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Episode 6: Miracle Fruit, Dutch Ovens & More

cruise ships don't know hello you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network the show where you call in hopefully with your cooking related questions technology-related or not the number to call in just over here is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 I'm here in the studio today with cooking issues Hammer anastacio Lopez and I we have some email questions in but before that today is cooking issues is brought to you by Fairway like no other Market they have at least three locations I know of one up in Harlem where I used to live up where my studio was back when I did the art thing as a huge walk-in meat like for meat refrigerator there it's pretty nice grate cheese section then course the original Midtown Uptown really 70 and change screen on Broadway

one right here in Red Hook Brooklyn close by the way our studio is so Fairway like no other market so we got a couple of questions in via email last week and this week if so let's let's take a look at it by the way we're here from noon to 12:45 every Tuesday 7 to 1 to 8 so we had a question coming in from Richard and says some friends and I saw a miracle fruit on a TV show and experiment this weekend you guys have any thoughts on this flavor and burning food have you tried it how does it work yeah. Oh okay well we love the miracle fruit there's a bunch of different ways you can get it you can buy the fresh frozen berries you can buy freeze-dried powder and you can also dry compressed tablets known as I can Miracle frooties or what not no matter how you do it

principal from this the miracle fruit is a protein called miraculum and what does Franklin does is it binds to your sour receptors and closet asari it binds to you're a sweet receptors and causes things that taste sour things that are acidic to also activate your sweet sweet sensor so basically things that have acidity think they're sour taste sweet now it doesn't last forever you want to put it in your mouth make sure it coach don't swallow it right away coat your whole time with it and usually depending on how strong I have big a dose it is how strong the one you have it can last anywhere from like 15 minutes to half hour or so and anything that has a scar is going to be modified doesn't go away so the effective when you're sucking on a lemon is it taste like lemonade typically I mean people like the taste all sorts of things when they do it like vinegar and

a friend of ours Clifford who was interning at the French culinary with us just graduated recently used to do these flavor tripping parties and he loves tasting like a cheap tequila he said tasted really good right nastasha things like radishes he really liked but you know I'm kind of an old-school guy and what happens is is that I cut up like 10 15 20 limes and then I just start sucking on the lines like like rapid fire because I can't get enough until my lips are bleeding from the acid and your stomach feels like it's about to drop out because I remember it doesn't actually take the acid away so it's still eating away your enamel and your lips and your stomach is just you feel compelled to to kind of keep eating them what else is Clifford really like you like vinegar something but really just get an array of things that have any sort of acidity to them and then just start pounding them and mean that basically my recommendation right

play my mustache is this constitution not as iron with mine so anyway so yes we highly recommend the miracle fruit and if you want to do it under controlled circumstances come to be heralded Electra Series Detroit culinary where we we not only eat miracle fruit we also eat something called Jimmy Nick acid the sugar Destroyer which what happens is tastes awful taste like you're like you're licking the bottom of a rabbit's cage or something it's me it's completely awful taste but that's not the point the point is it erases your sense of sweet so anything that has sugar in it all the sudden the sugar is completely wiped out but everything else stays the same and it's we do know we do the miracle fruit which is fun and then we did the Geneva gas and which is very very instructive because it allows you to taste all kinds of products that you don't think of it as being sweet and then basically what happens when you actually do erase all sweetness from it so strawberries I guess what you do think of a sweet become preposterously acidic without sense of sweet is knocked out so these are things you can come

black with her on the gate at the herald the electricity was I don't know what the next October November something like that okay so we have a question from Julia that says she's a recent grad student has recently married and is beginning to invest in cookware and if she wants to last basically forever and she wants to get a dutch oven I have a dutch oven I Love My Touch Heaven she says that she look at stop and also at the VA and she doesn't like the plastic knob on the liquor saying why does it why the hell do they use a plastic that plastic knob is true it's not I mean it's you can put it in the oven that plastic but you don't mean I'll tell you from experience that knob does Chip here's the good news you can unscrew that knob and put kind of any knobs you want on it I don't really know of the quality difference between a lot to say and in stob I think they're both someone's going to call and tell me

jerk for saying is I've haven't used it a lot but I bet they're probably fundamentally similar both of those dutch ovens are in a mold on the inside so you have an enamel surface you can also buy Dutch oven enamel their standard cast-iron that's going to be a little different you want to be careful with your enamel cast iron that you don't get it too too too too hot over an open flame because you can't get Poppin of the enamel I've never had that happen to me but I've had people report and if you go to the cooking issues website and look at our cat we have a post on cast iron cookware and the basically the heat properties of cast iron and you kind of the Misfits lot of myths around what cast iron Cannon can do and and your wife good watch not and you want to spend a lot of time on that I'm not trying to kind of think about that post in fact I was supposed to write it for somebody for a for another magazine and they they said it was too boring and Technical anyway but I still recommend you go look at it and there's a bunch of people who commented in that post on enameled cast-iron specifically and I believe Dutch oven a dutch ovens in at lucky say so

girl I post you can check it out on by the way I don't know why they use like you say on the Food Network instead of style I guarantee you they gave him that stuff for free so I mean I wouldn't I mean I have lockers at home date and I purchased it but I wouldn't take the fact it's on the Food Network is any indication of its quality vs Stout answers your question and then I'm literally just waiting for the first time so I'm not even going to I don't even have the time to think about you were going to hear my first cup reaction it comes from beef Stapleton and Detroit and says I know this may sound like a stupid question but with no stupid questions before I ask a stupid question I would love to hear David Vice for cooking pasta what temperature is best does it matter if you will quickly then reduce heat adding salt etc etc okay listen to show thank you very much I love you listening to the show and would like that answer some questions now

here's the thing there are so a friend of friend of ours friend of the school from the show cesare Casella it is you know renowned Italian chef from Tuscany here in the city just goes to show you how far afield from normal pasta cooking that you can go if you want to man sometimes Cooks is pasta like a risotto now don't do this with something like that's him long like spinner things you can stay around here literally like that he Pete's fries a little bit further Corazon all right just asking for some water in oil just like risotto and then just start adding liquid slowly and keep all the starches and they're releasing it becomes like a creamy creamy creamy pasta you're not losing all that starch to the cooking water so if you want to start you with shuttle like think you can cook pasta that way that just shows how far afield you can go from normal pasta cooking and still get a good result the tricks with pasta are there someone yes salt your water why not because it's going to raise the temperature by boiling water is probably the easiest temperature I don't think it's really crucial by just being a boiling water

find the only time you don't want to go super boiling is when you're doing something delicate like a ravioli it's going to get the crappy out of it in the thing is going to explode any wanted anyone to lower the temperature of your of your water a little bit just was not rolling around you want to use stopper flavor you know they inside a pasta has relatively low salt low flavor doesn't increase the temperature in enough for it to make a difference on the other thing is it doesn't want to pull your pasta a little bit and in advanced just because hopefully when you're adding it to a sauce it's going to integrate some of that sauce into the past and finish up cooking so you going to want to pull it up a little bit early and then toss it sometimes if you have a really thin sauce you could toss it you know over the heat a little bit in the pot is going to absorb absorb some of that sauce when it's when it's finishing there's lots and lots to say about pasta and and cooking I would get a higher higher

Ali pasha's I was also going to help a pasta dish going through a really rough guy holds on the sauce better bronze die so you know I would go go that way but I encourage you to ask more questions and I will think longer and more specifically about your pasta questions but I hope I said something of interest to you. Please keep listening and thank you for your question. We have some callers on the line who do we have

hello hi how you doing

headed to the top of the pre-soak dry method that they've been trying I've been doing the trial and error and sometimes it gets a little too over so that there is something they have you ever experimented with this at all and have like more of a guideline or X kind of thing for me know night now I feel bad I have not experimenting with this just how she is cesare ever experimented with this kind of thing that sounds like a great technique it's not so much for me it wouldn't be so much at meantime cuz I'm possible is pretty darn quick but it is a big Energy savings so you know and big energy in terms of your you know your heating bill be near your air conditioning Donuts

when you're boiling water is it mainly for Energy savings really want to do it for Time Savings

add flavor to the pasta before you like 2 minutes but the actual Showtime you know right I mean I need to a different sizes, maybe that be something you guys can do for a day in flavored stuff I guess the advantage of soaking is it doesn't require quite as much but they want any issues you going to get a lot of leaching the flavor out when you do boil it back in and large quantity of water I mean actually might want to do risotto style the way cesare

does unless you really don't want that creamy stockings but I'm definitely I'll definitely check that out and maybe we'll put something in the forms on it right onto this morning so thank you someone else

hi it's really want to invest in a 2 lb on a 2 lb bag of it

like 86-88 something like that this is something I need to investigate it used to be that you can call up Bob today who is the local ajinomoto that tells you that don't know what's going on people who aren't kind of like you know tech tech people meat glue is an enzyme transglutaminase that you can use to bind any two proteins together it's a it's derived from the soil enzyme it's totally natural it's destroyed by cooking there's no no no no no no problems with that I've read several red like 6 700 pages on the safe to transport a minute it's in your body right now it's like part of the thing that helps your skin you created as part of the stuff that helps blood clot this particular one is unique in that it doesn't require calcium it's very easy to use you to sprinkle the powder on to me to put to to meet together and they and they stick together after about four hours you can do anything basically cow donkey chicken moose whatever you can glue it all together and it's not just for special effects it really helps you make really nice portions that cook very consistent seeds

consistently very good promise is that you have to invest in a kilo of it and then you have to keep it in the freezer otherwise it goes bad does last a long time in the freezer be used to be when you called Bob today from ajinomoto who makes makes a stuff usually New York City rep for it that you could get a sample before you invested it did not do that anymore

types of been trying to reach out for a little while if I get a sample or something or did Chef Named Desire Florida mugshots is really increase and so it's not as easy maybe I don't know I haven't tried in a long time I'll tell you this though you know another way to do it I don't think it's something we don't buy that stuff about massages by the kilo is well and Dad Dairyland used to carry it here in New York I think they only sell by tequila you're not going to be disappointed when you put it that way it's worth the Box you're not going to be one of the great products in the world but keep it in your freezer because what happens if there's any moisture the the enzyme basically gets ruined and then you're out you're out the product you know so but you're not going to be sorry

getting up a try to get try to get a sample if you can thanks so much for your question we have to go to our first break



all right

hello you were listening to cooking issues in this is Dave Arnold call in with all your cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so while waiting to see if we get another call and then let's take some more email question so we have at Isaac Miller writes in from San Francisco saying if you want to talk about ice right and so he says his what is aggravated there so many suitors scientific proclamations about how ice works and says he thinks he heard me say that large ice cubes will keep drinks colder with less less dilution and smaller eyes Heaven forfend I have never if I ever said anything they gave the impression that I said that you know please expunge it from all sorts of records that is clearly not the case here let's let's go through this a little bit I'm going to go into my feelings on eyes for just a second

okay the fundamental rule of all cocktails this is the fundamental rule of all cocktails remember there is no remember bar ice ice in a bar is at celsius if you don't believe me come to the lab will run the test but once you take it out of the freezer within 20 minutes or so all that ice is at any deviation it is the temperature of your final drink that much for a reason they're too complicated to go into now but I mean if you take us directly out of the freezer obviously it will make a drink cold or eventually if you shake not necessarily Easter very long story anyway so far is it to zero degrees Celsius here is the fundamental law this is the law right there is no chilling other than through dilution because the only way the ice can chill is through mail and there is no dilution without chilling because it requires energy to melt the ice so that ice has to chill when it is melting so they're basically a one

relationships out in the short-term when you're stirring or mixing a drink you're not losing that much energy to the environment around it there's pretty much you know the temperature and the and the dilution the chilling in the dilution are linked together now it doesn't matter then what size the Ice Cube Azar or any or anything really in the big ice cubes are definitely no more colder Ice's ice I mean Grandpa Graham ice at the same temperature all stores the same amount of energy now we're two things deviate the greater the surface area something has I big ice has a low surface area to volume ratio to a big chunk of ice is less efficient at chilling because it has less surface area and all the melting and chilling happens at the surface right so a big ice is going to be less efficient so when you're stirring with big big ice cubes it take longer to get down to that temperature that you want and consequently Russell losing more to the environment probably all the least of these effects are negative or smaller ice is going to chill relatively faster beat

it's going to have greater surface area now the other problem is is that I said zero has water on its surface and the greater the amount of surface area the more entrained water the more water is present on the surface of your eyes there for smaller ice is going to dilute your drink more because it has more entrained water on it if you actually put your ice in a salad spinner or incentive you should you have one it's not really practical I'm just saying then you I mean really just shake your ass out before you use it you get all the extra water off at differences and dilution are going to be negative or we've done this to experiment experiment experiment and the differences are negligible in a stir drink the speed at which you can get something to chill down with small ice means that you actually will dilute your drink more and it will get colder with small eyes simply because you're not stirring long enough typically which could take up to the minute with a large chunk of ice to get your drink down to temperature so ice ice from a physical standpoint ice is ice made the question is how much water is there on the surface

what is the what is the waters on the surface and what's your surface area those are the two important parameters and then how effective are you shaking tends to be so effective that the ice really doesn't matter so much stirring it makes more of a difference but I have not because of my Extreme Ways and it's done the post from Tales of the cocktail we're going to discuss ice and stirring in great detail the same way we did Shake last year but I hope this answers your question and you please put a comment on the Block and we'll talk we'll talk more about it okay let me see next question from Richard have I answered all the questions but I have some good news for eBay wins for myself check this out so if you might know list let your readers in a Blog My know that we have several centrifuges over at the French culinary that I use my you

primarily for not sure if you do something spins and spending it separates Things based on density and what is what what can I do that well we can make really delicious nut oils make a really mean super delicious fresh Fresh Meadow oils we can make we are we take shirt olives we make an olive oil from it that I think it's delicious but some people think is is nasty but I find it and then and she doesn't like anything but you know recently what we've been doing is we have a technique where we at an enzyme we blend fruit and then we clarify it me make fruit juice that's mainly what we're doing with it now we're making gallons and gallons of different kinds of fruit juices everyday but strawberry juice peach juice apricot juice Plum juice me bang bang bang bang bang bang bang market and that's for four shots and that's how I would call the 3L benchtop bench top centipedes have swimming buckets in him they take three L3 L4 750ml buckets and they can all do

4000 vs now this is The Sweet Spot because 4000 G is enough to do almost everything we want to do in the lab in the kitchen with the exception of clarified lime juice for that it's relatively small relatively inexpensive relatively safe relatively easy to use this is something that I think more shifts to get anyway I buy one that's if you want is the model from Thermo scientific I buy it because he's our out that companies out of business but there's still a lot of these on the market in a relatively inexpensive I just got one a refrigerator probably when I say cheap it's worth probably two grand to rent one to two grand on eBay

99 bucks $99 $79 shipping the same shows up right I bought it because it said that it wasn't working I said it wasn't working display doesn't come on lights don't come on let me tell you something if any of you out there or you know what I'm talkin about if you do troubleshooting on equipment if you don't listen to sounds counterintuitive what you want is to plug something in and have nothing happened at all what could what this means is something probably happened very early on in the system something probably fairly easy to fix right right you know you don't want to hear that it powers on and the numbers come on and it spins at like 1/4 speed and then craps out halfway through it like this kind of stuff this is difficult to troubleshoot right but nothing at all happening Bueno right so we order the saying we come in I cracked the thing open blown fuse seriously a blown fuse is so now we have for like $179 including shipping an almost in a relatively new considering the company went out of business but like basically pristine refrigerated 3 liter centrifuge

I'm telling me to modify with a stroboscope so that we can take pictures of things clarifying and make them look like they're standing still with me crazy but seriously I'm going to pick the hell out of this thing it's going to be like a pretty cool send it to you anyways so yeah so just goes to show like with a little bit of troubleshooting and a Keen Eye for eBay you know you guys out there can get some serious serious deals now here's my recommendation Justin came from a blood lab write which means you want to clean the hell out of it so what we do is we we basically soak the inside of the sucker with in chlorine and that's not even going to touch food that we're ever going to eat but just clearing the hell out of it then I chlorine the help I should save the internet how do you spell chlorine the hell out of the buckets right and then we pressure cook the buckets cuz the pressure cooker is like a poor person's autoclave but it what you want to be careful when your pressure cooking to sterilize you want to be really careful to make sure that all of the air is out you want to have their the bucket actually underneath the surface of the water when your pressure cooking because otherwise you can have a air bubble trapped it might not get up to temperature and at least this way

I don't really know this is what they say on the sterilizer website so I just make sure the buckets are all the way under water you pressure cook them for like 20 minutes they're made out of aluminum so that you know all of that the heat goes into it and kills whatever might possibly L you in those things so you've been drinking juice out of a blood lab for like a year now all right I mean it's like you know it's a question of can you clean the thing properly are you taking the right stuff to clean it yes yes we are yes anyway so that is The Saga of our hundred $79 Center fuse worth two grand that's making me extremely extremely happy you you don't know Joey until you holding up a piece of equipment and seen that really is just a blown fuse that's causing it to not to not work properly I feel kind of sorry for the people who didn't take the trouble to troubleshoot it but not that sorry so it cost you $3 to fix it I only got shocked once a little bit shocked little bit

balance sensor in them so that when you're not balance if they're spending it all hell breaks loose in centrifuge is imbalance mean like all hell me like a really bad like makes a bad loading washer seem like nothing anyway so I need the imbalance sensor was was disconnected so I did get to catch that so I'm kind of glad I opened the thing up cuz some knuckleheaded disconnected being balanced which and you that's not something you want to have disconnected use what happens when when when it says it's not balanced just shut the whole thing off right away which stops it from flying apart 2 minutes

Pharmacy was here by the way if you have any questions call into +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 Paul a poke writes and says I'd be grateful if you can answer my question about our getting meat so if he's cooking for a population for him Foods food safety is the utmost important and the meats must be very tender okay and so he saying with with chicken he doesn't have a problem getting these characteristics tenderness taste and he's having difficulty with turkey everyone does everyone does brother like unless you use low temperature sous-vide & B and because food safety issues he's hesitant to use sous-vide you know he wants to get his hot as possible that without without really being beaten of the heck okay well here's the thing first of all city I don't know where the regulations are where it where you are I understand your trepidation and using them because if you use it improperly you know what you might might have problems but should be by the way for those of you that don't know

is that where you put food in a in a bag you seal it your movie oxygen you see what you cook it and then you know you can read Thurman and and inserted properly done sous vide is the safest a basic cooking techniques and allows you to get that the entire thing up the temperature so if you're willing to take the time investment to do it I think Susie is actually incredibly Safeway to provide very very high quality item barring that you could get a Combi oven that can cook at a relatively accurate temperature for something like turkey you know I want to take it to like 65 at least once you went through 69 at least but I mean 65 actually at maximum point but 65 Celsius is enough if you cook it long enough to kill anything in there right at the same time it's still going to be very very moist so if you had a Combi oven they're quite expensive here on space that we can get you get a cvap oven which basically is at like a holding oven with a bain-marie in it it was developed for Kentucky Fried Chicken

hold a fairly accurate temperature and you can cook your turkey in in there at at 6564 265 I think you're going to really really like the result is going to be extremely tender it's been reducing extremely safe and not requiring extra regulations we have to go to break I'm going to take a little bit about beef maybe and we'll come back with some beef recommendations in a minute


I'm mad I need some dick fat


welcome back to cooking issues a show where we take on your cooking issues most often technically related cooking issues but not always call in to the studio at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 we're going to be here for at least another 15 minutes maybe more if you could you call it a really compelling question right now Sashay yes please call my cell before the last break I was answering a pulse question about how to cook meat so that they're tender and also extremely safe presumably someone who has trouble you know maybe like a you can't choose something to him he's really tender but they also really save him some Amino compromised I didn't want to say it that way you know thanks for saying that the awesome great okay I hope you haven't offended anyone out there so we discussed turkey which I thought should be cooked probably depends on breast meat leg meet you need to go at least 65 Celsius from at a standpoint

not really from a safety standpoint you can cook it lower if you cook it for a long time you have the temperature times and you know that's on our on our website on cooking issues you can take a look at Doug Baldwin I think also has that I have some safety guidelines on his website and his new book but to be so with beef it depends on how you want to cook it if you don't want to cook it sous-vide what you want to do low temperature which is really the only way to guarantee you're not going to overcook the items now right we can all do braces without overcooking meat but if you want to do something it's not a braising still want to remain 10 or you want to guarantee safety you're going to have to cook it for a fairly long time and you won't do lower temperature I would recommend getting something like a cvap oven and it is describing it before it was invented for Kentucky Fried Chicken to hold Kentucky Fried Chicken and basically a hot box with up with a water bath in the bottom of the water bath means that you can really kind of accurately control the temperature in a regular oven you can actually control the temp

because I ate it. You're not getting a lot of good unless it's convection you're not getting a really good heat transfer and plus you're getting evaporative cooling moisture is always evaporating off the surface of your food lowering is temperature so it's really impossible to judge the internal temperature based on the ovens temperature within a regular cooking and see that you can set the humidity at 100% on the inside and you can really really dial in exactly the internal temperature really make sure that something is cooked all the way through and yet is still going to remain juicy so I'd look at that but I would really also look into doing low temperature work with a circulator and sous-vide because you know I think that once you make the leap into sous vide the Fantastic about savita's is that there's very little potential for recontamination of a product and so you can have products that are cooked and kept in really good shape and are very very safe I mean it really is no safer way to do it other than you know then sous-vide so long as it's done properly it mean the dangers obviously with with sous vide is that you don't you don't normally process

properly and that you might leave bacteria and are you might not refrigerate it properly and you might get things rolling in the bag like botulism but you know in a properly treated product that's just not that's not going to happen if you just treat treat the food properly so I apologize I hope that answered your question and now maybe we'll talk about some stuff that we're working on at the school so we've been working on water so for those of you that haven't read fix the pump fix the pumps is a book by Darcy O'Neill it's basically saying you know we should take a look at the soda fountain soda soda fountain was in a phenomenon in u.s. back in the day you know where you would go and they would make soda story but it's a lot more than that it had a lot there's a lot going on a lot of recipes lot of artistry a lot of X Y and Z should go check out the books fix the pumps it's a lot of interesting stuff going on you should read it

now what I was most interested in with the section where he started giving recipes for making your own mineral water in the vein of other famous mineral Waters like sitting on cell service originally water from a place in Germany but forgets Elton or some like that to town up until actually like a decade or two ago you could buy that particular water and then you know you know all the famous Waters you can eat meat that's a No-No girl trying all these things until he gets me the recipe so we started experimenting with making your own mineral Waters now I can't I can't be normal about this ego on Google Books and it turns out you can get all kinds of books from the late 1800s that have all of the all of the constituents of all the famous mineral water to the time cuz people were obsessed with the medicinal qualities of these various different bottled waters and there's a couple of main constituents that you want it you want to get and so rather than trying to actually make any recipes what we did is we we just got all of the

kitchen so we know we bought calcium chloride actually I have that cuz we use that we use a alginate taste god-awful it's like it's hideously terrible stuff but it's in some famous Waters and small amount of magnesium chloride right magnesium chloride is better known to people as bitter nor nagari it's used to as a tofu coagulant so we can we got some of that NaCl better known as salt is in a lot of things calcium and then we also got took those were all the chlorides we tasted you. By the way you see these at these Waters and they list in calcium chloride magnesium chloride like they once I go in the water that turn into ions anyway so it's not like it's not like the calcium knows it belongs to Chloride as opposed to the calcium belonging with the carbonate so anyway we also used magnesium sulfate which is Epsom salts which I'll get into later I don't want to put too much Epsom

salts into your water can one of the things people used to like about bottled waters I was bottled waters ever known as purgative which is fancy for makes you poop so you want it you want to stay away from pounding too much magnesium sulfate water as I unfortunately found out sodium bicarbonate and potassium potassium bicarbonate Cynthia all of these things separately to see kind of what they tasted like so in a different concentration so we're doing all the chloride calcium chloride magnesium chloride sodium chloride we taste them two ways one where they were equal amounts of the metal ion and it writes equal amounts of calcium versus magnesium versus sodium in the water and then we taste it with equal amounts of chlorine you know how to put a hole in it so equal amounts of Cl and what we noticed is what we thought the calcium taste like calcium chloride taste like death

lower concentrations it's not as bad but has a bitterness and then the salt one obviously taste like salt magnesium one with with sweet and kind of almost had a Milky Taste of restraints for the calcium didn't but when we carbonated then the very high amount of one it's the all the sudden when bitter so then we didn't have we were tasting it on its own but we were using much higher concentrations in you would actually use in a normal mineral water then in the carbonates we actually really like the calcium carbonate water and it really modify the bubbles cuz I only give me flat water which is like spoiled spoiled Seltzer what I hated make the right behind flat water is an Abomination you want bubbles in your water at all at all times if you're me and me mate in it modifies the bubbles and makes it look kind of let less effervescent I would say but also kind of making a smooth it out so the problem with calcium carbonate is it is not very soluble so really to make

soluble and not taste chalky we added a little bit of we had a little bit of phosphoric acid which you know a lot of stuff is all the thing and so we made a bunch of this water we ended up liking magnesium sulfate will Sweet & tae's refreshing but makes you poop so you want to watch out for it and calcium carbonate taste like chalk and less you can get get it all in solution there calcium sulfate was not as chalky is gypsum which is another thing that they is used for coagulation tofu also I think will make you poop in large quantities that you enjoyed the potassium bicarbonate and we can work without a little more and I kind of liked it the sodium bicarbonate and little amount which is baking soda say we're trying combinations are you saying is we're working on our own kind of what we think is like the best tasting blend to make it and a refreshing may be a little more refined mineral water rather than our normal like hyper carbonated nitrous CO2 water which is also delicious but they were working on

I think I don't Anastasia and I don't like any of the ones you gave Jesus Christ, she's like I hate it

right or wrong you are very easily swayed by we know knowing what's in it or not anyway so I found something on interesting I was researching a book called mineral Waters of Europe from the 1880s by a guy named Trish born and I was downloading on Google Books because I love downloading things on Google books which is like one of the greatest things in all the all the world is Google books all of these public domain books are available basically you can have the state-of-the-art knowledge from anything in the in the late 1800 before and some of their state-of-the-art knowledge is good take Aleve with water not in terms of science composition of Sweetwater's soda things like that and I do lots of research on it anyway so I downloaded some bite if born at had this interesting story which I will relate to you in the next 2 minutes

I can promise by accident there is a there is a thing in England called the tips weren't all right don't like Bob Dole but no domain and getting things out right and and so basically here's the story in the 1100 the baron Tish Warren was a cheap cheap cheap cheap bastard right cheap bastard his wife was nice and his wife she was on her deathbed and she said I don't remember the name Baron you know I really wish you would give you have all this great farmland and you don't give any of the proceeds of that farm land to the poor please give some of the proceeds is Farmland to the poor he was like no cuz he's cheap bastard and then she said

please please I'm dying please you know give some of the proceeds of land for know so he says listen finally cuz he was a real dick he says listen I will I will donate its proceeds to the poor all of my land that you can walk around under your own power carrying a torch now is like feels like winter time and she was dying so she gets up gets up gets a torch crawls around 23 Acres what is born property with a lit torch before she collapses in the torch goes out right to this day that is all True by the way it's not like we know horse hockey like to this day that area of land is called the crawl so she's dying from doing this she basically said okay you are going to give the proceeds of this 23 acres in perpetuity to the villagers here or others a curse on you you will have set that that house of tissue and we'll have seven sons followed by Seven Daughters at which point the name will be extinct in the

chiffon ribbon they continue this door since 11:00 they had one break in the Dole starting in the late 1700s until go to 1117 late 1700 and they stopped because they thought he said there's that there's a like the disturbance and then sweats well according to the history they had seven sons in the Warren family and then they couldn't start producing Sons I started only having daughters know their sons were dying to know if they were born a petition to restart the door they restart the doll one son survived that had a son and it took for name is probably get it again in the in the late forties that was flower rationing after the war and they thought they were going to stop at take for indole again and people from all over the country and England sent flower There Flower rations to the tick borne so that they could still distribute it out every every inhabitant is born is it is a lot in one gallon of flour in a year and every child's a lot of half a gallon here and they still get a couple tons of flour in every year they blessed with holy

water sprinkler tap and dough it out to the to the people so here's to the baron of tick-borne and is dull thank you for listening to cooking issues I'm Dave Arnold here with nastasha Lopez

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