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Episode 53: Meat Glue & The Modernist Pantry

how to the Hammer Lopez questions to 72128 we're supposed to celebrate it but because the fake hurricane stopped us from being together in the studio we're celebrating our 53rd episode with a delicious bottle of wine from our friends at the barterhouse julakunda pronounced we're going to have that which we shouldn't be drinking because we're going to be shooting an episode of No Reservations what's Got No Reservations required No Reservations Anthony Bourdain later on today maybe we'll talk about it maybe we won't I don't know today is cooking issues are sponsored by modernist Pantry Supply

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that's not we're very good at all though the school is still selling that stuff I tried to get Terrace by security and they weren't able to so maybe you guys can carry that which is a fantastic enzymes you can use for clarification Auto supreming are getting a piss off a pills making delicious French fries eccentric sacrum is your one-stop-shop for Innovative cooking ingredient stand to cooking issues an order today during Today Show go on there right now because I want to prove that we actually have some fans will get a free sample of transport a mayonnaise AKA meat glue with their first order but only while supplies last simply use the promo code CI which I get stamps for cooking issues 53 CI 53 when placing your order online at modernist Pantry. Com I just please do so so so that proves it where you know useful in some way right okay visit Myers today for all of your monitor's ingredient needs and it is true

that one of the hardest things that people have when their sorceries ingredients is purchasing them and then if they want to purchase 567 hydrocolloid even from the suppliers that we use for restaurant supply they're usually buying more than you need a lot more than you need because you're typically only using a few grams of these things and you're paying 15 16 17 dollars per unit of the for these things and you don't need that much of it so it's a real barrier to experimentation so this is a really good concept where you go you can order smaller quantities of these things are going to be useful to you and then you can play around with them that they are so I think they said it'll get both if you need bulk and I'm sure their pricing is different for we're both so go on check them out cheers modernist Pantry Miss Tasha and throwing some some ice cubes in her wine what are you drinking today in / you can give us a little spiel

Jules Cote de Provence

I'm right about her house her house okay remember to call in your questions if I can only find them I got to put I put them on my iPad okay

Kevin Ryerson High David nastasha I've been working on a blog post list ingredients commonly seen in scientific cooking and I'm stuck on sodium hexametaphosphate shmp known in the parlance as Shemp I know you talked about his role as a calcium sequestrant spherification before by the way calcium sequestered means that they see that it has the ability to bind calcium molecules and calcium is one of the things that causes certain gels to set so if you're making something with alginate and you want it to stop it from prematurely setting we had a little bit of sodium hexametaphosphate to bind up all the calcium that's available that would otherwise shaft your shaft you're you're you're so that's that's what they can be used as an acidity regulator an emulsifier a humectant a raising agent supposed to be already said stabilizer to thicken her I think I figured out how to work but the rest

mystery to me my question is in two parts can you shed any more light on novel uses for shamp sodium hexametaphosphate can you recommend any books journals or other resources for doing research on scientific cooking access to academic journals but I sometimes still can't find the basic detailed certain things well I'll answer the second one first the problem with scientific journal is unless you know exactly what you're looking for it can be a very difficult to search for kind of General industrial knowledge on on those journals if you're saying hey look I want to look up the production or I want to look up you know how to do EKG me how to spinal cord ablation if you know exactly what you're searching for you can find the information but otherwise it's very difficult I usually look for industrial sites corporations usually put out lots of white papers on how their products work friends dance if you want to know about methyl sell the best place to go is Dow from methylcellulose

for Elgin is it used to be ISP which is the company now on by FMC biopolymer so for these industrial applications where it's not a trade secret where they're trying to get you to use the product a lot of the information is available online or if you call the company that send it to you this is the case with enzymes and hydrocolloid primarily if you want to know how weird industrial cooking procedure Works patent searches are off in a good way to go or there are specific if you have access to Scientific journals you might also have access to food processing books which are usually on different website within the same kind of an area like prisons conneautville as a long list of books on actual food processing Prince and the book frying improving quality where I learned a lot about oil degradation things like that another good sources of Eagan press which is put out by the American Association cereal chemist good places to look for this for this sort of thing the problem with that is not very specific it's not one thing

Fusion in pure bunch of a polyphosphate salts some of which are sodium hexametaphosphate and some of which aren't is also the phosphate salts when they are two really good resources on the internet to look up one is the polyphosphates chemistry effect and importance which you can get as a Word document online is easy to search for and it has a very good discussion of kind of the chemistry of what's going on in me a fairly layperson's terms thank goodness and another one is search for ICL underscore meat. PDF what specifically is how to use different kinds of polyphosphates in meet now

it's like shorter chain phosphate salts are typically basic where is the longer ones encyclical ones like sodium hexametaphosphate are typically not basic suppressant more basic polyphosphates are added to things like meat glue a specific kind of meat glue to make it basic so that they are enzymes don't react when they're when they're being went with you when they're sitting there on your desk before you paint them larger ones there aspirin in the way they act as an emulsifier is by basically solubilizing the proteins it's the proteins are acting as an emulsifier when you're short of chain polyphosphate to be doing the protein of self is emulsifier and they polyphosphates are basically making that protein more available they can act as buffers in different kind of machines Pam which one you use their very very versatile about the actual usage of them are very specific almost the way they are with hydrocolloid you have know exactly why you're using it which one you're using that recommend you look at those two sources

can you get a much better handle for what's going on what he thinks of yes yes okay we got a call call in from Michael Michael wants to know about potatoes and two separate questions I'll do the second question first I'd like to know if I can use transport to glue my drunk and passed out friends hand to his face if I wear his hand and apply to his face and he didn't move until morning would it be all so if it did work successfully would I be putting him in any serious medical danger by doing this what if I just blew his hand to his torso okay I'm not going to I'm not going to go ahead and recommend that you glue the hand to the face but let's take it from a theoretical standpoint and your face is that like your epidermis is pretty much kind of a kind of a protein's I don't know how much is going to be available for gluing that said you know I can easily glue chicken skin I know that works you know I so it probably would work to Anixter

I think you get a much much much much much better Bond if you sanded his hand first to make it kind of rough like kind of like he's like if you skinned your knee that kind of thing I gave you fell off of a bike and you hit your hand on gravel that and then did a similar thing to his forehead I think you'll get a much better Bond not recommending this please don't do this you don't need to keep it very a mobile it wouldn't actually takes four hours because remember human body temperature is around 98 Degrees so it probably the enzyme would set fairly quickly I'm guessing fairly quickly now the strength of the glue with transglutaminase is it's not on the order of making a whole muscle again so if you use friends with him and as you know there is much more like two pieces of muscles are separated by a membrane or that the junction between two different muscles so that's the kind of level of Bonnie you're going to get so you can pull it apart but this would cause probably nasty disfiguration and scarring

so I'm going to go ahead and not recommend it if you want a sample of me to not test on your friend I recommend that you go to his mom's Pantry in enter the code of CI what was it 53 to CI 53 purchasing meat glue and go ahead and do not try this on your friend and this is not many times I like nod nod wink wink don't try please don't actually try this right I mean like massage look at my face I'm serious this time. Don't try it I'll tell you if I can't tell you what I'm not serious. I'm serious this time don't try to look at it because I don't know there is a scream called like The Wilhelm scream that is in every movie and Spielberg's used it like 8 billion x so and every time I hear that Mike awesome so it's used I guess one of the more famous usages in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they're walking across the bridge and the Indiana Jones and the guy falls

into where the alligators or crocodiles eating people alive that's that's before the end of the episode you can you can hear it

I like the original use

right now you guys know it you guys know it now that scream in every movie

yeah every screen once you hear that it's not like it's not that's the nothing natural human scream it's just the Wilhelm scream that's being used in every movie

weird and the wine is delicious okay question on potatoes

by the way Michael is a recent SEI Grande as good and he's developing

Checkers play sponsors though anyway when my school instructor Chef instructor so one of ours BFC I told me that we shouldn't use potatoes that are sprouting because once they sprout they were Leaf poison into the potato I'd like to know what's going on there with the potatoes be fine if I cut off the Sprouts in a large portion of potato from where the Sprout came and are there any ways I can cook the potatoes to make them safer on the family chef at the executive dining room where I work until I get quite a few sprouting potatoes to work with okay here's the deal eat potatoes when they're exposed to light or or otherwise after certain length of time go out of dormancy and see they start to sprout they also start to turn green and that's a sign that a chemical

solanine is developing solanine is a very very bitter and also poisonous chemical that there are actually have been some deaths attributed to solanine ingestion from potatoes typically during famine time the good news about solanine is extremely bitter so if your potatoes taste bitter don't eat them right also the meaning when you see potatoes are stored improperly in Supermarket I see it all the time to skin is turning green that green is not actually the solanine for me it's chlorophyll is forming in the potato but chlorophyll and so many develop at roughly the same time so Greening in a potato is indication that there's also a high selenium content in the potato Sprouts have a large large potato Sprouts what you should never eat have a large amount of sewing in them so in a potato that's otherwise okay that doesn't show it like a lot of Greening you can cut out the Sprout areas because the here's the order Sprouts have the most solanine the skin area that's turned green

has the second most solanine and the inside of the potato has the least amount of Sony that said the worse off of potato gets in terms of what it's going out of dormancy or started to sprout more so when he is going to be found throughout so you want to peel the heck out of a potato that has that in it and you want to cut out a lot of the sprout diarias right now the question is can you get rid of it by cooking you're not going to get rid of it by boiling or by steaming if you deep fry potatoes you can extract some of it because I believe it's an oil soluble the problem is it doesn't go away it just gets extracted into the oil so what you're doing is spreading the poison out over time so the more you use the oil the more you're spreading the poison out here. I was I was researching this this is from the article solanine glycoalkaloids and potatoes in a magazine food in chemical toxicology 1990

content of solanine in potato planter in the foliage Blossom to the Sprouts followed by the p on a tuber flesh within the concentrations are greatest in the land in the eyes facts about solanine is that very small amounts of it are considered necessary to the taste of it so it wouldn't taste like a potato but a large amounts of it not only will kill you but will a distinctly bitter taste followed by a longer-lasting burning sensation in the throat

slaving for bread

make music

welcome back to cooking issues calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and no I didn't memorize Anastasia wrote down the number during the break listen Israelites great to know if I have time about it later on today we'll talk about it doing a shoot today for the board a thing I mentioned but this is Christmas Feast so it's not technically my history interest problem and I like a religious holiday Easter some more important when you don't say anything I want to do is I want to do is completely in Jersey

it's one of my later life goals after I retire from anyting else from everything else that I've done okay so like that's ever going to happen Okay so so I said listen what might they have been eating eating around Jesus actual birthday right that was a thing and so I've been researching recently food that the Israelites would be eating basically throughout the history of Palestine but more specifically trying to figure out what will be going on in the Roman. Right around the time the birth of Christ and so if I have time to talk about some of that stuff later on the program okay

now I think was last week by the way I'll tell you some stories about Panama real quick Panama says I haven't spoken since I've been from Panama or the Harvard where I was teaching late last week Panama is interesting as far as a food person I'll tell you to quick quick things about Panama one if you go to the fruit market in Panama like bring some sort of noise to tell it cuz it's not super clean but check this out I purchased a sack a stack of 100 fresh mangosteen fresh mangosteen for $17 right now that is an absurdly low price and set up on the roof a bunch of a set up on the roof including by the way so when he should be an expert in mangosteens Andy Ricker famous chef in Portland area who does amazing work with Thai food while the first

Cinemax in Panama great guy we were hanging out and amazing amazing so he said they were very good men are the best that I've ever had and he said they were good too and he's had them a lot in Southeast Asia so he should know what's up magazine 17 Fox I later heard that I got ripped off that he can get it for $15 a sack so you know I got ripped off by two bucks for you I saw a pickup truck a pickup truck full of rambutans and they were basically free kind of like a lychee but it's kind of furry and red do you want talking about for real looking and red they call the Mamon Chino not like Chinese Maman instead of lemon Chia which is basically there were four Spanish Fly Morgan Epps anyway withdrawal so delicious and lychee like in Panama Panama comes from a word that means many fish and they got fish all up and down the block because they're both are bordered by two oceans are only an hour part of the sad part for you is there a Panama

really needs to give it to break out the shine their mechanism for selling fish the fish market I visited the Panama City Fish Market is kind of abysmal if they like the lobster is a spiny Lobster flown in from the Caribbean On Truckin from the Caribbean only an hour away from the market are already all dead all of the local crabs they call king crabs but they're different marking crabs which look great and what size are delicious all dead like the fish is kind of being stored in horrible conditions are like they have an amazing natural resource there but the way it gets to Market it gets kind of shafted so mean one thing I'd like to see in Panama is for them to receive Shasta basically say hey look let's spend a couple of extra bucks and pay Fisher fisherman an extra couple of bucks to try and get the fish in top-quality to the market it be better for the people that are fishing at be better for the shaft of a definite do a lot to help I think they're working a lot on

had a question with a question about a different kind of eggs and I didn't have a chance because I had only one hour of Internet time for like $8,000 and I was in Columbia to look stuff up about the different kinds of eggs and different and in my research this morning I found a horrifying but kind of like couldn't look away article which has nothing to do with eggs it's called interspecific which I think they mean interspecies interspecific duck chicken Samara the alien from Alien biological research in 2011 you guys to quails ducks and chickens and made like shit like looks like Quail chicken Quail ducks like Chuck chick shots like mixers where they took they took that they injected duck like duct DNA into like a quail egg or quail and their pictures of these kind of insane chimerical

like a bird Creations so if you want to see some crazy freaking Birds go look at that article but I looked up and there is in fact a big difference it took me a while to find it but there is a difference in the proteins that are available in different eggs no one I think is going to study of how it affects cooking yet cuz I wasn't able to find that but the kind of Holy Grail of articles on this subject is from 2005 Martin Miguel has the article called comparative study of egg white protein from different species by and they tested him Quail duck pheasant an ostrich and they showed that they all have are the protein content in the ranges from 71 to 82% ostrich having actually the lowest protein concentration of 71% and the highest is in Quail and duck but then they go on to talk about the various differences but they don't really say how it affects cooking so I can't really go into it there if you want to look at

specific protein differences between them look up that study to compare the study of egg white protein for different species likematic graphing election fraud committed Thailand rice in common long time listener and Rider in of things out the prions with by the way prions so rotor stator homogenizer and we talked about this on the show love it when your when your blending something right the blades hitting the hitting the product or what breaks apart your your partner food so how small particle that you can make is basically depending on how fast the blade hits a particle or the relative speed between a particle in the blade hitting right so I can see faster blenders with faster tips beads make 4 smaller particles but this

moves around in a blender right so you're not getting because the particles are moving and because they can move out of the way of the blade you're limited in kind of how much energy you can smash into it and how small particle in a rotor stator homogenizer right it's equivalent of putting the particle up against a wall and then cuz it's got a stationary part and then the other the other part this date so that the state or standing still spinning goes right next to it you're such a small clearance that I just obliterated two particles so if you're if you're going to turn into a fighting analogy is the difference between punching someone in the face and putting their head on the curb and stomping on the Charm City Medicus but trying to get someone to an analogy that they can I quickly understand in terms of force involved and so that's the kind of forced difference it were talking about in a wreck in a rotor stator homogenizer vs standard blender now

I didn't finish this question okay so you bought one of these suckers and he said to work creating an aioli with a stick Wiki texture of egg white of egg emulsified I always but using only garlic olive oil and salt it's always proved impossible with a blender mortar and pestle it just turned the stupid Google what she doesn't enjoy likes it because sometimes the audacity do okay okay to different style biscuits here right here and they were quite good and they were good biscuit they are there I would call Roberta's biscuits intermediate flaky right we call it talk about the review on the New York Times Roberta's got a stellar to Star of you to basically said the food deserves three stars but it's kind of like a home yet

they're pretty accurate check they said the tasting menu deserve 3 stars the regular menu is two stars in the pizza and beer was one so that's six by my count it doesn't mean the pizza is bad just me just like kind of is. Pizza Delicious pizza is good pizza that's not turn it down right the pizza right graduations to Roberto's and up the whole team here

there I just drank on are you happy okay okay okay so we bought this rotor stator homogenizer and he's making some I only with it the problem was it cuz I got to find is if he's thinking on my iPad it's wrong with it was it turned green and I believe we talked about garlic turning green the for Harold McGee wrote an article on it and basically what happens if you slice garlic it's very rarely going to turn green or whole garlic with very rarely turn green unless it's cooked under very low temperature or pickle in very specific things but when you puree it as an antenna rotor stator to monetize going to puree that heck out of it right there's an enzymatic process that goes on whereby you create these colorless precursors then over time or under certain cooking machines or in certain pH regimes it's acidic go green

when is there any he wants to know what causes it to go green I just said so and there's an article I forgot to write it down but you go on on the on the internet so you can look up the article on it the most of the research came out in the early 2000s on what was going on and it's basically two or three step process enzymes and then those things interconverting later the question is is there a way to prevent this color change other than by cooking cuz he wants to maintain like the flavor he wants to retain, want to retain the flavor of a fresh uncooked garlic what he wants it to not turn green suggest

especially cuz it with the rotor stator you're making such fine particle size that you're really just getting all of that stuff together so if ever there was a way to make something turn green with that's the that's the way to do it

I don't think there's a way to do it to do it to change it maybe if you put it may be extremely basic cuz they acidic conditions help it maybe basic conditions stop it but again I'm just talkin right out of my another reason to I've no idea I've no idea I would

I would do this I would say add another flavor let's say a green herb blanch the green earth is not going to turn brown and then like it has some parsley in it and then supposed to be green and no one's going to walk right I'll try and think more about that I'll talk to Mickey because McGee who wrote the article on in the New York Times is you know it he and he knows a lot about that he probably thought about it more than I have the other question, had was what is it in garlic that acts as an emulsifier I did a quick search on this and wasn't able to find anything that specifically acts as an emulsifier however Garlic's do have a category of, and it includes opponents and proponents are there plant-based materials that have all kinds of different effects but that one of them is it there surfactants and they can act as a multiple virus are there basically they have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic component on them so they can emulsify thing so this is a straight-up guess so here's here's a here's crappy Diaz definition

why distributor in the plant kingdom included the first group of compounds characterized by their structure containing a steroid Allure triterpenoid at a light cone in one or more sugar change thank you Wikipedia are in garlic and they can cause foaming and emulsification so I'm going to go ahead and make these straight-up guess that that is what's causing it says it's one of his favorite things that he has in the kitchen OK alright here's some things and he calls out our oyster feeding thing that I did back on the blog years and years ago you want to see if anything is oysters die if they they're their gills clogged up and they die if you try to feed them particle size as much larger than about 10 microns right inside and a Avaya prep blender can only really get down to about 20 microns are little greater than 20 microns in size and so if you just use a blender are you going to choke out the the oysters if you're making something like

juice or something so I basically put put the all the juice through a rotor stator homogenized to get the particle size small knows I wouldn't take out the oysters another use is it the finer you emulsify something that the whiter it's going to get and also the more stable it's going to be so you can use a rotor stator homogenizer to make a category of things that I guess myhrvold and make sense cuz I cannot maybe since before to call milk where you take a small amount of fat and you almost defied into a liquid in kind of the ratio that you would have milk so roughly like 4% fat let's say into into a bra that you can do is swing like Duck stock and duck fat to make duck milk right that's another application for the rotor stator homogenizer anytime you have something it's going to settle out over time you're going to be able to make a more stable Emulsion using rotor stator homogenizer that said you can stabilize stuff with emulsifiers that we use everyday life

hardly anything better than stick blender you know what an immersion blender but the flavor is going to change somewhat based on the ultimate particle size and I believe we talked about this was on the show couple weeks ago right does like that I am not done too much coolbiz what I busted out for recently I had to bust it out

show Tony good friends to homogenize lime juice and says that it improves the flavor because he's keeping the particles in there also improve supposed to get Samosa flying ability right because you keeping all the particles in all the stuff in there and straining it out also increases is healed because not getting rid of that stuff they straightened out yet we weren't a triangle test we make three things to a bunch of the same one of which are different and we will do the old Sesame Street one of these kids is doing his own thing and you try to figure out which one is different triangle test I haven't written about it even though we did it months ago to come if you guys have time to write it up yet but we weren't able and triangle test to distinguish them although I'm a little bit dubious of straight triangle test cuz I didn't tell people what they were looking for like what kind of

flavors and you want to date might be looking for but it might make a difference in the lime juice itself but it's hard to tell in the drink weather that helps but you can experiment with doing rotor stator on juices to put the pulpit and make them a little bit little bit different to give that a try Michael natkin rights in from this week and he says Hey Miss tascha cuz he doesn't like me so he hasn't asked me just wants to talk to you on how to make the most impact vegetable broth possible using a lot of ideas from both cooking issues in modernist cuisine would you pass this link on today if I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions he has other by email or on the air with who you are near okay so he writes in his blog I looked up some stuff I was making some of the closest thing I've heard it before Heston Blumenthal saying that there's a research that star anise when cooked with sulfur compounds president onions another aliens released a host of new flavor chemicals that enhance and Mommy flavors

I've heard this a couple of times Michael I've not seen the research I would love for someone to send me in the research because I wasn't able to find it and I don't know about it I have her it's a please please send that in to Michael further rights activists want me to comment on it on his recipe here that vegetarian ingredients is Michael writing best known for high concentration of glutamates are tomatoes dried shiitake mushrooms more meat kombu seaweed and parmesan cheese include the first floor but admitted to parmesan because he wants to keep it vegan you know because if you go that way it's more All Purpose you know what I mean more all-purpose vegan you want to dominate I didn't want to taste and say wow nice mushroom broth or Dashi this is a huge problem actually anytime you boost glutamate levels to a very high level or glue made I am level 2 high-level you get a dashiki like Flavor so Josh and I were tasting the foods of a major food manufacturer who is trying to decrease the amount of sodium that they were using in their products

where did they increased ability of these things but the same time with the add potassium monophosphate potassium of glutamate nights instead of instead of sodium MSG monosodium glutamate and you aren't adding the sodium glutamate which is the thing it's increasing you Mommy right so you can make stuff that people think is okay even though it has less salt in it I have to promise to this one salt there's no problem with it unless you are very specific person that had is hypertensive as a result of salt you are great grand Pappy and Grammy's at 8 so much salt that would put us to shame because they had to preserve so many more food than we had to because I didn't have refrigeration right I have done detailed reading of as much salt literature as possible on the on the supposed deleterious effects of salt on her health and as far as I can tell by my careful careful careful reading of it they are bunk right they are crap so I got

and I've had discussions with this with many scientists and I have yet to find someone who has been able and I don't just reading the stuff that's there and buy through careful reading of what you can see that most this information is complete Funk but hey call me and call me out on it tell me I'm a jerk but I'm pretty sure that stand okay as far as their literature is concerned unless it was true or false I'm staying with the literature it with the literature is most of its crap so I don't reduce altogether problem is that when they do that when they reduce the sodium and increase base with you Mami by jacking up glutamate levels everything tastes like Dashi so you have a fettuccine alfredo that tastes like. She now it's not necessarily bad I love. She right but you know I wouldn't

make levels and things is that everything just tastes the freaking saying it all tastes the freaking same like some sort of weird. She is just so cute I hope I sincerely hope that people get off this kick of trying to reduce salt cross the board and just focus on how things taste the reason they don't is because there's a bunch of wing-dings out there who not only think that you eat that people add salt to processed foods to somehow make them I don't know more addictive or The Preserve them people add salt to process food because salt makes the stuff tastes better you know what I mean and what happens when you when someone does not enough salt to a food and you eat it you don't freaking salt on it anyway you know what I mean I'm not going to get into the thing is

cooking issues position insofar as cooking issues position is Dave Arnold position which I guess it is a salt to make the stuff tastes good there are situations where we saw for safety like on preserving leaves for other reasons but when you're trying to get a bind in a sausage salted adding a function little thing or salt in bread is not only taste it's all so you sought to make stuff tastes good so if you don't like the salt go ahead and don't talk if you like the taste which means that you're almost all of us so it normal so yes you do not want to make a bra to taste like Dashi unless you're shooting for the Dashi a lot of us Advocate pressure cook stuff including the onions and the cop, Boo and all of the other ingredients now I'm going to say this here's my here's my critique of the recipe insofar as it stands because he's pressure cooker

we think won the flavor of onions is going to be increased in sweetness but decreased in onion flavor by pressure cooking so if you really want to onion up the thing and have more of a traditional onion taste I would sauteed some onions while your pressure cooking with pressure cook the onions as well because that's delicious sauteed some of the onions and I would put them into the I would put them into the broth after you pressure cook it for a couple of minutes to let some of the pressure on your flavor Mary just to increase or radically increase the amount of onion that you add to your bra so it has more of a more of a direct on your profile the second thing is I'd be a little cautious and pressure cooking the combo if you like the flavor of the kombu pressure cooked go ahead I haven't done a lot of research on pressure cooking, though but combo in general they tend not to like it boils I would do a priest deep of the khombu and kind of wood do 60 60 to 70 degrees Celsius water and then remove the cam blue before going on to the pressure cook step

I haven't done a lot of experiments on pressure cooking, but in general that's been my experience at the higher cook kombu is the less I like the flavor of it although I haven't done it in conjunction with all of those other ingredients so I I don't know I don't know exactly how we're going to have to do it very quickly curtiss-wright San Tan Ramen I recently been on the hunt for recipes and tips for making Japanese ramen from scratch both noodles and broth and having trouble finding English language resources for both the noodle and abroad but the noodles are bigger problems there isn't much out there showing how the noodles are made I heard you can hand-pulled ramen noodles are you can send through a pasta machine or even slicing with the night night is very dry and difficult time together how could you hand full of dildos consistency I also know the noodles require a product called can sway or mixture of potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate mixture is there any way to make this can sway as it's difficult to find

cancel your potassium carbonate bicarbonate at most Asian grocery stores if they're larger stocked right because they have this stuff it's basically just a base if you don't have that you can use baking soda or you can bake out baking soda in the oven to make sodium carbonate with Maggie talks about the bass in a minute with those two things one and make some noodles yellow so use the church for yellow alkaline noodles y a n on the web and it'll give you a lot of information resources on cans weigh and how it's used other than just turning the noodles yellow it also makes a gluten stronger because in basic conditions gluten stronger and an acidic conditions glutinous week or this is why sourdough breads are slack right and and the yellow alkaline noodles are very toothy and have a lot of bike because you're Shifting the pH so that its two main function increases the bite of the noodle by increasing the ph and it also turns from Yellow by the way it affects wheat protein certain weeds turn more yellow than other sodas are the two main functions of cancel and you can substitute any base you want

they do add bass to hand-pulled Noodles a little bit and I don't know why the whole way and I've had this arguing with many people including Dave Chang was interested in doing hand-pulled noodles at the same time as interested in doing ramen hand-pulled noodles are all about meeting for such a long time that you obliterate the gluten you obliterate its ability to basically be Snappy cuz you needed to pull without snapping gluten you pull it and it forms that sheet that window but it does have a bit of a short texter to pull apart so I don't know why you would I don't know why the addition of cancel a is written in all the recipes it must have something where you developed a gluten more quickly with the can Sway and then it breaks apart when you hand pull them but as far as I can tell it's on call me and tell me I'm a jerk but can't sweat Ramen is not a hand-pulled situation hand-pulled noodles don't have the bite of a ramen noodles hand-pulled noodles I'm not going to go so far as to say they're mushy but they're definitely don't have the same tooth that they can sway you know yellow out

noodles going to have which is all about the tooth in the bike now as for ramen the way it's typically made industrially is its extruded to Dyess Into Thin strips it's been steamed right and after it's team it's fried so the main characteristics of a of a Noodle No Matter What shape you make them Ramen you could make me a pasta machine if you want them or hand cut them do you want to know how to be a really ball or hand cutter of noodles go to a different technology soba when your hand cutting noodles and Soul by the whole trip with cutting so but other than buying a really expensive awesome soba knife which looks insane like an Executioner's looks like an Executioner's axe handle you hold it at the top is are they put a board on top of the noodles exactly flat you stick the knife down and you never let the blade never leaves contact with the board you angle the blade ever-so-slightly which pushes the board over exactly one noodle length and the width rather and without removing the knife on that board you pull up the blade put a perpendicular and slice down and keep going and that's how you slice butt-kicking handpan but

can hand cut soba noodles you could do the same with the yellow Alcon noodle but I don't think it's very traditional you can also put it through a pasta machine but the key thing is steam then fry to finish the dehydration out and there you have Ramen if you need more information or if you want specific thing I can look more into it for you but that's the way she goes and this is been cooking issues

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