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Episode 52: Live from Bogota, It’s Cooking Issues!

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hello and welcome to cooking issues is Dave Arnold your host of cookies coming to you live from Bogota Colombia calling all your questions to the studio in Brooklyn at 718-497-2128 that's 718-7128 Stockton Hammer Lopez is it that the studio on Brooklyn Heights to the hurricane which Natasha parently wasn't much of a big thing in our area anyway my flight was canceled in here I am guitar chord call you on here hey Dave Virginia Beach

I got a question about hydroxide flake wine and I was thinking about interacting with sodium alginate and producing a y in about your problem with that

no I don't think it'll do that because you know you that you had salt all this on all the time to all the time to do things that have calcium hydroxide in the Rye you need to be to start with sodium that has a hydroxide already attached to it that and then put it into starting with calcium hydroxide bike week or so it's not it's not going to be I could be an issue if you had a pure lie and pure hydrochloric acid those two things just end up with salt water

and you think it's okay

okay so those are two separate questions calcium chloride solubility in there to have it checked you can like mix it with water. And it taste like cement to me

I don't know whether that will set alginate or not just have to drop a couple a couple of but let us know what happened before obviously Laurens primary thing uses for coca leaves to release the house a little. I'm not sure we have seen that you can use it to heart vegetables you can use it to keep things up from observing the color when you're cooking them good stuff you know

okay awesome I'll give a shot Elena thank you Colombia

Columbia has some amazing fruits Tasha and we went out partying after one of the events with the ambassador to Colombia from the United States and I was a cake

no way there's no way there's no way we can get the flu shot up in New York and shifted to the United States and what it means they got that really like Lulu and you to do some pretty serious drink a little drink. I'll just go down to the crazy fruits that we had let us get you some email questions

cancer rates in and he says interest letter I know for the duration Prime Staffing Professional Home machine how to instead of my apartment do you have any device capable of achieving Microsoft 143 tritional metal steam wand thanks a bunch of machines and two different weird kind of home machines can I purchase a true group espresso machine

I am installing your house. Problems in your liking upper hundreds in Manhattan on Broadway is restaurant and they lock the restaurant shut and when they reopen the only person of this place to go in and almost nothing. You disassemble it to boil all the parts to get out of stuffed animals made machines take a lot of electricity to that one requires like a big 220 circuit the good news is

that makes better espresso than the equivalent one group machine and the reason is it a traditional machine they used up the mass of the equipment to provide stability the temperature stability About Steam on demand so I didn't have to 20 very temperature stable one group machines that run off of 110 but they're very expensive expensive so you have to make a choice how much electricity going to have

wondering where you're sick why is the line in or cold water tap install a filter on your cold water unscrew it turn into cheese where the water comes in and start another Branch off of that very simple it's all Home Depot like you know when our problems no big deal install a water filter on it make sure you put a shut off valve beforehand so you can change the water filter everything going wrong you been under the sink their place the pump for your espresso machine if you have an external pump and most told me she's having a external pump how you put it down there and then you run you run the power wire to the I to the pump and the drain and the I'm sorry that we can chat line in right up and then what's really good if it's an extra large counter behind the espresso machine that can make it into underneath your second then you want to install a drain hose but they're not very big

app that into equivalent of a picture or washing machine to another one of those machines for your espresso machine can train and make sure that your espresso machine is always above the level of your sink so you can't just for a machine that you drain clogs up and that's basically it I mean it's like it's a lot but we have a place that you can knock out a special ground either or you can make a knock knock knock box and it should help with have a trash can nearby but that's it it's pretty simple

you're not going to get a professional machine machine because I know it's just those people will sit around and make amazing with only sucking wind a little bit because they don't have as much of a scheme for Cassidy is let's say even a single group 110 machine if you scrounge around and you can have it is Extreme pleasure to just be able to use the freaking espresso machine like nature and having a water supply and having it you know drain into your into your dream

even if you don't have a commercial Special Machine you can usually Plumb them by putting a level sensor and solenoid valve to allow you to put high pressure from your need a man I was like 40 60 PSI put that into a gravity-fed container in espresso machine so over 8,000 feet high and I haven't had to do this much traffic in around the phone and I'm actually feeling winded from the altitude coming out of breath and when you arrive here after you bring your bike in Brooklyn

if it's true but you can't let yourself not allow when you're when you're in Bogota shut down because of the date the talking like you sent his way to three sentences late to three sentences

Harvard Harvard using it as a sign for the times we need to be adjusted for different eight sides is the what about the composition of eggs are substances of different age difference and I don't have a good until right before they haven't I have enough Wi-Fi time to research the exact opposite know what's going on in these days I will say this that matter are different but they are different with my salt with something to do for that Harold McGee class and a couple years ago

that lie basically denatures the proteins are there makes it less able to bond with a shelf that's pretty cool and you know it doesn't work as well and chicken eggs as it does in duck eggs and quail eggs so you know the difference between the sweet egg ductwork better than chicken now I haven't done a lot to figure out what temperature it is a temperature difference I know that you're going to be running at 62 because I've done them will still get slightly you know that craziness that you would normally get at 63 Celsius

play leg is done in like you know under 1500 15 minutes you know what I mean it's like it's about to get out the way you get out of chicken eggs so what I normally do is you get like one of those chocolates like cigar cutting things that are not for top and the bottom. Use the top the top and the bottom and then you can shake the egg out and you can get like you know try to do it by cracking you're going to lose you like half of your eggs

duck eggs I haven't had a lot of experience with me I know they're still creepy at 62 but I don't know what it does that excuse know exactly is 64 between music to three. Augustine have to take longer because Derek because they're bigger but you got heater last week you need to add a little bit of if you could you have a promise to you and your eggs if you had a little bit of baking soda to the water apparently it helped and that's because it makes more alkaline and making sure the protein in the egg spawns less strongly to the membrane in the show and appeal it was going to go to restaurant & Tapas restaurant Integrity safety

by the way before I forget I said on the Block a couple weeks ago that dragon fruit is gross awful and I got a couple people telling me that I was wrong and I feel like I'm willing to be proven wrong dragon fruit once I get down here yellow and lo and behold I like it so I found a dragon fruit that I like all so you don't gotta hit it right I mean I like to clean but I like trying to buy it but I hate myself a ripe papaya nastasic smells like like nothing you'd want like alternate Lee they sometimes smells like a diaper sometimes smells like vomit

you're also right skills are actually good in Colombia but you're not supposed to supposed to walk around the streets of Columbia showing off that you have a lot of blankets not a fling oriented society when you walk around the streets in the security here is the show you how big do papayas are here compared to where they are in the shade here is don't give the pie out that you're taking it take more yawning mean so it's like that is so ingrained it like that kind of national statement for like you're playing is what basically don't classify as


did you have a question from Chris about Bloom strength of my name is Jesse I have a question about the juice extractors and I was wondering is there one that you recommend highly I'm juicing vegetables and fruits

but not citrus

no not the traditional and not sugar changed and not sugar cane and not regress

no not wheatgrass either under $300 is the champion juicer okay if you put yourself through and poked shoots out the front and juice goes down the bottom and you can even put the pump through a second time if you want to join also grind peanuts and It's a Grind cocoa nibs to make chocolate is a little bit getting an inspection when I make it at 10 to force stuff down the throat of the machine so quickly that like attention overheats I have had I have had the base of the champion the boat

play Thomas catch on fire in in like a joke but you know like over an hour continuous heavy like you know basically fractions like that I choose as if I was going to the gym and working out you know what I'm saying so it's that's not going to happen more money some people like the Green Star juicer which is basically a set of Gears that matches the stuff however I've never used one people that I know that is not nearly as high with a green star as it is with the Champions on team Tuesday work on different principles right that work at like centrifical so they cried it and then then it's physically separated out and some of these reportedly make very good juice the problem is is that

save a lot of them don't have a lot of capacity cuz you making a little bit of juice right there okay but if you want to make a boatload of juice like if you're doing a party or if you haven't met a lot of people coming over or whatever then you're not going to want to sit around and and burn out a smaller to so you going to watch something that maybe is a little bit less maybe had a little bit less than yield on a track maybe once up a little bit but it's kind of a rowboat monster right which was a champion is in it so you don't have a lot of information on the other kind that is like a little bit because I can't personally use piece of equipment that can't talk about you know a gallon of juice in a reasonable amount of time if you don't I mean how do I have to say

Tower Inn Airport have a 2 coming out of them because I have never worked in like you know one of these places is wheatgrass sugarcane and they're not for citrus which is why I asked you two questions but you put you put an app on a champion juicer you have to put on it to get it to come out right when I put an apple into the thing I felt like it was going to suck my arm down and it was some people like very expensive if the Norwalk which is basically a press but again I've never used to I don't know how concerned you are about easy to clean pop out a whole bunch of juice in that category you want to be

exactly before I think I've used it once in a restaurant yeah most people usually fairly fairly happy with them I don't know how much more it cost to get to commercial one to Commercial and basically has a stainless shaft and better bearings on the motor versus the machine otherwise I think they're fairly similar to get replacement parts for it and I don't know anyone that doesn't like your ex back

call me places to send money for 97212 871-849-1028

I got to go

turn your back on welcome back to you on the are cooking issues coming to you live from Brooklyn and Bogota Colombia where the weather is always liked all crazy it's like falling all the time actually like the weather Lot pretty good he's kind of like a it's like basically for weather like in which I enjoyed she go to so you know it's also in the mountains but like 10 degrees warmer than here so it's always spring time they're always has liked on the water and that is freaking humid freaking human

Brian question still trying to conquer Houston 18497 to 12871 849-721-2852 way more on Columbia Saturday night I do a blog post on my way and I've been internet challenge come down here and my bank Chase decided that they were asking for replacement card give me a temporary card

give money don't take money out of banks internationally so we've been I've been like basically mooching off of my new friends here in Columbia you know if it'll actually can wire you money code

I don't understand how can you explain how to convert between silver strength 860 Bloom 200 Bloom handy thing okay first of all blooms is not his kind of a weird definition of the strength of jealous and literally what it is if they take gelatin it's been cured you know for Life adversity temperature in celsius right now

push the little plunger that they make standard into it and they figure out how much force to take to push that plunger 4 millimeters into the surface of the show right and they give you that fortune grams and that's what fluid and by the way most of your measures used in foods are weird crazy lunatic things like this or something dude and a factory was sitting around saying he listen to go to figure out how to make a discrepancy mix like we like now this is the standard for All Time Low many push it in the rest of your stuff down so this is how the food and she works hey I have one that 200 Bloom I'm making it up to make math easier for me I wanted to 200 Bloom and wanted to 100 Bloom so they can you use twice to The 100 Club right if it doesn't make

people like to use a number of sheets of gelatin when I used to tell him that I figure out what's going on with the fact of the matter is is that typically you buy sheet gelatin in grades right platinum silver bronze gold Platinum Brown write some of the lowest-ranked shells I have undergone some hydraulic higher the higher the weight of each teeth is because they're attempting to achieve similar

but if you're going to substitute a weight then you have to do some sort of conversion you're not at Scales if you double the concentration of the right so if you can't do a straight conversion a very good thing to look at on the web's it's only called summary and conversion bike for page Word document that you can download right off the Same by a you either so important and they provide the formula where you take and you * the square root of the ratio of the bloom strike Bethesda

if you have a 200 Bloom strength gel right and you want it to your how much do you do a hundred forty Bloom you do 200 / 140 right and then you take the square root of that she needed if you have 10 grams of 200 Bloom gelatin and but you you know the recipe calls for 10 grams 208 you want to use one that's 140 Bloom you take 10 times the square root of 200 over 140 and that is a how many grams of the lower blooms painkillers you want to use the reason for the square root there is that they say that it's not a leader is not linear thing anyway I hope that helps and you should read that little Caper because it's kind of cool anyway it's got lots of kind of cool pictures and title gelatin summary and

that's what she is also gives interesting ly stuff that you don't it has a bunch of an actual conversions for known things like how to convert Platinum Speedway to knocked out a way how to convert a knocked out a way to go labor which doing this. Should we use by when we're doing our work is actually pretty darn good it's it's between platinum and and gold I can close the apartments that's pretty good right kicker

all right to try by the way

Stan Smith finds like you know it's sad that we went to this like the highest point in Bogota which is Montserrat day which is like you have to take up this like crazy grandma to the top and it's on its way up there now there's like little market over there and so they sell all kinds of local Colombian products and one of which is which is basically just a coca leaves I tried it on me I didn't I didn't feel I didn't feel anything related to me as far as I know and don't drop me a bag of the leaves flying around from here to Panama and Panama the United States with a bag loaded with knives and and white powders loaded and Ziploc bags I don't think I'm going to take the chance to actually talk about what do you think

that's right right I'm not exactly sure where I came in but in Columbia is no way I'm going to try and bring it back on the bad news part of obviously controversy about the throwing of Coco because excuse me, I'm down here and it's all about pre-columbian gold and cocoa as a product has been used by the people around here for like 10 billion years

implemented they had way waiting away before anyone showed up part of their daily life they had they would have pouches that beautiful gold hydroxide to use to activate the F hopefully strong and so it's it's it's really you know part of the historical to make it a little bit more difficult to say that we should try to stop people from growing into anything it's kind of

external question

Brian racing with several questions and so will try to good news I want to use in cocktails other stuff such a chance Pate to free any other any thoughts on the best application to to baller acetic acid you can do a lot and she forgot it is the acid is typical in lemons now tastes like lemon Warhead we're headed to Candy do you know what is our taxes if you like grapes and so that provides

if you mix two parts of citric acid to one part malic acid you get the acidic flavor of lion which is the one that I used most right if you don't want to add limes or you know if you just want to correct the acidity of The Chew slightly we use these asses all the time if you check them too much you can't throw the juice out of balance depending on the application because you know what happens when lactic acid you know what is a good one I used one called snakes very very authentic lime juice that's very hard to get lactic acid lactic acid

are all pretty much available I think I'm that guy that smashes I want to get a hold of that I don't have like Clinic which is a strain extringent and it is a part of the characteristic stuff and things like apples but I don't have a source for it yet I want to try nose tiny quantities of other bizarre assets but until I see but it's good news is going to love that we always love having that stuff around just like I said correct acidity if you're going to make a soda and it has to last a long time then you can use an eccentric plan was simple syrup to approximate lime squeeze little freshline repealing at the end you get a good line back out so I mean nothing beats a real thing by Natasha

in the second question what exactly is a vinegar mother and is there any culinary application for it other than for making more than one question 10% alcohol and you exposed to oxygen oxygen throughout it right in the turning the ethanol into into acetic acid okay

is that a kind of could form a bunch of which help bacterial cellulose and then they float that stuff was the top informed about the effect. Then after they use at the initial oxygen is in the acetic acid in the vinegar cyst in large quantities actively in large quantities in the top of the forming vinegar right where the oxygen is and so they sit there chilling on the top of the of the vinegar baking sheet of gases from the ethanol and at the same time I producing bacterial cellulose and so that layer is basically living bacteria and bacterial cellulose

so yes you can lick it off and used to make more vinegar right or but there's kind of a well-known Asian Filipino dessert called what is it called and what that is is it is the channel for this weekend and what they do is spread coconut water in like in like a Chevrolet take very large sheets and thick layer of bacterial cellulose on top which is the same thing

a lot more of it so it makes it a lot thicker and they have this basically gel produced from the thing and then they are to church of the one from Isha she's like I have a lot of questions he said I hope I'm not bogarting the radio show.

black garlic is all the rage how's it made and can I make it home all right and she like hitting ingredients for the past couple years black garlic is a kind of garlic

and people being over here at black and it's kind of early could still in its in the clothes and it's doing good and you spread it on things or do whatever you want with it and it's very very sweet and it has like a sugary like

start time tomorrow morning later see how we pressure cook garlic to do the same thing and we're working on test for a verify why pressure cook garlic does it make your breath stink because of stuff that's in garlic that stuff is in garlic that does make your breath stink when is extremely punching shouldn't be broken down by the temperatures of a pressure cooker but apparently it is and he has some serious we have to run some tests so more people attended to and by the way I did some research and I haven't been able to find a was definitively says what's going on but people say that

it's fermented and it's not fermented in the traditional sense right because it's

at home some people County circuits and tell beforehand you keep it in above 140 degrees Fahrenheit above 60 degrees Celsius right and you can go all the way up to like you you're not even yourself yet you still haven't had a date I wouldn't do that I would never take it above the temperature of the garlic but she's going to be in the 70s or 80s Show where people recommend like 40 50 Celsius which is below that you can have that curia growing on it right so they keep it hot

and they keep it basically from drying out so doesn't defecate overtime and it keep it for a long time so on the order of 30 days the higher the temperature the last time is going to take but that's how they make it so it's done hot for a long time and then allowed to cool down and and and a patent leather read online two people put charcoal in with its tribes or so they ordered odors that is being made I don't know if that's truly necessary is a dehydrator so if you're lucky enough to have an Excalibur style dehydrator then you can because you don't want to actually dehydrate do you want to kind of like like put plastic wrap for like put the garlic in a container that's non-reactive the plastic wrap or whatever over that container so that doesn't lose all its moisture

and then you put it at like you let it run for like thirty days and and there you have it and so so that's it so it doesn't appear to be a very long. Of time can produce these kind of crazy things like a like age a Scarlet

and I'm going to do after which I will be in Harvard next Tuesday getting a lecture to Bright you know bushy where is Bush bright-eyed bushy-tailed college students about science in cooking with Harold McGee what should be a blast unfortunately that means I will not be doing a lot so because it's during the actual time that will be so I look forward to seeing you all in 2 weeks since your questions

the following is a message from Nova and why do dig local food love organic farmers do crave to be part of a growing movement of consumers concerned with the state of our nation's food system than sign up today to take the Note 4 and wise locavore challenge this September joint 5000 other New York locavores that are hungry active ready to change our food system learn more at or