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Episode 42: Raw Vegan Diet

approximately from 12 to 12:45 every Tuesday here in the studio today with mustache in the hammer Lopez cooking issues as always she is the hammer how you doing haven't seen you how was your night did you get poison ivy they should like obviously they attacked the doctor said it was the worst case of poison ivy that he had seen in at least five or six years of practice my entire arm swelled up I look like the Incredible Hulk was bright red instead of green it look like I had won the giant hulk arm there but it was instead of like muscle it was a giant sack of water

turn on Fire Island I picked all these delicious blueberries and luckily was able to make possibly the most delicious blueberry pie I've ever made before my arm swelled up into a giant balloon so I guess it was worth it when I don't know it everybody enjoy it that was that was a long time ago that was in 2001 long time ago dear whose fur being eaten off by mange that there was one that was following me was really freaked out looking today they're amazing disgusting Vermin anyway 72128 that 718-497-2128 coming to you live from Bushwick today so today is your some like like an airplane today is the last of my week-long my days of week long Raw

vegan diet I've been on a raw vegan diet since Tuesday of last week Tuesday right after we finish the low temperature sous-vide class so we put ourselves into a meat coma and they low temp sous vide class eating like a Brazilian short ribs and then right after I went on raw vegan and because for those who haven't heard I made a bet on this radio show that no one could produce a raw vegan chocolate bar that I would even think tasted remotely of chocolate

let me cuz I'm frankly I figured it's impossible because you have to roast raw cat you say so you can chocolate beans right first of all the fermentation process it gets above the arbitrary number of 118 or whatever you going to choose for something that Fahrenheit or something to be raw now it's kind of odd that you could possibly overcome what makes it raw during the fermentation process since the wrong thing is supposed to keep the enzymes alivans actually life but no bacteria fermentation taking place it is causing the temperature rise when we will leave that aside so often the temperature will go above 118 right there but that can be controlled but then there's a staff roasting chocolate where it's roasting that's where a lot of the characteristic flavors or develop something like well you can't do that so hey what the heck wheel rod truck that's not good taste like chocolate because crap ain't been real estate so our former intern Grey's brings me this stuff fine & Raw chocolate I tasted it and I had to agree that although it was not

you know anywhere near my favorite chocolate or if you know even a chocolate that I would choose to eat on a normal basis its texture was wrong except for tetras will stop you remember the traffic right beside you can eat wasn't good so then the problem was now I can't Welch like it's impossible for me to watch history and I'm not an acceptable situation so I had to do it the problem was finding a one week. Where I wasn't obliged to do a demonstration where I had to cook and sew this last week right after that wrap the city class was the only week we had that was possible so I've been raw vegan for a week and I break my rod vegan fast tonight when I land in Austin Texas and I think I'm going to eat an entire cow when I get there. She's not the meat that I miss the most it's it's like bread and like starch anything but there's no rice no bread no starch

I'll share before you get to the questions maybe I'll share a little bit of the although I am going to post on it hopefully today or tomorrow I'm going to share a little bit of the raw vegan thing soap raw vegan you know if you believe in this sort of thing is that not cooking things makes that has Ensign July the food to live in their fruit food to live there for it's more healthy for you to be an argument is an argument against animal proteins and other for moral reasons and also for health reasons so it's a combination of like more than a health reason I don't believe it I just don't believe it like you make your own enzymes you make your own ends at we make our own except you. I'm saying like you produce your own enzymes I don't see where consuming something that has enzymes are preserved as necessarily going to be that much more beneficial in general right not even assuming that you need to consume all sorts of Ryan side even if enzymes are good for you even if they are necessary there's nothing to say to every scrap of food that you can

has to be teaming with these enzymes right also there's plenty of things that aren't heated that don't have enzymes in them you know what I mean like has to have enzymes at your past to be like you know living things like why your wire your salt needs to be particularly raw which they care about I don't understand why every last damn thing because it's been shifted from the enzymes are good to cook foods are toxic like that's where the ship is taking place Monday thing I don't believe told me to say that before I even get started there are some people who think that by the way eating raw vegan I know I'm not supposed to make it seem post-apocalyptic but it is a huge hardship for someone who doesn't normally do it you know what I mean especially if you have two incredibly picky kids and I wasn't able to cook or prepare raw vegan for the kids cuz they weren't having it they had like one or two nights a bra big and Jen my wife sometimes went into the wrong thing with me but I know yesterday I made her hamburgers while I ate raw vegan actually like

did they say that you had get this that you get more energy when you're eating raw vegan I felt and what we call a very energetic non-athletic guy right I have a lot of energy but I'm not athletic and I felt like I got hit over the head with a hammer with this diet because I lost all Health all of my energy I was passing out tired at night I was kind of grumpy during the day now I talk to her like what you need to eat it for a couple of weeks to get the effect as well if I need to eat for a couple of weeks you sure you're not just going into some sort of starvation before you and take you to have more energy right I mean it is true you do lose weight on this Diet Rite I did lose some weight on his diet but you know if your only goal is to lose weight your choices are so constricted and your body's ability to process what's going on more on that later to process what's going on is sufficiently reduce that you will at me at least in the one we. Who knows if you maintain it for a long time lose a lot of weight I also feel like I've lost a lot of muscle mass I don't know that I have

less because I have less energy but I feel significantly weaker than I did a weaker than I did a week ago so you know if I consumed what I consider to be a fairly healthy all around diet based on a diet that I said principle of eat everything in moderation I prepare most of my own food or eat good food so and I know I think it hamburgers healthy right that's my feeling this is not a diet that I would say that you should go on for I don't believe it's healthier that's what I'm saying then then my diet that I normally have it's not just the hardship I don't believe it's healthier even if it were easy to do I would not do it by choice right to that that's that's said

you were going to get in a very good relationship with your toilet if you follow this diet let me just tell you this stuff flies through you on this diet you can't like there's no getting around it you know what I mean it's it's it's it's crazy in the end it's also extremely expensive now it doesn't matter like this is not an argument against it but it doesn't seem to me to be is not an argument against it but it's not an argument for the other people everything costs eight bucks like everything like a little thing of of dip eight bucks a little thing of crackers eight bucks anything that's raw vegan go to the store look at it look at it cost eight bucks you know what I mean like maybe you can get like a little tiny bar snack or something it's less but unless you or just straight-up consuming raw fruits and vegetables and by the way if you eat nothing but raw fruits in the morning you crash you get a sugar high when you crash like a mother you know what I mean it's just like you and you don't probably a little rambling today because I'm still in the in the raw vegan mode I had

Daniela Pure Food and Wine Song Mountain Guys restaurant I called if the other guys can't do this anymore I have to ask someone else to this woman I went in there meals are extremely extremely labor-intensive I was going to be able to make a lot of really interesting stuff raw vegan my time just ran out and I had to do it anyway so my rotary evaporator is packed up so I couldn't do any low temperature you know brand easy you know a raw vegan even though they're they're delicious I've had them before I know they're good I didn't get to make that few know the raw vegan black sapote ice cream that I wanted to get but but all of these things are very very they're very did the rest at Eric you want me to be hard to do this in the real life what you end up actually eating is a boatload of pineapple like blueberries dried fruits and then avocado tomato sauerkraut salads for dinner I mean nnn you know I feel as the whole week I've been feeling like

like I'm like I'm just kind of trudging along waiting for it to be over like you know I'm not I'm not myself so I am glad I did it I have the experience of it it's not for me I don't necessarily think that I would recommend it to anyone I think it's incredibly expensive unless you are very it had a lot of time to plan to do it so that has been my rough experience what you think Sasha why have I been incredibly mean yeah. She says one thing comes out and it's and it's a curse word anyway 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

Heritage Radio network is about to celebrate the hundred episode of the main course with Patrick Martin's and Katie Kieffer the main course is welcome talent that ranges from Temple Grandin on animal handling to Eric Asimov The New York Times Wine critic ships and Farmers Distributors and restaurant tours everyone who is involved in the food industry gets to put their two cents in now and why we eat what we think I can check out the archives for more information on Fast and check out the archives for more information on the fascinating roster of guests that have graced the table for the main course and be sure to tune in to the hundredth episode Sunday June 6th at noon and Heritage Radio Network

back to cooking issues 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 son's not we have a column coming out and eat her tomorrow supposedly and and that's that's going to basically be the same as the as the radio show just in a blog format separate from the cooking issues flawed but she knows I hope to get my my raw vegan. Soon along with all the other 15 post that I have him back love having written but I am now on with either we're going to do I think weekly where we answer questions so some of these questions that I that I got my email I might if I don't have time in the radio show I might defer and answer them on the eater blog and you course you can put your question to the eater blog now instead of having to email in the Starship will get email to me at some of them and some of the Morgan answered on the eater blog what do you think it's Tasha

issues cooking with Dave issues issues cooking with Dave and it's nice and nice like that issues cooking with day he doesn't deep fry that often I'm sorry Marty you should deep fry more often I don't deprive that off and I'm looking for ways to preserve my fry oil online I saw some articles about Rosemary extract being effective antioxidant especially a product called in a lens for do I have any experience this product I couldn't find a way to obtain any and you know if it's available to Consumers through any sort of hippie dippie a health food store in fact but I did look it up and Rose an 8-year it's basically that's the kind of trade name and I don't know where you can I don't know where you can get it but the actual thing that you didn't Rosemary that's being used as an antioxidant is I'm going to pronounce a name correctly here is a car nosek acid right so it is derived from rosemary has a large amount of assume it's in any kind of rose

oil or extract that you can purchase on you know in Whole Foods or any one of those other store at the problem is is that the one that they use as an antioxidant oil to Paralee it is a fairly effective answer to prevent rancidity problem with it is that they deodorize it completely deodorize it so no longer smells like Rosemary when they when they had it so if you add it and fairly small amount they don't know what percentage of Rosemary extract that you buy in a store is going to is going to have you know he's going to be actually at an accident but it's in the parts per million kind of range take the question I wasn't able to answer it so it definitely stops rancid and development in storage right I know the breakdown of the of the Three fatty acids on storage but I haven't been able to find that much information yet on the frying temperature is whether or not it basically withstand freezing temperatures and will actually help you with those temperatures prevent oxidation breakdown of the lipid those

temperature but it's very interesting so it might be fun to drop in his I talked about him and say it's not just add Rosemary and there's a lots of antioxidants sage and rosemary go to Whole Foods in a couple drops and then do a side-by-side kind of temperature abuse will be a little hard to be a little hard to do it please be accurately because you have to ramp it up the ramp the temperatures up and down the same and two baths of oil which would be difficult unless you had it in like a third bath of oil and wrapping up and down so be difficult experiment to kind of do unless you were misguided professional lab but it seems that it seems interesting so if it was going to work I would say that just rosemary oil should do the trick but again no experience with it but sounds interesting, because we can do that in our friend the chef like basically has Rosemary growing out of his pocket for

many uses at any time is Rosemary coming out of everything right Rosemary out of every orifice man is like the man the man sprung from a rosemary a rosemary bush Mike Anonymous which I like that name Mike Anonymous rights NES two questions one ones on meat and there's none popcorn meat from local farmers and that usually means it's frozen unfortunately that is true because they don't sell it as fast I don't have the pipeline out so they slaughter it maybe hang it hopefully then freeze it and have it for sale that's just that's just the way it works because they just don't have prior all the time and they can't get it on V line that says my general question is is the rule about not refreezing meat an issue a safety or quality or both more specifically my question is can meat be refrozen after defrost manipulating two specific examples he's out the pork shoulder make a sausage Italian for example and then refreeze it in a suitable size and the same question goes for dumpling fillings and other ground pork products can you do

off the rack ribs I thinking of McGee's oven method for BBQ ribs and refreeze them after cooking fish at Weeki and refreeze meat after cooking who like to cook several racks and stashing away for future meal okay it is not a safety issue it is a quality issue every time you freeze meat the meat is dehydrating as it as it freezes water is leaving the cell specially the way you freeze a normal home freezer water is leaving the sales and then they also the ice crystals that are formed can puncture though so it went rehydrate when it thaws out it says she has to rehydrate if it doesn't rehydrate 100% or if the cells are damaged too much you get a huge wood called drip Los get a lot of liquid dripping out of out of the meat so you're going to see like a sack with a lot of liquid liquid dripping out of in the more times you repeat the cycle of freezing and thawing the more you break down the tissue in the more liquid you're going to lose in fact that is a a technique that you know what you people use the break apart cells is free stuff free stuff free stuff free stuff now

assuming that when a meat thaws it doesn't drip like a lunatic and it was frozen while the first time right by freezing is not a arrest bacterial growth but it does not kill the bacteria right so as long as you have the products safe the whole time and then you cook it refreezing it is not is not an issue even if you thought completely and then refreeze it completely as long as you didn't temperature abused the product the frog is going to remain safe okay so safety concerns are the same safety concerns you would have with with anything else the freezing itself doesn't alter the safety text now if you take a product is cooked like really cook like a stew or Braves something like that the cells are pretty much cooked anyway and so you could probably freeze it after that procedure and then cook it and then freeze after that she could without too much of a quality lost especially if you were going to freeze it and something like a vac bag or or like a very

close Ziploc where there's no Oxygen you going to want to keep you out reaching out because you're not going to want to go rancid during the 2nd freezing and you're not going to want to chance for the moisture on the inside to be able to sublimate now or recrystallize on the outside and get freezer burn but as long as you don't do those two things you might get some quality loss on refreezing of me I'm not going to say that you won't get a quality loss but I would say that you would probably get less quality loss on something that was cooked and then after cooked portioned and refrozen so you know it's it's all a question of whether or not you get a result that you like me to get to Optimal to not have to freeze if you if you don't have to especially if you know your home fries or not very good but sometimes it just no choice you might want to try a very fast freeze by bagging and then putting the bags into a very heavy Brian and eye solution and that'll Drop It Like a Rock three is it really quick but I think he also put some stuff on that online that's just like you would do for ice cream is make sure that the salt can't get to your food in the

popcorn in a minute Mike Anonymous I'll call your on the are different aluminum's you know you have the well I'm so what what what what what in particular do you want to talk about with it well you know you're all right well that means recipes for talking like a Italian products mean they're all they're all extremely different Rites of the bait the fundamentally let's say what's going to deal with pork products right so when you're starting with pork products that the first thing you're going to choose is kind of what assuming you all have the same quality pork is going to be your fat lean ratio right and then how finely

parts for going to be cut up right so you can go all the way till I can emulsified product like with him with Adele or something like that we're basically emulsified fats and and and meet your aunt and muscle or like very coarse like most of the super side that we caused a New York anyway like I was right down to it something like you know like it like the hunter sauce with the Cacciatore sausages that are little bit in between so then you have like what the fat mean ratio is and how it how they're they're cut out the next most important thing for that for these kinds of products is the spice and or sometimes wine make sure that's added to them right so that's where a lot of the characteristic stuff is going to come into play the net the next thing after that is then how much they're needed by hand so some of the stuff that we think of as a traditionally like if you go to a deli and say salami right that they take their they're very finely bound together is because they've been needed with salt so they bind together

my phone is very kind of you know compact like mass and are usually fairly finely chopped where is you'll get some course or products that and I'm not even talk about whole muscle touch like like you know de copas or anything like that so it's like

courser ones tend to be not needed as much so they don't pack together as much and then the next step after that obviously is what size you packing so the thinner something that is going to be packed in lead the shorter the drying time but therefore also to my opinion sometimes the less complex the taste right then there are so many said the next step after that is a lot of times these guys like in Italy or a lot of places that aren't commercial dildo do what's called wild the get a wild fermentation going because these sausages aside from usually in the US anyway adding some nitrites to it to kill botulism botulism by the way is derived from the Latin for a kind of sausage because you can get botulism in these things if they're not cured you know you're probably sleep nitrates are in there to prevent that but the slave salt and I tried to prevent that but then also bacteria growing in there and the bacteria that grow in their dropped the ph and make it acidic that's where the tarte Tangy nature of of the song

I just come from so the temperature of fermentation and what kind of bacteria in that also make a huge difference on the type of a product you're going to get and so the combination of all of those things together then along with you note to the environment Sage the microflora in the place where it is or what are going to give you all the different kinds of results you know what I'm saying and that's it in a nutshell basically what's going on with most of the with most of it that cut up products and their difference is that make sense

be there I lost him anyway I hope that's what you want to talk about it's making me dang hungry though I can use some some movie right now man I could use some salumi oh my goodness that answer the question I hope so I called me an a-hole and then all right with popcorn question because what's your go-to method high or low heat pan with oil microwave or other I make it in the saucepan with oil heat it over High until a few kernels pop at the remainder and turn the heat down a little I use a splatter screen instead of a cover as excess seems to make it chewy I make it regularly but have difficulty with a consistently excellent popcorn my problems are occasionally chewy not life and fluffy corn and very level to pop kernels I buy my car from a local co-op in small quantities so as far as I know what is fresh I read about people who took it

lower heat that doesn't seem right to me nor does seem right to me Mike Anonymous now I haven't had any experience with buying popcorn from Co-op local co-op you might have some issues that cause popcorn is pretty tweet out like you know not that I have nothing for against the you know that they're good Folks at you know whatever it is Orville Redenbacher whatever but certain popcorn varieties are much better poppers and they eat the popcorn it's leftover to call believe it called widow's the ones that don't pop and get a little Colonel's the bottom that don't pop up believe they're called widow's I used to know that there's two basic kinds of popcorn there's a butterfly-shaped it were used to and then they're safe I forgot what it's called any mushroom which is the one that they use for caramel coating that has a larger surface area doesn't break apart usually eating butterfly popcorn it's got there fairly consistent pattern grown to be popcorn so there is a huge difference among varieties and you the one you get maybe like the taste but maybe you don't get them all pop I don't know as for the my favorite technique

like by Far and Away my favorite technique is the Whirley Pop the Whirley Pop is basically a lidded hinge with a wheel on it that keeps a thing agitated while it while you spin it there like 30 bucks and you spoil and Whirley Pop turn it on and not so hot it's going to Scorch and you just keep turning until the stuff pops it's got steam vents in it to the steam seems to leave I've never had a problem with popcorn being chewy in that it's also a fantastic first coffee roaster if you want to roast coffee in a Whirley Pop Up and it goes down schedule wire that moves around to keep this keeps the popcorn moving on the bottom and that's what I used almost exclusively in the movie style popcorn machine that is like you know it it's meant for homes but it's big enough to be home theater takes up my whole apartment but the kids fell in love with it so now that's in my

and that works on the same Principle as a Whirley Pop is just a smaller smaller container than that then the Whirley Pop it's basically and that's the way most of the pro batch things work they have a an agitated rod with AI loose-fitting flap up lid with steam vents that allow the steam to leave SodaStream can leave welts going you know the popcorn kernels themselves should be a well above the boiling temperature of the one that leaves us team's gonna want to leave spatter screen you might have some issues with the oil getting out or problems I don't know me don't sound like you do but the Whirley Pop if you make it off in get the freaking Whirley Pop just go buy it you're not going to regret it and then you can start roasting coffee as well what do you think we have a question in from Steven Garrett regarding pressure cooker at a long time either the block and listener thank you Stephen I finally got my hands on a pressure cooker a Cuisinart pressure cooker electric model which got christened with a pork shoulder for pulled pork as I've never used one before I was wondering if you had any tips techniques and recipes to fully utilize machine I love look at your egg bread was wondering

is done and is there liquid in the pot Regards Steve from Wellington New Zealand electric pressure cooker pressure on the Cuisinart is cuz the one feeling of electric pressure cookers is they don't necessarily tell you what the pressure level on it is right so hopefully the Cuisinart runs at 15 pounds per square inch which is going to let you know which is what the all standard pressure cookers run at but not all electric pressure cooker PSI it's going to work just like a regular pressure cooker does for everything else the great thing about an electric is you don't have to worry about throttling the the gas up and down and it didn't you rarely I think if ever I've never heard you really Scorch have big scorching problems on the bottom of the bowl because you're not using a height high heat plus you know doesn't take up a burner it doesn't heat up the kitchen appreciably says supposedly they're fantastic although I've never really used that one thing about the egg bread

don't add any extra liquid to it I would add some to the recipe I would add a pinch of sugar or soy not too much it'll burn you actually don't need to make in the pressure cooker you can make it in a steamer we found out later because a chef randomly get it in a steamer instead of in a pressure cooker and it works just as well pressure cooker will work but you can do that thing just in a in a steamer and it uses its own liquid is just egg yolks baking powder salt sugar or soy and just be together and then not even a lot just like basically mixed together and then put into ramekins and steamed are you can pressure cook it here's what I would do in the pressure cooker first of all

I hope the Cuisinart I'm not sure is non venting the end of the world that doesn't produce steam when it's working it's basically seal or bruises very low esteem in which case you can use it to make some fantastic stocks especially reinforced thoughts and like triple stocks should you get phones you can do a triple stock is a fresh set of Bones to get this incredibly rich. In like an hour secondly even if it does man from you know the guys modernist cuisine they sealed air stock in mason jars so they can do basically the work of sealed stop in small quantities in jars without having a vented pressure cooker without having a non venting pressure cooker the one I had to cuz we kind of expensive than also not electric so that that's very interesting also garlic pressure cook garlic I do it milk typically blend it with a 4.2 I do about 20 minutes then blend it with oil at the great pizza sauce used pressure on nose and I are doing a demonstration in Texas and flying out to Texas later this afternoon and we're doing ramps which are we in a wild

I know allium things from the US we're doing a pressure cook ramp ice cream you can do onion ice cream you can pressure cook horseradish and then. You can pressure cook like I say onions any want to listen to be modified pressure cooked in pressure cooked mustard seeds you pressure cook with you first you blanch them in water than you pressure cook them in vinegar and then add sugar afterwards toss didn't you get these like awesome like they're almost like mustard seed caviar the one thing I don't have a lot of if you had a high sugar things going to get really dark really fast because the sugar is going to be an even higher temperature so you might get some scorching that's why I added sugar to things like the mustard seeds afterwards so that they inflated properly and they and they don't you know get to Brown another great one is a I mean eggs which of the eggs of turn brown because of the mild reaction to happen low temperature to put whole eggs

hard-boil them if you can unseal it let it boil if not like bring water to a boil with the eggs let let it hard-boiled normally for like snooze 6 minutes or so then put the hot water and the eggs in the pressure cooker pressure cooker for about an hour and when they're done hopefully they didn't break when they're done you peel a man and the whites are our kind of dark Nutty Brown and have like a toasted kind of around my when you cut it yolks have a chicken liver kind of a chicken liver kind of the Romans pretty cool so there's some good things to do and obviously it's really great for fast phrases like a pork shoulder the one thing I have to caution you against this don't add a lot of extra liquid because you're not going to evaporate and reduce a lot of extra liquid you should you should put in your wine first and then then reduce it down so that it does you know you get rid of the the kind of alcohol Aroma you want to get off of it and then reduce like someone or pull the product afterwards and then reduce it to reduce the stock but I would definitely start with less liquid than your than you're used to and also you're going

get a richer meteor taste but the texture is going to be different because the fibers are going to be broken apart a little more and it's because cooked at a higher heat it snow over cooked over cooking a technical sense but usually quite delicious I actually like braces I did a chili in a pressure cooker that was awesome anyway I hope that answered your question and get back to us and tell us tell us how we're going to go one more commercial break one more break and come back call me questions to 71849 +721-288-497-2128

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welcome back. She gave me at least one decent Steve Miller song along with punishing me not only with raw vegan diet for a week but giving me the absolute worst selling another song believable the Abracadabra was written by the same person or same people that wrote you know the Joker right I mean I was never a huge respect that mean I mean like that's real song that's real deal

you know she's known by many names has got to be the worst the worst damn song in the whole world anyway thank you for the quadruple punishment Natasha thank you so much Brian Carrick Road in with a nixtamal an Alkali question in general he read the article in Nixa MO station in the blog and he loved saying that word as much as if in case you don't know what the heck were talking about that's a process of taking a base like calcium hydroxide is is a classic and then cooking corn in it and that makes a characteristic of a kind of flavor and texture for Masa dough for making tortillas so you get that awesome message great the base basically breaks up the outside of the Corn kernel makes it easier to grind rehydrates it changes the texture of it the flavor of fantastic read the article on nixtamalization cuz I'm forcing them not going to have time to go to the entire

rigmarole here but we love anyway he's interested in making pretzels and possibly other things with basic Solutions can you give me the down-and-dirty on all this stuff it seems like baking soda is too weak and you already covered calcium hydroxide with need some motivation by which is sodium hydroxide seems too dangerous for my article and I agree that it is I still use it at school but I won't use it at home because I have kids at home if I didn't have to do it but I'm not having that my house Kidz seem too dangerous as pre article but what is what is what pretzel tradition you require what about Mickey's article about baking baking baking soda so you take baking soda and you and you turn it from sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate what about the keys and go look up great article is that really work does it make a solution stronger is it safe what about the stuff I found at the Chinese market there's a bottle of clear liquid label potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate solution and they also have some white crystals with Borax which label not food

what are right next to the spices so what's safe and what's not I don't want to poison myself or others and as a final note how does a Therese make fossilized the fossilized veggies and in Spain like salsa verde with calcium what's the reaction going on there it's the same as the banana that we cook with calcium hydroxide and is there any other fun applications well Brian in San Francisco little amount of time that I have that he is using calcium hydroxide I haven't had them by the way so I don't know specifically but I have talked to people that have had other reasons the vegetables that are done this way I think also a reindeer except eat at NoMa. Use this technique and they're basically firming up the outside of vegetables using using they use calcium hydroxide to basically Crosslink the the packed in there that is it and that's what's going on calcium cross-linking of pectin they're usually done in conjunction with heat treatment or which activates of the enzyme inside

inside the vegetables that cause it happened is pectin methyl Ester race and so the combination of calcium and the heat activated the pectin methyl Estrellas makes a very strong outside shell and in the inside basically is allowed to get mushy in the outside front now what I do with a banana is I inject calcium hydroxide into the banana and the injection of calcium hydroxide mixed up in a firm all the way through the recently done it without the calcium hydroxide by injecting with just calcium and then he treating it and getting a similar result but that's that's what's going on with with those and you can do those at home it's exactly thing that goes on with the banana which is traditionally done in Thai cooking other Asian cooking so yes that's a very good thing that's calcium hydroxide really lots of different forms of calcium will do that for you now borax is a used as a food ingredient in other countries but is not legal for food use here in the US now I don't know what the specific health problems with it are

but there is food grade borax vs. caviar's treated with Borax it's a effects of texture in a way that I'm not really don't really understand borax has I think I believe it's a it's a borate like sodium two sodium's and in for 8 which is like I think for Boron zand tetraborate I think anyway but it's it's use of the texture modifier but also as a preservative sew-in caviar the lateral of borax and two fish read aloud borax to its preservative and I read on Wikipedia so take it with a grain of borax but that are caviar that we get here in the US has more highly salted because borax isn't allowed to be added to it but it's definitely used in another culture's as I've never used it as a firming agent as as preservative borax you can get a hold of it is also the cool stuff that you mix with Elmer's it's a it's a it's major to help polymerize things make larger Papa polymer so I was finding a lot of articles on using borax borax to make large

like food polymers but not I couldn't find anything specific for normal use but if you mix it with Elmer's Glue you can make slime borax Elmer's Glue mixed together Silly Putty is a different kind of alcohol is there is the glue glue Elmer's white glue is and if you add borax to it it polarize as interns to polymerize PVA which is slime gak whatever the stuff that's in the fits me like slime which I'm extremely interested in because I want to make a food-grade slime I'm working on it but I haven't fixed it yet OK potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate solution that you see is Consuelo that's what to use to make an effort to use to make the stretchy yellow alkaline noodles right so you add that that's a basic solution and that's very classic in Chinese and you know recipes your flower is going to go very yellow and skin noodles going to have a lot of bite to it and it's going to really enhance the kind of gluten snappiness of those things that's their consulates typically used for for the yellow Alcala noodles although I don't know how basic it

is it might also be useful for pretzels I'm not sure that stuff is also mistakenly sometimes sold as lye water even though it doesn't contain lye which is everything everything's got to be Brian everything's got to be a pain in the ass and will make a fine pretzel by is traditional I've never done a side-by-side taste test of live boiled pretzels versus sodium carbonate pretzels I have made sodium bicarbonate pretzels and they were

you know what I mean like like but I've never done lie vs. sodium carbonate McGee's technique definitely does work you can also tell if it's work because the weight changes of the sodium bicarbonate because water is being driven off so you can weigh the sample before and after to verify that you have in fact converted it use that to was one of the trim enough but then you can weigh it and the way the difference and then use that to make your pretzels at it and do the boil the reason you boil pretzels in a basic solution is because that will radically in first-floor change the flavor makes it taste like a pretzel and not like like you know something else like a bagel or something like that you know compressor supposed to taste like a pretzel first of all pretzels should be freaking Twisted I don't like pretzel sticks I don't like mold add pretzels and all these pretzel Lloyd's I don't like I don't like like fish pret shaped pretzels mean they're okay they should be called pretzels pretzels need to be twisted because the way they break up when you leave

pretzel it's twisted it breaks up in a very specific way the pretzels are supposed to break up based on the fact that they were a stick of doubt it's been Twisted into a shape that we know as a pretzel right and so you know that the middle not has different texture from the nubbins Alyssa Bates differently in different parts which adds very texture to it as well so real pretzel and I've taught my kids this since they were about since they could speak I can walk up to my kids and say what's a real pretzel in there like that has Twisted because that is what a pretzel should be anyway aside from that it needs the real pretzel taste from the from boiling in bait in a basic solution reaction so the reason pretzels are so dark brown it's because they've been boiled beforehand in a basic solution but I haven't done lie vs. sodium carbonate but I'm sure the sodium carbonate it's going to be good if you can have lying around do it if not I'm sure sodium carbonate a fine fine runner-up also if you are going to make a hard pretzel please do not add any oil to

do the pretzel don't add any oil at all if you take most pretzels that are twisted ones or ones on the market I'm not going to call out rolled gold as a bad brand of pretzels but if I did is because if you looked at the ingredient label or Bachman which like would otherwise be a fine pretzel because it's twisted their large ones right if you look at that ingredient label they have oil in it and that reduces the texture of a pretzel from what God intended a pretzel to be which is delicious to that of a cracker with a dark brown crust on the outside and salt that's not what you want a pretzel to be all right now I have one last thing I'm going to defer the city eater blog as the first one going to go to the heater block Adam Frost as a question about legumes and the vegetable taste of that legumes have when they're raw and since I didn't have time to research it thoroughly

and be it's time for us to go Adam I'm going to answer your question on either tonight or tomorrow but I'm going to have to call the gate to see what he'd see what he thinks alright so listen your pretzels must be twisted your press must not contain oil and your pretzels must be boiled in alkaline solution cooking issues

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this is behind the scenes food news with Katie Cooper this little nugget comes from food safety news which is a Blog that you can get every single day if you want to sign up for it I love it and in this one it says in what qualifies as ground shifting news in the food safety world the US Department of Agriculture today at 2 on Tuesday lopped 15 degrees off of its recommended temperature for safely cooking whole cuts of pork aligning it with guidelines already in place where beef veal and lamb heating steak roast and chop stew an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit so long as the meet briefly before it's eaten is enough to ensure its safety the USDA said this latest revision for pork comes again on the advice of the fsis which is a food safety inspection service which has cooking cuts of pork to 145 degrees Fahrenheit with a 3-minute rest is the safest cooking them to 160 degrees the previously recommended temperature with no rest I'm so now you can have a little bit of

pink juicy pork even if you're buying commodity pork which should vastly improve its taste and eating quality this is been behind scenes food news with Katie Kieffer