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Episode 47: Food Chemistry and Color

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hello hello how are you today with Miss Tosha the hammer Lopez bring the hammer doll you to step out of line other than never to 128 by the way Today Show brought you buy something I'm sure all of our listeners know but probably don't know is that I'm extremely lazy so I find it difficult to memorize the names of any kind of lines I like are you going to the store and you find a wine and you don't if you don't really know what to get all you need to do seriously is memorizing name of like 5 or 10 Distributors that you like that you know bringing interesting products and then you can look on the bottom of the bottles find a distributor you enjoy it

Anda odds are you might have a winner anyway. A little tip from me to you on how to buy wine when you don't know what you're doing alright our first question comes in from Paul Peterson who is a researcher at the Humane Society of the United States I Googled him and that he had a comment on last week's issue where we were talking last week about the possibility of using recombinant DNA technology to produce gelatin without having to kill a bunch of animals and a reason to do this because gelatin is awesome gel capsule that has a lot of very good properties Shelton's Great Schism whether or not vegan would you stay and he says there's a similar project to harvest meat sales from an animal and grow them in a bioreactor to create meat without harming the animal with other potential side benefits like it might cause less pollution the conventional farming exedra

meet or something like that harvesting meat. Whatever anyway because for some reason hey iPad people get a reason why they the URLs get stripped out of my stuff when I put it on my iPad anyway are there some vegan to her fine with him prefer this technology is artificial what is cultured me technology parking to come down to whether or why one is truly vegan wet some simply want to create the least suffering in which case I probably use the cultured meat and some just I detest animal products a priori and they would object to technology I basically agree I would have ject to the technology because a straight-up I doubt it will be delicious mean

unless you could literally culture the muscle exactly as it appears in my favorite piece of beef you know what I mean I doubt that I would like to meet it's made in a bioreactor the same way that I like meat it's made on an animal you know what I mean it's like how much of a difference is there between the most delicious piece of beef that you've ever had right and crap hole in a third-rate beef that you get in a In-N-Out in like a Lowrance Supermarket it's a big difference right delicious on a product

and so and I think it is my problem with the most meat substitutes in general is that what they're substituting for is kind of the chewy texture of meat right and when I say that I mean overcooked meat there usually shooting at overcooked meat right kind of like a tough little bit chewy and then they try to substitute in meat ask flavors and by that I mean usually protein breakdown products so you're putting in nutritional yeast you're putting in a broken-down story compound anything like a Compounce like soy sauce things like that anything that are going to contain your free amino acids are going to give some of that mommy nature and then also they typically steps to doing some sort of Browning or some sort of smoking to mimic those kind of flavors that we get out of meat but really these are kind of only the externalities of me you know me meet is so many other things it's the different muscles it's the way the grains are aligned muscles it's the way the fattest place for them except

characteristics of the fat based on what the animal is eating its its many many things me that the flavor of meat is in some sort of monotonic thing that can be recreated in a bioreactor that said I mean if it's assumed the technology could some point gets so sophisticated that it could literally grow you know a ribeye I just don't see that happening anytime soon I see a perhaps some sort of actual meat meat analogue that functions better than many meter places on the market today but I just don't see you know my most delicious and OHP aged ribeye steak they know that I cook sous vide sear over like a fiercely hot charcoal fire and then and then drizzle it with with us you know my favorites are test going to sell you an olive oil and sprinkled with salt I just don't see that coming out of a bioreactor anytime soon but about you discussion

I agree on your face towards the window and her that she can't face into a ball has a question he says he was curious whether I would experience I have with cooking seitan which is basically seitan wheat gluten that is then form into a doe and is a typically cook in a liquid word absorb the flavor from the liquid and then is a slice in any other sauteed fried stupid what not as a as a meat substitute and it's official meat substitute in in your parts of Asia has really caught on here to the extent that I think it should many people use it instead like they're safe and tofu I say you're both wrong who is tofu and it's delicious and should be Hughes like tofu ends and you shouldn't buy crappie Supermarket tofu to Ted all of its flavor leached out and it's been sitting there for a billion years and in in a whole crapload of water make that stuff's Novi

useless except us a flavor carrier at the same time I think also needs to be explored for its own sort of properties instead of just being straight-up meat substitute is braising I would add pressure cooking is a good cooking technique for unfortunately I have not and you also wasn't aware that experimented with it cooking a sous vide eye in a vacuum bag washing haven't experimented with seitan in many many years I've only played with making it a couple of times and it was you know what years before I really got into cooking sous-vide it's an interesting idea I don't know that you get a benefit from cooking sous-vide though because you're cooking typically at a high a temperature anyway I don't know that you get a benefit from cooking the week leading at a lower temperature below boiling point or substantially below boiling point I think you might get some textual benefits from like I said cooking in a pressure cooker because then you can get some expansion when you release the pressure you might be able to get some infusion like going to be

but you confuse any way with the stock I stock permeates the the same time as it's cooking one advantage to cooking suvee that I can think of off the top of my head is he had a very expensive ingredient that you wanted to infuse into the satanic look at that way you can cook it in a very very small amount of liquid so he had some expensive flavor of something you didn't have very much of you could probably beg to say fan in the thing and then cook it that way but I would not use a high vacuum because then you'll be compressing it and spend a altering and are destroying the texture of the safe Infuse very high back is going to be dense and rubbery so I would almost do it in a ziplock bag rather than sous vide I would I probably would never do it a sous vide and are there any other vegetarian proteins that benefit from sous vide again if you know you can compress things you know get rid of the air sales in in things with sous vide which might be you know to firm up till 4 when it's really more of a water expelling issue so I can't sync off my head of any vegetarian proteins that would benefit from sous vide other than possible textural changes and infusion techniques because

temperature aspect of sous-vide is not really necessary for vegetarian proteins anyone who thinks I'm a jerk and wants to call me out on that please do because I'd like to know some good applications worthy of such a nice nice okay from Dublin. Ireland right send again about green vegetables processed I recently came across a Spanish vegetable stew type dish minestra made from fresh vegetables artichoke broad beans one runner beans are white asparagus thicken with flour is a fantastic shade of green for when I managed the from going to manage to clean the artichoke when water changes to a strong for radiant green Viridian iced coffee only only an Irish dude come out with like that the awesome Shane Vereen right Viridian Green color along with the water how am I go about achieving it also are there any other examples of that kind of natural color changes can be used to go to effect in the kitchen chairs

okay as far as I know I'm used to minestra is like soup in Italian where it's the same word for soup as for a zipper see videos of how you can use minestra I guess it's supposed to like bro. Which is more of a bra so I can start right yeah okay so I don't know of any Spanish recipe that goes by the name minestra but this coming from idiot who hasn't researched so I can't say it but also a soup you can make it from any sort of mix of anything you want so we're so we're dealing here with is a soup or stew of artichoke broad Bean Runner being a white asparagus that's been thinking with with a flower

it comes out green not typically when you cook a green. What happens with green things in general when you cook them right first of all the interesting thing you say is that the water turns really green what chlorophyll is not water-soluble so typically right and what was happening is is the majority of chlorophyll is not going to lie chat out into the water chlorophyll is what makes you think screen okay so what what happened to reason why chlorophyll not soluble in water is that it's got this long kind of hydrocarbon chain that comes off its hydrophobic and wants to be soluble in oil which is why things like and things like that are such a nice break me so we can extract a lot of the chlorophyll into the oil because it's Waterside acid and I guess I'll send Maggie says Alkali I can make it happen you can break off that hydrocarbon chain and now that the residual part which is still green is leached into the water okay

now in the center of the of the main part of chlorophyll that really the business center is a magnesium ion in water at with the action of heat and especially if there's acid right that magnesium ion gets kicked out and I'll replace with hydrogen and what you get is that kind of dark green almost all of dragon are bluish a bluish color of the chlorophyll after that's been happening so that's the major color change that happens in the most and most vegetables as they cook it or I should say as they over cook which is why we say you can add a little bit of baking soda to something and your vegetables with turn mushy but look up bright green right brake mean because you're basically what happens is when you put the vegetable in all of a sudden you know the light couldn't come out of the vegetable very well because this air sacs the chlorophyll my ticket and stuff so that there's basically that the colors muted you throw it in the water but you know what I mean it

it is themselves a broken water penetrates and now all of a sudden the green really pops really pops out so I don't know whether or not the color you're describing is some mixture of cooked and I mean otherwise apnea chlorophyllous has magnesium taken out and send it hasn't some has become water-soluble to the action of cooking I just can't tell you have to send me a picture of your soup so I can see what what's going on another thing you can do it could be toxic so please don't poison your guests other than baking soda or baking soda would work really well in a su because what you could do is you could add baking soda to cook your soup down to us to death and we'll go break free can drinks they break free on you and then at the last minute corrected with acidity which will take out kind of the baking soda flavor and bring the suit back you know every what's the temperature in a little bit lower so it's not going to color change on you might be an interesting thing for you to try if you haven't tried it before the other thing you can do is instead of replacing the Magnesium with copper you can place that we saw it with hydrogen you can replace it with

and it gets a crazy as you know those olives that are like that hyper Break Free but not sure I think that they'd probably lying for those you listening probably a lie that's the same color that is produced by taking the chlorophyll in replace of the Magnesium with copper and so you can do that but too much copper is what you were looking for poisonous poisonous hang out with the tales of cocktail last week if I get time to talk about it I'll talk about it probably won't get time especially with garlic and onions can't earn interest in shades of blue and green when they're cooked very slowly and the very first curious cook column that apparently he put into the New York Times has got to be like 4 years ago now

three or four years ago thinks he treated was this fact and sometimes if you puree onions and garlic or just cut up garlic and I'll cook it very slowly it can turn green and blue and what's happening is is that some molecules in fact some of the ones that make make it pungent me of some of these a sulfur compounds can get altered by enzymes are there native to the onions in the garlic and then combined together into larger molecules cuz typically larger molecules are pigmented you know or you can see them as opposed to smaller molecules which are usually not always usually so what happens if they combine and they get these kind of like Shocking Blue and Green so anyone out there who is done in a low temperature cooking let's say you were to put a steak with garlic and butter in a bag and come into 55 Celsius for 2 hours you noticed some of the garlic is going to turn kind of a bluish greenish and this is something that you can do and I done actually we've made blue garlic soup using

onions turn green in garlic turn blue or the other way around and you can and you can alter the color by combining two different amounts of money in a garlic anyway if you take puree or even two slices of onion garlic you stick them in a bag and you cook it at like 55° for like an hour that the stuff going to turn bright colors on you you can then pressure cooker to neutralize us some of those flavors so it's not too strong and then you can use it in large quantities and still have the color changed item to I served if you don't cook it in a pressure cooker afterwards and the color to stay by the way I've done it for a world of freaking hurt because if you can see that color if it's brightly colored puree please don't go anywhere near your family or friends for the next week and a half the other one that I can think of off the top of my head is that you can use if you have a blood by Chris Young and Maxine belay at all the modernist cuisine cookbook cookbooks the mega Opus and when is it coming out

third week of August third week of August Nathan myhrvold going to call into the show so none of you Chumps miss that stuff call in to Nathan myhrvold in the third week what country am I going to be in 16 you'll be here I mean call into here and you are cooking issues listeners are going to get the opportunity to personally ask Nathan myhrvold the question out there in my Nathan myhrvold Mighty might tear into it depends on what you're asking me if you know he's he's opinionated guy should be excited I'm super excited Super looking forward to it so get your questions ready for the mirror bulbs and I think hey Jack we can go in our time an hour on your whole day right music you're going to suck a tailpipe the sad stuff carbon monoxide if you take carbon monoxide and hit it to to meet its it goes incredibly bright red there is there two there two small children look

in the studio in the right now try to be curious about the radiator tank trust me can't just not that interesting anyway so this is how they make their where they cooked beef in a bag and they can optionally hit it with carbon monoxide to get a really really right red red color you can also use this to rip off consumers by hitting meet with carbon monoxide to make it look bright red even though it's spoiled and concussion bomb bought a piece of meat can crusher mom are the polymer chemist in our body from experimental Cuisine collected and why you bought a piece of meat and basically kept it out of a fridge turning you know awful for weeks and stay the nice bright red color because of the carbon monoxide they said nicely put into the Container for the Aaron Smith called in on blood based only you could ruin such an awesome Segway from going from changing the color of blood by adding carbon monoxide into a blood basement

for you to buy nastasha a Christmas present or birthday present don't because what's going to happen is 5 Seconds literally 5 seconds before you try to buy her something or get her something like a glass of water if you're thirsty she will ask you for it and ruin the opportunity for you to get it for her that is a lot of information you're giving away some of our listeners should we ever meet you anyway Aaron Smith writes in with a blood based in question from 1653 and noticed an interesting instructions on roasting a pig like a boor the recipe as you may disguise the boar are you may Skies the pig near to a boar that is a few with being it well you shall endure it with blood I don't know there's indoor on the rate for me I will look into this and after while stick it spin it and not forgetting to stay under Raven I don't know feat with blood reports roasted serve it as a board with

lost without it and then Aaron puts down at the definition of endure is too wet dog some liquor as one. The pie or cake before it's put in the oven so basically a pig is base with blood before it's roasting on a spit and Aaron Simpson what the blood might be doing it has a and I'm saying I'm keep saying your name a lot because I'm not sure if this is a guy here in or girl Aaron Aaron can't tell a can't tell don't know anyway sorry about my lack of knowledge on that anyway so I was curious about what's going on there sugars and amino acids so could be acting as a Browning agent I never touch of glucose and pecking duck indeed a beautiful brownies is glucose a reducing sugar what you used it can generate to my RV my reaction of proteins amino acid in the blood clots while it's being roasted and so is this the standard method is falling out of flavor have I ever basic with blood in my pressed duck Adventures

I want to know what was going on okay well and errands from San Diego so listen

as far as I know I'm going to say on the radio might be and door is a technique notches for basting blood are going on pies with a standard technique for coating things with different colors in medieval times what is the presentation tree friends since you're making a cockatrice which is a bird or the back end of upper glute out of the front of the pig right you would take the seams and whatnot in the outside and you would endure it with different mixtures that would kind of form a crust and also color it to make it look more fanciful right and then took your typically if you would set that by then baking it or roasting it now or when I make a pressed duck I don't you know what with what I always stayed in the recipes I have I think that's the way tour d'argent the restaurant does it is they they take the duck has been strangled so the blood doesn't go out or suffocated and then they press that the blood and juices out then the blood becomes a thickening agent for the sauce that you used then when you cut that and the meats already been par roasted then you cut off the breast slices and you reek

keep them in sauce in a sauce thickens up eccentric cetera so I don't know of any recipe where you then based it and roast it again it's more kind of just a reheat with the slices there's famous recipes for like shit it like receive a I guess I know how you pronounce in French of a rabbit or drug hair which is the way a US person would say that uses the blood of the hair as a thickening agent but the last at the last part of the sauce because it will then picking up and can curl and brakes Nils noren says in Sweden they have a famous blood soup it's made from Goose blood that has cook for a long time I think with acid to stop it from wagging too much is a long history of this but the idea of using it as an outer coating I would think that it would set and then and then congeal with the heat and then maybe crushed up as it dries out but I don't know what it would taste like it doesn't gross me out mean blood meets all part of the animal that the animals are Kosher which case you know donate the blood because the blood is the life and if you do you know the curse on you

people you should be cut off and people tried to text but unless it's like religiously bar for from you for you from having it I think it's a waste to throw it away because any other yet you done killed the animal anyway but might as well use everything you can I mean I think that's more modern way of looking at it so why is it more inherently gross than any other part of why is I couldn't be culture to be raised be like oh my God

writing why is it inherently because when we cut ourselves were like crap that's blood. But I think it's the same reason why people think that they're making a sexual statement by eating like you know deer testicles and stuff like that when a guy like things are gross of things that like we don't want to eat like you know things that anyone ever very safe cooking issues

check it out

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welcome back by the way Jack is managed to fine and I really like it one of the only James Brown songs that I don't know I don't know how many thousands of dollars I listen to James Brown and managed to get one of the ones they done a great to know it's called cold blooded and it's from the record called hell yeah guess what I'm going to go out and download say no offense James I spent make while you're dead but not spent many many hundreds of dollars on your product I think I'm going to go steal this one on the internet what do you think of such a cold-blooded hell anyway by the way I think Linda Palacios might be a good person to ask that last question I'm on blood in history and it is I think she wants to be involved somehow with the Museum of food and drink and we'd love to have evolved so if I see her which I very rarely do if I see her Alaska that that blood questions that might be okay

Naveen Sinha rights in and by the way Naveen is the head ta for was last year no fee is this year for the class that the Ferran Adria headlined in Harvey needs a vegetarian and he and he's not hanging out with all these chefs right because he was involved with this a class at Harvard where they had some of the world's greatest chess go and lie quietly and my brother-in-law all these guys going and all she invariably bust on this guy for being a vegetarian leave the guy alone

is the DEA at Harvard and the food food studies program is not a science program in their teaching a class on how to learn about that subject through the lens of food

yes yes

leave the man alone on his vegetarian has please he's a nice guy if you if he does I recommend he calls into 718-497-2128 that's 718-4972 what you wait anyway no Hane rice and he says he recently read about the ouzo effect in which anise-flavored spirits and liqueurs become a pic white usually unless it's been color before when diluted with water I was wondering if you've seen this effect occur with other types of spirits and also do I know of any other examples of color changing beverages thanks alright so what's happening with

with ouzo for ouzo effect seriously like like I was drunk more in in the US than pastis Ricard or absinthe but since absent you went through that surgeon popularity after the use of effective in characterized we should we name of the absence affect how many by show of hands out in the world on the internet how many of you have had a glass of ouzo this year anyone anyone write some sort of accident beverage two people in here raising their hands hear what I mean or pasties or Pernod based substance forget the name because for some reason I forgot to paste it into my iPad but I believe the the oil of all the chemicals called Anatole I think it's worth, I can't believe you forgot the name of it but there it is I did and what happens is is that it's a very interesting fact when you're when you're making usually when you make an emotion you have to provide energy usually

mechanical energy to create the little droplets of oil inside of a liquid and the reason is because it's takes a lot less energy for because there's a lot more surface area and there's actual energy associated with keeping two immiscible I don't mix together liquids next to each other that's why I usually you have to beat things with risks and blenders to get into emulsify another thing you can do to lower the amount of energy to put in is to add an emulsifier which takes away some of the energy required to make that emotion but the way that use affect works is entirely different instead of using mechanical energy of motion is made basically almost spontaneously it's called spontaneous and motion and what's going on is that the oil is soluble in an ethanol in alcohol but not in water so what happens as you dilute you know I'm going to say so you know

not like we're not like a guardian today or any other anise-flavored ouzo no offense of the Greeks no offense mean you have the entire solution is basically evenly in a modernist Lee saturated with with this oil and all of a sudden becomes supersaturated and it and it does it in a way that let many many many many many millions of tiny tiny droplets are instantly formed right and because that Superfast nucleation you get these small small droplets that are stabilized right for hours now right now or sometimes even days depending on on on how it works and so it's just like instant like supersaturation and massive nucleation it causes the use of effect and yes it is visible in many other Spirits I don't know of any commercial Spirits other than the anise flavored ones where it happens because it's paint but

many of the spirits that we make in the rotary evaporator will show The The Uso effect when they're deluded so some of our Thai Basil spirits will if you add water to them they will go white on you when you mix and then later on if you let it sit for days and days it will float to the top is just times when I've had Carraway go white on me when I when I've done it I don't know what the components are and if it's doing it but I've had some of our maybe it was the Carraway that we put fennel into to make more sense maybe maybe the answer is yes there are other oils that are you know soluble in ethanol and weekly or inside of a soluble in water and having sex affect the other thing Liquors can do to change colors as you can shift acid base equilibria so you can have a liquor that's neutral that has a anthocyanins in it and they will start out in the blue

strange and then like blue corn and then as you acidify it with lemon juice or whatnot it'll turn red or reddish purple that's another thing you can do although I don't know of any there's some tea please in Thailand that are flower base or the blue flour-based T&T I believe style in his moustache it wasn't that we researched and and that one you make the tea and it's blue you add to Lemon it turns red

so that's something you can do another thing you can do is you can do kind of a reverse ouzo where you can suspend weekly soluble like calcium or magnesium salt in and then when you acidify it'll go clear ice Josh and I have had we had to do some nice asses cuz we try those things for this event we had it in try that flower blue Cornflower something it looks blues that color of blue anyway but is very rare here in the US and not too much good effect especially because we needed to do the opposite of what was easy we needed to go not from red tip not from Blue to Red from red to blue and basic drinks were looking for here gross gross

okay Brian Oaks rights in on iPads and fruits I know from the radio show that you have an iPad any recommendations on food related apps no I don't know what change thing Chang's app I don't have that on here but at least yet if you're interested in developing an app for Heritage Radio Network email us at info at Heritage Radio Network. Com wow you know it yeah you know that Jerry lavish are web Guru he would know cuz he he does that kind of stuff I look I use my iPad as basically a book it's basically like you know I have like probably a hundred thousand Pages or something of science related books and articles in my iPad and that's mainly what I what I use it for

the best food apps are also just got back from a trip to Florida stop by the fruit and spice Park good job everyone should go to the recommendation I might have forgotten to make I which is I would recommend bring you something to rinse your hands and face with because you were going to be covered with sweet drippy sticky mango juice not there's anything wrong with that he has I said released 15 different mangoes and could have tried at least a dozen more why not why didn't you

didn't have to go to dinner maybe or maybe they were maybe because maybe you didn't get the super like treatment and they they chased him out of there I'm thinking rapid infusion with mango puree and keep up the great show Brian Oaks you know what I really want to do and I want to take some of those mangoes infused the mango chunks in a vacuum with booze could this be delicious but we couldn't really went Harvest enough of these mangoes to to do that to bring you something to wash your hands and face with what I use when I was out was the incessant rain storm that was pounding us with buckets of water every 10 seconds right so we had a problem and that we couldn't like keep our cameras out because none of us had like you know diving cameras cuz we're basically tasting mangoes in like 3 feet of water that we needed like snorkel gear VR tasting I've had this problem so many times you want to take fruit out of a tasting if you don't know what to do so anyone have their who's has his we need a way to label fruits Sharpies

don't write on a waxy fruits especially when it's raining and the Sharpie comes off in the Sharpie starts writing so Sharpie I know a lot of Sharpie Sharpie all up to you and for all of the all the good times we had together but is ineffective for writing the names on fruits if the weather is at all messed up someone either tell me I don't want to be horribly toxic like I'm not willing to die to label my fruit but I need some sort of like fruit label so I can write on it that idea has like what if they had like a special like look like needle thing where you can like almost like the name of this old Deimos like label makers that would punch that tape but I can be just like quickly like type the letter and it would stencil into the fruit skin we should just bring whatever that thing is called and it's raining and I were out there the second day went when you were driving to Miami we were trying to write a note

cosmere reading the paper was bleeding off into the into the Earth is a freaking nightmare Which Wich a method we could taste you or fruits and B is making our job of figuring out what the heck we ate a lot lot harder anyway I'm glad someone's going to the fruit and spice Park everyone should go to Miami if any of you guys plan a trip to Miami you need to go down to South de to the home stereo to the fruit and spice Park and and then when they tell you that you can't eat the fruit I don't know punch him in the face don't do that don't do that and do whatever you can to get ahold of some of the fruit they usually let you eat the fruit that's falling on the ground brown with the fruit two things I've noticed one that probably the food spice part is that they allow the public in a lot and so they have to be careful about the fruits because otherwise I'd be stripped bare instantaneously

the other problem is is a tropical fruit people are more Covetous of their fruit this is been my experience by a relatively small experience as opposed to temperate fruit people like you have someone with an orchard fruit like a pear apple orchard in whatever you like to have this route to like it's going to fall on the ground and commercial but these guys they know every remember these guys knew every single mango that was on that tree and if you took one there like where that mango go

anyway we would take one more commercial break and then come back and slam through these last couple questions call 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

we live in Brooklyn baby

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wow against the Starship by the way even though where are we on even though we're in Brooklyn a lot of time nastasha is like an old-school Brooklyn hater so anyone out there anyone out there is a Brooklyn Patriot please call in and give us. His serious your name was Tasha also Brooklyn like some day for this we're going to do the entire session on Neil Neil Diamond Brooklyn Roads and it must be some sort of like crazy sarcastic song because the roads here in Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Roads so because the roads here are some of the worst dang things in the world it's like you know it's it's like you so I'm sitting there and throwing hand grenades into the pavement and blowing holes in it for no apparent reason

and then and then it's like somehow like meteorites made of asphalt or falling into the into the road and just leaving giant like or volcanoes of asphalt they're coming out of the road during voice as you're a biker the roads of Brookland AR what's the word crap right crap anyway Brooklyn

Android broken self just not their roads okay James T R A right saying about popcorn normally I eat with Reckless abandon however I love to snack and I wanted a low calorie option I like popcorn is a snack and we recently purchased an air popper to pop my car and and I love it so the question can I get salt to hear the popcorn without a lipid or making a soggy mess and by the way I tried to cooking spray with mixed results of the show James T R A the first thing you can do is to get popcorn salt so makes many different kinds of salt and one of them is popcorn so I just dropped my iPad and popcorn salt is a very very very fine and so it is here's to popcorn much better than even their iodized salt and definitely better than kosher salt things like that and super super find easy distributor

the cooking spray which is what I was going to recommend before I read the last line of of your thing spread it out spray cooking spray and they're fine dusting of this popcorn salt I think you're going to get better occasion aside from that I did a primary source there are I mean you could do all the other things make it such a pain in the butt that I don't know that you do it you can make like licking an alcohol the Spurs and I got like vodka dispersion of salt spray it over the popcorn throw it in the oven and drive back out with a pain in the butt and you want to make popcorn presuming you want to eat it at some point that you don't want to sit there and re-wet it read write out right this make any sense right now Sashay that's too much trouble right I just put salt and sugar online air popped the question at all like in the in the Pauper against. Just sitting there thinking about it I'm sure she's thinking about lunch we're going to have delicious Roberta's lunch instead of what's going on air popper means that it's basically like

hair dryer that it contained and it is by the way your air popper makes a good coffee roaster I don't know what he knew that James you can roast coffee in your air popper flies all over your contain it make sure it doesn't catch on fire fires Problem by you to do it for years I used in air popcorn maker before I bought a coffee roaster and then move to Whirley Pop which is actually my favorite popcorn making techniques so when are there is no added oil okay I wonder whether you can add just a small amount of oil to the popcorn kernels as you're Poppin them in the air popper and then maybe then increase adhesion I don't know that might be because if the spray problem was it maybe wasn't getting all over it may be a small amount of oil on the popcorn kernels themselves with a problem with doing that and it's probably why it won't work is that is what that technology are popping is what's called a fluid bed kind of Technology where the popcorn kernels are all separated from each other and kept agitated by the air blowing in them and then when a popcorn kernel pops

Amy's becomes less dense and it's unpop cousins and then floats to the surface and is pushed out so it doesn't burn at the bottom and so I wonder whether adding a small amount of oil would kind of ruin that effect or get into later just ruin everything in general but I know that you can have oil in a popcorn popper because that's how I feel when you roast coffee that oils are in there and the oil get on the inside of the air popcorn popper and it just a little bit but it doesn't like ruined anyway so that could be another thing to do my first step would be to get the actual popcorn salt and you can buy it on you can buy it on the anyways rights in about vanilla we grow vanilla in the South Pacific island of Tonga and process the beans into different products in New Zealand how would we produce a vanilla phone that we could use it food shows for attendees to scoop some phone from a bowl to taste our vanilla I visualize a nice glass fish bowl without any fish with an eraser she says fish remove get a new one. Just remove the fish from the fish bowl because then you're killing the fish

all right so people can just scoop some on a tasting steak not sure what type of Base would be best as it was as a ideally would just suit are vanilla flavor without too much else competing could taste like a customer to panna cotta ice cream jelly Citrus excetra we have carrageenan but no other high-tech ingredient okay phone done with a aquarium pump in a bowl or in any sort of vessel was something that a bunch of shots were working on and was first cracked and pioneered and dhoni address from mugaritz in the cat years ago and his recipe which is on the internet I think if you just search is the famous dishes made with it was called vanity and it had a chocolate phone and what he the basic recipe is 2% powdered egg white

by weight of the mixture which thing I've inlets hydrate + 0.1 I eat one one gram in a liter can't be that look it up or something like that one gram in a liter of xanthan gum if you can get carrageenan I'm pretty sure you can get zan-zan where you are if not it's easy to mail orders and Dan and you only have to use a tiny tiny bit of it so you get a hold of it and that's the basic recipe that he is to make the big air bubble songs and then you just put in the bottom of it and do that now the downside is is they have very little flavor in them because they are like 99.99% are with only a little bit of Bubbles and they pop almost instantaneously mean that's the idea of it I think that for what you're doing you're going to want a more dense stable foam in which case you could probably just use powdered egg whites and vanilla and vanilla extract in water

something I'm not trying to figure out the best phone would be you could use if you have a cigar you can make a fluid gel and then and then shoot it out of an isi canister the promise they're going to reduce the flavor of your vanilla by introducing a lot of air into it the other problem is as you might want to look at an article brought to my attention also by Mickey from 1997 called the effect of milk fat on the flavor perception of vanilla ice cream basically the more fat you have the more muted your perception of vanilla flavor is so I would stay away from anything that contains fat because I had you going to want to highlight this and I and I sense why you want to have it your phone because you want the air and then you first wife I don't want to use that much of it you probably want to have the flavor come out you also don't want to use a lot of heat because Keith is going to alter the flavor of your

of your vanilla it's too bad you can't get something like versawhip which you can just whip it up into a phone with a little maltodextrin or something like you know what else. Vs. web for a mess up with methylcellulose F50 I mean you could try just a stable egg white foam you can probably get pasteurized egg whites and then do it that way to do it but I don't want you to have that Iggy flavor but I I don't I don't want you to heat it because I don't want you to alter the flavor of the middle through the Heat and be I don't want you I don't play Daddy fat because then you're adding fat you know what maybe minimum amount of heat like almost like an Italian meringue where you with the egg whites and then you pour the hot sugar into set it a little bit but it's not really cook for a long time that might get it and then you can just basically have this like a almost meringue icing the people could scoop up and then just go sugar and vanilla is going to have the air to get the delivery what do you think

flowtech ya lo text delicious delicious and low-tech also you can maybe believe stir some vanilla in after you cook it so that you so that you have some totally uncooked vanilla in it first if these are my recommendations car using for what they're worth which is probably nothing last week Jason rights in about nixtamal hide a vial of the post about nixtamalization thank you but I'm having trouble doing it here in the UK because field corn is not common I have two questions do you need to use Intex kernels are can you use broken cracked kernels most field corn Harris old is bird feed a lot of it cracked also can I use a Grain Mill like the one that I connect my KitchenAid mixer to grind the grain after treatment thanks Jason unfortunately Jason kracht horn won't work because it doesn't hydrate the same basically the outside of Perry carpet switch stop in the water from going instantly into the corn kernel at overcooking it and so if you treat it with lye and it's already been broken

it's just you know I just won't work and won't be the same what I would recommend if you can't get field corn is used even though I said in the post not to use popcorn popcorn will work right it's just not quite as

it's just it's just harder it's not ideal for it but it's better than bracket cracked or broken so I would try to use I would get popcorn you'll get the largest Colonel ones not the small kind of ride that you can and is it the best know because it's hard to grind right I would not use the KitchenAid that thing's going to come up I have one a Grain Mill KitchenAid Grain Mill things going to gum up lickity lickity lickity split I would then you know if you have to I would use a food processor and you know and then maybe even border and mortar and pestle some of the food processor is you going to have to add more water I have done it it's a sticky awful mess but I have done it so you can you can do it it's just it's not ideal but definitely as possible for experimentation people 8-bit my Maya tortillas that I made with with popcorn and a food processor and they didn't you know they didn't punch me in the face I didn't else I didn't have those looks of

dead bite me me me me me anyway so give it a try and I'd appreciate anyone from the UK to I've had a couple people maybe have this problem right in with their solutions to finding a good ways to do Nick's motivation in the UK Anyway come back next week and get another episode of cooking issues

new shoes I don't know

this is behind the scenes food news with Katie Kieffer and Pecos local the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company commonly known as the A&P that grocery chain you've seen all your life has glommed onto the concept of local and sustainable and has just introduced a New Consortium of producers known at the Mid-Atlantic country farms from which they will Source beef and poultry the animals are antibiotic and hormone-free raised on vegetarian feed there is no mention of certified Humane or Animal Welfare approved status however maybe they haven't gotten that far in the marketing department but what makes this of interest is it A&P supplies all A&P supermarkets Pathmark Food Emporium Waldbaums and Superfresh these are not particularly high end supermarkets so this is good news for the average consumer if you want to read more about this you can go to the A&P website which is pressroom this is been behind the scenes food news with Katie Kieffer

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