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Episode 41: Vodka Sauce & Non Alcoholic Cocktails

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hello and welcome to cooking issues I am 45 calling all of your questions technical cooking or non-technical cooking or not even cookie related to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Sona Sasha I'm excited cuz tomorrow our new 3D printer arrives right now CD printer which is an extrusion technology that is used to print food directly but we're getting now is azcorp printer zcorp printer is a commercial 3D printer and you can print basically in independent powder so we're going to be doing mainly plaster molds I think we can be making class or with it I can do in color do you know what to do in color in a session ale with the color color plaster printer or in starch

that will keep you posted on what we make with that mustache is currently sticking up the studio with a with a some sort of space heater that's making entire Studio stink of electric heater what does Toronto just got turned on for the first time which is amazing since it's almost summertime and it's actually quite warm and muggy in the studio sent it out that's a very interesting fact you know how many calories have had in my whole life zero I know I don't know that we all enjoy even though she's in the food business success almost entirely on Candy not is any candy and stash it craves any sort of sour candy I've seen her in under under another interesting fact. How she can claim that she does not eat the entire package of candy because she has an aversion to certain colors of candy

based on whatever artificial flavor is in them but I think it's awesome manly a color thing I mean if it is true that I blindfolded her she was able to distinguish which colors by taste so it's not that she can't do that it's just I think that she's match the color with the taste in her mind and it's the color that bothers her so tell everyone out there in case they're going to send you some Sour Patch or or sour cry baby candy that you like the most right which of the colors that you hate Siri read and lemon yellow and sometimes orange sometimes orange other sour candy

Snapchat yesterday I did that experimental Cuisine collectives you really you really hoo-hah shindig thing right I gave it I gave it talk and moustache was notably absent because apparently she was at the dentist getting her face drilled out then she called me and said I'm coming to the event but I'm high on Xanax and Vicodin I was like why don't you go home and sleep that off this is a true story or false story

okay so the any ongoing annals of cinnamon hydrocolloid it's James McCulloch rights in from Australia he says I remember you were discussing the gelling qualities of a few weeks ago and he's been doing some experimenting so basically he did an experiment where he mixed cinnamon he said pictures of it actually but okay so you decide to leave the cinnamon out of the spice mix until after water was at it so he made a spice makes out of the water and it was no standing and fluid and then added cinnamon to it and after a while it got kind of sick and snotty I believe is what is what he said it's not as you say snotty gooey Joe flamm like texture flim-flam is the phlegm like texture is the characteristic texture of hydrocolloid called xanthan gum which basically is use his sickening thickening agent but in higher concentrations turns to I call it's not you're very polite I guess they're more polite in Australia than they are here

flat bill we should call it flying from now on instead of snot any known hydrocolloid in cinnamon there is there is a polysaccharide called like cinnamon polysaccharide a tax which is it supposed to ice over to bioactive properties but I wasn't able to find anything I mean it makes sense to me that ground up bark would have some thickening which is what it is we have some thickening power there is a actual hydrocolloid gum called cassia gum but it's from an unrelated Kasia to the but not unrelated but not the same Kasia that we use for cinnamon substitute and also it's from the seeds not from the bark I thought maybe that maybe cellulose in the ground up bar could also act as a hydrocolloid but cellulose itself doesn't really act isn't soluble at all until it's been treated either way to ask her with with other things to make

is like microcrystalline cellulose MCC conversation has gone so I don't know this is cellulose would have got to be something in there I mean you can see in the picture that that it does do something I hope I can find if there's any hydrocolloid burn out there can you please call and tell us what is in cinnamon that causes jelly property never been over there and she go you want to open a new place in Australia and he loves it down there he said it's fantastic of the New Zealand the New Zealand grapefruit aka the poor man orange which is one of my favorite Citrus is on the planet that we had a gene messer's Ranch out in Watsonville California that one of your favorites there yeah that was really delicious but they don't ship it here and they don't grow here because because we're dumb OK Brian has a comment on the thermomix and for those of you who don't live in Europe which is most

the gas right the thermomix is I guess I have been Australia New Zealand is basically is made for home but all of the fancy European chefs use them and they're basically a blender / heater / food processor blender heater scale and they have like a stainless steel trough to do things in and in the US we don't really have him very very much because they're not very widely distributed and we use arvida prep blenders and so here's a comment from Brian had a question about the other week maybe write this email I absolutely love my thermomix I got it almost exclusively to hydrate hydrocolloid touchdown on dishes saves me time and not need to stir I love it I also happen to use it as a blender because it is there and it beats most other blenders out there which is true but I still want to fight a prep Brian I'm going to have to go ahead and say entirely Fair actually entirely Fair set of comments right there and yes you do still want to buy a prep because they kick some serious butt

myself invited Fred but I think you're right you know when we teach hydrocolloid it can be a pain in the butt sitting there staring and you can turn a thermomix on low and just have its turn a car from cold and heat without even watching it and it's not going to Scorch so I think I think you're right I'm going to take back anything I've ever said and if you do a lot of hydrocolloid work I'm going to say to the thermomix is an awesome thing to have sitting around especially tricky to hydrocolloid would you be a gar carrageenan Joanne you know even anything like that and thank you thank you for the thank you for the comments Derek parking rights in on Gummy Bears he's a blogger and keep his confession on Top Chef Canada calling a few weeks ago about making heat resistant for a blunt and we were talking in about gum arabic and xanthan gum mix long to get from t i c gums you're the one that we use for it for almost anything for alcoholic drinks

he hasn't gotten it yet but I did try some of the point is about making gummy bears and yes pastry chef friend about making gummies and she said the same same thing that we said which is that you have to make starch out of moles out of cornstarch and you want some ideas on on these moles well here's the thing you don't buy you don't buy a cornstarch mold what you do is you take cornstarch and you dry it out for a long time and in a dry room usually you know a couple of days Inn like you could use a dehydrator I would guess or like a low of and really really dehydrated and if you really want to do a bang-up job seeing the day is what they would do it it back in the days of 1830 1902 this day me they still do it for old technology is he would take the starch and you would use it and after awhile it would have been sort of crap out of your candies and it would become older dead I think they call the dead starch that I think is what they use but when you got a new batch of starch in the Stars didn't hold Impressions very well so what they would do is it would take a certain portion

they're dead starts and then shifted back in with their brand-new starch and do their molds right if you don't want to have to do that I would go to the National starch Corporation National starch food Innovations up brand they make something called new mold n u m o u l d new mold which is cornstarch with a small amount of mineral oil that's been mixed in so it holds an impression right from the beginning without having to already have starch that has stuff in it to have it really take them old well after you get your new start putting your dehydrator at like 60 Celsius or something for you like to 24 to 48 hours to be like that to really dry it out then we have to do is you build a box almost like a frame I would have bought a minute so you know like you can use to No One by twos or whatever INF Masonite on the bottom get it nice and flat put your starch in it then take a ruler and strike it flat across and now you have a bed of cornstarch that is in a perfectly even and

right now if you take another piece of in a stiff like Masonite or bored and you make this is how you do the mold you take the shape that you want it so you have to have like little little like like wooden waxed or like really smooth I have to really smooth are like plaster whenever Gummy Bears or whatever and they're all on this board and you press it into your cornstarch mixture and then you lift it up very carefully right and that is how you mold it's now you have a bed of cornstarch with a bunch of shapes of gummy bears or stars or hearts or chickens or whatever in it and then you deposit your gelatin or whatever whatever you're going to do and then it depending on the product coming like like gelatin with Gummy Bears you would then put it back in your dehydrator for your nose up to a couple of days at a slow dehydration rate if you dehydrate to quickly you case-hardened the outside and they never and ever set properly so it has a couple of Articles you can read on it if you're interested one that I was

just it's pretty interesting is modeling diffusion of moisture during stoving of starch molded Confections by Envy sudarsan and G are Ziegler coming out of Switzerland and the University of Penn State University here in Pennsylvania so take a look and see what information and with that I will go to our first commercial break with please call in your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues


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work Anderson falling apart when he demos it so I can remotely question attention enough for those French you know upside down Apple doodad but you know Apple's cook them after the apples have been cooked down and lost a lot of their moisture you can and also add some then reduced long has really reduced you put a layer of pastry on the top throw it in your oven you cook it and that when the pastries done you pull it out and then you flip it and on mold it and there you have it right Glee Tomatoes right and so my guess is the reason that he's tried a bunch of things trying to keep it holding together he's been making a tomato water gel to pour into the molds with a Gwar and pectin and agar but they've been maybe not really working as well as he wants so I need to figure out exactly why it is it's not working

wouldn't use guar pectin and agar to hold it together if you really want that sucker to hold together what you're going to have to do is use something like gel and Witch is once it sets is never going to unset in which case you would then cook it then let the thing come down to temperature right come down so that the gel and set then heated slightly again in case there's some like sugar is there and then unmold it but the problem is is it that the real way tarte tatin is supposed to unmold is it the sugars stay liquid where is the fruit holds together enough with it sounds sort of like jelly power and pectin in fact it's been caramelized and then it on molds I think your main problem is that you have just too much water in there and if you're going to add Olay iates I think it's still going to have your pure pastry come out kind of Saudi I think your main goal here is going to be to get rid of water so what I would do and actually Melissa Clark from the rights the New York time

Tracy said she did an article in 2008 on tomato tart ten where she had a very similar problem so she switched from larger tomatoes to smaller tomatoes and and make sure that they would just cook down a lot before before she added the pastry on top so I would consider using the smaller Tomatoes squeezing the seeds out after you peel them don't throw that away cuz that's how to flavor reducing that first before you while you're cooking the tomatoes and then that that reduction back and then put the lid on top of it just make sure you have enough sugar in there to hold it to 224 like I said caramel that's going to hold everything together and make sure that your water contents not too high if you do that you should be okay if you're going to den Bowl shirt with a gel I would do it with a gel that doesn't melt and the only ones that don't melt that taste good would be something like Joanne and I would use a low acyl gellan which is the The Firm one the brittle one because that one is a clear

it's not going to give a cloudy appearance to your to your touch of time so the sound like you suggested so hopefully that works out for you let us know let us know how that goes okay shoe I have another series of questions from our good buddy can can ingber and says that we we neglected to make the joke about terroir when Maggie was on we were talking about Roto vaping dirt but it's funny you should say that because that is exactly what we're talking about it a couple weeks ago someone called in and they had a rotovap Harold McGee was online and asked what he should be making with a rotovap which is a vacuum still and McGee mentioned that one of the famous early cooking applications of rotary of operation was the Roku the Roku Brothers at the Elkhart can Roca one of the great restaurants in Spain they put dirt water into a road of that and then distilled off the essence of dirt

who did George go to tear and then although I don't know how to say in Spanish do you know if you remember never seen born in East LA River the song Born in the USA so Cheech Marin did a cover of their calls born in East LA and I had some successes a video and then he is he's an American and he lives in Mexican to send who lives in East LA and doesn't have an ID on him and gets deported to Mexico and his whole joke is that he doesn't speak Spanish right that is nastasha soumas Tasha could be in East LA you know close to where she's from not have ID get deported to Mexico and not speak any Spanish that's that's conceivable right so you can be living that movie lost it could be living that movie now okay anyway. There's a good movie I enjoy it because I enjoy anything with Cheech Cheech Marin and a butt

lclark can Roca famous dishes dirt water with oysters and then but the actual reason that they did that was because they wanted you to experience no joke that terroir like in a literal sense of terroir of their region so they would get dirt from this particular in a forest that they used to go and play in as kids and would have that moist that moist here comes in space heater again Sasha turns on you pretend that I can smell it. If if I ever wore shorts in my life which I don't because I hate them I will be wearing shorts right now anyway so they wanted you to experience and in the in one Rochas like his words and because I asked him about it years ago he wants you to experience the feeling he had as a child right after the rain in the mall

when you go out in the forest and you get that smell mixed with you know the local boys are they can also get by so literal terroir was the reason behind that that dish here so I can question on onions and other things and me replying sauces I was making a veggie intention tomato sauce for weeknight meal mushrooms onion carrots carrots green peppers and garlic questions came to mind when he hopes it there again with my onions hardly change it all in such a short. Of time and if he jacks up the heat he seemed to the edge of the young'uns but don't really accomplished much house if its goal is to soften the onions with an hour and a half and tomato sauce do that and if my goal is to caramelize caramelized onions to talk about him much longer. Of time than any home-cooked spends onions for a tomato sauce and so the question is what is a soft and onion okay question so they're a bunch of

they're going on

and he's going to ask about cuz because I pre read the questions I don't want anyone out there to pretend that I haven't read the questions before they come on and I just know all the scrap of time I had although I really do anyway the book to get on this whole subject of onions and garlic and onions as well and I know that I mention his book on the on the show before but it's really kind of a one-of-a-kind thing is garlic and other alliums the lore and the science good title right by Eric block and it's one of the only kind of books on food that I own it has a preface written by a Nobel Laureate and this book was brought to my attention as most other good things are by Harold McGee and while this book is very highly Technical and huge chunks of it are only going to be abused to trained organic chemist it also has a bunch of sections on cooking the edit that talk about a few things and also about things like that here chapter 2 is all things allium alliums which you know any

onions garlic leeks aliens in literature the arts and culture so it's really an all-around book and it's one of those books that you kind of need to have in your in your in your house just so you can say that you have like it's not even a nice expensive not going to say it's cheap I don't have the price here that I would guess it's like 50 bucks or some crap like that but for fifty bucks you have like the world's repository of knowledge on onions for instance the chapter 6. 4 on page 320 is use of onion as an insect repellent by capuchin monkeys and you don't don't you feel less less good that you don't have a book you can flip open and learn about the use of onion insect repellent by capuchin monkeys anyway so so get this book and it describes in detail what's going on in onions and garlic and leeks and so forth when they are being cut when they are sitting around

when they are being cooked at different rates and describes all the different reactions that are taking place and therefore gives you an inside and into what's going on the one on fortunate thing that they don't cover in here is Anna maybe I'll I don't know this guy Eric block but maybe I'll call him because they don't go into what happened specifically with pressure cooking which is one of the reasons I bought the book because I'm very interested in pressure cooking aliens garlic and onion and things like that and it's one of our main it's one of our main things that we do is pressure cook things like garlic and onions for of onions is changed by heat and in the end the arresting of further production of flavor in the onions is arrested by heat well before the onions themselves start to soften because you're breaking down the tissues okay so there's there's the flavor development and the flavor changing that the heat it is providing that is going on at the same time that your heating and then once you get above 85 C

first extended. Of time where you break down of the patents are in a Hemi cellulose and actually soften the onion so if you're making a sauce and your goal is to basically you know provide a certain type of onion flavored it happens relatively quickly in cooking then it's not necessarily and not necessary to get them all the way soft as long as you get them up to a heat where you deactivated the enzymes and he's kind of I guess stabilize a flavor somewhat and the cooking in the sauce will take you the rest of the way in terms of that making any soft right assuming you cook it long enough that you take a long time and I think tomato sauce to have onions go soft because the water is not as available as it would be if you were cooking it in water or at and that's also frankly another thing you could do if you're not getting high heat flavors you could just put the onions in with wine or whatever flash them off so that they're almost boiled and that'll get what you want if you're not providing any color okay but it's and if you want that deep caramelized flavor where you're actually altering the onion the sugars

in the onions and then you need to cook at a lower heat so there doesn't Scorch because they win you score to the sugars to flavor turns different and most of us a worse unless you're burning the onion to make that it's a dark enough like a star most of us don't want that act like burnt flavor so then you need a lower heat for a longer. Of time to get those kind of the caramelize notes and you can do anything in between but your obtaining different flavor so everything depends as for the other ingredients so far so so then after that he he says

he says that admittedly I always cook onions in bulk so I had knowledge of the volume of onions I cook will increase a time for any kind of sauteing but he thinks it's Point stance if that's true especially if you cook in bulk you're going to basically be steaming the onions breaking down the tissue and then only after they've been steamed and broken down are you really going to get those kind of flavors and and but you know honestly it's difficult to do if you're going to make like an onion tartlets say it's very difficult to do it in under under half hour I say when you say nastasha something like that and then he has the same question for mirepoix which would be the king of the classic like onions or onions are leeks carrots and celery Sofrito to buy assuming he's a Spanish version which would be garlic onions and tomatoes or the the Holy Trinity of Creole cooking which I guess is onions bell peppers and celery I think it depends accelerate I don't think you're getting that much out of celery in the sautee except for your densifying it by sauteing and have the structure breakdown

sports betting a liquid right same thing goes me bell peppers I don't think you're getting that much out of except for you're either getting some brown flavors off of the off of the the meat of it but I don't think you're winning that much carrots have a lot of sugar in them so you could be getting some caramelizing effect out of the carrots and it depending on how you treat them but I don't cook a mirepoix long enough to get those kind of flavors in my Carriage so I don't really think that's going to it's going to happen Steven says more generally which of the factors really ought to be sauteed before adding to a sauce for example mushrooms they're better sauteed for the texture but where they would Cheney intensified flavor after being tomato sauce long time to say yes special mushroom if you're cooking it in a sauce I think the liquid going to diffuse into the mushroom because of mushrooms basically app or a sponge so if you cook the mushroom by itself and then let it shrink down then it becomes a denser item that's not going to absorb as much liquid and so I think you'll get a fundamentally different dancer more intense result if you sauteed mushrooms beforehand at anyway

and then as regards garlic I think it's a good idea to add your garlic much later when your sauteing onions because garlic does have a tendency to Scorch very readily and turn extremely accurate the flip side of that is if you're cooking garlic in water in a pressure cooker in which case does it matter when you add it cuz you if your pressure cook in the whole whole dang thing one more break questions if you have any questions you people out there to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 cooking issues

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worst Steve Miller song that's going on the list right side

and yet they still play it at every crazy dance hits on the radio are okay what do you say about vodka sauce in your view is the purpose of vodka purely because the alcohol a release a certain flavor compounds and then be boils off or so some residual alcohol massage that is itself a benefit am I correct in that the flavors will be released by wine as well but I'm like vodka the wild part it beneficial flavor of its own even after the alcohol both okay never truly boils off mean you lose a bunch of it that's true but never truly boils off and in fact I think it's been awhile since I've researched this and I myself have never done a side-by-side taste test of the same exact sauce prepare the same exact way except for in one you add a bit of water and in one you add

vodka and then correct them for the same level of a final reduction at the end of the sauce right it's possible to do it and then doing a side-by-side blind tasting I've never done it do you know anyone that's neither test I don't really have the time to run it right now but it would be very interesting test to run if someone else is in the greater New York area wants to run that side-by-side test and invite us will come right yeah but I think that that the effect of vodka sauce is supposed to be from residual alcohol that's left there that has relatively little flavor in it that will vodka and so it would be the volatilization of the of the aroma compounds in the residual alcohol that I think is providing some of the effects although the residual alcohol content is still quite low so even if you don't drink alcohol I don't really think it's a problem but it really is true that not out I'm not all alcohol boils up we did have to

a test on that a number of years ago cuz deals got called for I forget who it was some TV show made him do it and we had to do a bunch of research on it but there's still quite a bit I know what we did on bade alcohol straight and then did alcohol and water test without a lot of complicating effects like sugar and tomato sauce and then did tended reflectometer readings of the result to see what the residual crap was left in it and in fact there was residual alcohol content I don't remember what the numbers were though and speaking of alcohol we have a question in non-alcoholic cocktails from Christian Swanepoel do what we need to get our butts on a New Zealand first do you like lamb you better like when

I just Julie's there I want to go there for that do you enjoy eating lamb all right so you don't hate lamb lamb is some delicious stuff in a whole bunch of New Zealand man but I wonder where they keep the best product for themselves reason you think so like New Zealand great foods to buy plots I'm just going to eat Poorman oranges until my body explodes in grapefruit there is a n n received at the literature says that the stuff is in grapefruit that means that you can't have it when you're on any form of Statin or anything like that there's a bunch of drugs they interact with is a chemical called Bergamot and this is what I've been led to believe and so I talked to her for with a concussion bomb at NYU number of years ago see what we could maybe get rid of the Bergen

nothing since then someone has postulated way to Ted to do it I think I saw some patent literature recently on someone basically getting the Bergamot and out of grapefruit juice but my question and no one's as far as I can tell do the research on is Bergamot and is one of the men think about the name Bergamot and Bergamot right and Bergamot is the classic flavoring in Earl Grey tea and so my my question is is it is Earl Grey tea not okay to have is are there significant levels of Bergamot in Earl Grey tea such that you shouldn't have it when you're on statins are other medications that are affected by now that the truth of the matter is is that what happens is is when you when you take grapefruit when you're on in these medications it changes the your response to Dos right so I think some medications it can increase the response and some medications that can decrease or respond to theoretically if you have the same

9 in your system all the time they can correct for the fact that you are ingesting great food but grapefruit isn't something you typically ingest in at a constant rate every day so maybe like Earl Grey tea drinkers maybe they drink it at a constant afraid that's not a problem maybe it's not a problem at all I'd love if anyone out there has any information on Bergamot and levels and statins and Bergamot levels in Earl Grey tea because it's something I've never seen discuss no doctors ever tell you they tell you they stay away from the grapefruit but they never say hey stay away from the old Grey tea and lot of people like her over 80 right do you like I like I don't drink it but I like it anyway

I got some serious issues like at like yesterday I was I was at this talk for the for the experimental Cuisine Collective and someone ask a question in the audience because Maxine Nightingale right from the from the modernist cuisine book you know along with Chris Young and Nathan myhrvold he was there along with Grant and they were giving their basically talking about the book and actually giving us some foods really delicious food from the book they served out yeah they served the rare beef shoe which is one of the famous dishes in the book now or becoming famous dishes in the book where they make a they make a beef shoe at a very low temperature like 50 to Celsius which is as low as you can go be bhakti really safe basically 453 and and they serve it and I had it at at at the kitchen lab right before the book was released when I threw out the Seattle but I had it this time cold and they serve it cold for the summer time I think was actually even better

cold and bright red color and they serve some other stuff and someone asks a question so you know is there anything else to know or is we figured everything out and I was like what that's really weird like we haven't even asked all the right questions yet and I was thinking back to Roy van with t guy that we met for the Imperial Tea Garden Inn in San Francisco and the look you know you can spend your whole life studying you're like a single type of tea and and not not really not really know know everything again and so but then I was like that when I when I when I said that as soon as I said that I didn't have this I like but me personally I'm way too scattered spend my life is why I like you know in a way like I love all this like kind of generals work that we do because like I don't want to scatter then I go off on too many tangents to study just one

what do you think yeah I know that's right I'd like to thank you we will try to fight I heard last week that you're doing non-alcoholic drinks for a party I have to do the same thing for a party of my own unfortunately I don't have awesome things like Road of ask was wondering if you have any pointers or ideas I don't really have any experience any form of cocktail alcoholic or non-alcoholic and he knows that I am somewhat of an expert in this respect well. We hope we hope anyway right so we thought he might have something interesting for him thanks for your time Christian Swanepoel from New Zealand okay so here's the thing here's my feelings are non-alcoholic cocktails

if you serve something nonalcoholic I would go for something that is carbonated because it's just more festive if you search something it's not carbonated it just seems to me to be more like juice what do you think is Sasha made you think I'm a virgin Mary depends on what time does gay mean you don't want that the evening all right I'll tell you what we did we took coriander seed lightly ground coriander seed then we cooked it in in in simple syrup so 1 to 1 sugar and water with then we let it cool we kept on tasting it while it was going to cook coriander seed too long it becomes too much like a heavy spice note and you lose some of the Citrus he knows we use untoasted coriander seed has quite a bit actually keep tasting and then went when you feel it's where you want straighten it out

okay then take something with a lot of spice in it that has a lot of heat but not very a vegetable used to Thai Thai chilies they're very hot so we didn't have that much make a separate simple syrup with a Thai Chili right then I take a coriander seared put a pinch of salt in it then then add the Thai Chili because of coriander syrup is very nice but it lacks something in the back in the middle of the palate you want to add a little bit of that Thai Chili syrup to it not enough to make it spicy just enough to fill up the back of your throat a little bit like it like a ginger ale and and then you want to add malic acid and citric acid if you don't have that step two parts which one part Malik if you don't and that's going to add some limey flavor to it if you don't have that you could just bite the bullet and use real limes but the problem is with three lines unless you follow our clarification directions on the blog you're going to have issues with foaming that are going to cause problems even if you strain it and that's a really good syrup to have at a party and you can

poor seltzer water on top of that and delicious are you like that one rides good or you could clarify any number of juices and make nice light cocktails with clarified juices but I I just I tend to think that if you really want people to think you're doing something for them that's non-alcoholic get some sort of a carbonation rig and carbonation rigs are fairly cheap nowadays we were posted on getting a fairly easy to get in carbonation in general you can do in an isi rig or something like that so that the ones we did we did a coriander soda like it when I told you that we Den did you make clarified raspberry juice and clarified strawberry juice you know we used to centrifuge but you don't need it you can use a lot of different techniques have you given by the juice and then carbonated just remember when you're working with cocktails that you're going to want to balance when you're tasting them but she cuz there's no alcohol there they are going to tend to lack something in kind of the mid palette and in the back of your throat so you going to want to add like

face is very good to add like in the form that Thai Chili syrup them talking about just to round it out not allowed to make it spicy don't forget to add a pinch of salt which is going to round out all the flavors especially fruit flavors not enough to make it salty but just a little bit and it's going to be a balancing kind of fruity acid and aromatics I think is where you're going to want to go to so we Executive Vice enough time in the morning Virgin Mary's are great this tomato juice and you know whatever forms of spicy stuff that you wanted if you want to make tomato water that's a little more intensive and I recommend buying a centrifuge just kidding this is been cooking issues come back and see us next week every Tuesday cooking issues

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this is Katie Kieffer with behind-the-scenes food news for the week of May 11th one of the most exciting things that I found in my trolling of trade blogs this week was the announcement of a new initiative called I agree that's capital AG small ree so it's sort of Agriculture and green I suppose as they are the idea behind that and the co-chairs include Dan Glickman who is a former Secretary of the USDA under Clinton Gary hirshberg who is the president and CEO of Stonyfield Farm Jim Moseley who was a former deputy secretary at the USDA under George Bush and Emily Simmons of former assistant administrator for economic growth Agriculture and trade at the u.s. agency for International Development

so this is kind of a mixed bag of political viewpoints here which is what made me really sit up and take notice it's funded by all The Usual Suspects like the Gates Foundation the Ford Foundation Etc

but leading off in their first meeting Glickman stress the importance of involving all stakeholders and seeking common ground in addressing the need to feed a growing global population and doing so in ways that are environmentally economically and socially sustainable and the eight foundations that are backing agree he notes agree to set aside their political differences and did the individual co-chairs to develop research based long-term Solutions and strategies I think this is a gigantic step in the right direction I'm hoping that these guys will have a huge impact on the farm bill but you'll be coming up again in 2012 so let's keep an eye on a degree if you want to read more about them and what they're doing in their news they do have a website it's www. Food and a good policy. Org

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