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Episode 4: Peppers!

don't know you were listening to cooking issues coming to you live every Tuesday from noon to 12:45 on the Heritage Radio Network I am Dave Arnold the host of cooking issues I'm here with Miss Tosha Lopez we're from the French Culinary Institute we're here to answer all of your cooking questions call in at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 for those either don't know us we specialize in technical kinds of cooking questions pieces of equipment new techniques new ingredients but we didn't basically any food-related question you have Today Show is brought to you by the Fairway Market no matter where you live in New York City you're probably pretty close to a Fairway Market I believe that they were actually sponsored by Steve

Jenkins from Fairway who was one of the great cheese mongers in all of the country probably that Fairway has and has had for many many years an amazing selection of cheeses a great selection of meats and other produce Fairway like no other Market you want to start off before we answer any questions with the kind of what we've been doing over the past week or so you've been gone for a while New Orleans New Orleans every year has this event called Tales of the cocktail wear a good chunk of the bar industry in the United States has down in New Orleans in the middle of the summer when it's piss hot and humid and get horribly horribly drunk over the course of a couple of days all in the interest of theoretically learning more about you know how to prepare find drinks a lot about the history find drinks I was down there doing a seminar called the science of stirring which was a follow-up to our smash hit last year the science of shaking basically I was there with Evan clam who is the the the head of Beverage for Be Our Guest

yeah they do does Camille's restaurant here in the city he serve something like 8,000 Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo and Thomas wall from Death & Co which was you know just I guess this year just one like best bar in the universe a tales of the cocktail or something like that best cocktails in the universe that like that like a bunch of best in the universe kinds of things anyway this year we were investigating house during what is the basic science behind steering a cocktail I'll talk about it for a minute is that last year when we did shaking the fundamental thing we learned about shaking your shaking style doesn't make that much of a difference in terms of the temperature and the dilution of the drink when you're done also the ice doesn't make that much of a difference assuming there's not a lot of water on the ice doesn't make that much of a difference between reason and that's good news for people especially home because it means that they can make a decent quality drink without without being basically the Yoda of the shake you know as long as they do not do a relatively decent job and they shake you know for about 12 to 15 seconds there

let you go get the fundamentally similar dilution every time they do it stirring unfortunately it is a lot more lot more complicated because steering is not as efficient as shaking in in chilling so that the first rule of all cocktails by the way especially in bars where the ice if they're using in the bar is almost always right at the melting point it's not from the freezer and even if you use ice in a freezer you think you're winning a lot because it's a lot colder than I said she knows I'm sitting out you don't actually win that much because ice doesn't have that much extra energy in it stored in the form of temperature most of it is given when it melts it's a melting of ice it really does most of the chilling and dilution to the fundamental rule of cocktails is there is no dilution without chilling and there is no chilling without dilution they're related and so because stirring is less effective than shaking a chilling at 8 you actually can alter the drink greatly by how much you you stir it so well cocktail

when you shake it only takes about twelve fifteen seconds to reach equilibrium I start talk to y'all can take up to a minute or or longer okay with that that's what I was doing for the past week and if you want to call it any more questions about steering we're going to put a blog post up pretty soon I know with all kinds of nice pretty charts and graphs on steering fast during slow so you know so we can have to take some of the questions we had emailed to us or the past week Michael natkin the author of herbivore which is vegetarian recipe blogs as a very interesting question he says why do something tastes better the next day for instance tomato sauce is lentil soup and stews and he says the conventional wisdom is that the flavors Mary when it's left overnight but it doesn't really seem very well-defined so first of all this is true he asked and if it is true then we know why can we pinpoint anything specific chemical standpoint why that's it

interesting question that short answer is yes some foods do taste better after they been sitting for awhile and a bunch of some taste noticeably works in the vegetable world for potatoes Ken when they were stored take on and off flavor that you have received this kind of cardboard e and sandwich with meats can take on other you don't care because you're vegetarian recipe blog but certain meats can take on a flavor called warmed-over flavor when they've been children reheated what's happening in those cases with mix taste bad is that there's an oxidation of fat oxidation going on so you know there's a certain kind of fats in there that are being oxidized to create kind of these off cardboard he ranted warmed-over flavors in in certain potatoes and in certain Meats when reheated food store in the presence of oxygen and a vacuum bag can kind of ameliorate those problems now the problem of things actually tasting better and changing

there's a lot more complicated than that so certain people certain foods that people think taste better when they're heated like for instance pizza if you reheat it properly is because let's say the person who made it didn't have their dough balance quite right and water migrated to the crust right now your crust is floppy if you reheat it properly you can re crisp across and it's actually crisper than it used to be because there's less water in the crust until you get a crispy crust certain in certain pizzas you can actually get a better product when you reheat it versus when you when you had it the first time lasagna is noticing pointy too often people say it's better if it's cooling the pasta if you don't weaken in RI absorb more water than it can then it could absorb water out of the sauce the sauce becomes more concentrated that's one effect so it's going to taste good upon reheating

a secondary effect with a strong flavored sausage not like tomato like stews like soups is that the sauces have lots of high notes in the bottles that kind of I can stick out now these valves can flash off when it's cooler than flash in the flash off again when it's when it's rewarding and this can basically create an evening out effect of the flavor but even more so as it's being stored in the in the fridge the actual the actual levels of the different vowels can change as they are degraded or Pinot broken upper hydrolyzed in the food as it's being stored and what's interesting is that the breakdown of these boxes compound sliding door created when it when the food is cooked right and they react a different way when they're on a heat then they do what when they're in the fridge so you like you get a different kind of breakdown of these compounds and then when you reheat it you break your breaking more down again and basically

you can cause a leveling off at his volatile so there I was hard-pressed this morning was looking to try and find some specific papers on it so I could cite some for you but I couldn't because in my feeling my memory I should save of what's going on in the situation you know that and that's a size many actual kind of effect they have where you know maybe the spice didn't penetrate to the center of the bean let's say and when you let it sit overnight it does so there's many many multiple effects of going on it's actually quite a complicated process but yes certain foods can taste better and certain foods can taste worse okay so I hopefully that answers that question I have another one someone says my mom wants a Anonymous by the way my mom wants to know if she can put a frozen piece of meat into a Crock-Pot yes yes you can so here's what happens and I believe you another question on freezing then I'm going to deal with later but freezing is fundamentally a dehydration technique

happens is when water freezes it freezes into into ice it's a pure water so you have water that's found in cells that water basically crystallizes out and freezers at at as crystals okay to eat the ice that forms is basically removed from either between the cells or in the cells of your meat is fundamentally or whatever product you freezing it's fundamentally a dehydration process now super rapid thawing in certain cases can prevent certain foods like meats that might be absorbed that liquid from reabsorbing them all so improperly Frozen things that have a lot of damage cells in them will not reabsorbed the liquid and you'll you can tell a good quality Frozen product from a bad quality Frozen product because you'll see a lot more with called Rip lost a lot of liquid flowing out of the out of the peanut product as it's starting right that's the Hallmark of an improperly Frozen thing I'm certain things you just can't help it like berries are good that's going to happen unless you had some very good freezing technology like liquid nitrogen

because the faster you freeze at the less damage there is to what was Henry's him too fast and shatters but that's you know that's another story so now when you're cooking something in a crock pot write a Crock-Pot is a fairly it's barely gentle and that it doesn't Scorch food but it's also fairly high heat you're going to basically cook the heck out of that meat and you're going to cook it so long that you're going to cook all that water out anyway and you're getting the juice and it's out of the sausage cooking in and you're getting the juice in this out of the gelatinous cooking and so there is absolutely no reason why you can't Siri or meat from Frozen if you want to do that and then throw it in the Crock-Pot and go from there you going to cook it for a long time it's not going to throw off your cooking times that much unless the meat is very very thick and so I think I think that's that's fine practice and it's definitely going to save you save you some time another anonymous question came in I want to know if it's true that putting your face in front of a microwave is going to damage you think I should have had this question

I'm a time and ask someone that is done many unauthorized think the microwave ovens I'm so much by the answer this question you'll notice that the inside of your microwave is is all metal okay and that there's a shield a great over the front door of the microwave it's also made out of metal is perforated with little holes now those little holes are specifically designed to not allow microwaves through so that even though you can see the light the light is very much shorter wavelength than microwave so like can make it through without a problem but in the microwave cannot at all in fact even if those holes were a good bit larger like the size of a pencil you still wouldn't get appreciable radiation through that now if you have a microwave microwave have that that metal that metal perforated cheap and then they also have you for your plastic or glass sheet in front of that perforated sheet and what that's doing is that stops you from putting your eyes directly chance

add metal grates if you put your eyes directly against that metal grate you will have some microwave energy that can make it through those little holes for very very short distances I'm talking very short distances so I do not recommend removing the metal grate and then putting your eyeballs against the against the that that perforated perforated sheet now it is true that certain microwaves if the latch fails or they have problems with their gas getting their door material such that you know basically the microwave can leak leak out and there's not a good grounding between all the different parts and then yes you can get some leakage of microwaves they make basically microwave detectors which are just metres that sense whether there's microwave radiation you can walk around your your microwave and and see whether or not it's leaking you know if you're paranoid about these things you know they're not that expensive you can get one and you I used one once when I get a lot of modifications to a microwave and want to make sure I wasn't at turn anyone's eyeballs into you know poached eggs because you know once once a protein in your eyes goes white from being

you sure did sides that you end of story is very similar to radar technology affect the old story my grandfather you know before you retired was a radar technician I'm not technician engineer built Radars in cooking and cleaning radar for Air Force jets back in the day and you'll story was an engineer at Raytheon figured out it's probably apocryphal but figured out the microwave oven because he was working on a radar unit and the and the candy bar in his pocket melted and he was it was a guy that's interesting candy bar in a pocket melted and then it kind of went from there but I believe that there's also been cases not know what is just to scare the crap out of me that you know people to stare down they know an old school radar continuous wave radar thing and you know I've been blinded and all this other stuff so

I hope that answers I hope that answers your question okay let's take one more minutes I will maybe I maybe I shouldn't take a complicated complicated question number four is where I go to break I will say that I hope you call in our number is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 or you can email the Sasha at Lopez. Nastassia at but when I try to handle all of your cooking related questions when we get back we'll answer some more questions and I will talk about the weird variety meats that we've been cooking

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this is Dave Arnold and you were listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network calling with your cooking related questions or being at this point any questions 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so we have a question in from Greg krekelberg and he ask you some very complicated technical questions he wants to know the first question actually is Lily's real deal with he says what can home cook do to freeze food or sauces that will break when you freeze them he wants to know should I add gel mag are starches fats Bubba blah I like I like Greg that you're saying a home friendly technique for doing this is to use liquid nitrogen I really appreciate that and it shows how far we've come in in the past couple of years now stabilized some things but I know that it does prevent

other things are getting damaged by by freezing I haven't done a lot of testing with liquid nitrogen freestyle will preserve the quality of this drip gloss out of foods that are Frozen with liquid nitrogen to freeze something with liquid nitrogen and you think it's going to become too brittle but one way to do it the best and I learned this from someone who basically Works in a calcium calcium in operation suspend the food above a liquid nitrogen just above the liquid nitrogen for number of minutes to pre freeze it before it becomes hyper brittle and then you can immerse in the liquid nitrogen and you're going to get a very nicely Frozen product but I assume that this is not what you mean things like took the question you saying shity add things to his his sauce taste like gelatin agar starches and fats to make them more free Star Stable gelatin is not free star stable and neither is agar in fact we use both of those things

Muse the fact that they're not free Star Stable when were clarifying juices we basically freeze them and then when they saw they weep weep fluid quite readily than we use that fact to clarify things. So those don't work in in general what you want to add to put to increase free stuff stability are thickeners thickeners like locust bean gum thickeners like xanthan gum so something that basically holds together but you know has a tendency to weep a little bit or or break a little bit you know a little bit like under a percent of locust bean locust bean has to be heated of course guar guar taste kind of bad unless you have the really nice Gwar made by t i c gums a flavor free Gwar little bit of Santa and also acts of the stabilizers going to stop things from weeping out there are starches that will it will help I don't

I don't happen to know what they are I don't have cancer research them before I before I came over but in general you move towards some sort of a thickener to help stabilize situation especially a job if you want to make a gel more for you Star Stable you going to use some sort of thick in her like I said like like like locust bean like like like Sansan now let me think I'm trying to see the other questions I'm not exactly sure he's saying sauce is like whole whole vegetables roasted by 9 so I can share with the freestyle problem with that is if it's weeping because of a picture of being broken down in the best way to make sure that you freeze and thaw those nicely it seems very very rapid freezing and best way to do that is coarse liquid nitrogen barring that you can make an ice slush with about 25% salt by weight with ice make a slush with that put your food in a bag and then immersed cement of slush going to freeze and very quickly with very small ice crystals and it's going to preserve the flavor

I know she knows kind of things these ingredients song is actually a really interesting problem when you it's easier believe this it's easier to freeze something quickly than it is to thought and here's why ice is actually a much better heat conductor than water much better the only reason you think water is a much better conductor of heat is that you can move around inside your food the water can't move around so it's not as good a conductor as as as ice is so once something starts freezing in the freezer the outside becomes ice and now becomes a very good conductor now it's easier for the inside to freeze when you're thawing the outside as first now it's water now it's harder to conduct the heat in it also takes more energy to heat ice and it does to heat water and so it actually takes longer to to thaw something then it does to freeze it if you want to

be thawing obviously the best way to do it is too if you want to be fast is to put it in a bag and then put it in running water inside a bag and running water idea what's going to throw it out it's not going to be fairly gentle assuming you're going to use it right away and it's going to be fairly quick Vanessa fastest way you know that we know if I have an experiment a lot people used to self thawing tray that were basically Big Blocks of aluminum and aluminum would just draw the heat away from the food but I don't know where there any better or worse and just putting something probably worse than just putting something in running water in inside of a bag because that way we can get away from all sides not just on the side with the with the metal block another question yet is he really loves Habaneros as do we are peppers were until very recently the hottest peppers kind of known they have since been superseded by a couple of the papers called the ghost peppers but those Peppers to my had a fresh ghost pepper butt

me nothing beats the flavor and the amazing floral Aroma of habanero peppers and Greg apparently agrees with that she says I do not like the heat they bring because most people are overwhelmed but but he loves the floral delicious floral aspects of the pepper that he says he's developed basically a surgical method for lowering the heat presumably by removing the the interior portion of the veins and seeds and Valerian interior portion of the of the skin on the inside but he says it's moderately labor-intensive and no one would do it in bulk and I agree that sounds like a huge pain in the butt and I know a lot of experience with him in the kitchen that when you deal with them alot everything gets contaminated and people get pissed and they start hacking and wheezing all over the kitchen because it's just horrible could there be some low or mid temperature way to dissolve and move the concession out cantation is what makes things hot out of the picture while preserving the enchanting floral nature of the pepper no vodka no rotovap okay maybe vodka what's the

I wrote about well-bred you're killing me here because the rotovap is the Primo way to to do this I don't know you might be able to do regular distillation without a rotor that me and you could try just a macerating or grinding the the peppers in vodka and then doing a simple stovetop distillation with the huge ass with a bowl of ice you look up anything on the on the internet any site on simple stovetop distillation you just made a pot some ice and a bowl now that the downside is that this is going to happen upwards of you know it 80 degrees or so Celsius whereas I can do it down at like 40 Celsius now I don't know for a fact how much does Amazing floral Aromas are going to be affected by that hire heat but but I know I would love it if you would try it and then and then tell us

I don't just soaking in vodka like that de Vaca sucks that heat up now perhaps they perhaps the alcohol preferentially so it's at the crustacean which case you might be able to use the pepper is slightly to heat it after you do it but I don't think you're going to preferentially take the cab station as opposed to those floral of Rome is Victor going to lose a little bit of both He suggests maybe using pills I am which is an enzyme that we use to break down the tissue unfortunately peels on breaks down the actual flesh tissue of peppers and turns them to Mush and so I don't think that that's going to help

I don't and he says possibly that in in conjunction with it and oleophilic something it's going to bond to fax that's a possibility but I just I haven't tested it so I can't say whether it's going to work or not there is something that I will look into more and if you have any ideas Greg I encourage you to please write or call or call us and give us some good ideas destiny were interested in okay sorry I couldn't be more help on that here's another one I can't be more help on someone says do we have any comments on the Aeropress type coffee filtration of the Aeropress coffee maker in the question is like how is it was it tastes like the United flight another flavor what's the acid balanced and it's Bubba blah unfortunately Paul wrote in that unfortunately, I have not used the Aeropress I have good friends who had done a lot of work with them I have some calls and Jeffrey steingarten but he's even harder to get in touch with an eye on these like the only person in the world harder to get in touch

to get answers his phone less than I do and I couldn't he's a big Advocate someone ask what what he thought for those of you that don't know the Aeropress it was designed I think by the same what's the name of that frisbee nastasha with the hole in the middle that the Flies for like a million yards the araby is that it will be about anyway I think was designed by the same same fellow that did the araby I believe and it's basically a cylinder with a filter in it and a piston you put the coffee in the hot water you push the Piston down to provide some amount of pressure and enforces it out and that the main thing is it supposed to make delicious coffee and supposed to it's cheap and you can carry it wherever wherever you want to go the reason I have experimented with it is that although it is a pressurized coffee system it doesn't generate a hundred and thirty-five or so PSI like a note 8 9 bar which is what you need to make espresso and it is not because I'm a snob at all but

basically I only drink espresso and I drank like a billion billion come see me today and for years I've had just because I'm like this I went on eBay and actual restaurant auction what are restaurants in once I bought a up the first espresso machine I owned was a to group rancilio restaurant machine from a restaurant auction where the restaurant has been shut down by the drug enforcement agency because they were also dealing drugs out of the restaurant when the drug enforcement agency shutdown your restaurant what to do as they walk up and they put a padlock on the door and and then they unplug all the lights right I will actually just put the circuit breaker and then all the food just sits there and rot in your fridge until they get around to figuring out what the hell did I do well this place was in somewhere you know in the in the 150s 160 somewhere near Broadway and they just let it rot for like a year or you know 8 months a year and then they had a restaurant auction and so you know I showed up at the restaurant auction and when they open the door the aroma was so over the statue Aroma they miasmal stench was so overwhelming

literally like like seasoned Veterans of restaurants were running out of there and to me I was like hey this is great news this is awesome because what it means is is that no one is going to be in on this crap mean no one is going to be on this crap because no one can even stand in the room with a C or like like all the Cuban sandwich rolls were still there all desiccated half-eaten like you would have like a bun and then a mouse that was eating the bond that it died and then the mouse and intern been eaten by whatever else was in there is a horrible horrible like literally was a crack dealer at one point and decide he was going to let you know go legit and had started a I was starting at downtown restaurants are like a food cart and he was buying stuff and you don't have to pay the $20 to drive me home and then I left the espresso pump in his car and I had to go out and find him and he's like we always calling me but whatever I got this machine for almost for nothing but I had to disassemble it and boil

every single part of it new reconstruct I learned a lot about espresso machine that's a long way of saying that I've had a commercial espresso machine for a long time until I haven't necessarily investigated other techniques for making coffee and I apologize that I have a very small amount of knowledge on the Aeropress coffee system but from what I hear it's it's pretty good that's what I hear until I'm sure that now made me feel bad that I haven't experimented with it what it costs unlike minimal amount of money I think she's not maybe I'll just go buy one and play with it or at least maybe get a Stein garden to call me back and have him tell me why it's why it's so great a next next segment I promise I will talk about the weird meats that we ate you listening to cooking issues on a Heritage Radio Network calling your questions at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and this is cooking issues and I Am David Arnold


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are you listening to cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network I am Dave Arnold and we are here to answer your cooking issues when they come in via email or via telephone 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so experiment last week where we ordered a whole bunch of odd Meats from a butcher in Chicago I'm going to I'm going to ruin the name what is it nastasha it's like a timer CZ IM these guys for Generations I think cinccino the the team since like 1990 99 cent 1940 some of that these guys have been dealing in kind of Odd Squad meets now one of these strange things must racing America used to be known as kind of the game

name food capital of the world we just had so much of it you know early on and all of it was legal to sell so if you go back and you look in on the web at 7 call the the markets assistant and it was a guy to New York markets It Was Written the book before and after in around the Civil War you know you will see and you can't available on Google Books in the guy at the front looks like Bill the Butcher Poole from from my Gangs of New York is kind of cool but the list of foods that was available to purchase in the markets even in New York City was shattering amazing me different types of meats in the reason why is there anything that you killed or shot you know, whatever was fair game there were no rules are no regulations a combination of things that cause. To not be the case anymore one is sanitary regulations so things have to be slaughtered in basically in a proof slaughterhouse is now so that cuts down the amount of things that you can do and you're also not allowed to sell foods that you hunt game that you hunt and it's up due to we know the fact that we were just killing too damn

watching to keep the animals keep a good stock of animals there was the conservation laws put on them also specifically things like birds that used to be able to shoot any damn thing it like that you're allowed to kill now or are very very highly regulated and like one of the ones I really want to actually eat is this thing called that the Bobolink is off topic I don't care the bottleneck is this is this tiny bird I can listen to the viewers out there our viewers me listen to listeners out their familiar with the Orville on the other line is the famous French bird that you eat bones and all they roasted whole and you're supposed to put a napkin over it some people say to preserve the aroma some people say that hide from God and these ortolan are basically little birds and they go on a long migration and somewhere near the beginning of the middle of migration they stop by in the Mediterranean area France and a gourd because they need to get a lot of energy to get very fat so that they can fly all the way South right to passerine type of birds bird migration so what these what they done for centuries is

catch these birds and then fatten them specifically so that their little plump fat little juicy morsels then okay sounds awful. Of this Parts off of than they they they usually suffocate them and Liquor & roastin Halls this is the famous ortolan it's now now it illegal to buy the way that new things like this as a long long long history goes back into the Romans and probably before the Romans were they used to fatten animals like fig peckers indoor mess and things like that fat and specifically for the kitchen catching in fact I'm okay now the order line is not the only bird like it's there are two other well-known to the culture to do them migration birds like that they get super fat and get caught and get eaten once in China and I I forget the name of its like the yellow breasted patties while or something like that in English I forget the name of it but the other one is the Bobolink what used to be known as the rice bird and when we used to grow a lot of rice in South Carolina all the way up until the early part of the last century of the migration of these birds will go down if see all the rice and he's flops

a piece of meat is Cube huge migraine Fox would go down and it would eat a crapload of rice get amazingly fat and that's because they were hurting the rice crop and because apparently they were incredibly delicious you basically just fire these like small shot shotguns into the air and the birds are Justino fall like rain around you and you pick them up and they're supposed the best thing in the world are called rice Birds anyway used to be able to get those and I called every single country there there the commission's involved in every single country in the migration from here all the way down to South America to see whether any of them allowed me to eat that bird and they didn't my sister a rant on the on the Babbling but maybe would have been available before all of these these these laws which by the way the laws are good I'm not saying a lot about the meats we got were we got lion meat and the line is obtained

like I said last week a lion obtain because lions that aren't wanted anymore by morons you have them as pets or breeding programs they're not wanted anymore they give them up and typically they can't be placed again they're slaughtered for their fur and then the meat becomes a byproduct we had beaver I don't really know like why I don't know what happened with the beaver I don't know what the deal is with that but the we had black bear probably similar situation the lion we had Yak which I believe was actually farm for this purpose what else do we have been a whole raccoon I'm here to tell you what the stuff tasted like Lion was quite interesting lion taste like pork right a little bit more Savory it's interesting it's got kind of it it's a pork base flavor with kind of a unique say everything probably due to the fact that it's a carnivore that eats only meat we very rarely eat carnivores so it was

I like to learn a lot was an older Animal we cooked it at 50 snow at 60° Celsius for only if I don't really tender so I only cooked it for an hour or two and it was quite tough I think we needed to cook it a lot longer too kind of cuz it didn't have a lot of blood visible connective tissue but since it was so old it was kind of tough so next time I cook lion I think I'm going to cook it for a good maybe 10 hours at 60 Celsius or thereabouts is it was good was very good we did not have been 57 which I got to look at my numbers bear was extremely dark black almost and also felt very very tender before it was cooked it felt very soft we cooked it at 57 I believe it look like it's takes I want to be like a steak level also for about an hour and it was also Tough by had a really kind of blew right after taste like really kind of to me bloody mineral aftertaste I didn't really

how do we kill our trichinosis in that thing I was still Sky had food poisoning that week. She's about it and she thinks she has your body is not full of worms me it's a whole different ball of wax and whatever I'm not going to get into it I did enjoy the bear that much the raccoon was a big disappointment I cook that raccoon probably need to cook it a lot longer and at a higher temperature I cook it only for 4 or 5 hours at 60 line by the way I remember now I cook their 57 the raccoon I cooked at 64 like a 4 and 1/2 hours cuz I thought it was be home but it just a small doesn't mean it was it it's young though so it was tough

don't have that much meat on it in the future I will cook it to a much higher temperature for a much longer time they probably 6360 to 63° for like 24 hours and then shred it like for us to do but I had a lot of fat on it really free people out anyway you know it's not wasn't nearly as delicious as the guinea pigs that I've cooked from South America what she know I think it's delicious but I'm willing to give me another chance but the raccoon I had very high hopes for and I was disappointed now on a positive side that Beaver was delicious so they're beavertail which isn't actually the flapper and then there's the flapper the beavertail we cooked for 24 hours at 60c and it was just a Licious it had a really interesting Woody Aroma that you know I'm I'm never really had before and in a piece of meat we soak it in a little bit of vinegar water before we cooked it cuz every recipe basically tells you to do that so we did that and then weekly salted it a little bit let's it and then put it in a bag cook it at

butter at the 60 for 24 hours and then shredded to tell me and just just fantastic I love that beer that beer is delicious friend come on now Stasi got it is like a woody pulled pork is very good very good they flapper which is the actual Tale part that was mainly fat and skin and we cooked at a very we skinned one first and then we could another one hole after we've scrubbed it we cook those at a high temperature like 80 Celsius or so for a couple of hours and they rented out and but they were just kind of my fried them afterwards I got kind of puffing crispy on the outside but they're just kind of too much fat on the inside and we ate them last really what needs to happen we got to run some more experiments is to cook them then take the fat out use it for another preparation and then use the skin dehydrated and puppet like a chicharron so in the future you will be having from us from cooking issues team probably Beaver flapper chicharron because I think it's going to be good

yes. He's having a tough time keeping it together here in the in the in the room and they are the last one also really really delicious was the yak now that yak we did cook for overnight at the same time as the same as we shoot back at 57 for a whole day for 24 hours or for overnight rather and the Beaver actually cook for two days 48 Hours of six that crooked Jessica cook a short rib excuse me people sorry about that but the yak we cooked overnight my theory was that it was kind of young maybe not quite as tough as a short trip is going to be and so a short rib if you cook it for a full day at 60 for 24 hours and 60° Celsius comes out with a texture like a skirt steak and so that's why I should be poor and the yak was just really Savory and delicious the odd thing was that a lot of us detect a little bit of a duck kind of a note una duck into but it was just

I thought it's really good thing about this is that these animals are all old animals and so you know a bunch of friends of mine like I steingard who won't call me back and Harold McGee have gone over to Europe where they have a culture eating older older animals for the flavor and I noticed the flavor is really really good so I really want to do a lot more experimenting with cooking odor animals just got to figure out figure out a way to get them so if you want I believe there is probably time for one more call are if you if you are near a phone call in at 711 or I so there's probably no more time for other colors hello hi Jason hey Jason are you doing all right

I just don't know how to cook it right so what's happening to it so quickly cook like rice and I've been cooking it at a ratio of 3 Parts water to 1 part farro for about 50 minutes and it just doesn't pop up as nicely the wondering whether she toasted initially or if I should soak it or what I probably help I'm trying to remember I had a lot of cooking done some cooking with it rather number of years ago I haven't cooked it recently what kind of equipment do you have get a rice cooker a lot of times when I want to cook top grains that have a real tough coat on them like farro does aside from any initial soaking that I do I sometimes I read for the pressure cooker and there's a pressure cooker does a really good job

a pushing that the liquid into those kind of a secret the dosist the Falcon take a long time even if you cook that with chezaray and 50 minutes from now I don't want to say something but if you don't they're good because they're not going to Scorch it while you're going so you don't have to watch his carefully and I going to get the water and eventually and out of brown on a brown rice setting or or I would definitely reach for the pressure cooker in the pressure cooker is a lot easier because the pressure cooker are you just looking for like a half hour in a pressure cooker do you know it's going to be done and that's how I cook similar cranes like a like I'll do I cook rye berries that way in a pressure cooker so we do it with me and I assume it's going to cook for

Play Summer to arrive very to get a ride very nice and fluffy you know you cook it in the pressure cooker from anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes in excess liquid you also might want to use excess liquid are you you know was it absorbing all the liquid stuff you might want to use excess liquid I don't know they're going to dilute the flavor that much and then that liquid you have leftover you can reduce down use for something else so that you know a lot of times those things you don't want once you start getting in a situation where it's liquid pour in the pan then you start running into problems where you're actually going to start maybe I'm losing water again out of the outside the outside going to harden up I would keep it I would keep them in liquid while they're weather cooking now cuz that's definitely how I do it in a in a pressure cooker situation I don't know if that's going to help would be tried that yet I don't own a pressure cooker keeping keeping excess liquid

he still has not getting fluffy huh so cesare Casella is the dean of Italian Studies at the at the school and the man Cooks far all day everyday and so what's going to happen is I'm going to I'm going to ask her I promise. You make sure I don't forget to do this we texted cesare Casella and I'm going to ask a Louis depalo from deposit by most my far from DiPaolo's in here in New York City yeah I love it and I love the palace and so does do an initial fry of the grains I don't know what that's going to do from a from a texture standpoint and then just keeps adding liquid the entire time while he's stirring until it absorbs enough have to try that one even try it basically just get the risotto but

got kids at home and I know what that's like you know what though so you have kicked you have kids at home listen consider not just for the far-off consider buying a pressure cooker pressure cooker is like a genius piece of equipment I don't know if you have the room for it in the kitchen or if you know your anti pressure cooker but I have an extra one just lying around collecting dust as you know Siri, can we count a really expensive but you know for a lot of applications of Cheaper pressure cookers date they do a serviceable job especially for things like you know like grains like this that you wanted to cook cook quickly the advantage of them also is in the summertime they're not going to heat up your kitchen very much because as soon as they come up to pressure you can turn the temperature down

we turn out the temperature sorry turn the Leah heat input down until you're actually fairly efficient cooking vessels to adjust it stop your anal cut your air conditioning goes down a little bit in in the summer time I wish I had the recipe in my head anyway we have texted the appropriate people and the stash at your job is to make sure that the answer is put up into the forum section of the blog I'm going to start a separate thing in the Forum section is just like radio radio classic show answers and I apologize that I didn't answer your question to a great job at attempting to thanks so much I appreciate it thanks for calling

all right and oh yes are so as we leave there is still room in tomorrow Wednesday July what is that 28th at the French Culinary Institute downtown come to high-tech cocktails with me and with no we're going to do liquid nitrogen rotor rotary evaporation will teach you how to clarify lime juice using agar and home we're going to do three of a six cocktails road but three different ones done in a home friendly way and then a dynatek not bus but still using technology and then in a technology-intensive way and so you can taste the difference in kind of what we do with all the fancy equipment and what you can do at home that's tomorrow at the French culinary at 6 p.m. I think it's 6 to 6 to 8 or something like that and liquor what could be better if you were listening to cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network this week brought to you by Fairway like no other Market

I don't know where I'm at