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hello and welcome to cooking issues this is Dale Arnold Oil to cooking issues coming to live on the Heritage Radio Network every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 approximately in the studio today in Bushwick with Miss Tosha the hammer Lopez he's looking up some last-minute questions that you guys are sent in how you doing this Tasha it's a crappy day out here. I will call you at your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 for all of your questions cooking not really yet or not and anyway first question in on the email is from Mike Anonymous oh shoot I should talk about today's sponsor today sponsor is the same sponsor as last week which way is the modernist Pantry I'll be there a little blurb that because I'm obliged to talk about a little bit whether you're looking for hydrocolloid page modifiers are even meat glue you'll find it a modernist pantry and if you need something I don't carry just ask

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5454 for your free Nicklaus Mike Anonymous his actual name economics I would suck growing up right I would like to hear your thoughts on induction burners I hope to update my stove in the near future sincerely Mike Anonymous book a question for a living I'm mainly concerned with what goes on in restaurant kitchens but I also am interested in what's going on in home kitchens here's what I think is what I think regarding induction burners they're awesome they are really really awesome and even number of problems with induction burners that is stop them from becoming

kind of setting from saturating the market if you currently own an electric stove if you don't have gas the very next thing you should do after listen to this podcast is go home tear out your electric range weather be a ceramic top or we know where those old Curly curly resistance heater jobs and throw it away and buy an induction unit right now I mean like before you do anything else because if you're already wanting electric for your range you have no excuse electric is expensive it is very inefficient compared to an induction burner and heat up your kitchen and it also takes a long time to heat up and cool down has a weird porpoise affect I detest cooking with normal electric ranges if you never use an induction burner before they're kind of miraculous day of the heat up almost instantly and they cool off almost instantly and you ever was like man meme of my pots won't work maybe you can buy a little slug of iron

conch shells my friend since that you can put right on top of an induction burner and turn any pot Clay Pot an aluminum pot whatever into an induction friendly pot and if you factor in the cost of a range candy kind of electrical Savings in the fact that you won't be air conditioning your house to make up for the fact that you're dumping all the extra heat into the house it really save money in the long run even if you have to get rid of a few pots and pan so if you're already electric please go get an induction right now if you want gas there's a couple of problems with induction one we are kind of the Saudia Arabia of natural gas we have natural gas leaking out of our pipelines like you have so much natural gas that you know your local utility can't even tell if there's an appreciable amount leaking as good as the dribbling everywhere it's preposterously cheap natural gas in this country you live outside this country in Europe for instance or I don't know what these situations elsewhere natural gas is a lot more expensive than electric is more competitive from up from a you know from an energy stand Point Energy uses standpoint also you should move to

Dakshin right away in the u.s. is so cheap that it it's kind of hard from economic standpoint to make the jump right away now I'm Dakshin is faster as fast as gases put that way and in some cases faster cuz you're directly heating the the pots bit of having gas keep the pot it's incredibly more efficient than gas so for a smaller amount of energy usage you're getting a lot more heat on the pot so we we have a standard kind of commercial style range in our Amphitheater at school and we put a kind of standard home induction unit next to the commercial mean and boils water faster than the range. So you really can't compare BTUs of gas output to how many watts are going into your induction burner you need to compare how fast a boil water in a decent-sized induction burner is usually faster than a decent size gas burner and typically doesn't heat up your house a lot so it's fantastic that way

but it has a disadvantage that gas is a lot cheaper also people aren't used to using induction burner and they can't see kind of how much power does putting into it so there's a little bit of a learning curve and the other problem is induction lot more fragile a gas unit is never going to break and you might have to remap the gas jets or whatever but basically that sucker is going to work from now until your kids are old you know what I mean and so those are the two main things but I really really like in Dutch what I call for us to call you forgot to turn off your phone really good for pain kitchen I sincerely hope that sous vide is going to become more popular after low temperature could I can't believe I made that mistake of all people low temperature cook is going to be more important and I'm hoping a lot of people have circulators and hoping circulators emergency repairs come down in price simply because when you throw a party they make you look like a complete Rockstar because you don't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen

I'm guessing they're the food comes out always perfect always good I love them I use them all the time I used one last night I use when this weekend at home I'm talkin I use my circulator all the time for reheating also it's very good because it's not going to ruin your food on a reheat the problem with it is not only be $8 price tag the problem is that you know there's not that many cookbooks and sources out there are blonde I'm supposed to write more on the subject but it's not as many recipes out there as there could be and not as much knowledge is there could be a part of the problem is that it's hard to get a major publisher to put out kind of a simpler book because not that many people have the unique it's kind of a catch-22 so that you know you don't want to come out with a book then require you to buy an 800 piece of dollar piece of equipment to own the book and you know so it's going to be like chicken egg problems but you know I think there's enough information there on the internet and early adopters and people who willing to experiment that within 10 years you're going to see circulators drop in price again and also because

a lot more common in home kitchens because they're really good in home kitchen for the same reason they're good in a restaurant kitchen you're going to mess up your food less off and you're going to have more control delicious results and without a lot of time when you want to be eating with your family so I think that's going to be a huge thing as for other Innovations in the in the home I mean I don't know how do you know for those who have never been in a professional kitchen before commercial fridges and freezers typically there's a couple exceptions like I like the guy that ran. They're the worst a break all the time you're allowed there completely inefficient so I'm freezing freezers are actually already quite good compared to commercial once I think they have a long way to go I'm hoping more people have really but kicking blenders in their house with no talk more about blenders in a minute anything else you can think of that we are pandas Tasha

I mean I am no one's going to go may look since should you get liquid nitrogen if you have a lot of parties in an outdoor space me and you didn't follow safety rules but I like liquid nitrogen a lot so I think it's going to be in everybody's house know everyone who drinks also should have a professional carbonation rate right now you're home a week you should get a professional sells a regular at least one of the Sodastream tomorrow first of the induction have to get the induction squared away tomorrow go out and get the carbonation rig I'm trying to think what else I had most people are going to get commercial units restaurant units in their home like I have most people aren't going to get a large deep fryer home although I love my not a 35lb deep fryer and a fry like a mamajama much better than I don't think people are going to get that I don't think most people are going to get the $400 blender all the way I advocate it right in the future there might be a One-Stop machine that can be a really good rice cooker and a pressure cooker

I'd be good say some countertop space homogenizers and all that stuff at home just because they're not as many applications don't want the counter space in the time and the energy involved yes now my iPad turned off so I have to go find the next question I do have a question on blenders should I take the question on blenders or should we go to the first commercial break it sank to the question on blenders and faster and longer on okay so a big hello from James and Australia to the entire cooking issues team and by the way James Road in a question and then answer the question and then answer several questions I was going to go see how to see how it works out after new blender but don't really like more than 1,200 bucks which is slightly less than the polyscience immersion circulator cost over there and there is no second hand Market which there really isn't people don't tend to give up there by depressant

their dad must have broken a Homestyle model is a vital prep cuz it makes a home version and it in a commercial what the difference is warranty on the commercial unit because they know they're going to beat the ever-loving crap out of it anyway. Blendtec blender and it comes in the $800 but there's a locally-made option A Breville that's about $250 which is also available in the US it's 2000 Watts 500 watts more powerful in the and so the question is basically when it's the hemisphere model of Breville I'm have a lot to say about this and then he basically later called a Samick so we called you to find it for me the statue it's called a CMAC which is from Australia CMAC wonder which looks like a really professional kind of butt-kicking unit which is I think we was going to go after and it's

she's basically what's the difference between a lease blenders what the hell did you look like there's any way how to choose a blender excetera excetera excetera okay

so the reason we liked Vitae press in this country is to fold one they are strong are very powerful especially the new Vitae prep threes and they haven't even more Monster one that's that's very very powerful you can't go on wattage rating Alone 2 wattage is kind of a b s unit b a p s unit of measure of how that's basically just saying how much energy that sucking out of the wall if you put in a thousand watt light bulbs on on at wire and then attached a 200 watt motor to it until set up to a blender you know what you have there a 1200 watt blender even though you're throwing away a thousand watch that is light and he do you know what I'm saying so don't take the wattage as though as the rating what you really care about is how much power is the blender delivering to your food and you know that basically translates into how fast is the tip of the blade moving relative to the food that your blending we talked a little bit about this last week we were talking about rotor stator homogenizers and they put so much more energy

your food because they can stop your food from moving so you can smack it with a moving blade right so we talked a little bit about why a rotor stator homogenizer for a given amount of water to interview putting into it can deliver more sharing power on to onto your food so don't go directly on don't go directly on the wattage what do you have to figure out is what the speed of the blade is going to be under load right that's really the important thing and vital peptides very very well at that Blendtec does very very well at that as well which another unit you can get in the US that she had a slightly wider play the most by depressed and I think it's a better tip speed so theoretically get to better a better product but here's were invited from Willie winds over all other blenders in the US that I do so far and that is the user interface if you're making smoothies all day right you want to press a button and you want to have that smoothie just get made and it's going to go through a bunch of profiles and make sure I think it's Blended properly and you don't want to have to scoop and mixer

with all kinds of things blind X are great at that because they're designed for juice bars and that's why they have a lock on a lot of the juice bar Market in the US because any monkey can throw a bunch of bananas into a Blendtec along with some protein powder on a bunch of other crap press a button and walk away and you get a smoothie that smooth it doesn't have a lot of chunks and particles in it right but typically they used to have a kind of a bad blender Picture Style that require you to use a camper to kind of move things around otherwise attempted choked up at the base and which is kind of unfortunate the benefit of that choked up bass on a blender at the bottom of a vinyl prep that people don't talk about is that you can get a smaller amount of liquid when properly in a fight a prep and you can in the equivalent Blendtec because you have to fill the Blendtec up above the blade level before it starts let me properly and too much wider area down there than it is in the Fida prep but that said if you're going to blend a whole bunch of the Blendtec has a better geometry at the bottom of its bottom of its picture to get

but if it has a new picture that is that has a similar geometry it's got two flaps which is an odd when you're a cook you don't want to have to have your boss come in and program I'm going to make a pesto into your freaking blender you want to have a switch so you can run that's what you really want invited prep is the best at giving you immediate feedback with a potentiometer knob that tells you that you know that lets you said exactly how fast do you want to be at this minute between high and low with big old style goofy paddle switches with very minimal Electronics right and that's really where the fight a prep is awesome even though that that little potentiometer thing goes crappy a lot and you have to replace them after a couple of years they start getting all wonky on you and then you turn it on it'll be everybody hates that spray stuff all over your ceiling the user interface is so good to people

this is why and I called the guy the Blendtec frankly maybe five years ago for years ago and I was like look you have an awesome piece of equipment your user interface sucks what you need to do is building unit for Chef that just has a knob and you know into buttons like / past and they said yeah but this really gets control to listen shut up I'm telling you a quick want to flip switches and a nod to change the speed so anyway to see Matthew and it looks very good it is also completely electronically controlled so I'm sure it does really well in the juice Market you know what James said that he's you know he said that basically all of the reviews he gets off of Ron vegan like websites and kind of you know impudence their their taste a little bit because I've already made such a poor Life Choices being a raw vegan just his words not mine and well that might be true James they are like raw vegan people know a boatload about juicing because they have a whole subculture that basically turns everything they eat into a liquid and drinks their food in liquid form so whether or not you agree with their life choices

they know from juicing and blending and the Australian website that you sent me to which is that battle of the blenders Dash pumpkin if you want to look it up on the on the internet and the YouTube and the Australians eat in that actually has a really nice term for instead of high-speed blender she calls him power blenders which I really like that it makes it makes it seem like your blender to puree blender unless the power blender right on this Australian wine called CMAC in Australia I would love to try at CMAC but I can. If I ever get to Australia if anyone ever wants to send me. I'd love to try it basically electronically sense is whether or not you're blaming properly and Justice be automatically well that sounds great I still want the control I want the flapdoodle in the control so I'd love to be able to have that electronic BS by lud also be able to shoot in the head and be able to run my blender like a normal blender the other one is also from Down Under bed available here to conventions of revel revel makes a good quality blender I'll tell you the story about this I was doing a demo with Chris Young in Florida for the Miami food and what's it called South Beach food and

South Beach Food & Wine Fest with Chris Young clematis Christine and this lady we are fluffing we were you know fluffing for a bunch of Food Network star Giada and stuff this little kid comes up and she raises her hand I think she's got a question for me or for Chris will I guess little girl what's going on like a house on my butt out of here and like you know basically flushing down the toilet before they bring Giada on with her Entourage sounds like a little kid I'll leave the pasta necklace around this thing I'm sure John will see it so hopefully Giada got a pasta necklace at the side 2.0 with sponsoring one of the things they are and they had the rep there and they show me the blender picture and she says to me you can't break it go ahead try to break it I said really she's like yet and Lady never met me before so I said okay alright then so I put it on the ground and I jumped up as high as I could and stomp on the blender like three and four times and I was able to shave a portion of the

under off because it was on concrete South able to shave a corner off of the blender pitcher with the blender pitcher did in fact not break so one of their marketing claims is that the blender picture is very strong and indeed it is whether or not the blender itself a can you get close to a fight a prep I don't know I seen some favorable review but I've never actually blended with it because we didn't have the stuff on hand to blend and those are my feelings on blind one more thing do not read any any magazine out there whether or not they're my friends like Popular Mechanics are a friend of mine work with them you know Cook's Illustrated I'm fine with those guys never believe anyone blender ratings they don't know what the hell they're talking about they give you stupid reasons to like or dislike a blender the only thing that matters is Ken it take can it take a sauce that you would have had to stream through a Tammy and make it so that it's silky smooth and delicious can you get the particle size down below or close to about 20 Micron so that you taste this stuff is being smooth and

very few blunders can do that the Blendtec can do it the vital prep can do it I'm assuming that this CMAC I can do it I don't know if the bread look into it but it's not whether or not can make a margarita because in the kitchen that's not really detest we care about its can it make a sauce smooth so I will take a commercial Blake brake think about blenders and will be back

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welcome back to cooking issues call all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 that song goes out to Colin because Natasha has broken some secret code in Collins messages when he comes in that he likes that song is that true or false mustaches good the secret codes but here is a sonic maximizer is something that vibrates very rapidly it uses a Piezo like a Piezo transducer vibrate very rapidly and you can use it for a couple of things one you can make an ultrasonic fogger humidifier to work you can you can clean jewelry with it by shaking it at Town Ultrasonic jewelry thing works a homogenizer uses very focused high-power Sonic energy to have little Bubbles and actually rupture things so that's one ultrasonic homogenizer I have one and when you run them people run screaming from the kitchen because they make horrible horrible horrible

animal noise. She's not in yet or the new polyscience Sonic prep which I'm sure is that we labeled Manson because not very many people make these things as a highly effective toothbrush as the only way I would like to get the most cavitation action you can safely Mercer hand into an ultrasonic bath so I was wondering if the more sensitive skin on the mouth might fare as well obviously you reduce the wattage that's what I asked more of the cleaner than a dismembrator which is selling it takes the membranes off of cells which is not a thing they call them Sonic dismembrator I would certainly work better than those tongue scrapers and we cavitate the bits bits of mixed business from between teeth better than floss varnish at would have no more excuses for halitosis praise today and he's wondering if this is true or false don't do that common

don't do that, don't do that look I have one and I had for a while until it broke an Ultrasonic toothbrush but they're basically vibrating very softly if you take an ultrasonic homogenizer and it's a demo I used to do to show not to mess around with them I would take the probe and stick it into a a dish towel and fire it up and it would catch the dish towel on fire from the friction of going back and forth so I mean you could theoretically hook a rubber toothbrush sucker up to it and turn the power way down but then you're dealing with like a $2,000 piece of equipment that you're turning into a into a $50 to cycle modernizr in your mouth for any reason under any circumstance in this is again not one of us Jack we were supposed to have like a noise that men Davis serious this time or something like that but we never got a David serious this time never stick an ultrasonic am I

Kaiser in your mouth each month hair rights in about whipped cream is there a way to make heat-resistant whipped cream that will hold its shape when put into something hot like a 10 or a soup yes you like yes my famous one word answers in this is a typical thing that you have to do when you're using a hydrocolloid which is a new a thickener gelling agent right you're looking for right now to sing to keep it keep it hot with cream itself doesn't stay when you put it into hot things so what you need to do is make the flavor of whipped cream using an entirely different technology so the question is in this is basically sew in while he's doing is fried mayonnaise what does he do he make something that's not mayonnaise it taste like mayonnaise it has the texture of mayonnaise right but is in fact a fluid gel made out of jail and its heat stable so it's texture of mayonnaise

and heat stable form right and you can flavored however he wants he does the same thing with hollandaise he has flavor of hollandaise in heat stable form which happens to be a fluid gel now you could make a cream flavored fluid gel out of jail and Frampton's you can then whip that in an isi maker right and you can have a very creamy mousse or something like that so you would make a moose it's whipped with whipped cream kind of a texture to it that's either a fluid gel or even like a set mousse using a gel and make it heat stable but without actually running the tests I don't know what's going to make the most whipped cream texture so you might be best off with like a gel and fluid gel stabilized whipped cream right so you can take a shower and fluid gel mix into regular whipped cream with it and then see whether little hole when it's hot over the saddle bleed out you might have to

actually whip cream over whip like Vietnam from here to stabilize it so it doesn't over whip so you have to use like a light cream maybe with the with a versawhip and set it with another gel that says when it's hot like you could set it almost like a moose with like with with Joanne or with something else and is he stable agar maybe and set it and see what's going on so there's a number of different things you can do but whipped cream itself is going to stabilize you're going to basically have the flavor and texture whipped cream using an entirely different method of setting so you'd have to run a whole bunch of different tests but that's how I'd go about kind of setting up experiment if you're going to do is that make any sense at the Mason all the time so I'm sure this stuff makes

some sort of sense to her anyway okay so we have when is it in Sasha Windsor museum event

GM at my Parish at the at the restaurant my pass which is on

is there a party going on in our background do you share that on headphones

alright so my password taking over there's a bar at the mezz me live when you walk in and we have an upper story at the hotel apparently the hotel is called the hotel Chambers if not call to Ma patch Hotel although you could have fooled me anyway so we're going to have an event there is going to be five bartenders and do we have the fifth one yet or no. If you're listening we wanted to be you because I want to try and get out of one of these events without actually having to make a cocktail but we have till maybe Donnelly from from a he's actually the best bartender in the world he won that last Universe actually right assuming that there's no other good mixed drinks anywhere you know wherever there's intelligent life to see me they don't have mixed drinks are the best bartender in the universe one that at the at the tales of the cocktail this year who else we have we have Jason

is that 5 you sure I'm not missing anyone and the gimmick on this one get the gimmick is if cocktails were street food from X right so we have Absolut Vodka so that would be if Taco the street from Sweden and what up what I was when we have a Bombay East that's I don't not sure whether Jason's going to choose Vietnam or Thailand because they think they had to find that uses either Vietnamese pepper Corner Thai lemongrass and what it was doing England because Jen right and we couldn't do to 9019 Mexico

absolute Batman and get all 5 and only missing one so I'm going to get mad at us because there are still slots available if you want to go next week and you should go to what website to do that. Legacy just a move that number 2. and come prepared to spend some freaking money because we're going to have a donation bucket and we're also going to have an auction and we were trying to do is keep the Museum of food and drink a float you can go look at the last post a half of the last fund-raiser which was a serious serious event this one's going to be just cocktails but we hope it's going to be a lot of fun. Hope it's going to be a lot of fun when it's going to shut my going to give away as we're going to try to get some nice special guest that you can mingle with if you come to the event correct of what I am doing today

but I shouldn't talk about it right

we like to talk about the relationship is half of your phone broken folks out there have my earphones broken so it feels really weird I feel like I'm about to be turning around my microphone like a other we go so last week we do the Tony Bourdain shoot and a theory of this was from a reservation for this Christmas show and so I said I didn't want to do an ancient Christmas dinner because really I didn't think Christmas was so important to do what would Jesus have eaten or what would Mary and Joseph is what I was thinking eating around their birthday and the research we day was pretty was pretty I thought pretty interesting we found out that they used an oven in the in the in that era in that zone Palestine very similar to an Indian Tandoor oven of today and the fact that style of oven was widespread all the way from

India where father today up through Kyrgyzstan is Becca stand all that stuff is all the way over through the Middle East and all the way over into Africa so the head is huge range where this oven it's basically like a conical vessel that you fire from the bottom and you load from the top was with basically used to Route this region so I thought that was awesome and I've always wanted that hand or so cliff and Piper and I've to your to my ex and turn filter Tandoor plate in like 3 hours from crap if we can find the hardware store first we call all these places can you get a box in like 2 weeks to wait till that crap on that he go different flower pots and sand and actually you can find on the internet if you just look up flower pot Tandoor into any of the make sites you can figure out how to make a flower pot Pandora and that thing work straight up great we used a frankly it was delicious right we also made a weeping may pigeon because one of the things that Mary went and when when Jesus was born

would you okay so anyway would you just

well in any way so we cooking is Pigeon because you know when Jesus was born they gave pigeon to sacrifice to the priest be no exception so we cook pigeon and we boil the Pigeon in chicken stock first and which was typical of what they would have been waiting for that we did it about a hundred and hundred forty degrees or so just to kind of like start the cook-off in the chicken stock and we didn't rub it with cumin and fennel which are two spices they would have had it beforehand so it's nice and salty me to the official coaching technique which is soak it in water like rub salt all over it lasted for an hour and then rinse it three times and patted dry poach it off for a little bit and then we stuck in the Pandora I put a coat hanger through it and put it down to Tandoor and spun it first I caught the string on fire and burnt my hand getting nothing out but you know whatever you know we can't have everything so that but when we did it that pigeon was straight-up delicious to have you make yourself a flower pot and or what-have-you no garbage can sand if you can give him he can like get it and cook yourself some pigeon in your flower pot to know cuz I was straight up good right

also I was really worried because I let you know I spoke to a chef a long time ago about 10 doors and he would always laughing at his favorite part of a new cook coming to the kitchen was putting him on Pandora station and watching The Flash peel off the back of his hands from putting his hand into the hot to handle all the time but it's hot as the devil and you put your hand in and literally slapped the bread on the side of the unit and so I was a little more than a little bit nervous at this is going to totally fry me so but it was not so bad off my arm right but it wasn't such a big deal like I didn't I didn't run around screaming too much right so go ahead and buy yourself a flower pot to make the bread was really good at we made that we made like an old-school flatbread with a really crappy ground wheat and also with barley but the wheat was a lot better right

risotto lentils you too by the way did you know how tall was

what is a huge man also drops f-bombs while he's shooting do they cut that out in shower now so look for that are on December 15th or something like that some like that so what I'm doing today so when I went to Columbia I don't know if I mentioned it when I went to Columbia I wasn't able to get any money. So so Crisco style that you know three star Michelin Chef Napa gave me a hundred fifty bucks in Colombian cash money so that I wouldn't die basically and we had a discussion and he said that he is very interested in the flavors of tomato plant right so I I said hello I've done that before I took a rotovap years ago is David kinch Manresa also in California must be sung by California

tomato plants even though we straight up sorry California we straight up have the best tomatoes I've ever had in my life crap on anyone else's Tomatoes over the best tomatoes I've ever had from New Jersey Aunt Ruby's German green beans and the German Stripes from Stokes farms in in New Jersey and I can't get them anymore hardly because New Yorker or New York Magazine in New York or one of those wrote them up like eight two years ago and now they have such as the best tomato and they sell out now so I have a tough time getting hurricane came through here and it didn't do any damage to New York City but it did a lot of damage to parts of Jersey and up in Vermont and all of their tomato plants roots are underwater and so a lot of the tomatoes kind of blew up and exploded so that the season's over early this year anyway that's an aside A Satisfied I had the last of the great aunt Ruby's I am told on Saturday they're delicious anyway and by the way Aunt Ruby

who came up with this the heirloom safety know her last name

Arnold and Ruby are no relation I wish it was I wish you was my relative so I'm going to make it again today I'm going to make a whole bunch of but I'm going to do it legally for the first time I'm going to do a legal rotovap of tomato plant I can I'm going to ship it off to Chris cast out as a thank you for giving us giving me the ability to not be dead in Columbia yes

what's weird is green to taste so green so bizarre I like it a lot of mean but you can never make a mixed drink with it because if you made a mixed drink with it super like what the hell is that flavor and you said to me to find out where am I going back to court to get any idea

Monsoon I left Columbia I've talked enough about, but I love it there. You have to climb and Friends visit me right after it right after the program so I'm going back to Harvard some time in November to do a public lecture on drinks I hope to have some sort of like whiz-bang friend craziness I'm also doing a lecture at the beverage alcohol resource program David one of his name which is when next week

so if I don't know if they're still slots available for that but it's kind of The Greatest Bar program ever ever made Steve Wonder age Dale degroff Steve Olson Paul pacult I'm sure I'm missing you I'm missing a bunch of other things but it's kind of it craziest bar program in the world because you have some of the biggest Spirit nuts on the planet going out and bringing like personal bottle of weird crap and you spent I believe the morning pasting every damned every damn liquor you can so you can identify it later and then there's lectures on Siri to like the Sun going to go give a lecture probably on clarification rotary evaporation in my general thoughts about high-tech stuff next week and then drinks lecture a lecture in November but at the Harvard it's kind of like we didn't do it last year but it's kind of strange courts right means Tasha you and what do you think

it's kind of an it's an interesting idea to get a whole bunch of shots in to do a demo and then they try and turn it into a class about about science right but it's kind of like it's physics for poets basically what it is right tour through the lens of cooking right now most of the shuttle go last week with one Roca I don't know who's going to be this week if you don't know him is kind of like super duper bad ass mofo badass you know guy with low temperature cooking and also with rotary evaporation so if you have a very big influence on me very big influence I think on all the chefs kind of you know why this generation by generation terms of sous-vide and low temperature will not into kind of a science because I'm a schmuck and I was like I was just like I'll just do some demos around the science because you know whatever but even they went all right my lecture

you can see I listen to it I said I'm a parent Lee I don't know just said I don't say I'm too much on the radio but I said every other word when I was at when I was at Harvard let me tell you something they have a vacuum pump at Harbor what are the demos we did at Harvard was a demo Johnny had told me about that he saw a Nathan myhrvold joint Chris Young you take liquid nitrogen you put liquid nitrogen into a vacuum machine and regular commercial vacuum machine to work and you suck a vacuum on it and add you suck a vacuum on at the temperature start dropping because your evaporative cooling think about it as you're boiling off liquid nitrogen cooling so when you put a vacuum want you boil it off so quickly that the temperature drops about to 3 degrees and that's enough to turn liquid nitrogen from a liquid to a solid now Harvard's vacuum machine is so freaking awesome that we needed to literally bleed air out of it because I was sucking of all too hard of a vacuum too fast and just exploded into a solid bunch of

that was kind of the most fun thing I did write that was in my feeling that I was pretty badass and that brings me to my last question also from James in Australia on vacuum equipment I've just managed James has to get a large chamber sealer vacuum sealer cheap on eBay well congratulations to you I've had a look at my wrist was the Union online but the all the information out there so I can stick it in the bag and Vac it what am I tips on maintenance bag size to food ratio how to tell when you have a crazy over vacuum your food and any other ideas on what to use it for a part from packaging for sous-vide and stuffing alcohol into Fruit well you can freeze liquid nitrogen into a solid but that's pretty useless because as soon as you let the air back into thing melts in it and it goes back to being a liquid again here's a maintenance maintenance is fairly easy on a vacuum machine you do two things regularly need to replace the Teflon tape over the seal bar you need to do that as soon as it starts burning through otherwise your bags are going to be sealed properly you just have to buy the table you can buy it from a second hand from a third-party like McMaster-Carr I don't know what they

call it in Australia but I'm sure you have an industrial supply place that sells it Teflon tape or you're not the stuff for plumbing it's an adhesive heat proof Teflon tape or just get it directly from the vacuum manufacturer of from the thing but that's nothing to do right but the most important thing the heart and soul alliterator heart of the vacuum machine is the vacuum pump and the vacuum pump needs one thing to work properly and that's clean oil when you vacuum something as you vacuum it liquid is be evaporating off of your product and its contaminating your oil with water and it's reducing the the level of vacuum you can get to and also making it take longer and longer for you to get down to that vacuum so the key is to keep the pump clean and the way to keep the pump clean is to run it till it gets hot most commercial vacuum machines have a have a pump and it made by can be called Bush out of Germany and they're designed to run hot so what you do is you leave the lid open and you run it for minutes until it gets really hot with air streaming through it and it's going to boil all the liquid out and keep your pump with a nice and clear if you do that regularly you shouldn't have to change a pun

more than about how have your usage is but every 6 months to a year you should be able to keep it before you have to change it okay that's the prime thing and maintenance obviously keep the unit clean your unit might have an acrylic lid so don't wash the lid with alcohol or could get hazy depending on the unit you have but that's basically it every morning or whatever whenever you see this not working right I would rip that they're usually does a metal plate for some unknown reason covering up the window on the pump showing you what the condition of the oil is in the first thing I do when I get a vacuum machine is rip that plate off so I can see the condition of the oil at all time and I guarantee you if it's been used is going to look like salad dressing so put your put new oil in I was like she don't know what happened before and then clean your pump oil out that's the main thing also backsides to food ratio is important but people don't think about it if you're sucking a complete vacuum on something the bag size isn't very important if you use a bag is too small what happens if you going to get smashed a bag around the corners of your food you're going to get crazy portion that look like pillows it looking stain and no

I think those are appetizing if you see little bad marks in your food right but assuming you have enough liquid like oil or whatever in the bag such that you know that the bag concealed around the liquid and not the form your product rights than having a bag that's you know much bigger if you're sucking a full vacuum doesn't make that much of a difference but two things you don't want a big bag because a big bag takes effect for ruining your circulator you're spending extra money on the plastic holder that's not the primary thing but the main thing is a lot of times we're going to suck an incomplete vacuum on our product and then the bag size does matter because if you have kind of a Lucille and a big bag it gets really loose right so you want to try and have the bag about you know just extend enough around your food to allow it to close around here at your sauce without oil or never without it crunching your food that's a it's not hyper hyper critical but the reason you're going to want to not suck a complete vacuum on stuff is at the vacuum

the vacuum level that you use radically affect the texture of certain products Princeton chicken if you know if you vacuum chicken really hard it taste like canned chicken after you cook it if you vacuum fish really hard at it ruins the texture makes it kind of stringy and you can look on cooking issues. Comm and look for you look under I think it's called boring but useful technical post on vacuum machine something like that you can look it up and you can see our tests we ran on that and you know if Chris and and Nathan have a theory on that and modernist cuisine about why that's the case they think it has something to do with uling I kind of I disagree with that I'd love to have that debate with him but I kind of disagree with it but that said you know if you if you over compress something for storage it's usually not a big deal if when you cook something under a high vacuum that's my feeling is that you're going to have a problem with it anyway as for other ideas you're going to have to wait for our next installation which I promise I will start working on and I'll tell you what nastasha been beating on me to do smoothies

TV primers and I have more incentive I'll give you a little hint because I know the French corner it's you did not listen to our webcast I believe the cooking issues blog is going to be switched to my personal ownership soon with a dildo still have this to be the French Cleaners take me to apply but I believe what happened is I wrote a post a couple weeks back right before I went to Columbia on how to mess with pressure cookers and their lawyer and their lawyers freaked out right besides true or false trying to talk to their lawyers freaked out and so I think they think it might be easier for her to just be my personal blog is called a French culinary seconds. Blood so anyway that's that and that's cooking issues

cruise ship

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