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Episode 59: Halloween Episode!

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she just got back from California she was visiting home in the LA region because her sister was on the homecoming court at her High School homecoming thingamajig correct didn't win but you have to go back home and Crown new princess right sweet who wants to go back to high school after I've already graduated flame unless you're robbing the cradle. That wasn't me I never did that anyway so well-known cradle robber folks well-known cradle cradle robber

lost it was Long Island High School in crown and a lowrider with hydraulics pancake in the whole way down there at Stanley tarmac how awesome is that I've always wanted to get into a lowrider with hydraulics are sweet was in green with a green plant with green with a sparkly green and there's another lifelong dream I still have time folks I'm not dead yet

show calling all of your questions cooking or otherwise to 718-497-2128 memorize 718-497-2128 today's episode Brought You Again by the modernist Pantry Today Show you saying as you're reading it that's why sometimes I'll start my reading voice and start making comment which is dumb alright do you love to experiment with new cooking techniques orange Pantry has a solution they offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cook corn to Zia's and most cost only around five bucks only five bucks a v bucks that's cheap all right hey saving you time money and storage space where they were looking for a hydrocolloid pH buffers are even meat glue you'll find it at modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just asked Chris Anderson and his team will be happy to Source it for you

country in the world I can come eat tell me like New Zealand cooking ingredients Cassidy's fanjul cooking issues that place an order $25 or more before next week so we'll get a free package of high viscosity methylcellulose simple user profile promo code c i 59 when placing your order online at modernist Pantry. Com today for all of your modernist cooking needs okay listen that isn't actually all natural methylcellulose doesn't is not a naturally occurring product what they do is they take cellulose from like you know cotton or whatever wood pulp whatever it is and they modify it

to have certain properties now what I would like tomorrow in Spanish you guys to do is specify not a viscosity necessarily but exactly what type of methylcellulose were talking about most chefs use methylcellulose and here's one for you from how they sell write a m e t h o c e l methocel and it's also the type because they have widely differing properties depending on whether it's methylcellulose hydroxypropyl methylcellulose what the chain length is excetra exactly what series it is now the super high viscosity ones are often used as note to self eye gels when it Heats and melts when it when it cools down so this is the day that the hydrocolloid of choice if you've ever been to a restaurant or seen an application on the on the on the television set

liquid and squeeze it into a broth and it sets up into like a noodle or jail right away into a hot broth typically that's a methylcellulose a down so they doesn't bleed out however I don't ever do that what a my favorite methocel is not actually a high viscosity methocel F like Frank 55th and Cypress sounding like a like an expensive Ferrari does not mean for I right or left 15 anyway it's not what it is is it's a load of medium viscosity methocel that has amazing whipping property sell yeah I'd like 8 grams per liter of this stuff to whatever you know. Choose whatever and then you in a blender and then you put it into like a KitchenAid with a balloon Whisk on it and you whip it just like egg whites and stuff what's up just like a boomerang this is what I believe is what's a Mason way back in the day used to use to make his he used to make like a

like the phones that have architecture of like a Guinness head who's looking for the detector that was on top of the Guinness beer was what he was shooting for he has to get it with this actually use Guinness as the phone with 50 or not I can't anyway so it makes up into a nice almost like an egg white meringue and here's the cool part if you pipe it onto a Silpat or whatever piece of acetate sticking to dehydrator or in an oven that said to dehydrate they don't fall they gel up a little bit and solidify and they turn into these amazing meringues that disappear in your mouth and not like a regular meringue have a little bit of a protein if they can be made with any flavor and their reserved you cannot take a vegan face I wish you could see her vegan face it's like a little bit and it's like someone made an off smell or something in the room because I don't feel that way about other human being Selena statue does that's why we call her the hammer

I don't have anything against I think Zeke look it's like it's like I don't know. I said so unfair it's unfair it's difficult for me to cook for vegans right so it's been hard for me to cook for vegans upset with their life choices I wish they hadn't made that life choice yes I do wish they had made that life but it's nothing against them personally I have any vegan recipes do I have it actually makes it a vegan like to two and too so if you come to my house and you're a vegan please let me know in advance and I'll make one of my two recipes and see what you can take a lot of good Indian food in substitute olive oil for ghee and get a passport result May guess that's what a lot of people do it just happens to be the one thing I use it's not all natural the other the other one I don't use it a lot of chefs use is propylene glycol alginate not natural


so calling all of your questions to 718-497-2128 Dave & Company high again with the Hang Time be comparable to pork or would you use a hand with you use a different cure I told him he might want to incorporate juniper berries or Jan into the Cure am I full of crap thanks Derek by epic Lee for a country ham kind of an application wouldn't be using any liquids so it wouldn't be kind of grind in but I'm it's not going to hurt operate fairly quickly but I would you could add whatever you want I mean you know so delicious delicious something with juniper in it that you might want to taste me B spec Spec's delicious right you know what we'll do is we'll take a ham like the roll it out flat The Cure Flats me the cures a lot faster than it would if it was left in a whole roll and they typically smoke it and it's typically I believe Juniper right is the flavor in it yes

there's one there's a hole in a from out of Aditi up in the north of Italy and then also across the border in the Indy kind of Austria of Germanic kind of creation to expect and I happen to prefer the Italian one because the one that's typically north of the border is a little bit drier than the ones we get at least the ones that I've had and so I expect it's delicious next. Due to hit the trick with curing venison is venison is not doesn't have typically as much fat in the meat as would something like pork I would assume that it would cure closer to be in terms of that like a passel I think it would cure closer to that kind of situation so you know if you wanted to cure for the length of time that hammer cure for you going to need to protect it from drying out too much right so you know what you could do is salt it down and get the salt level what kind of the way you want to take some practice at have to look up exactly what's what's going on but I would have to

average Darcy hydrate a bit I would cover it with fat layer of fat or maybe you could go maybe you can go what's the word I'm looking for like you know Parma style wear after it ages for a certain date to put the face of the meat which is a part of the meat that shows it doesn't have fat will take Lauren and I forget like the rice flour Something Borrowed and something like rice flour and work it over the face of the hand they're so to stop the drying out so I would do that so that way you get there at the moisture level that you want and then you cover it up and let it dry out so when dry out too much and I think it should work I think that would be great meme Juniper sounds great I might even smoke a little bit when you ask yes malicious and it sounds like a very good alternative to you know the venison jerky that everyone makes of course also if your friend is a hunter and I don't know whether we've already discussed this cuz I can't remember which questions you sent in please go buy an immersion circulator if you were going to take the trouble to buy a weapon get a hunting license go sit in a tree for like a day and a half waiting for a deer to come by as big enough that you want to shoot it in the in the neck and take it home

spend a hundred bucks on an immersion circulator so you don't have to turn everything into sausage in chili right because venison cooked in an emergency ocular not for too long and sometimes I can get Gandy but venison cooking an emergent circulator even like an older one is going to be freaking delicious and I know this not from fiery but natural practice not of my own stuff because I wish I could, but I don't have a hunting license I don't I want one kind of pretty bad that I want I know I'd like it I really want to I don't want to shoot a deer I really want to get the things that you can't buy otherwise me I want to get like Grouse and Woodcock and I'll miss Tasha wants Tommy Grouse and Woodcock and a teal in in the England's they can serve in the restaurants in England and I had like the little babies in and everything and I thought she was going to quit working for cooking issues because I was literally like like there's there's blood all over my face like cook Samy cook innards guts and blood all over my face because I was like kind of Burying my husband during my face

carcass of The Birds trying to eat them out and then spitting the think think think spitting out the diabetes on Forsyth you're not going to eat the head that she knows what's up anyway so as we sat on the show many times immersion circulator should be Hunters best friend like it should basically when they give you the license they should say do you have an immersion circulator would you like to buy one you know what I mean before we go to the break a couple of weeks ago somebody called in as like I have an immersion circulator what the hell am I going to do with it basically remember that there's like what like what am I going to do with it for normal family meals it's not like you're not so local no offense in case you're the owner of a Fine Fare out there but the local crappy like grocery store Key Food C-Town style thing is fine and fare where I live just like the local you know

restart so I went in there and I bought your regular run-of-the-mill sausage and I cooked it for family dinner because you know a couple weeks ago we went to cesare Casella's Farm the Thanksgiving Farm where they let you know they help multiple disabled in autistic kids and adults through therapy including working on the farm wouldn't anyway so they gave us there

apostrophe delicious me just absurdly delicious and so I cook those cuz they gave us a whole bunch along with some brussel sprouts very good and they told us to cook the leaves on the top of the brussel sprouts. Which was surprisingly good to take a long time to cook kind of like collards but incredibly delicious so we had those and one with potatoes if they so we had a we had a Thanksgiving Farm meal except this message so I cook the sausage and the witness ziplock bag with a little bit of oil through that sucker in the immersion circulator 60° Celsius which is 140 you should all remember that by the way I don't care what are you cooking Fahrenheit or Celsius you should remember that 60 is 140 invites her anyway cook it through a lot of my Salamander, salamander you can learn a grill do whatever for like you know a Minotaur side and they were like the best dang sausages in the world and that the Fine Fare for nothing but because I cooked it right it was delicious because typically you over cook a sausage and you were lying on the extra fat on the inside of a sausage to make it taste good what you should do is just not overcook it from the beach

now when Philip Preston from polyscience are good buddy with putting together The cookbook that we gave him recipes for for his emergence circulator we gave him that recipe would like sausage you should have sausage in there and he's like well why don't stand like why you need to cook a sausage in immersion circulator and because I can go buy the cheapest anyway and it's like an inexpensive stuff and you treated right in the circuit and beer boil at 6000 for like you know whatever I wasn't even paying attention to it nice to it and you know what I did I didn't want to fire up my circular for the leftovers so I took a ziplock bag and I threw in this is nerve a special at through mashed potatoes into the ziplock switched it flat sealed it so you could be here that you switched up mashed potatoes in the ziplock bag down to a layer like maybe like three eighths of an inch

check and then I threw it into a pan of simmering water like a frying pan of simmering water and they heated up like lickety split without without you know having any burn spots on the bottom they were hot all the way through when I didn't lose any moisture off I'm so it's perfectly reheated mashed potatoes which are pain pain reheat mashed potatoes not having turned to crap so I did that so anyway and you can do that an immersion circulator if you already had it running in fact what we do now in classes if we make are mashed potatoes you know in advance like in the morning pack them into zipsor into into vacuum bags but not without the vacuum because could back him up and then at the last me a couple of minutes we squish it real thin throw it into the circulator bath and reheat it and they're perfect don't you hate when you're making mashed potatoes to make mashed potatoes don't you hate it when you're always worried about getting my potatoes is it going to get colder than you had to take him over a water bath to keep them hot in the water back wheels of toys of pain nice neighbors are always a pain to finish off when you're finishing off the rest of your food at least if you care about them the way I do I don't know maybe

Josh is one of those people that beats the hell out of medication aide until they turn into a Super Glue pretty one of those people with leftover chunks of potato that didn't get mad I see you don't like the leftover chunks if I know because I am who I am and people like my chef friends and make fun of me if I didn't I use the food mill to make the mashed potatoes but honestly I think one of the easiest things if you don't have a food mill potato ricers work really really well the problem is is I always burn my hand when he's you know what I'm about to say they don't leave any little trunk which they're pretty good I also diapers from my chef friends who use all these only butter but I don't want people going to call me, but I'm not one of these guys I feel like I need to put so much freaking butter and that I can actually lubricate the potatoes entirely with butter alone so I actually a creaming butter should I use does

add more butter but I don't really want like you know like the Robuchon potatoes are like half butter and haven't really necessarily and I don't need that you know what I mean it's not my throat and those are some more things to do with your immersion circulators and I spent hardly any time talking about the medicine but that's life in the big city

turn on the phone

questions to let the record show that vegan face was originated on the show everybody else starts using that shows by the way today is a it's literally Roberta's is a one-man Jack Hensley show today Jackie Lee being our our Intrepid engineer here is shut down for the day because the entire staff is off racing go karts in New Jersey this true or false the correct I spoke to the chef of Roberta's Carlo couple weeks ago when I was at the farm and he told me this was going to happen you didn't tell me was going to be on a Tuesday and here's the thing they have a know they have a no drinking while on the go cart policy which is very wise very wise do you think that's why I stack

with them you so but they have apparently and I don't know how to cook out they have a know it's close Track by the way both close track they have no getting on the go cart drug policy so the Roberta's idea was to get everyone shall last on the bus ride down so that makes sense so my prediction for the fight is pain Clubber Lang Rocky 3 fans out of the audience before I'll be making you tomorrow again the salad so hopefully it's good

yeah Jack went fired up the pizza oven so that it's crazy right on the door because I like signage and so like the door said to call Jack need to get in but I didn't see it this by the way you know what sucks this is our Halloween episode and we didn't think about anything to do for Halloween I forgot the Halloweens on the Monday

it's a little late to celebrate the Halloween on the Tuesday no one gives a crap about Halloween after it's over by the way my son says I said crap too much anyway speaking up that my younger son my older son who's obsessed with the MTA and all things trains to Philly want to be on them wants to be and he wants to be a Metro-North ticket taker IE conductor this year try to go buy a Metro North had folks Metro-North is a Commuter Rail Road try to please nastasha who's a genius at this sort of thing so like if I want to fight by the way if I want to find you whoever you are like she will find you get your personal number and your assistance number and start hounding them so please don't like asked me to get her on your case because she will track you down too small for my ten-year-old I don't I didn't think they're human beings this small think they're supposed to fit on your head don't like

perched are not freaks there are human beings are taking tickets they wear this is there and their had around I guess we'll tell you stories of Halloween by what you get a house please someone calling with a Halloween question 271-849-7128 okay

hey Natasha and Dave thanks for answering our question on Bagel cocktail Sam and I work together so it was just one group of people trying to work they make Bagel cocktails not that the entire world is suddenly interested Bagel cocktails would be quite strange and we talked about sending any question and we both ended up sending the question anyway we enjoy the show and has been hugely helpful exploring new ideas and techniques best of Johnny hunter from the underground food Collective what's grape work but they sent that the day after oh so you didn't have time to try it

okay another follow-up highdistortion Dave this is from Andrew just one else right in this or is just Andrew by the way check this check this out iTunes right apparently they will not tell you I'm trying to figure out like whether or not anyone listen to this program or not so I'm like Jack can you call the iTunes people and figure out like whether anyone's download iTunes won't give out that information is not crazy to make any damn sense and I'm still 58 they wondered what what temperature modernist cuisine calls for for cooking geoduck low temperature and they listed as barely cooked according to their best bet chart they prefer 50° Celsius for 30 minutes okay I am not saying episode low temps meals are mentioned and the same chart in modernist cuisine recommend 68 degrees C for 5 hours for a tender brace nail I hope this helps and thanks for the great show

text Andrew before I get let me finish this before I finish up Andrew said ok I like I said last week I think I've had myhrvold and Young's and you know maxime's in Grant's that's a whole crew there are some of the whole crew there I've had their geoduck geoduck being the very manly Clan will say that's there anyway yes it's the most suggestive food I think that we should be good time to press pause in Google pronounce geoduck like the good folks and by the way it's on the air that she is a regular I don't know where she finds the time cuz you know I'm and out of a sheet

15 minutes of their program

calling out Hoda and Kathie Lee they don't care what we think anyway I used to watch Cassidy by back in the day when she was with the Regis Regis and Kathie Lee that's bringing it back I used to be the summer before the summer I graduated college I did exactly three things I worked on my 1976 Pontiac Bonneville right on doing that the quarter panel so that I could get it pass inspection and making sure that it works pay $400 that car that's $1 I ever spent car got exactly ten miles to the gallon when it was on the city or the highway like a couple of months into owning it a James Brown tape. Got jammed into the tape deck and I could never get it out again so like whatever the car was running James Brown was playing

electric spray painted in gold and zip-tied bull horns on the front of that same thing was amazing love that car really good pick up anyway so I did that I deep fried potatoes and habanero chile rellenos because I was training myself for heating at the time and I watch Regis and Kathie Lee and ABC daytime soaps and what the hell she was my wife two times with my girlfriend at the time but no she's almost like man with the hell's wrong with this guy what am I got into anyway so incredibly delicious until I kind of long noodles and they cook a to cvap oven I guess at 50° C which is just warming it really for 30 minutes and it's just fantastic very very tender but they cook their snails are much higher temperature to 68 to 68

Rihanna see why you don't just take all the way up to 85 I don't really see what the big name and I'd like to try to like to try the difference in a 68 Celsius snail for 5 hours and just like a regular simmer in a bag let's say for you know for like 2 hours see what the difference is but if that's what they say works I'm sure they tried I'm sure they had one of the 15 Cooks it was working on that thing sitting there with like snail after snail 4 days figuring it out right enough aesthetic that we don't own a copy of modernist cuisine

don't even said I can just pathetic and was also wondering if we are still interested in some help for blog post and I will gladly lend my time and effort in people and that is I have left I have roughly 15 to 20 blog post in my head that need to get written roughly 15 to 20. I just don't have time I'm just being pulled in all kinds of different directions I think at this point if there are people out there and they would have to go through this Tasha and give us a sample of their writing or what not but if there are other people who think that they want to write cooking issues style post meaning pedantic you know you know the Style to Style is what it is it's cooking a she stopped up I think at this point we could probably open it open it up what do you think this is the first I've heard of this

let me know that we're going to own it whatever we want the people who were writing for no longer have to be working for the French culinary term just considering between between you want to post on a piece of song titles and which are two new clarification AIDs that I used I have a way to clarify now things like lime juice to get pretty good deals without a centrifuge even I've worked on it without a centrifuge grapefruit juice with no problem I'll be very close to getting Center so useless clarification for lime juice there right about this I have to write there's a bunch of like book review things I have to write on there's just a whole boatload stuff on a more infusion techniques I have to write about when they're just a bunch of stuff that I have to write about I just don't have time and you know what maybe this maybe it's not even stuff

cooking issues style post on their own thing right and by the way I'm not if you have an idea and you can write up in a cooking issues kind of way I'm not going to take credit for your idea that I just don't feel if that's appropriate appropriate post dummy writing something you know I am just imagining this stuff will get the stuff before you go by their writing it is I would propose to nastasha what it is you think is most and look at Francis Lam's writing we really like him I love him and style of writing guilt is it was new company Guild he's not at the he's not at the salon anymore the blog I'm open Andrews

okay another question I just had a disaster occur and I'm trying to backtrack my steps to where I screwed up and this is coming from are you legal Rock what color

we did we got them hello, are you on here I just had a question I was wondering if you had anything special that you do with all that you just screwed us out and then you stopped throw it away if you could use that for food wise in the seeds I don't know maybe you can eat the seeds are incredibly delicious my kids babysitter makes the best pumpkin seeds of ever had was just talking about this yesterday and and Pinot when she said she was going to make pumpkin seeds so they can't whatever come on if you're going to make a pumpkin see that I think it's delicious, she removes the pulp from the pumpkin seeds like washes and clean and then squeezes a lemon or lime juice over them let them sit for a little while and then roast them off and another with salt and they are

reading good are regular pumpkin they're delicious avocado with a kabocha squash and the seeds are little bit thicker so they're not as good but I might try to get my babysitter's recipe for the seeds for later for next week but they're fantastic. I don't know whether you can use anything or anything and I'm sure you could cook it I'm sure you could cook it and like make like a ton of a bra thing out of it and then like press it out the strings themselves I don't know how well they break down but the seeds by far away you should never throw away those pumpkin seeds because they're incredibly delicious thank you so much thank you and happy Halloween

how's that

is good I just had a disaster occur this is Marty and Eagle Rock I just had a disaster, I'm trying to backtrack my steps to where I screwed up I love questions like this because I like cuz I screw up all the time and I'm always having to backtrack I had two hunks of cross rib roast I blow towards the surface of each and toss them into bags and olive oil garlic and fresh Rosemary and seal them up at home vacuum sealer couple of mistakes there a blowtorch I'm not a big fan but I'm not a big fan of that you may do you have one of the iwatani which is one of the little the little butane powered up blow torches but I find that like the average porch that we use which was a big old propane ones that are used for when you're the you know what I'm looking for June 28th or right they leave what I call a propane taste we talked about this recently on the air propane taste and I think it has to do with the chemical that they add to the propane so you can

when you're sleeping right cuz you don't want it to leak in exploding all that stuff and there are butane torches that don't have that smell because I do a better job at combusting that smell or because there's less of the adulterants in the butane because you used to butane that you use for pipe lighters and cigar lighters and those customers are very sensitive about that smelly old school suckers don't use lighters that use matches the right anyway so I'm not a huge fan of torches in general especially on fat because fat tends to pick up that flavor more than lean Parts would have done the test on I'm a bigger fan of just you know putting a singer on that thing in a frying pan if you can't do that vine go ahead and blow up or just going to wear but that's just my thoughts on blowtorching I recently bought a blowtorch at the Home Depot that is a propane torch that has a much bigger flame on it it's a real monster it's called like a wide-angle like a

add flame I'm in the process in a blogpost I'm in the process of working out to see whether or not that thing has less of a torch case weather has a better combustion and also whether I can do a better job brownie because it's not as much of a point source of heat is much wider so I'm looking into that this wasn't the question we're back on Maris question now so he bagged with olive oil garlic and fresh Rosemary and fill them up at home vacuum sealer so far so good 2 days at 130 degrees which is 54 for or where are the other I tossed in the freezer the first one turned out great assaulted and stared at off perfect meet by the way good job not salting it beforehand the recent blog post we had is that if you saw the meat before hands going to take skewered especially on a long cook like that it's not going to taste the fresh steak so good job salting and afterwards and Siri get off perfect meat good I'm glad a couple of weeks later I defrost of the other hunk and tossed it into the suit into the immersion circulator in today or whatever he's using to cook at 130 degrees

cooked it for 36 hours at 36 hours he noticed an air pocket growing in the bag he was worried there was some anaerobic nastiness happening and sure enough when I opened up it smells like rancid zombie vomit there for Halloween for you rancid zombie vomit ranches zombie vomit zombies eat only human brains

I have to do some fact-checking on that first exclusively but their favorite thing to eat is it seems like Google says they bring the human brain is because the way you become a zombie is to have a zombie eat your brain therefore therefore you don't have the brain to be eaten by that once you're a zombie so they need to search out for humans for their brains to see this is why it works anyway zombie vomit would be like several day old human brains that have been digested by zombies or talking about for a smell so I jumped in serve leftover lasagna instead that's a good call what question is where did I go wrong could I have killed gas had I served it and what should I do differently next time thanks Marty I don't think they obviously you did the right thing anytime a bag blows up with air and you don't know why you should throw it away because they're probably clearly bacteria growing in there though

causing the bag to inflate

the fact that smell like rancid zombie vomit right and usually it and it does smell freaking awful cuz I've had it happen before it's like to me it's not zombie vomit as much as it is kind of blue cheese mixed with zombie vomit kind of a blue cheese sauerkraut Sox feed zombie Mohammed mix right but it's it's off-putting for that way certain like you know how some Cheese's taste delicious but smell of death

I like that to anyway what's happening in there isn't going to kill me one most likely but what that is is there different lactic acid bacteria lactobacillus and other bacteria like that that are growing in that bag and what happened is this you had a large piece of meat you might have had a a portion of the interior of the meat that have gotten contaminated like a knife or something got stuck into it or it's just the stuff on the outside and maybe the meat was resting against the bottom of the circulator right and you put something in Frozen thought it and as you thought let's say you thought it before you put in the circulator remember freezing doesn't kill bacteria Kills baby a certain portion of them but it's not a method to kill bacteria the bacterial based games has been animation

it takes a long time to thaw out a piece of meat this is why they have you thawed meat in the refrigerator typically even though it takes a whole hell of a long time they don't want the meat to basically be growing bacteria while it's storming out there and it takes a long time to thaw meat is because water is not nearly as bound water inside of meat is not nearly as good a heat conductor as the ice so once it starts dying it actually becomes kind of insulated relative to the part that's not thawed and so it takes a lot longer to thaw something and it doesn't freeze it which is why things take forever to thought even though you've had that turkey in the fridge for you know three days the inside of it still frozen you've noticed that right now so one you don't necessarily have to thought you can thought in the circulator at kind of load cooking temp in that in that area by and then you're killing bacteria right from the get-go without growing some at the beginning the other problem is

if there's some bacteria in the middle of it and it takes hours for the me to come up to temperature and it can take hours and hours and hours especially your right at the line there you're at 50 Series like 50 for 4 if its 4 degrees different so give a big roast and it's it's in the bottom of the pan and there's stuff underneath that's contaminated that hasn't been killed yet and that part is 4 degrees cooler because they're not water circulation underneath of it you're going to be growing bacteria in that and then they gas will come up around it will form a bubble and I'll start floating right so I have to diagnose exactly where you went wrong one beware that at those clothes temperatures you you should what you should do is take the bag and probably simmer it like for like a minute just to kill everything that's on a Surface layer and then put it in and you're not going to have a problem you don't want to make sure the bag is up off the bottom of your circulator tank so that there's not a place where you're like different at 4 degrees different you're growing evil bacteria in there and you don't want that to happen

another thing is making sure that you don't have any contamination on the inside making sure your thoughts on times aren't too long at but you definitely put yourself in a situation where a chunk of the meat was in the rain probably between 40 and 50 Celsius right so below a hundred whatever it is 20 in change 2007 whatever it is and you grew lactic acid bacteria you probably would have killed anyone but I guarantee you the entire piece of meat was repulsive so it's a good job to throw it away right now and do everything else to say all right well this is been the Halloween episode cooking issues will come back with all of her Halloween stories happy Halloween and happy trick or treating

new shoes pinch don't know

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