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Episode 40: Cuffs and Buttons

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hello and welcome to cooking issues coming to you live every Tuesday on the Heritage Radio Network I am Dave Arm & Hammer Lopez not here today because she is in Broomfield shopping for antiques this Tasha word to the wise Brimfield was cool before eBay no one cell to the Brimfield Fair Oaks right now itself from the newly-renamed cuffs and buttons that used to be singular now it's plural it was always put on I was always said it wrong I'm cooking and hopefully today you allowed to drink lady questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 will be here for about the next 45 minutes so chatting and Christian interesting group because they are one of the only like hardcore like world-class like bartender couples that I know is that true do you know any others I would say the only other two are

would be a Anastasia a Miller and Jared Brown yes yes alright they live somewhere like working bartender types are they are they just like like inteligencia of drinking before we knew them both of them had bartended in fact Jared worked with Dale are worked as a waiter at the Rainbow Room during lunch service wild ale is there but bartended in another establishment at that time and by the way for those you not hip to like the recent history of cocktails were talking about Dale degroff who kind of fair to say started bringing back good cocktails in the rainbow room in the when was it the Brady 6 weeks ago so I like the entire country and probably a cultural Wasteland crappy cocktails teams up with

live on the Rainbow Room started at Joe down here and then and that's the start and and everything has kind of stem from that mean it's hard to find any like a real bartender here or abroad really that doesn't Trace some sort of route back to that moment where there was like let's make some good drinks again I would say that important to us as well because he's meeting that we had with him. He recounted the story of the etymology of the name cups and buttons and how it was an old New Orleans cocktail created in 1873 and that bartender over time we need the name of the drink cups and buns at the time because of a competing drink of white ties and Tails and by the 1880s there was a

the international cotton Exposition held in New Orleans and with all the international visitors coming to town he's like nobody's going understand this white ties and Tails custom buttons think so they change the name is Southern Comfort a southern comfort then went on to become a much bigger brand in the twentieth century brown-forman bought it and they've really dropped you know the cops and buttons and I was kind of a historical footnote wheel of the name because of the kind of formality in the two very kind of visual connotation that comes in a cups and buttons and it worked really well when we were looking to you know name of cocktail catering company that's we started out the first things I ever got sick on these guys have worked at like all the light a lot of the great bars here in in New York and all over the country of milk and honey pegu right where Elsa it like everywhere

flat iron round flat iron look like this is Real Deal homie situation if you guys meet while you were doing that or beforehand and its second year which was in 2001 it was I got hired the Thursday before 9:11 so Street was just a stalemate for a. Of time you can even get down there so I was working down there 911 happens business was I needed a supplementary job so I had a friend to new the manager at a place called The Cellar bar which is in the Bryant Park Hotel

I went to interview there and that time at Chad he was interviewing on the same day that I was and when the Bobby sura 9/11 happened this time stay shut down while filming definitely because you know the resources needs him be diverted due to them so I jump behind a bar met Christy there and ironically the person who got me the job at the cellar bar was he said all there is is Barlow recycle milk and honey and he said something you'd really respond to you described it to me and I heard of it but really did Nestle understand what it was like to learn how to make really amazing drinks and it's got rules and you know you have to have a reservation to get in there and it didn't really until you went in there and then saw it and did it at the time it didn't make sense entirely so Sasha didn't need anybody at that time so I went to the Bryant Park Hotel

yes I am Sasha Petrosky and it worked out because Christine I got hired the same day we didn't actually know that but we work together for the first time a couple of weeks later and she's let me know what like what else do you do to the glass of words that end with shortly after that I've she took me in there for the first time and you know it was just kind of Eureka moment oh there's something going on here these drinks are completely different than anything you I've tried these bartenders are working in a way that I've never seen why are they doing this and it just the questions surrounding in time not that song by was a bad fire it was just a totally different style bar experience you know much more common to what people think of you don't completely not a craft cocktail bar in the since the volume oriented High fashion big flashy crowd you know

and there Begins the journey solidarity and Washington are the Wall Street Journal about the sailors pasta and say those brand-new just something that I have fiber but doesn't make us fat they used to do that all the time and I remember when I was a kid looking at the kind of low calorie bread I always had a kind of a chub issue growing up by my whole family like we we we owe your way that's how we work the Arnold and I remember looking at that thing and my dad was like a grind up trees and put them into the bread could the cellulose does not actually case that you can probably make it out of cotton like waist cotton really into whatever they put it in but you can basically bulk it up up to the point where where she don't taste good anymore you know me cuz you can't digest it cuz

Krakow and you had a whole bunch of stomachs with a bunch of bacteria that then you could digest it right but you can't so the limit is just a limited which it no longer tastes good they they chop up the cellulose very finely microcrystalline cellulose we can hold water pretty well but it doesn't provide structure the same way that flower or for protein do you know protein in Flourtown or even the starch when they when they came together so the limited strictly one of like you know however much it's basically just a filler that their atoms that make sense I've never tried it but I'm sure what they if I was going to try to make a like a a cellulose bread what I would do is I would I would dope it with a bunch of cellulose and then dope with vital wheat gluten and then I don't think it would taste good now mind you taste bad

I mean it's time you because it's cellulose and I'm probably doesn't have much taste I don't know what's going to do it at that I'm not saying it's going to taste bad my recollection because I did buy that bread was that it wasn't as good as the normal bread I was bi but this is just a recollection now just a recollection you know I'm saying carbs regulate insulin in there for like what kind of meals are kind of like no ethnic dishes that are low carb and you can eat everyday I tend not to believe any sort of kind of diet any sort of diet thing especially one that is like that gives up one nutrient for another because I think that you are going to

what time you going to end up not being satisfied a lot of these diets do work in the short-term but I think and of course there are people who are huge advocate so low carbs are people who have it gets a low low fat why would I wouldn't recommend that I would recommend a like a like a moderate consumption of moderate amount of a widely varied diet now that's head I have in the past I used to do a diet really unhealthy diet don't everyone have to don't think we're sitting here I will not die carb lunch is my own diet lunch because good when you when you're when you combine breakfast and lunch and you mean to do it that's brunch right that's a good thing brunch is a good thing you know we have mimosas or whatever you guys probably hate the most is I like him at brunch project brunch anyway maybe Bloody Mary brunch right is when you don't do it because it's fun to do it because you're just grinding through it so what I would do is I would have one meal a day before dinner and the first time I blanch it was a bagel with nothing on it and then I would eat nothing until dinner

normal dinner with my family because that makes me a social human being so good to me being social is most important things I would need a normal dinner and eat one thing during the day I lost a lot of muscle mass on on the on that and it was really kind of bad bad news for me and I end up actually having to go to the doctor in like have a bunch of all procedures done to check to make sure that I didn't have cancer because I was bleeding from unspeakable places but it did work the second time that I did and also you're a raging jerk when a dinner time comes around because you're at and you smell like like crap because you're you're totally ketotic and your breathing out like what smells likes like like fumes of death out of your mouth at the end of the day the second time I did it because it is effective it's all about being regimented I ate only two eggs to hard boil eggs to hard-boil eggs I lost less muscle mass on that one but I still was a huge jerk so I would recommend to be social if you if you don't get sick being social is important to you what you did to me like

I'm not recommending but I'm saying be very very very regimented if you want to cut down your car fixed really regimented during the day it's very easy to plan out your weekly meals especially your lunch in your breakfast be extremely regimen to give yourself no choices if there's no choices you won't stray then if you stay a little bit of dinner at least you look like a human being with your family you want to mean ya fool like for me like a bit like a beans like a like a father being full Medina's yeah you can so you don't have to work and even my kids used to eat that stuff that you had it put like you know I'm no I'm know I'm no hater on on can't beat me. I know how to make my own beans are you guys headed home canned beans them all the time

show me better if you make it from scratch but if you make a batch of the beginning of the week let's say then you can have it in me and for me it wouldn't be reasonable to make myself a real breakfast everyday I can't I can you play me this make sense to sell used items obviously is good and I use it all the time for certain things the best thing to do if your in a major city unfortunately restaurants and bars go out of business all the time when they go out of business they auction off at what happens is usually everyone at the end of the of the business is so pissed off and everyone knows everyone else money so basically you steal whatever you want and then you walk out and so what happens is someone goes in Whoever has the least whoever is over the most money goes

Harrison Auctioneer and you go in there and you can buy everything at like pennies pennies on the dollar and so you'll you can buy pants I could help and you have to buy like 26 like okay we got a lot of 20 Hotel bands that used to be in the back of the help wanted to New York Times on every Sunday but I don't know where they are now because my wife is forbidden me from going to see couple websites that you guys fight auction I used to all the time but my mom just started a business that's a lot of fun fun because you're getting cheap stuff at the same time as depressing usually like someone from the restaurant is there with their face in their hands and like know you know someone like me is like you know I'll buy all the liquor from the bottom

you have your liquor license with you and you're like

gas can be depressing like buying used bar stools can be a depressing thing I think we're going to go to our first break I'm going to come back and taste some stuff that you guys brought right shoes

welcome back to cooking issues calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you today with Chad Solomon Christy pope from cuffs and buttons here tasting some of their fantabulous stuff tell me what were chasing you guys feel like some suckers for not being able to taste it with asthma write a mouthful I know it's a drink that we created for an event that we did a couple of weeks ago for Magnum bars from Europe European with chocolate ice cream bars and they commissioned us to create three drinks for the event that you know happen. Coincided with the Tribeca Film Festival Karl Lagerfeld shot three short films inspired by Magnum with the Starlet Rachel Bilson that's kind of his Muse and a screen these shorts at this event and we provided these cocktails and this is a cocktail where we actually took your technique of the rapid nitrogen fusion and in few

cacao nibs into VSOP Cognac and Highland Park 12 Scotch Louis Royer VSOP cognac Highland Park 12 Scotch with cacao nibs and then cartridges I've extinct acid of milk that's been reborn and an axis of fantastic acid and I'm one of the reasons that we really wanted to use it is when people come to you with certain figures they want to work with us in this instance it was like chocolate vanilla all those kind of things that are very best to make you know that rich chocolate feel you know kind of creamy feel too but without getting like clothing and sweet girl you can't taste it then it's one of the few kind of wooded carbonated drinks that I really like you know what I mean that's really cuz a lot of times like these kind of

mixers venue carbonated and I can fill it till the balance off in like the woods can go out of proportion if I biked here at the Highland Park 12 tasks and the French Oak obviously on the VSOP cognac where is he like bourbon dries are much more aggressive American Oak the worst drink maybe I've ever made with the exception of college the worst ranked I think I've ever made is a carbonated Manhattan's did for that event next up here we just did a pretty fun project with a man came and worked with Luke Malay to develop and create cocktails with their line of liquor stores in Europe

we are involving alligator hat some crazy crazy business Luke came to us and we did the cocktail development here for the states and say this in particular is the creme de mure and the Blackberry picture that we've turned into a phosphate soda so it's the highway soon as you open it with something we carbonated again obviously all those volatiles just come explode into the room with the carbonation this is gin Tanqueray gin acid phosphate creme de mure orange bitters 4 oz of water and then we carbonated at 50 psi to ask if I paid for those yet there's another one of these kind of extinct things as being brought back to the floor by a guy named Darcy O'Neill his websites the art of the drink he has a book called I fix the pump switch a is a cold soda jerk slang for look at the lady with the with the with the large chest yes I'm extremely interesting book He's bringing somebody told ingredients back acid phosphate the main compound of it is

boric acid and it's the acid that's in Coca Cola and cola is and its characteristic is it's an extremely dry asset actually if you get in pure form because the way I have it I don't have the acid phosphate it's really hard to work with because if you go a little bit too far for me but it's like a very interesting stuff really works well with this would you find the same thing sometimes it's hard to work with it but there's a big difference when we carbonated ourselves versus using like a club soda like the way it comes off on the palate so I mean yeah absolutely an ounce of acid phosphate in this NF the high-end generally depending on the drink you get by with as much as a 1/2 teaspoon butts and I and the characteristic of this ass and it's one of the acids that should see hopefully a Resurgence is it's it's Raikou like nature of the city that the flavor of dry

Cola like acidity or lime juice which have a very imposing flavor on their own this at brings that but it's very it does not impose itself that allows other flavors to break clean fruit Note 4 as Chapman should we do this for me Layla Shores and we did phosphates for for every expression of the liquor Brands and they all turned out wonderful because obviously with the with the fruit that cures there going to be a natural product there depending on how acidic or sweet the fruit is the address of sugar

we have a car before I go to the color though I have to say like I think and see where you guys agree like even if when you're mixing a drink a lot of times obviously you're going to use the real fruit right but I think having me acids on board on hand and tasting and playing with them gives you such a sense for what's going on with different fruits and different acids like like studying the answers that you use in the drinks and such an important component I think it's taking its key to kind of becoming a better mixer board and by the way, but gets a bad rap because if you drink it very large quantities it's a taken take calcium some people say that women shouldn't have too much phosphoric acid because it can reduce bone density I haven't seen any studies that moderate amounts of phosphoric acid are are detrimental it mean otherwise everyone in Pensacola with the Dead

more approachable to work with is the fact that it's partially neutralized it's you start with 10% phosphoric acid in solution and it's neutralized down to 2% with through calcium magnesium and potassium mineral salt will grab onto the calcium right maybe they got cut off with their with their cell phone and all this talk about drinks I hope hopefully they hopefully they call back in the fridge beverage so this next one is a cocktail we're presenting will be serving at the coming at MCC Manhattan cocktail classic opening Gala on Friday night but I'm working at 2 you know I didn't go to the party last year apparently it was needed most insane party of like all New York Public Library

dorbz what's a pretty it's a pretty huge event 120 different bars 120 different bars different cocktails bartenders and serving individual drinks real glassware Black Tie we overtake the New York Public Library that the scope of it is pretty big I'm doing the non-alcoholic drinks so I'm going to I'm taking 5 gallon corny kegs I'm scrapping them onto a backpack I'm filling them with soda water and I have to sort of owls like the squeeze thousand dice backers I know you're running around like like like soda Cowboy like spraying soda can be good good business I have a little 20oz CO2 container that feeling with a nitrous soda mix nitrous CO2 soda mix to keep myself pressurize as I walk around should be fun the first time I've ever done a non-alcoholic

set the set of stuff is so funny. Pollock well it depends how many people I have working with me whether or not I can how much I can walk around I'm sorry call her that you got disconnected please call back when we were drinking here to this is a Byzantine Julep it's Laird's bonded Applejack we are be going to be working at the Laird and Company bar I wish you could smell this so it's a letter to Bonded Apple Brandy 200 proof excellent product an American product one of the Great American Products to the oldest native distilled Spirit they're coming up on three hundred years I love their product except for they also make some of the worst products in the world they don't sell them to their own name but I seen a little thing like that don't they make Senators Club vodka at 5

Wheel of Time in Detroit they mix it with a with a Faygo that one showed up and at and if you have enough of them they say you're on your way to dance like a man mad bonded Apple Brandy coriander tincture meant a little bit of malic acid and date dates are update date molasses and Demerara syrup theater this will actually be serving this Jewel of style over crushed ice with so this will be a little bit better better diluted crushed ice or they just really deep deep tasting drink has a really kind of like a real big depth of flavor and none of the components really kind of pop out as being over over the top

fired by a trip that we took to Turkey on so we're using some of those kind of you know more cool Eastern flavors in there and it does have that total like unique depth to it we also do a very slow roast on the Moroccan coriander seed and before we put it into two are to make the tincture and so that has a real death than roundness to itself still interesting because you can get so many different flavors out of it depending on how you treat it whether you toast it whether you don't what he put in the syrup whether you do a tincture I've done some distillates for it for I did for Jimmy and I did this live for him and it was totally different flavor like a distillate brought out a lot more of the kind of this kind of high citrusy notes you know what I mean in like that not a lot of some of those basenotes you're going to get out of attention is a great great great lengths yeah it's incredibly versatile

anchored in a soda one of them one of the people I work with clippers at least do a coriander Soto's search coriander and we're going to round out the you know the mid palette if you just do Straight coriander on a soda the mid pilot slacking a little bit so what we're going to do is we're going to hit it with mrs. Malik and citric to bring up that kind of citrus notes of its acid and then we're adding a touch of Thai Chili Pepper because a little bit of spice brings it to that kind of Ginger you know what I mean and makes it more like a soda that you had to totally different you don't even write what we mix it up now so this is my bike ride is going to suck by the way during a Manhattan cocktail classic as we're doing the Campari presence is Spirited fit for the census inspired by Padma Lakshmi at the Box

we're doing this cocktail at our variation on the Negroni that we we're going at the Marco Polo Negroni inspired we were all asked to create variations of a Negroni based on potamus cookbook tiny tart hot and sweet when is this event on Sunday evening at the box and so this is basically a very classic aperitif Negroni equal parts Beefeater Gin Za no vermouth Campari and then we've done is we've added tincture of Papale long pepper tincture of May stinks of coriander tincture cardamom in a very minor quantities so it's recognizable but they're definitely get the sense that it's exotic and then with that piperine drawn out of the Papale long pepper your lips tingle and it's a very that's a very floral you know pepper Tony variations to add some from the Citrus UConn's entire opposite direction of any kind of bass notes and spicy notes to it aromatic

cocktail it is definitely different animals are just beginning your drinking careers right there are a couple of drinks that you can order at a bar and no matter who you are with you are considered a badass or OK the grand is one of those things if you are with any sort of profession I don't care who they are how like fancy how anything if you walk up and you're like you know what I want now and the growney then you're a badass and and if anyone bothers you that you're ordering something that's vaguely paint to paint how much the weather they get it wrong with the removed just let him try it and plus everyone else knows anything will last him out of the out of the University of Bologna is one of like the all-time favorite drinks that people who like drinks like this is true I think so yeah it's one of the quintessential a pair of Thieves band at the acquired flavor but it's one that you're rewarded a lot of loyalty

very long they've not had that taste of Campari the gentian and in the mix of the sweet vermouth eventually one day they'll crave it like the notes from the pepper they marry with the with a Campari flavor and so the Campari is like it's like

the Campari note it is it's interesting cuz it Doesn't dominate more than normally does but I can kind of pick it out more than it normally does it's kind of at the kids the other thing is flukes by the white man Breeze by the way I'm spending over myself by the way one of my favorite one of my favorite prize although I do like I promised they also now yes it was all so delicious different thing but different similar to a different orange sew a intermatic like makes you go back fat next ship at the garnish is imagination and curiosity with some orange juice and and then compressed that. Orange juice into the orange so as you taste that the orange

I don't think I'm a jerk to should we should point out we were asked to specifically the four categories were Tangy tart hot hot and sweet and we chose hot so that's why the Papale and that's why the current you guys are no strangers to freaking heat on and drink though you guys made a drink once and it was before I knew you were just Chad did an event at the SEI with a hot pepper drink put me on my behind Chipotle Chipotle is use Mezcal cocktail

what you doing this weekend we're going to commercial break call in your last chance and ask questions 718-497-2128 cooking issues

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hello and welcome back to cooking issues for the final 7 today we're here with a chance I'll new Christy Pope they are a little bit country a little bit rock and roll they are southerners who I consider to be New Yorkers now even though they live all over the country but they do have both those angles going right to you at yet something you guys are working on now a combination of cocktail culture and and music or new website called Rockdale culture intersection of cocktails and rock music which speaks to us but he works in the music business we get to meet him face-to-face had a great conversation with him over the phone he is a cocktail geek and also obviously very passionate about music and its kind merged the two anacin into a site where you interviews bands about their drinking habits on the road and their interest in cocktails and then bartenders vice versa

so listen to tell you that you have one last chance to call in to ask some cool drinks questions to ask to our amazing green panel here +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 I'm now going to go over and Blitzkrieg fashion the email questions it'll come in you guys chime in if you have any any anything you want to talk about okay tedi devico teen Chef Teddy. that's it I think hey thank you for liking it I wish you every week dollar lot I have two random questions one has anyone ever tried making chocolate from coffee beans or coffee from cocoa nibs both of them go through very similar processes I think it be possible to make such products okay here's the issue

are they have different kind of fat levels right so coffee has a certain amount of oil in it and that's a delicious coffee oils that when you when you roast her very dark stage come out but in order to make chocolate or say you're very high quantity of effect and cocoa butter has a very specific kind of melting profile and it's a much more saturated fat than coffee is so you could make you could take coffee powder and reduce it to very very very very fine powder and then grind it over the course of time with cocoa butter and produce something that had the texture of chocolate if you then eat that product it might be delicious not going to stand I can take away from the delicious aspect but you are going to be running to the toilet shaking like a chihuahua dog because the caffeine is going to take you for a serious Ryan friend of mine used to be a manager at a coffee shop in in New Haven Connecticut and he used to take a Turkish ground coffee switch about the finest ground anyone uses and dump it on vanilla ice cream and eat it in

play his cigarette breaks and I've never seen a human being shipped faster than that. I literally like a human blur but I wouldn't I wouldn't recommend it and and cocoa nibs if you treated them like coffee you roast them to a lower temperature than you do coffee because of the oils and what not and it doesn't quite follow the same roasting profile that there's a lot of fat in there you could brew a beverage but there's also the extractable from Coco are a different kind of percenters and you get out of coffee so you come if you're doing espresso which is all I really care about you would get a different kind of extractions I don't know what works the same but you could it's it's not impossible but you have to account for the different fat levels and the different solubilities and things are expecting out of it makes sense exterior but if you eat that would it be harmful to you I may be harmful per se but it might be grossed

play Go by think you would be able to make a super befunky sauce with the trimmings of dry aged beef trimmings have a super funky odor and most people like a little bit of funk in their me but not like a hardcore amount of funk so if you get a dry kiss me to hardcore they after they trim it for you when I got to cut it and sell it to you if you want to know the super Fox smell that bone because the bone where the bone is they don't trim off that little piece of skin on this other phone that's what the funk is and this is why certain chefs like Adam Perry Lang comes to mind don't like to cook dry aged beef in a bag low temperature sous vide because that funk that permeates the whole thing I need a little bit of funk a good thing I think a lot of funk and like you might like it and like maybe like a couple other people might like it but a good fifty 60% of your guests aren't going to groove on it what are they

I think that sounds about right keep coming with the with the excellent questions Teddy all right we have a question from Alvin Schwartz hello is a long time listener first-time email her thank you for emailing please email more and also tries to block fake appreciate okay we hope we can take some time to talk about barbecue barbecue awesome Subs right do you know the burnt ends for lump charcoal vs. briquettes briquettes vs. propane and also Alton Brown says it burning propane produces water vapor that inhibit smoke penetration into meet the many smokers and play water pan to moisten the cookie environment how is this different Alton Brown much as I love Alton Brown he is just straight-up wrong on this right when you burn propane it is true that water is produced however if you stick your hand into a big box full of propane fire it's not going to get cold and clammy burn because all the water vapor is produced right you're also producing a tremendous amount of heat and in fact the food itself Hardy has water in it and is used

there's a water pan there right and it is specifically what he's talking about is smoking if you're smoking you're not using charcoal you using wood because charcoal doesn't produce the smoke flavor unless you have fat jumping on it and then we have the flare from the fact that are creating those flavors on the meet smoke flavor comes from burning wood when you burn wood which is an organic substance that is their hydrocarbons in it that are burning you're also producing water so when you are a even if you don't soak your wood chips you're producing water when you're combusting wood to produce smoke. That's all there is to the only like ways if you were to 100% efficiently combust charcoal it was 100% well made that you're basically just producing carbon dioxide because there's not a lot of hydrogen left in its basically turn the car otherwise you are producing water when you're burning it so I don't think it's a huge freaking issue what is an issue is that in order to get good smoke penetration on your meat you need to get that the the surface moisture of your of yore

products down to below about 10% moisture which is why you dry your product out first form of pellicle before you going to smoke it and it is nice and right now it's going to suck up smoke like that like in the world is coming but don't worry about propane right but of the Smoky flavors right aren't made from the propane Smoky flavors are made from the crappy incomplete combustion a complicated product which is what and charcoal grilling flavors are made by fat dripping off of your meat and hitting charcoal flaring up and like and like you know Charing your your your metallic that's where those those flavors come from ask for the different temperatures the different temperatures depending on how much oxygen is is available

to it but the the temperatures aren't that radically different between propane methane and a well fueled charcoal fire wood fire maybe a little bit less because I'm completely burning and there is moisture in there what not but here's the here's the kicker write the reason why gas grills aren't usually as good as charcoal grills right propane has about 91,000 or 90,000 BTUs per hour of of of energy per pound right 91000 BTU so if you burn a pound in our you're doing about as well as my deep fryer which is really really good really good but most gas grills don't burn that much propane they just don't have enough balls to really do what you want right now even though charcoal right even good hardwood charcoal doesn't have doesn't have that many BTUs per hour to BTUs per pound compared to propane much less in fact like on the order of like 10,000 verses like

write what you can do with charcoal is dumping entire bag into your Weber at once fire that sucker up Burnet like within like an hour you can you can release all of that energy at once right so you get to control this immense release of energy with the charcoal so you can overwhelm it and produce more energy and get a huge amount of power out of your charcoal just because you can burn it in Faster at higher quantities and you do propane if you had a real propane burner like like fed with oxygen I can melt I can melt steel with it you know what I mean so it's not like I can't get the energy out of it it's just your your gas grill is Beauty in comparison to what you can do with the average charcoal grill even though the theoretical temperatures and by the way like that lately quote temperatures like 1900 degrees Celsius that's like for the very hottest part of the flame it's nowhere near what the temperature is on your meat what's really important is the heat you're pushing on me

charcoal is also very good for that too because once it burns down to produce a lot of radiant heat and that radiant heat is really good at delivering heat to your meat so if you have the world's ballsiest like propane burner you could definitely out do someone with who was under using charcoal but it's hard to beat up an entire bag of charcoal on your on your grill for just kind of straight balls make sense to your meat heat to your meets all about heat to your meat second question was is it going to is it possible to achieve mired reactions in eggs cooked at temperatures between 6267 South preferably in a wet cooking environment without increasing the pH unpalatable levels I don't think so typically they my reactions I get are higher closer the boiling point of water inside don't think you're going to be able to to to get to get those things are different question from from Daniel he also says weeks ago we mention upcoming Moffat fundraiser

food and drink in the Bay Area he's tried contacting Moffat has not received a reply Daniel stay tuned we've just hired a full-time person to work on the Museum of food and drink she starting up on June 1st and she's going to be taking over that website and she's going to answer you reply one of her first things is to get this fundraiser ready in the Bay Area someone will reply to you please send another email we don't want to leave you hanging anyone that wants to either go or be involved we want you there it's very to me personally important we try to get this this Museum going now before we leave I was looking up charcoal and couple things I learned I read a book on on a siren article on charcoal that was interesting to me and bizarre it's called the influence of aromatic compounds from and I don't know why she's not about trickle but I found it I searched the scientific documents right

the influence of aromatic compounds from pig manure on odor and flavor of cooked chicken be by LL Hanson so it turns out of these guys were like Hey listen if you grow your chickens over moldy betting it's really moldy like you can get a moldy Flavor in Your meter so these guys were like I wonder if the smell of crap also makes its way into the meat so they literally raised chicken decides like this is how horrible like our food production is going rather than saying why don't we not have our chicken coop smell so awful that that that like we can't stand being anywhere near them instead would like to see whether we can really taste The Mummy Pig crap stink into like these chicken growing coops for a. Of time and then did side-by-side blind taste test on the different kinds of meat weather

whether or not you can tell that they were raised in pig steak and turns out you can't but the horrible isolation we're on our way out but I want I want you guys to get that out of the final word what do you what do you do when you got for us what you got

what do we got

nothing visit our website giving the website website it's www. Cups and c u f f s a n d b u t t o n and my next band will be Pig stink chicken cooking issues

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and now here's some behind-the-scenes food news with Katie Kieffer

fun meeting place. Com this week Lisa and Keith one of their principal writers published The Following article about the usda's Child Nutrition program she reports that on Tuesday the USDA begin implementing new rules that are intended to put more locally-grown agricultural products on school children's plates part of the healthy hunger-free kids act of 2010 which was signed by President Obama in December the rules allow schools in other providers to quote give preference to unprocessed locally grown and locally raised Agricultural Product when buying food for the national school lunch School breakfast special milk child and adult care fresh fruit and vegetable and summer food service programs quote this rule is an important Milestone that will help ensure that our children have access to fresh produce and other agricultural products said agriculture undersecretary Kevin concannon in a news release it will also give a much-needed boost to local farmers and agricultural producers

this is Kitty keeper for a behind-the-scenes food nude

did you know we have a beer show on a small clip from beer sessions radio

all right welcome back to my dear sessions radio on Heritage Radio Network I'm shipping Carboni from Jimmy's number 43 and I'm here with radiator from the TV a boss Paige it take to them hanging out with the guys from 124 rabbit club we get Dawn and Wendy from Banbury the wolf let's go back a little bit too too kind of build your pedigree so the two brands of wheat love and that you have now scaldy Sensations upon how you met those guys how you started working with them well do you want to hear more head over to Heritage Radio Network. Com episodes of beer sessions are posted every week in our archive and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes