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Episode 46: Dave’s Back!

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welcome to cooking issues are on the Heritage Radio Network to every Tuesday except the last three ones from 12 to 12:45 I am in Roberta's but nastasha the hammer Lopez the motor of the cooking issues bus is actually going to call in from North Carolina from the Outer Banks but I think she's having some technical issues will get her when she comes in for 97212 8 that 718-497-2128 so I think the first question first and that's from Ross McGuire from Dublin I'm excited to have a sewing lessons in Dublin only a man should go to Ireland once I only got to spend a couple hours in Dublin which is preposterous because from all accounts at the great City and I'm anxious to go back so very excited

I'm getting from Dublin and was wondering are we still on I was wondering if you and Dave are still doing cooking issues cooking shows on Heritage Radio Hour podcast has become a huge favor to my every week and stable assortment bracelet we appreciate Ross thinks he's stuck in Dublin I would say you were lucky to be in Dublin and anyways hoping that we're coming back sometime soon well here we are and I'll tell you why Ross that we haven't been on for the past three weeks the past three Tuesdays in a row I have been in transit from one place to the other three Tuesdays ago I was flying back from California because I was lucky enough to go shoot a pilot for ABC God knows if I'll ever get get aired but it was a cooking base name out where I was adjudged unfortunately I'm not allowed to talk about it except for I will tell you that I have tasted peacock now we're at the head and tasted it before peacock as you might know was one of

animals that was highly prized as a food stuff from the Roman times before but I know from the Roman times throughout the Middle Ages primarily because it's a really amazing looking birds because by all accounts I didn't taste very good it was kind of dry and stringy special using the cooking techniques the time and I have to say it has the ability to become a very tough stringy Birds but it from my experience with a passive we can be cooked properly and in the last two weeks I've been on route from and to Florida where the main a business I did down there I did I actually if you guys have are familiar with the truck in a food truck explosion has been going on one of the best ones around is a gastropod in Miami done by a chef Jeremiah bullfrog's and we did a event together in Miami where I did cocktails along with the Chad Sila proof If you know that blog and it was a really good time but I also went down

what time the game is Sasha to taste exotic fruits and mangoes and we had some of the most amazing mangoes when fortunately because we were caught in a torrential torrential downpour both days in a row only got to sample maybe I'm Lee County yet but maybe 6280 types of mangoes I use I like to do at least a hundred in a one or two-day tasting just so you can get the kind of a full of variety of different kinds of flavors at a particular fruit can can do so you don't want me to Citrus we did a one-day Citrus that was over a hundred varieties we did a two-day Apple that was over two hundred varieties of pear day it was a hundred Rising it's a nice round number because then you could say that you know you've exhausted he tasted at least that many and you really do get you really after the first 40 or 50 get an idea of the range of flavors that can go on but I had no idea

how good a mango can be because the mangoes that are shipped up to New York all go through a process no matter where they come from even if they come from Florida going through a heat treatment to kill fruit flies and any other insects it might be nesting in the ER whatever they do inside of the mango so they're immersed in hot water and not hot water can kill some of the Romans and also prevent the natural ripening process from taking place exactly is it otherwise would have so basically the mangoes we get can be okay but they're never going to be the world's greatest mangoes so you know went to Florida got them off the tree and I can in various right with his and various flavors there's a couple of different styles of mango right there roughly break down into ones that have derived from the Indian's Indian mango drive from Southeast Asian like Thai style mangoes and then there's a bunch of Florida mangoes that are kind of their own thing there are hybrids of those whatever brought him but also Egyptian mangoes

Licious so there's a wide variety mangoes and I hope to have a a blog post on that soon but you know I was amazed at the kind of different flavors I could come out and make others want to taste like a creamsicle many many that have it like coconut techniques amazing amazing stuff I have you know I've been there a hundred know I've been there before I 85 right now nothing feels humid when is 85 tell me when it gets up to 95° information to me I want to know the exact temperature and humidity because I know 85° even when it's like a zillion percent humidity especially because I know you're stepping into an air-conditioned house when you step into it

greatness air-conditioned house

you want a porch right now and it's not human

I mean

what's not 95° yet when they're going to get a body like that I know I wish that everyone could be on the air so you can call me back I can hear you gasping for breath while you tell me how not humid it is in the Outer Banks up there on the only summer that is so hot and humid that you want to die in fact like even the green flies which suck half of your blood in the 30 seconds that you're outside if you're out near Sunset we're too tired and lazy to come kill me but I somehow doubt that do we still exist and happily for us we still we still do exist the number in case someone just realize that we are live again 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 but I do have a lot of

questions that came in in the interim while we were away so I'll go right to it Howard writes in with a question about papayas I have a question about papayas I'm eating a lot of papaya lady which I can't get down with you on this because Howard because some reason papayas that one of the fruits that I haven't learned to love I just had can't it something about it that's not not me I love love like like an unripe papaya as a crunchy element is solid things like that but I haven't figured out how to love I don't hate them but I haven't figured out how to love a ripe papaya what about you to Setia okay me and you know how I feel about taking things for food as medicine you how I feel about it but I need a lot of Pi lately and usually at this is Howard by the way not me and usually I peel and cut up the whole fruit and stored in the fridge I've noticed it when I get to the bottom of my container there's always a papaya jelly who's Emily made from the papaya juices do you know what

going on there is there any way this phenomenon can be put to good use IE in a cake Jello excetra alright Howard because I don't eat a lot of a pies I didn't have a lot of experience with this so I had to do myself some research my first theory was one of the main things in a papaya that is useful is a a protein a protein breaking down inside of a protease call Papa I mean which is used as a meat tenderizer now usually when you break down proteins what what happens is they break gels you break proteins down and then lose their strength except in certain situations you can partially breakdown of protein and actually cause it to jail and actually Popeye and is used in certain tests for that for gelling soy soy proteins so I thought maybe that was what's going on but I don't really know how that would work then I was thinking perhaps you were getting a low temperature yeast or bacteria in their nests Matt know but then I came across an article that you were going to enjoy called stability studies of

buy a pack the neck of pectin esterase all right it is a known fact in that papaya has extremely active pectin esterase enzyme in it I only known about I'd only known about the protein breaking down in the paint but Josh is point a lot of people take papaya because of it has lots of bioactive molecules in a more than many fruits okay and pectin estrace is it is in a lot of food have it but I guess not the same quantity not the same activity what pectin estrace does is actually joins pectins together making them bigger and I should just do that no cuz it's not just just even some African actually polymerization who knows I don't know but it makes him stronger and out what happens is is that pie I can self gel based on the activity this pectin taking estrace once the once the juice has been released from an hour read you the first paragraph of this papaya pectin estrace to pectic enzyme which has important influence on the quality of stability of process papaya products a short. After papayas pumpkin puree

gel is formed this gel formations been attributed to the enzymatic action of pectin Asturias by Yamamoto anyway in 1963 race is also great concern to the Citrus industry since it is definitely been established that can cause clarification of citrus juices and relation of concentrate which is interesting to me I've never thought of using it as a as a way to clarify course I have I use the opposite enzyme I use I use a facial pectin esterase that breaks down pectins to clarify things right away so that seems to me to be your answer I don't know what is basically do is making a stronger pectin out of a defect in jail so I don't know that you could use it in cake or Jello but maybe you can make a papaya juice and have it gel on its own at as a good jelly I don't know what the texture of the Howard hopefully this answer your question that's very intriguing something that I might study more maybe I'll even learn to like the pie what do you think god statue

maybe maybe we tried a lot of papayas you find one that we like as possible try a couple hundred replied there were a couple of down in Florida when we tried it but you don't even look at him I don't even bother you know another one another one right people just say guava the hell does that mean like the different guavas taste so stupidly different that took just say guava mean doesn't really make any any sense that I'd never been a huge guava person as a fresh food I've had lots of guava juices that I like but I mean I have never been a huge kind of fresh guava person but then the last two times you visited Florida at Ace we had really kind of interesting guavas right like the cast that we had somewhere kind of Neosho lacking in acidity that I found them kind of sweet and insipid I really hate fruit that just has sweet with no acidity you don't even don't you

yes I know I know you do to test it hate it off at trees and hoping I don't die I don't actually do that I'd only do it if I know what the variance

oh gosh I don't remember another salumi place and coffee I hope all is well I was seeing if I think only he can answer all those probably not true is there any events for making iced coffee by the 12 to 16 hours feat method in a round camera vs. a square when a Cambro for all these who don't use cameras it's basically just got their square or round plastic food containers that have marks of like quarts in liters on the side in a very common in professional kitchens you know we typically use the for the seven and the 22 L to quart Cambro has the most but they knew that's what that's what he's talking about wants to know whether there's a difference in using the round or Square the Sleep Method is a method he uses that ground coffee to room temperature in room temperature water store and let sit overnight at room temperature next morning filter the coffee through a super fine mesh and what you're left with is super rich and deep coffee with all the top note to the coffee and supposedly left in this business started

coffee has become extremely popular over the past several years and a lot of really high power people are investigating it I know Harold McGee is investigating it Donley's investigating a bunch of people investigating it all of the recipes they all seem to say that they use circular container she's wondering whether the circular versus around makes a difference I don't think that makes a difference in terms of the Steep but I haven't done it myself so I don't know whether or not the actual filtration becomes more or less difficult I'll give you a story when we were using an enzyme to break down the pectin in juices like apple juice and then letting it set down in the bottom of the container what ends up happening is we always use round containers because when you pick up the container and move it to start you know decanting the clear stuff with it doesn't have the particles off of the Top If you have a square container and you pick it up the corners start mixing the fluid as you turn it acts almost like a mixer because the fluids in a square shape and as you turn it right the corners kind of star

removing the fluid Where's the fuse a round container and pick it up you can pick it up and spin it and basically you don't end up stirring the product move it very little so the grounds don't get kicked up that the particles don't get kicked off the bottom so if you're getting an advantage with this coffee in terms of your filtration by being able to dump relatively clear stuff off of the top of for all the particles go into your fine mesh strainer right if that's going to increase your filtration efficiency or perhaps even change the taste of it right then I would definitely recommend going round but if you're stirring it right before you're going to Port anyway why you haven't let it settle for a long time and you're not extremely careful to Jesse can't just the top liquid off the top before you start then I would say it doesn't matter whether it's square around only going to actually make a difference in terms of how and fuses it's just a question of how you going to pour the liquid off the top that makes sense waiting Natasha I have many more questions but I'm going to go to my first commercial break

+721-288-497-2128 cooking issues

welcome back to cooking issues call your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Jack good choice of break music very good feet pounding fist pumping was that you decide to pick that made a lot of Mahopac 31 s m vs 31 x chamber of vacuum sealer with gas Blood by the way is a small unit which you know I'm not saying I'd like to get one for free but I'd love to get one for free it's I think it's the best unit of that size that's available right now because it's very compact but has a much larger chamber size for its size 7 equivalent other small small units that I've had think it's like the best home vacuum unit for small small commercial

I think would kind of outgrew it pretty quickly because of its limited size but for you know what house will be perfect hint hint right Natasha is that after you seal a vacuum on it you pull a vacuum on it and you seal it the air comes back in if you have gas flushed you can fill that bag with an inert gas usually nitrogen or depending what you're doing CO2 whatever mix different mix of gas you know if you're doing station you want to be you know you want to really ruin everybody you can put carbon monoxide in there to make it keep red or if you want to do that to me if you want to rip off your customer you can do that anyway don't do that so you can do that and what the cool thing is you can then packaged things like potato chips and they don't get crushed because you know there's extra gas in there but it's totally dry gas so you're not just not going to go stale it's not going to oxidize I means it's good stuff anyway I have some he has some both flower and a few other powder like ingredients

vacuum seal to prevent oxidation his concern is it fine particles are going to dispersed throughout the chamber either during the vacuum or during the nitrogen back back feel any tips for preventing this well you're not going to have a problem with the powder during the vacuum cycle I've never the only thing I've had even minor problems with with some spray dried vinegar powder which is extremely fine and really wants to fly all over the room like you can't eat if you poured into a container it like you know it comes out of the container and chokes you you know it like it's crazy stuff and I vacuum seal that with only minimal kind of dust issues like hardly any problems at all because the vacuum isn't getting like first of all that the bag is there the vacuum isn't sucking directly out of the bag it's sucking you know through a hole with Shane is dispersed over the entire chamber so you get very little actual movement of particles out of the bag and it hasn't been in my experience a problem here is where the problem happens when you take a very fine powder and you vacuum it on a high vacuum when when you

set the air back in the stuff gets squash really flat and so you can have caking and pelleting problems with the powder like it forms clumps when you uncut the bag to use it later and that's been my main problem with things like a trans McCammon a sore with a vinegar powder is that I get clumping after I vacuum now I'm trying to think of a decent way what happens when you do a gas flush is the gas comes in Via like depending on your unit like one two or three little tubes they're in the bag and they come in with enough Force to really kind of like I've had bags that weren't like a note held on property rocket across the machine and spray their contents everywhere so you're going to want to and I don't know whether you're going to be able to get around this problem what I would do is because you needed to go in the bag and not just fill the entire chamber right you need the gas to go directly in the bag you could try to put little defeat

Wizards over the front of the gas jets turn the flow way down in the pressure way down so that you don't get a lot of spray but you might have a problem doing doing a gas like that said you only going to need a tiny bit of gas in there to prevent it from compacting and therefore causing clumps so you might not need that much gas but you're definitely going to need to put kind of diffuser plates on it or it's going to kind of fire across going to cause problems but you're not going to have a problem if you don't use any any gas flush on it he writes unrelated note you have any experience do you have any experience with oxygen absorbers that are sold in little packets like desiccants do they actually work and are they food safe all right well I don't happen if you suck my oxygen scavenger like physically prevent oxidation by being in the package and just having a stronger affinity for the oxygen than your food does and I don't know whether the particular ones you're looking at a food-safe I've never used them but they clearly definitely make

food safe oxygen you know Scavenging package and I will tell you a story that I probably shouldn't tell you because it was told to me by someone who must have had too much to drink who works for an oxygen Scavenging package company a couple of years ago when is a couple like eight years ago they once we're doing an oxygen Scavenging a package write a little paper inserts that sucked up oxygen for a major candy manufacturer that work with peanut butter let's say Reese's Peanut Butter Cups let's just say they were that I'm not saying they were but like you say it was that and what happened was is it would put these things in to prevent the peanut butter from going rancid and nobody like the taste of these Reese's Peanut Butter Cups because you know what they didn't taste right you know they tasted not like Reese's peanut butter cups and water turns out is is that the characteristic Taste of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is due to a certain amount of

rancidity in the peanut butter and so you know one person's rancid is another person's rhesus now I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and I'm sure a lot of you out there do as well you wouldn't necessarily love it if I told you that what you were liking is rancid peanut butter because rancid has a negative connotation however you know it if you didn't know his Rants and you just said there was there was like some selective oxidation and aging of the peanut butter to make delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cups maybe you liked it better about the term rancid is so loaded that it has a problem so anyway long story short they didn't use the oxygen Scavenging packaging in the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups anymore because people didn't like it so yes they are food safe no I don't have any experience with him okay have a question in from Anonymous hello Anonymous about stealing vegetables I recently got an immersion circulator and cooking a lot of vegetables and their floating to the top is there any way to safely keep vegetables under the

water so I can get the most out of my machine I'm assuming they mean the vacuum machine because when you're cooking I don't know if there's a problem when you take a vegetable and you put it in a vacuum bag or even if you try to do it in a ziplock whatever vegetables have a lot of air on the inside of them naturally right so things like carrots they float in water because there's air what happens when you seal them in a bag and then cook them and keep them the earliest Indian expands and escapes and inflates the bag and in the bag floats to the top and those two things one and makes it very difficult to have it cooked evenly because the top of the bags out of the water and it doesn't get hot and they also take a lot of space in their ungainly on any other Panther pain in the butt so there's a couple things you can do if you have a vacuum machine I recommend sucking a hard hardcore vacuum on those things super hardcore vacuum

you suck a really hard core vacuum on it you might be able to get in and when I say that means whatever the full vacuum is plus an extra 30 seconds you'll be able to get enough of the air out to get him to sink down to the bottom and stay somewhat near the bottom just still going to inflate a little bit when they get really hot another technique you can use and by the way when you suck that kind of a hardcore vacuum on it also any flavor you put in the bag Weatherby oil or with carrots me like orange juice we can check it further into the carrot you'll get more of that flavor transfer nothing you can do in this is from a friend at the French Culinary Institute is you can take some stainless steel knives and throw them in your butter knives and throw that that cuz they're not sharp they're heavier than spoon and throw them into the bag and seal them with the bag and that'll drop your finger the bottom like a stone even though it's filling with air do you have enough nice and he does that all the time if you don't want it in with your vegetables you can even see all the knives in like a bottom section of your bag and then seal the vegetables on top of it so the knives aren't directly touching and heater

salsa when he's wrapping things like like I when we do like we lots of meat and we hand roll them in a plastic wrap and drop them those rolls sometimes have a tendency to float so it'll do it she'll take up the role in her role in plastic wrap and then he'll take like five six butter knives and depend on the size of the item and then he'll put those and then he'll roll another layer of plastic wrap around that and around the knives and Fang those things drop right to the bottom it's a really good solution when your but that's basically what I recommend you got to wait the same down even with a very high seal on something you're still going to get some air coming out of the bag at high temperatures in and you have to cook vegetables at high temperatures 85 Celsius and above so is it really a problem but not insurmountable so you know I'll show you have to cook vegetables if you don't add a lot of liquid to the bag which you probably not because otherwise why you took him in a vacuum bag anyway you know you're probably trying to concentrate the flavor of the of the vegetable and or at another one you have to cook it for a lot

longer because I it takes longer for the the vegetable to break down even in high temperature in the absence of excess water in about dehydrated fruit sheets Hannah stocking Dave I'm planning on making sheets of dehydrated fruits spices and seeds I like it not to be a fruit leather but to be crispy I think the recipe I have is going to change the colors I want to keep the color of the mixes but also have it dehydrated so it's flexible when it's baked but then shape and gets hard similar to a fortune cookie the base that she's using a similar to at wheelbase but the problem is the color changes to a dark brown is there a recipe or ingredient I can use to get the color of these mixes after their dehydrator to bake it still maintain a crispy textured and products thanks Victoria

okay here's the main problem fruit leathers are done at a low temperature and they always have a lot of sugar in them that haven't had all the water driven off because they're done at low temperature that is why they are always flexible okay the higher temperature products you doing their tuile batters right are based on driving off the liquid and almost no turning the sugar into you know almost I caramelize into sugar which is why they're brown right along with you know if there's any other things that turn brown at like no sauce or whatever and when they are heated you're basically melting it and then you can form it and then you let it cool and it gets hard again right that's how fortune cookies work but that's why they turn brown so one thing I would do to change it and still have to be crispy is switch from sugar to isomalt if you use isomalt isomalt Brown's a lot less than sugar when it gets cooked up to those higher temperatures I'd also say you can switch to a

don't we like almost like at some of these dehydrated maltodextrin things problem is they might not be as flexible when they when they when they dry down what I would like you to do is send me the actual recipe you're using cuz I looked up some there are some crunchy fruit fruit cheap recipes out there based on you know fruit ice a malt and multi dextrin but I don't know exactly the recipe you're using so I don't I can't really troubleshooter but my guess is that you're on your flexible recipes that don't get too hard aren't cooked to a high enough temperature and your other ones you gave Browning of the sugar from cooking at high temperature and you might be able to solve it by moving to a nice small although it will make it less sweet so hopefully that helps and I'll give us a call we can help you any more similar name

Mike rights and it says hello I has cooking issues been taken off the air no I have not been taken off the air he misses it we appreciate that we're back don't worry my question is how can I help keeping my homemade marshmallows from sticking together after I cut them and cover them with cornstarch and powdered sugar to use a one-to-one ratio of cornstarch in powdered sugar to cover the marshmallows after their set a recipe that he found online and I wish I could I had it with me some reason when I paste it into the URL didn't show up or I tell you who's recipe he used increase the size the rest we 30%. Phil a half sheet pan and I always use a scale to measure their by saying he doesn't think it's a problem with the recipe do we have any help OK the recipe that he is following online which I apologize I don't have the site for because it didn't show up on my on my iPad uses the most of these do and it's an egg white and gelatin mixture with sugar that you cook up you know to the candy stage and then you beat it in the gelatin to egg white sugar it sets up

is a thumb and then it's cut and or dial up there whatever and then put into the corn starch and sugar mixture now if your if your marshmallows are too wet right anymore structure you can up the gelatin one you can or you can I increase the cooking temperature of the sugar to a certain point right but if you like the texture that you're getting and all you want to do is make it less sticky than what you need to do is work on the coding problem now all marshmallows are too syrupy on the inside really you're too sticky on the inside you know to have them not stick if you're actually not touch the inside of the marshmallow otherwise it would be the same as the marshmallows that are in you know cereal boxes with your 100% desiccated right I like those do you like those Natasha

yes I mean they're not really marshmallows and by the way mean that kind of Armenia marshmello like things but they're kind of more like little Merengue with marshmallow tasty but I got addicted to those suckers when I was a kid and I want to call one of those cereal company to see where I could buy just the marshmallows for a project I was working on I was trying to make the world's first meet base breakfast cereal with pork rinds it was called pickles and beanies it was it was sweet and pork rinds with a little pork rind pieces with with being shaped marshmallows and this was you know back you know I don't know high school or college or something like that in your 90s early 90s and and and they would not ship me or let me buy any marshmallows from this before I had enough technical knowledge to do it on my own and that mean

really mean show me where they could have at least your soul. Listen I'll choose whatever the closest marshmello you have in your like line of like cereal marshmallows to a kidney bean shaped and this is before I even knew how to make my own pork rinds mean I'm literally like either in college or like right around you don't even is like they could have helped me out a little bit is on Thompson in the milk so I can enjoy them did you ever like open the box and then break it down into marshmallows and not marshmallows for the family the whole serial you know what the how many people have family there 55 they could have bought you your own box of cereal you look at my point my point is this you have people in the family to go to eat the cereal anyway right right so if you're going to eat the cereal anyway there's going to be another box of cereal in a week anyway right

right so if the total quantity cereal eating is the same over a six-month period what does it matter whether each person has their own box or not is not like the stuff goes bad in a in a short amount of time it's not like you're going to be able to not finish that box of blueberry within like you know the six months and it stays good I'm good for that kind of logical based argument that's that's what I'm good at okay so back to the marshmallow problem marshmallows are sticky on the inside so what they are is a problem in control dehydration you want to just have the outside be dry so they don't stick together the problem with using a one-to-one powdered sugar and cornstarch mixture and and I read that the person's recipe online and the reason I use a mixture is a thought the cornstarch by itself was too chalky on the outside specially because it's there in a large quantity but the problem with powdered sugar is in powdered sugar is going to suck up moisture from the air

Iran from the marshmallow and it's going to be get tacky on the outside I said there's no way around it like short term it's going to work but long-term it's going to cause problems with things getting sticky that is my feeling now you can try it with a straight-up cornstarch but then you might think it's too chalky I did some research on Industrial marshmallow production Mike and I have the answer for you here's what you're going to do the next time I am not tested this but I am so confident that I'm going to tell you on the air that this is going to work because I felt so confident that I can't in fact I might make it sometime soon here's what you do

you take the marshmallows right and you make sure you follow all the recipes like another way marshmallows can go bad if you don't beat them till they're cool all that and all that nonsense right whatever whatever the recipe says just do it because of the recipe Works probably wear now instead of putting it into a mixture of cornstarch and sugar right like a day before you do it or like a couple hours before day before you do it bake out some cornstarch in the oven to make sure it's really dry seal it in Port containers and let it cool down right now you have dry corn starch take your marshmallows right and then Dust them into pure into pure powdered sugar right now shake off the extra powdered sugar dust now throw them in the cornstarch and then let them sit there with the corn starch on them right for like 4 or 5 hours up to a day depending on how much you want to dehydrate the the outside layer of the marshmallow now what you're doing is is you're letting the sugar still be the taste thing on the outside but you're using the cornstarch as a desiccant to desiccate

outside of the marshmallow bit so they won't be tacky but you're not going to pick up as much cornstarch into the marshmallow it's so proper because it already has a protective layer of powdered sugar high when you think

apparently that's how the big folks do it you know it's what they do is they they they basically do it all under pressure and inject the marshmallow from a from a tube it expands automatically is cut drop into powdered sugar and then put into a cornstarch mixture to dehydrate as a comes out so I'm thinking that that Mike is the way to get your marshmallow problem solved commercial break

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hot grease every Monday at 3:30 p.m. how Kris drives to bring sustainability localized Source sing another forward-thinking schools of culinary thought to the mines and kitchens of every day. We can go tell our conversations cover the entire Spectrum easiest internationally renowned culinary Masters to moms in a budget looking to impress their tiniest credits again every Monday at 3:30 p.m. hot grease on the Heritage Radio Network

hey welcome back a jack that was move on up Curtis Mayfield right here on up Curtis Mayfield good I like the mixture of the Curtis Mayfield with the hot grease the songs used to work with the hot grease right yes yeah and I'll tell you something else I don't care whether your mom on a budget or not like pit like pleasing your kids they are the pickiest little pickiest little critics aren't they pains and that's a tough problem back to the question to start you still with us awesome I got a question from Paul K earlier today this last question in that we got a question so much as a comment and it's kind of funny how I thought I'd bring this article about human-derived gelatin today's attention perhaps for the radio show I'd like to hear his thoughts and basically what it is it to its new article call new strategy for expression of recombinant a hydroxyl humans arrived gelatin

just came out so basically it's it's they what they do is they take they are genes human genes for producing gelatin or collagen I guess or gelatin and they injected into a yeast into a yeast and then they grow the yeast and the Houston just makes hyper abundance of human style gelatin but you know obviously it hasn't come out of a human male humans were killed for the gelatin you know anyways so it's like that's that's what they're doing I'd like to hear your thoughts my first thought is if we're, technology allows greater quality control why not use animal genes arrival time in gelatin to avoid the controversy and creepiness I think the allergy thing is a bit of red herring so the reason the point here is that the reason they're using human-derived gelatin for this is they're trying to think of their they're now looking at Food applications for if it originally this is for things like gel caps for medicine and the idea being that there is less pay less of a possibility of a hue

immune response to gelatinous derived from Human tissue then from then from animal tissue I think it's probably a red herring I think that if it's actually a pure gelatin protein in a peer-to-peer gelatin that's not going to have a lot of other extraneous stuff on it that mean maybe there's a difference but maybe there's not I haven't read any studies on how many people are allergic to gelatin maybe there's a lot but I don't know I haven't really I didn't really have the chance to look into it but the idea that we can have this is freaking fantastic right and there's a hole there's a whole group of people vegetarians you know who won't eat gelatin so we know whether I like the idea of a recombinant gelatin Weatherby but you know bovine derived for human-derived the strain of it I think would be awesome because there's certain things that gelatin does better than anything else marshmallows friend since now you can use carrageenan

initial carrageenan and you know locust bean and other things come to produce a marshmallow but gelatin is really really good also for Jello gelatin is really really good and now can you approximate Jello using things like carrageenan yeah but you know how is Jello gelatin is still kind of the reigning monarch of taste in anal hydrocolloid like we maybe it's because it's traditional and has been for so long that we just grew up loving it but it's it's good stuff so if they can make one that was price-competitive and also had very consistent quality cuz other problem with regular gelatin is it's a different qualities depending on the source where was derived from how basically high do I sell broken down the proteins are that's why you have different Bloom strength of gelatin because there are naturally derived product and gelatin from a fish doesn't work the same as gelatin from up Noah pigskin

you know and you know cow bones whatever they're all different and the processing makes them all different and so this gives a possibility of having a very consistent gelatin product where no animals are harmed I think it'd be interesting real question is would a vegan use it what do you think it starts with a vegan use it mainly questions like what is it like why what would be the king would you use it I would think you could but I don't I don't know right what do you think anyway I'd like to hear from some vegans and see whether or not they would be willing to use you know cuz you wouldn't have to harm the animal to get their the DNA for it right you can just take a blood sample from a human or from whatever get the gene you know into it I mean I think that

being interesting, I don't know but definitely I think has a lot more commercial application than the poop derived meat analogue well then we bring this up on the radio couple weeks ago somebody asked about it then we talk about it talk about it I'm pretty sure you didn't talk about it with you

we can talk about that why was a big thing on the internet so I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard about this screw in Japan was recycling sewage into a meat analogs and people are making much hay out of it on the internet but I don't really know enough to comment other than it's fun to say poop meet right I do you know a little thing for eater like you know once every week or once every two weeks or something and recently they've had us they started getting Chef to ask me some questions but I don't know what this point where they going to let me answer the rest of Michael ascanius is the online and then and then and then cuz it really only one that I really want to answer more than the ones I've already answered I can just answer that one now and then talk to Michael about it and then do a new Sheffer for them what do you think

I think they're kind of waiting for the answers to be answered online all right so I'm going to answer Michael Scott asked questions on malt which I think you're very very interesting as you may know me most of our listeners know is what you make me a beer out of so you take barley I'll talk about a little bit down and you grow it you germinate it right and then you kill the you kill the growing germ of the kill the growing Sprout on the inside before it pops out of the actual barley and what you're doing there is activating all of the enzyme the alpha and beta amylase is being primary ones and those enzymes then when you kill it you got to make sure that you kill it in such a way that you leave the enzymes in there and then what you do is you grind it up and you steep it new or different temperatures in the temperature of the match that you do where you steep it is what makes different kind of beers different along with how the mall has made and how it's killing and hunting

what flavors are drive there but anyways see active enzymes in it that allow you to convert the starch from barley or if you know adding other things to it like rice or whatever they allow you convert that starch to alcohol right to Sugar which then you use East used to convert to alcohol so the primary function of malt is a function is to produce these enzymes that can break break starch into sugar now how the mall is treated it makes it widely different in how much enzyme there is and also in the flavor of the malted self to really tricky process and most beer people many beer people I used to do all grain meaning I don't I used all my own grains everything very few people make their own mop because it's a I don't know why very few people do it so very interesting subject now and most people are baking with malt they are either using like diastatic malt with their adding two

Bakery products and what that is is malted still has the active stuff in it but I saw the active enzymes and it may do that to break some extra starch into sugars for yeast as a yeast food or bacteria starter but when I say mall to someone as an ingredient when I'm thinking of is dry malt extract with that is if you take them all and you then convert all the starch to sugar using it with all the great flavors of mall like think mouth of the beverage Malta malt beverage like that multi flavor and then they before they let it ferment they dry it out into a powder and so if you're if you're doing what's called extract Brewing you take dry malt extract or Stila liquid version extract and they have amazing taste maltase amazing and that powder is credible incredible ingredients which you know you can use not just to make beer but you can use it as a sweetening multi-agent and think it's great and mashed potatoes like I used to make

mock mashed potatoes all the time not with like malted milk ball stop it with dry malt extract direct from a brewing shop and you can get these if you have a home brew shop anywhere are Whole Foods here in New York City in Manhattan in lower Manhattan Bowery has dry malt extract with the Fantastic ingredients so I'll write a little more and probably a little less stream-of-conscious lie that Consciousness about malt when I answered Michael sconces other question we will be back next week we hope not to have another three weeks. Where I'm flying around like a lunatic from place to place and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused shoes

I don't know where I'm at

thanks for listening to this program on the Heritage Radio Network you can find all of our archive programs on Heritage Radio Network. Com as well as a schedule of upcoming live shows you can also podcast all of our programs on iTunes by searching Heritage Radio Network in the iTunes Store you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news and information thanks for listening

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