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Episode 58: Bread Infusion, Meat Safety, and More

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I was thinking about it on my crazy bike ride over here even though I'm a little late you I managed to bike here from my house in 15 minutes wet which is why when I show up sometimes you hear me the beginning of the show and I'm coughing up a lung it's because I'm an out-of-shape 40 year old guy biking from Manhattan to Brooklyn in 15 minutes right no comment from the Starship Today's Show episode 58 by the way we brought to you again by the modernist Pantry hate to overspend 4 pounds of supplies and only a few grams are needed for application modernist Pantry has a solution they offer a wide range of modern ingredients in packages that makes sense for the home cooking enthusiasts and most only cost around five bucks saving you time money and storage space where they are looking for hydrocolloid pH buffers or even meat glue you'll find it at modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just ask Chris Anderson

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Minter Farm oh yeah this weekend we went to cesare Casella one of our good friends favorite favorite Italian and any kind of shift very good host letters up to a farm that he has a recall like a partnership with to the farm specialized If part of this of the Center for Discovery and Discovery School which is this great place in Sullivan County that it's basically a residence School / place home really for people who are either severely Autistic or multiple you disabled and basically need a constant amount supporting one of the initials they have from a therapeutic standpoint is a farm where they cesare grows his chianina cattle there with her with your fantastic but they also have sheep goat chickens pigs are there starting a dairy and they grow a lot of their own vegetables and so the idea being that end in cesare. Involves a place where is cow's but also he is a helping them

ensure that the food that everyone there eats is a very very high quality the idea being that the better the quality food you eat the better your life is we certainly agree with that has a fundraiser with a bunch of chefs Mark Ladner from Del posto Kevin Garcia are on Marco from Roberto's is there a Jesus Christ Carlo Carlo give me the squeaky I all right all right

John Fraser show me a John Fraser was there I feel like I'm missing a whole slew of people event raised a lot of money for a good cause I made a cocktail it was a Caraway mint julep with Haley mansion on the year before the idea that spearmint and Caraway day was staged Brothers the chemical that makes them that makes them taste you know the two chemicals are mirror images of each other there a Sounders anyway car going to the chemical so we call the drink Tony Carvalho and we doing a bunch of different varieties this was a Julep carvone we've done other kinds of card balance

if I if you come to an event that I'm not working anywhere if someone's making a cocktail like first of all nine times out of 10 the people who are running the event don't give water to the cocktail guy so don't walk up to the cocktail guy and ask the cocktail guy for water because odds are they don't have it right what station they don't have it right or if you hit water station or something but usually the cocktail guy they barely gave that guy ice they didn't even give him Bartels he's wiping his hands off on his pants right pretty much another thing don't just ask for a poor the straight liquor unless you order the cocktail to if you say hey can I have a poor the straight liquor they really they don't like you anymore they don't write cocktail book it's a Cirque cost right it's not like they're going to charge you extra for the cocktail at the event just get the dang cocktail if you don't like it put it down somewhere and then say this what you say

I enjoyed the cocktail can I just have a shot of the street like and then they won't dislike you write anyway so and it's like anything when you choose a cocktail at Caraway that is a polarizing thing which I should never do I should only choose kind of Slam Dunk ingredients for the people who like Caraway came back for like a bajillion of the right we had a bunch of many multiple takers on that then you know a bunch of people just won't even try to be a heartache when you do polarizing ingredient anyway a good time was had by all especially my kids who got to milk a cow you're not making the cocktail you were picking meant making the cocktail you are picking meant see I demand accuracy from everyone I work with right through this is interesting and this has never before happened we have the identical questioning from two different listeners one Johnny Hunter

and the other at school. Sam banaba what do they know each other but I'll read them both the second one from Sam is how would one go about making a bagel cocktail obviously the major challenges transferring the base wheat bagel flavor and alcohol form after which one with seasoned with Sesame poppy onion salt or whatever their personal big Bagel preferences might be and then on a very similar note from Johnny I am trying to make a big pickle flavored cocktail I was wondering if you have some tips on how to achieve something of a bagel flavor in the cocktail I was thinking of using a sesame Bagel toasting slices of infusing it into Base liquor and then adding in other flavors any ideas you have a be great that's so freaking random you think those guys know each other really like that the week of the bagel cocktail cocktail Revolution

well I will say that I have never made a bagel cocktail before we did do a burrito cocktail one from that it was disgusting we took a I took a Chipotle brand this is a joke by the way I wasn't any service at Chipotle brand believe is bean burrito high speed blender with beer Chang beer actually and then Center fuse get to get the salads out and then chilled got rid of the fat Andre carbonated it and it tasted like a Subway Italian BMT sandwich I believe it's what we decided to tasted like those awful busy off sulking somewhere soaking yeah it was for a pilot we did for for a stoner thing but Bagels I haven't done however there is a lot of experience experience in the bartending and in the food world with bread and cereal infused liquid so Sam Mason and

you know was famous for his cornbread ice cream or he would soak corn bread and milk I think and then and then use the milk for ice cream Christina Tosi does a lot of cereal based ice creams piece of cereal the milk and then use of the milk to make ice cream milk and cream the closest in a cocktail world I remember is a Evan Freeman that had a well-known Pumpernickel Pumpernickel raisin Scotch where what he would do if he would slice the Pumpernickel raisin bread very thin Lee then he would toast it and he would put it into scotch and basically a mason jar and then it after several days he would decant it and I assumed squeeze out the bread to recover the excess otherwise you'd be a wasteful wasteful bastard maybe maybe he was away so that's why I don't know but that is exactly what I would do so you could ask for Sam's thing just do a plain bagel

and then infusing the other spices but I think you'd be just as good as choosing a bagel that you enjoyed like an everything bagel let's say and then slice it if you want it toasted flavor I think it's going to transfer better with a toasted flavor toast it all though they no taste like a toasted Bagel not like a Rob Bagel you could do it with a regular donut Rob posted and let it Infuse I would squeeze the stuff out expect some loss because of the absorption of the liquid in into the into the gloss if you dehydrate at least dehydrated it before you before you infuse Me Maybe if you don't want to toast if you don't want those brown flavors I would at least dehydrated to get some of that water out so that you get a better infusion of the stuff into it at quicker clicker transferred to play with alcohol but that should definitely work now the question is what kind of it and I wouldn't necessarily as

I think is Johnny's name right do a a malt based liquor that you couldn't we say multi assume you mean something like malt like Scotch but I think saying like Scotch is going to be a little too strong I'll go for a little lighter flavor to go with your bagel accepting it's not it's not going to want a very heavy heavy flavor mean I would first I mean I know it's a lot of my listeners probably aren't vodka fans but I would try it first and a high-proof vodka just to see what kind of flavor transfer characteristics are and then move on to its only got to be a couple of days is going to take me to take you a month to make this stuff and then switch over to you know the flavor that you may be like better with a bagel I don't think they go and Jen sounds good to you know if you want to do bagel and then you can go Bloody Bloody Mary is Sean it a little bit you know what I mean some of the flavors I like for the day like tomato and things like that or tomato water out of a mighty nice I'm trying to think of what else I mean

I need the problem with this is going to be too intense and I don't know that's going to mix going to blow the bagel out that he thinks Us in any regular mulch that's going to be like a regular Malt Liquor d'usse I Colt 45 is going to have enough of are you an alcoholic think you really get a good infusion honest I think you're kind of stuck there using a lighter flavored product maybe you'd want to go into something like a grandpa I'm trying to think what do you think the bagel

recommended necessarily make sure you seal the Mason jar I don't think you're going to need to heat it the reason for mason jars just got a wider neck on it and so you know you're not going to have to try and shove it in and get it out wow that's the first time it's ever happened to like very strange questions I've never come up before, and you're having some sort of bagel cocktail off and you just didn't want to tell the other one that you're riding a desk right give me Searcy Searcy and how's that possible okay so first Commercial Bank 97228

stay tuned for a live broadcast on Heritage Radio Network. Com

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feel bad

hello and she's calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 going with Johnny Hunters second question is it safe to make dry cured meats with bees if you don't have a heat step to kill e-coli at some point I was wondering if there's another way to kill E coli and still make a dry cured meat first of all

the questions are what kind of dry cured meat are you trying to make are you trying to make a like a sausage like a dry-cured sausage product or a hole cut dry cured meat like a purse or something like that now the problem is there's a number of bacteria that can grow in dry cured meats and that place to go for what the US government considers to be kind of the information on this is the national Center for home food preservation and have a guide and literature review Series in one is smoking and curing literature review and critical preservation points and I talked about all the different kind of nasty beasties that can grow in your meat like botulism listeria staphylococcus and E coli they go through all of the lake that you have to deal with now the issue with e-coli is a it's kind of the newer varieties of E coli like o157 H7 that are there are very kind of

they can be very virulent and a difficult to make bacon cause very bad infections if you get them so here's the issue dry curing unheated meat products doesn't necessarily kill e-coli even if there is quite a bit of salt present in you have a significant dehydration you will kill some of them but it's not considered an ultimate kill step the bad news is that it doesn't take that many living bacteria to necessarily cause an infection there was an outbreak of e-coli

in Washington state in 1994 that was linked to a dry fermented salami product that have been infected with E coli and they didn't think in the end of the study said it was cause unnecessary post cure in other words it was probably caused by meat that have been highly infected at the beginning of the Cure process and there's no study that was done that Amigos very highly infected did basically you know a factor of believe it either a hundred thousand reduction in the quantity of E coli present but still not a total eradication over the course of time of the of the of the dehydration fermentation should the acidity and the salt and the dehydration aren't necessarily enough present enough to obliterate E coli in the same holds true for meat jerky that's especially drinking made out of ground meat like ground meat strips even dehydrate even though she hydrated quite a bit apparently it's not enough of a kill step to necessarily shirt

eradicated e-coli have you killed a bunch of E coli most probably now on so those guys recommend a heat basically the the the US government on meat they recommend 145 degrees for I think like 4 or 10 minutes or something like that kill step for their beef containing sausage to a lot of people to get around this ever moved beef beef from a lot of their mix is like pepperoni what's it doesn't have to have that because unless he's got beef and if they don't expect you to have e-coli in it so they they don't they don't ask for or require that that said 145 degrees for 4 minutes is a proposed or whatever it is 8 minutes is preposterously high temperature to kill e-coli I mean not ridiculously high you should be able to kill it at much much lower temperatures I think the reason I do is I don't know whether they do that step after the dehydrator before to do it after then it's a lot harder necessarily it is not as much water so

not as easy to get the killing temperatures to the to the bacteria so that's the unfortunate the unfortunate of it unless you need to meet that the inside is relatively sterile and so basically you just need to make sure the stuff on the outside is killed me extreme high salt that's on the outside of a whole muscle cut like a recyclable as it's curing I think it's probably going to wipe out anything is president to have never I wasn't able to find any cases from a dry-cured like a Priscilla of a poison there have been some issues where you've had that but I think they're mostly off of Bryant ready-to-cook hams that they had outbreaks of things like staff e-coli things things of that nature

that I would you know where it worried about you could also go to the fsis food safety inspection services processing procedures for dried meat on the web and it has a lot of a lot of information on it I'm going to get back because my study of that and I've added nitrates nitrites and nitrates obviously are added to control bacterial my father was a man to give kind of your color to meet inaccurate flavor but while I was researching this question I came up with an interesting kind of Slaughter in anesthesia idea but before I get into that I'm going to read an update we had from Andy and Chicago who asks about blue fish during last weeks ago but didn't have time to get to get you cuz I didn't see it cuz we were on the show so he says not sure if you get this in time for Today Show we didn't that's why we're doing it this week but you know how the Bluefish text me right now for those who listen to a couple of weeks ago whatever and he was going to go out fishing for blue

another thing I said please do an EKG May test on Bluefish you could be me being specifically spinal cord destruction where you stick a needle down the spinal cord of the fish kill the spinal cord and therefore stop the messages you know that the electrical signals from going to the spinal cord to the muscles is preserves the ATP in the muscles which means it goes into rigor a little bit later and a little bit softer than it would otherwise with preserves firmness and Flash and since Bluefish gets nasty and mushy I would assume that it would be a prime candidate of strong swimmer and usually it's a very strong swimmers that benefit a lot from Hispanic or destruction I thought it'd be great but I've never been able to run tests and so and ear and one for us I'm just going to read what he wrote

we got three Blue Fish on our first night of fishing one of which you can see my friend holding and attach pic you can't see the attached big but I can we did not destroy the brain but cut through the spinal column and tail on all three spinal cord destruction on all of them okay if you cut through the spinal cord and a tail on all three fish they spinal cord destroyed two of them and let all of them in an ice bath in a cooler to bleed out it's okay so unfortunately he did not get to listen to the show until after everything happened so we didn't remove the gills and got to mediately we did filet them have ever within about two to four hours of catching an interesting question of whether you should filet a fish before or after it goes through rigor the this is not what he's writing I'm just telling you this is inside if you fillet a fish before it goes into rigor

it tends to be more contracted and firmer because it never relax as much as if it's left on the muscles when it's when it's going into rigor the idea being that the bones in the structure of the fish hold the meeting place and don't allow it to contract as much so they end up being kind of larger fillets that said it might make a firmer fillet with less gaping in the flesh after it comes out of the car if it's if it's delayed before it goes into interesting question I don't know where that's going on the river knows not years ago ran a couple of tests but nothing conclusive so I never posted on if it's very exciting and there is some research on it because people want to fillet fish as soon as I can after they catch them for economic reasons anyway we did Flay them within about two hours catching the non spinal cord destruction fish we ate the first night very light cornmeal breading pan-fried a bit of canola oil taste a bit messy but good overall one of the spinal cord destruction fish with the second night after 24 hours of resting also pan-fried like cornmeal breading definitely firmer flakier and tastier the last time we ate the third night cooked in a little butter sauce

happy without any coding all three of us noticed a marked improvement over the previous night's fish BB firm flaky and delicious after 15 plus years of eating Bluefish that was probably the tastiest piece of blue fish I've ever eaten at we need to run some more control test I'd like very much to run this test again but it'll probably be another 10 months or more before I'm back on the Gulf Coast nevertheless I think it's testing be considered a qualified success qualified only to the extent it was only three fish and they were not even side by side a dark reflection of the skin was present I was still present all three fish you know that's like the bloodline near the think the key I I don't mind I don't mind eating that part but it looks a little funky is also pretty easy to cut out of the play before cooking you have any thoughts on how to treat that thanks much look forward to hearing your thoughts and he from Chicago I mean the fact that you like the blue fish the third day I think it's freaking awesome especially if you are an experienced blue blue fish eater you know kind of the problems and tribulations of blue fish after it sits around I think obviously there's nothing you can do

by the way except for cut it out at the Japanese with Big Tuna to cut out the bloodline The Grill at separately over very high heat on a particularly like that preparation because it still has that kind of bloody metallic taste that you they like it you lately like a sewing stuff in the grill and everything they like it but you know whatever it's also kind of small I like the taste me to make slime with the other parts of the fish now the fact that you like that I think this is a really a huge opportunity for further study for any Fisher people who listen to this I unfortunately don't have an opportunity to fish in my stepfather has to do EKG me or spinal cord structure on the fishing catches on Cape Cod and he primarily gets a striper anyway I don't know when the last time he got a blue was but a Bluefish I think is fantastic fish it's a fish that you know I've always liked but it's really becoming more popular it's our face it's there in abundance if we can make this fish taste significantly better based on his post water treatment by doing spinal cord destruction

this is a huge opportunity for us to improve the quality of the fish that I already think it's delicious but I favor fatty fish anyway do you like a fatty fish assassin she does she does she not talk into the mic so you might not be able to hear but she says she does for those of you that you know can't hear the whisper challenge in this Tasha leaning into the background and playing with a person get cancer so Ryan Sanchez rights in hey Dave what's up with snails that's a good question question like that what type of snails I've had them both great and terrible what's the best way to cook them is there a low temp cooking solution at what temperatures are snails and then quote unquote cooked and is this all pointless as I only have access to can snails thank well yes if you only have access to can snails and all of this is pointless because those snails have been cooked at a very high temperature already and they're basically those snails are at been sterilized in water

insult probably court-bouillon mixture in a can at least 120 C for I don't know like 30-40 minutes there their they're cooked cooked but even if you don't have access to live snails I know when you're up there available because I was looking at my at my money the worst translated book a phone call. Intensive snail farming is from Italy from I went to a farm called let Chucky allow which is a slang word for snail in the north of Italy the other ones Lou Maka right that's a nice nail or some crap anyway so the

Minecraft too much and apparently in Europe you can get fresh pack Frozen snails in like frozen block form the way that you would get shrimp I don't think those ones have been high temp process so you could you could cook with those occasionally and fish markets in New York you will get created live snails and through the way that they're prepared is they take snails and that they've been eating and tradition if you catch snails right that you haven't been feeding yourself are you don't know what they've been eating it could have been eating plants that are poisonous to you but not poisonous to them to the typical thing as you starve them out for three days you put them in a cage with mesh so they don't get like down in there mail all my heart and their own Mac and you just let them stay in that cage for 7 days no water nothing and they basically they cover themselves they'll go in to basically hibernating Modell's they'll cover their

whatever that thing is called a what is it called when is it whatever whatever the flap is it covers the snail Don't Know cover that up it'll heal themselves and we'll go into hibernation and then the last for a long time alive so that's what they do they prepare the smells like that and it should come in a box at which point they're ready to go you wash them off with whatever vinegar whatever if they have any stinking be careful with him cuz of shells rot by fragile then you you boil them for like 3 minutes in salted water or whatever this is basically just to kill them after you kill them you pick off the trapdoor take the snails out then you pair them using any one of the normal techniques the normal technique is to cut off the Blackfoot all I've heard that that's not necessary. The back whatever that is like the guts are in the very back of the snail although I like I said here that's not necessary and then there's simmered in a court bouillon which is like a flavor bouillon for a long time and tell their tenderized and then repack in the shells with your butter with Arabs whatever

18 personalities meant that be kind of interesting right and it smells anyway and if you can obtain live snails right I think that's the way to go I've done it but I've only done it maybe four or five times and I haven't done it in probably 10 years because I used to have a fish market that had lice Nails on a seasonal basis now just buy them from them and make them and they were delicious we tried to cook some snails it hadn't been purged out properly when I was in Italy a couple years ago and it wasn't a hundred percent success so I mean if you can get one hit of being cleaned out and we also try to feed them which didn't work you supposed to fatten snails and the Romans used to fatten them on milk in place but if you need to know what you're doing I've had a horrible left about 15 years ago I try to fatten snails on Rosemary because apparently Pi are you know they said them herbs the snail they feed them herbs

and they would taste like the Earth by think that's horse hockey be can I talk to Stein garden he thinks PS2 because these snails not only do they not eat the Rosemary they died in my in my house in the in my apartment on 38th Street and they stank of the entire apartment I try to take a few lice nails that were left and cook them in my wife is a nut so you freaking nuts Who the hell's going to eat those Nails after they've been smelling up our bathroom for the last week anyway so I wouldn't recommend doing that but they are fairly easy to cook now ask for a sous-vide or low temperature I couldn't find any recipes on low temperature cooking US Nails that said the issue with snails when you cook them is a after you do your kill step with them you take them out and you're supposed to boil them either couple times to rinse them in something acidic to get rid of the mucus nail produce a lot of mucus and you want to rinse the mucus off before you before you at work on them so if you going to do low temp I would try to do the kill step initially pull them out rinse them off you know with in water salt and vinegar like it

and then do a low temp prep I don't know what temperature do you use like what you do similar to an octopus and Soquel her for that there's like five hours at 77c I do it usually like it just a regular simmering water for like 3 hours in a bag or Keller it has his cuttlefish recipe at 64 degrees Celsius for 10 hours but she says it's good but I have no experience with the one I'd really like to try is whatever Nathan myhrvold does for geoduck which is if you're looking it up and you don't know what it is it spelled geoduck and it's the pornstars plan looks like love it's just look it up and you'll see what it looks like it's crazy it's like you know and he made I think the best tasting geoduck that I've ever had at his modernist dinner that he did it you know at his lab and he did a very low Temp and not that long basically just warm through in a cvap oven but I don't have a copy of modernist cuisine so I couldn't look it up anyone that has it out there going to write in or call in right now at 771-849-7128 and tell us what they're cooking technique is good

I'd like to give that I think that would be useful commercial break

come on

too funky in here open the window letting some air Hulu air freshener under the drums open up the window and let out some I love him by James Brown on all my call yes he'll complains about James brat if you don't like James Brown there is something wrong with your funk motor tilt was it sussudio

it was a little bit of Genesis in a little bit of feel like I can't remember which famous violinist and a half million dollar violin whose only rock music that he likes is Dennis and Winnie other than classical he likes of Genesis and I won't say that his last name is Bell because I can't say that but when confronted by I don't know who let's say someone whose name is Natasha the really shoot she literally said Billy Phil Collins that's all which is you know one of their later and you know what a week song

okay getting in trouble all right so the other question from saying sorry Sam that I can't get your name right someone calling it these three times in a row I should be able to get it by the way he's at the University of Wisconsin-Madison anything I've never I've never been to close their business to Oshkosh the international agriculture and natural resources community and environmental sociology that's a huge is named for Department of ever heard in my entire life and he also asked about the bagel cocktail and his other question what is the secret to a crispy pickle we do lots of pickling with a variety of vegetables have A-1 supply just can't they become mushy I'll be at delicious

the most I found is to Salt use ice baths and even some recipes that claim grape or Oakley's will help keep the product crisp any thoughts alright okay so the grape leaf thing is really about cucumbers so in cucumbers there is there are enzymes and cucumbers and there's a huge long list of them that I got off of a website a lot of look like anyone's I'm not going to try to pronounce okay XO poly go back to Rooney's Endo poly Galactic ice machine of endo silence the breakdown pectin and even cellulitis it break down like a Hemi cellulose and cellulose that destroy the structure overtime unless the enzymes are destroyed

so you can either destroy them or you can inhibit them or you can remove them so in a cucumber write the grape leaves that are at apparently have something in them that can inhibit the activity of those enzymes and I don't know what that something is that enough time that to figure it out but I've seen it done that listed not just in kind of like home not job sites but also in some University Agricultural Extension side so I'm assuming that there is some validity to that although I don't know specifically what the ingredient is the other thing is is that those enzymes are concentrated in the blossom end of the Cucumber which is why they say to cut off the 16th in 1/16 inch or so slice at the blossom end of cucumber The Blossom and is not the stem and the blossom so if you like think about a zucchini flower receipt to get those babies you can use with a flower coming off of them

rights to the Blossom and is actually the the other end the end it sticks out of the plant and from the research doubt they will do that is where it's mostly concentrated so taking a small slice off of that section will get rid of a lot of where those enzymes are also if there's any flower material left with the flakes off at that ends a can cause because the flowers maintain that enzymatic activity basically even if they are dried so there's a bunch of studies done in the 50s where they put flowers even into a pickle said it already been done and it's often those pickles so you really want to get rid of those enzymes okay so that's one way is to cut that off that's going to lower the enzymes used up use pickles that are made for pickling cuz they have a lower concentration was enzymes to begin with I wear uniform usually thinner and are usually kind of dancer and don't have any air voids which are also going to lead to better pickle so choosing the right variety pickling them right after you pick them so they don't start softening up so it there cuz they basically it start getting worse than minute they're taking off the plants do you want to pick them soon

after they've been harvested choose the correct variety of pickled cucumber rather this is cucumbers only by the way and then trim off that that's teman very sorry for the other thing you can do if you noticed most recipes they have you pouring hot liquid over the pickles is for quick pickling that is vinegar not like lactic acid pickles to pour hot mixture over it and then heat it to like 180 or just below for a certain. Of time to read me start with hot it's because they don't want those and they want to kill those enzymes right away before they can do any softening so you hit him with that hot water and you keep them high enough to kill the enzyme but below 185 where the Texans going to start breaking down due to heat and you wipe out the enzymes and this is going to create a farmer pickles you go over 180 really your shafted because you going to soften the pickle a cucumber so those high temperatures can a high but not too high temperatures in activate the enzymes and cutting off that Blossom and where do

is a load of enzymes in there any way aside from that high salt levels are going to make it so that it stays Clippers going to get more will to do the ozmosis but can stop the does enzymes from from working and traditional lactic acid cucumber you know like where she looks sauerkraut style you know lactic acid bacteria the high salt level I think no stops the enzymes from working and so leaves to having a crisp pickle the other thing you can add a note go to regular vegetables I wasn't able to find much on kind of pectin break down enzymes and other things like cauliflower and whatnot which make delicious pickles but that said I'm assuming high salt will work but if you really need want to keep it crisp in your having problems try certain things are just going to get all will tea because of the salt and there's nothing you can do about it but try lime pickling lime they known use is alum anymore I don't know why because I don't want to put aluminum in because people are freaked out about aluminum but you can use pickling lime and the calcium in that

Franklin's to pack in a cell walls and makes it such that they stay firm basically no matter what you're even if you cook them so what I'll do is I'll make a lime solution with salt and lime as you can get pickling lime you can get power from a Mexican store you can get Thai lime paste and get anything make a solution of lime it'll settle out salt and then put the Cucumber or whatever vegetable in let it soak I don't know a couple hours overnight I there's a couple of recipes online but I can't remember them off the top my head then you'll have to get one to doesn't calcium thing you have to soak it in a couple of regular clean water bass to get the excess calcium out I want pack in heavy calcium water cucumbers and over the course of a couple days they were the most disgusting things in the world that had the most bizarre texture so you don't want to over lime them right but then they'll stay crunchy for a long long time that'll work with other with anything basically your last resort and you can't get this aren't even know why I'm telling you this you can buy pectin methyl Ester a switch is the at an enzyme that actually strengthens the cell

walls of plants into matically and you can buy that the commercial brand is from novozymes called Novo shape and I can take a blueberry raspberry soak it in Nova shape for a couple of hours Noble shape of water and then boil it and it won't even break because it stays firm and also it's really it's cool stuff so those you're basically your your range of a lot of things heat treat to kill the enzymes that are present but not at a high enough temperature to soften

on cucumber cut off the Blossom and not the stem in all of my might as well come both over the matter and then and discard use fresh ingredients and haven't had a time to break down and if you need to use pickling lime and Allen really isn't even though it doesn't same thing as calcium isn't necessarily recommended anymore and higher salt levels you do a low salt pickle it's going to get softer I think no matter what even though salt like I say osmotically is going to make it shrivel up a little bit apparently it stops any sort of enzymatic breakdown and also stop bacteria from growing otherwise makes me soft yes yes okay now the last thing as I was researching nitrites for today's thingamajig when I was doing cured meats I came across at inter interesting an interesting thing you play with the blue people of Kentucky now so there used to be a famously a family I believe their name was the fugates of Kentucky the blue fugates of

Kentucky and they had a congenital or they have Still A congenital disease called what's it called is an oxygenated enough because they don't have the proper enzymes to take deoxygenated hemoglobin and reoxygenated at the same rate that we do and so it's called methemoglobinemia and so they were blue because they're there their blood didn't have as much oxygen and they were very pale people and they lived in Kentucky so they had this whole thing they were known as the blue fugates of Kentucky or the blue people of Kentucky where's that bring me because it turns out

that there's a in Australia they are researching a technique to induce methemoglobinemia and wild pigs by feeding them sodium nitrite which is the same thing that we cure Meats with and pigs have a very low level of the enzyme that that basically, it's called met hemoglobin reductase that converts my hemoglobin back to oxygen-carrying hemoglobin do they have a much lower level of this enzyme we do so basically they feed them sodium nitrate pills in hog bait and it called the Bates check this out I called Hagen Hagen Hagen base their 20 grams of my Chromecast solid sodium nitrates spread throughout you know they sleep aids that they put in a forest and what are awesome about this podbay

is that they eat it and their blood no longer carries oxygen right because they they have it too much hemoglobin in but they don't feel distressed they going to basically they get woozy and they fall asleep they pass out and then they die so like I said many times is that I don't know whether or not your body doesn't Sansome pigs bodies they don't sense lack of oxygen they sent excess carbon dioxide so the pig is not going to feel stress they don't freak out when they're being killed with sodium nitrite so I was thinking cuz we've been thinking a lot about anesthetics for fish that a lot of work with Anastasia fish anesthetics work stations and with proper Slaughter practices but this is basically only being used for

killing wild hogs in a Humane manner before rat poison how nasty is that feeling of rat poison which is basically cause you to bleed out internally with can't be pleasant and I'm wondering whether or not like this can be used for a for Humane Slaughter practice basically anesthesia for regular pigs are going to Market they pass out and die within one hour without any noticeable there's a spike in certain biological Mark markers like cortisol which normally had it with stress but the other biological markers weren't changed it could just be due to the fact that the increased I'm going to leave you guys this week with that idea of is there a possibility for more Humane slaughtering pigs by basically putting them to sleep with what amounts to a food-grade anesthetic sodium nitrite and can this be feasible I'd like any feedback from our readers and listeners rather and this has been cooking issues

cruise ship

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