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Episode 55: Jerry Lee, Confit & More

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hello and welcome to cooking issues I'm coming to you live every Tuesday from 12:45 from the back of the first pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn that Brooklyn here today in studio of course with her Lopez as always Anastasia she's doing something on the computer probably true or false for Thursday's Museum of food and drink event which I believe is sold out but if you know someone you can get tickets if you beg and plead you can get tickets sold out is that true or false it's true even talk about it anyway email mustache for that kind of that kind of information you're going to block will not cooking or

you just wrote this wrong she trying to fool me I happen to know the last the last four starts with two might look it's like spelling it when I see it I know that because isn't spelled that way but to spelling it out isn't the same. I mean

97212 8 anyway Today's Show is brought to you by again Chris Anderson from the modernist Pantry good news for all of you are looking to get ingredients people out there he was able to get his hands on some pectin next sspl the miracle enzyme which we use for French fries recipe on the Block Intermatic peeling of fruits to get really amazing pills with no Albedo that's the white crap or to do auto supreming we also use it for clarification of self clarify things like apple juice but you need a center for you to do stuff like strawberry puree about this yet although I will because I found out that I'm still way behind on my contractually obliged post per week and they're trying to ship me off to do a demo for the school and they won't pay my obligatory day right because they say I'm behind so I'm going to have to now go ahead and do all those things so that I can then stuff it inappropriate people's faces anyway true or false

I'm going to read the thing straight upright looking for hydrocolloid pH modifiers or even meat glue and if you need something for you with Worldwide shipping is your one-stop-shop or Innovative cookie ingredients the end of cooking issues ordering Today Show apparently they're still running the transport and a special so what's the promo code C I-55

turn on pectin free domestic shipping on today's show you will get if you enter CI 55 I'm sure you'll get free domestic shipping on Rockton xspl the ultra enzyme anyway for the benefit of the audience for looks like I already did that anyway I'm very happy to someone is finally carrying this thing and that you know who's a real person that ship stuff out and it's not us just shipping stuff out of the school because I was a pain in the butt you hated that a lot lot okay first question comes in from longtime questionnaire common first response to what we said they could last weekend suggested maybe you could use an ultrasonic homogenizer which is a quite a violent oil as a toothbrush and he says well listen I know that you're not supposed to be sticky

teeth on it and rattle your brains in a little bit I don't have his actual, your copy but he still thinks maybe it'll be fun I say again do not attempt do not attempt, but for other question I going back to the Museum of food and drink fundraiser that we had day back in with it was a May March back in March Wiley Wiley caveman food that they had it to do a historical or fun like you know why they had caveman and Mills had we have food at know he had diet fad diets anyway so for caveman food why they did an amazing-looking dish it looked like it was just a split bone is done with high-tech stuff actually but it look like twigs and branches and Bones look very caveman was awesome and one of the things he did with that look like little Twigs was enoki mushrooms that he had ride and turn these Twigs I take that's actually the only thing I got to taste off that dick and it was good insurance Tasha had a whole one

no food that day even you had no food and Sasha not just to let you know how hard to start woodworking Mustachio would stab a co-worker in the ear and let every piece of food you were cooking burn rather than give up the attempt at the possibility of taking any morsel of food even your mise-en-place that you need for the dish so it just goes to show how dedicated she is to the museum that she did not try that dick anyway like I said I had just the enoki mushrooms and they were good so-called rights in when you made the Twigs first caveman dish to use fresh Enoki then season dehydrate them or did he used to know if you heat bought be dried before she brought fresh and no Chi season them and dry them they're fresh but I recommend you do answer the question is what other than marketing and gold dust makes Cointreau spherification kit different any idea what their formula was okay for a floozy that don't know so your vacation is turning fluids into tiny balls made Popular by Ferran Adria is a

industrial thing to make fake fake blueberries in X Y and Z for a long time typically use his sodium alginate which is a gel that is you know has a lot of good properties from a from a structural point of view and a lot of bad property from a taste point of view because although I do like the balls when the property May butts heart anyway so Cointreau. They're going to get into what some people call molecular Mixology a termite to test and a poor attempt grows in a dump and they made a kit there will teach her basically anyone any regular bar person to make little balls out of Cointreau and then add Quanto Basta dishes and I believe they make some gold dust in to make shimmery Cointreau shiny tiny balls I think that's what it was shiny tiny balls I'm not sure what they added to the K weather was a magster unit or something like that but I believe that they were just using I hope they were using calcium gluconate and not calcium lactate I mean a calcium chloride is there a salt cuz it's basically alginate + calcium

equals so you make a man out of you make an alternate make sure with your Cointreau you'd rip and dip it into the calcium in film she sets I'm pretty sure that's what they were doing I don't think they're doing reverse spherification because it's more difficult than they were trying to train people to do what you had no training with my to college so I believe that it is just marketing Gold Dust alginate and calcium hopefully calcium lactate gluconate this at least flavorless I believe a scale you get a scale so you can measure the stuff out your ass and I have my doubts about you you like tiny balls

oh Fresh Balls came ashore ordered for her boyfriend the product Fresh Balls which Cooks across the world apparently tell me is much much better than putting like cornstarch or whatever else you're going to put into your pants to keep yourself fresh during service. She looks horrified I brought it up I mean I have to say I was not going to mention this at all attorney balls is an alternate food product that is absolutely wholesome and family-oriented and you know I don't want anyone writing or calling in saying that I suddenly took the show to a bad place when I believe it was Mustachio bright up and then you know you're not allowed to bring up an inside things to our viewers without me explaining what's going on it's unfair to the listeners

moving on Center fuse is okay to post on Santa Fe okay now I want a centrifuge actually I wanted one before ever since I had corn butter at myhrvold lab in Bellevue Washington. Be Nathan myhrvold modernist Pantry what size should I buy where to look perhaps eBay I think you mentioned once on the radio show about finding one super cheap because of a misspelled auction is one of my favorite things about time I got a centerpiece for almost nothing because they spelled it like what they start like Central centrifuges so something wrong forget centrifuge because I got it for under a hundred bucks plus shipping sick awesome thing works great by the way not to make you jealous or anything podcast religiously by the way will you guys be at the star chefs ICC I which is the international chess congress not to be confused with the renaming of the French culinary building the international culinary Center

is confusing right using you find a confusing anyway Alvin we will not be there as participants this year we don't have to work every year I've never seen any of the demo is because we're working the whole time writing Sasha anyway this time I'll be hanging out and getting liquored up at the Yahoo ever the wine and beer sponsor. I'll be going to the seminars given by my bartender friends and watching Chef's demo and learning stuff like a normal human instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off right right should be fun anyway okay now there's a question okay you want a 4 or sometimes 3 you want to 324 benchtop Center if you can find one Refrigeration is not necessary the refrigeration is helpful if you're only going to run one or two batches it doesn't matter but when you're running a thing all the time and you don't have time to start a really chill your products down

is she up somewhat somewhat drastically in in a centrifuge because of all the friction of the thing spinning around you want to make sure I what you do is you look up whatever rotor you're using and you you can look up on the Internet there's all sorts of calculator to help you figure out how many times the force of gravity any particular rotor is generating at a particular number of revolutions per minute and you can look it up you want to get about 4,000 G's to be able to get the best benefit out of it including all the stuff you do with enzymes and things like that you're going to want to get yourself some pectin xspl of course so that you can just clarify everything like a manager, now the reason I recommend for leaders is because a 4-liter you're really spending about 3 l at a time and I find that it really is a communion size because if you have less product you can spend two buckets instead of one we sometimes even spawn one bucket of product and then the other bucket just had to like sugar in it as a way to keep it weighted down

and it doesn't really good size if you put a lot of products through it it's Aveeno pretty economical to TimeWise to run so I really really like it you can maybe get a 3 liter fuse I didn't enjoy using my one and only had the first 500 by 6 it's like a liter and a half or something like that was what is 500 by 6 bottles maybe it was 250 by five and a half years and I didn't really like it I had to spend it so many times to get enough to have a little bit of are the top anyway so you and I would get to 324 bench tops interviews if you apparently someone told me that they have class I taught last weekend that the price has gone up substantially on eBay since we've been screaming loud and long everyone needs to buy one until I don't know whether my particular model of the Schwann you know see whatever it is C2 C12 c14 is still a good deal but you should be able to get one for a bath

Asian box in good working order a 1200 bucks in good working order I never paid more than two hundred for mine but I'm willing to wait around and wait some broken and fix it brand-spanking-new there a trend that should give you a that you give me an idea that good good answer stuff 72128

the high spot

Just Ducky

Steven idea what kind of person is she wanted to cut the song off before you said dancing with my baby no soul no soul on that lady right I guess you ever get some nachos from the from the room over there

or she knows not to cut it off before he says dancing with my baby come on please and you know what's funny mustache you used to work for MTV and like love band loves going to see bands kind of don't like to be in the audience like to be side stage and yet she like an actual song comes on can care less

it's not true when it comes to Hall and Oates Maneater at a bad time she would like all of us would be dead cuz that's her theme song

so jelly right thing with lots of questions I really enjoy this discussion last week about which blender brand to purchase and David promotion of induction cooktops do you guys have an opinion about bread pans for induction burners on a couple of cooked eggs have been happy with them but I'm wondering if there are others that I should look into unfortunately I don't have enough experience cook tackle I know a lot of people that use cook text they're out of Illinois I believe you know their ER usband and some most people build the man I haven't heard a lot of horror stories about cook text versus other induction units in a commercial environment which I'm assuming you're in a commercial environment because most people who use cooked XR in commercial environments the main problem with induction early on as everyone wanted the Holy Grail Witch is induction units over a an oven induction Range Rover and oven and no one I don't care whether it was French companies are cooked a core from ever no one made induction units that simply wouldn't burn out when they were put over an oven because they've just you know that

Electronics one cooled effectively enough and they would always just burn out and that was what happened that was the last time I checked into that was maybe four or five years ago so I'm hoping that they solve that problem I don't know if they have a problem I seen with with an induction units cooktop and cooked and otherwise is just shattering of people like putting a heavy pot on on something in an in a commercial environment or dropping a pan down on it and phone is shattered and so those are the two things that I know I had always been the Achilles heel not cook tax in particular but of all of these units so I'm hoping that some of those problems will change I think when you were looking into when you're looking into induction units what are the interesting things as you can configure them kind of however you want and so you can buy juul units that either side by side or front back I thought the front back units were pretty cool because you could treat you can stack them like a regular range which is awesome and you can just make it any number burners you want the guy that some have one have a problem because they won't accept a big stock pot

just figure out what you want and I think we'll take as a fine brand to go with me to get back to some of these questions in a minute because we have a caller caller you are on the air I have a question about tinctures and basically I was wondering if the wrapping and it's using techniques that you talked about on the blog is there a way to a pictures with that so you know you have to wait 6 weeks. Whatever the rate of infusion what kind of proof of alcohol use and very very very high

well if it's something New York alcohol but I guess the highest thing I know I think that is like so he 100 or something like that you can do 151 is the highest proof you can get here and they sell a someone that is slightly higher that was illegal but you can get 151 here you can't get you can't get higher than 151 so but you can go to New Jersey or Connecticut and get it and get the Everclear regular Everclear you can try to Source some like lab or perfume gray and if you convince someone that you're a business you can get lab grade 200 proof which is sweet I don't get to how to get to 195 usplabs grave really pure awesome stuff and if you find it on sale it's not that at that expense okay but back to your question I think that the the flavors you get are not going to be exactly the same if you want a if you wanted to taste like an old-school tincture

you probably going to need to make an old-school tincture will you accelerate the infusion by doing rapid infusion yes 100% but they're the exact ratios of different compounds compounds that are extracted under the different kind of time and pressure regimes might not be exactly identical maybe it's going to be better when is better maybe it's worse maybe it's just different I think you have to test it so if you've made a particular attention before right you can make one using the rapid infusion technique and and I think I have a good result but it might be different but the thing is is that when I have rapid right I'm typically doing rapid stuff in the one to five minute range now there's been people who have tested trying to do more traditional tasting like several week t-shirt by keeping the stuff under pressure on the order of 8 hours or overnight or one day and then venting The Vessel and I think people have had some good luck doing that and that might taste closer to a traditional tincture

because you're basically the amount of time it would take the liquor to percolate through and get an intimate contact and kind of displace the air that's inside of some of the products that your steeping would be basically you get through that part of it right away and then it's just it's just the you know that the the Marion wanted together and then you know shooting it out that you get so that might be another way to do it if you want to give that a shot

yeah I will thank you Dave thanks for calling I love questions on infusions and pictures right size and I see if I can get my iPad

hey I have a question if I so I want a recipes call for chicken or vegetable broth and if I don't have any in my apartment and I can't really like one out and get any what can I do what can I use instead of that you wanted to taste like that

we are something and I know that it was might be too bland without the chicken or vegetable broth do you have in your kitchen and you forgive me forget to buy it until you don't have it okay now listen don't don't tell anyone he's not listening to us but they're like there's whole groups of people who you otherwise respect in Europe who keep who use on a regular basis like brodo broth bouillon cubes and there are higher quality ones than than the ones that we normally get in the US even made by the companies that make the same ones in the US because it's more of a respected product in certain places we show that she'll remain nameless Italy in other countries like these broadcasts they are considered a valid ingredient so what I would do is is if your if your buddies are

bother you about it hide in the back of your pantry if not say like you know who shove that stick up your but this is a valid ingredient stop being so provincial and look at the world and then and then what you do is you just have that their use your normal stock when you have it and then have one of those sitting around just in case all hell breaks loose we don't have it right but you're going to have to make sure that there's no pre salting going on any other thing I would recommend in this is another good one is stock freezes almost indefinitely so what I tend to do when I'm doing a bunch of a given pressure cooker gay bar by pressure cooker like whenever you're getting chickens I tend to buy whole chickens and then I break them down and then I just throw the I throw all of the bones in and you know your backs and necks and stuff into into Zips and throw them in the freezer and then after I've accumulated you know like for 4 chickens worth

I just throw the bones in their in the pressure cooker and just make a quick white stock don't even bought me like it's better if you roast everything but don't even bother just throw it in with some veg clamp it and like 20 minutes later you know you have to pass. You can freeze into cubes and then you've had so you have three layers now you have some stuff frozen in the freezer burn ice cube trays and put them in Zips and and then you just throw individual cubes of Frozen in and they melt relatively quickly you don't want to freeze big quart containers of it because then you have to thaw a whole quart container out so now you have three layers that are going to protect you say thanks so much I never thought about the Ice Cube idea that's really cool though for calling in

all right so now back to Johnny's list of questions he writes in are there any deep is there any detailed information on changing the oil in a vacuum sealer commercial vacuum machines another indication of Johnny's in a commercial kitchen commercial vacuum machines use vacuum oil and then that's how they seal how to get a good seal on them and it's one of the reasons why they're much better than a FoodSaver any sort of Home machine because they have a much higher rate pumps that said occasionally you have to change the change the oil very often. You will get contaminated with water every time you vacuum cleaning with water in it and you clean it typically just by heating the pump up by running it letting air go to boil the water out and makes the oil clear again when the time comes to change it you change it much like you change a car what you just. You run the vacuum pump to get the what's it called the hot so that the oil in a typically depends on the machine but you might have to undo a couple of bolts and move the pump out just attached by hoses and and pipes and stuff you move it out a little bit there typically a filling port

the top and one on the side and you drain it just like a car if it would had any grit in it you should look at the oil make sure it had no grit in it if it had great seal it Pour some fresh oil in run it back and where you can get it any industrial supply place like or Granger or mscdirect and run it with some fresh oil drain that again fill it with fresh oil it doesn't take much usually sings Take under a court under Court anyway that's it is fairly fairly simple okay lastly Johnny wants to know who listen to the Nathan myhrvold episode that we had and discussion and coffee where is it where Nathan basically said that you can steam a duck in the same thing as doing a confit and wondering how Steven can produce the same results as cooking in fat he gets so you just assumed that the fathead some beneficial effect on flavoring that's one of the more controversial things that mirror of old young you know and everyone you know Max we're saying is that

coffee the fat actually doesn't make any difference in that what it was is fat is a very gentle way to cook something in a liquid that's not a poaching liquid right so when you when you post something and water your teacher basically your fluids are exchanging your beginning more of a poached duck or braised duck then you are a confit duck but since the fat is considered a dry cooking medium and it doesn't really add moisture remove moisture from the air or water soluble stuff from the duck it's a way of doing a gentle low temperature cooking back in the day before there was any sort of low temperature right and if you rush it and nothing without the fat you get much more evaporation loss off of the duck season 2 for the much much dryer duct so it's a way to protect and cooked a duck but they are but mere Vols thing is basically it doesn't actually add any appreciable flavor to the duck at all I don't know I've never run a side-by-side test the only way to do this is to do one in a Combi oven set on steemit

85 Celsius or something like that and do another one I traditionally confit or even in a bag sous vide corned beef in a bag so you should do it basically traditional in fat in a run one in a pan Justine and the other one in the fat in the same cavity at the same time and see if in the same exact length of time same temperature between and see which one comes out better if there's any difference I'm assuming knowing those guys if they did that and they saw that there wasn't any different so I'm going to have to say that the way they were doing it it didn't make much of a difference what do you think

apparently it was the last question because you say sorry for all the questions but has one last question he does a lot of low temperature cooking but his partner doesn't like it because she's worried about the harmful effects of cooking things in plastic I showed her manufacturer's recommendations and that I cook things under the temperature that they recommend that she points out the Plastics and continue to have increased negative effects they get revealed after new introductions and after new Pinot whatever research that comes out and not enough is known to show me safe is she wearing too much or is it a valid concern is very interesting because

I mean the main problem is you either trusted it's safe or you don't trust it say if you can't prove that something is safe other than saying you know we've used X Y and Z for a long time doesn't appear to be the negative effects not a fact of the matter is that a lot of these classes haven't been around super duper long and food processing things there's all sorts of problems that we're having these days and some people to things like plastic but they also point to things like high-fructose corn syrup they point to a lot of things so it's very difficult to know it's almost impossible to prove it something doesn't have an effect unless it's by centuries of you see I was very very very difficult I will save this

I am fairly certain that there are materials that Leach from plastic into food when you're cooking the question is are those and depends on the plastic of course the question is are those things harmful the reverse happens to things in your food leach into the Plastics which is why Plastics and sometimes take on smells and can't be cleaned properly it's mainly with that soluble things because if you have fatty things tend to you have it at the cross talk with your plastic moth which is why if you use a crappy plastic wrap to has a smell and you wrap a fatty cheese in it the outside of the cheese tastes terribly had to have nice does disgusting right because the cheese is absorbing plasticky flavors and an end in vice versa so you want it you want to be careful. I would stay away from certain things that have it if you first if you're worried about BPA bisphenol-a right polycarbonate has has it right

time so if you stay away from that I would stay away from cooking with PVC because it had lots of stuff in it including you know plasticizers and phthalates not all sorts of things so and but luckily most plastic wraps are made of that most plastic wraps nowadays are made of polyethylene and probably definitely music doesn't have plasticizers which of the things that are near people most normally blame for a lot of the problems in plastic 6 days but they know they do have things in them other things like ethyl vinyl acetate and polybutene there added to make things clean better have solved and send them that are used to buy you weed during the process of making them to their then flashed off and are they the residual things like that and I'm sure there are mean I have to have there ever been shown to be any problem with them not not that I know of but it's very difficult I feel confident using polyethylene at low temperatures but it's very very hard very hard to say

bags have the other the bags that we use a cooking bag have nylons is also relatively you know considered inert and so what do you think Sasha what's it what's the upshot of that there is no it's not right have I ever I held it all or I just

I'm going up here are some things you can also cook in glass jars in a pressure cooker that you can cook in fat directly without cooking in without cooking in in bags at all things people have experimented making kind of foil pouches to cook things in low temperature you know what I think there's going to be more more more more people are going to be interested but you could just do the low temperature directly and stock directly in fat in a glass packing glass in foil I haven't done that may experiment with it so you know there's Alternatives you can use if you're worried it for certain dishes if you're worried about the plastic YES tour dates

too much love

you came along

a pregnant mom

I must remember that if it's Jerry Lewis he's talking about a 15 year old

does not but I'm thinking about all I can think of is Jerry Lewis singing that to like a fifteen-year-old had to take it to a bad place right now but I'll let you know has like a crazy and look I respect him greatly as musician but when you think of someone that has a crazy favor like that don't you have to think about it every time you hear the music

now you just making fun of the South and I appreciate that

I'm pretty sure that anyway Chris pureka control on this one with the ball on this one is it about I sign Fusion tide able to stash I have a cocktail question if you have been doing a lot of iced tea infusions and fat washing and a question about rancidity even though I freeze and strain my fat washed alcohol is there some residual fat can go rancid over. What time are on the side of caution and keep it in the freezer take me out as needed and let it come to room temperature for proper dilution also I have a few nuts into alcohol in a nice eye is there any nut oil that would seep out and go rancid room temperature I don't usually keep is infused alcohol in the freezer my cocktail station didn't start until I took your hydrocolloid class last November thanks for the enlightenment crispier well thank you for the compliment is very nice okay look when you're fat washing a certain small amount of fat is soluble in the alcohol that's right we were some of that taste is coming from now as to whether or not it goes rancid if you're worried about rancidity one thing you can add is a little bit

vitamin D which is kind of a fat in a fat-soluble antioxidant that you can add to try and prevent rancidity in the store

vitamin E can you buy vitamin E in the store but I called up I couldn't get in touch with Donley I was trying to get him and John Day Oregon who are two of the guys at 8 PDT who used to blast out on their famous Benton's bacon bourbon fat washed drink for their bacon bourbon fat washed and it was hugely popular PDT for 5 years ago some of that for years ago was 3/4 years ago and so I said to John here's the here's the quote John did you ever have a rancidity problems with fat washing and then he sit right back here or we didn't have the product around that long I was like all right all right have you ever heard about the problems have a radio question about it he says no but then again putting bacon sticks in a bottle of our people putting baking sticks in a bottle of vodka are probably experiencing it and won't know it because I don't know because they're drinking too much bacon and vodka somehow he said something unprintable so I can't find it

people who are like doing a lot of bacon and vodka probably don't notice either he also says he thinks it depends on the shelf life of the fat someone doing a lobster fat loss will have much less stable shelf product duck fat or Bacon Fat will be interesting to see if there is a relation to proof of spirit versus stability of product I agree John would be an interesting thing to look up me to test I don't know mean the one thing we do with that a lot in the isi is cocoa nibs and of course the cocoa butter is going to get dissolved in there but cocoa butter famously stable against oxidation you know that's why chocolate last so long meaning that they know it loses its Temper by Django Vantage if you want to but you know oven is done a lot of butter fat washing I wonder where they're goes rancid me certain things do go bad when they're infused you know we remembered we have the the Hops one got a skunt nasty 15

just like me to believe in management story

yeah I'm just too trusting company minutes yeah

Matthew rights in on sauerkraut in slow roasting I hope all is well with you and I had a question I was hoping you can answer them when you have time the acid that you get from lactic acid bacteria making sauerkraut and you can distinguish an actual lactic acid back pickle from a business sounds good that I plan to top of pickled purple cabbage would it be possible incorporate a small quantity of lactic acid into my pickle cabbage to suggest a sauerkraut type flavor without actually going through the fermentation product process doesn't make sense and is it a good idea I don't know it's interesting I've never had really a mix of lactic and vinegar like a semi vinegar lactate Me Maybe I have but I haven't I haven't made it myself so I don't know it doesn't harm you at all to call up Terry Spicer modernist Pantry that's not a fancy carry that I've no idea anyway call him up

get yourself a bag of lactic acids not that expensive it's powder form I used to get liquid form but it's a pain to deal with don't get that just get the powder form that stays around forever and sprinkle it in and you know it really does add depends on how you think about it sometimes people think of it like here in sausage sometimes people think of it like sauerkraut dependent when it's attitude I'm assuming if you had at the Cabbage it's going to taste like sauerkraut you know I happen to really love sauerkraut and so I'm I feeling not having done side-by-side taste test is you're not going to get the same sort of complex delicious flavors from a quick pickle that you are from an actual fermentation produces lactic acid bacteria on the other hand quick pickles can just be fresh and delicious tasting and there's no reason why they can't have a lactic acid flavor as well as a vinegar flavor right you know you know I don't believe in things necessarily using them just a short cuts but I definitely believe in doing something that's going to make it more delicious and so if it's delicious Prada

that you stand behind and I think it's a good idea you know

how long steam games does shocking slow-roasted a braised Meats in an ice bath affect the reabsorption of juices into the meat I often slow Libre slabs of bacon or other meats wrapped in plastic tin foil in the oven at temperatures between 200 and 250 Fahrenheit I was under the impression that during the cooling process they reabsorb some juices it may have secreted during the cooking it would speed things up for me to be able to punch them into an ice bath after Brazing in order to Children quickly with no worries me is if this would affect the overall outcome of the product in terms of juicing is it absolutely will absolutely will this is one of the things that we do in the suvee class every time we run it is we show the effect of cooling on pieces of meat if they're too rapidly cool that's goes back to something I learned maybe set 677 years ago from Bruno guiso kind of one of the grandfathers of you know low temperature cooking is that you want to call me it's relatively slowly in order to have them reabsorb juices properly and then once they get much below about 50° Celsius they stopped

absorbing juices until you want to rent the temperature from cooking down relatively slowly now I'll tell you what he recommends recommends and with them side-by-side product out of you you're cooking bath and you just leave it in the on the counter in are on the counter for let's say it's fake product like you're talking like a bacon slab 20 minutes then throw it into tap water for 20 minutes because the air is not a very good conductors going to keep cool at relatively slowly tap room temperature tap water has much better conductors going to start dropping it down a little more rapidly after that 20 throw a nice and it will get all the way down in a relatively quick and safe amount of time without having to worry about you know whether it's going to be chilled properly or not that's a man's and we've tested various regimes from throwing it directly and ice like you recommend our not you recommend that you asked about and then vs. just going on the counter for 20 minutes and then and Ice bear versus a full do so

the counter then in water than in ice and there's not that much of a difference between the full do so and just leaving on the counter for 20 minutes and then so if you have to admit that step you can but there is a marginal difference in his method is marginally better there I'm looking for a more temperature stable Solutions in any traditional Mornay sauce out there we don't not not have good morning is basically a bechamel so you take a rule out of flour and butter who took it milk typically they would scald the milk beforehand but I don't think it's really necessary because milk that we use have been pasteurized right and then that thickens up when it comes to the boil their usual you cook it off now for like 20 minutes to get rid of any residual starchy and flower flavors and then towards the end you stirring cheese to make a delicious cheese sauce

kind of like fondue East whiskey kind of crap she's like she loves that I can't aliens and sweats right


Ty tag you're the one always are coming today coming to the defense of the Swiss people

I make fun of them because they're neutral and you like know they're great

but not the people they don't like those people you going on record saying you don't like those people would like to be able to make the sauce ahead of time and just heat it up for service without having to worry too much about it breaking I'm not sure if it matters but I would like to incorporate cheddar should have said I would like to incorporate delicious cheddar into the sauce my goals are more delicious version of cheese whiz made from actual cheese I'm not at all averse to Adam Strange chemicals into the mix I just wasn't I want the main flavor to come from actual teas that you not been processed cheese any thoughts or ideas this would be a great snakes Matthew okay look

we've all had cheese sauce go granny right

have you had a cheese sauce grainy of just never made a cheese sauce before we've all had a cheese sauce go bad if she's not paying attention she's literally staring off in Roberta's waiting for her pizza that is soon to come

so it said there's number things like the couple problems with cheese some Cheese's just don't melt very well right and they go granny the other problem with Jesus as you keep them up and they break so they basically the fat is bound and kind of protein water Matrix and then it breaks and it turns into a fatty doopy thing and then like a turtle nasty protein bull crap and in your sauce is ruined and orange granny and you want to try to prevent all of that so one of the things you can do to prevent that from breaking his to start but of course is already starch in your sauce you can add it may be a little bit more starch that's not necessarily ones you need to cook off as much like a rock star some like that but I'm going to talk about 9 start related stuff to get it to go obviously if you're making if you're if you're having problem with getting ropey right you can add a little acid which is what McGee recommends + 2y fondues always have white wine and then to increase the acidity a little bit so they tend not to get rope and they tend to stay smooth but if you're having melting problems right and you want to know why it how it is is Velveeta is so

freaking delicious but you want it. From a texture standpoint I'm not saying you like the taste of it in the Starship it's just making a stinkface I'm saying the stuff smells like a genius is there any better melting because anything more

like no be awesome and queso dip made with Velveeta government cheese and Rotel tomatoes delicious anyway my point is is if you want that milky thing you have to add some to call Melting salt so what they do is there's a whole category of things called called melting salt or emulsifying salt and their use different ones sodium citrate as one that you might already have if you have hydrocolloid sitting around or different sodium phosphates like monosodium phosphate on things like that you adieu you take your cheese before you make a sauce take the cheese grind it up fine mix the salt in any in the area like a percent or something of of this stuff right of the of either trisodium citrate although I haven't used it like monosodium phosphate you can get these things from Mars Patrick call Chris will get it anyway so it wasn't right you probably already have a few do Alexander things like that and grind up the grinder great the the cheese toss it all together with

yes if you need to add some other liquids if it's too dry add liquids to it she need to add extra fat at fat to it if it's very low fat cheese to try and get it you know in a relative into the relative proportions of a good melting cheese like gruyere something like that or like Velveeta now heat that right until it forms a smooth block those s'mores a smooth curve that and then you can use that cheese as the melting cheese in your Mornay sauce and it'll be a lot more stable right next us a bunch of stuff on the internet and also if you add some of these things they can make the pH of your of your thing that can make it more basic because he sings 10 to make it like the David there an alkaline and make it more basic and so it's going to affect the texture of your cheese you need a little bit of an acidifier to the cheese as you melt it to bring the pH back down into the slightly PH range you're going to have a problem you can use citric acid you can use whatever you can use

you want lemon juice anything anything you want so what I would do is go read if you want if you want to go stuff go to the university of how to pronounce in Canada they have the best like one of the best Dairy sites and they have an entire section on how to make processed cheeses and so you should go to their to their website the University of Guelph look it up if you want some cool pictures of what these things look like under the microscope the little-known food under the microscope blog which you have to search for in Google and refuses under the microscope have a really cool section on it and also a really cool section on how to look at the curve boundaries inside of cheese that you buy at the supermarket using like a cheese slicer in a cheese slicer basically and you need sandpaper and you need a two to 5% solution of glutaraldehyde now that sounds like you're not going to have

except where you can buy glutaraldehyde as a wart remover in roughly the same percentage that you need and denatured alcohol and acetone so you can get all of these things basically at the local CVS or Rite Aid and in and do it but I don't have time to go through their procedure but just go on your Foods under the microscope. Comm and look at their awesome procedure for looking at Curb boundaries and cheese lastly we just got a call in from Don Lee Road text Addison and by the way Donnelly is tending bar from talk to it with you CEO representing cocktail which is a fantastic company that sells all sorts of awesome bar gear including like the world's greatest Ice Pick 4 it's an awesome ice crack any better than anything else but you want to hold it all day long and tap people on the head with it who bother you also by the way about them not to push them or anything but in general I have negative feeling about many reprints of old books because they're done so poorly

and I can brag with the cocktail kingdom is also a publisher and an avid book collector of cocktail books and I saw one of his reprints but I think we was at the flowing bowl or something like that and it was such a good quality will you print that I thought he had reset the manuscript that's how good they are anyway whatever and they're being gracious enough to be one of the bartending Cruz at the Museum on Thursday. Regarding rancid fat I have tasted a rancid fat wash and it was seriously no bueno but it was also a fat wash gone terribly wrong they didn't freeze the fat and properly remove it the fat was left in slightly above room temperature for 48 hours and definitely have gone rancid the longest safe at wash I've done was 12 hours with ghee at room temperature before freezing and not just from Don Lee and this has been cooking issues

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