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Episode 57: Bread, Brains, and Gum

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hello it says always had a hammer Lopez she's coming fresh off of looking at spaces for a new business yeah yes. You got a crazy she got a crazy sarcastic look on her face people so I don't work in a place of Windows before Windows jobs that paid me so you want me to stop that check from listening please stop playing Star Trek

give me the Jew is paying you okay it doesn't like to work in any sort of room with windows so if you have up maybe a sub-basement for the station to work in anything she has one of the requirement besides the fact that it can't have any natural light it must also be extremely loud right there has to be a refrigerator working in it at all times like it like a large one he also has to be uncomfortably hot at all times his office and you have to have people try to store things in your office at any given moment large things going all of your questions cooking or on cooking related to 718-497-2128 all right Big Show sponsored by modernist Pantry that we love them

cooking techniques ingredients but hate to overspend 4 pounds of supplies and only a few grams are needed for application has been sent for the home cook or enthusiasm most cost only around five bucks saving you time money and storage space where they're looking for hydrocolloid pH modifiers or even Piedmont buffers modifiers or even meet girl you'll find it a modernist pantry and if you need something that they don't carry just ask Chris Anderson will be happy to Source it for you with Worldwide shipping shipping in Columbia and apparently a lot of this Columbia the country which I just got back again that we'll talk about that maybe these guys have trouble getting some of the stuff that everything's really maybe Chris ships down to Columbia I don't know oh oh by the way not with you okay where was I

introducing is perfected guar gum this exclusive formulation has advantages over traditional Gwar first it is free hydrated with speeds of hydration while eliminating lumps it also eliminates the need for slurry with virtually no dust that didn't lie protective guar gum does not have the taste of typically associated with Gwar which is serious it will not and take the flavor of your recipes use perfected guar gum as a one-to-one replacement for traditional go to cooking issues in order $25 or more before the next week so we'll get a free package of perfected guar gum simple use the promo code c i e as in cooking issues billion whatever from t i c gums AKA tic gums and a weave use this kind of War 4 years I don't know whether they've perfected Gwar is the same as the flavor free Gwar but mean tick tick

they're like kind of like the leaders or at least the original kind of flavor free guac kind of situation if you've ever tasted personal kind of you know there is there a fairly old been around a long long long time because basically their sheets and ground seeds hydrocolloid their thickeners not gelling agent and locust bean gum LBG for short locust bean gum is always been kind of of the two kind of the older more handsome sexier and like in a more successful brother to Gwar because they like has a lot of good good properties one of which is it doesn't taste like crap original Gwar taste it the beanie it takes almost like

Black Eyed Pea flower or something like that has that flavor that it's from like a ground-up see that it has kind of hard to deal with them people use guar a lot because war is a lot cheaper than Lucas being done the other thing she does is at that you don't have to heat it you know up over 70 Celsius I could do for locust bean gum to get hydrated so gum has advantages for monetarily for large producers but I always had a kind of a bad taste typically used ice cream ice cream usually with carrageenan in a used carrageenan which of the seaweed because it it it's very it has synergistic reaction with milk so you only have to use a tiny amount of it to get the milk to Joe properly up at stop crystals from forming which is why they use at these carrageenan to stop basically Crystal formation but then you have to add a second thickener to the system to stop with called outweigh off with liquid actually separates out from the week

I was born by the carrageenan and that's what the locust bean or the guar gum is 4 typically because it's a lot cheaper hydrate a gum gums are typically difficult to hydrate because they swell in water and form lumps so you don't want lumps to form and so half of using hydrocolloid which are properly is figuring out how to hydrate them so people like t i c gums and others do a thing called agglomeration where they take smaller particles that hydrate fairly easily and instead of packing them into just like a fine powder they are pre agglomerates them into kind of these very coarse looking little they look like miniature they look like like it hasn't really look as though it's like kind of microscopic Grape-Nuts you see me before anesthesia right to have a weird kind of texture to them I typically I don't have problems hydrating because we use vital press but this could be something useful if you don't have a higher speed I feed mixer I've never use pre hydrated while before I don't

like rehydrated Sampan by the way which some people do which is another kind of Miracle take what I use guar for is if you make a an ice cream you can go on look up super stretchy ice cream cooking and we make a super stretchy ice cream using a calcio gel a switch is Joanne which is awesome because it forms a fluid gel and it's also flameproof but if you add water to it's a weird Synergy that I don't you know I don't think I've never read about other than our site the stretchy ice cream similar to a select dondurma which is the Turkish Orchid ice cream but it hasn't the Turkish ice cream doesn't have that you can light it on fire fire

I wish the band Gwar would advertise for guar gum they should change the name of the gum to spell it the way by the way for dinner with those kind of concert right now you're not you're not into that kind of decapitation Rock and he says I have a great show this to every week he's called him once before high John S my wife and I and three-year-old son or deletions life I looked I looked up that novel and it had like very very good ratings on the Amazon I don't really read novels that I don't read fiction I basically only I sit around constantly reading nonfiction typically about food occasionally about the Civil War or you know the CIA or something like that

Brooklyn weird it's a community in in outside of Miami and in Biscayne Bay these like like dudes for some reason I don't know why they built houses in the bay on stilts there is literally in the ocean like in Mudflats on stilts and right now there's only seven of these houses left because I get wiped Away by hurricanes because hits a freaking hurricane country down there so there's seven left they've been around I think since the forties or something like that 40 or 50 and people are trying to save them anyway weirdo and apparently the novel is about the early days of stiltsville so they'll be flying during the shows are actually in the air right now or else he call it in John says I'm a foodie foodie so basically it if you use any word substance it will bother one of the two of us but typically not both right so don't ever show nastasha leaf with a disease on

French dance cuz I like to leave a foot with a disease on it that's no that's not because I want you to have like a horrible foot like skin problem but just so they like it kicks you have a habit of worrying about it like if you have some sort of a horrible foot problem just for a day like skin is dark skinned is all this kind of things just can't stand it for me it's the word food and I'll tell you why it's because it's it smacks of food fat isn't it makes it seem like it's a fad as opposed to basically being a new way of dealing with with with life and food so in fact it was kind of like just like I was making fun of it and it'll be staying out here is a bunch of people who

I guess I just makes it into a fat a joke people who don't you know who have nothing better to do if he'd kind of you know just a bad smacks of that stuff right and so was kind of Taken on by people who are interested in food is kind of a badge of honor but I just think it trivializes the whole the word foodie I think trigger trivializes nerd and a seafood lover instead of 40 and wonder if you have any recommendations for sites to see in New York this week unfortunately we're financially constrained or else you go to per se or wd-50 and all that and we got three year old in to and by the way yes you going to be difficult to go to write

yes we enjoyed Mario Batali's Eataly by the way we love Mario Batali at this week is he really was so good to us at the Museum fundraiser last week or two weeks ago or eight years ago when was it seems like last week we can have we to have to go when we visited last as an example of the type of thing we're interested in something that we can't get back home in the Backwoods of Madison Wisconsin something is not terribly expensive and is kid-friendly ish like street food cooking stores restaurants in tourist attraction I don't I don't go out so I'm kind of I'm kind of my friends here Schaumburg expensive stuff and it's a good thing about Soundbars it's kind of loud enough such that the kids aren't going to really be a problem you know because no one's going to notice because it's loud

for food shopping mean go to De Paolo's on Grand Street Psych the greatest Italian I love that store over there it's you know you might have to wait a long time so go when there's not a lot of you know my kids have taken at store but they're very friendly try to get someone in the family to help you out because they know a lot or else Renee who's really go over there like to Lewis almarie Chalmers rear AC not feeling very kid-friendly the Brooklyn Bridge that's awesome think about it some more

yes I'm about to Roberta's I see a three-year-old in front of me right now I didn't want to say anything filled with kids of all ages I see like I see like a 0 year old like a three-year-old and a five-year-old with only two adults pretty sure the next project to Roberta's is going to be like a McDonald's playground in the back I'm kidding but I know there's a lot of kids here kind of kidding list here's my here's my suggestions with Roberta's come early if you come dinnertime it's not a problem if you're going to come for dinner Jack my right around here come early otherwise you can be waiting a long time and to be a lot louder so at what time do they have to get your check don't calling again just kidding but I'm not

naked massage at pulling up comedy bag on the are nice nice of bread using the long rest method and actually recipe from The New York Times and proved by Cook's Illustrated is definitely got the best texture with white flour but I like to make it with half wheat flour and assuming whole wheat flour when I do this the bread is less chewy more cake-like and less toothy to texture is just not as nice with any wheat gluten as an ingredient help how much any other suggestions okay so I assumed you were talking about here is the recipe that's actually Jim Lahey from Sullivan Street Bakery his recipe which is kind of a no need a recipe that became popular I guess in like 2006 or 2007 or some like that soaked Mark Bittman actually gets credited with this recipe we cuz when he wrote about it in the minimalism the New York Times it spread like wildfire across the internet it was insane crazy just like your buddy lately especially work for him for a little while right before

different kind of lunatic that by the way he's bred here it's never been to New York Sullivan Street bread and its various imitators and spawned they are fantastic fantastic bread really great friend so he goes nuts in 2008 Cook's Illustrated satellite get traded to the New York Times right even though he just came out with his book fairly recently like a year ago right and his book his his basically book what's editor is the same person is going to be editing the I'm going to write a book it's going to be right in that book and so his book called like it's called my brother where my bread your way your bread my way where is it anyway but we're going to show you who I'm working with genius complete genius you should rights on the cover of this thing

no work no work bread no work no need no work that book sold like a like a wildfire for a bread book it's nice book anyway so so is it a joey copy so this is extremely popular technique Cook's Illustrated in 2008 comes out with a a book a sorry comes out with an article on it where they modify it slightly and that was written by no relation to Natasha Lopez Kenji alt Lopez he used to be one of the main testers at and recipe writers at Cooks Illustrated before he moved on to to internet stardom

so what the hell's going on here so the basic thing with a no-knead bread Lahey style is old-school Lahey style is use a very small amount of yeast in a very very high hydration right so you're using a lot of water and a no-per flower like he's using his recipes are in state like on handleable insane kind of hydration those why because he's looking for these really big kind of bubble in an oven if they're traditionally but he doesn't make a traditional cuz here's what he does he has a very small amount of views and let it rise for a very very with enough salt to make it taste good but that's a lot of recipe to put on an assault and then let it rise for a very very long time like 12 14 hours or more after which they he takes it out of flour and lets it moves around a little bit and in a bunch of flower to add some sort of structure to the devil to buy Sobe the structure and then

let it rise again in a heavily flower cloth and then throws it into a preheated Dutch oven and that those two things of clothes the shape of the bread and traps in the Steam and so it gives you a really nice crust I've not dated this way by the way so this is all just based on like my knowledge of talking to everyone of the universe it does it this way that's not the way I do it anyway Everyone likes it technique where he says yes it makes really good bread Nikki's knock on the whole thing isn't that the bread is not good is that the breads all very similar to very similar kind of open course you know texture like large bubble, which is what people are shooting for people like that look as opposed to the heavily needed less raisin bread that had tepic Avid dancer from one on his high hydration what's going to make very big open bubbles to on the cooking technique which is going to generate a nice crumb and have a you know produce a lot of steam and 3 on the long rise time with the long rise time is doing

do things when people say it minimizes they tasted the actual yeast that you're adding right and to win at least she's acting over a longer. Of time it's supposed to make more complex flavors including acids like acetic acid and all of all sorts of different wonderful Flavours and also modifying the texture of the dough somewhat by the long by the lung resting in addition you don't even need if you're going to let it ride for a long time because needing is essentially the process of hydrating the gluten I am providing structure for the gluten gluten will form its own structure the theory goes if you just let it rise for a long time and let it develop for a long time so they're needing becomes encanta quential in fact you can't knead dough with his high hydration as the stuff that Tim Leahy is using and so you have therefore you have no need know where the Cooks Illustrated Kenji alt was like I don't want to wait this long for my no knead bread so what does he do Kensi Odyssey use content

UPS the hydration Upstate Ansari lower the hydration so much to make a dough easier to handle needs it for like 15 seconds my my my guess is to help the structure development early on because he's not going to rise as long as he needs to move it around a little more help hydration little more and to He Cheats a little bit by adding beer and vinegar and a beer in the vinegar are there to fake the flavor of the long fermentation so it's basically let's take the flavor of the long fermentation and try to get something done quicker and so that's the Cook's Illustrated short need like 15 20 seconds are in a minute need bread that is also it's not but it's not nearly as high hydration so this is what we're talking about

as a long explanation for what the hell were talking about but what if you didn't know we're talking about then you would know we're talking about so then he saying question here is if you're making it with wheat flour it doesn't work as well what's the problem first of all wheat flour and require a higher hydration so if you're doing The Cook's Illustrated recipe which is a lower hydration bread you're going to need to add more hydration to get your wheat flour to act the same way secondly wheat flour probably used to develop longer whole wheat flour should never going to get the same texture the kind of whole wheat flour you're using do you want a really nice texture with a whole wheat flour because it's out of the way to ground usually chapati flour with chapati flour is amazing stuff keep in the freezer because it always has bug problems but like a locksmith brand chapati flour I use that for pancakes and whatnot so if you're having a problem with their brand is to course and it's actually affecting the texture of your of your bread move to a different kind of whole wheat flour and see what is that helps you out I've never added

used to dope it in all the time adding wheat gluten and I mean add like a percent or two of vital wheat gluten it might help out but I would is what is what I would do and one is whole wheat Dough because he has a whole grain tenders or more water and produce wheat or gluten networks and I found that needing as the recipe the Rex gives a lighter loftier loaf will say that I do I haven't baked bread a lot in a long time I do do a lot of pizza and my my pizza for always rise my pizza overnight always like I used to do a technique I've moved to a new ellesse worth technique that I used to have makeup what's you know like why do they call it a big whatever I do a hundred percent water and 1% water and flour equal ratios add the yeast let it rise to time

rise up and then beat them in the extra flour and then let's retard that called retarded in the in the fridge basically until the next day and it has always been great but now I know who has motorino pizza also here in Brooklyn which apparently it's like some great pizza haven't had it but I haven't had it but I can guarantee his pizza is good because the guy said that got the right attitude about cooking spend some time with him and he need to go pee we should go there now this pizza but you're Charlie Trotter once said that you can review a restaurant just by looking at its floor because he's a neat freak a crazy can't review arrest, looking at so I can kind of review a chef by talking with him sitting with her attitude and Matthew Palomino even though he's Belgian and wherefore Laurent turn though he has the right kind of like a demented mental attitude to kind of get it right like he's quite quality obsessive fat he has kind of a big

Pizza as it goes out even if he's like a he's an airport in JFK with them and we're flying and he looks at his iPhone and looks up the pizza that was being produced at the restaurant at that moment calls up and just start yelling at the person who's making the pizza one more thing on Pizza can you get to 850 degrees because I've modified into p72 makes a really good pizza like if you want to hire hydration you going to get that soft there more neapolitans feel if you go for a lower hydration you're going to get more of that kind of American feel and I don't really think this one's better than the other whatever you want to eat at the time is the best one right and one last thing on pizza before we go to our first break I'm going to give you a secret when I was building my apartment before I had the oven in there we just order pizza a lot me to order it from a place here in New York City called Lombardi's which is a well-known

Pizza Papalis is lacrosse from Lombardi's is always soggy it's not a hydration so it shouldn't be no torch turn your pizza upside down right on a put on a platter and blow torch the crust until it gets until it gets crunchy again now blow torches I don't typically like because blowtorches if there's any fat they pick up the kind of torch case but there's very little fat on the bottom of a pizza so it tends not to pick up torch torch taste out of it so you work the bottom of the pizza with a blowtorch until the crunches up again flip it melted cheese you can do with a torch but it's better if you don't because of cheese is fatty and so that's my reheating technique to get delicious crunchy Pizza commercial break and we'll come back

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cooking issues calling Audrey questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 if it was up to us we play Steely Dan all the time every time I start the second segment with a shout-out from Adam who we met in person at the star chefs International chess congress not to be confused with the ICC the international culinary Center what kind of a cluster you know what that is that they're both in the same thing any who he says he says hey Dave Anastasia I hope you all know how much I in the rest of the silent listeners appreciate what you're doing cheers Adam well thank you. Don't be silent call in your question to 718

got a question in saying dudududu gotta get to it you speak off in about use your immersion circulator lot at home I built one and it works great kudos for building 1A but I found it a lot of good quick family meal I have not found a lot of good quick family meals with would use it can you give us some examples of where you find it useful at home I've done chicken breast which was decent if Bland and the fish tilapia I did was just plain Bland and boring we are lucky if tilapia all it is is Bland and boring is the fish where you know what the best thing you can say about is it has no flavor right if any flavor that has is going to be bad you know what I mean so you know I would stay away from floppy if you can I mean I guess it's farming sustainable I'm temperature at Smith excetra perhaps a recommendation for prep and freeze in the bag applications for quick weekend night meals

now it is true that they the circulator doesn't really excel at speed that's not really what it's what it's best for you know I use it in the house most often for just unattended cook I do the thing I do most often in the house of steaks right so when I'm cooking for my family I use the circulator for steaks all the time and not see no I think I said it like a million times here before but the recipe is stupidly simple I sear it with I put salt and pepper on it because I'm going to serve it pretty soon after I cook it like within a couple of hours so if you don't solve it if you're not going to cook it right away I put it I melt butter and garlic chopped garlic and melted butter in an in the nuke pour it into the ziplock bag putting the steaks seal it under water when she does extractions for on cooking issues. Calm and I throw it in the circulator and then let it ride for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half and then whenever I

how to get the kids rounded up I flash it off in super hot pan and send it out and it's delicious and not gland because it's been seared Trudeau yes and I use the butter with the garlic to make garlic bread some of this is my kids favorite meal that at that I that I make for them other things like for instance if I'm going to do a party

if I do a party then I'll do hamburgers in the circulator right like kind of like I did for the eater peace but usually smaller because it allows me to do on my work for hand and then get the burgers out perfectly during the party but if I cook burgers for home I typically don't do it in circulator because it's not it's like the workflow is not the same as make a different kind of burgers want to make a burger to home I'll make us dinner Burger which can be cooked more traditionally instead of the kind of burgers and making a circulator you know like eggs I'm going to poach eggs if I'm going to do 10 people and they're coming over you know I'm going to cook a bunch of eggs at 20 he'll do it a circulator but you know if I have to cook like two or three eggs and I got to do it right now I don't use the circulator so it's not typically something I do for hyper quick kind of meals if you're going to have the thing set up all the time like on a counter in a water bath because then you can kind of use it to better effect and it is really good for

eating things that are in the are we thermalizer things rather that are in the freezer so you can have something in the bag and you can rethermalizer the circulator fairly effectively but again it's not the quickest thing in the world so it's really good. I'll try to think more about that anyway we have a caller caller you are on the air

a goat head it's kind of scary looking and I don't know can I eat the brains can I what do I do with it very good so I used to eat as a child lambshead quite a bit I haven't done a lot with goat's head but they're very similar I've been I doubt you even tell them apart once they've Fino been killed and skinned and we're not the brain is delicious I'm not going to buy the brain is delicious I don't tend to eat brains any more sense sense mad cow came out in like you all that you know all the new spongiform encephalopathies or come out cuz I just don't know when the next one is going to happen you know so I tend not to eat brain tissue anymore even though I find a delicious I don't know where I'm just being overly reactive but the problem is is that you don't know for 10 years if there's been a problem in pyeongchang so I tend to stay away from brain although there to be clear there have been no cases I know of anyone ever human ever getting a disease from eating a goat

four Lambs brain as far as I as far as I know never I mean cow brain yes no one is even really traced like elk like Alpena to have a thing called chronic wasting disease out in Wyoming and so Montana so if you those elk are they can pass it between each other and then they get basically a similar variant to a mgtow which is basically a very inexact quite felt a brain eating disease and so anyway that apparently hasn't jumped human either so I just used to be my favorite part of the head is like their tongue in the nasal passages they're delicious now you can couple ways you could do the head like one of the classic ways is too kind of like take a flavor broth or stock and a kind of poaching and simmering that until the meat falls off and then rip it up and make like that you can make like a test out of it or something like that the same way that you would for same way you would for a pig

right but good old-fashioned way is just roasted you split it in half and roast it and then eat all of the parts out that people like hears everything right people like their eyes really aren't that delicious I just don't think we have no problem eating them I just don't think it's cuz I saw him see what do babies do you stay out of the kids before attacking or you just roasted sucker in the oven they serve it with a tomato sauce and I tried to call the cops out those Lambs head and delicious like all the meat in the names of anything basically or the most effective way and if you don't want to look at depends on whether you want to freak out your guests like if your guests are like old school Italian from the North End of Boston then they won't be freaked out because to tell me the Lambs head instead of a goat head but if you're going to be eating with her going to be freaked out I would pick the meat off and then and then make it into something but all that stuff delicious

text thing about me in the head is he have all these various various textures you have the texture to come out of the cheeks are the textures and nasal passages and textures in the in the tongue again if you like it and brain If you're willing to eat it is all good

yeah give him a circulator I'm sure you could circulate I'm sure it'd be delicious I've never actually done it I've only ever done traditional cooking techniques on it lands Head Inn in many many years is not true I cook 1 Italy 2 years ago or 3 years ago but I forget how we could have just butchered it slams head without a saw just using a knife it's too long to go into now but the secret is basically you is gross but you use the eye sockets as handles to hold it so it doesn't slip around as your as you're smashing a knife through it and splitting in half

alright so Michael writes in with a couple of questions he enjoys our show Sasha thanks for doing it, you could answer I've always heard that you should hit your pan before adding oil and similarly I've always heard that you should keep your oil in the pan before adding food are there any good reasons for this I've often broken both of these rules and have not noticed any negative effects okay so what's going on here is pretty simple most of the time we want to get your pan hot for searing or something like that that they the idea of it is is to get a lot of energy stored in the pan such that when you put your food on it right it can put a big wall up into it and and and give it a nice good sear now most of the Searing things in order to store enough heat into it in the in the pan

to get it to work properly you would have to heat it to a point where the oil would completely degrade and start smoking and have a lot of problems so to get around that you heat the pan up to a ridiculous amount and then you add the meat and the meat you know drops the temperature of the oil and the pan down with him but you have that way that's why they tell you to do it so if you're not looking to get a very quick fast crust and there's really not necessarily a reason to do it similarly with the oil if your don't want to cook for a long time you want everything to be smoking hot you do everything is very hot temperatures what I'm doing low temperature cooking I'll turn it from using a cast iron pan on a cast iron pan for a long time because it's towards a lot of heat even though it doesn't deliver it necessarily quickly and I preheat the oil in Saipan up to just below it's so I kind of smoking temperature then I'll dump the oil into the cast iron pan immediately wants to light on fire so I throw the steak into it and see it very quickly and

because I want to get across very very quickly so if that's not what you're looking for but no real reason to do it you don't make sense. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the Komodo or music Komodo kamado I guess style of Grill are they worth the money in your opinion what were talking about is the ceramic egg shaped grills

how do you say ceramic

I never say that this is an honest-to-god sneeze it's an honest-to-god sneeze it's a long-standing joke with me that the first time you sneeze I say bless you the second time maybe bless you shut up shut up with this thing you know go blow your nose or something because I sneeze constantly and then like you eat like someone's trying to talk to you and you'd like like you're trying to anyway whenever they're kind of egg-shaped and invisible you load them with Cole in the bottom and they have damper in the bottom so you can open them up and they light fairly quickly because their chimney shapes you get good are draw through them and people like them so big big guy with the Big Green Egg is one of them Primo Grill is another one of them the kamado or come over there are based on a Japanese style shape is one of them

and I've never actually use when they are not cheap they're like six seven hundred bucks but their main thing like a Tandoor which actually I do have some experience with cuz like I said we built one for the shoot we did with a Anthony Bourdain and I actually love cooking and it because it takes a relatively small amount of fuel at least have the same benefit takes a relatively small amount of fuel I can make a very very high heat and can make a fairly low heat your the great thing about the Ceramics is it tends to stabilize overtime so if you're going to do it like a long cook it stores heat they are fairly well and radiated back giving like a nice evenheat you have to choose another thing is it doesn't move very quickly not a direction it took me awhile to get stabilized but pulls going to like fairly quickly because you have this Rush of air coming in and then going up like a chimney you can use a fairly small amount because it's all concentrated doesn't like spread out over a huge area like it was got an enclosed Grill is it keeps most of the heat internalised into the oven and then shoot it out of the top because why when you're learning to pretend or you can burn the hell out of your hand on my gat and or have a grill in the top so that you can

Grill like a normal human being although I assume you could take it out and use it if you wanted to anyway so the so I can people seem to love them people who use them they seem to never use them I'd like to have one and I would probably use it half as a Tandoor and half is something else so I wish I could say hello to experience a lot of information on it but just not enough of my own personal personal experience but like I said people seem to love him I would love to have one last time I let charcoal fire in my house and almost got me divorce so I probably won't be experimenting with that anytime soon from Columbia haven't been before now I'm like freaking week it seems like feels like

a rapid infusion is a rapid infusion of fresh coca leaves which are legal down there when they're used is tibc is it illegal to have coca paste which they making the cocaine and obviously cocaine is legal but coca leaves are Pisco and Coca and I'm here to tell you like it's a weird things maybe someday we'll get into the the politics of it but it's so weird that so much misery is caused by this leaf that they go down there but the rapper was delicious I made that people in crazy and then I went outside and bought myself a plate of capybara meat so it's capybara and Coca maybe someday I'll blog about it if I ever get around to writing again cooking issues

precious Finch I don't know

supposed to be

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