that you it's very difficult to save the distillate because you don't have a boat ramp so the way an aspirator works is a jet of liquid water typically that goes down and the actual speed of the jet going down sucks the air out carries the air with it and goes down much like you would stay up with you spray are you can suck paint up into that and then spray it out right so it's at that. That's what's going on with an aspirator now in chem labs aspirators are used as a very cheap vacuum source and classically what what you would do is you would screw the aspirator into a water faucet you turn it on and you just dump water down in the sink vacuum okay people don't like to do that anymore because it wastes ginormous amounts of water and it's considered you know not necessarily green to do that anymore so people

still aspirators with the circulating pumps they going without wasting a lot of water has a pump is it they're not very it takes a long time to pump down to a vacuum second thing is an aspirator pump is limited in the number of the death of vacuum you can pull by the vapor pressure of water at the temperature of the water so you can do using an aspirator the trick is to get as cold water as you can for instant ice water works great and then recirculate it to achieve with vacuum now if you don't have a cold trap reduction in in order to get a good reduction and a stoplight of bumping you need to do a lot of stirring and agitation of your liquid which is why they use a magnetic stir plate hot plate right so it totally works for that and you know that did the temperature of your liquid is going to be determined by not by the temperature of a hot plate but by the ultimate pressure that you are

vacuum is able to maintain right and so you can kind of measure that if you want to so this works and it's very important you use an aspirator pump to this technology because it's one of the only types of vacuum pump that they can get contaminated by Vapor ethanol Vapor or water vapor without cropping out on you right and so that's why they use that kind of a pump for that because they're actually not the cheapest kind of pump there's a much cheaper vacuum pump you can get that doesn't much better vacuum but they can't handle the control it can handle the contaminants the way that I can if I can tell me all the stuff that I like to save in a row that so definitely be an eBay ninja get yourself a hot plate and not that expensive get an Erlenmeyer flask with a takeoff on it also not that expensive you know a cap and the aspirator you can either buy them they're not cheap because they don't come up that often with the circulator pump in it already and you can get it but you can buy

the actual individual aspirator units and hook up a pump yourself and I recommend going to any meth head like a methamphetamine production website by you know by like these tweet tweet junkies and they need a vacuum source to do some of their distillation work and so that you know they didn't have kindly put plans out there where you can go basically to the Home Depot and build an aspirator pump for Fairly fairly cheap stuff without getting caught trailers and whatnot so you know they have that that pretty lockdown

and what are their websites actually mentioned DIY meth lab I'm being told I'm getting in trouble and face but I learned that haven't figured out how to go on and kill all those websites yet even though it has been like six years but I'll Google and see if I can get some from the meth heads thanks a lot

okay now key song Back the keys question which I never freaking answered okay so what we've established that the deli turkey is awful because they start with low-quality turkey over-cooked and pumping up with a bunch of crap to keep it moist right so the other part of my question was why does so much fish always have a frozen taste and I know you can get good Frozen Facebook what's the secret there's a couple problems with Fish And with anything really that you freeze home freezers don't actually freeze everything solid you're only freezing a portion of the wall of the water that's in food if so when you're freezing in the freezer ice crystals are actually forming on the outside of the cells and innocent in essence dehydrating the actual cells in the the muscle and what that means is that all of the stuff in the cell's proteins liquids enzymes myoglobin anything like that and fats and whatever whatever is there more concentrated

more concentrated even though the temperature is low in lowering certain reactions can take place very quickly and one of those reactions is rancidity so what happens is fish typically contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acid those are the types of fatty acids are very prone to going rancid fish also have a lot of things in them you know like blood and whatnot are product that basically help the catalyzed rancidity reactions in their own fat so that thing that rancid taste is I'm assuming What you talkin about happens in the freezer just like it would out in not mean I mean tap it slower obviously but it still happens even though the things Frozen it's all because fish isn't actually frozen solid down to 100% salinity okay now there's a couple ways to solve this don't store your fish too long in the freezer if that's one right to is the vacuum bag fish before you free

because in the absence of oxygen it's going to be very difficult for the fat to oxidize go rancid right so you want to get rid of are you want to not stored in the freezer too long if you can't get rid of the are you still getting rid of the air is is the main thing and they say they have is a bacon by the way they should the freezer be updated message backpack the other thing is really high quality fish the sushi stuffed frozen solid is the freeze at way down a super freeze it to the Super Freeze it down to the point where literally all of the water is solid and the chemical reactions cease to take place at a reasonable rate and so happens down around - 70 c so if you go to like some high-end Sushi joints or if you go to a Del posto has want to punch people have to do super freezers and they store their meats in the super freezers and

basically zero temperature cycling everything is solid there's no recrystallizing decrystallizing recrystallizing so the quality stays the perfect guy actually go to one more Breaking Benjamin faced co-host already

and you were my man

you have no other way

if I were you

and you will know

Gladys Knight in the Pips from a certain co-host to a certain somebody else did the one we're like daytime friends and nighttime lovers hoping no one else discovers good stuff right okay we have two unrelated questions from Ryan and US1 what's the best way to clean my circulator answer it depends on what kind of circular you have but in general the new plastic ones I run more difficult to clean out the insides of the old stainless steel ones are easy to kind of work with a TV use you can use a combination of like a CLR which is likely lime rust remover you can use like a light like a degreaser

and you can ask you circulate these things went with the products you circulated with that you can get the tabs are used to clean out Combi ovens basically anything is going to eat grease obviously basic Solutions in Greece very well but I'm not exactly sure whether or not at your you can put a very very basic solution onto the onto the circulators have to check if the basically you run it with detergent Degreaser like you know commercial Degreaser and and then rinse it in water and running again in hot water and they should clean up but it is a problem that needs to be addressed I told Phil a present on the new plastic one I think you should install a little shoulder screws so you can very easily pop the back off and really clean in and out where the pump is but not yet hadn't done yet I'm sure he's going to do it because I think it's a good idea anyway to experience a weird reaction at a recent dinner I served a local baby Persimmons with a green tea called Haji child Utah

extreme Tana Tana reaction and made my mouth super dry in a strange and unlike anything I've experienced do you have any idea what's happening with water soda beer Exedra think you have t t has t has tannins in it right and Persimmons have tenant in them and it is they bind to proteins in in your mouth Proline Rich protein and protein to the tanning now your mouth feels dry cuz not lubricated anymore and that's stringency okay now in Persimmons Persimmons naturally have a lot of tannins in them and what you do you know normally as you let me know persimmon you let it really really ripe in the ones that have a lot of pain and she let them ripen for a long time the pectin starts at the cells start to break down to pectin in the tanning

which are separated normally get together they complex once they're 10 and gets cooked up to the pectin it no longer has a astringency and bang does not experience any more you take apples that are very highly tannic which are known as Spinners because you can't eat them but they're using and making cider what not if you dry them out when they're drying the tissue starts to break down town and complex with the with other parts of the Apple Shed potato into something it doesn't cause strange NC and so you are a weird situation where you took two things that weren't very strange thing on their own and somehow the tenants in them have a higher now Affinity to the proteins in your mouth and they did before and I don't know what would what would cause that whether you know you I don't know it's very interesting bring up with navigate to Madison come in last weekend cuz the last time I spoke to him and by the way I did ask her last week on garlic and whether there's any units of garlic Nest at the end he said no

we also have some information interesting information not going to get to today from our good friend at UC Davis Ariel Johnson is going to send us a paper to read on that and also have some very interesting stuff to report on limes week because there's going to be a lot of interesting lime work coming out anyway so I don't know exactly what's going on but somehow the two things mix together have synergistically increase the ability of those tannins to bind with it with your proteins in your saliva your podcast last week and now I remember that there was a question about the white powder on combo I did a research project last summer in Denmark with South Denmark University and large Williams in the lab we work a bit on Scandinavian seaweeds are called the white part on khombu is Mannitol on my Tavern in the book I don't member search online where is confirmation

number that too but I still couldn't find quickly the information on that Mannitol interesting is a sugar sugar that is discovered in Mana

yeah you know man I'm Mannitol from Mana so interesting what goes around comes around anyway Mannitol from Tom boo sugar alcohol and some website say there's a sweetness to the combo and therefore should be wiped off okay sorry from that side from the condo have a question about French fries is it from Larisa by the way I'm now working on a research project to develop an optimal a recipe for French fries at 1. Co Alicia in Spain which is you know like a school that teamed up with Harvard to do they cooking cooking thing a long story short I was in 2010 which is how I learned to have to graduate with Physics degree for 6-month internship specific papers and you are another blog post on what's going on we make french fries most of my findings and similar to yours plus mixing things for definitely freeze raw potatoes before frying the fries are extremely hard to get harder with time

test on going anywhere else would he have any new finding since the last fries Post in 2010 special on using different potato varieties here in Spain the two common types we got our Kennebec switch a white and a green sweater yellow yellow color be more please in the majority of people and the kind of X come out of the fryer extremely blond and don't turn yellow at a show on sand

so I talked to the potato lunatic someone literally staring in at the radio station playing what is Josh made the vegan face walk away so they are good good potato but apparently they don't do well on storage and sofa stores are not going to necessarily work very very well I haven't done their research on varieties the way I want me to typically look for a french fry you're looking for high-solids low-moisture starchy potato and you know the good old-fashioned russet Burbank that we use is pretty good for that or any kind of similar and of high starch High solid low-moisture potato the interesting thing about potatoes is it also the optimum potato isn't just a variety it is a variety and how it was store because potato goes through potato goes through a lot of changes during storage and fat

older potatoes that have been stored properly not once in all shriveled a nasty but an older potato that has been stored properly is actually a better frying potatoes so there are people who don't like the new crop potatoes when they come out and will continue to use the ones that have been stored for a whole year under cold storage because I'm not cold store so I also am I fry my prized I'm going to I'm going to not repost it but like we're opening up a bar concept here soon and this movie french fries on the menu just letting you know any french fries on the menu and it's not going to be the exact recipe that we have on the Block because that recipe was written for 3/8 inch french fries I now favor 1/2 inch french fry and the trip to a french fries always about getting the moisture level exactly right on the inside of the French fry if you go if you dehydrate them too much you get Halo fry and if you don't do it enough to get a soggy frying the same time you know I don't want the outside to be hard and leathery

I want it to be crisp but I want to bite nicely and not be like if I don't want to be like a rock I want you to rock you have to serve you a rock you know what I mean anyway so and so basically my post I didn't recommend if you're going to use a pekka next IPL which is the enzyme that we used to break down the pecking on the sand Hemi cellulose in the service of the french fries so that you get a very good crust formation years old at all Nexium and and Chris recommend I using ultrasonic bath for similar purpose when you do that I recommend not not drying after you do your initial Blanche that buy recommend not doing too much are drying out because that leads to phenomenons Halo fry where you so much moisture did the potatoes on the inside just to restructure the morning cuz Halep when you switch to a half inch fry you do need to bring some of that drawing back just to get the moisture level right so like with anything else it's just a matter of paying attention your ingredients

what's going on anyway I hope that's helpful Matthew rights and I've heard they say a couple of things too far ahead of time or before cooking a long low cooking process is this will eliminate some juicing is in my head a remember reading something from the ghee to the contrary the general wisdom of not wanting to stop me too far ahead is it would cause it to leak juice is actually bunk what's the deal I get like the word he also falls up and I said how do you feel about stalking me that we brace for a long time example salting or brining some beef overnight before braising so so they sell penetrates all the way through the meat I guess it's also apply to Salty mare is the issue at hand at the saltwater the texture of the meat mushy or that you believe it will rob it of its juices which I thought Maggie McGee's favorite McGee's like famous debunk is on searing ceiling in the juices right that's a super famous debunk right but it's not the amount of water in it is

I'll be higher because that the actor cooking because the proteins even though you actually some moisture will come out there meat itself will bind water better which is what brining does which is why when you brine chicken you know it either overcook it a little bit and it still stays to see okay so soft and can help juicing is that way and it's not that it makes texture mushy it just makes it firmer more like a cured texture and so when you're eating something like a steak you don't want that firmness that you get from a kind of curing with salt and so you want to stay away from it in blazes is especially traditional braces where you going to cook the thing to death in your using the gelatin of the collagen breakdown of the gelatin to moisturize it I don't think it's going to be an issue and there you want the salt in there for flavor so I think it's okay it's when you going to serve something like a steak and you want to have the texture of a like a regular juicy steak and not have it be friends. That's actually was Juicy's to firmer that make sense

so I am in no way contradicting McGee's we are we are in agreement Okay so

so there's a question coming and I got an answer it because it's coming up on on Thanksgiving we mentioned this is from a joke from Chicago I shudder to think of a day when you no longer release your weekly podcast I'm constantly inspired thank thank you speaking of inspiration I can't wait for last week's episode feeling compelled to make a modernist version of turducken by which is where you know you were at the turkey and the duck and the Chicken and the Egg go back to the last week if you want music by the following question before I ruin a perfectly good turkey what specific kind of meat glue would you recommend for this application you're going to want Joe you going to want to get transmute am amazed at which is Activa RM RM is when you sprinkle if you want you can get gsjs of the one that you paint on it a paste on RM junkie but you know gso work find don't get any other variety for this because you props RM or GS and you can probably get them from butter to Pancake. Com to you mentioned in the turkey skin with a flattened turkey breast would you recommend glueing any Little Liars together so I can do all the way up together so what you got

who is going to push sprinkling a blue every every time you put the alarm all all the way through and then what about stuff or perhaps I do use a sausage layer in the middle of the turducken between the chicken and the duck and I do it put it there because that's where you want like a thermal barrier Sol Duc doesn't want to be at 63 that wants to be at like you know 5758 you know Max Lee 59 and then the turkey chicken doesn't want to be anything below 63 so the sausage layer goes there because they can kind of take up that thermal difference it'll be good in that whole range and so that's why we put the stuff in there you could also put it in the car but the problem is is won't get cooked at that temperature so you have to pre cook this before then or you know do something else I wouldn't put the stuffing at the core because the core is where the least cook stuff is going to be for pretended to shape that is achieved primarily through Miku and Miku and plastic wrap or would you

butcher's twine plastic wrap go go with butcher's twine if you've ever tried to meet glue stuff with butcher's twine as a bloody freaking mess don't do it it's going to everything it's like just use the plastic wrap and roll it if you are against cooking in plastic wrap and take the plastic wrap off before you couldn't find a Way Wylie was doing some plastic wrap in tubes at the at the Harvard and he got heckled by a couple of he's like what you mention using a thermometer do you have any tips for using a probe thermometer with a ziplock without compromising the Integrity the bag is there an easy way to do it without pulling the bags out of the bad no I wouldn't put Ziploc through with put a thermometer through ziplock bag and they make semi waterproof and he proved thermometers Cooper Atkins does if you could be right if you dishwash you can stick them in the ziplock bag but I've had bad luck I've had them always leak so I wouldn't I wouldn't recommend doing that you look into plastic wrap situation with a large thing like a turducken I just shove the shove it

through the through the plastic wrap and you going to get a little bit of water leakage in but over the size of like a whole kind of turducken thing is not going to be not going to be a big problem okay so are those my recommendations on that and to round it out we have a I don't even know who this is us in the dress actual energy availability is well-known the people seem to assume it just kills uniformly and that strikes me as a very flawed assumption and send us a link to an interesting paper which I can't actually get to in the paper is known as processing food extensively by thermal and non-thermal techniques with the guy who his name was Wilbur Ola nap at water and he was alive you know in the end after the Civil War up to the early part of the Nineteen Hundred and

he was one of a kind of figured out of food energy in calories right so what he would do is he would eat a bunch of stuff and then I kind of measure kind of what you know what he was that he that he would burn it to kind of figure out how much energy it had and then you would measure the like his poop and it would burn his poop and figure out how much time was left in his poop you try to figure out how much stuff he was peeing out to try to figure out how much he was breathing out in terms of figuring out like what I see how you're actually utilize any energy that's in food and so the concept of the calorie is being a real like a reasonable thing was basically from stemming from his research and going on and it didn't point is in fact is that it's kind of funk and so now we all have these calorie things that we see and they try they basically just take individual units like protein has this much calories fat has this many calories carbohydrates have this many calories and they lumped them and then scale them and Steve you're exactly right this it's completely

create space on a whole bunch of super incorrect assumptions are the people who are the problem with it is as you say that no one is really given an alternative trying to figure out how it works but my favorite is this look if you're eating a raw vegan diet everybody knows that if you take a look at what's what's excreted from your body that you don't I guess it effectively right and everybody knows that if you drink a gallon of corn oil spraying some corn oil out the other side so clearly the combinations you eat how you eat in the quantities you eat and what you're reading is going to make a huge difference for the paper that he that he sent to us is very interesting because they did a bunch of testing on availability of energy from food cooking vs. not cooking this is to go back to the raw vegan sexuali at before and a lot more typically with Meats

with meat cooking it makes a lot more of the energy apparently available a lot more than just beating the hell out of it or blending it or anything like that so another argument for cooking your meat cooking issues

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