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Bushwick Brooklyn on the Heritage Radio Network morning how are you today in your shoes number 61 and my dad today is a happy birthday to my mom issue dr. Linda J addonizio she wants a heart transplant program at Columbia University via pediatric heart transplant program yeah she's badass anyway modernist Pantry today

do you like to experiment with new cooking techniques ingredients but hate to overspend 4 pounds of supplies and only a few grams are needed for application for a wide range of modern ingredients on cooking corned Susie essman most only cost around five bucks saving you time money and storage space I need something they don't carry just asked Chris Anderson his team will be happy to store support you with inexpensive shipping to any country in the world modernist pantry is your one-stop-shop for Innovative cooking ingredients modernist pantry now carries three types of Joe and gum including Calico Joe Loeffler a soldier man in Calico jail lt100 higher so Joanne

hi low I said hi low and a mix

Braun I saw something called Joanna Jelani or whatever he calls it in the Spanish stuff and what is it to mix of the highest will come in the lowest which other income of $35 and more before next week's show will get a free package of Jell-O and simply use the promo code 61 when placing your order online at modernist Pantry. Com visit modernist Pantry. Time today for all of your modernist cooking needs okay so Joanne Wright is interesting because it's it's one of the newer hydrocolloid it's a product of all microbial fermentation and it's made by Kelco CP Kelco Piper are holding turn Piper Now is working for CP Kelco cuz it's the family business moved out to California correct and it true you hear about you or he just moved out to California vacation because

calcium the set so if you have very very pure water for use with call us equestrian which binds to calcium you can do steer vacation I really like certification test with me but what is cool about Joanne is it has a very good now feel has very good flavor release and use it in very small quantities to get a fairly firm gel which means that you're not going to mask flavors a lot the other cool thing about it once you make the jello you can boil it and it's not going to go away so really really hot gels people use gel and also the cool thing is that the highest hill Joanne is very rubbery and stretchy bouncy and the lowest hotel and is very brittle and by combining the two you can get any kind of texture in between that you want gel and also makes very good fluid yells other color but you're on the air

Heather my name is John I've called in before I know you have been talking about hunters and how they should really get an immersion circulator to cook their cooker kills a buddy of mine and he's actually his dad got a deer last night so I'm wondering if you have any specific recommendations as far as it what you what preparation and stuff and it sounds like the most likely cut that he's going to get out of this is he said the rear so it'd be like a ham I guess out of the hindquarter area splitting it with other people you mean that I think the line is probably the best part so he's getting a ham how old is he is a very young

I don't know how old it is it's a buck so so they're worried I might be a little bit gamey that's one of the reasons cooking low temp isn't going to take any of the gaminess out of the meat right so afraid if you get like in a very very young deer like the liver is good but it goes incredibly Livery and older dear I don't for me that is gamey

tendency is when you cook it the longer you cook it the more you accentuate that kind of gave me this right so then the other question is kind of and how old the animal is going to determine roughly how tough the meat is right so if you like gaming this in general the deer is not going to be very fatty so even a young tender dear if you overcook it and shot you know what I'm saying because it's going to dry out here are the basic parameters typically in a gamey animal the longer you cook it the more game you get the more connective tissue it's in an animal the longer you need to cook it to tenderize it at a given temperature right and the less fat is in an animal the dryer it's going to get the instant you overcook it usually three things you have to play with now

for a low temp like on a deer loin or something like that I like love like 5556 Celsius right how long if you're going to use those cooking temperatures how long do you need to cook the different muscles in the hind quarter to get them to be tender it's probably going to be a while in which case it's going to be gay me know I would recommend legs like he would something from the lawn mower I wouldn't salt them cuz you might have to cook them for a long time if you cook them for a long time you're going to lose some of the juice and see if they're pre salting I would back them in butter without any or whatever it's not going to affect the flavor in a negative way I would not add salt

until the secondary process you can see her beforehand if you want it baguette and then if you want to cook it like a steak he has in his mind yet to come up with what he thinks the equivalent steak is right so I'll give you some examples like a skirt steak if you're only going to cook it for like 30 minutes you want to cook a skirt steak and 57 if you're going to cook a skirt steak for 4 hours low temp right then you're going to want to go down to 55 56 Celsius because it's going to tenderize over that it's going to taste better at those lower temperatures this makes sense also want to cut it too thin or you going to ruin all of your good work when you do the Serie c one of the ways that people do Game Meats a lot even in the hind quarter right like for instance of head lion meat this way and bear meat this way they'll cut very very thin steaks almost like your pork chops used to be and then and then they'll just high heat Panem real quick and it'll basically the fact that the meat is tough and overcooked is going to be a millionaire rated by the fact that

have a nice taste from the Searing and it's cut so thin that your teeth are going to be able to make it to run away but that's not what we're looking for right we're looking to actually cook the meat properly so you going to want to cut a relatively thick steak so if you say steak cutting you want to find out kind of what thickness he's going for I would go on the thicker side like you would for a regular like a good beef steak and then just run a test with small cube and see how tender it gets if you cook it at let's say 55 for 8 hours and then searing it cuz I don't want to know anything about what happened to want to know what happened to the tenderness in the flavor of the meat itself do that and see whether it goes if it's mushy it means you cook the too long if it's not tender it means you haven't cooked it long enough if it's very gamey try to up the temperature in degree in and shot the time down by a lot and if it's you know if it's just if it's just undercooked for your taste

then obviously you know race attempt and if it's similarly if it's overcooked don't go below about 54 54.4 Celsius if you're going to cook it for a long time just for safety reasons and you're not going to want to go above 57 so it's like that's your whole range of cooking right there when you're done would you please write or call and tell us what happened sure yeah pictures to my wife just loves steak tenderloin that's what I did and that's easy to do 55 hour and a half and you know it's nice and tender shirt off the one time I have tried different cuts of steak I think I was a New York strip basically use the same technique and I know that you know for your charts and stuff you know I think New York strip

tender cut so that's pretty much the same technique. Clyde but it was really tough and I don't know if that was a function of just not a very good try to meet or do I need to cook a top like that long okay so is strip depending on what your script does have that piece of a cartilage running underneath the fatline right up at the at the top you're not talking about that you're talkin about them in the truck I think it's kind of just not very very tender temperature to use but I think it was basically 55 strip with great temperature for rib prison it's a fine temperature for ribeye but you might want to take the strip up to 56 or just could just cook it longer I think that you know a a strip in general when he cooks strips I like to cook them at least 2 hours at 54%

to soften him up and actually I think they're kind of at their Optimum it around for a good number I would cook it for about 4 hours no salt beforehand otherwise it's going to lose some of its texture and I would then drop the temperature of the circulator 250

okay for about half hour or so just to let it up between half hour and 45 minutes to let it the temperature in the center of the state come down to 50 and then just see where the bejesus out of the outside and why did you just drop the temperature so you don't overcook it when you hear it that's the only reason and if you have like just last night it is I cooked a whole bunch of steaks on a Sunday in a bag unsalted rib steaks at 55 and then I had one left over because somebody canceled on me so I just left it in the bag and then I heated it up last night I threw it cooked on Saturday rather I threw it in a in a circulator but I put my retherm at 50 right research it for 35 minutes and then sear it right so you're not going to have any safety issues because you're only keeping it a 50 for a very short amount of time and the

the time it was kept in the safe Zone and then you can Flash it off so if you if you don't want to worry about exactly you know dropping at the right time and you're going to cook it ahead of time then you can just do your research I'm at 50 and it's tear it off and you're not going to have any problems but let us know how that came out about the jail in so if they speak very very quickly that true

I just fear if I open my mouth if I say something you're going to cut me off right before I sit at the confirmation fluid gel and fluid and you shared in a very very small particles of particles tend to kind of adhere to each other when it's at rest and they form a gel what's acts like a Joe and then when you share it I in your mouth or by pouring or spooning and that it refers to the properties of liquid makes Pluto Break Stuff that's what we use for our ice cream that I'm bleeding my nose is bleeding nose hole the bridge of the nose in case you guys are getting grossed out there like blood shooting out of my nostrils while I'm talking is not true I scraped the bridge of my nose what does that stuff anyway blood out of my

Noah's hold gel and really good stuff we use it to make our hyper creamy Torture Bull ice cream anyway with that question 7 1 8

love that song right all right it was fun having a tablet on the show last week when you guys enjoy the tablet over there in the booth thumbs up he's awesome he's here all day and being totally antisocial I just slept couldn't make it back to Phillies Eye Clinic nice nice to have a wedding question again

I was getting over something to do so I have the same laugh my grandpa used to which is always like coughing it's like start laughing and coughing so reminds me of it reminds me of being mean to people if it doesn't make me I'm trying to find the fridge are the recipe says to chill before to 6 hours I'm using for egg yolks very fresh and very local 1/4 cup of sugar 1/2 to 1 cup of red wine on Tuesday is red wine anyway I really like when you come back to this car you're on the air


remind me to session

we lost him sorry Lawson weird nice Jack thanks man thanks bro red wine a drops of liquid I can drop liquid ratio that didn't fix the problem and play can get the men or women want men men dropping a liquid ratio did not fix the problem I'm being a mixture to a foam on a double boiler and mixing until the mixture cools to below 90° Fahrenheit with adding lecithin help to better emulsify any advice to make a stable make sure all right like I think I know your problem you're not going to believe it you ready for this not going to believe it first of all on one of my favorite things I love that man like over strawberries used to be a used to make us all the time I was 18 I used to have like bottle of my smart Sala I just lying around the house just this occasion when is strawberry season I'd cut up the strawberries make us have my own poor that sumbitch right over the strawberries to eat at that was deserted almost guarantee it because I used to do this to your under cooking your zabaglione so what you're doing

is your super worried and by the way here's a procedure folks you put your egg yolks your liquid you sugar in a bowl you wish the heck out of them and you put it over heat source and you keep whipping until it becomes foamy and thickens right then it becomes a creamy sauce not everyone when they're making is a body on a petrified that they're going to overcook the egg yolks and thereby make it taste grainy and like scrambled eggs now you're probably if you're being careful and you keep beating it is not going to happen here's the issue is that my phone is going to start getting foamy and look like it's built up a texture just from the fact you're so afraid that you're going to curl it that you're beating the crap out of it with a whisk so you're forming a nice foamy mixture with yours a volume but you're not cooking it enough then when you pull it off and put it in the fridge to cool down over time that phone separates and you get a layer of liquid sitting at the bottom because it doesn't kind of keep self emulsified the way that lets say a creme anglaise does when it's undercooked right which is he have a similar but instead of using

Winder using milk right and using not as high as an egg yolk ratio so what you're doing here is your making something that looks off on me but it's not cooked yet it's going to separate I've done this many times I guarantee that your problem do not be afraid make sure that your mix isn't just phoned up but that the actual liquid is thick in there in your job I own and I guarantee you is going to solve your problem you be able to chill it down just fine if you're going to make everyone gets I saw some guy was looking up on the internet and I saw some recommendations on cooking it in there like don't let it get too hot don't let it get too hot and all all of the recommendations I saw on the internet about the temperature at which the egg yolks are going to Corona's is that we are all off and they're all low invariably I don't know what the heck these guys are reading the temperatures with or how much of a carry over there getting but that information out there it's just not right I am fact don't even make the same people like don't let the don't let your pan touch the liquid in a double boiler

things going to go to hell in a handbasket also not true it's a matter of just being careful now the larger amount you're making the more careful you have to be about regulating your heat Source because you can't keep the thing moving as quickly with your hand but for small normal qualities couple egg yolks you know you can do it I do it in a bowl with a smooth bottom you don't want something with a lot of edges on the bottom because you're not being able to get your whisk into it effectively and you might get some local curdling there but I make the thing directly over a flame I have like a bowl with like a loop in it that I hold the loop with a heatproof thing and I make it directly over a flame I don't even use an enema if you're worried about cooling down getting carryover how about like a pan of hot of a cold water next to it just stick it in and beat it a couple of times as soon as it starts cooling down it's not going to curdle on you you're going to be fine so I think your problem is just fear of Coeur d'Alene get over your fear of curling in your Savion is going to be delicious that's my recommendation if you are having like real issues that something that I don't understand it is

possible to stabilize it so much I wouldn't use less than I do starch but I wouldn't do it cuz it's going to muddy the flavors Evian is so pure and delicious and light and ethereal that it shouldn't be messed with under any circumstances what are your thoughts on this

Johnny Kirk writes and says I have a question about preserving lemons through sous-vide in my experience preservation through the through the use of a chamber machine takes an equal amount of time as a traditional method of preservation my pup crew my process using a multivac c200 which is just like multivac c200 for those of you that don't know what the hell that is it's a standard medium sized restaurant vacuum machine next standard is as follows place a container with the lemons and salt and lemon juice in the vacuum machine and let it get down to about $20 which is Fair to Midland vacuum hose back on the phone

hey guys I'm sorry I questioned about methocel Solutions I would call absolutely no luck I get really really stinky nasty chemically even like fishy smells coming off of this stuff in a 1% Solutions I tried to try to make some sort of crispy I wanted to make a Tamarind crispy beef and man that stuff was so bowel I must be doing something horribly wrong help me let's start which method cell do you have

so I have tried both bf50 and the e4m okay I tried to the E-Series E-Series you can be honest I don't even know that they make it easier is anymore cuz they're Factory blowed up blew up number of years ago that is typically used for making like that wheels in the chips is that what you were doing cuz they're film formers

a lot of people that like them I went to a restaurant with shall remain nameless it was Moto and like half the dishes had on it like eight wheel formed with methocel one of the E-Series it's it's easy for what you foresee for m4m okay so that's also the good news about e foran is that for M the number right is at 4 and then the m stands for thousand so the viscosity of that one is like four thousand times greater than what a one would be so F50 vs. F40 M you're looking at a factor of

240 like like 80 like 80 times thicker at a given thing okay so you should be able to use a relatively miniscule amount of it to provide a thickening power but the problem is the E-Series is good at film-forming but it's not very good at yelling and it's not very good at me I don't think it's a very good whipper it's mainly use for that film for meeting but you need to have a certain amount of that in there to make the film forming thing anytime the methocel percentage gets to be one you're going to start tasting the awful methocel stop unless you're using some very very very strong flavors so when I'm using a 50/50 is the one that makes really good phones and then makes a meringue when using F50 if you have an extremely extremely strong flavor like passion fruit for instance passion fruit or you know what was some passionfruit Burien will obscure

Samsung that sounds nasty flavor up to about a percent or a little over that said in general if you in a whipped cream in a meringue

I don't taste them at the Shell when it's down at like 0.8% to 8 grams per kilo but you start acting like a like 1.2 grams per kilo over percent like that and you're definitely going to get an off flavor from the method sell that's like and that's one of the problems with it now

how much were using with the F50 and what flavor were using that was a Tamarind I was going 4.6 and then I was paging through modernist cuisine in those guys use it often. You know 1.2 minutes or so so I update the cauliflower and a dispersion problem

yeah a lot of metal a lot of methyl cell if you have do you have a vital prep somet the cell is kind of a pain to to disperse or one of those unless you have a very good blender so one way to put it nicely to disperse methocel is to mix it with quantity of corn syrup or sugar and then when did and to keep the particle separated another way is to go hot cold so put the methicillin the something very hot because it won't dissolve and stuff is very hot and then like Blended and then add like cold or chill stuff to drop the temperature and then it'll hydrate and then the last resort you noticing a lot of nethys Allrecipes if you look at them they all basically tell you to make the mixture and then let it sit overnight and a lot of hydration problems with Metro cell can be can be fixed by by letting it sit overnight now the difference in Taste of methocel between

I don't know why this is true or not I know the thickening power of of these products is not linear in other words adding doubling the amount doesn't double the thickness it's it's a lot more than that I have a feeling and I don't know why I should be the case but it's my feeling that taste-wise with met the cell if the same thing so point to is going to taste like a lot more than point six but my feeling is .6 isn't going to be enough to get a nice stable meringue foam out of it right so I would say try like Point 8.9 but not above the other thing I'm going to say is that is that it's a whipping agent in that it actually helps to stabilize

Foams but you're also going to want some solids in there that provide a structure so when we use fruit purees it's basically pectin mixers that are providing that structure to you so if you don't a lot of people add bulking agents like Malto dextrin to their stuff to get them to whip up to a nice have liked to have structure left when you dehydrated if that makes sense because not enough methocel there to provide the structure so what you what you're looking at the Met the cell is basically a a whipping Aid and also it's holding the structure and Telikin dehydrate but you don't want meth Acela being a primary physical structure of the Marines that you're making and I think you're going to end up with those kind of a taste problems that make sense. Let us know let us know what happened I just don't like those the Z50 Nori foreign films films that much it took me like some people do like

don't write and say that I'm a jerk for saying it's not my preference I'm allowed right

absolutely khombu duck this weekend we talked about last week I got that trick when I got that trick from nails and it's delicious another color Jack yes you're on the air

I just wanted to say thank you guys been hitting it for 60 shows preciate it thanks thanks for calling how how long how long was it wrapped tonight

beautiful and I'm fishing with it but my main question is making hot sauce and move that forward a little bit what what's the next thing to look for it to me like bees off the top of my or what kind of problems you have it I want to know what you wanted even finer than you can get in Nevada Prep size well they make a how much do you need to make like what are we talking about her

wow 5 gallons in a Time style things are not going to get it as fine as a vital prep does but look there's there's there's basically something in between a blender and a food processor that I haven't seen much in in America but in Europe they have Malott at and forget who makes who makes them but they're basically like to a food processor blade stacked up but in like a 5 gallon drum and they sit on the floor and their price for restaurants I don't know how fine they can go but I had some chefs from Australia and you're a tummy that they're like the greatest thing since since sliced bread and what school is they tilt

so you prosecute your top load your stuff hit go and then and then it took it out and I'm not exactly sure what level you know particle breakdown

yeah because the Hemi roller skaters are there they're expensive and they're not good at breaking down large large things cuz they have to fit into the Gap so you're going to need to do some initial breakdown anyway and if you want to go really bad ass they have basically in line like a thing as I have been in line rotor stator jobs we're basically free pulp your stuff and then you stick it through the rotor stator and it just goes through and gets completely annihilated but yeah and I'm like you want to actually physically disintegrate seeds I don't think that this thing is going to I don't think that this real Goku like thing is going to work on it

the other good thing is if you're actually going to get a big piece of equipment unless you guys going to do a straight eBay eBay by what you do is you call them and you say here's what I'm looking to do who's got one and then you go and you look at it and you see what you know what kind of it can do and you in once you make the next leap into like more expensive equipment they're usually okay with that because they know that they're going to get a customer out of you are making 5 gallons at I'm some kind of think like custom Solutions

even even a gallon I might be able to live with her right now if I depressed if it's a lot of work they make one that's I think three times the capacities I think does like like a four or something like that and that one's in that range of like you know 1500 box or something like that I haven't used it but

one more quick question on the passage thing is how do you measure garlic Ness it's it's an interesting in a difficult question because garlic is not stable like garlic chemistry is very very at what point is considered stable like it what like how many you know weeks or months is considered stable but you're also a measuring the pundits he's measured in in different ways it's been in a can and keep my head like a minute I read it goes out but Eric Eric block I think his book on garlic of complicated stuff to Wade through and so it's a great thing about your station is that it is you know it's fairly stable and so it's easy to characterize and scovilles fairly easy for people to measure similarly with hot

senior ibus International bitterness units are fairly easy to kind of get a hold on what's going on and they make a lot of sent garlic on the other hand I don't know what the what the pungency rating of garlic as it's probably measured as like a free percentage of like Island in or whatever it is you know what I mean I've never heard of it that way in terms of trying to make a standard

which is a pain because different kinds of garlic have different levels of like radically different levels of pungency and so it's going to be difficult to control that way I have a bunch of hardneck garlic I just got from the farm that Thanksgiving Farm to cesare Casella works and it's it's baby twice's it's twice as powerful and turn to that awesome garlic flavor as like the normal crap I get out of the supermarket but me up at 8 to powerful to my wife not used to it I love it but it's interesting actually going to be in 2 days cuz I'm going up to the Harvard to give another meet me there I'll ask him about it because that's the kind of thing he's interested in two and if I ask him about it I'll try to remember talk about on the show next time

laughing about popping sorghum to with somebody get it consistent I think it's just my Distributors are different in different probably moisture content rain to a specific moisture content I don't have the protocols in the top of my head but it's probably moisture content your problem take while I keep it in the back or something yeah I don't look up on Google like a Google procedures for a cuz it's called Temple a temper grains out to particular moisture levels for industrial process because your friends were popping or extruding if it's not exactly the same every time like everything goes to hell

right right right yeah I know someone I can talk to you all day but I really appreciate the answers thank you if you have any more results are lemons so preserve lemons were talking about Johnny Curtis preserved lemons and basically he put them in the vacuum machine salt lemon juice lemons by 20 times and then and then and then vacuum down in a bag it seems to make sense to decrease oxygen level might speed the process of preservation also if you can help me understand the point some people freeze their lemons and observing what's a point of that I would appreciate it okay so here's what's going on when you back there the reason you want to vacuum bag preserve things Weatherby kimchi sauerkraut preserve lemon is that they like to be

nitrogen free environments not that speeds it is it you can get all flavors if there is a oxygen in the bacteria grow in their want to be in a row that anyway so I vacuum bag needs a good way to not have to worry about waiting things down in charge of making sure they're covered with their own juices and things like that today when you're making a pickles are or anything like that is always instructions so I can load it down cover to make sure they're covered and that's to exclude are if you back in a vacuum machine you get rid of that problem not a great thing about vacuum machine the vacuum machine by doing kind of Rapid infusion into the fleshy part of the fruit much faster right and basically just kick start those operations very quickly now the point of freezing a preserved lemon preparation like Alex Talbot does for instance in his ideas in food cookbook is your breaking down it by repetitive freestyling you're breaking down and tenderizing that the texture of the of the product is going to speed any sort of preservation if you are going to do a longer

cheap to keep get to have them ferment a little bit and it's also going to change the flavor of the fruit a little bit we've done this with the weather like out like regrets so that's what that's what that's all about but a traditional preserved lemon is a function of time because there are yeast and I believe it's like symbiotic yeast and like I think acetic acid bacteria I think used makes alcohol very salt tolerant acid tolerant yeast make small quantities of alcohol with her then digested by bacteria with that sink make acetic acid but and this is coming up my memory I didn't have time to research this morning I think that's what's going on and so you know a preserve a traditional preserve lemon pickle is going to be a lot different from anything that you kind of short change real quick cut

Jack we have to finish the retake one more commercial break 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128

many guys have come to you

and welcome back to cooking issues like that I come up that really mellow song with the screaming intro anyway why we have a friend Phil Bravo not good for much but probably would be a good announcer

it was good for something anyway Jill Bravo to make a a transportation chicken breast and then cook it sous-vide or low temp actually I would do it sous-vide I do love the temperature for duck is very different than for chicken and turkey to ideas I have her do the whole thing confit style probably be pretty awesome but I was hoping for a roast take texture or I thought about pre cooking the chicken and turkey pieces including into the rod duck but will the TG glue to the cook meat it will not a strong but it will or could I sous-vide the whole thing to duck temperature with the duck in the center and then roast it through the other parts to a higher temp but that's going to be hard to get precisely right any other ideas what do you recommend besides not doing it. Okay well you're in luck because this is one of the recipes that I actually make quite a bit

the you hit one of the secrets are the secret is to arrange the meats in the order that they want to cook that's the secret so what you do is you take a turkey's this what I do anyway take a turkey skin a lady lay the turkey skin out then I I sliced thin and pound out turkey breast which I then meat glue in a layer on the skin then I put a layer of chicken breast and then a layer of sausage for its meat than a layer of duck and then a squab in the center knows not used to do this act like every CV class we've done it dozens of times and then you roll the whole thing into one giant tube and then you put it into a water bath at 64 degrees Celsius which is what the turkey wants to cook to with a thermometer in the center and when the squad makes it up to 56 Celsius you pull the whole thing out and every piece of meat all the way through is cook exactly the way you wanted the turkey

script about 60 for the chicken cook to 63 the sausage meat goes between about 63 in about 58 the duck goes between about 58 + 57 and a squad go to 56 and everything's good you then chill it down a little bit and you deep fry the outside of it to crisp the skin and you're good to go and that is the way to do it big then the leg meets and do a total confit of the leg meets right and since those are going to a high temperature anyway that one you can just roll in a plastic tube comfy it like 82 sells for 85 Celsius for you know a couple of hours to get it cooked pull it out and I was serving side by side and I'll be straight up delicious we've never done that but that would mean I'm telling you right now that would be delicious some tricks I wouldn't I would make a miniature roll first of the squab in the duck and then place it in and then roll it and sausage and then rolled a larger role because the whole trick is sin

John on getting a squab in the exact center right but that's the way you do it you arranged in concentric circles and it's delicious good business

okay I see we have here Joseph right side daytime thinking cooking pork chops with apple juice concentrate was wondering if you have any experience with this combination of cooked hams in apple cider before that was good I'm assuming cooking a chop and apple juice concentrate is it's going to be good as well you going to want to be careful if you're doing a high temperature if you use anything concentrate with a lot of sugar are you going to get a lot of scorching problems if you're doing a low temp you're going to want to use a concentrated so it doesn't taste poach you going to get probably some flavor transfer but I'm not sure how much and then when you if you're going to do a post see her as opposed to a braised you're going to get in trouble with again with scorching so anytime you're dealing with high sugar glaze has unless you like burnt sugar taste but some people do which is why they put barbecue sauce on their meat before they Grill them because they like a burnt sugar taste it just so you would be aware of but apple and pork I mean you can't get more classic and apple and pork can you can't pee can't possibly get more Classic Connect OK and home

elephant ears pork beef goat and lamb a hundred work is offered me is next year which I promptly thought about tearing into Deer prosciutto salami PSI electric cetera I have one concern I thought wild you're off and have parasites do you know if freezing will kill these parasites if so what temperature and for how long the same question applies I want a low temp cook some deer steak what's the minimum time 10 for whatever parasites deer have any low temperature cooking is going to kill bacteria is going to kill parasites so you're not going to worry about parasites in a cooked thing as long as you cook them properly I try to do some initial research and you know dear can carry tapeworms and other parasites but they typically won't jump to humans you get a lot of bacterial contamination from shooting and things like that if it got worse loitering and sitting there having outbreaks of bacteria related problems due to beef jerky venison jerky so in Sonic is not going to be cooked or salted enough

properly cured to kill all bacteria you're going to want to you going to want to do is cook step like when you're doing venison jerky but for freezing if there are sort of any sort of worms or parasites that are there freezing should kill them freezing does not kill bacteria which is why freezing is not a good bacterial kill for doing a dry cured meats but freezing is a good kill for trichinosis and for tapeworm cysts now I don't think there been any cases of tapeworm cysts tapeworms developing from dear to people you got dere to dogs and you've gotten dogs to people but I don't know if he's gotten dear to people but maybe in which case I seen recommendations of a hard freeze vary in a low like zero or lower Fahrenheit for like you know like well over a day that I couldn't find him anymore because Clemson used to have this stuff online and they change their site and couldn't get any more but take a look I mean it's something you worry a little bit about but I wouldn't worry too much about

last question of the day I've got two minutes John blue writing hello the common problems for a traditional desert a Mexican settling in Texas way back in the day because that's all apparently was necessary with pecans water and sugar and apparently they had sugar which is weird but they had sugar and they have pecan results has not been successful from what I've been covered refined sugar was commonly used I tried that and brown sugar Demerara excetra I tried short cook times in long time they are there end up too watery and won't Harden or to Granny from the sugar any suggestions on how to keep a sugar dissolve while thickening or how to harden the mixture without adding ingredients also any plans to do a quest for French fries Supremacy part 3 thanks John Blewett well I'm going to dress a french fries first I'm going to let you know we're going to be opening 98% chance we're going to be opening a bar Concept in an existing play soon and in it will be the our Supreme french fry which isn't exactly what's in the blog because I've increased the size of the French fry since we last did it and requires a couple different steps

but there will be an opportunity for anyone to come taste are french fries soon as true or false the session okay I'm not going to write about anytime soon because I think it's a question of what kind of texture you want some people's problems are a hard to sugar is hard and some people's problems the sugar texture is very is fairly soft almost akin to a maple sugar in the difference between them is how crystallized sugar is so I'm just going to go into General because I don't know exactly how you you want them right if you want hard sugar that breaks like peanut brittle you don't want basically any crystallization hardly at all you wanted to form into hard candy and for that you want to minimize stirring and you going to want to add the nuts late or basically pour the stuff over top the nuts right and then you're going to get a minimum amount of crystals forming you're going to want to do very little stirring of your sugar before the before everything dissolves because you don't want big sugar crystals at then all the sudden go back into the pot in form large crystals to

to get seeds a c crystals if you want any more fudgy you cook it all you get a totally clean and then you do stir it as it's cooling in my steering as it's cooling you initiate the formation of lots of small crystals they give a fudgy texture so it all depends even have to write and tell me exactly what kind of problems you want to hit what kind of texture you want to hit but if it's getting too grainy add the nuts much much later in your process even at the end and if you wanted fudgy follow more fudge like procedures are stirring letting it cool somewhat and then stirring it to generate small crystals and if you want it to be fairly clear except for I don't know if you're adding any cream or milk-based up to it then even want it to do a minimal amount of staring make sure all of your crystals are dissolved and then manipulated the smallest amount that you can before you poured out exactly what you're looking at John and we'll try to troubleshoot a little more cooking issues

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