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Episode 49: Meat, MSG, and Mayan Spinach

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hello and welcome to cooking issues on Dave Arnold over to cooking issues coming to you live on the Heritage Radio Network every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 joined as always in the studio with Miss Tosha to hammer Lopez calling all of your cooking or non cooking related will take anything right you have any subjects you want to talk about today what stores to shop in return I was going to bring it up I was going to I was going to go there but please go to 128 a still haven't memorized I think you noticed I still have to have you write it out every single time I hear music in your hands today maybe you can take some good stuff and see if I'm on a roll

the L train song yet anyway glad to say that cooking issues the blog is back on a roll with a I finally got the fruit post out looks good of the fruit post the centrifuge post the lime juice post post the other post do I have that have not yet written about a notch hats from like years ago years ago I had that before we get onto the actual topics of the day I am I sweating profusely if you're awake my face yes well I biked here in the beautiful Brooklyn weather today which is like it's raining up from the ground it's like the ground is raining up into the sky that's how humid it is

Josh about biking in that kind of weather which really hot is your body can't pull it off but I am I am I'm collecting all of my sweat in a pool here on the floor then we can make a small swimming pool out of it hopefully I don't jack short out all of your equipment I knew I haven't a new blog that I'm also not going to update I thought I ain't messing around. Com around for work but I feel like I had this idea they could probably cooking issues right many problems are cooking issues but I can't seem to do anything short and I have to spend like 15 hours of research every time I even write 3 words because I'm a jerk nidiot know what I mean like my sister-in-law maile Carpenter who's married to my wife sister maile wife is also bad ass

Miley runs the Food Network Magazine mean she doesn't mean she's the editor-in-chief she started as she found it total badass you know anyways she's married to a pretty hardcore hardcore family I got Miley has always been able to just research what she needs to know and write a great article why can't we all be like mad I guess if we were all like Miley we'd all be extremely successful journalist guess that's why we're not like mine or how you should keep your hands on the handlebars when you're biking in the street there's lots of pedestrians walking around things like that right yeah have you seen the jerk going across the Williamsburg Bridge on his fixed gear bike and he takes his feet off the freaking pedals when he's going downhill where does he put them what you want to talk to go to fix your bike is it's a bike where that they'd be pedals are actually linked to the Gear such that every time the wheel moves the pedal moves no freeway

he said he had Dia is you supposed to stay in touch with the road because your feet keep moving too lazy and I want to go faster down the place I'm going to take my feet off the pedals more on their people walking down that thing even on the bike side baby carriages now they're morons too but I mean seriously anyways that's the kind of stuff you had to look forward to fix beer probably adds up here

hipster joke for you out there I ride a fixed gear bike but I keep my feet on the pedals and I have both brakes all right because I'm not in it for the for the efforts I have the least sexy bike on Earth calling your question for Nathan myhrvold have Angry Birds on my iPad iPhone and they turn the sound back on

I apologize for that 7 Minute rant nothing but I would help you to call your questions right now to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 but if not at least make me look at Premier Valley people are you calling and there's free giveaways free giveaways like maybe I don't know like a modernist cuisine a branded signed by those guys what else we coming weekend maybe the book no packages maybe the books that they're going to call in listen please don't get your hopes up this is why I love that it's Tasha and hate is that she'll sit here and lie

it's not really a lie it's her hope but it's just not going to happen but she has his way in her head of turning hope trying to turn hope into reality like when we got Merle Haggard to school she's like well maybe he will and he did but in this case I don't think so I think of modernist cuisine if Jesus came down and said Nathan can I have a free copy of the book Nathan would say your Jesus you can afford it

my right about this we have an autographed apron here I'll go back to my professional town talk so long my iPad shut off from last week and the week before it was a believe his name I forget Roth wind I think was that person who Roth right when to try to Google am I think he's a like a pharmacy Pharmacy researcher and a cyclist and a cyclist I bet he wears a helmet and anyway

I was told in the Netherlands I don't wear helmets now that goes cuz their bikes weigh eight thousand pounds and they do to miles an hour on those flatheads tattoo gun which is what Ross said I'll get a bunch of plastic twist twist twist ties twist twist ties in a bunch of colors right numbers down on the carpet before you got in the field and then tag of fruit with the number twist tie and then that way I can keep track of what's going on with my right in the rain notebook with we all agree right in the rain notebooks are good things I have in my bag right now I'll do the same thing with pre number plastic bag that's a good idea like Ziplocs or whatever rather than trust that seems less complex in a tattoo gun but less cool definitely let School

I tried various things like bags and whatnot so here's what happens whenever you're out in the field everything turns to crap is what I've noticed like you're out there you're tasting things your sticky you have fruit paste all over you because the stash is blowing some sort of nasty food out of her mouth and she hasn't looked where she spitting and it gets all over your shirt you know what juices are dripping down your hands like it's raining or bugs everywhere and they're trying to get the food into your bag practice true right this is how it works and so you know we tried many things the last time and you'll see the post that you know the mango thing you know if you should ever write it comes up is that the one thing ended up working at the end was literally carving the name of the fruit into the fruit with a penknife which is a pain in the butt but I'll tell you this we will we will try these variances how you can get a twist tie to stay around a rabbit tattoo gun

call the Easy Tattoos good with competitor I think made by the same company called and I purchase one for 50 bucks and it's a little tattoo gun and it works I just I got it last night I try this morning on some lemons have to try some other fruits on Lennon's it's really hard to see the tattoo without ink and I think filling up in 8 as a pain in the butt but you can do is is tattoo rub an ink stamp over it real quick and rub it and it and it a Tuesday's I'm trying to think I'm real simple real waterproof I don't have to carry a Liquid Ink with me cuz that's not going to work I have a feeling on more delicate fruits like mangoes or fruit to oxidize like apples that I'll be able to read it fine without ink the lemon if you let it sit around for a while in this game starts drying off and you hold a shine a light on it you can see where the tattoo was even without a so I am working on it but I think 450 bucks I'm going to Columbia soon I hope to pick up some crazy fruits in the Market at Columbia I'm going to carry my EZ TAG at on the trip with me and see whether or not I can

able some fruit so we'll get some real world testing this and see if we can get a good test for a fruit heads and I'm trying to find it because I'm a moron whole second Joshua rosenwasser just moved from Tampa Florida to Antigua and he wants to know whether there's any kind of wild edibles he can forward for down there in Antigua well here's the one problem I've never been to the Caribbean in my whole life and one of the reasons is because I think I mentioned several times I hate Paradise I hate it like you know like really nice beaches and son it's horrible horrible but I'm sure if you go out into the forest it's going to be whatever they have their it's going to be nice I did some preliminary research for you and there's one of the problems is that antique appears to be one of the driest of those islands so even though they have some tropical fruits growing on those eyes

a tenant portal out of them from kind of wetter neighbors were they have a wider range of stuff that they can grow so I wish I could be more helpful but I remember that a couple weeks ago somebody asked a question I answered the first question in spun off into a tangent and their question was very rightly so we're other places that you can go for it not for I could go to taste things other than the fruit and spice Park well I forgot to ask you but I'm glad you asked me to look at you with questions here I'll just tell you first two places that I've already gone some with most with the starsha went to the Geneva Geneva New York the Agricultural Extension Gigli York was the extension of Cornell was also linked up with the federal government that has all of the the largest collection of apples in the world it also has a decent collection of other things like a grapes and what not and it's fairly easy to get in there and run rampant like a lunatic like pretty easy right

another one other transaction I went to that we talked about was the Frog Dale collection it's the it's in Kent and Fabish him and it is amazing it has the largest culinary app look like you're supposed to just apple collection has a huge collection of pears has a huge collection of currents and other small fruits has an amazing selection of cherries also plums and I believe filbert filbert nuts and a smattering of other of other things and also that one is open to the public you just go they don't want you to go in there and take the food off the trees I think for insurance reasons to get to any weight supposed to Olivet anyway that's where I would go then if you're friends with a guy named Gene Lester in in in California Watsonville that's the best actress collection we've never been to UK If you join the California flute fruit explorers I think it's an animator California rare fruit one of those if you join them you get invited to the yearly thing at Gene messer's Ranch and you can eat as much as you want there

I want to go to Corvallis which is in Portland and that's where our collection of pears and berries is Apparently one of the greatest collection of pears and berries in the world I want to go there there's a couple of places I know. She wants to go there's a couple of great botanical gardens I think in the Ukraine right Kia I want to go to you don't want to go to Kazakhstan worst natural where are some places I want to go anyway and you guys can think of some good places that we haven't gone I want to go I want to go to the New York Botanical Garden the time they have one of the world's largest collection of aliens onions and garlic can you eat them when eating raw but they let you take them a person on the phone life is terrible second part of

second part of Joshua's question was that have a lot of callaloo Calas big recipe recipe green down the Caribbean which of the tops of Taro plants but also known locally spinach and independent cheap are there any recipes besides a standard Long December with time and onions I don't have a lot of experience with it but it's not only tarot that you said that use like a bunch of different greens and basically I wish I could help you here but I want someone else to call and give us some good recipes basically just greens simmer for a whole hell of a long time without usually with some sort of Valium and spices and then either Blended to make a smooth soup easy outside some salt pork bacon or whatever or for seafood crab or you can keep it like a steal and keep a chunky I mean I think anything that you can do with greens with a suit you could do that or would like metal because nothing but if you do use Taro leaves which is you know. Sheen to use that you need to cook it because it's otherwise toxic which leads me to another awesome toxic plant which

first you told me about a crap anyway called Mayan spinach we saw that in the fruit and spice Park in the poisonous plant Section 8 has a it'll kill you sign I'd poisoned if you eat it raw but if you cook it and apparently when the most nutritious Greens in the world you should know the problem is we were down there we had no kitchen we couldn't cook anything he did after the first day so I should have stole or stoled a bunch of that stuff in cooked it the next time with the with a Jeremiah bullfrog attic gastropod down in Miami so we were much more worried about what we're going to do for that event then what we were going to have for dinner that night which is stupid you should always worried about where you going to have for dinner that night fish be an Okie poke dinner charcoal to Charcoal was basically like soaking wet anyways

calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues


718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Chris give from Toronto Canada for some reason I wrote Toronto California on my from my iPad that's not Toronto is not in California it's in Canada about fixing vacuum machine today working properly I don't want to buy it cheaply and fix it it runs through recycle normally until it's about to release the vacuum this is what it makes a loud noise and starts again from the beginning and just keeps going through this cycle and tell you turn it off I was wondering if you had any ideas or do you think it's hopeless any thoughts on this would be awesome thanks that's an interesting problem

it sounds like it's probably fairly easy to fix the good thing is that the important part of the vacuum machine is the motor right is a vacuum pump that's expensive so if it's a real vac machine were talking about the way folks about a chamber vacuum machine I assume a professional vacuum machine and they start smallest one start at like 1500 2000 bucks to go to about four grand when do you normally get in a restaurant right so they're they're not cheap and if the pump is working and sucking a vacuum that's actually sucking a vacuum right you've won most of the battle right now here's what I would check out first I can't tell exactly what's going on it's cuz it's not like a normal situation of troubleshooting wise it's not normal I wouldn't expect you to do exactly that I would expect it to make a loud noise and then not start again unless there's something weird going on I wouldn't expect it to start again until it evacuated here's what sounds like might be happening there's a what happens in a vacuum machine is you close the lid

vacuum cycle start sucks out all the air after it sucks out the errands done sucking the vacuum it stop sucking the vacuum it puts the seal bar up and seals your bag after which it lets the air back into the machine and or sometimes it has gas flush right with put gas back in and then and then and then there you go so any one of those things could be wrong sucking evacuee know you're good right then if it seals the bag you know what at least makes it to that part in the cycle sound is making a loud noise either maybe he's trying to do a gas flush and it can't because the gas flushes plug if it has a gas flush the other thing that could be going wrong is it the air release valve could be broken right in which case is not releasing the are properly any one of those things could be going wrong assuming that it's not one of those things and it's a problem with electronics board you have transported is a lot harder to fix you can get new electronic boards but even if you have like minor electrical skills you don't want to actually fix Electronics you can just hardwire the thing

to basically turn it on and then press stop and just bypass all the circuitry and run all the stuff manually right cuz it's all basically just solenoid valves that you can run off the thing so I would say either one of the solenoids that's been nothing is broken or you have an Electronics problem or you have a blockage in one of the lines any of those things seems a lot easier than fixing the pump what you think is best buy my flattener from Del posto it's really nice and the pump starts up if soccer doesn't start a vacuum which means you need to rebuild the whole vacuum pump and that's pain in the patoot right what did I say is going to cost us like 250 labor to show up at 2:50 to hang his hat on the inside of our door right 250 bucks an hour is it to go near that that broken broken right and then the other one I don't have those pots right now I don't have those now

surcharge when he comes back with the Parts Plus take nothing apart right I ain't come on we all know how this stuff does no offense to the vacuum repair people out there all right I don't want to hear someone saying the Dave is prejudiced against back machine repair people okay

hey we got to thank you from Mike who wrote in a couple weeks ago we were talking about marshmallows he was having problems with marshmallows taking and says that what we said on the are actually help him out like a happy customer we have at least one we have one person that we have helped low temperature questions in case there's anyone who happened to just tuned in and was trying to turn into the wrong radio station but listen to us and doesn't know what low temperature cooking is low temperature in sous vide at any time to leave us any time you have something package in the vacuum bag right no matter what temperature you use can we boil in bag could be could be low temperature could just be in the refrigerator that sous-vide low temperature is when your instead of using a high temperature like in oven at like three hundred degrees to cook something you use something like a water bath that's almost exactly the same temperature you want to cook do so I want to cook a steak 230 degrees Fahrenheit

230 degrees Fahrenheit and I usually cook inside of a bag plastic bags in like that that's that's low temperature cooking so I can camp for kids in the neighborhood and the parents pitched in to buy me a sous vide Supreme machine ice parents good job home version of what you guys use he was the one that doesn't circulate basically temperature controlled water bath think it's about $5 bucks I've never used them someone suggested your site and the listen to a few episodes on your radio show I think it's great but the more I listen and read up on sous vide the more I confused I get you're not alone my friend you're not alone my question is why is there such a great difference in suggested cooking times and temperatures for sous vide cooking I want to do short ribs is my first sous vide experiments all recipes for two to three days of cooking it didn't make sense so I called one of my favorite restaurants in Philadelphia Lacroix and Chef Adam their suggested 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours which works perfectly I see you soon to start right there before we go on

the reason why they're different times and temperatures is because different people want different effects when they're cooking okay so I know you said that it doesn't make sense that you're cooking something for 2 or 3 days and in fact when you're learning low temperature in sous vide this hardest thing to wrap your head around honestly is that meat is not going to overcook when you cook it for that long I like Wylie Dufresne my brother-in-law was the first person to tell me that you're in your years ago and I was like your crack your crazy there's no way you can cook a piece of meat for 3 days not have it overcooked once you get over that hurdle right then all these recipes going to start making sense to you okay recipes overcook in the traditional sense of becoming well done overcook because you're cooking at a higher temperature than you want to cook the meat to so as you cook longer the more and more over. It's going to get the more and more dry it's going to get because you're basically cooking all the water out of me right that's not what happens low temperature when you're cooking low temperature for sous-vide low

you cook the meat to exactly the temperature you wanted to cook two and then it just stays there the meat no longer over Cooks in a sense of it doesn't squeeze all of its water out anymore doesn't turn gray doesn't have any of those traditional overcook things happen to it right it doesn't turn tough what happens instead is you hold it at a particular level of doneness and then over a long. Of time the connective tissue breaks down right and starts getting softer and more more tender okay so if you take a piece of meat that doesn't have very much connected tissue in it let's say a tenderloin and you cook it for a long time it starts losing what little textured has and it turns mushy remastering like a short rib and you're cooking it to 130 which is like a hundred which is like 55 I think 5055 South of mine that which is pretty rare right it takes a long time like 3 Days To Break Down The connective tissue in that rib and had to get tender again right if you

Westerly 10 or shorter that didn't have a lot of connective tissue maybe after 8 hours it's going to be okay usually the short ribs at I cook if I'm going to put them down at that temperature like 55 like by by 24 hours it still has a texture like a skirt steak which I think is delicious and I think Carlo here at Roberta's sells what he calls a short ribs skirt steak or something like that. He doesn't like that like 24 hours at roughly 55 57 degrees and Celsius which is hotter than 3235 somewhere in that range Fahrenheit and so you can do that right but they they sell basically these long cooking times at different temperatures are because they're holding to meet at a certain level of doneness and then and then basically waiting for the texture to turn to what they want to cook it too long ago to Mush if you don't cook it long enough it's just not tender enough OK and the higher that since there's a range of temperatures that'll work so short with you can make a short word that you are like a hundred 5555 South seems like a hundred and thirty or so most people prefer it a little bit

higher like 60° Celsius in which is 140 right and even at more radically chops cooking time down in 3 days to two days right 63° little high for me if you're going to do low temperature work now you're down to like a day a little over a day so basically it's getting a feeling for how the cooking times and the temperatures in a rat there's no right or wrong answer there's a question of is it tender enough for you okay just making any sense of style chicken breast for 45 to 90 minutes to 63° which is a Ajo and a sous-vide cookbook cookbook with came with the units against two hours at the same 63 Celsius don't understand why there's a difference they're definitely doesn't need the full two hours from a patch relations standpoint and I think that chicken breast once it's done doesn't get any better I think it starts losing its texture and so as soon as it's done I like to pull it

how to get it's not going to break down and you right away but we ran a test where we cook a chicken breast for a long time and then ate it by itself with no sauce with nothing added no searing anything just what does the meat taste like the meat didn't taste as good longer we cooked it on chicken breast sauce it up or if you're going to serve the cold or anyone who sings I think it might not make as much of a difference right you know so that's that's that he has a second question so we're going to eat these with these are great actual questions at the end he said he would appreciate a quick answer on these if possible he doesn't expressions are interesting enough for the show which I disagree I think you should think people really want to know about low temperature in sous vide cooking and uses besides well listen up because I'll write the answer or roughly what to 0 right now

machine that lets you add liquids the one that came with the machine in the one I have at home don't work with liquids you're right I wouldn't even use a vacuum machine frankly I would back everything in ziplocks I find that detect the temperature of the texture is sometimes better it's easier because you don't need to chill the items before you put them in most people when they're backing me liquid in those bags they have to freeze liquids before they put them in the bags which is a huge pain in the butt and just I never use it I had a back machine at home I have an Impulse sealer now which I use to seal things like you know me a potato chip bag and stuff like that but I don't do I don't use vacuum at home at home I use almost exclusively Ziploc now you won't be able to do vacuum infusion techniques with that but you can't really do that with one of those home units anyway so I would just learn to seal in ziplocks it's a lot faster and then there was instructions for it on my on the Block and he says he downloaded the suvee primer such as it is don't get me started I know I need to write more of it up cook books on CD you would recommend for the home cook no not really

sous-vide cookbook what if you don't have a vacuum machine maybe I would get it for the pictures of pretty but it does explain a lot of the how and the why one Rochas book you a suvee Cuisine is great but it's $158 and it's all restaurant recipes I haven't read the recent installation of Doug Doug Baldwin's CV primer I haven't obviously Victor Stamper has a book that I do not buy that book and make his temperatures are all out of whack and if you have five hundred bucks by the modernist cuisine cookbook that could have a lot of good stuff in it but that's your five hundred bucks right next week. Please do not tell people they're going to win a copy of that book next week because then people going to stay through shirt and we are going to stash it said that you might want to copy the book you're not going to win a copy of the book next week but you're going to have a very rare opportunity to call in and personally asked me the other day but I

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Goodyear shoes Damon bolte one of our tall thin bartending friends with the tall thin identical twin you think he ever has an identical twin go into the bar instead of him now they look pretty different machine may need an activation the identical twin somewhere I have never been we've only had his drinks at events out here for anything in Brooklyn can we get some angry hitchers calling and hearing shouting is Dashi down so we need the anti hipster machine which is weird because she spends most of her time out here and spends most of her time with hipsters so I don't that is not a jack

Lillian something like literally like I could go into the restaurant which is I can look at it from here and if I were to say this lady hates hipster she would get a beat down

cuz there's enough women hipsters in there they said they could either go give her a beat and by the way we won't bite you can call live unless he said it didn't work when you called

anime instead of a instead of using ink with my tattoo got he says perhaps I could use a leaf off the tree and drive little particles of leap into the fruit that's a genius idea I like that a lot because you're always going to have a leaf when you're picking fruit right right I'm going to give that a try when I leave outside shoot it into something like a lemon or else I'll try to get some waxy leaves to some thicker waxy leaves and see what's going on that's a very good idea cuz you always have a Alief Alief into the skin if we steal some of the fruit when it's all going to get lost just imagine she said she said she always got to keep someone around nothing's ever going to work everything about nastasha right

but imagine the leaf and it's keeping it today MSG hi Dave Anastasia apparently nastassia hates the way I pronounce it

even though we've been working together for something you can help me the question I have a recent customer I've had a recent customer questions about products we use that contain MSG monosodium glutamate taking a step further I had a customer told me that hydrolyze protein and MSG are the same thing that if you have a sensitivity to one then you have a sensitivity to most of our bases have one or the other as well as a few other products that we frequently used can you help me sort this out thanks Chris alright I'm going to go out on a limb here and probably get myself in trouble but I would say since you don't have a sensitivity to one you don't have a sense of humor

here's the thing like there's all sorts of products out there that have MSG okay let's get this straight I'm going to get some angry callers in and eventually or so I'm going to say that day he's a jerk listen listen here's the thing Alec acid is a an amino acid you can't get around it right okay now is sodium salt of that is monosodium glutamate right it's also a neurotransmitter you need it without glue tannic acid you die you don't delete a live without it you need it right you need to have it your body that is but here's the other funny thing right you make a crap load of it you don't even like a you make more of it and then convert it in your head and extreme excreted then then you're going to eat right furthermore if you can take at

we sent MSG is free amino acids right and a couple other things break down I will give you that sense of a mommy savoriness that we taste bitter taste receptor for games have free amino acids in them like tomatoes like mushrooms like parmesan cheese like fish right which is why Sushi tastes good cuz I have a lot of free amino acid in them like kelp Dashi all these things even if you add no MSG external MSG to them right they contain free amino acids show hydrolyzed vegetable protein is where they break down a natural protein into amino acids some of which are glutamic acid right and therefore have the same effect as MSG so yes they are the same however they are equally nonreactive right if you do an extensive research of the history of studies on MSG sensitivity what you will

is that all of the studies that show that there's a problem are fundamentally flawed nastasha by the way so don't get insulted mustache at thinks that she sent it and I blackout when did you black out twice like eight years ago and I had Chinese food and I reaction not all the other things that can change the tannic acid that's crazy that's nuts sure people would just happen all the time that have MSG in them she ate Chinese food as soon as MSG and blacked out because of all the liquor she was drinking know I know I know oh my God my heart started beating slow and I went into a spiral and I went into white light white light what is it this is not a known here's a study that works right take a gelatin capsule right pocket with MS

G randomize it with a bunch of other gelatin capsules that contain sugar right with an equal amount of sodium mixed and soda sodium levels of the same randomly distributed into people and see whether anyone has a reaction you know what they don't all the studies that appeared at 2 to show reactions use things like a strongly making quote marks with my fingers it strongly flavored Citrus beverage to try and cover up the flavor of MSG which is detectable right they also use incredibly high levels of MSG which caused you to be able to taste it better to study to show their problems physical problems with MSG are things like neonatal rats are dosed with the equivalent of you eating like it like a half a kilo straight Emma Street which is nothing close to what you're going to use OK like there are no studies they tried to go workout monkey brains like neonatal newborn monkeys they tried to zap their brains with MSG and were unable to its butt

I don't applaud those studies but I'm just saying this is study that was run

like this is a classic thing that's Tasha has Chinese food Miss Tasha's heard about this thing which is basically pausing it as a joke in the literature a long time ago did they call Chinese restaurant syndrome and then snowball into this nightmare there's a lot of different interesting theories about why people think this is natural phenomenon one being that you have something unfamiliar or something you don't like and that you have a reaction to it and then your brain think you hone in on it there's another theory that perhaps it's hypernatremia lot of sodium right because you these diets were also high and installed for instance when I eat large quantities and cheese and have red wine and don't drink water and eat a lot of bread and then he oil-based stuff which I do on a regular basis cuz I like having cheese for dinner I got a horrible headache am I allergic to cheese no I'm freaking dehydrated maybe I was dehydrated yeah maybe you were dehydrated to friends in college blackout from Chinese food and blame it on MSG

my point was like why is it always Chinese food in everything you never liked the years it doesn't happen I had I had a Slim Jim and I passed out get gate with people need to get their stories straight here's here's a little something if you didn't learn this and logic school logic school which I did cuz I was laughing major post hoc Ergo propter hoc common fallacy right after this therefore because of this just cuz you had a reaction to Chinese food does not mean to MSG was the causality of did you go back and ask those guys how much I miss you that you even know that you're going to see no Chinese food that's not just because something happened after something doesn't mean you've established a causal relationship the actual Studies have been done show that there is no problem but theoretically if you were allergic to em

meaning if you'd had no neurotransmitters and you were already there for a dead so you couldn't have any MSG in your system then yes you also could not have hydrolyzed vegetable protein at a reasonable answer a question in from Pete on a similar thing what's the deal with nitrates and nitrites there to what the deals right one possible what's the deal is what's the deal is there a problem with them I think the difference turns out that like a lot of natural curing salts have nitrates and nitrites in them which is why they were so good for curing things turns out if you don't add them to quit your products like bacon and then you backpack and put them in the store you have a good chance that you're going to give someone botulism because they prevent botulism growth right so to me there are there a good thing

Whole Foods sponsor of this show not this me this radio station and also by the way a place I shop on a regular basis pisses me off for this reason they will sell something called uncured bacon wear what they do is they buy things like celery which naturally accumulate nitrates in them and nitrates and nitrites in them and then reduce it down to like it I was so that like like eight Acres of celery Fit until I can like a plastic cup then take the flavor out of it and use that The Cure instead and say they haven't added any nitrates They just added natural celery to me this is like the worst form of of bullcrap RI that you can pull on someone because you're getting in the same exact product with the same exact functionality with a with a fake noodle healthy label on it and nothing pisses me off more than that sort of mendacious crap the people pull on the back of labels okay now back to the difference between nitrate and nitrite when you use nitrates

what to use to use nowadays nitrates are only used on long-haired products like hands when when you applied nitrates to meet nitrates are broken down to nitrites right witcha then broken down further and then eventually caused the cured color and and and exert their antimicrobial properties okay if you are going to do a short term product like a bacon you're going to or you're pumping are using a Brian you're going to want to use night right when I write almost all things that you make you should use nitrite nowadays if you're doing a long your hand then you're going to want to use nitrate but most of the time you wanted night right in the end the easiest way to do it is to buy a product called Morton's Tender Quick salt which has it mixed in so you don't need to worry about it you need to worry about getting your salt and your and having you know pink salt line around in case your kids could you really shouldn't eat you shouldn't eat it by The Bushel but it's something that's been used in in cooking since time immemorial

even before it was isolated on its own and use cuz there was those impurities in natural Salt Lake to get cut I wish you should never tell me stuff like that and I see stuff and you know I'm going to go off on it I can't help it if it's like I'm a shark smell blood can't help it by nature don't play me out there don't I don't want anyone writing anything on me and she saves with the vicious stuff she does to me for off hair like I'm the same all the time so you're not should I get you guys Separate Tables for hello Natasha Dave can you tell me how I can make my own chewing gum and is there any way to make bubble gum hey good question I don't know whether he read the post before you sent that in the post chewing gum the original chewing gum

comes from the sap of the weather the latex from the sapodilla tree and sapodilla is one of the fruits that we had fruits by Sparkle wrote about it in there in the most recent blog blog post post you can go on and look at it and you can still buy is it is it that that late taxes when it says process is called Qi clay and it's very easy to to use Qi clay by the way I'll give you the short story cuz when a guy some fruit and spice Park gave us the story you can read Jennifer Matthews book The chewing gum of America from ancient Maya to William Wrigley Santa Ana the Mexican General who handed us our behinds at the at the Alamo and wiped out the Alamo and David Bowie and all those guys David Bowie. David Bowie song

what's the name of the Bowie knife guy anyway and like a but Davy Crockett didn't really want to hear the story go read to go listen to Johnny Horton's Remember the Alamo song and I'm

I'm going to get a lot of people mad that I don't know the Alamo store anyway so it goes back to Mexico loses the war he gets his behind hand it to him you know we go murder a bunch of of like you know basically teenagers at a place called triple to buy Cards win the war we get a whole bunch of stuff territory ceded from Mexico Santa Anna is trying to make some money now because he's no longer the president XYZ that was late this is later ends up in Staten Island Staten Island with a pile of Qi Clay they're trying to turn Qi clay which is a stuff this latex into vulcanize Rubber and they can't do it so he sells it to a guy named Thomas Adams who's like a little kids like to chew on things and so instead of trying to make vulcanized rubber out of it he makes Chiclets which of the first kind of Qi clay base, and chewing gum available United States Believe It or Not There is a Qi clay was the main gum that people use for gum base for years and years and they got hit with a kind of like triple whammy one they started running out of tree played during World War II was sending chief

your gum to buy all that Soldier to try and get him hooked on it while they were brought right which was successful so they were really running out it was harder to get because it was wartime and they started synthesizing synthetic ones most chewing gum now synthetic it's no longer a natural thing from the tree so that was a big whammy and then after the war a bunch of you know people in like the alarm Allah and Mexico were like Hay House then we're so oppressed what the hell is going on here and they started to have some reforms down there which further put a dent in US basically you're holding them holding the chick layer has the other presents that they are down under our thumbs and so they basically moved away from using Chick-fil-A entirely you might remember that era from when United Fruit convinced the CIA to overthrow a bunch of governments down there so that we can have cheap bananas one of the one of the least cool sections bar history

Play Still you can buy it I think Terrace by cells gum base but I think it's cheap play that's what they told me I put that on a blog when I know you can buy guaranteed Cheat Lake Bass from Glee gum they people who make Glee gum those sell you a pound pound is $15 and you can you buy it really bubble gum with a bubble gum is always a synthetic base I think because it's it has a different composition to cheek late ones not going to blow bubbles that well so what you do is at and everyone has the same recipe so I'll just give it to you like I search like every website is the one we use that everyone uses the same thing one third cup gum base 1/2 cup powdered sugar to tablespoons corn syrup the regular staff does not the non high fructose is just do a star is a plasticizer right one teaspoon glycerin you can get that I think at the pharmacies we have it for Patriot Supply stuff then ask it of your choice everyone uses citric acid because they're lazy we use many kinds of acid Malik tartar that you want a powdered acid flavoring of your choice and then and then some extra powdered sugar

we do with your microwave it how you microwave the gum base a little bit of the sugar at the corn syrup and glycerin and the asset if you want and you stir it it's sticky as all heck forms little little you Stir It Up and then he starts stirring and powdered sugar until it forms a ball and then you can just use excess powdered sugar like it's flower like you're needing it and then you just need in flavor until you get a flavor you like right and takes a lot more than you think you can need an extra acid to give a Sprinkle Dexter acid at the end when your show what flavors are we done oil-based flavors come to work best Nintendo last longest we've used all kinds of weird oils for Mandy aftel reviews natural things like port wine that we there port wine reduction gum that was good but those water-based flavors tend to fade very very quickly so you make sure to make sure you a text to acid look at a picture of salt when you're done you can dusted with powdered sugar roll it out with a rolling pin like it's like it's a doe you can roll it between a-state sheets and then roll it out and keep it flat

you can roll it into balls and cut it you can nuke the sheets lightly and then form into raviolis no stick to each other after they've been duped and you could dusted with powdered sugar again so you can put like you can make little dumb raviolis they were good writing me those please tap to use like like an oil like a solid on the inside or something it's like frozen oil base not water-based okay listen you were going to be tempted Brian to use your pasta machine to roll out the gum that starts shaking your head no if you are compelled to try to use a pasta machine that you're dumb use somebody else's we did it's easy it's $15 a pound cooking issues Jacob rights in there is a Toronto California

how's it going to play the guitar

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