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Episode 60: Alexander Talbot

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every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 out of the back of Roberto's Pizzeria in Brooklyn New York join today as always with this. You're the hammer Lopez but also special and unknown guess we know who's going to be here he was here for another radio show which is pre-recorded which is why it's okay they were going to steal him but Alex Talbot Alexander Tyler from ideas in food V1 only is in the studio with us today lol Alex you questions now to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and stop by the way

when are you going to ask people to text us by the way folks just so you know it is typing on her computer I haven't had any work for Dave. Yes but if during the radio show are you going to tell people to tweet if they're listening so that we can keep track of how many listeners we actually have that's not going to help us and I wouldn't even know how to set up massage is trying to figure out how many people is an ongoing thing we're trying to figure out whether anyone's actually listening to this thing or not and you know we know a couple of you are because you reading questions thank you iTunes making it possible for us to

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inexpensive across any way to treat your one-stop-shop for Innovative cookie ingredients modernist pantry now carries Iota Kappa and Lambda Lambda Chi mean like do you find a need to stabilize a chocolate milk off in for yourself not really we have to pass over all the time we just use the pot of chocolate from a perspective why would you want to use a landline the Caribbean it just because you're cool is that there's a bunch of different kinds there's that there's Iota Kappa and Lambda are the three main different kind of carrageenans and they differ based on I believe it's a sulfate reduce along the backbone how they work Kappa carrageenan one is closest to do a guard his behavior is very brittle Iota is very very stretchy and elastic and Lambda is kind of non gelling or we think of it as non gelling but it's used as a as in embodying a

can in chocolate milk no carrageenan mixes pure there because of natural products so you know Capital have a bit of the other two and and vice-versa but things are primarily days nurse old is primarily Iota Kappa and Lambda I know many ship to use iodine and Kappa but I don't know any chefs that use land at least not if they told me anyway cooking issues that place an order $35 or more before next week she'll get a free package of Iota carrageenan simple user promo code CI is in cooking issues 60 when placing your order online at modernist Pantry. Com visit modernist Pantry. Com today for all of your Mom is cooking meat mainly puddings right I mean it is that's it it's one of the only I could go back to the self-healing during it. Never again comes back together to share irreversible when you break a gelatin and they will actually the gel will heat up now if you are if you use Iota to

do a hard like mine has a hard shell one it doesn't kind of break easily like a pudding it's kind of a weird texture what what's that that stuff that used to get on shoot I need to buy it as a kid it's like so everybody's my softer but softer but now there's shoot it was no way I could do was a candy of sorts and stick to the wall and then snap back and hit you in the face sticking and hitting you back in the face thing levels that produce that kind of behavior they're using it in kind of pudding levels and then you can you can put the pudding into another container like a Ramekin or something like that and then you know benefits from that little bit of Kappa to give it just a touch of structure Susie you know when you cut your spoon through it you can actually see it as opposed to adjust you know the blah but you go

people use carrageenans in milk-based things is because there's a synergism between milk and carrageenan so if you would normally to get you have to use depending on the actual one you use but it's something on the order of 1/5 of the amount of carrageenan that you would have to use to thicken a milk-based system as you would in a water base system with the same carrageenan so you can use very very small amounts in the industrial a this is good because it means that you're using less product which saves you money if from a cooking perspective the less of a thickening agent you have fused the less chance you have less opportunity there is for that ingredient to alter Mar or mask of the flavor that you're dealing with certainly mean there's a couple other things we talked about it a lot but it it's the

you want. If you want to delete them out of anything possible be at salt or carrageenan or sugar so it did get the desired results to this is calcium reactive Kappa is potassium so you can if you don't have a lot of milk

just asking cuz you never know I never know depends on who gives you the the product but I know like certain of the kappas are pre formulated with potassium salt in it a lot of THC gum stuff is is basically idiot proof of address to be indexed and by the way he's getting better about going back and enjoy your recipes are in there a lot of the one thing he did was remove a lot of the brand names and what I always tell people is that if you are going to specify a recipe you should always specify the brand that you use because if you just say Kappa carrageenan first of all there could be anything natural like this I could come in a wide variety of chain links for instance there's a wide variety probably but also could or could not have a devastating salt added to them already and minutes if you look at CP Kelco stuff there bad seats

different variations of to be easier for for gelling and butthole the Ballgame always say the brand of yours anyway we have a caller caller you're on the air doing some molecular stuff with beer and I'm wondering what you think I'm thinking maybe like you know doing a black and tan but I have one beer have maybe some some alginate in it so when the Black you know be more like a lava lamp then a black a traditional black and tan or maybe making some low algiknit balls with something sweet to go and make it sour beers that float around what do you mean by that you mean as a commercial thing

beer did he have one beer that they had something in it that would you know do more like a lava lamp in a glass or UA lava lamps work is it is basically it's an oil-in-water phenomenon right like liquids basically want to sell it to wax really and your heating it and when it Heats it floats up in the coolant goes down that's why it looks it looks so awesome in the real question with a beer is how would you get the how would you get the two beers to be to not mix unless you had an envelope around them so to them that comes to your second question is could you do something without judgment and then probably down payment there's a couple problems I have with one I don't think it tastes good it doesn't taste good it makes things taste less than the original you might as well not using that I'm going to steal that for you I'm going to write it down and it's now stolen

do people make balls of things of the famous the famous Ball commercial ball drink is Orbitz right Orbitz is gel and paste now the problem with orbits was that the the beads were solid they weren't liquid very hard to do a liquid-based thing in a commercial way that's going to last a long time by the way we're in a construction zone to hear that hammering about that is actually building a new rotovap exactly so I took but you're going to have problems with color stability in MD situation so most gel systems are somewhat porous and so over a fairly short. Of time you're going to get color bleaching out now that the guys who do this professionally with orbits took care of this by having the two basically the relative levels of the things are going to change the osmotic balance of the liquid very very very close to identical so that they got very little color bleed over time but you're going to have huge problem in a black and tan kind of a situation keeping the 10 in the black Porsche

to get our lives really kind of like brown and light brown with a black and tan and brown kind of coffee is carbonated right now you going to have problems with air pockets developing on the inside of your membrane show some people are not in your pocket, and some people use this like on purpose they do this on purpose but I bet it's a problem commercial standpoint so you'd have to probably still based inner liquid and then I would do the reverse I would do a reverse spherification and you can do something nice or you could do pectin which is like pretty nice texture you would basically formula liquid at freeze it in a larger format so you get him or lava lamp you thing and then you'd set it set like an envelope of pectin around that you could use alginate of the first

actually this is our go-to for that and like go crazy talk about in a book club for a book ideas in food but we use 8.5% loss of Jalen and we use .05% increase in a water bath bomb done and then tells your water and sodium hexametaphosphate we had a disaster that crazy calcium water but I with the expected in there and then we just drop everything into it and you get the beautiful skin than what you get good with it you can actually lower the amount of Jalen in there to point

3% and really get a very self she'll be sexy skin is equivalent to about 8.9% agar yes but it actually tenderizes a really unique gel your skin if you have a vacuum machine I would take your black you whatever you're going to use his like your style. Situation there and I would decarbonate it in a vacuum machine then I would then I would add some calcium to its 702 calcium level in beer is use gluconate not not not chloride and then do what Alex in chess which is get Lewisville jail in make a solution of that with a sequestering sodium hexametaphosphate II phosphate AKA shrimp would you can get probably Marcus Manchild I haven't

I think so if not I'm floating around people do that and then the carbonation if you use a higher carbonated liquid like an IPA or something like that and I might float the ball up to the top. Infused after Iota carrageenan for your encapsulation that the product is actually give you that lava like texture packs might go check out the books I'm sure it is in the book ideas food the book

weather today

cook what I can hear you

I would like a lamb what is the best way to cook a leg of lamb according to guys

very basic I'm not extremely experienced then clearly the best way if you don't have the equipment to do it properly is the Bone It Out roll it flat remove certain parts of the muscles that I'm going to cook properly and then quickly Grill it when you say or no marinade to just to get the flavor tenderize it humid out but it sounds like that might be a bit of a stretch to just cut it into small pieces a tough and overcook if any kind of traditional cooking techniques I've never had one that was really done properly and there are people who like raw blue lamb in the middle but they're not that many because it texture and it is necessarily good right I'm not a blue lamb guy I actually like it medium rare even even medium it's good to kind of silicon down a little bit more

and it's outside breaking into into pieces and then and they cook it that way unless you have a need to serve it whole you have some sort of like Primal Cuts dinner that you're going to be doing

Insurgent hole before I knew it's okay I've had a lot of grilled it whole but I'm willing to give you something that you're not going to get any other way Princeton we all enjoy certain overcooked pieces of meat that are crunchy and kind of burnt and delicious on the edges of of things right it just it just render in my opinion like those whole cut things unless you're very good at it and they have a two-part flame and you're cooking it over a high and then would lower Vise first hour you believe or slow roasting it's very easy to get a large portion of the meat that's kind of dry and overcooked especially the non fatty areas fatty areas can take a lot more abuse because fat is delicious when it's high cooked yellow problem with with the with the leg at like as the leg is composed of a bunch of different muscles and they don't all operate they don't know if my celebrate cook the same way and so

what is my problem with you know there's certain people who are very famous in his life is good I've had it who are big Believers in was called Whole Hog kukri when it comes to cooking pigs I am not a believer in this I never done certain test at Ryan cook whole animals properly but in general unless you're willing to go through Herculean efforts to try and have all muscles cook when they're still attached to the animal different muscles wannabe cook differently that's just the way it works when did Hogg Hogg it would be much better if they took it into pieces and cookies piece the way they want to do then chopped it up and put it back together again so whole Hogs a farce but not in a good way not not going to stop him a Van Morrison like a false false pretense I just don't think it's I don't think it's a goal

Mitchell but I just don't necessarily see why I should aspire to attempt to create something that's good bye and it is good but I just don't see why I would have tempted read something it's good that way by doing something that's against what the meat want to do which is the one wants to be cooked for not a long time and they and they and the you know that the cuts that have a lot of connective tissue want to be cooked for a longer time and then if you want the skin which of the gather cook each parts separately and then bring it together at the end of a huge believer in cooking each piece of meat the way it wants to be cooked you have a conversation with me first so you like a meat whisper I do I put my ear next to it and helping out all the way by with your land anyway hopefully this helps with your land that's our job answering questions

change Tasha viciousness is incorrect is allowed to color the hammer folks just because she is vicious anyway call me

shut up

Idaho Lottery

and welcome back to cooking issues wish I was your Halloween at work is too bad so you were 70s long as I thought you hated like I wasn't sexy at all if she was wearing in the world would put a pair of long johns with elephants on underneath it to be sexy this is this is her Mo folks happy Halloween you're fishing for me Sour Patch so I have some for her for tonight what about my daughter's first Halloween princess of course I can eat a cupcake cupcake

it's small and edible if it if it's done right is good but don't work not cupcakes out of tunnel now the incorrect icing to volume ratio I like cake I don't like it I like is like a glaze icing that's weak cupcakes cupcakes should be wiped off the face of the Earth take the cake but there are a size it's bad there a surface-to-volume ratio that's bad for a cake you think he'll quickly

do I like black and white cookies only because I grew up eating them or is it are they actually delicious

there's a few good ones out there with their there's a question that you had that same question cuz they're basically a semi stale cake and cookie form with icing on top of a glaze icing I might add and you know I grew up cuz I grew up around New York loving the hell out of them and it's a better ratio and if you think about it. You taking the top off a cupcake inverting and putting the glaze on the inside glace well depends where you go and what the most actual black and white places her well look if you hand me a black and white cookie that looks like it's got icing on the top it was knifed on and not port and let the set I will stab you in the eye with your icing knife right or know you will share all right we're going to have to go do some of the eye called

three questions came in from Andrew Lund how can we know Mommy exist do we have taste receptors committed to these Umami specific amino acid the early 2000s like 2,000 2001-2002 we have taste receptors for me Mommy it's no longer a question it's that and also a real deal homie okay if you can design invent a machine without monetary constrain to Aiden cookery or cocktail-making to create a district method while the amazing what would it be a robot version of myself

I'm not sure I need a lot more people like me a lot more people that you don't have to tell what you want it's not that I'm particularly good or bad anything is shape it's the hardest part when you're cooking anything is is conveying your intentions your intent right now in temperature in 10 to someone you're like do it like I wanted to get done and then it doesn't get done what you like the way you want it's like a really good Chef what they can really do is get besides cooking themselves as they can get other people to cook things the way they want them done right so it's very very hard to get to kind of tell someone what you want to do so like you need a translator you you need need to build a translator yes I mean I could just walk up to somebody and they would know what it is I wanted them to do or just speaking to a box and then if it tells other people so that it just you don't have to do it it just needs to be can do it and say I want XYZ and everyone else finally understand it when you say something and someone comes back with something better than your intent that happens more often not in my world

but the way you have any idea what we'll keep that one in hole will think about that for the rest of the show any machines that we want that we did our just cost me their things obviously like unload their I want a twin screw extruder twin screw extruder right I don't own one because are fantastically expensive but it's a machine that already exists sure you know I wanted a bunch of things I would like a supercritical CO2 extractor the most expensive I would like a spray drying column is tall as you know as I do know of a barn but tell her you and it's it's a limit be a little hard to store ice cream place design in Fenton machine I don't have any things that I want to invent that are I'm not doing as a result of monetary constraints more time constraints in the Saxons Hearts me to and plus David Chang will shoot over here with needles and stick them in my eyes if I tell you what we're working on that may happen

are are FoodSaver to wash or do they have good use know they cannot in my opinion and Alex might be different his penny might be different from mine I do not believe a FoodSaver adequately has enough of the vacuum to do a good job at the at crushing watermelon the air sacs in watermelon what do you think I'm not in the least I think that's the term compression is is parsley Mist misguided I mean work we're not compressing per se but we're moving are right so if you don't remove the air ain't nothing going to happen you need if you need a good good vacuum now the cheapest way to get a good vacuum it was cuz you I'm assuming you're not going to go buy a couple thousand dollar vacuum machine and although I want you to I don't think you will. I haven't because my wife and kill me if I did that and you okay now I'm with a sealer but what I have done that you can do fairly cheaply is buy a refrigerator Refrigeration vacuum online for like a hundred bucks you can get an oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump this year

to evacuate compressors for refrigeration since they need to make a whole boatload of these and people don't like think their fancy they don't cost very much you can get them for like a hundred bucks where can I get the good ones and Robin are is a good brand there's a couple of good brands out there some cost more there some cheaper ones that are knockoffs they can they can without breaking a sweat achieve below 10 millibar vacuum which is not horrible at all I use one of my friends since when I have a better one that can get down to like formula bar but so the show and they're pretty fast which is awesome so then you basically you hook a hose hook a rubber hose at 2 and you can get a piece of plexiglass at the at your local Like Home Depot style place with a rubber seal stick on a round bain-marie don't think square one because you will crush it and you have a vacuum compression system all in for like a hundred 50 hundred fifty bucks in that range Works do it do they have a good used for

good way to package food for low temperature cooking at home I prefer Ziplocs there relatively okay for things like coffee before we knew any veteran before we we could we could achieve more weed leaves a FoodSaver for year when we are on Cotton Colorado messing with the stuff around and up and mainly we use the FoodSaver and I wish we could afford a decent job of packaging things and a FoodSaver if you by the roll bags mean with the one thing I always used it for was like very very long striped bass because there's no there's no maximum length on a FoodSaver bag as long as it's less than a role in cell you know I would die a glike you know 3640 and stripers in the tenants why bags you jamming to try to pull it out the fence with ripped the bags but you put them in and you could buy a whole fish that way if you do a school of fish in a row

resealing a bag of chips yeah I have not used it for that interesting to see about just for itself if you wanted to start stealing things I used to seal it all the time if you are potato chips okay oh and PS congratulations on the book deal thank you very much I didn't we didn't leak that by the way that was leaked by the publisher the fact that I have a book The Alarm cocktails and one on god-knows-what okay another Umami stop question from Jason Dave traditionally before combo is used in stocks we are told to wipe it with a wet cloth doing so removes a great deal of white powder found on the surface of the kombu sheet which I understand are glue to make crystals Sims, who is generally used for a tie concentration glutamates why would I want to watch the surface how many crystals off or glue glue to make crystals off before using it seems counterproductive man I agree I don't like we have a caller on the air

hey how you doing how you doing

this is Amy in California

sweet before you post the question of that using with the nitrates in the nitrite 42064 right yeah yeah lyrics.

You know I do however have a very noticeable sensitivity to nitrates and if

showing them that way would introduce that into the meat it would mean that not only can I not have preserve meat so I wouldn't be able to have it all if I hadn't thought of that it's an interesting question so Alexandra. Like I said they could do some research where there's some research where they basically in order to kill feral Hogs and I believe was Australia New Zealand I got to go back and look at it they would put tablets of Nike nitrites and nitrates around the pigs would eat it they don't have the ability in general to introduce that the stuff back and so they basically date they lose their ability to convert a hemoglobin back in the oxygen-hemoglobin and they die so but they do it in a way that doesn't make them hyper excited they don't either they don't go crazy they don't they don't feel like they're being killed they just pass out okay okay so the question is can this be used for Humane killing method

right now the question is is well there are people that I hadn't thought about this with thanks so much for calling in there are people who are sensitive to to this sensitive tonight right so you can't have it cured me and the question is would it if it's used as an anesthetic would it also have an elevated level in the meat I don't know that's a very good question that makes me question you know it's kind of like the real question I have is what are the levels you know what I mean search like what levels do you think you are sensitive to

I don't know but more than one slice of ham and

Troop D week following I have difficulty moving my fingers and toes it's like I've rented arthritis week like you have it like you'd go blue or no like I don't got no idea I haven't researched it off

text remedy So my answer my feet get swollen but the but they're experimental with me I have your symptoms and one of the things that I took out of my diet all amount of Baseline nitrates in and nitrites in things that we consume that's why they can reduce like a billion pounds of celery down to a powder and use it to Falls cure bacon North wheel

falsely say they haven't added nitrates to it so there's got to be some small level that you're okay with and it succeeded in whatever you're eating informant hand so the real question is is what is the increase in muscle muscle content of nitrate in a pig that's been slaughtered this way but I don't know what we got to check it out research research definitely needs to be done someone in the US needs to think it's an interesting problem who has a livestock research and I want to dive into this one but I think it was Thanksgiving coming up what veggies would you recommend for littering low temperature sous vide

all set to finish just pull out and go you can have a rematch that you should cook but I would cook a potato basically traditionally mash it put it in a bag and then reheat it push it flat and reheated carrots are traditionally genius in a bag and good at the Thanksgiving sweet potatoes Russell's coming over cooked anyway so you mean you know she's trying not to overcook it I mean come on the brussel sprout the caramelized to roast me they're they're tender they're just it overcooked and everything is controlled overcooked are you a fan of a super overcooked broccoli to Stein garden lights to an hour and a half long cook broccoli I like tender broccoli but I don't like brown broccoli

Betty way I would do any of those any of those are good remember if you're going to cook a vegetable in the bag and you're not adding a lot of liquid to the bag is a flavoring little worried that you're adding a liquid like a oil instead of water it takes a lot longer to cook something in the bag then it would it cuz there's not much available water so it's going to take more on the order of what it would take to roast a vegetable in terms of time and you also let me know if you cook it at that lower than what 85 it's not cooking you can cook something at 74 like 4 weeks and still going to be country it change its taste shortly but it is still just novel yeah definitely true we should do that that much fun people get freaked out leave it there all week and pull it up like the combo which. I mean it is I'm looking for that and that's why I left it somewhere in the back of my head and he said that it is actually that is what the crystals are in the service that have a little man

sing in the back of my head that says it it's that current research said to something else but even so I just don't like the damn things off all right second question how about from Andrew how often should water in a low temperature in case matter how often should water in a low temperature cooker circulator be changed a lot depends on how dirty it is me and you're keeping it hopefully our temperature where bacteria are continually being killed but that's it I usually dump it out at the end of a service or the end of the cook and then and then put in fresh you need to change the water okay if if you cook something in in the bag there if there is still a Roma transfer it's true and and so unless you want to have the what kind of bat but honestly like I used to test bags based on their Roma transfer characteristics and summer bad but some are pretty some pretty there are Waters where you can have that's why people cook multiple things in the same water do we put them in the same water you think it's bad practice I don't think it's a bad practice but

if you doing like one thing then that you're fine but if you need to give your journey through a lot of stuff at restaurant in a home situation after I'm done cooking I dump the water out right you know one has standing water line not so much that much water anyway if you know you can cook the next day I'm not changing the water cuz I'm going to turn it on again from a bacterial safety standpoint as long as you're cooking temperatures are above 55 or so you're not going to hurt yourself right it's just a question of whether or not it's going to be nasty. You also don't want any flavors or Roma's on the outside of your bags and might drip water into something that you're going to serve when your debagging that is good point so I would just change it Don't Go Changing in the middle of your procedure, you're on the air

hey guys this is Ralph call from Philadelphia love to show you what about wrapping and marinating things in kombu before making Dashi or at that point is it really spent how long can you really leave it in a rap what's the what are some guidelines for protocol step lightly soap to make it more pliable I've never used kombu that I've made. She with you know we use the expense combo for cutting it up into noodles and fresh salads yeah but I'll give you a basic technique is that you take and you have to soak in a little bit to get a pliable typically we don't even

say we're going to do fish feel kind of fit on there and then put the next later and vacuum seal it and it wraps around all the time but they like a week when you I think when you peel off the combo you should get little strings coming little mucousy strings separating off between the surface of your product and the combo this means that you've done a good job I wouldn't I would not use kombu that's already been using Dashi I think it's going to be spent in The Simpsons I wouldn't I wouldn't use new duck breast kombu to make Dashi kombu is delicious sliced up and uses a salad cuz we've done if your combo is good sometimes you don't want it eat by itself because textures no good flavors good to text her know that we took that cuz we we actually actually cooked actually in the bag with the combo on confirmation took it off and then the combo is cooked already then we sliced it and use it as a sad

it was good I didn't get to Fantastic technique it's not just for fish anymore you know it's not a protein flip that around me think about Italian combo

sliced prosciutto and then cure and end them put on fish put on vegetables and let it Infuse with the the flavors as well we have not gotten strings no strings with the combo on the vegetables I haven't got strings on the vegetables for the flavor of the of the combo itself on I mean if you have do you have any experience caller with the attic on blue stuff or you just calling to ask about it cuz it is a great time and I've been quite a bit lately and figured what the heck I have all this stuff sitting around may as well try it you may as well indeed you might want to find the Japanese typically use different combos for wrapping then they do for making Dashi but in the small amount of experiments that I ran I think of the stuff tastes good for Dashi it tastes good for it tastes good for rapping is and I don't know why I don't know what the reasons are

but I'm using the different ones for different applications but if it tastes good for Dashi taste good for kombu wrapping swell skins of protein that's what I found I have only done it with fish and duck though but that's but I've been you know you get that that look when you peel it off and just like right out to know I don't got to make a few strings and maybe 6 8 hours or so on Fish sushi and he would basically form it up put the kombu over it and let it cure pressed overnight and then you peel it up and you get those those things are note to self you should try to look for the incredibly delicious flavor that you have there. Is that okay

hello from the West Coast I appreciate your show you guys have the best food pie podcast I can't thank you thank you so much right now is apple season in San Francisco Bay area and I've been thinking about it since pains for several years ago this was a local a cheese plate served with calcium phosphorus Apple yeah it was Pele with the stem left on in cooking what we were told is calcium water as a result the inside of the Apple Shopkin scoopable me outside how to skin a bit like a dried Apple I thought it was amazing so how does this work I was hoping it might be within the range of a dedicated home cook I found something called fossil powder and when the guys who make fossil power clean and safe safer than calcium oxide out of Australia but there was an information out there about ratios are procedures what do you think of this technique this was the only time I've ever seen or heard about this being done okay well first of all I never use calcium oxide which is like dangerous stuff you throw it in water and it heats up and does all sorts of nasty things what you want is calcium hydroxide which is

where you take calcium oxide someone else added to water deals with the high temperature in vanilla powder leftover whole topic and then Nepali Brandt from Cortona extrapolating off that using instead of calcium hydroxide he actually used soap sunchokes in a solution of calcium lactate and we worry about it. I hope it's on our website on it and what it is is is it's not so much the the calcium hydroxide but you're getting the reaction between the calcium and the pectin in the vegetables or the fruits me know I've done I've done I had something on the blog about you know if you add baking soda which is basic to if you add baking soda to water your vegetable Stay Green but they get mushy if you add calcium hydroxide which is basic they will stay green but they will also stay firm because it's calcium in them to make vegetable has been used for

thousands of years and places like Thailand where you know calcium hydroxide in the form of tile and paste has been used to firm up the outsides of bananas it's used in pickling the firm up cucumbers it you're not going to get hurt you can't OD on it because calcium hydroxide is not very soluble in water it's really really bitter horribly bitter Forest vegetables though poorest vegetables suck it in like there's no tomorrow and you have problems when you're using a solution what day do commercially is also good for a while I get the calcium interaction then they'll soak it in pure water to get rid of the excess calcium that's what they do we played that game I'm not really making a smoothie with it tomorrow now what about tortillas brother but calcium hydroxide for number

rinse it off and then roast them and Fortune had a bit of an inherent bitterness to switch back to calcium chloride a but I am still going more towards what when is Charlie Brown was doing was which was with Lactaid which is right and just go buy some pectin methyl Ester methyl Ester a snowblower shape you can stake blueberries and raspberries into a peck necklace Trace AKA Novo shape which is men's I'm and boil the hell out of them and they want and they won't break everything that we have not and it works like a charm I was looking for it yesterday because I have to do something with pears I didn't want them breaking up is totally safe to do it it's about looking calcium hydroxide supersaturate extremely quickly

so you're not going to get more

meet the amount of calcium let's use is going to depend on how about the absorption rate of the of the product is that's why they're the limiting thing is actually not the amount of water and is he might have calcium hydroxide to product that you put in I need to make sure you got a fair amount of pectin in that product white sweet potatoes number to do with orange sweet potatoes have broke apart soak them and then we braced let me know if I can meet you and then glaze them in the dad this irregular shape too soft on the outside texture on the shopping inside textured on the outside running late as usual thanks for your advice on modern style cheese sauce and abusing this is from Matthew I ended up using a version of myhrvold mac and cheese at involve sodium citrate which is a melting salt and Iota carrageenan work really well

my question is if you ever try these vegan cheese is that a guy named dr. Kao makes in Williamsburg I haven't as of this writing try them but people say they're super good especially is cashew cream cheese and I imagine a stash is making her vegan face as a as I write this as she is making her vegan face I looked up look I like that I've had it when I was on that raw food for a week I had the cashew cheese is not kids but somebody else's they taste good. Cheese's what that mean that's it is it is an idea or is it actually it's giving you a friend reference in a minute you're on the air

hi there hi Allison Davis is Brian calling from San Francisco cookware and non-stick surfaces not safe when I eat it too hot

give me a surprise and I don't know I had it on on on the high flame for 10 minutes or so bad idea jeans I don't know about the toxicity of the surface once it vaporizes I think they assume that you're going to do it eventually so it's probably not a bite on which you know the certain certain polymers degrade in a very toxic things when they're burned plastic wrap stinks but it's not using pants don't worry Teflon I don't know when it decomposes what weather it's actually dangerous I mean I wouldn't necessarily use that mean the pan is toasted after that right

is coming at Cooks rip on on on those Teflon pans and I know I know extreme heat or not supposed to be used for them cuz they eventually stop breaking down the Teflon coating just go back and tell me what the question was again because all I had in my head was an image of a pan on the heat and it it combustion I don't personally feel to say the question there are people who feel what do you think you feel personally to safety question Alex

I have heard it I have not tested it and so I feel not knowledgeable enough to answer appropriately I mean like I think my I had several non stick pans I have never had a nonstick pan no matter what they say they can actually stand up two years of abuse in your non-stick pan you play chosen the wrong pants yeah I mean you have to use the right tool for the right job is hard anodized aluminum things are supposed to be safe I don't touch those things man I don't like aluminum pans and maybe it's just a preference but are you at Old School anti Luna I believe the Alzheimer's story I don't believe her story I think I think

Alzheimer's because aluminum ion set aluminum was found in the brain tissue of the certain amounts are found in the brain tissue of certain patients with an autopsy with Alzheimer but I believe that that Lake have been disproven acid or something like that and so I don't forget to save Demi look maybe it's a safety issue I'm more worried about it being a functional issues at once they're toasted there's they're not good anymore and then you get like Mike was taking in their pain in the butt anymore and they tell you not to wash them in the dishwasher and scanpan said that you can watch ours in the dishwasher guess what I did and you know what the pan got ruined so you can't watch the dishwasher at least they said you can't wash it at your daddy said ours are so tough that you can wash it in the dishwasher and use metal tools on it but like okay I'll take you at your word and I'll use it in a dishwasher and I use metal tool then got messed up like nothing like a year

you're in a half of got messed up then they came out later with the second version is scanpan stop no I already have this one actually works I haven't tested yet I don't know I'm not like that like you think so he has a guaranteed so I can know I'm just so lazy I'm not going to show up with something and say your honor your guarantee you'll go on by 52 different versions of it and test it anyway anyway I hope that was helpful thank you all right so back on this chasing here's my problem and cheese is basically what you do is you use nuts you grind them up you ferment them somehow using some version of the black guy either what they call probiotics which is better when he's crazy terms of that has a marginal meaning and they end and when juvenile act which is basically a sprouted grain stuff and it ferments and acidifies and somehow coagulate so I looked at the mechanism of nut cheeses and no one's witnessed all the article that I can find on it but

said I looked up a super cow or whatever is mr. cow website and one of the benefits they have in their plant is they have a tacky and I used electrical panel and I had to go look up with tacky what is tacking eyes mean because there's a guy attack a hypothetical particle that moves faster than the speed of light that's been posited in some versions of physics that is obviously never been observed and this guy claims that he can buy using these tachyons in a machine that recognizes material that he can increase the positive energy in the things around you and him I read about this in Calvin and Hobbes for real no anyways so I am very you know she's attacking us but that said there is a very interesting thing about faster-than-light particles happening right now at CERN where they say

they did a detected a neutrino that was going faster than the speed of light and they're currently trying to re duplicate the experiment November so it's a very exciting time to be thinking about faster-than-light particles Matthew has another question I periodically get into Bates actually will do this one will do will do the one, and then we'll finish up with this tablet and this one here who how do you open an oyster with Ln we got that when you got it yeah you tried it but the problem is and Mirabal really recommends it but the problem I've always had is that what you try to open an oyster shuck an oyster by using liquid nitrogen is it you get partial freezing of the thing and then it works well we've done it we've three would do like 12-15 seconds for oysters or clams drop it in and then let it thaw and they pop themselves and their beautiful unbelievable

you want to be able to side by side

do a do a side-by-side with me do a hand truck and then doing Ln Chuck and like I do a triangle test like like 5 wraps and I want I want to know if the freezing does anything to taste perfect when we doing this I will never had to do it if there's no there's no breaking at all of any of the oyster or clam membrane so you end up with a plumper get them visually aesthetic side-by-side enough shut them and is supposed to have to blindfold blindfold what is National visual is part of the actually works it work yeah and it's 15 seconds in nitrogen pull it out let it rest in the refrigerator in the pop them selves and then she's a spoon or you can run it under lighting under warm water and just beat up

Daniel Mullen rights and was hello was reading about to review the ramen places in New York City and who is making the best ball in the city excetra I'm interested in starting to cook my own noodles and broth and I was wondering if you had a favorite way from making the noodles that Sandy got them yourself Etc do you use traditional console or a I think it's going to make ramen you have to use console a dream the stretchy we use baking soda in beans actually unbaked baking soda but it'll be easier not to overcook you don't want it like traditionally they're not cut their extruded and look Alex and a key were fortune of the weasel anarcho bellino amazing pasta extruder out of the company which is like his offense for a look if you have like two thousand bucks jingling in your pocket and you want a pasta extruder find another 26

box and then you can give me 25 for the ax10 which is coming out and that's that's including dies that says just as good a job smaller but it's the same guy for the same Beast it's awesome this sucker is not that much bigger than a Cuisinart by the way folks and it really does a number on Posite like I was the first to think that a small pasta extruder would be a load of horse horse manure and I was like this is going to suck this thing is amazing it's amazing machine you can use kant's way which you can get any Asian market and then you can tell if it's working in the flower logo yellow and all the sudden will get stretchy which is characteristic of this here's the trick with Ramen Ramen you like you lightly cook it before you fry it

it partially dehydrated by frying so you have to fry ramen noodle that's the real secret I mean you can look it up that's how you do it but ramen noodles are cooked fried as a dehydration process and I think for the dehydrated and then rehydrate it again but that's characteristic of ramen I don't know where the restaurants do that they should I have not heard that from this question came in right now so this is coming from my memory someone called me in and tell me I'm a moron that would happen quite often okay last up with my girlfriend on a subject of using fantastic Lysol or other such Braves to help me wash pots and pans she firmly believes that I should not I believe they help to sterilize and get crud off of things that if I thoroughly rinse the items as a safe practice this assuming the stuff I'm watching is non-porous am I being a jackass or what well I looked up the MSDS is on fantastic and and some of the

salted a bunch of Lysol. There

and before I do this I mean plug

you don't need a disinfectant for your pan because you're about to put it on a on a flame again you don't even let It Rip but but you know what those things have in them is surfactants to help get rid of oil right all of those household products are meant to volatilize and not leave residues on your services so you're probably going to be okay if you're actually looking at a sanitizer though I would go with good old-fashioned bleach I like bleach I mean bleach is great for a number of reasons it's easy to purchase you can use it in very dilute looking at you really only wanting to use between a tablespoon and an ounce per gallon as a sanitizing solution I mean don't ever go over like half a cup per gallon for normal sanitizing cuz you have a lot of residual chlorine you don't need it like those lower amounts are going to provide

sanitizing to do it soak your stuff in that and chlorine in a small amounts will volatilize as a thing drives and leave no residue at all and then you're good you're good to go I mean like he's not good at getting the crap off that you need to get the crap off beforehand which is elbow grease in fantastic bouquet is hilarious I've never seen this in MSDS they put the color blue odor fresh that's that we can do that

a'ight MSDS my way is manufacturer of industrial safety data sheet solvent and a coupling agent that helps lock the grease and get it off is what it is if you feed a whole boatload of that two rats their liver will get cancer but doesn't happen to us so much volatilize is fairly quickly that evaporates and we're not eating boatloads of it the other main thing in it is alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride AKA benzoyl chloride BAC is highly toxic to fish and Aquatic invertebrates but is not going to hurt us in small amounts and you know don't drink it

Missile Command Central including isopropyl alcohol weird and also more of the adbac and some other cool antiseptic properties but here's what I found out about Lysol ready for this go for feminine hygiene products I was close you were supposed to douche with this stuff fabulous not really I could I could I could not believe it so I was a Wikipedia reference I was like I don't trust Wikipedia on this right so I went and I saw a whole bunch of advertisements and they were like it just goes to show how as a culture we were just an offensive bunch of people back in the day to suggest that the here's how awful the ads were they would put ads in women's magazines and I'll read you some on the way out ready

start reading the Lysol copy from the 40s which hopefully if you have any sort of heart or Soul or going to make you be upset if the Lysol Corporation but thank you for being with us today we had we had a great time okay from 1949 in women's magazine a picture a picture and advertisement a woman beating against the door and not being able to make through the door too late to cry out in anguish be aware of the oven the heavy one intimate neglected can engulf you in marital grief too late when love is gone for a wife to plead no one warned her of danger because of wise considerate wife makes it her business to find out how to safeguard her dating is in order to protect precious Mary love and happiness one of the soundest ways for a wife to keep married Love In Bloom is to achieve dainty Allure by practicing effective feminine hygiene such as regular vaginal douches with reliable Lysol

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