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Episode 51: Who Doesn’t Like Biscuits?!?!

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finishes fish is coming to you from roughly 12 to 12:45 every Tuesday here in the studio with nastasha to hammer Lopez we're coming to you from the back of Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn what's the telephone number to call in 784-971-2827 +84-972-128-2128 just you know that it's kind of a thing I can't remember the damn telephone number this place when it comes to side Jenna glycosides I'm there for you buddy but with telephone number can I listen to it

hey how you doing good question first one I'm in London where should I go for drinks that are simple anywhere that my friend Tony Conigliaro is involved you should go immediately for drinks the one that I go to all the time is 69 light year about a thousand miles an hour so my throat's a little scratchy sound so it's 69 coldbrook Road in Islington it's like a 10-minute walk from the angel to stop I can't believe I said to stop on the air and what else do you like

I don't remember I wasn't with you most of the time. Twice on air can I get so when I go I typically don't play with me if I don't go anywhere else I've had most of my drinks there that said I apologize I have to bike here earlier just seriously I was breaking my neck to make it hotels researching stuff so I have something caught in my throat and I didn't have time to get it out so I apologize again

is that is very interesting as a new Hotel bar but I don't know where it is restaurant restaurant in remind me never to do this again always give myself five minutes before we start to no matter how late I am to get my total metro stuff like this bar because the bar is like a little tiny like neighborhood bar they just happen to serve some of the best drinks in the country

and it's not me saying that he's rated like constantly want what do you want to tell them that you're game for whatever they're going to make typically they will make you something interesting if it if you know if you like I really like tasteless vodka drinks give you something you still give you something good and all these people are good but you know what I'm saying a bartender's choice is always the best choice a bartender's Choice preferably with whiskey and let me in there actually one of those great places where they're not going to make you feel bad there for whatever you drink they're not they're not snobs that way even though they're some of the best people in the business but yeah you know definitely typically what I'll do is I'll say you know your choice I'm feeling kind of like a brown liquor today or maybe I'll stay with you so my dad making a day of all things

and I haven't ya no answer tonight there's tranny band playing

even better after the second part of the question is what's your feelings on water chestnuts

water chestnuts okay so my wife to test water chestnuts total I really I like them for her to text real thing and I said to her look at making sure you don't like canned water chestnuts and you grew up in canned water chestnuts so I made them fresh and she's like no I hate these two and I was like oh it is similar for you is a textual issue yeah I mean it doesn't really anything and taste I don't like the crispiness of it I pick him out of every food and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone think that adds anything to a recipe

Anastasia hate most things though so I'd like to have a very unique way. That Rotten Tomato flavor like the texture of a potato but not that not that raw starchy flavor then a water chestnut seems like a good bad for you if you don't like the texture I think you're going to be in trouble when you agree or no

no I agree it's the tech I mean I'm not looking for a raw potato texter either I guess water chestnuts and certain other things that grow in water like that can have parasitic worms in them maybe two back here I forget so you need to cook your water chestnuts before you before you eat them if you got them fresh so don't you know eat them raw well you should meet him at all because you don't like them but he is a good thing that always used to get to water chestnut flour and he said that for dusting a fish and frying he loves water chestnut flour and I think that's a tricky pick up when he was working in China or just no flowers not so easy to come by here in the US I don't know about the UK but it's definitely available so maybe there is a used for water chestnut for you yet

I'll look into it by nothing David it's actually Brady water chestnuts keep showing up in the why do people do that it's ruining the dish for me and I thought I'd I'd ask you just we're family by Rihanna by marriage my license and Brady and and me actually the two people in the family they hate water chestnuts the only two people I know are people who regularly come to my house when you come back to the States

that's good because Jeff generates and that means you will not make them on there so I'll kill you and you never invited to my house again I'm going at it after work so I thought I'd call all right I'm going to recover my throat and retake the first commercial break come back and get her some email question

I want to ride my bicycle

Gopher game

welcome back to cooking issues I am almost fully recovered I must have swallowed something when I was on my way over here and a giant you know what are those things called with the big thing in front two scoops bulldozer a bulldozer dumps in the entire bulldozer like you know shovel load of dirty concrete water basically on my bike as I'm biking passing that's that's worth of David Watson email questions to answer all right by the way we have this new kind of thing people just call in with kind of information and shout out to be nose had recently we got a lot of people just writing it with some info yeah well so here's some info for those of you who are in the New York area and don't have a job or who have a night time job

T-Mobile today is Museum of Modern Art

Jiro Dreams of Sushi he's basically it's playing at took today at the August 23rd today right at 4 p.m. at Mama and Jiro Ono the best the best the best but let you know when the world world's most renowned Sushi chefs in Japan and Tokyo and Kronk Chronicles his lifelong complete Devotion to becoming ever better at his craft and Tom believes that I have made some comments that you guess I would admire his work ethic I've seen it was relatable I guess the filmmakers on a taste of the past episode 64 those who want to hear the listeners to the show our kind of specialized allez specialized interest right so I went to go see that what's the name of the front of your movie that we did the event for it with the cold

what's the movie about Ferran Adria anyway so some reviewers have criticized it's basically just foodporn and how much can you how long can you stay and watch over on tasting different pieces of food this is a valid criticism for someone who's not interested in the process of making food right so I went to go see it and I thought it was extremely interesting because it gives you an insight into the way that he and Fran how they work how they cook how their process is and as a as a cook as soon as interested in cooking to me that's extremely valuable because Ferran is clearly at the at the very top of his game the top of the field and what he does so it would be extremely interesting I think very very worthwhile for anyone interested in Japanese cooking techniques which I am extremely Infantino interested and I wish I could go to it today because I would but unfortunately

I'm doing this afternoon to go eventually it's very difficult to get an insight into Japanese cooking techniques because the mode of learning in many hi in Japanese kitchens is one of years of careful observation without much explanation let's put it that way and so really the only way to learn what they're doing you're never you're never going to learn what you're doing right because you have to sit there for you know two years you know washing the rice before they let you cook it or whatever whatever the old you know the old things are you in Japanese cooking demonstration don't who cares what they're saying don't pay any attention because they're not telling you what's really going on anyway pay attention to their hands pay attention to the ingredients are using pay attention to the the way their hands move these kinds of things are going to give you a big clue as to what is

what is actually going on in the food so and this is why videos and live demonstrations from top-notch people are so valuable to watch and so the ability to see in a movie someone like this working is invaluable so I do I do hope to see it and it could almost be me too can't be silent cuz I have to hear what the ingredients are what's going on but the explanation in any sort of plot or Arthur narrative I really could care less and I shouldn't really say that gets a meeting say but you know what did Mark Mark Mark Ladner from post would he find it and send it back anyway so very valuable for anyone interested in learning something about Japanese cooking

so thank you Tom for riding in that information another interesting a piece of that little tidbit comes from Steve Crandall by The Wall Street Journal are they had an article called Scoot and hear something I never heard of fracking you heard of fracking before the other than okay yes I have heard of fracking from Battlestar Galactica yes I have seen the new Battlestar Galactica Faith but I hadn't heard of fracking the term fracking is basically hydraulic fracturing so what you do is your drilling for oil or whatever you drill a pipe way to hell down into whatever you're going to do and then you put a huge pressure on it to fracture The Rock under there and then you pump in John likes and whatever to allow whatever you're trying to get oil to filter through that and again it's a way of getting more oil or water or whatever out of it but a lot of people are pissed off about it because it can you know pump poison into the aquifer

so I will read The Wall Street Journal thing because it has to do with guar guar gum fracking has a new victim ice cream oh oh I was just handed bye bye by Jack and no fracture Jack and realize that we were we were at an anti-fracking anti-fracking button from the Catskill citizens. Org so presumably there's some fracking pull out of fracking going on up in the Catskills presumably for water and not for

fracking has a new victim ice cream hydraulic fracking this fracturing the sometimes controversial oil and gas drilling method is causing Tremors in a small but vital corner of the food industry this is verbatim for the Wall Street Journal guar gum produced mainly and India House taking food to raging from ketchup to ice cream the problem is it's also Mighty useful in fracking fluid fracking fluid is the fluid that they pump pump pump into the into these places to actually cause of pressure to fraction them with the surgeon fracking to demand for guar gum has rocketed having off in language under $0.50 per pound guar gum has recently changed hands it over $3 and so this is going to cause problems because they use a lot of Gwar and ice cream and the reason I use guar is because Gwar is cheap the Gwar is from a seed and is very similar to another product called locust bean gum locust bean gum is actually for a lot of applications better but because locust bean gum doesn't have a a kind of tasting most bars kind of crappy facing

crap has a Beanie Boo toys Beanie taste kind of like eating black eyed pea flower if you've ever done that I don't know why you would I have many times anyway so the good people t i c gums make a something called flavor free Gwar which is awesome and Gwar and gel and another hydrocolloid is what we use to make the stretchy ice cream that I like so well but Gwar has been cheap so if you are prices go up good for the poor sons of guns that have to sit there and harvest Gwar you know what I mean good for them if we have to pay like you know a nickel more for our pound let's put this in perspective at $3 a pound means for a Gwar so you're going to have well under well under 1/2 1/2 of 1 % of a Gwar in your ice cream okay so we're talkin that minuscule amount cost-wise increase in your ice cream so if all of a sudden

a bunch of people and in the oil industry and I'm not saying I'm not profrac not profrac here but you know if some poor sucker in India gets more for their Gwar seeds as a result of this God bless him I'll pay the extra 5 tenths of a penny for my ice cream to make any sense I like where this is interesting

our good friend Paul Adams from Popular Science he writes mainly for their online but I think he's going to be doing something in the magazine as well he did a nice write-up of the Glenlivet experiment I did in New Orleans where I will separate separate England if it's got into open and spirits and then you can read about it on pop leaders are interested in some knucklehead in a sentence., SC ENT at like like Innovation incentive in a sentence. Com

today they should be offering the world and the idea is that any knucklehead who wants to can write in and you know propose a solution to the problems and if you win you get either $10,000 or chunk of that $10,000 and the guaranteed minimum the guaranteed minimum like maximum full 10,000 and they are going to give $10,000 away is the one he sent it already has 373 people who have signed up with Solutions most of them I'm sure suck

come on most things in the world are bad so why wouldn't most of the solution to the problem be bad the problem is overtime low-fat batter for baked product sticks to the baking surface of aluminum baking pans no duh right move for the baking service the Seeker that's the company here is looking for creative ideas for reducing either the batter to the baking service or for improving the speed and efficiency of the cleaning process and more information is available from their challenge description and so basically they want you to come up with a new release agent or a non-stick baking service or new way of cleaning but you only have a couple more days to solve that problem presumably they're going to have more of these I have a solution but I have some freaking fat to the batter what is the problem with a little fat here's the thing right you're going to help them out now they're not going to

therein lies the problem why is a waffle batter different from a pancake batter Hint it has more fat in it so that you can get it off of the waffle iron right when you have fat in these things right typically if you're a normal human being you're not paying attention to what's going on you eat slightly less of it and you're slightly more satisfied because there's more fat in it and you get more stated that idea that you I mean like you know what I'm saying I'm not saying like have your good swimming swimming in grease like a Popeye's biscuit withdrawal so delicious even though that you don't like Popeyes biscuits

God help me out here you only biscuits people people this is what I'm dealing with that there's never heard say that they don't like this like this because I'm so discriminating what what do you say things like I don't like peanuts because I have a more discriminating palate we need to talk about this for a minute even if even if I can answer all the questions what is it you don't like about a biscuit I don't like how how dry and Flaky way I I just sent it

I don't like this gets nothing like heart attack heart attack is a form of biscuit similar to a beaten biscuit which is nowhere near like the standard Biscuit the weed first of all there are fluffy biscuits and there are flaky biscuits and a huge range in between depending on on the hydration ratio and how they're mix and how they're formed okay so let's start there and then like this is a kind of a classic thing that I don't understand and so like you know if anyone ever you know tries to analyze like the relays the working relationship here here's what I don't get I Don't Like Biscuits because I like bread when she leaves off is like an implicit instead but I like bread instead of biscuits that I can have in a single meal I would consume several slices

bread and then or I handed a biscuit I would also consumed several biscuits got back me up on this I love biscuits will get you to biscuits and whether it's a waffle or or some sort of okay. Really look I'm sure there's many people who think it's a good idea to reduce the fat in their baked goods I just happen to think they're wrong

and be more satisfied with a better product apparently this is marketing it hasn't worked people just eat then they're like oh it's okay to eat any more of it

by the way that we spoke to a person but this last week named Pat Brown and Pat Brown is a doctor and it is a has a company out in in the San Francisco Bay area and he was interested in making a basically not meat analogs but things that someone would choose over me and Alex did they bury a viable main source of protein that are built not just as a protein that you know has crap sprayed on it they kind of resembles meat but actually engineered from the ground up to be delicious such that someone who is a meat eater would choose it based on its taste and its inherent low-cost over me

okay next time I'm out in the San Francisco Bay Area I'm going to I'm going to visit but he's the only person I've spoken to who wants to do plant-based and he has kind of an interesting philosophy and he wants to put all meat and Dairy Farmers he's like going to be around for a long time and these guys are hurting the planet so even if it hurts him right now you know you know you can't you can't help out someone now at the expense of killing your grandkids but he doesn't want to make you just want to beat you over the head and have you become a vegetarian because he's a vegetarian he wants you to buy this this plant-based food because it's so freaking delicious and so cheap that's what you want to do I'm saying such an interesting reversal

okay have a question in from Priscilla Andrews regarding transglutaminase noodles I got to apologize in advance for Scylla I don't have the answer for you right now but the question is what is the starting ratio when using meat glue and gelatin to glue fruits and vegetables together any help is appreciated okay so what we're talking about here is using transport aminase meat glue which is an enzyme that Bond's proteins together to make gelatin into something that won't melt once reheated so this is a technique that was developed by my brother-in-law Wylie Dufresne of WD 50 restaurant where what you do is you take gelatin normally gelatin when you heat it it smells and when it when it cools down again it turns back into a jail if you take transglutaminase and mixing it with the gelatin the gelatin cross-links and now it no longer melt again so it sets and never

will it melt and so widely uses his technique to basically make noodles out of anything so quinoa recipes peanut butter things that you can't normally glue together or can't normally make a sheet or a noodle out of he can make one out of the can be fried talks like a pasta anything so basically the trick with it is is I would start with about 1% trans making this up cuz I don't have the recipe in front of me and are they Miley there who runs the who runs the tech stuff when I'm not at the at the French culinary he has the recipe because why they came and demoed it once and I just keep on forgetting to write it down but I would bet it somewhere about 1% transport a man is not Activa are and which is meat glue + casein milk protein but activity I which is just the meat glue and the reason is is because you want gelatin to link to other

gelatin egg gelatin links to a casein molecule that doesn't increase the gel strength okay and also if your gluing together a veg or something it has a lot of protein in it right lick peanut butter something you don't want the gelatin bonding to the protein from your product either so what you what you want to do and John McGee herald-sun who's one of the Tas in the lecture series up at Harvard the food light for serious which I'm going to be doing with Harold on September what date and there's a public lecture for those as well right yeah I think it's a public lecture in the evening after the students go there I said his son did like a couple days stars with Wiley to figure out this problem what's the best way to do it and said of course I forgot but basically what you do is you make a paste you dehydrated to get a lot of the water out you don't want to be too watery then you make a gel slurry and use how to make gelatin you would normally use to set what you're doing I think it's a good starting point or maybe a little more

well it's warm but not hot gel and gelatin mix in transglutaminase activity I write let it sit for several minutes start cross-linking in a while it's warm and then I wish that together with your product sheet it out and let it sit overnight in the fridge which point should be set but I wish I had a better information for the starting rashes all right so get it one more commercial break and come back and answer some questions calling your questions to 8497 +212-878-497-2128

are y'all leaving

I guess you kind of scared yourself

did you have a chance

send me.

Jack in the stash you're making fun of me for not being able to remember the dang number of the radio station and furthermore making fun of me for the early one by bicycle for my constant bike guys thanks I appreciate all right, you're on the air

hi Dave I have a question about gum arabic and simple syrup in the New York area and I'm looking to pick some up and also I'd like to just know how to add it simple syrup like I was just in a 1 cup water 1 cup sugar how much to put in New York City I believe kalustyan's on Lexington in the twenties has it if they don't have it there's a place called dual specialty shop down in where's the First Avenue Avenue a town near death & Co the bar they might have it if not there's plenty of mail order supplies for gum arabic put one of those two places would be the first place that I would go in the city to get them get it is very interesting because as a hydrocolloid and waits for those who don't know what they're talking about

what's interesting about it is most hydrocolloid are long linear chain molecules with a small number of backbones on it right small numbers little side units rather

the gum arabic is the only normal one other than a Miller packed in which is the big bald starch molecule that is ball shaped and so what that means for gum arabic is that you can have very high percentage Gum arabic solutions that aren't too thick right so you can put a fairly high percentage of gum arabic Into Your solution and still have them be portable fluid right the other cool thing about gum arabic is gum arabic has in it A protein that is is basically it comes with the gum and in originally was considered an impurity but when you remove the gum that protein from the gum arabic the gum arabic doesn't work anymore to do what you wanted to do cuz gum arabic isn't just a thickener although it is a body in agent I know you had a lot of it I can add a lot of body and viscosity to your serum it's also an emulsifier so you can get flavors in two things using it and

it's pretty cool because unlike other emulsifiers when it's diluted it doesn't break and that's why I used to be made for a used to be used to as an emulsifier for soda syrups now they have other things that are not necessarily depend upon the Sudan for their sourcing but the inner cheaper but it would that was one of its original uses it so it could probably also stabilize a head and a shake and drink or stabilize bubbles in a shake and drink so it's very interesting I don't happen to have any of the ratios in my head but what I would do is put the gum arabic into the water first it should dissolve I believe at room temperature but you can heat it to speed it's not going to hurt at all right I would try to powder the gum arabic as much as you can before hand to speed the dissolution of it and then after that you know you can heat it at the sugar to it makes I would definitely do it that way and not the other way around I would have the gum arabic first

and then add the sugar afterwards you can have a fairly large amount but I would look into it like anyone that you know all the old references have it I think maybe the imbibe the old day wandering the first alien By Buck I think maybe has a couple recipes for but that was easy to Google I just don't have it in my head

I think they had no problems

all right Sue going to go into now

okay we have a question from CPAP and I just wrote in want to know about smoking Tomatoes I've never smoked a tomato have you ever had a smoked tomato I've had smoked tomato things

you know I've never smoked a tomato but in general when you're smoking something the rule is is that I mean I don't know you to pick up color or not but you're going to want to get it somewhat dry and tacky not overly wet Drive is going to want to peel the tomatoes are very least kind of split by with peel them and send me desiccate them like partially Drive in first then after they're partially dried then I would smoke them and then finish the drawing out to me I wouldn't go tomato when you're smoking something as smoking a certain kind of preservative effects and bacteriostatic effects of things like that that really would have tomato it's just it's got a huge water content in soda preserver that you really going to want to just reduce that water content and so that's going to be the main preservation technique if you want the smoke flavor to pick up you don't want it to heavier to become a trade I would just make sure that they're mostly you know maybe 2/3 or 3/4 dry then smoke them until they pick up the flavor that you want and then continue your dehydration at a low temperature

I see you don't alter the flavor too much from that point out that he had the rare piece of good advice okay Derek Bodkin like that name there parking rates in about rice flour to my family rice flour hi everyone another quick question I've got a bunch of rice flour what sort of cool things can I do with it since it lacks gluten all right well interesting you should say there's no such thing as just rice flour right I mean there is its label that way but basically rice flour breaks down into two separate kinds of things there's glutinous rice flour AKA sweet rice flour AKA AKA sticky rice flour and rice flour that's made from what they called glutinous rice and glutinous rice is it

has no gluten but it's very high and low in amylose the long chain starch molecules I told you before an extremely high like a hundred percent a mellow pectin and what's those aren't was that kind of flower is great for is making Mochi and mochi you know you don't have to make in the flower I've met I can make Mochi from Jess from sticky rice which is kind of a cool way to do it right and you really cool Aid dealers to get sumo wrestler dudes in loincloths beating it with mallets after you cook it that's a real cool way to make Mochi but most of us just going to buy glutinous rice flour for mochi mochi flour and you mix it and the cool thing is is that got this dance flavor but you can Grill it or fry it and it puffs up like a lunatic another pack ninjas fantastic at pussing whether or not it's a you know semi-dried and then it pops like a puff snack or whether or not it's just like in a donut for him he ever had a Mochi donut Japanese emojis don't great anyway so that's one form of rice flour

and then the other one is in rice flour that has a certain amount of amylose in it now and that's what you use for most other kind of cooking application so in terms of thickening for making a roux right so rude we typically think of with wheat flour now we flowers kind of the weakest of the flowers in terms of thickening rice is rice flour to thicken a little bit more than wheat flour corn a little bit more than rice arrowroot little bit more than corn and potato the most starch the problem with something like potato starch and reason we don't use it more often this even though it makes me super thick as you cook it it breaks down very quickly write cornstarch also has problems because it gets thick really real fast and furious tape when it cools down it sets up a lot harder than when it was hot does wheat starch is a little less finicky that way then Court the rice is kind of in between the corn in the weed and will work fine for a roux especially if you want to do something that's gluten-free if that's interested

to you it should work just fine it's also used a lot in deep frying as either a portion of your batter or as at the dusting beforehand the reason it to use it because it doesn't have any gluten makes things very crispy without making them hard right because it doesn't have the kind of the protein that forms together you get from a wheat flour so a certain amount of white rice you know neutral white rice flour to a batter recipe is going to increase the Krispy krunchy Ennis but not the hardness of the batter so Heston Blumenthal use it in his in his fish and chips recipe a lot of Thai recipes have it and you can make actually almost like puffed crispy snacks just by making a rice batter in front of frying and it's good as a garnish my witness Elite it on its own in bread baking you can add a certain amount to bread to round out the wheat flour and reduce the amount of weed and their slightly although I don't really see the point in that

but it is used as a dusting for almost like an anti stick along with flour in the same way that cornmeal to use for so can we use that way another interesting thing you might want to look at it something that I used to make like a long time ago when I was reading my mom's cookbooks one of the first cookbooks are rated I started making bread in college in a general electric or Westinghouse ever get used to sell turkey ovens and they're basically like large crock pots do you cook turkeys in for Thanksgiving and in the fifties and sixties he's were used because you want to be able to use your oven for something else and cook your turkey on your countertop and it kind of fell out of popularity probably because they probably don't make a good turkey out and I never cook the turkey one but I picked one up for about 2 bucks at a thrift shop and I was in college and use it to bake bread in my dorm room and what are the first books I stole

for my mom was her 1977 copy of the sun set February bread baking book and which way at the time I thought was a pretty good book and are they had something in it called Dutch crunch which is a bread coding red tree treatment that I've never seen really around but I'm sure people still make it but it's really cool and it's a rice flour trick to here's what you do you take and I'm sorry it's in tablespoons but it's wrote down this morning from the book 1 and 1/2 tbsp sugar I still kept the book I still let me know 20 and change years ago more than 20 years ago and I still haven't ate 1.5 tbsp sugar for four packs of yeast right which is a lot pay attention at 4 past 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup rice flour to teaspoons of oil and basically a half a 2/3 cup warm water will it start let it rise for 30 minutes and you paid on your bread before you bake it and it gets dislike intensely thick crunchy like funny looking but delicious crust crust are called Dutch crunch the trial

Derek and tell me how it works all right so have an interesting in this is one of the reasons I was late because this is what I was researching and time just ran away from me things from the underground bar which is a portion of the underground food Collective rights and about cherry pits we are processing with essentially a pallets worth of cherries that are Prepkitchen right now and I'm sitting on in same quantity of cherry pits we made delicious demonstration batches of cherry pit Amaretto with Brandy and a relatively High concentration of cherry pits but I'm generally aware of the risks associated with the pits of stone and how to find a concrete stores that conclusively outlines how they can be manipulated or process to eliminate that risk. Prior to infusion varying sources say roasting or blanching the pits takes care of the problem I assume if a method work for one variety still in pain shall be applicable to the others as well could I weigh in on this earlier this week Hastings email Darcy on the old asked the same question because Darcy had a recipe for infused Maraschino liqueur

involve the pits of the Bear Co cherry on preserving cocktail cherries the problem is the Amaretto that Hastings is making and some of the other applications they've been toying with involve pick concentrations that are 22 100 times greater than the recipe Darcy reference Darcy on the old for those of you not you don't know cocktail blog is one of the great like scientific technical drink and cocktail writers wrote a book called fix the pumps which is extremely influential over the last year and a half or two years I forget how long ago it came out basically Reviving old soda traditions and is in fact is selling products that have been kind of extinct for a while and clean lactart which is you know of lactic acid based acidifier for using sodas and acid phosphate switch is fuss for

acid-based soda acidifiers so he selling these things and that book extremely extremely influential in the comeback of interesting sodas mean people been working on it for a while but kind of without a lot of bases and he's providing a lot of basis and contextualizing of the old recipes for kind of modern people so under Red by JQ public but very influential among the kind of the cocktail and drink thinking crowd fix the pump anyway to by the way in case you don't know what's going on Stone fruits contain two different sayings many different things but two things that people are worried about amygdala in which basically breaks down into cyanide which is why and that's why you have cyanide smell like burnt almonds you don't want too much anyway England and electric wire you something called prunus in which is you know also breakdown is cyanide so warm in there

is the color glycoside which of the sugar bound to the cyanide right it's only release one encounter specific digestive enzymes which are found in our justice system and he's had some conversations with sugar syrup companies that make syrup from fruit stones and say that there aren't any there isn't a sign on their product and the problem with that method Dorothy says Darcy says that they're actually looking for Cyanide and not for the amygdala which is what's going to get you when you when you do it but he says that small not too pits aren't going to hurt you but Jesus pointing out what the hell I'm using you're not well it's a very interesting question Hastings I don't know if you're going to die here is what happens when you eat a whole bunch of products with amygdalin it like apricot kernels to the classic one or pits from cherries excetra the amygdala and it breaks down and forms cyanide Cyanide hcn and benzaldehyde benzaldehyde

what you want right and it's done by an enzymatic reaction now there is an Ensign in the pit so what you want to do the way they get rid of this is you grunt you don't roast it roasting of your pee some people say roasting gets rid of the get rid of it Rose things going to get rid of any free cyanide in the pit but isn't going to degrade the amygdalin it all so soon as you eat it you're still going to have it what I would do what everyone dies a commercially if they break it they grind up a seized roughly then they soak them in water for a. Of 1 to 3 days what's happening there is cyanide free the free Sinai things are very soluble in water where is the the benzaldehyde which is the aroma in the flavor you want is not further more enzyme is it sorry but not that much enzymes are in the pit and when you break it up those enzymes are going to go to work on the amygdalin and break it down into the design free cyanide stuff and the stuff with the flu

they benzaldehyde so what you been do if you soak it for a couple of days then you drain and you cook it and when you cook it any free cyanide is extremely volatile and will boil off cuz it's not the sign I was going to kill you boils off at like 70 Fahrenheit obviously leave the lid off the pan don't breathe in the papers and then what's left over should be fairly amazingly free and fairly cyanide free that said I can't give you any numbers that are going to be a hundred percent safe it's kind of a tough thing I can't I can't really give you a number and say that you won't die but that is the way things are things are reduced you can further reduce the amount of ourselves through fermentation but you have to get a specific strain of yeast the one that does tempeh works or specific bacteria a specific funguses they were like 10 temp a permutation Works in certain other things but don't count on it

what do you think is called why are so many plants

Houston question right now and I didn't know so many were but it turns out that a disproportionate number of our food plants have these glycosides the sugar found with Cyanide & Other Stuff in them and Siri this paper why are so many plants ion genic is that these plants don't get eaten by animals as much are but humans are good at figuring out how did not get poisoned by them and so we tend to eat them and that's why I just proportionate number of these products are eaten by people and some large number of percentage have certain stuff in them among them we may have a small amount I guess in the Sprouts to stop a spouse from getting eaten but sorghum

the Sprouts dance either find Sprouts had a huge amounts of it in it and some sort of sprouts are poisonous unless you cook the hell out of them and I always knew Sprouts are poisonous right just further confirmation that Sprouts she is a poison right anyway so I hope it's been somewhat useful and you're going to round out with today John Larry rice in and says my name is John Larry I would like to know if you have an old pressure cooker my god do I have old pressure cookers right decision available could you let me know the prices for oil pressure cookers and I'll be happy to pay by credit card well spam it was addictive is the words he is that maybe pressure cooker or credit card

fellow person with two last names like myself to first name is Robyn pressure cookers I do agree that pressure cookers cost quite a bit of money you know the pressure cooker that I can use everyday cause swelling over two hundred bucks you can get a decent pressure cooker or figure workarounds for pressure cookers I'm not going to tell you to modify a pressure cooker like I did on the blog last week but you know you can get one for under $100 I wouldn't recommend buying use pressure cooker because the seals on it are probably about to go anyway and you're going to have to buy a new seal could be clogged up it's just the world a headache go out there and research one of the cheaper pressure cookers I'm not going to know I'm not going to push any any Brands online but yeah magic imagine if we ever had a rummage sale will be crazy right anyways but a rummage sale

you don't want to rummage through my stuff anyways today tomorrow I'm flying out to Columbia were going to be doing a demo has a demo in in Columbia the country and in Bogota who's I can't pronounce properly but I'm going to be doing a variation on milk soup on on Colombian milk soup Iowa should be interesting fly back for one day just to do this radio show that's a lie but I'm here. Right here I'll do that and I fly out and then the next Tuesday I'll be in Harvard so I'm going to try to eat some now to do it fly from Harvard with McGee it's not during the class time is it to show me to send my dad would do it anyway so I will have been next time I speak to people I will have been to South America for the very first time cooking issues

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supposed to be

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